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March 9,, 1899
A BWeclnct Bamuiarjr of th Doings of
Week A Mas of lllllt, Itesola
tloas, Etc., Acted Upon.
Thursday, March 9.
TJie sen a to yesterday killed a bill
that makes tba state auditor the in
auranca commissioner. The bill pro
Tided for a tax upon the grosa receipt
of insurance companies, also, but this
fact was kept in the background dur
ing the discussion. Kenresentative
Weaver's snti-ubarivarl bill waa also
llolbrook's senate file 85, to require
mutual benefit Insurance companies of
other elates to hare a capital stock of
'.'5,000, was recommitted fur amend
went. Some of the Nebraska com
panies wanted the 13.1,000 section
stricken out, as they claimed If allow
ed to go through other stales would
The Wavneaud M In Jen state normal
school bills went glimmering, the sen
ators feeling that in these days of good
high schools, normal schools were not
Among the bills passed by the senate
?eterdnv was senate file 15, by Van
)usen of Douglas, a bill requiring reg
lstratlon at primary elections. The
bill applies to Douglas county, but its
provision mny bo adopted by political
committee in any city or village in
the slate.
At a meeting of the railroad commit
tee of the senate yesterday evening it
was decided to recommend Lieutenant
Governor Gilbert's anil-pass bill for
indefinite postponement. Several ses
sions of the committee were held yes
terday and ii n attempt was made to
amend the bill, but the lieutenant gov
ernor wanted it to go before the sen
ate just as bo bad drawn it. Borne
desired to make some provision for
permitting railroads to give favors for
charitable purposes, such as the
transportation of poor persons who
may have orders from county boards,
or to ministers of the gospel, or to
members of the legislature. As drawn
by the lieutenant governor the bill
made it a misdemeanor for any person
to give or accept a railroad pass, the
only exception being railroad em
ployes wbo might accept free pusses,
The railroad oommittee decided to
recommend senate file 264, by Smith,
for Indefinite postponement. The bill
amends the railroad law so that in any
ult brought to recover unjust charges
the burden of proof that the charges
are just shall rest upon the railroad,
Friday, March 8.
The railroad committee reported ad
versely on senate file S79, an anti-pass
bill introduced by the lieutenant gov
ernor through the courtesy of the sen
ate. The report was rejected and the
bill was plaeed on the general file by
vote of II to 12. Six republic" - s
and twelve fuslonlst voted to idace
the bill on file. Whether It will ever
see light is another question. He f ore
this action wss taken, however, the
fusion Ists had to run the gauntlet of
K publican criticism for their failure
pass such a law two years ago.
Senate file IS, by Talbot, providing
lor the organisation of mutual guar
antee bond companies to insure the
fidelity of persons holding placea of
trust In the state, In any county, city
Vt corporation, waa read the third time
and passed without opposition.
Senate file 1st), by Ileyuolda, waa re
commended for passage. The bill pro
vides for the general management of
achool lands. There is a provision in
the bill that penults the land commis
sioner to offer school lands for lease
at less Utah the appraised valuation
and lease it to persons who will pay 6
per cent on the highest valuation, as
Annual rental, if iti his judgment, it is
to the best Interests of the state to ac
cept such bid. The provision ia in
tended to cover poor land that cannot
be leased to bidders under the present
law ou account of the high price. It
is estimated that this land that la not
now leased will bring in t JO, 0O a year
to the state If permitted to be leased
for what it will bring. Much of it is
suitable ouly for gracing purposes.
Saturday, March a.
Tiie senate yesterday considered
Senator Trout a bill providing for the
eppoinlmeut of a commission to revise
the statutes. While there was little
dUousslon on this measure, there were
aotne Importaut amendments offered
and the bill as amended waa reeom
rueaded for paaag. It la believed
that the expense contemplated by the
Mil will amount to about ItO.OOO. The
bill at first contained the names of ex
lioiartior llolr.iiuls J. K. I'obWy and
Charles 8. l.oblugler as the proed
eommisalonrrs to revise the statutes.
