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    May 18, 1899
Gen, Merriam's Stringent Methods
; In the Idaho Mines. ; 1
Ho ! Wilt Be rrealta4 to Bmplo
-. Maa Boloaf ! OI4 Oreanise
Maa Org ailed Labor Taro to th
War Department, -
Wauokicb, Idaho, May 16. Th
y- crisis in the labor trouble her will
arrivt Thursday of thia week. Thura
I ; day la the latt day allowed under the
recent proclamation for working' mlu
y era to apply for permits to remain in
j .. underground employment. On that
day the inspection of the mines all
oror the Coeur 4' Atones will begin. It
will be conducted by both the mill'
tary and civil authorities. Every mine
which on that day is employing men
without permits will bo summarily
closed, it pumps drawn and a guard
placed over it. Up Canyon creek,
where none except union minors are
employed, thoy still sullenly re
fuse to make . application for
the cards, In order to secure a
permit the miner must renounce
..... membership, in the ."society whloh has
.Jetavored or encouraged" the recent
lawlessness in the district The union
v is bbt named outright in the printed
forms to which the applicant must
ubioribo. Only about a dozen from
all the Canyon creek district have se
cured their card. Of those who re
main many are determined to stick
' doggedly to the union to the last
Others are afraid to take out cards
until after the end of the week.
New York, May 14 The Central
Federated Labor union unanimously
, adopted resolutiona denouncing Gen
eral Merrlam for ordering the dlt
bandment of the miners' unions in Ida
bo, and instructing the secretary to
ask the war department whether it 1
responsible for General Merrlam' con
duct . .
Delegate Harris of th International
. Cigarmakers' union said that through
flfinttriLt Murftlflrn' Aftlttt. tnltiMra'
trades unions have been placed out
side the palo of the law and the union
should demand the withdrawal of tb
odiot and the investigation and court-
martial of General Merrlam.
"President McKlnley should b
called upon to order an investigation,"
r- be said
k Delegate Bubln of the Walter'
nnlon, aidi "All this la th outcome
of imperialism." '
; A voice! "jShoulder a gun!"
Syx Uki.kha, Mont, May 16 Governor
lmlth has addressed a letter to Gen
pal Merrlam, commanding general of
the military forces in the Coeur
, d'Aleue, while that dlstrlot is under
k martial law, to th effect that no
v more arrests of persons suspected to
bare been implicated ; in the
Wardner riot may be made in
Montana ' without proper authority
" from the state. It has been repre
sonted to the governor by a committee'
- from th Butte labor unions, which
r . WaltAft nn tllm .ill. itaua a frx
I steps were being taken by General
.T Merrlam to irrait .It mlnan In Mn.
tana suspected of having left th
ifv woeur-a Aiene ana mat 11 the military
was permitted to do so many men In
nocent of any offense would be de
prived of their liberty without procosr
of law.
"Hilly" Lookrldgo, Bnppoiod to
Drowned, Tarn Dp In JalL
Kansas Cur, Mo., May 16. William
L, Loukrldge, bank robber, has final
y, after a chase of two years or more,
been found and may be brought back
to Missouri to servo his five year'a
sentence for the robbery of a bank
at Savannah, Mo., in lSOfl. lie is in
jail at Fergus Falls, Minn., under
the name of W. C Boss, awaiting
trial for train and bank robberies
there. Officers of the supreme court,
the sheriff of Andrew county, In
whloh Havannah is. Chief of I'ulio
II...... ....I ,1 1 1 . ! .1 . .
tire of Kanaaa City, are at work now
trying to bring him back her to serve
gambler and all-round bad man, aud
was supposed to have been drowned at
Aitorla, Ort,,lat summer.
