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The Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated.
NO. 1.
Hews of the Week
a mmmmmmmmm
Tbe effort of tbe administration to
ikeep tbe po(i! In Ignorance of tie true
situation io the Philippine swims now
very likely to prove such a very Ineffeotl ve
I boomarang that It will In the end cover
all wbo bar bad a band In enforcing
J tbe censorship at Manilla with lasting
dlsgrso. Further tban that Jt will be
!' one ol the most effective thing In driv
in tbe Uaunocrat power Into permanent
It ha been known for mora tban
., three month bjr leading men la the
, United Stab that Dewey bad no sym
pathy at all with tbe MerrlttOtis-Me-
Klnley way ol dealing with tb Filipino.
Now an ouceneored cabin comes tolling
at that Pewey is In perfect health And
that the reason that be Is coming noma
that ha wUI have soothing further to
with "shooting nlggere" wbo are
flab tltiar for the principles laid down In
tin peolarntlan of Independence.
i Kvery one of Oris' campaigns have
been a total failure. He basaa one
' crltloeays: "Won many brilliant skir
misbes and lost every campaign." He
atartcd wltb the announcement that
be was going to capture the Filipino
government and make prisoners of their
army and be has failed, miserably failed,
. ..... . I i ..mi. i
Tbe JrlllPMO Congress IS SI III in seeeion
and the Filloluo army, while driven
bask toward the mountains and the
awamps, is still Intact and maintains Its
Unas. .
As a sample of tbe way Otie works tbe
, censored " hLgrom the following is
given. 11, be sent tbe following
U and It given out oy tne war Depart
nenti "Situation ae follows: Succeeded
in passing army gunboats to Calutnpit
for use n Itfo Grand railway con tac
tions wltb that point secured this week.
M t faseage of gunboat through Maenbee
A Pcoontry balled with oyful drmonetra-
T 1 tlons by Inhabitants."
?W On tbe same day an oneensored cable-
' Cjram was seat via Hong Kong by the
, ii os i reliant correayuiiwu iu m
i.. nii- i. ii,. nkii.
. I m j a m ai -. . aits . a
ippine wnicD reaa as iohows; -jveporis
indicate that lb Insurgents in tbe prov
; ifjcaofCavltaar preparing to make a
, atrong resistance against any attempt
bv th Americans to eeoure control of
that Wrltory. Tbe Filipinos have se
cured and landed ten macblna guns at
Caoai. oatba island of I'anay, It Is
i preeomedttat these guns were captured
, . from tbe Hoaalsh aunboata while tbe
t i' 1n. ........ in 7....V.n.n..n
If the correspondents In Manila had
' X tint fining mini uiir ,if iTHttlair Arnnnd
--- -
Otis' censor, tbe people of tble country
who pay bis salary and furnish their
beet yonng men to die In the trencbee
under tropical suns to win glory for blm,
would he In total Ignoranue of what be
Is doing. liuf tbe reader must always
bear in mind that any editor who writes
such things about Otl is a
bead" and be on tbelr guard.
General Otis nemi have no (ears that
tba rsople of Nebraska will ever forget
blm. Tbe Inhuman way In which be has
treated tbe First Nebraska will never b
orgotten. They will tell to their chil
dren bow for months be kept them at
the front lying in trencbee, assaulting
earthworks, makisg charges over open
1 .11 .... 1 .11 I A.
C -wr lounginir iu their barracks
vuiit. ma i hie niru Hi-i u i reuiiiinuia
nin ths rnr. The line of the first Ne-
vf.aska grew shorter and shorter their
dead, tin Ir wounded aud their elek wer
t aeut to th rear but every man who was
I still able to stand oil bisect wakept
at the (runt fighting day and night
while the petted r-gnlar were well M,
I well elothed and kept lu eohtty, Yea
f w will earefutly cherish the memory td
General Oiie,
The iu pNtbetia thing that ever
arre.1 la isv wsr was when ths weak
aad sUggertsg line, all that was left f
t ths first Nubraeka, humbly KtiUunsxJ
thlesald tleueralOila tbat they niight
have a few day rest, Thy willing
ti kerp w tgltisg, but they had laid la
thaawampa (r tau months aad bad
authad a ehaage i4'uthiai. When
a ul Huh (lea, ti euMlaal gsard daty
hal kt t thsiw ap tight aad oa thtr
Wl, Thy were ei.Wwly ora uat
aad it thy hmK nely have lets days
real th would Ight ail the betur hv ii.