These Bator were stricken out by an
auivuduwut offered by Canada v of
Kearney, Mr. t anaday said he had no
ob)tlon to he personnel of th com
nutate, but he believed the naming ol
ft eommlaslost la the bill aiight reader
It aaeoasiliutUaaU HU amendment
provided for the appointment of a noo
partisan eumutlsaio. the governor to
have the am luting , An
amendment by Owens of tMeott re
dueed the salary of eh eeiuiuU loner
fraa II. M la M.uuo, a4 vul vwt all
Uee for eitwaeee, ttftt
eoath for a slerh H tet-h ouiuUUw
fee ties aeUslly stUd,
The eeaateaaiaed the fuilowlwg hills
yeterfi llu tll It, ruMtef
aaiaheseal fue gwerdl who faille
tarrf owl ir l it! hmm Ml
II, relating I the aaudift Ntt
Iaeg meat. taws Mil, rMig fe
if) predlesa(akMt (! im In
aui i te rwit 1, alargiag
the uf f the lew e slatt -Utiaj
tawaay wader false iUim,
A4f d to Mt4ev.
Mf, MeB ft.
The teaate was Mt in Un Hat-
f , Nefoft I.
A ftaatt wf petitkte ievele4
t the eaaata teataiJaf . He rS4'rd
ra bill fruea lb waa ts4
the tft Ilea.
Ihe hUt wer ee4 the
Ult4 Wat ftft4 a.!-
fate tie at, hjr l't teaealiaf
r?r.;ee t, eMrier la, lt esaaspie
fcr tftM taU a4 vtlrf
ntsi U wvs ataf aa w astae In tale
Senate file 138, by Prout, repealing
sections 89. 40 and 41 chapter 28, com
piled statutes of 1M7, relating to the.
aisnosicion oi unciaiincu wiwicm ito
f Noting fll Bui. bv 1'rout. re dc aline
section 19, chapter 86. compiled stat
utes, providing that all actions relat
ing to tho penitentiary shall be brought
in the name of the warden, and that
he may sue and be sued.
Speaker Clark's iusurance bill, house
roll 108, providing that tire iusurance
policies might be transferred without
notice to the company issuing them,
waa indefinitely postponed on recom
mendation of the insurance committee.
It was claimed tha t the bill had some
bad features. A later motion to re
consider this bill failed to obtain.
A great deal of useless debate was
indulged in over Suhaal's resolution
against sn alliance with Great JlritalnJ
Jt was finally indefinitely postponed.
House roll 157, requiring those who
pay municipal bonds to report tho
fact to the state auditor, was indefi
nitely postponed. JJouso roll 111, a
similar bill relating to county bonds,
was In dimmer of the same fate, but
action whs deferred. A little further
along in the session the recommenda
tion of the committee of the whole in
regard to these bills was changed so
as to show that the committee liar re
ported progress and asked leave to sit
WmliiMiluy, March 0.
The senate finally received a report
yesterday from the military commit
tee on Ad jutuut Uenerai Jiarry a diu,
senate lile for tho reorganization
of the Nebraska national guard. The
bill provides for the addition of one
corps of engineers, one hospital corps
and one signal corps. Tho bill ia so
constructed that there may be three
regiments if the number in each is re
duced, but in the house the approp
riation bill was drawn on a busts ol
two regiment. It is tho Intention of
the adjutant general to make the num
ber of men in the guard conform to
tho size of the appropriation. The
military committee reported favorably
on tho reorganization bill and also on
senate tilo Veil, a bill by Senator Trout,
authorizing the governor to secure 4,-
018 medals for presentation to the Ne
braska soldiers who participated, in
the war with Spain. This number in
cludes troop K of Milford that served
with the Third United (States cavalry.
Among the bills passed yesterday
was senate file S3, abolishing the coun
ty commissioner district system in
Douglas county and providing that the
county commissioners in that county
shall be elected by the vote of the en
tire county, Henate file 303, by Newell
of Cass, muking the ofllees of city at.
torney and marshal elective ofllees,
was passed. The bill was introduced
to apply to Plattsmoulh and cities of
that class. Senate file 110, by Noyes,
giving the eounty superintendent ad
ded discretionary powers in the matter
of tne organization and consolidation
of achool districts, was passed Hen
ate ale 127, by 'Jalbot of Lancaster,
was reported ready for passage, but on
motion of its introducer it was recom
mitted and amended so as to provide
that paving material may be selected
by the owners of a plurality of abut
tin (7 front feet The bill contalna sev
eral amendments to the Lincoln city
charter, that applies only to the elty
of Lincoln,
Tharsday, March S.
