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May" 18.
A Cablegram Purporting to Come
; from Agulnaldo.
Te Ceatlaae tbe Wef tfalll fadepea
eaae la Seeered--Ie Waahlaflva It It
Tbeaa M rreseal etlellee Hay
Ma riaal
Loiwoif, May 16, Tha Filipino
junta hart Iim received tb following
jribMag from Agulnaldo, cabled from
Hong Kong, under date of May Ml
, "The Filipino government, io ac
cordance with the general feeling of
the country, baa decided to contlnti
tb War at ell costs until independence
. secured,
"Tha Filipino energetically refuse
tha American peace overture, based
on restricted autonomy, coupled with
promises of subsequent self-government,
'"Hi Filipino demand a strict ful
fillment of tb articles of IheAmerl
can const! tutloa end treaties eon
tracted by tb A mar Icao representa
tive Imploring a Filipino
alliance In combatting tb Hpenierds,
'ill th Filipino generela eeppor
Agulnaldo, Oanral Luna' rportd
overture for peac ar untru. Our
army ia near Manila, simultaneously
attacking tb whole Americas Una,
Tb baat and rains ar causing ttany
aualtla lo th Amerioen army, All
their boapltal ar crowded with sick
and wounded. Four hundrad of tb
Cincinnati rgln.ut bar bn irn
prlaonad by ttnrl (HI for lasubor
dlnatloa in refusing lo fight,
"Tb rglr troop ,urlrd in
Manila and ether town are quiet.
Tb volunteer ar abused and ar
alway at tb front with scanty ra
tion "Tb discontent between tb Amer
ican and European is general,"
WiamxaToir, May 10, A alafao
tory oooolualoa i petd by tb ad
ministration from th conference
which will b bald by tb American
Philippine commission with th com
mission which Agulnaldo proposce to
and to Manila,
In hi dispatch to tb war depart
mnt yesterday, General OtU an
Bounced that Agulnaldo bad sent a
messenger toblmeprlngawisb to
Mild th commission "to arrange
term of pM.N Tb admlnUtratloa
ofUclale express th opinion that tbl
ommllon will submit to President
Bohurmaa and hi aanoolat tb an
war of Agulnaldo to tb proposition
mad by tb American couirnlslon to
Colonel Arguo, Agulnaldo' anile
aary, regarding tb ebaraoUr of gov
ernment which would b glva to th
Filipino and wbloto Arguan da
olarad wa atlfaotory,
It i probably apparent to tb Fil
ipino that tbr 1 nothing to b
gaiaca py conducting negowewone ior
th purpose of obtaining a temporary
MMstloa of hottiiltiea Uanaral Oti
will sot grant an ermUtlo, and b
bee shown that h do not propose
to atop fighting, no matter bow many
Mace amlasarle Agulnaldo may send
. to Manila anl tby agra to uncon
ditionally aurrender,
Ia hla dispatch Oeneral Otl show,
deeplte the feet that Agulne do atatea
bla pnrpo to nd a commission to
arrange peaoe, that be la making
preparation to eentlnu military op
ratlona. , It la erldant to the oflialal
from tbia dispatch that Oeneral Otia
baa found it naoaeaary to obang hi
plana He haa bean making prepara
tion to attack lieeolor, wbare 9,000
tocurgeate ar bllvd to be an
eemaed, and It ta presumed that the
mofementa reported to-day atill bar
that point ae the objective, '
Oeneral Lawtoa la making escelleat
progreaa ta hla northward march, and
the dlapateh of Major Kobbe with
i,M0 men up the Ho Oraod. aupport
4 by gunboat and eaaaoaa, la lor the
purpoee of enabling Oeneral Lawtoa
to eroia tb Kio uraao witnout mo
leeUttoa by tb enemy.
