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The Wealth Makete and Lincoln -Independent Consolidated,
NO. 2.
: Hews of the Week
( Wl,.t ! nlt. nil In til PhlllDDlDM 110
on except tb McKlnley managers art
Washington really know. Tb cenor
ablpoftbnmnll and tb cable still
continues la an Its vigor. A special cor
respondent lo Manila if of do tort of um
anymore. Uean only any wbat Gen.
t i fw not- hav racbd tb United
State rla Hong Kong that toad many
imd to think tbat McKlnley i about to
back down from fala Imperialistic height
ad agree to g lv to th Filipino om
ort of fr government, Tb prolonged
negotiation that bar been ngogedln
with tb representative of tb Filipino
ongr Wad many men to think o.
'On thing I certain, Agulnatdo ha
shown no lgna of making an uncondi
tional surrender,
TbFlrt Nebraska ba at last been
ordered to tb war for a month' rent o
itlesnld, A apclI correspondent ay
that it marched from flan Fernando to
Collumplt. Tbrgint number now
about three hundred weather beaten
veteran. Two of the companle wr
mer aquad and their battered canteen
and worn uniform bowed numlstak
ablealgnaof bard campaigning. Tbey
wer joyou at tb reception of tb order
to retire for ret, During th march to
th rear vral of them dropped by the
way from j the effect of th xoslv
beat, but when tbey finally boarded th
train at Calumplt for Manila they yelled
llks school boy and th other troop
went to the station and heartily cheered
them. . f
- aoseMwawf
Tb very hot cant a that ba been
going among republican oongreeemen
for Toot Reed' place a Cear of tb
bona waa thrown Into confusion Inst
week when It waa announced by eonie of
ttoed'a friend that some of thee partiee
would better atop and ruQ'xit that Reed
bad gone to Europe for a three month's
vacation and bad not banded in hie res
ignation a a member of tb bona.
Mark llanna hurried totb Whit House
end a consultation was held with Napol
ton McKlnloy. Tb Washington goslps
are now saying that Heed doe not In
tend to resign and that b let th word
go out to throw his opponent into con
fusion. Tber will be no happy time for
Mack and Mark If Heed etaya in the
bous and heads the republican recalcit
rant who ar fighting tb administra
tion imperialist policy. Tber area
whole lot of those fellow and tbey are
for the most part, the old wheel borses,
The administration has been calling
the Filipinos "rebels." Last week an
occaesloo arose wbon It bad to decide
whether they were or not. Home twenty
of theee "rebels" came to Baa Francisco
and under instructions from Washing
ton they were prohibited from landing
because tbey were "aliens" and came
tindor the contract labor law. Now II
the Filipinos are "aliena" and are not
aubject nor citlsen of the United
ytatea, it' is very clear that thoy are no t
"rebels" and cannot be. What sort of
busluees Is McKlnley In when be sends
an army 7,000 mile to establish a gov
ornmeut ov er "aliens"? There Is another
thing about those Filipinos. We bought
and paid for them at til. a bead. Now
if we can't bring them Into the United
8tute, wbnt was the use of buying
The dUpatck from the Philippines
aay that there Is n disagreement between
MuKiuhiy's vUltiag statesmen known at
the Filipino oommiiMlon and Otis. The
truth about this whole matter might as
well be told. The reform leaders have
tinea told In the strictest confidence
many things that tbey have notln
eriittd to, make ublk, Tbey come
from officer of 'the army an4 navy
whoa positions would b endangered il
it were knuan that they bad talked.
The way It is, eeurtuiarliat are thnmt
sued la or tao raw. Ilsrehiuus
writer who will never divulge lhaourre
t bis iMtormatlua, hot even if he has to
peed the rt of hi days la jell fur not
doing .
A soon aa Merrllt landed la the
I'killppln there wasaeiak lta
kirn and Owy, Merrill' erdre and
temperement w r In direct opposition
to lb M of tkiaey ia regard to the
way that Afuiealda ad th I ilipino
abontd b treated, The vacillating
MekiaWy eoald not master up r
ta take tk '! l 4tKr and finally
mtnlndoed that the b-t way Mot II
waa to ead Merrlt In INsrla, al.rrtl bad
no bna la Fart, a ad waa not a
taemhef f tb rtwUiaa l make the
treaty ol jwore wlthCpala. Tber waa
nothing for him to do there. It was
only a little achem to get Merrltt out of
tb I'biiipplns. Tb scheme worked
and Merrltt took atrlparound the world
at th xpns of the people and then
retired into "InoxfHou deseutude" at
New York where be ba remained rer
since doing nothing but engaging In lit
tle plot against Mile.