Thai is all th' said aUhuagh, they
kasw tlkxa ware ataar IrMl rliwals
la their rar wha tad avr heard tb
kUttauf a balltti They did a!vy
that tketr Mmm was at. f h.f di t awl
MMaliua the tatt that afc they wr
asksit ta HMMtliai aadettrsd a hvaaty
of r00 each that they bad - refund. It
Is true tbnt tbey called attention to the
foot that of the nearly 1,400 men tbey
started In with there war only about
noo Mt and that at the laet sick call
160 of tbem responded. All they asked
woe Just a few days rest that they might
fuel able to carry the guns and belta of
cartridge, One of the reasons that
they gave in addition to their complete
exhaustion was that slnae February 2d
the regiment bad lost 226 In killed and
wounded, beside those disabled by sick
nes,,80 of ibetn in the battles that bad
occurred slnot tbe capture of Mnloloe,
Their petition was not granted by Oils,
but by some means it was forwarded to
Washington. Whether our brave and
suffering boys bar been granted a rest
or not we do not know. Several tlmea
it bos been announced In tbe press dis
patches that tbe First Nebraska bad
been retired from the firing , line but nl
ways afterward wben tbe news came of
auotber fight, it was fonnd that tbey
bad again been thrown into the dead
llestpnrt of the fighting. Yes, we will
remember Otis; and McKlnley too.
Tbe Imperialist press has devoted col
umus to tailing what tbe Tblrd Nebraska
was going to do to Iiryau wben tbey
came borne-how they wonld fairly spit
apun him and curse blm, Well tbe Third
bos com borne and Ilryaa went down
to Omaha to meet tbem. Now here is
.1 ii,,i.j
I hijvwuus ui uuw uie vjm ui iue uiru
acted wben tbey met Pry an.' It is taken
from tbe Hi ate journal and you can
hand It to your republican neighbor
with the assurance that ha will nt deny
anything In It because it was printed fo
a republican oapers 'Colonel Bryan
ana anjurani uarry met tne train ana
entered one of the coaches where tbey
were warmly welcomed by tbe returning
soldiers. Tbey orowdwd about their
former colonel, cheering blm and strug
gling lor a chance to grasp bis band.
Mr, Hrvan aoimred to know a number
of tli boys, calling them by name and
referring to Incidents of ths day whsn
tbey were eoidler together," Tbe see
ond section of tbe regiment arrirvd at
2:10 a. m, over tbe Wabash and despite
tbe lata hour Colonel ltryan and a
crowd of perhaps 200 people were tbera
to greet tbem. Many of tbe boys In this
section were from Houtb Omaha and
after a few momenta spent in greetings
and In bidding each other good-bye,
they sought their homes. Tbey were all
apparently glad to see tbe colonel and
In speaking of blm, one of tbe South
Omaha boys fa quoted aa hairing said;
"All of tbe boya of the Tblrd Nebraska
bav a very, high regard for Mr. llryan.
White in camp wltb us he did everything
In his power to help ua. I have seen
Colonel Dryan write out checks to
cure from bis privata purse good food
for those wbo were sick la tbe hospital."
Andrew Carnegie wbo Is now In Lou
don Is sending borne some lively stuff
about Imperialism. Among other things
he says: "The suppression of the news
from Manila which our republican presi
dent enforces would not be tolerated by
monarchial Ilrltons. Our suppressed
cable at Manila that oomes via Hong
Kong today tells as tbe Nebrasra regi
ment Is reduced to 800 men wltb 100 on
tbe sick list"' Carnegie seem to have
learned a lesson from Atkinon and baa
fled to Europe. Us Is now in a position
toeiercine the ritihtof fraa epeecn and
ue tbe malls and telegraphs, a thing
that Is denied to Amsrlcan cltfiena fe
eding In this republic '
Iromall Information obtainable it
seems that there is a big row , on hands
In the rhllippinee between Otis aad some
of th meiiilier of MeKlnley' commis
sion, Freeldent Kuhurman does not
in to believs In General Oils' uncon
ditional surreuder business and I carry
ing oit a parley with the I'bilippln oou
grees, tryiug to arrive at some plan
aherwiiy tbe war can be stopped, If
hall of what la said In WashiugUm h
trti-, our Naolon Mev begins lo uu-
drtaud that he will have to alter hU
pollor or there will be no hope lor hint
or hie party la the neit elevUon.