The plan apparently contemplate
the rapid awlngiog of Lawtoa to the
west, Oeneral MaoArthur to remain
at Ban Fernando, betwaen the laaur
Mate at Baeolor and those at Mealeo,
and Kobbe le to take a atatloa o a to
prevent them from eroaalag the Wo
Oranda MacArtnar ia ateo aaeaen at
bla preeent point to protect eommual
eatlon with Manila,
sacfl (Ml KseaataH t a4 Askart
aaa a14tsr ta Oarvtsaa ttatmfii
WaaNiaoTon, May l.-it la
looted at the war dpartmat that
Oeaeral Otla will take el pa at onre
to replae the PpaaUh garrison at
famboauga with Unitad Plata troopa,
Ta ladlaatton are that a etunpara
lively email fur will audtae, provided
thai It I aupimrtaa by one et two
uaboale rmbaaafa I or gral
atratagle lmMirUa, balag the rapt
lal of the Island at Miadtaaa, the aee
ad largest ta tha t'hlUpplne group
aadagwod MSiHirt It m to tbl
putat that the DuaaUH for rairssl
4 from r.tttla wbaa IHal lawn wa
vt4 wUhaat aallae U the A war
!a Ma Tb luwa t sity 4
feaalbU with a all arttlicr U.
Tb fast that lb laargati ar ta
peeeeUe of Ii4 Ire gwat mahaa
the aituatUa at utbae mute rl
, but tl t aut bUv4 Hsre that
tb bate a late ui al Vhe, am
maatUoa aeary le eperate the
weapon, which will euaseiueally
aOl tMW USVMSI I tb4
e)sajt Mee ta ftemt M
CKax ta AeM ItUeA
UAIU.A, May tl-Tb lla s!4
await Lag eaa M aa tava
donga and a launch under Captain
Grant ran Into a et of insurgent
concealed ia the bushes on both side
of the Rio Grand river, tbre mile
above Calumplt, yesterday afternoon
and were received with heavy volley
at abort range, A sergeant tn the
Utah battery wa killed and one pri
vate wa wounded, Opening with
their rapid fire gun th American
killed twenty of th native and
wounded aaveral others. Tbey filled
the jungle with a ball of shot for half
an hour until the enemy fled.
Metlv of the elw Ar aTobammedeat
The Meier Ma Have t Me Paid,
WMijTOJr, May J8 Through un
oflldel agent th governmrnt ha
been quietly malting Investigation
into the state of affair in tb Hulu
group, just to tb south of tha Visa
ye islands, with a view to determin
ing whether by good management
tb Inhabitant cannot be, brought
into alleglauue to the United UtaU
without Insurrection, The natives
ar generally Mohamindan and ow
allegiance to a aultsn whom th Hpan
lard bar never been abl to bring
Into mor than nominal submission,
lie maintain a harem and live in
state, and It 1 probable that an an
nultv will have to be provided for him
out of the revenue of th ialand
after th United btatc tab possor
eloa, ;
Mreehe fafwrwed Thai Ibe Oeneral Will
Mo VIslrlMMle Ibe ,000,00.
Uatajia, May It, -Oeneral Maalm
Gomes informed Oovernrr General
(ro;ke to-day that ho could no loogf
mi a reprawentativ of th Cuba
army in tb distribution of th 3,000,
000 appropriated for tb payment or
tb Cuban troop.
General (ioiue said tuat u naa ar
rlred at tbl decision with grat r
uotano and with tim most frUndif
feeling toward Ueneral Jlrooke per
tonally and olllulally, but be felt h
ceuld no longer represent the Cuban
army because a cabal, which I com
posed of many of th aubordlo
at commander. ltd to oppose.
