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The Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated.
NO. 52,
Hews of the Week
' Th Firat Nebraska will never com
back from th Phil limine. That 1 Im
poselble sow. A dlepatcb from Maallla
ay that thenar only 876 oituera
left In tb regiment and vary day tbey
are thrown into tb thickest of tb fight-
lag white tb full and fresh regiment
rwirulnr art carefully kept In the rear
in a place of safety. Tbey will new
come back. I'srbap some time nest
winter a few worn and emaciated en
Hated men. not enouicb to make a full
company will be discharged and that
will be all that le loft of more tbao 1,800
who Mailed for tbe Philippine to fJgli
Hnaln. Spain long ago wa wbippe
and eued for poace. Her soldier oerer
killed but one of the Nebraska boy.
Tbey bare been elaugbtered In a war
against a people tbat tbey never eul luted
to flgbt. If a Nebraska motber objecte
to tbe murder of ber moo In tbls way or
triee to eend blm a tidegram she le
traitor and a copperhead and le eo de
nounced by th Lincoln organ. The
Firet Nebraska regiment will never come
bock. It scarcely exist today ana in
few weeks, after It baa been thrown Into
tbe breach a few time more, It will be
only a memory a (acred memory to be
cherished by sorrowing heart all Of er
tbia etate. And etill tbe weeping mothers
aek: "Wbat le It all for?"
' After tbe fighting at Hantlago, Cuba,
which wae mostly done by tbe regular,
tbe telcgropb wire" were kept hot with
request for promotion of officers of the
rejjulnr army for gallantry on tbe fluid
of action. The fighting In tbe Philip
plnee 1ih been more bloody and fierce,
but the administration get no request
from the regular army officer who hold
all tbe important poult lone for promo
tlon for gallantry upon tbe field. Just
on only so far line been made, lue
feat of Colonel Funston to dazzled the
world that it could not be Ignored. Dut
that le the only caee. One volunteer
officer after another ha led hie mnn Into
tb very jaw of death with a bravery
and ekill never before equalled, but there
are no request for promotion from the
generate of the regular army wbo are in
command. If a regular regiment had
performed the deed done by tbe Firat
Nebraska, every officer In It would bare
been recommended for promotion.
One of tbe moet pitiable eight ever
een In Lincoln le tbat of old General
Thayer going around ehaklng hie trem
bling 6ete and declaring that the blood
of every eoldler killed In the Philippine
rest upon the head of W. J. Bryan.
Tboeewho are opposed to thle wnr
imply smile and pane blm by in silence
The Fourth of July ie nearly here and
till there le only one number In J. Hter-
ling Morton'e party.
Until McKinley'e attempt to change
the policy of thle nation which has been
followed ever einre the days of Washing
ton, tbe people of this country had little
internet In the affaire of foreign nations
and but lit! In attention was paid to
their bickorluge and strifes with each
other. Now their affairs have become of
vital Importance to us. It Is taken for
granted by every foreign country that
tbenctlouot this administration is a
notice to the world that we have aban
dnned the Monroe doctrine. Home of
theee nations are boldly advocating the
extending of their power ove the South
American continent by colonlxitlou and
by force. It will be seen that McKinley
ba oined a Pandora s bos. II we
claim lb right toaniux territory In
Aula by conquest or purchas, tbe Euro
Ian nations declare that they will exer-
else the eame right upon the routlseut
of North and Houth America, That
throve us Into every F.uroMan squabble,
will be the eaue of unending ware, great
taadlag armUe aad very evil that af
flict the woplenf the old world and
Ironi which a have kept our-wlve Ire
by following tli advlwf Waehlugtou
la his farewell addr. In couasHpieac
t IkW, patriot! uo-a have twea watch
leg with a grl deal id asxWty the tune
ol Ike lorisa prvas. Oar Meign fl
tloas, by this ahaadoainebt ul the to
ay Mluwtdby ev-ry Aaivricaa stt
Riaa asiil lUil llaaaa aad llrKieWy
took rharge, may be-Miio Ike all Im.
