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    March 9, 1899
Wlieu 'all tlie trusts get organized
auo. everjlliiiig is m uieir iiuuds,
iitny un ums wiiolo popuiwuow m
be Inreaugi. 'tlie Me oi every mam
and Uiat oi inn wile aud clmdren, will
depend upon serving Uie umiioualre.
'Altera wia be iio eliauce U live and uo
opportunity for work outride of tlieir
good pleasure. 'I'll in stute ul afl'uir
j set lortli In a correspondents K'tterr
to I4ie Uueugo Keeord, um follow;
We rapidly aro beeowiiiif a ruce of
'jilrelUitfs and, twia.nU, and ut our pres
fiut raits o progress tlie small pro
prietor of a luetory or auwe audi the
Siouio owner will soou be u jura avis
If not a rciiiiulseenee. Ureut corpora
tions, c'oiiiinoiily cailad trusts, eon
trolling many inDlions of money,
largely foreign and managed by un
awupulous utm already coultrol the
greatest industries of tlie country ,ainl
wot a day pusses but we mid of tuoir
reiKchlng out for jimwc, "Hut," say
aonio inodvrw JioHg Tweed, Vlint are
you going to do about ltV" Weill, Mr,
Tweed got hid answer ami died' a mls
!rubl convict. Ho, too, our anawer
can be givem the mlgli'tlent of trust,
and they lie made to fed the power of
a just law, btuiUtsd by a limited people.
A remedy rim be found' In the taxing
jkww of tdie United States govern
ment. '
Tlt?y Pan be handicapped. A "nidii.
ated tax on all grow stiiles within' the
limit of the United Stares, ttoinethlmg
like ih following would, I think, be
very effective! Tlie first $500,000 ex
empt the nwrwid $500,000, 1 jer cent;
Mia second $1,000,000, 2 per of'intj tflie
Mrlrd $1,000,000, 3 per twt, and ho on,
Jiwreiiwlnff 1 pr Cent wIMi rafli $1,
O00.0O0 unlil the trusts would reach a
point beyond wlilch ft would' not Tray
lo go. In tlila way Ittie government
would derive a Inrge iwome from the
'lns that cow!d bent afford ,to pay a
tax, but who too often eseape local
luxation by bribing assessors and olh.
r utulertinnd mean. Foreign aalea
to tills country could Jrb fully con
trolled bv a wise regulation of the
tariff. The supreme court of tlie
United Stale Hia lately affirmed Ulie
graduated Inheritance tax Jnw by a
lnrgft malorlty, and would, without
doiilit, affirm a frrndimtAd wile tax
law. J. F. KrNfiWJLL.
Chlengo, Feb. 24.
NINETY PFTO CENT of the people
lmve mm kind of humor In the blood,
aw this causes many dlsenwcs. Hood's
friitrsnrwirllla cure these dilmnses liy
rxjK'lilng the humor,
"ItnmVn V)n nre non. Irrigating and
ihe only pillti to take with Jlood'n Sr.
imparl 11a,
Ths TrlliuU of Millions Thst It t'ollceti
from l.uboT Kvery Vesr,
Kditr Independent! i
iVe read of olden times of a nation
of MMple tliat were heavily bonded to
their task masters; they were soarly
About Pe-ru-na as a Remedy for Female
pr, H. II. IlHrtman,Cdumbtis,0.t
I can scarcely find words to eprss
my gratitude to yon for all your kind
ness to me. We have used l'e-ru-na In
our family for tho pwd year ami Ilnd It
a Wonderful iiifdhlite. It bus mIiUhI
the grave of one vb'Um, for I was tn a
rrltlcsl condition whn 1 w roto jou Ur
fore. Thanks to vou.huwever.iiiy health
Is fully restored! and m Utter than I
have IsHin for (It years, I cannot say
to much in favor f your mHUilus, If
yoticsn use any words of mine i aUt
you in your work I w lit only lo Umj gll,
I, wish every yoiuiR tly In our town
coul l resl yimr Uwk, Thfr would lw
a great iiat m sivkiH and ftuuy
oineti.MMls lWrtha I:. Msrvout,
lr. H, It, 1 1 sr I ins u, t'i ! u mi Ihw, (i, i
"Ithtall Ills
tllll lo h t )oil
k u a w what
J-ut triMtnt
A4it iv(r KM,
I sm itdi'l thsi
IwirtUs trHln
1 1..1 hit
w rule U ym.