and, If possible, defeat tbe plan
for partitioning the money, lie ex
plained that former member of th
Cuban Military assembly, ld by
Mayai Rodriguas, Manuel Hangullly,
Juan Gaulbartta, and other maleon
tents, bad organlwd a majority of th
officer again! him apparently, and
though Gomes might persist and carry
th iymnt to a conclu
sion, be wae disgusted as4 wisbad to
wash bia band of tb wbol bulna
Thrfor, be thought that if be left
General Drooke free the latter would
be able to act with equal effectiveness
General lirooke expressed sympathy
with General Gomes, and aaid be
regretted the position be bad taken,
but, tbe American commander added,
If bt dclloo wa unchangeable b
would proceed to deal with tb
question alone. He bae the roll
of the private and non-eonlml
stoned offioare who war willing to
aeoapt 70 each, and this amount will
be offered upon tb condition pre
viously laid down. A forcible disarm
ament of the Cuban troop will be tbe
ultimate procedure, provided the
event of th nst two or three week
how that ueh action I neetceary.
Tb epveese Oearl Male la gave of
a lreaeb Teasel
WAtatxe-roK, Mey 16, Tbe United
B La tea luprame eoart to-day deolded
the prise moaey case of tbe Freaeb
steamer Ollade Rodriguea, th flrat
of th naval prls moay
ease growing oat of tbe Spaalab
war to reaeb lb aouri Tb dlloa
directed that the veuel, which wa
captured off ban Juan, Porto Eloo,
July IT, aad bae been held elaee by
Ihle government, shall be returaed to
It ewaera apob Ibe ground that It
wae aotprovea that the eteamer'a of
ficer Intended to enter the block
aded pork The eoart held incident
ally that tbe blockade of lea Juan war
Wae ReeheietleV atoaagea
TiaaTTowx, N. T.i May 11 George
IX leott, for the last two yaara men
arer of the Terr low a estate of Joba
IX Kockefeller, eommltteed aulolde at
Tarry tow a to-day, lie shot himself
above the right car with a revolt
aad th bullet pasted through hi
bead, cowing out at tb top
MvtUeb fracas Have ta I'hlaa.
Hose Kose. Mar II -Tha native
pppoaitloa to llrlllsb oeeupatloa Of th
new territory, Kow iuwn, oppoait
iloeg Koag, haa suddenly been re
aewad. About m wen of the lloag
Koag regiment, with machine gun,
era Uattair barelo-dav. while the rob
auteer bav been wsraed te be la
reedlne for ay awergeaey, Th
lirlilah seeoad eltst euUal Iwlft,
aad Ihrea at her gunboat are proee
tag o sea under closed order, The
war ship have tod ate o board,
VlaSeeU ta Le4a etseeSa
LoaiHia, May li Quaaa Vletorte
krrttad la Ieadoa I day free Wlad
or, aseawpsatd by th tuh a4 ul Vetb sad bee suite, aad
drove to KeaslegtttA pale, Crowd
ef eatbuaiastte psep e tinea is reum
ta tee paiee.
d4ee ewe toeejsif Ra,
CMinsaev Mai Ifc -trt e
em He ta the Uarted Ciatea eJreU
euart af Hs.fl War a tlUacta. tleja 4aa
geroaaly lit at tbe eae t4 kU ta
re U, ta Aablaad, ea
Congress to Be Asked to Raise It
to Ten Cents a Pound.
pair mail Have eea al Work With
Member an Thar Kp. the Milt
feee Wltk Utile Oepnsltlea
Weald Me froblMtlre.
WiSiMWOToir, May ltf, A member of
Congress said to-day that an effort
would be mad to affect an organise
tlon of members of th House repre
senting agricultural district to scour
legislation at th next eeasloo of Con
gress which will raise th tax on oleo
margarine from I oenta a pound, th
present rate, to 10 cent a pound. Tb
intention, lie said, was, if possible, to
tax olnomargarln out of existence,
Strong pressure wa brought to bear
upon rural member during th last
campaign by th dairy interest and
th demand thus mad will be heeded
when Congress meeta A soon ae th
session open a bill raising th tax to
10 cent will b Introduced and it will
be pressed with vigor, '
According to statistics at the Agri
cultural department the census of 1190
gave tbe production of butter dn tbe
United mate at about 1,206,000,000
pound annually. Tbe census of J MO
made tbe total only 147,000,000 pounda,
It Is pointed out that if tb Increase
during the present decade has been ae
groat relatively as It wae during the
preceding one, the next census will
how the production to be about ,
,(00,000,009 pound a year. The pro
duction of oleomargarine, a showa
vj avaviBviua a vu interna revenue
bureau, wa M,m,m pound during
th fiscal year ending June HO, M.