The atal ltrlat th Heat UNtoo
to !,
Sam Framoisus May 19. On board
th Valeacla, which arrived today,
were Captain Y. K. Huehan and thirty,
ill dlsoharged soldiers, bwaUlet five
pseugr The Valencia eaiue in
Capiat ftuchan, Camnaey II, Twen
tieth Kama regiment, Is from Kan
sas City, Kan. II returned fruit
Manila to bring hot the Uly f ble
wife, waod.ed there a mxata ay
HOW TlllSf
W titf'f Use Ilaa4r4 iHiltar R
, erU lor aay tm ol Catarrh Ut
au trl by lUtl'a I atari b Cure,
r. J. MlkM.Y A to., l-ft.),
TmIovIu, 0,
We th utMlrrsignv-d, bate knew a f.
i, t1ay Ivf the Uat 1$ yvaia, ami
tll bin perfectly But'tate la a4
bt:ai UtiolUMi eil a-neUy
alht t rarry t ay tbltitM
! by their Inn,
" Wi it Twwt, WhuUsal Draff Uta,
T. J.Uh tt
JWaMtN. Ktaaan A Marvin, WaW
. ) , k lirurUts Tided, t.
if lUir t aiarrh tSv la tasea later
tally, eittf directly Mpa tae btal
M ! f Ike .ie.
I'll.-, te pre tkttl M bf a I
Dtmj j W TUiulW frv
Injury to aflasourt Orehards,
The secretary of the Missouri Stat
Horticultural Society sends out th
I realize that th general impression
of our peopla and of our newspapers,
is that th reports mad about th loss
of tb fruit crop and injury to th
trees ar far overdrawn, but such Is
not usually the case. On the con
trary they ar usually under-estimated,
and oftentimes tb injury la much more
serious than reported, instead of less.
Th great and widespread damage by
th freeze of February I not by any
means over-estimated, the reports
from five hundred Inquiries fully tes
tify, There never ba been such seri
ous results from any cold winter
this one, during the history of fruit
growing in Missouri, and now th
question come to every on of us
more Important even tbn the fruit
crop "What to do with U trees?"
The intensity of th cold docs not
seem to have been most sever in
th northern part of th atato, for In
many Instances th reports show a
lower degree In the southern . part,
When w consider that 25 degrees to
80 degrees below, meant a freezing of
th life out of many of our trees and
causing th bark and even the bodies
to burst, w may be tur of terlout
damage, This has been th cast in
thi instance. .
Th peach buds ar very nearly all
killed, and w will likely hav very
few, if any, .peaches la the state,
Worse than this, tb tree are badly
Injured, Th freest bat .discolored
th wood and the trees should be cut
back severely If old trees, cut back
to stubs about tlx or eight feet high.
If young tree, cut so at to leavt
stubs of branches about six or lf(bt
Inches long, In other words, de-horn
tb trees. If th trees have bursted
slightly then cut off the bursted bark
and cover with grafting wax,' If the
bark bat loosened alt around th tree,
or to far around that it cannot re
cover, then cut th tree off at th
ground and let a sprout grow and
mak t new . , 1
Th pear buds ar also badly in
jured and w can expert only a partial
crop of pears at best, Many of tb
pear trees ar damaged and they
should be cut back not quit to se
verely as tb peach,
Th plum buds Japan variety ar
about all killed, and th trees injured
in torn Instance at badly as the
peach, Treat them the tame as the
peach. Other plums, of th Wild Goose
type, ar all right for a crop of plums.
Th cherry buds of tb Morello va
riety Ilk the By, Richmond, ar In
good condition for a crop of fruit, and
the trees or very slightly injured.
Some of tb Duke varieties are In
jured and nearly all th Heart varieties.-
;., :
Th apple buds only th tender va
rieties are killed, but most of th
hardy varieties ar still In good shape
for a crop of applet, In many locali
ties, however, the trees themselves ar
badly damaged, caused by the ruptur
of i the bark, and sometimes tb tree
Itself, If this bursting of the bark
Is such that th bark Is loos all
around th tree, then th tree bad bet
ter be cut down to the 'round, or to
the snow line, and a out trained
for a new tree. If It be only slightly
loosened an Inch or so wide then cut
off the loose bark, cover the part with
grafting wax and then cut back the
top of the tree, though not quite so
severely as the poach. If the wood It
simply discolored, then a severe top
pruning will be sufllclent and they will
very likely recover. !t Is antonlshlng
how quickly some of these trees will
recover If they are cut back enough
so that the sap can reach the branches
before It becomes sour, as it must do,
If it ban to go to the tips of the limbs
when cut off.
""he straw jrry crop Is material
ly dumnged because they are utmally
well mulched.