The bouse passed several bills yes
terday morning.
In committee of the whole the house
considered Weaver'a insurance bill.
The bills that were passed were:
The barber's bill, making it necessary
lor a barber to pass an examination
before entering upon his profession,
and the residence agency insurance
An effort was made to have the free
attendance high school bill and the
compulsory education bill made a
special order in committee of the
whole, but It tailed.
.lanaen of Jefferson moved to appro
priate 8'"0 for the soldiers of the
rlrst regiment to be taken to them by
Mrs. Anglo F. Newman, who is about
to go there. This provoked consider
able discussion and ended in a com
mittee being appointed to get the
views of Governor l'oy liter la the mat
ter. Later a fpeeial message of the
governor was received recommend
ing Hie appropriation of 13,000 to use
for the fr'rst and Third regiments. The
finance, ways and means committee
waa instructed to draw up a bill in
conformity with the governor's recom
menuallon. ,
Friday, Mareh 3.
In the lioue tne ehiel Muineas yes-
terdsy was the consideration of house
roll No, J9l( Weaver'a Insurance bill,
placing the Insurance department of
the state In the control of the govern
or. It had lice a considered one dav tu
eouiiultUa of the whole without being
tin I tlied and was finished yesterday at
to moon, the entire lime iiein con
sumed In the diseuskUm of the w Udotn
of placing a 9 per cent tea upon the
groaa premiums or l.uropean Insurance
roMMHtatee aa again! las of only
er vent on eviKiamea uolug busiuesa
In Nebraska from other slates. It waa
run tended that ihe dlveriminatton was
not ttulttsl and that Ht foreign rout
pealra were wall able la War Hi thai
the ewd wuuld raault In revenue tu the
slate without Iwniwlng a burden of
taislloe end wtwld not - agatal the
taleraaU ol olher lairaa tws-anu
tUma sUU!Ubtl dr the law a of the
I Mil I Males. The arguaseaU were
quite Ut aal tnargelie st llxtea. The
taa waa laaltr 1'14 at 1 r eal
after a at m Malta It 111 f
tl waa vol4 down, t be voaaasittee
(a ro eud ea le tha Will a special
vif again tats altera.-M,
lMfe aWe aaaee4 tbat
he he t s ge4 the htll tbe
slate kNti4 t( haalta i apfstiai a stale
fl amitr la raUlmitj
1 hwuaa paed kHs rwil .Nv T,
prwvijtag fit h a.tiMtiMtu , H
etasrWMra l the slate rn"t t ums to
hwl4 a elitaital reetwst.
t'larh f the aea IVmlt IV A
taasfbelL, In toast the vat
ol the hoe that he tvUh aaout
f fve r-oeia4 hy im htgiaa w
el his teriat vt is the tula) eott
el faee twltl tt July It, l-s Ut
Jaaaart L Ixm, as lht its Of the
abuse aasoaiat he eir""4 ! tlttb
hire sad aaa' sleeve tat tMta.tOi
t reoelitte fvur Mihal naaarj I
tell, ahwet eiae jrteia, i,ti! H,
ftatatsf, Hafvft . f
revenue bill and reported favorably
upon Weaver's insurance bill, after
the third day of consideration in com
mittee of the whole. I'ollard'u bill re
ceived 51 votes, exactly the number
necessary to pass it, after three calls
of the house. Some of tho members
wbo at first voted against the measure
changed and voted for it or it would
have been killed. Ten members were
absent on the roll call. Weaver's in
surance bill was recommended for pas
sage from the committee of the whole
by a unanimous vote.
The vote on Pollard's revenue bill
was as follows:
Anderson, ifarrls,
Bchsible, .
Thorn proa of
AriiifttroDif. Hicks
Jlrrlct, Juimen,
Illftminr, Johnson,
Illulie, I.iiiin.
Jirodniick. Irffinur.
Mtirruau, Mernmlnger
Iturria, Myer,
t 'hlltciidon, McCarthy,
('ufctfrove, MeUlnley,
Cumilnirhttra, N'xKlilt. .