tp e
ttlJ K
SllslithWn HH Without th Hwvt Sr
tiu, I siitwrU o Ihtt, si,. stti hot it
U Ur lit iihr ) sot (till Uktni
IVtw u vl Msm lut uk sot IImj
U ts my lu lulls iiU, Yv to. it til
ihrowsh Is yllw (( r. ')
l-ly m tltu ttt, thus, htt lh
lnit, bwllf teltsd It, It was llkl
that dkl BH't littow i Mtly etts it
the UttU tiU hsl iht h.Uhs a,t.
a liuls tm, t UM at tslt iit
hill imsm suiKiU ltt, whk. h xl
oireswd; God heard their criea and
ent tliem a leader, to lead thera out
or oondage. A tie was leading them
through the wilderness to the proniis.
tfrt jiamt, xjiey ibalked, they rebelled
agaiiwt their leader and guint tlieir
(iodj they gave tip their gold that
Aaron irnight iniiko them a golden calf
to worship; a false CJod. llmtory .e,
Iie&tn Ltelf in 1890. Tlie people of the
Uniitcd Suites were. heavily bonded to
the God of uvrice. The nnuller tritoes
Maid, "Iet us chootie a leader to lead
us out of bondage, but the i larvest
trilie mud, "Pay, we will give our
wealth to tlie tlods of avriee If tliey
will let us full down and worship their
golden eiiir, and remain in slavery. A
heavy bomfcd natiom makes wage
slavery, always did, and no will the
worwhiijieri of the golden calf, gold
standard und national banks which
prodiuoe wmge slavery.
They try to lull the unthinking ear
to weep by calling it sound money,
hoiHwt money, but did you ever think
what it coht the iwotlucer of wealth to
worwiiilp ithe golden, onlf. We huve had
some $340,000,000 greerulxicks in clrcu.
latloiv fluid with $340,000,000 national
Iwimk etiiirency, they have been doing
the business of the country side by
side for the last thirty.flve yews. The
greenbacks as credit money, are os
good as the nation, and the $340,000,.
000 lias mot cost the wealth jwodueer
one cent of Interest. The bankers
credit money, wlimt they call "sound
money," "honest money," and oil such
pretty ritaine to lull the unthinking to
sle"j, costs interest and we are roblwd
of the products of our labor. The
Iwinker icrons his credit money ot 10
mt cent for three months, only, and
at the end of tlie year It is 12 per
(rent. Ho by couiitinig $340,000,000 lit
Vi jK-r cent we have $1,908,71)5,1545 for
ills currency, Labor lias to pay the
gold interest on bonds to isuo tlie
$340,000,000. The old bonds draw 4',
sr eent, say 4 per cent to bo in
bounds. i
Interest on bonds $010,585,455
Interest on currency 1,908,079,513
Total $2,61 8,006, W
To make it more plains reduce It
down in products of labor. Ho you can
se where wage slavery conies in, lis
I have stati! iilMrve, lalior bus to pay
all, We will take corn and show how
uiamy biwliels it will take at 20c per
bushel to pay 4hc bunkers' interest on
his $340,000,000 currency and tlie in.
teres t on t-he lioiwls to issue the same,
We find tihat it will take 12,573,325,000
bushels of corn, liy sending it to
market In cur loads, say COO bushels to
a car, we ilnd It will take 25,140,fi.iQ
cars. AVe will allow .10 feet long for
each car, it would take 171,454 miles
otf track. Just seven times around the
world; the world as near o can be
llgured is less than 25,000 mlics around.
A loud of com. seven times around the
world to siillsfy the bankers for their
credit money, more thorn the green,
backs have cost the wealth producers
on the same amount. Can, you see
where wage slavery comes in? And
the Isinkers ore crying for more blood,
they nay the greenbacks should be :e.
highly and recommend." Mm. F. K. F.