Mailers la Cuba sesiu to be In a vry
bad etate. All sorts id re mors have been
la tlreulatloa daring tbe lat k, but
how tut h trsth there ho been ia them
It Is imptMNuUU to tell, Nvvtrsading
I J lug has bsvoai suoh a habit ailh the
turf poaJeats ul tha great dailies that
the Value of I heir news eoluejaa I ahull
tWtrtfd, Ihseloik grae lhal th
tivmaed id tUaeral IUke thai th fa
baa euMier ahuatd lera over all tbelr
arm to the Called Ktatea aptta th pay
tHsal la tb! t( f I.IKel.lHHI, tWo.
lately roMed aad that tlnn.t ta la.
el(i4 ta euwprtiaiisa. He did b
ariag w aav ise arms mttmi or
tMlhMMk-itJathrMUai4lbe var
tuaalwaaa aadile. Tha lairtai ad
tlaislraihiMi al MtKtawy ht Hshle la gel
as late) troU ia t aha aad vi whera
else almost any minute. It environs the
go vernment with a thousand dangers
ttiat never threatened os wben we were
following the advice of Washington and
minding our own business. The wisdom
of the populist position In regard to
Cuba, as voiced by Henator Allen In th
United State senate, is becoming more
apparent every day, What populists
proposed to do was to recognlre the in'
dependence of tuba and let tbem work
out their own salvation, while we went
on attending to our own affaire as jwi
always bad done until the Napoleonic
nose got into the white bouse.
Wben tbe populist party made ifs first
nomination in this state there were no
recognixed leaders, W just came, a it
were, together, put out our tickets and
went borne. Very soon, we all learned
that we must bav an organization
committees In every county and voting
precinct, Meetings bod to be arranged
for and speakers provided. Funds bad
to be raised. The right man had to be
sent to tbe right place. Various and
often conflicting iutereeta bad to bar
monlce. In fact we needed a man gifted
with th power of organisation.
Wbo should this man be? None of as
know. Hut as In all great uprising of
tit people wben tbe occasion arose the
man appeared, During three campaign
Mr. Kdmlsten led tbe populist forces to
victory. So overwhelming were tbe odds
against us, wben tbs votes were counted
nd It was announced (bat wa bad won
tba leader of tbe republican party stood
dated at tbacompleteness of tbelr defeat
At first tbey denied that tbey bad been
defeated, and then they began to wonder
bow in tbe warld itoould have happened
It wa not long before tbey began to
blame it upon Kdmlsten. From that
day to this tbey have filled tbelr press
with attacks upon blm, , Tba republican
leaders don't like Kdmlsten, and tbe
more tbey have bad to do wlthblm tba
less tney nave liked mm.
Laet Monday at noon, after four
years service as oil inspector, be retired
and 3. N. Oaffln of Saunders county
took bis place. All tba deputies wbo
bad served four years also retired. Tbe
admfnistretlonuf tba office under Mr,
Kdmlsten has been above reproach. " He
took tbe office wben nothing was turned
over to blm but a very badly kept set ol
books wblcb showed a deficiency of 1 5,
000. He turned overawed furnished
office with desks, carpets, type writing
machine and other furniture, all of
which bad never cost tbs tax payers of
the state a cent, besides having covered
lotohe treasury nearly 110,000 during
bis term, wblcb reduced tbe taxes of tbe
state lust that much, Mr. Edmlsted
baa never received a oeut of money raised
by taxation. He bos not been a tax
eater. Tbe cost of maintaing an office
is paid by tbe Standard oil trust.
In retiring from office Mr. Edmlston
bad no kick to register. He Is a firm be
liever In the populiet doctrine of frequent
changes In office. He stands ready at
tbe cull of tbe party for active work at
any time.. The great rejoicing In the re
publican camp over the retirement of
Kdmlsten from politics is liable to be
turned Into bitter lamsntatlons over tbe
fact that be Is after tbem again. But
whether he does or not, the fact remains
that be did bis duty ond did it well.
Bd I tor Independent!