Mrtssl thing U the hit Urn atuetk or
yssr. If Ike pretest l-oliey le followed
tuaey atwre Nbrk4rvgiMMusil hsve
ti lay do a a thir Itres la frtga UU
layr itietua,
klsrk llasaa has aiatU arrahgiii
M MiKlkWr la isksa slg arvs4
Ue rUl dmlag the eawpaiga. The
paiadieg the pri4t p asd Uaa le
eosairy la the lairel i4 a hi ual
Pfifia aiHl a ! di H.ime
vaa U Iavstt4. 1 e rMvt ssuaiil
be the preeidtmt of all the people and
not tbe president of a political party.
Decent men In all parties should protest
against it. Hut if Mark Hanna persists
in this plan and McKluloy submits blm'
self to be ueed In such dirty kind of po
litlcal work, then be should be treated
as any ordinary partisan Is treated
when be is ontr campaigning. Let bis
appearances be known as republican
meetings. Let no more honors be shown1
to blm than to any other republican or
ator of the same ability. Let bis meet
Ings be followed by as large onos by the
opposition. Let blm and wbat be says
be criticised with tbe same freedom as
tbe words of any other politician.
One of the greatest sensations of the
week has been a violation of the mails
by an order from McKinley, In tbe
darkest davs of the r bullion, when
traitors were scattered all over tbe
north, many of them committing overt
acts, Lincoln never Issued an ordr-r like
that. These sappers and miners of re
turning despotism continually make
slow advancement. Tbls Is one of them.
The occasion of tbls violation of tbe
malls was as follows. Kdward Atkinson
wrote some pamphlets against imper
ialism and mailed them to certain
officers aid tbe members of McKlnlcy's
commission In the Philippines. Tbey
were ordered taken from tbe mails at
Han Francisco, and It was dons, This
matter has culled the attention of tbe
whole country to the telegram sent by
some of the mothers of the JKubraxka
boys telling them not to enlist, which
was held by tbe military censor and not
delivered. Tbe situation under McKIn
ley deepotlsm is about as follows: Tbe
sovereign people of tbe United Ktates
are not allowed to know what is going
on in tbe Philippines for everything sent
from there has to pass through the
bands of a censor. The troops In the
Philippines ors not allowed to know
what Is going on In the United Ktates
for they lire forbidden to the use of the
mails and telegraphs. Huub action on
tbe part of the Itrltlsb government
would cause a revolution Inside of
twenty-four hours, It is doubtful if It
would be endured by any nation on
aartb outside of Kossla. . To this, baa
Mark Ifanna and McKinley reduced this
TheKtandard Glass and Paint Co.,
have movsd from 1312 O street to 188
North 18lb street whre they will be
pleased to see their old customers.
Seventeen Members lleoome llutlnllel
end Sue Oat loJunetlnneWIII Ite
organize. The Independent is sorry to chronicle
tbe fact that there Is very serious trouble
in the socialist colony of Ituxklu, It has
hoped that the colony would be a finan
cial success for the members are a hard
working people. While we have all the
time dwlared that tbe prluulplne there
advocated could not la the present con
dition of uiiuklnd become universal, yet
with picked men, we did believe tbut it
would euccced. Itsoems however, that
not enough care was exsroUed In keeping
out the unworthy. In ite account of
the matter the Coming Nation suye:
"rtaventwu stockholder, most of
whom secured theirstock without monsv
aud without price, bave formed a con
spiracy for thw purpone of ruining the
colony nud its paper thus inflicting a
great wrong upon tbe reform innvetiieut
and much burden Ip upon 1100 houeet
Hodallsts, who oni aek an opportunity
to earn lueer tireal by the swsut ol their
"In October, 1897, a studied effort on
the part of three or four advocates ol
'free love' and 'anarchy' to diaetuliiat
their (henries, eeiwKially anionic the
yoiiuif, called lorth a vigorous protsel
on the part ol a vast majority ol the
colonials. An utxHwii srluU on 'Pro-
mlerult in Ids Hex Itelaliou' aud other
licentious matter was pooled la public
plaass, la the Prlutsry buddies:.