Oillo, Box 10.
Dr. S. B. Hartman, Columbus, O.:
"I am sure
that l'e-ru-na is
ono of the bent
medicines on
the market. I
have taken It
ovcry winter for
tho last four
years. I llrst
tried It after ft
lonfy hard spell
of la grip!, for
eough and catarrh cauxed by Ugrlpito.
I am sure that I would have N-en In my
frrave now had I not d It. I have
told many others the pt'msI it diil me.
F.verylxxlysald that I bsdeonsumptlon,
and I knew that I would bars It unless
I got relief. Every fall for the Inst four
years I take It as a preventive from cold.
I Mieve that If ppb knew what
e.rst prfventlve l'e-ru-na U they would
have less (rouble from that dresdml dl--ini,
grlwi. It neer fstls, I sin
well nlvaueitl In life, but I f"d Ibst I
might live through many winters with
the help of IV-ru-ita, I never forest to
rHHiiuni'iid It to young as well a eld
tor sU kbuU of cl.U, roughs, catarrh,
He, I tM It my duly to lve prslie
where It Udmt, I sm and ever shsll I
grateful lo ll-o man who dUcovrred IV
ru-n." Mr,H. 1.. MeKer,
NkwOatlUK, la,
tr,H, It. Itsrtinn,t'ilumliis,0.i
jwwr I sm f.elinf
r'f.i VlA tn u h bsttsr
Nw t U r m no ml
... ... ... ... i-
t I II l"J I'lfHW,
. as a irtslt r atul
sud littif 1 M-
Unihi'V thsn thUtsuitot t 4f ihI,
4 hmUs mu !') bk )tuwU Is
kst this wotkl hmU nv.t, ). srs
Is at wlUinf to t frvs a 1 i tn !l.
I II "d Vt Htt W ths twt Ki"h UM
t f tusls rNt Ulut, so I In sll I
lrvet k I this It U ths tt
Ivtlodv U thWotht,M II l, d-.liIMS
a rt UiNtl 4 (, My fusnU y
tht I am )tMuf IwtWf it.-w IKj
ks M lhy wsal lt kw
Whl I h lH it.lltrf, I h k Wfll
I Ml tltl IVrw t did li, I h s
I'f, UMM il s tttssy )r tw
to hl. ethi as h dk ut,"Mr. It,
tttths t muiH tti mi.
v 1jf than 1 havs
I Jff MHu y-sr, I
hat taken t n
i Utile !! yir
' U:W. )' I's-runa and
' " will eontliius
'A taWUtf It and
itir.v t
tired' and the goverranent should go
out of the banking" business. The
greenbacks are all that is left of Abra.
ham Lincoln republicanism. When
tliey ere destroyed! Ida monument
should be draped in mourmlnr and the
Codes of Liberty take hen eternal
flight, end leave the United States to
the Cods of avrice and the worship,
ers of the golden calf, and let the
heathen God and thin great republic
go down hi 1111017 like Koine. Britain
loaned money at 00 per cent which
brought on he dark wges of the world
all wealth fell into the hands of S per
cent and the nation was destroyed
That is what wage slavery means.
a. th'ton.
Tlis Itrooklyn Hrlilgs Klovatsd tins
Hurreudet'ed to tlis Man.
New Youk, March 2. The train men
employed on the Brooklyn bridge
truck to-day and after congesting
trafllo for twenty-five minutes were
granted what they demanded. The
cause of the strike was it new time
and pay schedule prepared by the Elo
rated Railroad company, which cut
down the earnings of the men,
A Oood flsnelpt.
A curs for politienl annexation follows:
Takeequal parts of dvil,emlmlmd beef.
extract of buzzard, mosrjueitos and
tincture oi nornet, i tin taken three
times day Willi embalmed beef tins
nsver failed to perforin a cure if taken
before meals.
Now Mr. ifold bu If you don't believe
this will perform n cure try ft at once
titid lis convinced of a good thinar. to lie
cured of that awful disease annexation.
Yours for Immunity sake.
W. M. Ukik,
Aurora, Neb., Feb, 27, 09.