KuMiinun, Olmsted.
Kvotis, l'ollurd,
J''lnlirr, 1'erU,
droll. J'rlnce,
(iroHVonor, Him.
Hurksou, Sunilull,
Mr. Upeaker.
Mod uck en,
Smith, Butler
Taylor, (Custl
Taylor, FI1L
Tborapsou of
llovcrlv. (Jrafton.
Ilouller, rtraridfttaH,
Howur, Huller,
Carton, llnnlv,
Cawtlira, liusllnvs,
Clmnjburs, Hmhoin,
Crockett, lflblMirt,
)olry, HlexUsr,
Kuolerling', I.ootnls,
Klwnocl, Mun ti,
KmlWtolt, Mllboiiro,
Klynn, Morun,
Fru, Morrison,
Cnnwell Hall, Umlth, Rallne,
Cos, lloui'k, Bmlth.Rlcb.
Uibbcrt and Mann voted aye first,
but changed to no, while Burns, Fish
er and Llmar changed from the nega
tlve side to the afllrmatlve.
Blunder, March 6,
The bouse was not In session Satur
Tuesday, March T.
The house yesterday spent the
greater portion of the session in com
mittee of the whole discussing bills on
general lile. Jn the morning the bill
which has been ao thoroughly lobbied
by a number of county otHcers of the
state, lengthening the terms of ofllce
of all county o Ulcers except the mem
bers of the judiciary, to four years
and providing that the incumbents
shall hold their term one year longer,
was killed after quite a little discus
sion, principally on provisions of the
bill other than those most apparent.
The consideration of the measure came
up just before the joint convention and
in tne hurry ol the moment, the mem
bers were in no mood for a long de
bate. ' ' "
Senate file No. 23, Senator Talbot's
bill providing that in appeals in fore
closure proceedings, ft bond shall be
given to cover the rental value of the
property in litigation, was killed, the
tiouse not even discussing it. Ihe bill
was discussed for two days in the sen
ate. A similar bill waa killed two
years ago.
The afternoon session in tne house
was spent in committee of the whole
discussing the salary appropriation
bill. Very few cbangea were made
from those the committee reported and
the members after trying to create
havoc with the committee recommend
atlons for the supreme court and the
assistants in that department were
forced to leave it as it was, with the
exception of raising the salaries of
bailiffs which were raised to $1,000
from S7&0 In the bill. When it came
to the matter of the salaries of the
members of the board of transporta
tion, Easterling of Buffalo moved to
provide for the three members. The
committee had recommended appro
priating salary for only one member
and this went through after along and
somewhat heated debate.
Wedursdnjr, March S.
The house tackled the university ftp
firopriallon for salaries yesterday and
tail a tussle all day. The matter oame
up in the morning when the salary
bill, house roll Mo. 414, was being con
sldered in committee of the whole.
Kasterllng of Buffalo county moved to
strike out the provision for 1243,004
for salaries and he succeeded In get
ting his amendment adopted. In plaee
of that the sum of I'.'OO.oou was Insert
ed, or less than the amount approprl- ;
atea lor salaries at tne last session or i
the legislature. This was naturally
very displeasing to some ol the mem
bers and when the bill was rcportett
from the committee for passage, l'ol-
lard of l ass moved an amendment to ft
motion of similar effect by Janseu of
Jefferson that the bill b recommitted
to the committee of the whole fvr ad
ditional consideration on the appro
priation fr the state uulveralty alone.
Koll eall ou I liia motion showed forty
Ave members In favor and forty-three
member opposed an I It wa declared
rrled. the debate when the ques
tion came up each time was very warn
and especially when Hnley I'uanlag
ham and Taylor f t uster opptated
Ihe field. It Is believed that the bill
received the treatment largely because
of some misleading figure, whlen
were sprung and to refute watch
frlrad of the bill did not nave data
at head.