an inereaae of 13,O0,0O3 over th year
preceding, Xh production for th
nice month of tb current Usual year
wa 03,000,000, pound which lodl -cat
a total production for th year
ending June 30 next of 19,000,000
Tne contention or the dairy butter
men le that tb substitute butUr
which, tbey assert, costs less than tbe
current market price of lard, i in
competition wltk their product and
bring tbe price of genuine butter
down to an unremuneratlve figure.
They insist that th oleomargarine
trad should be destroyed, but if Ihle
can not be accomplished a tax which
will make the competition more even
should be Imposed. A not be. Import
ant feature of the situation from the
standpoint of tbe dairymen ia tbe
effeet th oleomargarine I baring on
th foreign trade, It le assarted that
eonditlone have become such that the
substitute butter threaten to monop
olise th foreign trade,
Commissioner Wilson of th inter
nalrvnue bureau aaid to-day that
tbe government revenue from oleo
margarine during tha present fiscal
year would aggregate II, 000, Ooa With
tbe tax at ten cent a pound and th
production where It I now, th rev
enue from thi aourc would foot up
11,000,000 a year, Mr. Wilson said
Kansas City, Chicago, Omaha, St,
Loul aad Cincinnati would pay IV
par oral of tbl tea,
Tbe first Deelfc Warrants Safer tb
Crease fresltfeee i
Pabis, May Id, President 'Lou bet
?ae called on for th first tlm Satur
day to alga a dsath warrant. Two
war preeented lo him. As they were
placed on bla desk be turned to the
minister of justice, asklagi "Are
there no mitigating oiroumstanoeey
Caa I not, in justice, oommut the
Be wae told that there wae bo art-
deaee of any attenuating character.
Tear earn to hi ys, and he tremb
llngly took up bl pea and beeitated,
than roe and walked away from the
desk. A few minutes after be returned
and signed ble name to the fatal doe
ue seemed to be utterly overoome
with emotion and eaid repeatedly that
be felt almost as though be himself
were a murderer. A few mo menu
later be complained of a aevere bead
ache and retired without la any eon
etderabla meaaure recovering ble uanaJ
Tba Bwladle Ms-Slav,
WisumeToe, May 11 Thousand
wf agroe la tbl country are induced
to believe that they are to be pea
lonad by the United Stale govera
meal upon showing that they were
formerly klavea Th promoter of
tbia scheme have beta al work for
tvral yara and It I estimated that
more Ibaa liso.ooota small sums baa
beea collected by them.
Ma Street la ta Wteklta
WiiHiTA. Kan.. Mae llaa&jnrd
nee with a decision rendered by
Judge Data Saturday, adjudgiag tbe
klrMk ajvra IdUs nublla aulaaaaa. tha
ear qatl ruualag thbt aiuratag. Tb
isase oi tne prsseat mutpaay espirea
Sue tint agK but they aoallaeed I
ran despite the elly'a pnttetl. II te
tpete4 that a aew lla will be bull!
A MaM MUt a fe
llvv MiMa, Ksa, May 14 Thuiaa
Saberleoa, a ftrwier and tlk lataer
near this pi, wa trampled la dlh
by a bull last elf hi Th aattaal ba4
beea dehorned shm tlta age a
ent of ble tleieasaesa
A l4taa Mttl fee mmtK
laifsaoa Cur, M. May 14 -Tbe
Ilte passed Ike litre bill this
ttwttwg ia make Ibe puilea f CI J
eaph state aSWera It U lla with U
Ksasae Ulf aad M, Usl paltat blU.
reasene Freeeaer Mew a ' fries! la the
Mplevopel Charon,
New Yobx, May la In tbe pro-cathedral
on Htantoo street, Bev. Vf.