Static or Ohio, Citv ok Toledo,
LUCAS Louvtv.
I'll ASK J, Ciiicmcv makes oath that hs
is the wiiior partner of the firm of I1'. J,
( iiknkv A Co., doing business In the city
of Toledo, County and state aforesaid,
and that said firm will tiny the sum ol
ONi; II UNDHEI) HOLLA itH for each and
every case of catarrh that cannot 1st
cured by the use of JIaix's Catauiiii
Mworn to before me aud subscribed in
my presence, this Ctn day of December,
A.l), 180.
KAI.. A. W, (J MU HON,
Notarv Public.
Hall's Catirrh Cure is taken internally
mid acts directly on the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Head for
testimonials, tree.
F. J, ( jibsbv & Co.. Toledo. 0.
IfjTdoId by drugist, 75o.
"We'll walk in the sun, lsiys, with
ease i
We'll cover our iliodies with greusej
We'll all get drunk as a loou;
We'll Kwoip our wive every moon;
AimI so le true freemen, indeed."
Bditor Iilepcndci,t:
In the midst of pressing professional
duties I have taken time to comply
with your request, and send you this
article. Webster defines socialism as:
''A tlieory of society which advocates
a more precise, orderly, and bannoni.
ons arrangement of the social relations
of mankind thun that which has here.
toforo prevailed; communism. See
coin in uiuMiri,"
lie defines coniiiiiiiiiKiii as:
"'J'he re.orguuiation of eociety, or
the doctrine tiiat it should be reorgan.
izetl, by regulating proiicrty, Industry,
and the sources of livelihood, and alo
the domeaitic wlation and social mor.
als of iiKinkiiid; soci', eKs"cially
the loctirine of the community of
property, or the negation of individual
ri flits of property.
The particular Joint of socialism now
rife in this country is state socialism,
such ns is described in Marie How.
land's "INipa's Own Girl." It is the
doctrine that the state is supreme and
oimiriKtteiit. Every child born in the
commonwealth belongs to the Htate.
Every man by common coiiHent is en.
titli to the proqterty whielt
to his immediate erHOiiaUty, that is
to say, his tooth brush, his eknthes.ete.,
but machinery, udites, land and all the
productive sources und ugvnclc are to
U'lotig to that Intangible ereutlou .f
iikiii the iut n to.
I li be the only tie which
binds man and woman. I'uloii witu.
out hue is (according to tlie apostle
of the new ppt l) adultery, .Marriage
Is tt 1st like Die union of I Km J mm ami
ue say, Mr, EdHor, ttstt ull Cm
titoiLijNilSra of VsiHlrrMIt, Jay (tiMtld,
llituttitirtoii, sinl linnM'll Niiire, suppl.
meiited by the vairttrles vf Tweed, Halt,
esk and Metiargte cannot eelle the
ilaiifr of IhU liiuliiUnis tl,Htiiit
ho far s coiniitiodly of prts-rty
t Hiiu,"-riMl w htte w-eit its ip r.t!i
lit Kols' rt IVtle Itwru's lteW iuttiiutuy
t'obuiy, lit John llitiuphrty .Noves
ttiu-iikt com uttiiutj, lit fiiuMs Itroik
f trtu e mniMtiiti t , iMle IsttnsortHl !
IUw thorite's IH.tluHUle fi:i(.ii4 r, aud
the imh Uuuii of sot It gtv ititiiK
ns lleiny II, l uoivtu, M-try ttrt Fu.b r,
( h4rU A, Ikiw, 4ih tii U-1 1U. tUiros
slid Iho Uuwutr l t sihrr linker, tW
to ittHtUlt f MiM'tis by ths S'w't le,
vr ii t lot l r, sil Is tlt rlwtvn (luiill
ft K.'Mkri", .t U ri t lris iioul tl
t iiiu-l ru- si Allrvil M tins, I s i,
ti lotrt S'd I ult :.!, IUiwkli
,Kii.O . ni "W; Miuol ', .tJMlt1,
hri.'ix k t .-! l !. SulMiol ll
i iki w ht Kits w4ttek w s,
l.t Itf W ..,!. toil tlWS, iUl III (
li.te 4 total ftiliMe, 1 1
il.Wr tf !,'. hltk f fMMtait si l a.