The bouse, wfclte In the appropria
tion basinets, erre4 tu giv i ll. at s) M
the I'ere tsorwial e b4 t a new
eharwl eed Itbrarv bulldlag. Aft at
tempt was made tu Uwee the
salary of the aeerelary at the foe
ereoe frw ll.eoo, wbeve tbe eomaalt
toe r-lad It, tu 1 1. J, where lae
laa.l'f esMMaalitve even 44 tt
should siaad Ida frlea U vf the see
laiaiv aMMd tu te In evtdaeee !
tNeir falteal el Wat sad the asetios)
did m pralW
a ftaftNia
Tr are eevvral rle mU ea
sat4 kv In fttiaj it ri4 t
tattles; at It ttt. A W
MWftia Mfvre tteetfast, tat 4a
ftiUrft as4 ttaa tet street steubl
t tatte natil iao tttt t t4i
slur ti4. AvU tattlsg ti tt
t-a-i' la ewll ftfte
laia Ika ala laiaiadUlal It tka
I Itl4 f4ia l tiUlnM to ftt-
ii4, ftfaoaa tee tsaJs a4 real
tava fealisi 4 aaattaeas ast el4
tla In It tt ft atett l
ste.14 tu tait Is tt tat sit, M
t tatt t tir4
Continues to attract crowds of buyers, continues to interest thrifty people, and is rapidly at
taining the end for which it was created, that is, TURNING MERCHANDISE INTO
All departments offer values such as have never been offered to a Lincoln public be
fore. Every line of merchandise is priced as low as it is possible for us to, in fact,
nothing has been neglected or overlooked in the preparations for this, the most important
event in our history.
This week's selling has indeed been most gtHiiying, the vast armies ol buyers that
lilledjhe store proved conclusively that people fully appreciate our offerings and realize what
a savine an event of this kind
) i
speedily as possible and to accomplish this we spare nothing;
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cargo of camels and hired three or our
lurkiwh camel drivers.
These camels were landed at Calves.
ton, loaded with military auppllce and
farted on their mission of distribution
ftmonjg the new military post. It was
soon discovered that water wtos plenty
and that puck mules could do the work
much better than camels. As the work
increased horses and mules increased
fluid the camels so frightened the oth.
er (dock they had io be turned loae to
shirk for themselves or be eaten oy
the Indians. Small bands of them are
still often seen roaming the desert,
some far down in Mexico.
The first work of building a city was ;
the locating and erection of a strong
log store house, on a clear plat of
ground, with not a bush or rock in ar.
row shot distance behind which an
Indian could lay in ambush. They had
no fears of an ojK'n field attack and
went about their work on uweonceirned
ns though there was not an Indian In
a thouHimd miles. The houwe built and
their goods stored, the next thing wus
a ferry boot to cross the river with.
This completed they commenced pros,
peeling for gold. They found several
mining camps but no rich placer dig.
gilngs. They found several leads of
wleivor but not very profitable to smelt.
Their trade did not amount to much.
They sold mining tools, blua-ling pow.
der, Hour, coffee and sugar. There w.ut
little call for broadcloth ami dress
goods for most of their neighbors wore
no clothes at all. lilunkete and skirts
frr the women reacliing from waltit to
knees were full lKirty dreas suits. Their
hotuu-e were built of bnrks, brush and
sometimes covered wi th skins.
1 lie Aionavea were ineir nearest
'neighbor and their headquarters were
on the river Juat below. 'I hey were
generally 'uce,ble and trusty. Food
wa not plenty, I-arge game seuree.
They had no means of transportation
braille the canoe, pack jony, and
Mintw, mu they mined themaelvr to
the fissl inatend of bringing their food
to a permanent home. The river bauk
was imre of a prmniiit home than
any other mt. They simihI their wlnt.
ers here. Wild fowls, durka, geeae and
oiber Wrila fliH-keil, siient the winter
lovre by the thousands, These were
alH.t with arrows ami caught with
Wilted luMika. lluring the whiter flh,
tH were imre plentiful than lit any
uthrr sewaon of the year, ami grett
pwutliiew were caught in various
Akmif the river valley waa the only
'f round on which orn could I gwn
ami the wialer waa Ih tHirti at-aaoa.
Ihe stuswa planted i iled lha
e.rn. but moat of It wa elrn in the
roo-iittg ear, hi the harseat was light.