Chart A. Hrlgge, who was suspended
for heresy by th Presbyterian as
sernbly, wa ordained a priest In tb
Episcopal church. II waa ordained
together with llev, Mr. Charle A.
8ndekr, and th ordination cere
monies were conducted by liisbop
Potter, Tbe little church wa crowd
ed with people, and the ceremonlee
were notable for tbe quletneae that
Those who expected, from the great
outcry of tbe past thror four week,
some Mutational featnre were dlaap
pointed. There was no scene, so ex
citement, and no protest wa flUd at
the beginning, during or at tbe clot
of th ordination.
Thar wa nothing notabl in th
sermon preached by Bev, Dr. Gsorge
William Douglass.'
The ceremonies were very long, com
mnciqg at 10; 3D o'clock and continu
ing until lat in the afternoon, If
any thing, the services were hurried a
little, and tbe general communion
which followed tbe communion of tbe
postulants or candidates tended to ex
tend th time,
There was a large crowd in th lit
tie pro-eatbedral church early ae
1:30 o'clock, Thi increased a the
time for tbe ordination ceremonlee
iev, Vr, Drlgg wae eeen after the
ceremony. Ue aaid he had nothing to
aay concerning the criticism raised by
hi ordination. U eaid be was going
to take a rest. A close friend of Vr,
lirigg said that be would go to Eu
rope, and in the fall would labor in
the Pro-Cathedral church, llev, Dr.
Paddock said that it seemed strange
that a man of Dr. Drigg' learning
should take so much pleasure in labor
log among the poor of the Kast aide,
but thie wae hie wish, He aaid that
Iter, Vr, lirigg would not give up bis
position as professor in Union Theo
logical seminary, but would labor lr
tonneotloa with bl Uarhluge,
Ton will And th date at which vonr
w -
subsrrlfttlon , evnlred mnrbad na fku
week's fu of your paper. Tax notice
of It and if you ar in arrears yon should
make a payment at one.
Oleaster ea Ibe Superior,
Saot.T Stb, Ma mix, Mich,. May 16,-
Tb schooner Neleon, deeply laden
with a cargo of coal, foundered ia
Lake Superior off Grand Marale last
venlng and carried down all hand.
So far a known here, only one man,
Captain Haghney, escaped from tbia,
tbe first disaster of the season, Tb
Mw consisted of nine men.
tie A Mebraska Heme Cfceav,
This can be don alone: the Hue of the
Eikborn ( North weetwn) line, In Nebras
ka or Wromintr. Homeeeekere esuur
tloos will be run May J aad 16. lUte
one fare plus 'i for round trip. Minim
um fare (MJ0, limit 31 daye, Bfopover
on going trip allowed. Vor further in
formation apply fo A. 8. Fielding, City
Ticket Agent, 117 So. 10th street
Certificate of Publication.
i 1 .
orrwt or
Auditor of Public Accounts.
Stite of Nibraiki.
Lincoln, ttbnur t, I UN,
United States Life Insurance
Company, of New York,
in the State ot New
basaosiplUd wlihtbe Issereaoe Law of tbl
ats eed to aatborlstd te trassset tba bealstes
of Life Isssrasss la tbls Bute for tse eerresl
Wltscs sir basd ea tb ssal of tbe 4 editor
nf FsblU Aasossts tbs daf aad year above writ.
ta, J.f.COHMELI,,
(Sael.) Aadltor f, A.
Certificate of Publication.
owes or
Auditor of Public Accounts.
SUt of riibniks.
Llaeols, Tthrtf I, ISM.