What is a popnlMT Is be not-one
wbo advocates the prlnolplea aud cup-
ports the cundldatna of the populist
party? Poee the lndeaiudeut do either?
If It refere to th candidates nt all, It I
not siniiiljr to east a slnr uoon ihenn
aud does it adViMiate ths iiriunlolis of
tha iMHiples artl? Tha iadeiwmlfnt
support Mr, llryan, and Mr. Hryao Is a
democrat, and thluk more ol lbs dent-
ocratio party than he does of tha poim
i'"'!-";! ui'H I yun IHIH lilt
right tUen lor laslnnlatalu drop h
awiii "tHipuliat? ' I there not a areai
ditfereneii between th demoeratlc asd
Huulll lilaifuriii. aad doe nl aaai
thee is id liuliai In ti ileiniralio
piftll'irat il 'Wil uusd Uks th tHipult!
pUHoria id 'Ua?
air. it tor wera yoa in tlueluaatl May
IVta VI here tne i.nia il liarlv a
. t.. " I v - - -
itorar ixtinu renh'iuiHir lb eealliueal
nl biM BUeea hMM.ifed tuea? Waall
not this! Tbat aeare iHreed, thai
lhr ta snoiethtng aroaa; do aui
hats a fair ohae.; w enait tiaad It
Ikiaaavjsaveeuuabl raiial Ihniuah tba
old pat Ilea In vaia. Ibses Una imuI
eeking thruuh tkeis) aay longer; ttt
WiMlieg me a immI hav a lrt l inir
oaa. I not thai Ike eealliueal lhal
broil b I h iMNiulta) tiarly latosilal
atts isat salted lhith aad lh w
ia a pome j rty that uihaiiall
wa lh peoi.Wa pari J I l na reiwtwt.
bee wkal led la Uat aral Haeial ui
k iiwipWi ik aaiuiuia, aad e-Ui.a
at the imii'l Ikfottah lh katakuul
il .ah aad Far AHttae raal
alHiuaT aad did ! hlo aa aiaa
gwd h, aid paiiy, gH4 Vf Are
you proud of tbe Omaha platform, ths
eeoona aeciaration ol indepeudenceY"
What political party ever made the
progress that we did? , Were we not In
a lair way to succeed) indeed were we
not marching straight for the whits
bouse right In the middle of the rood,
steering dear of both old parties?
Then why sldalmck that movement?
Do you think that the millions of voters
wbo lefUbelr old parties la good faith
that tbey might obtain justice, and In
deed bav a "right to life, liberty, ond
the pursuit of bapplnese," .- can be led
Into becoming hii annex to the demo
cratic party? No eir, There are hun
dreds of thousands ol men without a po
litical hfrtne; the peoples party that we
organised is practically dead. Will the
Goufentncf that Is soon to be held belp
us our, h must ws go over tne ground
again? lie kind enough to tell me where
I make a mistake, aud Just what you
minx oi ids situation anyway,
C, A. I'iTnick,
, f , ; iWoodvllle,Cal
Tbe editor of tbe Independent was In
tbe reform movement long before tbe
Cincinattl convention. He fought tbe
two old parties from 1875 onward. He
was lu tba Alliance movement. He has
stood oy tne people party in every flgbt
elnce It was organized. He baa defended
and today defends every plank f tbe
peoples party platform, llowsvnr lis
did not eater this flgbt for tbe purpose
of creating a party bat to get reform.
This worship of party boa brought all
tbe evils from wblcb wa suffer npon us,
Tbs republicaa party worshipers bav
gone from tba teaching of Lincoln to tbe
building up of great corporations
against wblcb Lincoln warnsd them and
it I. tba republican party .till. The
democratic party baa turned a complete
iimmereault sine 1890 and it Is tbs
democratic party still. The editor still
holds to tba same prlnolplea that be did
wben be need to got Into tba school
bouses or out on tbe street corners, rldi
cule tba aubeervlency to party and da
mand devotion to principle. How we
need to pile it onto tbem and tell tbem
that tbey wonld vote - tba ticket that
tbelr daddies did until tbey died, whether
there was any proapeet of relief or not,
Now be is not going to backslide and
stick to a party name just because It Is
a party name regardleea of tba bop of
relief. He Is going to keep right on
Rgnting lor relief and be don't cars a
continental haw or by whom it comes,
o It cornea. - If b thought that the
mighty corporation and conoeutrated
capital could be quickest overthrown by
voting tbe republican tloket, ba would
vote that ticket from top to bottom.