n. : i o i iw4iktl: W e isu.jf
Mt t but t.Js simI riippirs," r'w
tiff!, Until t' Hl rfitl M-
tt-tt r ' fcd, lsl aMfil. i(l
.!,ivlli, Wtio tf tm wj1''! !1
tk It' I i.t- fn, I in( it ot
U ! tittltwf it Sufiift. Itt ih u I t iuri el ihai hiwl lhis
! t.t Ut. Im tHlrwl. Hr. N
yMtt fmta h f (w( sil bt IH tH tt,
O !!. f( ftltllllW, I H of lhs I
(w tt, r bks real. I.
iclc Headache
from lad Stomach,
From the J'lain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio,
One day In the imnmor of 1895, Chailei I.
Vogel wu tilling on tlm front vleps of Ills
Inline at No, 1513 Loruiu Street, on the Went
niil, Cleveland, Ohio, tlie picture of misery.
He had spent a nhrpleM night. For six
mouths Cliiirlus Vocul hud been a stiUVrer
from IhmiJiii'Iii'ii of tlio moat sovsre sad
criii'iiiting uharaeler.
W'liilo ho iv os preouoiiploil In thin (lis
liMii tiiiiliig inediiitlioii, tuiiiH one willia poueli'
fiti'iippi'd lo his ulioiililcr idaei'd a pninplili't
in liia IihiiiI. McM'liHiiii'ully Mr. Vouel lieuati
lurniiiK Dm n of the liooklot. Huddculy,
howuver, lil jiiiiiHereiice wu cIisiikciI to
lntnrmit. and loon lio wm reiulinir n kw of
tlm li'illiiiiiiiliiU of nnonls who had t'oiind la
Dr. Williams' Pink Pill s curs for ill of
varlAim kinds.
"Then I bejran to e if domebmly hsl
used tlii'in for thn isms trouble from which
1 was iiilfaring." he went on to any "ami I
found wlnit f was lookinir fur. Tlis siorlon
koemt'l utralKlitforwiird and full of Nlneerity
I Inul never heard of Jr. Wllllanis' Pink
Pills hefors but 1 determined to hnva box
of tlisiii, and went to the drug dors and
mauen pnrciisM. It w tht lisnt Inveatment
I ever iniide,
"The flril pill did not cars me. nor did the
second : but I hud not been tiiUln thein for
a week lie tors I Im-ksii trtlei'l betlr. Icon,
tlniiud to have tlis lien'uelies wbiiih hroks
my slcrp ami ret, but tliey were lent violent
mid lem 1'reqtient. At llin end of two weeks
1 wis so in mm improved Unit I eon hi not
hut admit to myHf that the little pills were
wonderful, Oisduiilly the pain In my bend
learned, and at the cud of a month it marly
"After tiiklncr the t lis for a month I wan
cured. That was a year ago, and I have not
fullered cilice.
filial and centrpHal forces which hold
tlie earth In place, Now, In economic
society jrrogresH is engendered by
competition; but us in liiccha.nlcH, fric.
Hon inmt 'be overcome.
At perlodoc Intervals In our national
history, we have hud isviiJca, in 1819,
In 1837, Jn 18.17, In 1H73, und in J 81)3.
These are in round nni,mleis twenty
years wpurt. It Is not my purpose, to
examine in detail all the caiiMcs which
liiave produced Ihcsc (Iniiiicial uplieav.
als. It is my own firm 'belief that,
whatever their cause, each and every.
one of thorn could have beem cured by
a well regulated currency system.