After that Otis took bold. It was not
long until b and Dewey wer at word'i
point. Dewey knew that th trouble
could be settled and tb Filipino mad
our fast friends instead of our eternal
enemies, but Otis wa for war and un
conditional aurrender, Tb altuatlon
grw to be tb earn a it wa between
Merrltt and Dewey. Hut tbl time
Dewey concluded that bl advice and
council bad no influence on McKlnley
and Mark lianna, so be thought tb
best thing to do this tim waa for him
to come bom.
Now it seems that another feud las
broken out. This tim it is between the
members of tb McKlnley' commission
er and Otis. Tb only explanation
that seems at all plausible Is that Otis
receive different orders orders that
(onfllct with tb proclamation issued by
tb commission. Who will com out
ahead? It will b0tl torn bactb
backing of ' Mark llanna. Tb next
thing that w will bear I that tb com
mission has started forborne,
Tber i nothing certain to be learned
from th censored dispatcbee given out
by th Washington author! tie. Tb
lost news given out officially wa gn.
rally beaded by tb telegraph editor
"Filipino pUased with wbat tb gorsrn
meut offered them," but special dis
patches aent to tb New York lierald
aay that tb envo;s from Aguinaldo re
jected every proposition mad to Unjm,
saying: "Tb ruit of tb present plan
would be that tb American would be
at tb bead of every department of gov
ernment,and tb Filipino's tenure of office
would depend upon tbe will of tb Amer
ican. That mean that tbl I an Amer
ican colony. Yon bar adopted tk im
perial policy. Wby talk over matters
any further." '
Tbe war in tb Philippine, including
tb $30,000,000 paid to Spain, ba cost
us 08,7OO,OOO. For tb next six
months atleaat, it will coat ua $10,000,.
000 a month. Tb volunteer are to be
returned and paid off and regulars are
to be sent to take their places. A big
deficit is being piled up and another
bond lesue is already In sight.
One of tb most intelligent Cubans In
speaking of the situation said that the
people of Cuba are getting sus
picious because tbe preiiideut bad
made no specific statements In regard to
tbe future policy of the Uulted State.
Tbe Cubans are not tbe only suspicions
one. There are several million people
in this country who have suspicions
aleo, and very grave suspicions at that,
In regard to wbat Mark llanna Intends
to do with Cuba, Tbe Immense amount
of matter sent out throngh hi literary
bureau during tbe lost weok advocating
the annexation of Cuba would have a
tendency to make the moit unsuepect
ing sudplclous,
I'tffur ha gone ovr to th republi
cans and tb gold bug editor now all
think that he be tb nlceet patrol
whUkers ever wors by a Uulted Htatee
senator. As far as the populint party is
rouewrsed there la not a meinour la It
who is ahuddicg aay tears over the om
of IVffwr. ItUalmply the lo of ou
vot and nothing more. Wheu the (wo
pit party waa orgauUed thore whs not
a fuw dmagoUM who thrunt thxlr pi.
utwtt(xia u. Thy cam for o(!lr aud
when tbey bad eerved thvir term thty
wnatbafk to th pUiwfrotu abii k tbey
ram In tb hope oi gelling olllee agaiu.
Among them wre I'owiWly, l.nurks,
I'wfft and a lew other. None of thm
tw did tb pnrtjr any good ahlle thiy
prttwadwd la be la il, I'vftVr and bi
wbUkr wr aleaye a dad wvlght to
rarry, II was a eotat eoare of
aaiUty 'all th tim b we la th era
aU,ea! bla aHitUm was a dugraiw
hard to be burae,
la Iknir rage atCaragie th Itapcr-
ialut alitor ar tlliiig shims thbs
IkatgoHiloetietaia evtry rhargetv?
made by th populist parly against th
favoritism h Irk th pruWlUml.t
hav praetktwt and by whish luasy ol
thgrtlirUa bavstwsa balltapia
th eastern atatat Ibeeipvaesal ike
eiasMf ol ta west aad Iks itk,
Tby now y that ( ara t aa ls
grate beeaas b obtaissd bbj Wtillluaa
Ihmugk the favarilUai ol tb rphlt
aa I'arty, wklek tor year mar4iaii
lion Into bl coffer through tb pro
tective tariff. When the populists said
that was wbat tb tariff wa doing, thoy
od and all denied it Now they declare
that what we said was all tru and at
that tim tbey were all lying. Let us
sngag In prayer.