laeeinucn as eouuiuons in huskiq ren
der our youeg woniu abeolstely lrw
Ironi Ins neweeiiy ol marrying la timer
tuseeurea lllig there beieg so die.
timtlou ia I ha auiuual td uiaiatenaiie
paid it Is dirthmlt to understand what
geud rwasoa eould I-4 aaaigaed lor I toe
Irv lve eaitstioa. Put Iruui lbs (her
acterotths printed Miattsr posted and
lbs statenteats mads by the lilrsol
Ikls 'Wat' a Ituakla, it brt-auta ellval
that their rl ilnilloaul Im loe wae
fr luet,'
".Nuw, with all Ikea aetliK at law:
with a Sa.le r ol Ike lueosetoie ol lbs
trouliht kr os the gmuatU, Mieoai-
tea la Iks lira It ol ti.e hmwuiio,
WOtklMg Whea I lef Ml lit It re(UIU4
tu wot a slia thy saw li, su I protrt i4
la thlr aMou lv laiuseitoeei wua
other workieg oa Ik omIiU lor hih'I
mm, or nm.lm tieel eiees ol Ikeir
USRltiW tlteif iMWillieei leiMSISiHt krM
assiwaev rkwrni o4 the Ue IK. j
ere iHiesol'lH In luie. Wild r
one, asl anrpreaalaliuM
ag ni wad ststesuaiuwlir im-
Ji. tu create (ratow! se4 aie4
rus!iea imum laoee iu ra4eJ
lis itt Huek a-wiia aU ( oUu.iv
l I I.e asf lu, ws taUaot In war ;
friends the world over, If It is not re
markable that the colony bas roo tinned
togrowaud prosperl Is It not a proof
of the, vitality of our principles tbat
more than 100 members and their fain
Hies are today more united than they
have ever beior been, and mor deter
mined than ever let come what will
that the Ituekln colony and lbs Coming
Nation shall live? Theee are facts."
The Independsnt bop that Kuskln
will come out of this trouble all right.
There are many good men and women
at Husklu honest and bard working
wbo sincerely believe In the principles set
forth In their paper, but tbey have been
Induced to admit into their fellowship
some of tbe real socialists the sort of
socialist that the Independent ba been
fighting, Tbe editor of the Independent,
knows these people by sad experience. A
socialist colony like Rusbln must be en
tirely bomogenlons if It is to succeed.
None but those of th very best moral
character must be allowed to enter It.
In tbe re-organization let the member
ship be most carefully scrutinized. ICveu
then there is no safety unless there I
some provision made to get rid oldie
satisfied member In some expedi
tious way.
In an Interview with General Sbafter.
published lu th Washington Post of
of April 10, h is reporfed as saying:
"The Filipino is a suspicious fellow
jut Ilk tbe Cuban. II can't th
good Intention of this government aud
he never will until we subjugate blm
wl lb powder and ball. I have said be
fore that it may lie necessary to kill half
the population or the Inlands In order
that trio remulnlnir half mar bo lifted
from their semi-barbarity to the clvillxa-
tlon we are ready to give tnem,"
Tbls humans sentiment will tie encour
aging to the Filipinos, Tbe suggestion
that the United Ktates will go five thous
and miles away and kill ons-half of ten
millions of people In order to relieve the
other half of barbarity, eould only be
tun ue py a man destitute of liumaulry
and Inspired with th malice of the devil
himself. It was natural for this man to
swear that every pound nf meat sent to
tnesoioiers was sseet and flrst-class,
but It will b unnatural for any Ameri
can administration to continue to up
hold him and bestow honors npon him
while It em ks to degrade the general of
tne army. national Watchman.