The raxpberry crop will be short
fully one-half. The cantts have been
badly kllltnl in many localities, and
where such Is the case thoy had better
all be rut off close to the ground and
burned up.
The blackberry rrop wlll,b short
only about on fourth among our
hardy varieties. When thoy are killed
treat the same as the raupberry.
The grape (Trip will Mill be good,
only excepting some of e tender va-rU-tlt-a,
If there ever was a ' when the
fruit growvr could a general
cleaning up In nearly all parts of the
orchard and garden, then this year I
th time. When you rut off this wood
burn it up; by thus doing you will
destroy many Inserts, their eigt and
much of th dMtrurtlvo funtl which
da us en much dsutsge, W may be
partially free from their destructive
ravages fur a few year if w nukt
this r leaning up general and thor
ough one,
la ronrluWn, while w rannot
pert great uk of fruit this year,
yl we should get gHI price fur
everything w have tu sell Th great
client tf rounlry where the daaiase
has ba soveva U Uk prom) uf a
very short crop, asj it wilt surely pay
u tu tak g"4 ear uf all nuy
hat. Nwer waa there a wlattr
so Urae a pitli uf eur nmulry w
m badly dit.ae4 by stag! tiufin
It ttitaded front th Atlaatte tu th
Iturale est frtittt lh tlulf a lh
aurtaetR limit it fruit imwiag The
fruit U a. I hilled la all Ibis dUtrk-t
but Is bdly la lured, and i purtlwa
ha entirely, kmc tuty
ba Mr tfarviif, ' j
U A. tlolaua. VMirf.
ta f - !! at Mtwtt
UiaattVAft, May II -Th Uiw4
tt4 eW Uwr linker, wMh
Ml Kw YMk fit May f lUmi,
vit4 bee tttdar 4 ekag4 aa
late wHo. h feet 4 ahl
Mktoael Stat Fala
Colcmbia, Mo., May 16. Tb Ml
touri atato board of agriculture ha
fixed May 89 a tk date of meeting,
when the bid of th various cities
asking for th state fair location will
be oonsldered. There ar seven com
peting : oitles Centralla, Marshall,
UlggtnsvUle, Chllliootho, Moberly
Mexico and Bodalla.
Boovlt Calls a tpeoUl loa.
Ai.OAsr, May 16. Govarnor Boos
velt ba decidod to oall an extra ses
sion of the stat legislature to rvls
th law passsd at th lata sslon for
taxing corporation franchises, - The
special session will convene on May lit
Certificate, of Publication.
omc or
Auditor of Public Accounts.
State of Nebriiki.
LlacolB, Kvbruary I, m,
IT It HKttKUT CKKTmiCI), Tbul tfce
Union Central Life Insurance
Company, of Cincinnati,
in tne State of .'
. Ohio, ::.':;
fesi eompllxd with lti lumunnie i tit thin
tlateand autliorld to tmumiot ibt biilaM
of Lite luturano Is this State fur tbe rrut
ear, ' , . '
WKb-m my band and tkt anal of tb Asdlor
ot I'Bbllo Amitiuutt tb d ami ;r boe writ
Un, J.V.CUtlNICM.,
Iteal.) A editor 1', A,
Certificate of Publication.
OKIfB or
Auditor of Public Accounts.
, State of Mebrgski.
t.lflfiiln, rcbraary I, itm.
ft in Meiirnv rtc pi iriKo. i. Tbt . it-
Union Mutual Life Insurance
Company, of Portland, in
the State of Maine,
bMoinpllwd with th Inaerasce Law uf thl
tale and I autborlwd to trsMt the bnlii
ol bit luisraue fa tbl ttau for th tomtit
Wits mr basd and tb ) of tb Audi i or
ot Pnblie A mob at tb dy aod yar abov writ-
tn, i.r.conmtu,,
(tal.) ' Aodltor V, A,
Certificate of Publication.
orncg or
Auditor of Public Accounts.
. State of Nebraska.