It ia tba ouertbrow of tba extortlone of
concentrated capital that ba wants and
not tba building op of any political
At present be feels pretty sure that
tbe beet way to do tbat, . especially in
this state, Is to get all tba forces that
ars opposed to republican trutt and
the extortions of the, money power to
vote one titket. If we ineiet more upon
a name under which we vote, tbao upon
electing men who will aeelst in giving as
good govsrnment and righting tbs
wrongs tbat ex let, It eesms to blm tbat
ws throw away tbe substance for tbe
shadow, i ' , '
He however Ineleta tbat tbe organiza
tion of tbe peoples party shall be kept lu.
tact and in Ogbtlng trim so tbat when
ever any of these newborn convert who
are not yet dry behind the ears begin to
show weakness or a louging for tbs gar
lic and fleshpotsof Kgvpt, th peoples
party will be armed and equipped and
ready to take ths field. If they are will
ing o fight on our elde, we will eay to
tbem: "Fall in and shoulder your gun."
a that way the populUt party aad its
principle can become the contrelllng
power In th land. If we Insist on nom
inating straight tnlddle-oft he-road
tickets, wo can Influence nobody and se.
cure no reform.
As to Mr, Iiryau, the editor of the In
dependent eupporta klin btrauen be
knows him aad has known him pretty
Intimately fur a number of yra. II
believe Mr. Iiryau to be aa earnest a re
former aa ean be found In th rank of
th populist party.
Finally w shoald say In answsr to th
HiaUoti "Wbo populiat?'
that bs
is a man who works with all his energy
to overthrow the rlgn of the money
Hir In the beet aud qeh-keat way thai
it eaa h dose. The ladepeadeal baa so
far supMirled every candidate ever nom
inated by the popuilst parly.
Th date at wbit h lour saWr'ptitia
eii irea la marked. H Hm ' ue id
ynr paper, Tate ante aad d y ar
a arrwai ;t thuald
eale a pameet
at oaea
A goad quarter axetioa Ut lakvl
ValWy enaty, Ntra. Sabieet
hoNAMivsid. Far pwrlkalara write
NikMLearetd N.Na.ka Ude.U,
Maewla, .. 1 4ta tmi-artaloiUk hba lk tillaia.
, . .
What tbe Sappers aad Miners ef Bet oro-
lag Ueapotlim If ate Already
Tbe MeKlnley administration bos per
formed more arbitrary acta of despotism
than ail tba administrations since the
first shot of freedom were Ored at Bun
ker Hill. These acts are beginning to
excite protests, not only outside of the
republican party, but within it. The
people of this country are sufforlag from
the same system In regard to tbe press,
that has so long been enforced by tbe
car In Ilussla.
This is not a wild and
meaningless charge but tba actual,
simple truth. It at pressnt only applies
to part of tba empire over wblc MeKln
ley rnlee, but ere long if something is
not dons to check the tendency It will be
come universal. Tbe violation or tne
mails and tba military censorship estab
lished la tbe Philippine islands is In strict
accord with the system aa practiced iu
Rulltt, The St, Louie Republic makes
tbe fallowing remark on tbe subject: '
"When the facts of the military cen
sorship of news dlepatnbes from the
rmuppinss comes to iignt as ttiey win
following the close of tbe war the peo
ple of tbe United States will receive a
startling objset lesson of tha military
despotism inssparable from a policy of
foreign conquest.
Tbe ileouplienoe already been privately
notified by staff correspondents on lbs
scan of action of tbe arbitrary work
lags of tba system of press censorship
inaugurated by General Otis, It la not
dom of the press Is not favored by any
autocrats, who bav tbelr own ends and
(.liule own frlundd ta aurva. tlt.ia' avatoai.
it Is stated, "is exactly tbs one Way lev
enforced In Cuba, against wblcb Ameri
cans made each an on tcry."
It lean everyday occurrence foroorre
apondents to be compelled to atrlk out
tne name of men ar regliuente wbo de
serve mention, and to be compelled to
aend tbe names ol those who nave done
nothing "We don't propose to have
the newspapers make any beross Here,
the army press censor tells correspond
elite, "If any heroes are to be made,
this department makes tbem." There
fore tbe censor "kills all praise and al
most all mention of certain regimente
and officers not liked at headquarters,
and Insists on flattery of those officer
and troops tbat ar in favor, tbe gen
eral trend being to discriminate against
volunteers and lor regulars," .