IT IS IHRRBT CkSTiriXD, Tbat tba
Bankers Life Association, of
DesMoines. in the btate
of Iowa,
baa teweHtd wltk Ike laasraaei U ct Ul
aula aad is etiberltad te traat tbs kaalaMS
.1 ta UM Siala tut tseserrsai
aiiaMSair kaadaadlk miol tb Aadltor
4 fswis AaMteste Ike d aad ae wn
... I, r.ruMKLU
SMii Asdue r, e.
Certificate of Publication.
ovrsa or
Auditor of Ptttlic Accounts.
State of Mtreike.
.iaia, rttee.f t, iset,
IT i Miaiif cranriBB, net ia
Hinkers Life AwocUtlon, of
Ht. Taut, in the State of
fctftU4 atib Ike leeetaeas laeel tbs
asd m sibeti4 le ttt tM basiaatt
f Ul ! ia Ibis stata M ta !
WiiaH) e assc aadtbsbMl afUtdH
at ra twassis ta dar aad res abavs en.
Ml ladite f,
A a tOO, OOO Hlalay ParefaM.
G ALEX A. Kan.. Mar ia.ColW A
Co., bankers of Itoston, Mass., have
purchased of th Illinois Lead and
Zlno company, the following proper
ties: The liloomlngton tract, 70 acres,
adjoining tha city 40 acrea joining tb
North Emeir around, and tha old
Stanley mines, southwest of th city,
ana several piante and lease, th
prlo being 1200,000. Adlal E. Stev
enson, ex-vice president, waa a promi
nent stockholder of tb Illinois Lee
and Zinc company,
Te Sea ibe MaebvUle.
St. Louis, Mo., May la Tb gun
boat Nashville wae not open for In
apeotlon by the general public yester
day. At least 60,000 atrangsre were
la town for tbe purpose of getting a
look at the Naabvllle, which will
start on her return trip to New Or
wans to-qay.
or man, who will take order for our
Leghorn Hen food, in tLclr own town,
W miik this offer for a short time, In
order io g'l our Food into more general
uc, It incretws yield ot rggi, tnd keep
finvl in good health, Sena us 50c. for a
n-eular !i,oo tlx box, and begin to tsk
order at once,
I'.miiMnt. wlib mnn Informilloa llmut fuina. Mnlnn
rt'i4 ul Mll4iddrtMd, Htmpii nyu, AfldrtM
Ughorn Food Co.( 183 13, ) Boston, Ms.
m mm . nrintMi. A I
rla tli at will tliikla to,
aiin rrirli4'Hiara a(
viwn, ihmii
1. fc. nuhtv
ir llsrrow, US
lis r new, w
... ,i.rrr
Urfow.lWJOP, I
In.S, n. j'wiw. sea JOHN ns
oiiitar,. tiew. wr,
IlarniM, Puffins M
ihlri and m "' srliuieS
fuihlnu an MMI HI Iter
at uiia-usil
i-:i.r' utiMt, catausiue rrae
Haaaaae Mew tlm., Mas 4 Altea, lib
Delivered te any part of
tb UUf,
I Lw went vry be keeper
Li to send ior our inw tata
- wnuwxvM HHP.
I'LY CO., 108 i 11th Bt, Lincoln, Neb,
Birred Plymouth Rock lw, SI for 1 1
Cures without
rain omd th
features of the
' itXZ Pile Core
Tb Burn File) Oar cart all form of
Pllas without oiepartlol of pale. This
desirabl point I not obUlo4 by tbe
etc of Injurlon opiate, wblob simply
oaralrce and deadeo tbe orvo el the
part aad make natters worse la tbe
oag ran, bat It Is doae solely by its re
markable beallog aad aootbiag efleeta,
aad wblt It tba e!ts Immediate relief,
at tbe sam tlm tb disease Is act
merely eaeeked bat a radical ear is rap
idlr aosoraDliebed.