A Demoneti-Btloa ef th Correetne of
Pope lid I'rluelple Carried en for
00 Years.
During th contest In congress over
the repeal of th Bberman act, John
Davis, a populist member of congress
became known to all th other member
of th bous as a kind of walking ency
clopedia on the money questloa. lie
was a great lover of boob and spent
a large portion of his salary in collecting
works that treated of politlcul economy
and social sclsnce. Very often references
were made to the bank of Vendee by tbe
populist members, but the bunkers, of
which there were a large number ia th
bouse always hooted At the Idea that
there ever was an Institution of the
character repnmentod. Finally some
gold bug profeeeor of political economy
came out In one of the plutooratlo mag
azine and denied tbat there ever was
such an Institution.
One day John Davis was bunting
around in an old second band book store
aud came across a volume that gave a
full history of it. It was a book pub
llehed In J-ondon while the batik was still
In existence and was written to give In
struction to the writer's son in regard to
trading In foreign lauds. Even after
Davis produced the book, the hireling
writers lor the gold bug magazine oou
tinuud to deny ths rxlstenew of tbe bank.
The editor ol the Ini'mudnt was there
fore greatly surprised to And a full ac
count of ths bank and lis manner of
doing busluess printed la th April num
ber nt th Chicago Danker. How that
article was ever permitM toe. th
light through such soqrew is pae 00110
prebeoeloo, Dut as it bas now apard
In a banker' uiageiiu. prrha the
plutocratic press willeeaaa to deny that
lb bank of Veukw evrr exieled. Old
populate will all remember how a oltm
used to rrlef Id l as complete (leltiuu
tfatlon of our thsuriva, The aoooust
glvva id It la Ik Chicago lUxker I here
"Ths bank ol Vealoe west oa of lb
moet USD) basking Institutions la Ik
Wo(ld. IlWMlhs oldetMelatke
aioel prulir la Ms Uttlhod of traue.
aeiiag btttine-a, i wok i4tbia dale
bath lathe year UTI. wWea Ihsbaak
a a '(Umber id tanee.
I as bssk lw . d t have U
bora IroMi sMiy, The eie.r of
Ikstireea .mi Ow kieg astaonid
Ike lke rMl.l- ol Wwivr, ks.l e
Ike 4rna .! proprriy ol all u
t-w ot kk labia itouoeivM. Ihie
aaeatoeea i.wettdt' Ihe i.M..e,
a4 a Heet t a lis' ssne wsebito
tirerte, aal the k'iw rue was HUurlle.
iMiver Hp ie.iVM.aer, ak aeit
lt.f Srtr ItxMre I eKKinii in lraly m
latol IM ao- kaatUtattiH) kasi. la
nwetqaes ut tat a4 I he vM i.
weesaiusdiig brsj ee.lii kha
th Romans, th Duk of Venlos, Michel
11, wo compelled to levy a forced loan
on th wealthy merchant and citizen of
tbia queen of tbe'Adriatio." Tbe'Cbamber
of Loans' was therefor established, and
the citizens Mere compelled to con I rib
ote according to their ability, and with
no promise or expectation of th return
of th 'loan' except a very moderate in
terest of four per cent on th amount ol
their enforced contributions.
"From tbia Inception and by gradual
development and improvement, tbls
unique institution became a regularly
organized bank, with features as peculiar
as those tbat bad distinguished the
original chamber. Th bank became so
popular that all Interest on deposit wo
abolished and th credit of depos
itor . of th book of th bank
were quoted at a premium of from
twenty to thirty per cent abov th cur
rent noln of the country. Tbe author
Dies, In order to avoid fluctuation in
these credits, arbitrarily fixed th pre
mium at twenty per c ut abov tbe cur
rent money of tbe times, so that 80 du
cat In bauk fund were accepted as
qua! to 100 ducats In current money,
and a depositor of 800 ducat received a
bank oredit of 1,000 ducats. Tbi pre
mium remained unchanged for over
000 years, and until tbe government and
th bauk war overthrown by tbe
Freneb troop In 1707.