"C'u red V ' 1 should have said prevent,
With Boicnfciflc money, It in absolute.
ly ImjKisHlble for a pnniic to occur. You
might as well talk about cheating me
out of my letter X when I inn working
an algebraic problem, us to mention
the pOMMibility of a juiuic in a country
with sdemtlfle money. The letter X Is
Ihu tangible ijepreseutatlve of nn ldei,
limving no peouiiiiiTy or wjiniiicrciul
value; but, by a changing of equations
it determines the rclatkm, of oilier
(jimntitics which possia it jiecunliury
or connnercial value. i
Under the system proposed by the pop
ulist party, the ptirjiose is not to make
A divide wie product of his lalmr with
It, but to give A and 11 an equal chance
in the race, and trust their individual,
ity to an honest) eomjietition ja tihe
arena of life. That every (man In the
world should have the sa;me amount of
projierty Is not a desirable state of
fuels. No more la it desirable that ev.
cry tree In the forest should be a
ts-cch "tree.
The state Mocialist is the worsi mo.
nojsdixt ii the world, lie wislw-a to
center all inonool'ies In one giant mo.
nosly, calhul the state. Head ixik.
ing Further Forward, by Michnells.
Ancient Sirta was a sample of state
HocialiKin. The family relation, wae de.
stroyed; iiJiitural nffeehon wim crush,
ed out. Despair was the reMiilt. Sui.
eide was common, Owl deliver me
frouriiving in such a country as that
wa(, where a mother rejoices when she
hears that her son is killed in battle.
The Spartans -were no hoiuttter than
other people. AjreMlou' pun: "I have
IsH-n U-a4en by thirty thousand arch.
ei-H " eUiuling to the figure oa the l'er.
hiIi it gold coH cr.!!v the duric,, had a
world of iiieiiitliig In it.
In coikcliixiou let me say Hint state
oiulit lime nothing in common
with NuliMs and everything In com.
iiionwithrcjMihlicaus. Men wholiclieve
in Hiiigley t.irilT. ste.liiilMWtt subsidies,
and Ut-t su'.ir iMMiuties, are not far
fiiun Mate M'laliBin, AUttt iwvnty,
lite iiirs iil'o, when 1 was a tue.e
sliipling, 1 lunml Wbitvluw licid, now
of iiiiiM-nalml w fume, iU-ni -imh. The lute rhnrles A. Ihtua ot the
New York rnttt U loiir-d lo the llrook
f.u in iiniiiiull,v. John M, I'rttiu -r,
mIiu kIimhI os m tluntiitv for William M;.
Kiuk-Vt Jr., tn l5u. made a iironuttaeed
(XM'iwiUtie MHtvh In lite l intel HtaU-s
scuttle, at the tUius of the lloiiu-stetil
teoid te.
from tltn Irrrible scoury of the m
l U'ist, L'takl lvnl, tlrliter In,
li l t II V, IMtY.VNT.
Jles Juks kstllua iss4
l.tNHKSt a, Ktn , Msreli t Juds
J..U t hsrltua d, I laihUeitr yer
tf wf hssrt 1st are, Its ps-d ssy
fi,lr, ttoirf In hi tfUssr. Ju l-s
ibwrtloawa fve tlitrtjr ois vr a
rstldsat w( this s ir. s4 il4 awuMr
tMMMi ibs W4sai w sua t ri
Tns U tk ssa ka ti k'oo.
hmM attk 1'i.fsr Iih a-oesilh
Jsr s Iks ' Htosllt Immilits)
riSNH awl rt.tSittMi.t, ss4 DlkM
t lMittts Iw ilrta IrtiiH
tioif IH l tkef MSf hnl is
SS.I Vislilll SUflflSrf
1 1 thn! t H rS-SM 1 1 Is ilnl ssd
w hMxt I'Sitll'Ss; SmliH It U IhwwI
Ms In I h'nis. IlkasHsl s ssditoss
t Is Mi ns It "l pan' s'l
srsk fitmr lio, re-sis sa ei--,ii
!miit tmt siai-iM, ti4 gift en
MlUkt), oh lit kS 1 1 k,
"What was tlieeauieof those headaches?
you auk. They ciunu from my stomach. It
was out of order, and so wss my whole y.
tuni . I was run down, hut my
canned me the modi trouble. I am (dud lo
leniiiy to the merit of Dr. Willisum' Pink
Pilli lieniiiNe it i on seeount of lbs wiliiiiK
nesM of others to do the same that lam rid of
a dinircKnlng msludy, and it will give me
iileaiture to know (list my teiliinoninl may
be (lis means of helpinii some one else."