The point we waal to make clear is
that all this Is doae wlthoat a partial
ofpala. Tblslaetla oa great reaeos
why the Ii'gga File Oar Is so popular.
Prio 60enUpr boi
i-v-o r-: a nil A fT ff
Lljicoln Neb.
Coder Feoke Opera Hon, Wort weal
WUMrTBUsan' tiuuttb
rxoii vjtxjru tow.
If mi m Mabsar t tha abl ewemlri
or lataad ta Maw trimim fraaa abate
to tbia oemtty, aataa eall est nw far
Bguree, vmtmmim,
A. u, Titauvuw,
C T, A. Wertmwewtani lAtae.
MMmiNIMIMIlt iumiiii
To profit p rjniv
rates you should co s M V TT
Orcxcn ar.J
Vfishlsitca Nats.
To I'ortlsei, Taroma, SeaHK
aad later wdlt amiatat eaeoad
Mae aaly 11 S 0U, Toartet etsap
rry Teeeday aad Tbaredrj
tn Maeela to Beet., fl fee a
doable ber ta,
cttvtkkti unti
Boose r the tor I pld liver, and core
billoasness, tick I headache, Jaundios,
uaaaca, lndlgesf tlon, etc. Tbey are In
valuable to prevent a cold or break up a
fever. Mild, gentle, certain, they are worthy
yoor confidence. Purely vegetable, they
can be taken by children or delicate women.
Price, Vs. at all medicine dealer or by mall
of C t Hooo A Co Lowell, Mas,
ceea avera, uj into vai.u aaimw-w
si sis.
IS imliS
SalS r II I 1 '
ttrramt 1
lM OiaMM
and fnriNht si
Tblj tun I. Mat Me. . eves Is
iitfi aMda Iron ela Iroa, afire
rent, mn immir. ana n
nlnkltil4S aMunaMiwii ana.wiainuiia., mm
Uf mp, aaaMtna .. jajwlria ll.iftyr-nba
MMI irK. nrnunMS iHMii, St mtl 9tm mtt, M.
m rnriiin
rr awva
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Headouartirs for Good Luir.tcr '
at low prices. .
Command ng January loth iha Oraat
Book lalsuud'a ''Oolonudo Flyer," leaw
tog liaowla at B:20 p. m. daily, wii
nmk conoiettona at Colorado prlnce
with new feet train to Salt Lake City
and Portland, Orqm, arriving at
iwrtbweftt I'adflo Ooeurfe point tftlr.
teen (13) bours quloker andi earlier
tlisvn aver before, Ouly seventy boors
to Portland, Oregon, Ikhb Ldnooln
now. Tblnb of iu
t j sawn
To enable In tare ted people to la-
veetigate opportunities to gat goM-'
1 A 1 II.. TJlt.. J
on February SI and MareL
T and 21, sell ticket to point la north x.
arn and western Aenraaka ana pan) '
of Wyoming at on fare, plus 12.00, for
round trips minimum fare 19.10. Fsr
particulars eall on A. S. Fielding, C, T.
A., 117 Booth Tenth street or depot,
corner Winth and 8 street.
Chicago or the East?
Tbe Through Ezprees From
. Via Omaha
Chicago Express from Kans. City
la addition to Pullman Flaepere, Free
Chair Cars, and tbe Beet Dining Car Ser
vice la tbe World, are equipped with
furnlabed lo elub etyle and eopplled with
latest periodical, lllaatrated paper and
a select library el recent Action.
Colorado or the West?
Fast, earrlea dining care and Pullman
deepen. Leave Omaha 8:40 p.m.:
Kansas City 0:80 p. m.; St Joeepb 4:60
p. mM and arrive at Denver and Colorado
Borings nxr morning.
Jno, Biciutui, E. W. Thoupson
O.T.AT. A., Chicago. Ad l'.iT.A,, ,
Topeka, Kans.
Lincoln, Nebraska.
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this paper.
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