Tb official report concerning tb war
ar just beginning to be published.
From them it appear that Nebraska
tb glorious pop state of Nebraska
leads tb whole onion, not only in tb
fighting but in tb proportion of sol
dier to r population, in donation to
tb suffering Cubans, in tb car of it
own regiment in th number oftb
killed and wounded in' battle, in fact in
very Honorable tbing connected wuu
tkewar. Hurrah for tb popnllat stats
of Nebraska. Hb Is not only th moat
Intelligent bat tb bravest and moat
human of them all. Arn't you glad
that you ar a pop and a Nebraskan.
Tbre cheers and a tlgorl
Tb form of government that th di
patches ay is proposed by tb eommi
slon aad submitted to tb Filipino is
an exact copy of tb English govsrn-
ment in India. Tb governor appointed
by tb crown, tb council appointed in
the eatne way, on wblcu tnere may ue a
native or not just a tb Interest of tb
conquerer may dictate, jut wnow
thing Is oglib, you know, from top to
bottom. Tber i not a thing in it that
resemble th re government estab-
llshwd by our constitution.
Tbs absoiut usetessn of tb bigb
salaried major generals, of which tber
sema to ba an over production In tb
United Stats, is demonstrated by tb
course that Merrltt ha pursued, He
has done no fighting and no servle of
any kind sine tb war began. Jit ba
bad a trip around th world at tb ex
pense of tb taxpayer and for tit rest
of tb tim fa ba occupied bl luxurious
quarter at New York and engaged la
little plot agalnat bl commanding gen
eral Mile, who bo don everything for
tb army and tb soldiers of tk army
that McKlnley and Mark Manna would
permit blm to do. If tb truth i told,
Mark llanna I tb commander In chief
of tb American army and navy, and the
whole fore is need to further tb plan
of tbl beast of greed.
Tbe dispatches from Cuba contain so
many different torl tbat the American
citizen, upon whom devolve tb final
disposition of tbe question tber Invol
ved, hardly knows enough to make an
Intellignnt decision. Tb first sti-p
toward despotism is closing th avenues
of Information to the pee pie and that
stsp ba already been taken. From all
that we can learn a large part of tb
Cuban army ba refused to accept tbolr
share of the $9,000,000 which Mark
llanna offured them provided that they
turned their arm over to tbe United
Htatea, The pretended compromise that
was made with Qua. Gomez was only a
(julbble, and no concession to Cuban
views at ail. The final place of deposit,
though the guns were to be first turned
over to tbe mayors, is in Havana and
Hnntlago, both occupied by our troops.
0 asMswsMM
Notwithstanding tbat Mark Hanna
controls nearly all the great daillus and
the Atsoclttled Prese, westlll get soms
of tbs news, although it come, a it
Died to in tb old Alliance day, byjulow
frolght. The fact about tbe great ;im
perlallst tniM'ting at Cblcngo are that it
wn a great flute, TlmyJ ndvsrUnml
three meotlnge aud sent out 20,000 spe
cial Invitations, ' Tbe result was one
meeting moderately attended, one;; with
lesa thao bait tbe seat tilled, and one
wholly abnudoned for want of an aud
ience. That wae the result of the most
extensively advertised meetings ever
held la the rlty and the republicans were
drummed out under ths plea that thy
must stand by Mckinley or the party
would a" ii up ths Hums, hut th repub
lican auuldu'l wime. There are a gnod
many of (beat who have a sneak leg attrt
of alklnforthelfi'lratlou of lade-
peaduo aad ths dvtriue taught by
Abraham Lincoln,
There Is aar la keavea-the republican
heaven-Itesd aad hie aaaels ar gatia
against Ms hlialey aad hie asat. Tbey
hav oaly throw oat a skirwiisb liue at
treti the great htttki till full UWf,
This all euate a boat bsraus that
obetiaawnita tf Nw Itaglaad, Ta
Reed, W a eaadldat loe rsiJat, II
a iaviled ttt Jeehjl lelaadMa no pur
pMaei be laegbed la Ik lae llaasa
ad ewtrked at MtiMaley, but a af
raagvwwut ial4 be made Willi btw.
ted Uswavt aad b baa thraat Iks
saktrhtp lalA th ttag hr Ik rival
factions to squabbl over, knowing tbat
tb administration must tak aide and
thus breed enemies. Iteed I in Kurope,
cool and collected, enjoying the trouble
be bas created, while McKlnley la sweat
ing blood at Virginia Hot Hprlngs.