In many other ways tba correspond
ente' legitimate freedom of expression la
hampered and tba I'blliopln aews aerv
lo interfered with. The development
la new la America History It seems to be
a consistent phase ol Imperlalletn and
mllltaryism. ot wars of aiucreesloa and
conquest wagsd in distant lands. Tbe
Iron band of tba proleional soldier is
felt In a way tbat Is full of menace to
the best interests of a great and pence
lovina-reoubllo. "Iwantioo to under-
etand," said tbe American censor In tbe
I'blllpplnee, "that tble Is a military des
potism, we do not recognise that any
nn mMn, tha I Iia pm hmm in. luli "
Wben the oeoole of the United State
learn th full facts of army autocracy In
tbe Philippines the sentiment against
Imperialism will orystollse Into sudden
and most material substanoe. Tbs peril
of military dominance bos been swift to
show Iteell la the far eaat. It will be
promptly recognised by the people.
iney win see to it tbat tbe neoeaearv
correction is administered. Under a re
publican form of government there are
many other Intereete besides "the army"
wblcb have rights that must beresoected.
The public nreee. always the aafeguard
and the Informant of the "peoDle. Ta ons
oi in intereats.
There has not yet been a more pun
gent and patriotlo reply made to tbe
cappere aad mlaers of returnlug despot
ism than that by Dr, Pretorious in hia
answsr to aa assault mads upon the pa
triotism of ths Gsriuaa A merioaos by a
New York Imi'wrlallat, While tha epirlt
of 70 has been bartered away by aame
native born Amerleans for gold aud for
glory, it seeais to have settled back
upon the hearts of the tier man-Ameri
cana aud burne there with the aame
fore aad power ae It did la the bearte
of Washington and th ragged patriot
ul Valley rorge aud Yorktoan, Th
following word ar so full of real Amr
JfaaUttt that tha reading ol them t up
a glow la lbs heart ol every maa wbo
telle? la the declaration of ladepea
deaee, !r, I'rvtorloua said:
"There U aolutf M be a heed break Inif
gal Ufiir lha reiMihlie WiuhloMtoa
iwitSM tor ani Mttoia uei lor ta laread
ovr to Kagliak eoatrol. Dermaa-er.
Ma bead way be biokea ta It. but
may win aoi a the amy aaea, e aav
a iaeiiiy ol elt aillie Auiriaa vwlea
agalaal a pro- t.alib ptdwy , mliall
liirtatttu aav dv th ioeia la uai
h aawrieaa ioil, tirwa Aatar
leaee ar ready hr the ieut Ul ,
doaatv th word ta Waahlagiuafor
Ike Hill tail ta beia.
"what Aaterema la there aha eaa
thiah without iad'gaalioa tit Ilia atru
rma euaaflro agaiaal lh HlMrlka id
ittrk aad Ike pxiitl Ike wtwld,
w ho, ratatiaiag a vtiaa ol reward tot
Ike AoterMMk id H aahlaata aad JrOe.
. I . ...i. aa ...... a k. a
ous orders to America can set oar armies
to catting the throats of our lata allies
on their own soli In order to give En
gland a better base of operation against
China, while as tbe reeult of tbe same
enoundrellsm for It la nothing less
F.sglisb money Is used to Involve A mar
lea with Germany In Samoa not that
there is the slightest antagonism of In
tereet between Germany aud America,
but becauss It suits Kaglaud's policy lu
Africa and In China to use America as a
"Tbey will nsver succeed neverl ' Tba
sentiment i1 tbs German-American pre
I a true n (lex of tbe American oeople.
German-American newspapers are not
controlled from London. Tbey do not
depend upon London for permission to
live. Tbey are not Involved with thoee
Interests once American wblcb have been
recognised by English capital. They arc
Independent, Tbey are intelligent.
They are American, Tbey are standing
bf t he flag of the United States and all
It be meant In forcing progress for tba
world. They never will back on Inch
under the villainous attacks mads on
their patriotism by the resident agents
of London capitalists. Instead tbay
will go forward In tha front line of tba
advance, A merlon n wbo believe in
Americanism are already making on tba
word of British Imperialism."