, Lincoln, rubciiary I, m,
Washington Life Insurance
Company, of New York, in ,
the State of New York,
Hiooi)lld wltb tb fiiauranr hnw iff tbli
Slat aod la eutborltml U) trnnaant th binl'
of Ufvlutaranr In tbl Stt for tbomt
WltnoM mr band and tb Mai ol tbAsdltor
of I'ubllo Aeooont th day and year abov writ
ten. J, f, COH 41(1,1,,
' tl) , r ' Aodltor P, A,
Certificate of Publication.
omric or
Auditor of Public Accounts.
. State of Nebraska.
I.lnnoln, Kiirorr I, INW,
Midland Life Association, of
Omaha, in the State of
hiw oompllml with th lnnrnc l.w of this
Slat and it ulborl1 to tranaaet th bnalnxM
ol Llltlnaaranr In thla Stat lor tbxarnat
WIidmm mr band and tb anal ot tb Auditor
of I'ubllo amount tb day and jrmr abort writ
ten. J, r, (MIX K 1. 1,,
tl Auditor P, A.
Certificate of Publication.
okph'is or
Auditor of Public Accounts.
State of Nebraska.
Llnoola, Krarjr I, tm,
IT l HttSKHI taHlieikli, Ikat tbe
Security Mutual Life Insur
ance Company. of l;re
mont.inthe htate
of Nebraska,
fli'4 alih Ik U)raa l a ol lat
kuiaadlatbuim Mlraa la tla
I lM,a I ikhjUi lu th tmraat
tttM k4 kd tk aval ot tk taailu
4 tHt tMuiili tk Sal ft4 HI 'iu
Wa J, f. oiMkklU
imi i aiiit r r
Certificate of Publication.
mtKt fr
Auditor of Public Accounts.
5lit of aitt.
li..s t. Itk
IV It HthHitt l.l' ttai V
Nebraska Mutual l.jfc Iiwur
anco Company, uf Strtm
burir, in Ine St Ut?
ot Nebraska,
k ,. ik k tt lt ! 4 Ike
a4 tiktw,4 ttat '
uIiIm ! Ml t
tt k.4 tt ! mI tk l4n
it rfct kwi.t ik 4t a4 la. nk
. 4 r ttat,
i axil) 4to r, a.
a 8ho chauee tor Indie, ml, and
" gnt. Kvery My who kuows any.
tiling about our alto department
knows that every day la tut year
finds our stock complete, our slioes
lull of style and honest worth, and
our prlee low, ,
Men' low shoes, kid and tatln
S 1 .35
call, tip and plain, 0-11, rcg
ular f 1.60; sal price,
Men's low "hoi, kid. Unlit am
flexible, tlo and plain, 7-1 Oft 1 CA
regular $1,70 tale prloe
Men 'a low viol kid. coin toe,
7.V', regular 9.'iQ; sale
Child's (longolt klH, button, stock
tip, r,.l, th OOo kind, for, a i A
pttir,.,,,M,,,.,,,,.,.,f,.,M,f,K y
MleiMHm tun and blank oifordndAf)A
trap saudals, 11-si, now tv pairVUU
Ladles' kid oxford, slue and
4, were 1,25 to l.75;f,o uloeeAQfi
oat, a pair UOU
Ladies' kid tboes, buttoo,
nearly all Ik, were $1.50 to
f'J.OO; closlug out prk, afjJ
Mn'$ lam ahoes, tan, (If u calf, '
vei-y toft, coin toe, wear Ilk
Iron, 6 8ft regular 4oO;flJ AA
now, a pitir..,.. .,. ....ktfatv
ItetrnlarlOc, 1 6c, 2Bfl, flfio andiOA
COa at Do, IJli', 100, 20o aud 40U
FRFn 'srHHim' & m..
m x i aaa4 aav s , f tw aaa i aa ataw at
021 O StrAnih. OnnnnitA PnntofflftA.
C B.RitTtTS 141 S. 12th St
Teeth ettraeted without pain.
I'orcelaln Fillings.
Hold Crowns and Hrldgt work.
Gat administered for th
tiainleas extraotiun ol tooth.
Hut of Teeth, IS.
All work warranted.
' 21 years' experivoo.