This fable of tbe Iteed law partnership
I for a purpose, It will allow blm place
there and to be on tb ground next
spring when the delegates are chosen.
A great cabal of tb moat influential
and wealthy men In th party ar back
ing Iteed. i
, Hobart, tb vie president la for
blm, .
Matt, of New York, is also.
Sewell, of New Jersey,
Quay will be when tb senatorsblp la
settled. '
Foraker is willing If b can get a abar
of tb Ohio delegation.
Bevsral other senator ar in th com
bine. ,
Attorn' t General Origin will rais no
band to hinder Hobart and Hewell con
trolling the New Jersey delegation,
Secretary 1'orter ba shaken th dust
of tl whit bous from bis immaculate
hoe and bas joined "tb gang,"
in west is also in revolt ana tns
president ba announced tbat be wUI
take a "swing around tb circle" to try
and recapture it,-
Dewey, tb brav Dewey, who want
to keep out of politics, I ordered bom
to arouss tb pulse of tb people In tb
subsiding imperialistic lever, wblcb baa
been allayed and appeased by tb sober
second thought of a righteous people,
Tb president will attempt to hypnotise
tbeto again from tb rear end of a
epaelal train, furnished by tb railroad
trust free of cost.
Jlis honeyed word will be sown broad
east over th country by tb Associated
Free trust, Tb crowd will bowl with
Hut tbat doe not carry caucuses and
convention. Hanna will attend to tbat
wltb tb bung knocked out of tb barrel,
Tb Used billow bave a barrel also and
tbey know bow to ns it; tbey were
educated In tbat line when Hanna wa a
ticking ealf In Ohio politic.
Ob, it will be a battl royal; no quar
ter wllj b given.
Delegatus will come high, Tbs colored
brother from tb southern state will be
In clover for a while. Tbey will bold tb
balance of power. Th scenes and th
boodl will leave far,in tbe chad th dis
graceful orgies and debauch of JH8,
when fcberman was beaten and Harrison
nominated. Tb 1'retorian (Juard will
be there and tb Imperial diadem tbat
McKlulev bas inaugurated will be, a in
tb day of ancisnt itome, put up to tb
nigneet bidder.
And this is a free republic, .
Mom may ay, how do you know
that Iteed is a candidate; wbat evidence
bar youT Evidence I cannot give you,
my dear sir, In these days of modern
telegraphy without wire, news travels
through brick and ston and marbl
walls, and if 1 were to expos my author,
tb transmitter might be cloeed against
me la tb future.
The convention picture I of my own
painting, but it will, when the negative
Is developed, be found true to life and
not overdrawn. 1 hope to be there with
my camera and show you th product
ol Its film In tbe July number of the
Jefferson Ian Democrat, 1000,
Who will be nominated, McKlnley or
Iteed? My guess would b McKlnley
and for these reasons:
There will be at tbat convention four
classe of delegate and In about equal
number. One-fourtn for tbe president
at all odds and under any circumstances.
One-fourth for Iteed, or anyone to beat
McKlnley, equally determined. One
fourth wbo will strive to be on the win
ning aide, making tbe limit bargain tbey
can for self and friends, Oue-fourtu
oienly in tbe market to the highest bid
der. VI tne wnoie, mere win oe a spriuK
tins wbo are at heart stalwart republi
cans, bouestly believing that th future
safety of th republic depends on their
party's success; they will be much gov
erned by the arguments ol the adminis
tration people tuut, to throw over Mc
Klnley would be to acknowledge that
iuqierialiem and all tbat MeKinley
stands for bad been a failure, and to
enter tbe campaign nndcr those circum
stance would be to Invite defeat.
The great patronage at the service ol
the administration, Increased to vast
iiroimrtldiis bv ths war and tbs census
U-inlatlon, itoiumlssiuuers, and whatnot
will bold many a rspublicau patriot la
tine until alter ths convention. McKlu
ley understands thiabraneti of, polities
lu perhs'Uon, and will devota many a
day that should I used (or Iks aelfars
of lhsreiblie and Its sH)ple, to usiiitf
It where It will do the must good, Iteed
has ths rallt'iiads, ths trasi. the banks.
Isirly divided aiiaiust Mckinley, and tks
disappointed oltles seekers, who are a
biwt m themselves, Ar with nlui to
Yea. H.'klttley should wis.