It seems that tba republicaa party
bas lost its bold on tba old soldiers of
Kansas. In this stats tbeO. A, R. posts
ar in many oases simply tools of g, o.
p. politicians of tbs very worst type,
Not because tb republicans have a ma
joriry, but elmply because those wbo are
self-rsspeotlng refuse to sssks a stand
against tb echemers. Tb followlajf
press dispatch relates' bow tba old, eslf
respecting Igbters sat dowa on tbe g, o.
scbsmers lo Kansas: '
"All tba sebemere of tba reoublloaa
politicians to "run" tbestst eneamp-
ment oi tne urand army ot tns Hepublld
failed utterly. Resolution were adopted
demanding a congressional Inquiry Into
tbe official oppression of 1'eneioo Com
nleeloner, If, Clay Kvaas, Tb republl
ean worksrs trisd to bead off tbe desun.
elation, bat tbe veteraae were In no
mood to eompromlee. Ibe republicaa
managers were beaten again on a reso
lution tbat tbey wanted adopted Indors
ing Governor Stanley for bis "courteous
treatment" of tbe old soldiers. Sack a
resolution was Introduced bat was
beaten, for tba reason that Governor
Stanley baa not treated the old soldiers
courteously, but even bad bsdone so ba
would have pariormsd only bis duty.
Tha idea of having tbe Grand Army
made a republican elds show waa not
reliehed by tba veterans and the reseated
th pretence of Cy Leland, Lit Crum,
Pbll Kelly and Governor Stanley by ac
complishing everything they opposed
and defeating everything tba bosses
wasted. Leland wanted to bead tba
Kansas delegation to tba national aav
campment next summer, Hswastarnad
down, (.eland, ritanley and trnm aad
tba other republican workera wera
against Coulter for commander and
Coulter was elected, Tb push waa
against Topeka and it woe deeded to
bold tbe next reunion at Topeka. All
things considered, ths republicaa ma
chine baa no reason to bs proud of ita
achievements here, " "'
Mo Insignificant waa tbs opposition to
ths resolution denouncing McKlnley's
peneion bureau that practioully no votes
were ooes agamas it. , ,
A more dastardly attempt to break up
a great Institution of learning was never
known tbaa tbat now being prosecuted
by republican politicians in Kansaa
When tba populUt regents ' came Into
power tbey found tb agricultural oof
lege running alouglu tba old grooves,
wltb a fair attendance, but with llttl
push and vigor. Professor , Wills) waa
mads president, and among tbe live men
added to the faculty were Professors
K in Is and Farsons, Tbeae three man
are daring and original thinkers. Tbey
put new life and energy Into the Institu
tion, aud ths attendance and luteraet
luoreased with leape and bounda. Tha
boob store and boarding club, by reduc
ing the two chief 1 1 ecu of college expense ,
in nelmU MM, eiiaMed luauy yuiiag
people to avail themaelvea of the ad
vantage of the college who had pre.
viously beea unable to do so. 'out thee
feature cut off private pro fire, and re
publican politician who may alwaye
b railed upon la oppose anything ahleh
really tent the maaaea-ralead tba
cry of ' WUIiain" a aooa aa they got ,
lata the eaddle again. We da nut ba.
Ile lh pMiile ol Kaunas will submit lo
the dioialion of the eeltWb coueplra
lore and allow tbelr eolbg to b reduced
In k medltMMre imaitlou It lornterlv or
rupled. Kaeaaa la not la ihahaltitof
wtaklag pngra boikward like a era an
The raealag ol the goiditr Wpoat
adiagoat, Th great baakieg h.iaaea
of Uiadoa aad New York aovt ia my.
Il' jeata lh ixHitila ta defraud.
tWreei aad aVeeptloa are pqlr4 ta
tiMs-U lrat uUm ike iMaHa of
Ik roeepireiure, Ike Kaed wi ae
vast ul aold aoatnK. ia lha hoe ol
reprceeatativa tha hat Wa eaweaalaf
kiriKiuie tlwiaal AHaalleeilf areeasaJtt
eaalkma nh Ike H maWetra ta
bothaithMiotth Atlaalatahaaitaeyaa
aithfall, sev-aitwaal Wauhawta. .
. '..
" 1 " i i " - - t ' s. . i ; j j :