Lincoln - - Nebraska
Not In It brhr sletn that bf Tlrto of abt
11 morta-, ila iOun ihlt day uljanuarv,
I "tin, and rialy fll4 In tb oftln, of tb I'ouiii
Crk ol l.natrrouin,, Nbraka,on lb Rial
da j ol January, I Mm, auU iuid bjr I'blllp
Hrooa to l.niiln Hia to ur lb pa) Riant ol
lbum of IW (K opoa blb tbr la mow d
tb uiu ol ll. Ml and com ol a riilvln aitlloa
lo rciir iMHHwlon ot lb aaiiia tit 10, and !
fault barm bwn mad I tb pajimaat ol taid
am and no lt or olhr at law
bavlna ba liiatllul'! to rwoevr al, 4bt or
an. iiatt tbcrwtf, tbr"fr I will axil tb prop.
rtr dMt:rllwd lhrlH, ti: on srar bora about
It jrar old, wlbt aljciat lD pound Maniad
"llaravjr." oh $rp niar al oat I r old,
iKht tlwim IM oiid nuai.d 'Jaaal,' M
lai'b larnt aaroa, hih on t of brmt'bina bar.
aaa. at pubil auiilon at lb bar of l.tmH
I'oaM la lb eltf ol l,lHola, la LaitraaUr Ciiuh
ly, on Iba llt dajr ol H, luil, all o'clock r M.
ol aald da. p'l Ik prol of ald aw
I ii I a pa)iaint of aald bi, ola, vim ol
arlaa lw aald buraaa IruiH Iba llut lbH
riUli ad (nun ta mkrol .aid anta aad miirt
(alhllp Hroaa, aad all otkr wrr
roau aad ipna xiuawUd with lb, Ml
OaU4 Mar t, !.
irirat pablkaUoa Mm II, l mm i
auTICH, M, Waodmt, orl4at 4fa4'
fa ar eb tl.d Ikat aa ta tub 4a at
April. I. Urtt M. alrtH W owdtat SMl p
ti..a aai"l oa ta lb dial ru t urt f !.
la raar, Kl.faka, laa oliHit ol mkink prar.r
aad pntlt la lo uMai Ui .. fruia a
la ,ua4 ikl f u k I'Utlj l.iluad tka
plaiaii ilkoal ear abai. I" trat
l ii. iMit lal aaat sad lo t ib rflM
a .itll , ar f,wlra,
V a talr4 '4 MM""
Mwra Moadaj ta Vk Jr 4 Mar, law.
Uai it. Htaai. wVt
To tUrak Aaa UK aua rideal !
,ia are berebr mitifM that oa ta
t nb iltf ol Jtitl, lUtf, tl JHNiit
lute, plaiaill) iM-ieia, 114 bta wlithia
aaaiuet i'4 In t dtairlet etHirt nl lu
air uaty, Nl.raba, lhu'H'
prayer li t titio ia tu uMat a
lM(vJi Ihmm twt laa gfvua4 that
stier y far tuarriat ' platatiQ y ba
tataiMM aa btntuldrttikarl. 1IhIi9
lu r la sait uit that be way
tataaaWu) Ikemr aa! euttlf tl b
tuiuiif vliilil, Aaaw Marab lb, tie
ui at ikiartt wltb yuu,
im ar rwiulM lt aar lU Ht
lUm ttt aahl (daiatiH bar. ta m U kie
Xi..a I, tbe Ja. ilal ! May, IftDtt.
UkttMtia Jumv) lit i. llaietifl,
I'T J. t. bli'Sefteay, bte allf ay,
ritrontit tht Niiuiu
' w -w -w -r r y r r v V
For this week's Selling
That may interest you.....
lOdotnn Turkleh iowels, 18x1)6,
regular price 8 l-llo; sale prioeff
itfttteftfif tu 9 W
12 doeon Turkish towalt,
JOii'J, regular 10c; sal prlocQ J .Q
10 dottin Turklsb towels, 83x40
tra heavy, cheap at f A f Oa
,6ci vtSe' A. It . t 1 M
Cotton toweling, rmrutar trlo 00 J
ana oo per yd, at V and....,,,,,,...,VV
lilnen towling,rngnlar Rc 7eO I Ot
and l"o per yd, io, OuandO 1 a?W
6()o quality, tal prlo,,
Sfio quality, tab prloe.,
tffff ItJ'lltM
lingular 1,00, 11.3R, ll.AO, 11,75 and
ta.OOsle prloe-BOo, fl.lil, flJiJ,
1,87, 1.7,
Com put stock of straw and erasb
bat in men's, boys' misses aud child's,
At ipecial low price
lUgolar n0i, 76o, I. 1,25, l.fiO, 1.76,
2 00,2.60 aud 13, thl wenk 46o,
67a,Mlln, 1.80, 1,67, 1.80,
2.00, 2.26 aid 12,70.