HismI, however, is lu'l of retMture lad
lit thseoaBiMies and lrteiilehin til a
larire array ol ths leaders ol tits repab
Iu sh party; ba laastarer, and will say,
Ue sWlietti;
"Lav oa itaeduff. aad aauiad I bs
that first ert, hold, aous,"Hohert
Miller, la JotWeuaiaa IWaiucrat,
Wkeaevs labor, ths "myriad has led
gisal," baa made that wkWb ba U
ilrv4a il pre- wl tk toil aum
nei that va k ka e tk lataity
id pdleg It p la heaps, i I a teres I has,
k a aary wrestler, htlte It gvoaad,
ad discovered tkat, bl Ikia titke tklag
it wa tkat bad that lakereat, talriaiet
lalaa, thai marked M a tk natural
measure to compute the worth of all
other thing by labor. Then be, follow
ing doggedly, has mt each nsw demand
In turn, ana now brings self interlst at
bay, surrounded on all side by high
aurum walls, while tbe toiler pours in
such floods of gold a threaten to bury
bi task master, wbo know at heart
that tbl yellow dross I not value la It
self and feels that th lost argument In
favor of metallic money will be laughed
away when within tbe next few decades
tb concentrated snort of tne world'
beet pluck, muscls and brain ba mad
Sold so common tbat It will no longer
ear tb relation to labor's productive
ness which alon now entities It to be
called tbe measure of value.
Wbakaftor arold. wl be that rasas ure7
If labor ba learned bl lesson well in
tbe bard school of XDeiience, it will be
a universal paper money Issued direct to
th peoples by the government. (leo,
Gilbert in Federations.
Father Well of tb Democrat has gone
over, Dorse foot ana dagoon to tns
trusts. If any doubts It 1st blm read tbs
following from bis pen:
9 ''Trust control 'almost every thing,
but hitherto tney bav neglected tbe
churches. A church trust I badly
needed. Many of tb churches are doing
business at a toe on account of too
much competition and too many killed
laborer. Tb llttl retail organisation
must be wded oat, tbe cheap preacher
must be told to Undone wZjobs, , hr-
fourth of tb church building fcan then
be sold and th money used to enlarge
th Influence of tb trust. Under this
arrangement all tb church In Central
City could be merged Into one. A good
cathedral could b built with an auditor
lam large enough to bold 9,000 sinners
and a ball docen saint. A mighty pip
organ run by labor aviiig machinery
could be procured, A great pulpit ora
tor could be imported and for fear there
mlgbt be dlssesslon in tb congregation
be would be expected to preach every
thing except oolitic and religion,
Wouldn't tnl be a great Improvement,
brethern? Wouldn't it av a lot of x
ixmseT It would be a llttl tough on the
discharged minister and tbslr farallUw
but no wors tor tbem tnan lor tn
thousands of good men wbo bav been
laid off on account of tb formation of
other trust. If tb trust are a good
thing and w presume tbey are, other
wise thoss lo authority would do aom
tblng to atop their formation then by
all mean let u bav aohurcb trust.
Th saint are entitled to tb ood
thing of this life as well a tb ainnors.'.'
The genuine straight up and down re
publican of today, In order tob abso
lutely at tbe front of hie party ba to
repudiate all th doctrines, principle
and dogma held by repbbllcan in the
Fremont-Lincoln campaigns they bave
even to kick over tb Declaration of In
dependence, a Dr. Henson did at the
big republican -imperialistic meeting in
Chicago a week ago lost Sunday, aad
say with blm tbat "there never was a
greater falsehood palmed off by the
Devil on a credulous world ' tnan the
Fourtb-of-Joly document, tbat had
bsen tbe pride and inspiration of the
American people for pver a century and
a quarter.
IM ths party either restore to It the
lilegiving tissue making salt It bad In
the day ot Lincoln or abandon It alto
gether. Our theory howevsr I that It
ba been getting more nod more impure,
tbat capitalistic tilth has rendered It like
tbs Ancient Mariner Kim.
The very deep did rot, alasl
That ever this should be
And slimy thlniis did crawl with legs
Over the slimy sea.
Tbe "slimy things," ranging from ths
street corner note scalping microbe .to
tbs alt devouring trust Octopus,
No man who has regard for bis soul
welfare or bis political health ran nfford
to be a straight out, up and down, all
wool and ayard wide republican. I'ltts
burg K ansae.