Tb working of thl bank by govern
mental action and on what wo then
considered judicial principles, were both
unique and successful. It was conducted
through centuries of trials andrevolu
tlons, with prudeuc and wisdom. F,vrv
citizen of Venice was impressed with the
outy 01 supporting the government with
hi purs and his influence. Hebelievsd
It to be a matter of profit a well es of
patriotism, aoeoruiiig to th Operations
of tb bank, a depositor could surrender
totb bank the entire amount of bis for.
tun and still be enabled to use the whole
ol It In tbe form of bnuk funds In bis bus
in ess transactions. He was never able
afterwards to mover the coin be had de.
posited, but be experienced 00 difficulty
in selling bis bank credits to other mer
chants for fiior than their law value in
current coin. These bank credit were
made a leuol tender la all pa? merits.
both of a public and private nature
nua were exempt trom levy and execu
tion lor debt. The .peculiar manner
of conducting business consisted in lbs
fact that no checks were given by mer
chants upoa the bank, no receipts wers
issued, and when two merchant bad
been doing businees settled no their run
ning accounts and figured their re pea
tiv indebtedn to each other, tbe bal-
a lies was struck in favor of tb heaviest
creditor. For Instance, if after a settle.
meat it was found tbat on merchant
owed tb other 1,000 ducat. Tbe two
men then repaired to th bank, where
tney louna tu book keeper arranged In
alphabetic order, Approaching the two
clerks for tbe books of tb bank were
kept In duplicate tbey requested tbat
1,000 duont b transferred Irom th ac
count of on merchant to tb other, and
this is don. Tbat Is all ther I to tb
transaction th debt I paid, tbe bal-
anca bas been adjnated, and nothing but
the entries on the book of the bank are
in evidence of the fact. The records of
tbe bank were all the voucher thut were
needed, and theee books were at all
times oMu to the insfsictlou of the part
ies interested. No coiu wus ever paid
out when once deposited. The govern
ment used it ia prosucutlng It Ion Inn
wur. i nis gavs th government a loan
without interest, and attheenmn time
gave the people credit money, which was
regarded as better than gold or silver.
more convenient man currency ami
which was free from seizur bv the sheriff
and not subject to the lucutuberanc by
It lea remarkable fact tbat under the
operation ol this unique baukiug system
in Venice, for over 000 years not a panic
or a fluuiiciul disturbance occurred. Tbe
bank uepoeits Increaeed with Iheirrowth
of ths public and with tbe increase of
wealth and buxinees. Hunk credits wers
ths medium ol ext-hanice In limine; de
posits onos me de eould never bw with
drawn and thus contraction was averted
aud punlc rendered impoible,
Alter a time, however, the bunk opened
a "cosh office'' in which coin and bullion
wers received and paid out upon cheiks,
as is now dons under ths modern eyeteui
of bunk in- but this "cash ofW' was
not so lavorable, aud on two ocrnssious
It was o Mined to sueimnd cash pay
ments, but Hie malu branch leut to ths
"caeli ottlcs" its Inllueiiea and credit,
aud bueiuees was not seriously Inter
krrd with,
Tb bank af Venice had Ha M-cullar
rule o book k ping, wha n received
the closest atlotiou. It bad regular
days lor closing and poet lug book,
whM B waa geueraily every r'riday tu
ths week In wuU'b no legal holiday (ut
eurred, aleocloeed ur twenty dsye
lu each quarter ol ths year, but theee
e'oeiutf in o wle iuteiltrrN with ths
traneaotions o tiueiue, Merchaats
eoutmued tbeir traueaotioue, and only
meMiied tbe paymeat ol halatie ustil
I he bank stiuald Nope r bueiae,
lbs bank allowed su days gracs oa time
paper, aiol II this paper lull ilu durleg
lag tits vloeel eMtie. p4Vtial was
imply pte 1 fitted aatd Iks day ol psa
lug witkoat delriaieat or Iwi'reawd e
ue tu any owe.