W ar gtatl lu are that Ull U be.
f, wr lgUUtur U r-le the l,
arv tf duirWl vwurt vlriss tu two
lUouaaad ft er, ttow of them
Wtit r-h Ug wle lu -ht.HMt lluu.
sti t It waa ft a-T ee, that
lh utentlaera Mrgal, that su h a Ml,
ary wa ttuwe l ah, ht h tSut,
M vU'k a-nt bI four thuttsaad
fwrvwptiag lh tuilu but, t be r
auM h (M ll.l, ar taut
Im ft tf eWlkMt .' y. lb Amr,
imoda kuua b. lbr waw tu
- tV..uf tte wt. waat iwa
About Ite ladaaa Mst wwt,
1 "' . .
MS JtMftt tftft U t-
t-lur hagrre te tft ftVi U s at
t fMat, IU t4 tft ftU tt ol
Mufttf tt rfMhM tr(y( a4 ta
ptl , P ,tlw- I II s4 ftoi
...ji M4i4aMs It tat
means to them. Or it nhirt
231 North
Will soli a fine, high grade, spring
wheat Flour for 80c
Cheap at 91.
All Straight Patent 80o
A fine bread Flour... 75c
Every sack warranted.
4 cans Sugar corn 25c
5 cans first quality Peas 25c
20 lbs No. 2 Granulated Sugar f 1.00
20 lbs C Sugar fl.OO
4 cans best Lye for 25o
Good Coffee DKc
first aeolence he adopt the war cry ot
the populist party as the slogan to rally
his lollowers. It is a good old war cry
and has sustained the populists in every
fl,ht that they have ever made against
plutocracy. In declaring himself a can
didate, Mayor Jonea says:
"The republican convention of this
city has today repudiated the adminis
tration ol the Mayor's ofllce for the last
two yea re. The principle that hav
guided me and upon which I will go lie
lore the people aa an indMndent candi
date are: Kqual opportunities lor alt
and ierlaJ pririhgva to none; public
ownership of all public utilntea; the
wealth created by the ole should be
lor I be peop!' benefit rather than (or
tbe private profit ol the h w; no grant of
new or e .tension of eiittisg fraticbW-e;
tbe abolition of tbe private contract
yalent of doing etty work, tource td
eorruption ially a great a tbat oe
eaaioaed by tbe greeting of Iraacaie,
and Ihe eubetitutioQ tberslor of Ite day
latMir laa with ft Bilaimum wage of
1 1.50 day 4 elatt hoars lor rotnmo
lalxir, orgaaiaad labor la be veiplojtd
on all paUie work,
"Xt aa ? UlctaHt ka been eater)
agaiaal Ike admialatralbHi of Ite
mayor' olRee It folio hal aty d(e
lor rvaomiaalkift ia Ite ruavvaitoa lu
day ia ft Mudtlka of Iteaa prtavlpU.
la ite eiavatlo today atada it
tftilleolwy bleloealiat It H of
ltrabbrfta riy M lte ra 4
tal lb eaaaietf of It taaaifalalor
a U 4y, a a.l, Wlv. iifl4 It
til ol a Majority ' Ite rpblieaa,
.taklatf Its tae eapfxtrl M all wtu Ulwv
Ital Ikepsoi l aad tut It !
awld ral. 1 ftaauaa ftty4l a ia
oVdl taadidate K tt om ol
Tt IV I I'aia llulkitm Hloe W f
eauvtsltstlltf III,mi Ite Uakf 4
faitt lf f Ui4 "lure.
Tut mrriwKxctJ.
tt r4 Mil J by Ite kflaU,
lure of I year a- wa tt t sn.
bl t tNtMr sewr ttr .
1 1 repwUllr aa ft4 ft gVt i
t M, aa it It HiiUi; aait,
wab ft I rat till fwaarsl by ta oa.
tn m! , t
itwv m ihi v a iuu ji iiiuiity df k
profit and price are alike sacri
Tenth St.
ent legislature waa for an exactly sim.
liar purpose, put nobody has seen
single reference to the subject in a re.
publican newspaper. It make a good
deal of difference who doea a thing,
you see. riuttsmouth Journal.
Crrlare, Phaetons, ftod Wagons wf
ftll kiftdat pot oa Kabber Tope, Cast
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The Nebraska
Seed Co.
1309 Farnam St.
Omaha, Ncbr.
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