Ia lad lea', mlsw' and gt's In order
to redooe our stock we will give a dl
count of 20 per cent during tbl tale,
OCpOoo for a
una, WMia nariiij
I an iet rwprii
W ' In -If
. an, mar it oot
In money,
If t
puraoii Miidln
kiw ii
ruadrr MNturixl
fnNMiiil Mnt luinwdlaUily. AMtrm,
Kituated at Niuth and V sir! arjhtaw ready for buslne, W glv la xebaac
lor goud 00 lb, wheat J pound orlaucy flour guarauttnJ, and 10 Ibtolbratu
Try a welt ct "Honeit Abe" Flour .
Warranted to equal the best.
All first-class grocers
keep it.
Special Sale.
JBe summer eorsetr, salt prloe 2C0
fiOe summer oortett, wait prlot 48o
2S doeen gent fancy balhrlgiraa
shirt ami drawers, regular &i)e;tki ft
tal prloe.
20 donn men's French balbrlggani 4
shlrMaod drawers, sal priu,.ywU
6 down mn't flerwlcb drawer
only, regular 40oi to clou "'49f
26o men' working eh Iris, tal I p
prlo, each
86t tnen't working tblrtt, alAR
prkie, cb
lUvuhtr irtUm 40o, Wo and 76o, atR A
. 22o,80eand.
In two lots. ;r
Lot l.Hgular 16, 18, A A
and 20c, at, yard t$t$tt$ m mm m mm r
M3.lUgular26,28aad80t, Hn
at, a yard..,..,...........,,,.., . 11)
wjt iarutvon
TAnnnln. TJnhrniTrn.
iverjArm PAon:
9 tt m uiiipm Mfmnffiffa mnrjw p,i ,i, ywwmiuim wwiTfnm ml, pswi'
at uia niiam uMiif ill ann ou will Mil ptmuf
raprixni' iimi, t an irpu nn
(Ion. Can rou
iid a Wiimu'i faM (ii lit ir
m.,,m .1..
nior than o ttud iwaH rvplv trill dlvbl the
ana miimi ii mi u.
II Mittml. ,m trill Huwlva IAA
anion lie iiiallr. Ill l,laiu of lb adttrtlaliis tm-ffiprlallin
(I.INMiwIII badlvbl'MlIn IvMHriflwiln valnairfal.iWii.aas.iM.
o tliat aaflh on will raiwiv a priMwiil. Kvarrnn nmt tndot
tteaiiU wllbaiitwer for ulrli(lmi Ui our MKan, trblub will
oiMnr. , oi w no guano n rinin.
An varr
rwalra a trmn t.
Wa luiw bara ian.tuta
tit niilinil. Ulan
illMiralliy and uoral d-tiinf.
478 Ninth trt, Phlltlhla, Ft)
A chance ,
to save
some money
by dropping me a ,
postal card,
asking lor
Catalogue and Prices.
Good standard new Organ
$45 and up.
ARTHUR BETZ, 212 So. Nth St
Lincoln, Kzbraska.
Lincoln Steel Rarje
a4 pWaeayear deorwlf aad lawtily Warraated Urt
Vifiat parfewl tublH kiv raade, W lb Verr Ul
Id ruil4 paWat WvM att, aad lie tf y Roatrt
lib MbMtu 4 !, ableb aak it lotitalbl it)
la year lMtr, Tby ar baadeuia, atUMUvs,
n-ttHlabtta atla tad ljl-e, lull tlebl trtaita4.
win iMif aay nadj til il ui last a lit
I lot, blade ta htttr. etd a tui. Tbta
bi by Mil tbw tb aef na taiT,
II luat tbf ateaa not baadl tbett bt)
Otakra ar tviaiaha, Wrie Una aa4
wul prtttul way u i wi ta bay wo l
t rMHaabbi
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