It le a reuirrkabl (act that this ualqus
bask ol Yeas, la wkkili ai .ia wae
.r Mild wul, or sva pfomiw. tu b.
pMid oal, l'aiiie ei p-ipuUr. as I lis
H-etkiMle ei sal telai lory, Iksl Yaa a
am prat'tttw ly tlwi etear ns! koaes ol
ttsftimateral aotld, and ad II tet
leg atetvbwki aud biNkes aa I prta
wr asiums to a wit HKielvea ol II
piuiivaes aud sdl gasrd aa-l beoiM
Its deutitor.
Tkadwpaly fiat Kepanslea.Wat was
res4 sweeiUeg oat hie oftUw w tklsk
Iketa kkuukl ke eiuui ill u) Ika
akito tu li tkis wik. Tea stele
tttn.eta are 01-uu I ol tk umm
r si l aud atek th kepi Ww.
Oav. Hvloomb Defends la tb lltrlrt
Cwart the Ceavs at A adltar Cornell,
Bom time since Dr, Abbott presented
a claim to th auditor for $1,000 addi
tional salary, II ba drawn at tb rat
of 2,000 a year, but sine a new super
In ten dent ho been appointed, ba baa
brought In a claim for $500 additional.
Tb auditor reforrod tb claim to tb
attorney general, wbo held tbat In aa
eordano with a recent decision of tb
sursme court th claim must b paid,
Not withstanding thl opplulon of tb
attorney general, th auditor tlil re
fused to pay th claim, and Dr, Abbott
ba brought suit In th district court,
Tb attorney general doe not bold tbat
th claim I just, but tbat according to
th decision of th auprsm court it must
b paid.
Th appeal from th decision of Audi
tor Cornell In rejecting a claim lor
1,000 mad by Dr. J, L, Abbott for
additional salary during bis last term
ol offlo a superintendent at th Lin
coln hospital for thslnsan was brought
before Judge Holme yesterday In th
district court. Argument were mail
by W. U. I'm and ei-0ovsrnor Hoi
comb for tb auditor and by Kd V,
Hmltb and Judge Tibbeta for tb claim
ant. Tb rejection of th claim I based
on th fact tbat th enrolled bill a
passed by tb leglsfatur two ysars ago
contained an Appropriation ol $!f,600
per annum while th journals of tb pro
cdlngs of both bouses, It I claimed, do
not show the bill to bar been passed
In this manner. .
Attorney General Hmyth was to have
appeared In th ease on behalf of the
auditor, but as tbe attorney general In
an opinion rendered to the auditor took
th position tbat th claim was legal
the auditor selected othwr counsel. J
thl opinion tb attorney general held
that th journals merely showed tbe
passage of tb bill which wo originally
drawn with a compensation of $2,000
per annum. The engrossed bill showed
tbe sum to be $2,000 but In th scrolling
room th bill wa changed to $2,500,
The holding of th attorney general wo
that tbe bill a Identified by tb files
among the stats records must be taken,
tbat being tb decision ol th court In
several states,
Auditor Cornell's attorney based
their contention on th fact that th
enitrossed bill contains thesurnol $2,000
and on th fact tbat Mr. Abbott draw
hi salary In quarterly Instalments at
tbat rata, It Is contended tbat tb leg
islature Intended to fix tb salary at
$2,000 a year.
Their Msa and Offleers tUsdered aad
Xfallgnsd by Rsnabllesa WiitarsCoss.
tnand ths Admlratloa af lb World,
It Is worthy of notlis tbat those reg
iments whiub have made tb nam of
American volunteers famous flll'rouiid
tbe world are all from populist atata
and wore organized by populist gover
nor. The Houth Dakota regiment ba tb
warmest spot ia the heart of tb peo
ple of this state and receives the unqual
ified praise of all correspondents from
other state. It is unnecessary to recall
tb abuse of th republican copperhead
press at tb time Goverr-or Lee madu
hi" appointment lor thl regiment.