BuprriuUtndent Jaeksoa bos mads th
May apjKirtlonaient for tb mimuioa
hoots. Tb amount Is $.133,11 LIS.
It was derived front tbe follow lug eources;
Mtatetai . (is tst $ 7",757.IO
lutereel On V, M. bonds HM (Ml
Istereel oa stats bonds ,,... O.LUl.tlU
Interest oa eouaty boeda.... ttu,73 0
lutereea oaeebul Mt. bonds 4J,'t
IsterestoaeeltiHil laadsol 13H,NTT.n
lalrt on st'hiHil iaads
laterest m wArrauta ittMit
Total amouat ............ $ 113,1 1 LIU
Tk Itudfet. PUblieked at fblfe, III
a a: To get th train athint m rauip-
ptaitatloa, wa must read Ik pa
per Iron th lar West there th tulua
tn.r bait from, Aa (Mfuelusal private
tetter bt bltkt, all golag ta sk
that la affair la iplf aalal The
urivate letter alwast kavarlwbly alnd
an with lb lalaoettoa, "Doa't til aha
rllktM Tbey hav mora learol
wilitary dafitiem aad tks tUatat than
ot tka rbllipptaA Maiaf."
Men wh worked In the , Alliance will
remember tbat we discussed nearly tb
wbol field embraced In th aclenc of
sociology ' and political economy,
Among tb thing w ns to talk about '
were tb tariff and patent laws. In
tkes latter day tb learned profession
arejuat beginning to study whatw
went over ten year ago. . Tb Afedlcal '
World i now advocating wbat tb
Alliance proposed long ago, Thefollow
Ing article appeared la it last issue,
"J u tic I a Jewel tbat w Americans .
bould Insist upon baving, lUmembwr
tn following
IVouno For ounce
in Canada in U. ft,
Fbeaacetlu.,,,,,,,..,...,,..1rjo. $.05
Kulfonal. Me. 1.2(1
Trlonal 78o, 1.40
"These are quotation in twenty-fir
ounce lot. A duty of 96 par aent I to
b calculated, but that will not account
for tb xoru)tant xee charged to
American consumers abov tba price
charged tb consumer of Other coun
tries. Tbla Injustice I mad possible by
our patent laws. If foreign manufactur
er prelt In taking advaatasr of our
law to ovrcbarg ua, w buld eban;
oar patent law, and mak them aimiiar
totb patent law of (iermaey. Ilia
right to protect an Inventor arinst Is
frlugement, but b ahould sot b pro
toctedlaauob monstrous overcharge j
as ia illustrated above, wblcb avreaoma
of tk moat extrem case of such over
charging." Tb remedls abort referred to are in
almost dally ns by all physician and
th amount tb American people are
wlndled out of by means of tb' Pingly
tariff aad tb patent law ran op Into
tb million. MulUt beaded rajmbiiexz
all think that tbat tort of tiloj trim
prosperity, ' "" .;
A barren of intellect and brutality
of mind are tb chief obaraeterlstlo of
latter day republicanism. Neither tb
editors, stump-speakers or loud
mouthed sboutera for tb McKlnley ad
ministration can Invsnt even new
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called "treamon'by republican shouters.
Intellectually tney are a narreaa
mule, and tb only originality tbey
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greed. I'itteburg Kaasan.
Tb colony of New Boutb Wales, with
population equal to balf tbat of Texas
a year or two ago anoiianea tularin
wltb tb exception of duties upon tobacco
and liquor, and substituted therefor a
land tax of a penny In the pound, sup
piemen ted by an Income tax. New
Boutb Wale and ber sister colony, Vic
toria, are separated only by a river.
The latter colony still bos a protective
tariff. A committee from tb Trad'
lallln Melbourne capital of Victoria-
hearing tbat wage were higher In Ryd
ney, went to learn tbe cauee. Tbey
found wage aa bigb and In many case
even bitfVr than in Melbourne, while tba
cost of living waa about one-third less
Alter studying tbe altuatlon six weeks,
they returned borne confirmed fre trad
ers, AH nou n oiuy uan a crop wa
load in New Mouth V alea last year, It
waa the first time In twenty year that
the authorities were not called upon by
the unemployed for relief, There waa
two years ago on thoussaj homeless
laniiliesleeiiinff lath public park of
Hydney, and being led by lb elty, chart-
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MeKinley declare tk tlod of battle fat
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tb United Mtatea war ! ia aiptoyi
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Uaei law, -Dakota KuialUt,