This abues and ralsreprewintatlon con
tinued until hostilities broke out at
Manila. The Aberdeen News even refused
to publish a letter from Major Howard
defending himself from a charge of forg
ery which th News bad made. Th let
ter was published in ths Iturallst. Now
alter the regiment and Howard have
won lmS'rlehalile renown, these critic
ar tumbling over each other to get on
the right side.
The Kitlliint regiment from Kausns
was orKsnised by Governor Iedy, It
Is llkewles uneeessiiry to lecsll the lies
told about this regiment and about
Governor lwdy at ths time ollts organ
isation. It was charged that It was
placed In charge of iueuuiiMteut, while
capable republicans were displaced, and
eeiittoths front rsgged, slioelee and
untrained What is th seouelT No reg
Imeut In th world ever did better sr
vlo. Whet we ever a more gallaat
ait than that id Colonel Fun Ion with
125 mea who erowee.1 the Km Grande
river and stormed aud captured, lbs
bomb proof IntrearbuiealaT
Th NVbraeka regiaienl is notoae whit
hebiud. I he gallant ebargs id lbs rtfl
steal oa Huaday, Aril 2 Intnibs
buraeekiMj la I real' k meat whea Colonel
Nluisealterg Ml shot througa I he heart
U aol brkled the arkkfrneala id Others,
Tbeaa three) refiuieata kavs bora In
braal ol lb Bahlisg aa hsvw set tb
(ace, I'berw werwoihsts preewat, "I'kerw
wers rVKimeat Irosi repablieaa states
and htiutare, but buus ol tbin are the
lwrs ol thee tkrea, Wby aol! Tk
reejioieat ibat ' beareet kt Irow
Tiaaeesee not a rpuhliaa rvu.M,
It ta not aovoleat thai has broaaht lbM
feMMMMilt to Ik Iroat. It M beail
thj wvr oraasit4 lor servuw, Thi
outers wr aol hms ol poliH.l putt,
aor sows id iMdnk ises.
Gov. j4irasrdlv.Mllie.a howl
ssd olam Coiiael t roel at Ibe h I ol
tbe iola lUhoia ?. tkoitisa k
had In d'daM a pvoaonent deaokral
iHttilWiaa lu dii this, Mkiate,v toads
ihla deaovtal a btigadter gral at Iks
rvoMtof Kile, hat auowaaua
qweetloe Ik wUloes ol IW avIMa.
ttav, edf dtstfrdd repabiwaa
howl when be mad tb lltll populist
Funston, colonel of th Kansas volun
teers, but Funston ba proven a gallant
leader of a gallant regiment.
republican bowls when he mad Mtotsen-
. . a. ... 1. .
ucra; coionei una in repuunoan copper,
headslu tb legislature vented their
eollji lie weHliii the .minimi he .!
ol tb legislature, which wa afterward
expunged from tb record by tb popu
list aided by a few repnbllcan wbo wer
ashamed of tb cowardly act,
narprouoof tunaniy men irom
the populist state of Houth Dakota,
Nebraska and Kausns. Tbey ar doing
their dutv. . but while titer eiaul all
others, they ar almost to a man op.
postra 10 in uuuoiy war in wnicn iuy
ar engaged. Tbey ar oleying order
a soldi must, but they protawt naver
thsless against tb McKinley war of con
quest, Dakota Iturallst.
Tb Movement la Knoaamle aad Felltlral
eleneeWIII be Attained Tbrob
The reader of the Independent will re
call th article by Prof, Htuoknbrg of
Cambridge, Mas,, which appealed not
long sine. In acknowledging tb r
oeipt of Prof. Htuckenberg' communica
tion tb editor wrot blni something of
tb movement In tb west and tb prln
clple w advocated, with a farther re
quest that be would con tin u hi ar
ticle, In reply tb following lettot baa '
been received.'
"Mr, T. If, Tibbies, Lincoln, Neb, Pear
Hlr; I wo much Intereeted In your letter
of th Ulth nit., and if 1 had received It
before I tit my article 1 could bav
adapted tbe content bettor to tb
western situation. Tb movement yon
descriU Is of great Importaue and I
bop it will lei better understood In tb
east. There I a scientific basis forth
movement In economics and political
science, and I trust it will be shown tbat
such a basis exists, Tb result you
bav attained Dractlcollr have, in arm
part, been gained by Europe n scholar
thronab sclentifta Investigations. In
case 1 visit Lincoln I should Ilk to dls
oues with you th point men Gonad la
your letter, with care and wisdom tna
unjust competition of which you com
plain which In reality I not competition
can lei overthrown, (t ought to ba
don at th next presidential carouaign.
Tb east feel that much in tb exletlna
condition I Intolerable,' But tb way
out? I want to writ much, bit cannot
now. On Haturday, May 0, 1 lav for
K u rop Uf Sseay-grea t oeloi7giai
r'oblem In lierlin, Paris, and Ixndon.
may b absent four month.
Your paper, except tb number with
my art Icl ba not reached m.
I bav used ' oiioUtlons from
your fetter, without your nam, of
course, for tb llomlletlc iUvhtw. Tb ty
may not appear till fall, but when tbe
do a copy will be sent to you,
lours laitnruny,
i. II. W. Htuckbnmkru,
Wbat la Socialism?
Ther I mor than on kind of social
Amongst tb socialist ar men ol
many minds. There ar parsons, athe
ists, laborers, employers, men of peso
and men of force. These men differ on
many points; but tbey all agree on on
Thi point on which men of different
view agree Is called a principle,
Here in plain word 1 ths principle or
root idea on which all socialist aicrse:
That the country and everything la
th country shall belong to the whol
people (tbe nation) and shall ba used by
I he people and for I he people.
That "principle," tho root Idea of so
cialism means two things;
1. That the land and all th ma
chines, tools and building used In mak
ing needful things, together with all th
canals, rivers, rouds. railways, shlpa
and !raln!used lu moving and distribnl
Ing needful thing, aad all ths markets,
on lee and weight ued In distributing
needful things shall belong )o th wbola
people (tbe astion.)
2. Tbat th (ami, tools, maoblnea,
trains, rivers, sbo, scales aad all lb
other thills' beloiiuinc to th immioI
hall ba worked, managed, dlstrlbut!
aad need by lbs whole people la such
way a ths greater number ol lbs whol
peopl shall deem beet, Coating Nation,
Everywhere Imperialism adopt Iks
siu method. Anierleahas no longer
any r'gtit tocrltMaa ltuseluppeeealug
fr sarb aad a trw press, A Filipino.
editor rerrally phllh aiatlef wbka
did aot quite suit 0'Srrsl IX is, ahr.
wponbawas arrested oa th ehargwof
tlrvalalliig "seditious" matter, ID
prisllsal pUst waa eoarovated aad sold,
asd ha klw-Hl I-Nsi m aaieket
Iront "taw-rieaa terriuuft" Ikaeral Oil
said " lUe tiolila.'f ao.fmukl eie,V
belied here Wilt ttvie lb aeiieaMr
Hif ii probwl M-wll aHiiisl liMbia
asd seditious pabUatlxas 4eie. la
arwsis rbarartrf aad weakea u
astkoriiv." Asd hw is m a "rv. W
id I rew .tat', Nj wonder w rausot
a-avriala th Uela ea.ireisf lb war
lib lbs l iiipiaoa, ty lbs tia aw
lairvolaie lkroMMb saeh a ixtad IHa (4
Itraaav assitet at kisailla Ibsirwla
wat Ws largely sttmiaalsd totl4