Mr. Voitel is about tweuly-thres years old,
and is the sou of Clmrlos Vnnel, a mason
contractor, with whom be niukes bin home.
The saht of Dr. Williams' l'hik i'iils for
Pale People i enormous. An analysis of their
proprrtit'N kIiowh that they eoniiiln, in a eon
UenHftd form, till the rlenienls tiecewiary to
vivu new lll'u and rli'lnicKS to the blood and re
store shuttered nerves. They are an untiill
lug speeiliu for such tlisfflscs ns loeomotur
ataxia, jitirtial paralysis, Hi, Vitus' dunce,
sciatica, neuraiuia, rheiinuitUm, nervous
besiliiclie, tho elh ct (if la grippe, pnliiiliitlon
of the lienrt. pole and siillow coin plei lorn,
tluit tired fecliiit resultiiiK from nervous tiros'
trillion; all diseases resulting from vitiated
humors in the blood, such ns aerofula, chronic
erysipelas, etc Tliey are also a speeillo for
troubles peculiar to females, such as suppres
sions, irregularities and all forms of weak
ness. Ther build up the blood end restore
the ((low or health to pale and sallow cheeks.
In men tliey eft'eet a radical cure In all cases
arising from mental worry, overwork or ex
cesses of whatever nature. There arc no 111
elleeis following tlie use of this wonderful
medicine, and it can he irlveii to children with
perfect safety. Dr. Williams' Pink Pill are
sold by all dealers, or will he sent post paid
on receipt of priee, JO cents a box or six boxes
for UM, by sddressinir Dr. Williams' ilcdj.
cine Co., Schenectady, N. V.
Established 1872
We offer full Hue of Nursery Stock, Fruit Trees and Plants, Ornamental Tress,
Bhrubs, arid Hoses. Evergreens all sli"s S Inches to S feet. Itufnr to thousand
of customers and bearing orchards. That our Fruit Trees are productive to ebowo
by the crops of Fruit we have grown,
13000 BUSHELS .Apples
in ono season. 1 7 to 24 bushels of apples on single trees; 700 bushels of Cherries
In one season !i bushels on a single trees; G70 bunches of grapea on a single
vino. Extreme care to have all carefully packed and true to flame. We help on
all losses Hend for printed Illustrated Catalogue to
E. F.
Fruit, and Ornamental Trees,
Shade Trees, Etc, will be mailed you free upon application to
Marshall Bros., Arlington, Nebraska, Proprietors of the Ar
lington Nurseries and Fruit Farm, located in one of the leading
fruit belts of the state. They pay the freight to your town, so
you know just what the goods will cost you. Their fruits re
ceived the gold medal at Trans-Miss. Expo, in Omaha, 1898.
1042 P STREET, Opp. Capital Hotel, Lincoln, Neb.
fhsrry Trsea, riuw Trwa, Apple Trssa, drape Tlasa, Frail llaeta
ol all kiads, Kbade Trsva, Uosee, L'fsrgtwaa, eta, that are
A tin I nr"-V Proprietor Auburn
( i rower of yrnrral Nuntery Stock Armlet, IVache. Peart.
'Ium, Sluwiwrriri ami othrr imall fruit. Can hip tn
tiotlt II. iS: M.aml Mo. Pacific railrtuiU, Write (or pricn or
call at Nurmy I lrai!;uartrr. Auburn, Nemaha Co.. Nebr,
w m r,
If wa tl r rspMI; sd with
vxutrl ! pU, ant ihat tht
.ritsra ad Ms etiMusstl.iss tha fstet s.rit ta
rttl v ssd asay h"r the ftst im
.tta m!sI sshiI Wkisr, 1. l4f
f.l.s 31 s.ri Nssr otk, It huri
lUMUm, vik-U, sl Wsi sit
m ta'is 1( rrt!stl, to. uhj
sot ss.e imrlf si hiurttf trsi
!! h Ktu; I u-V t i in Nrth.
,.t,iT A. . lWMta, i V. A. Ill
k TvaMi strseK
Washing Clothes
Made Easy
Dy using "Twin Sisters" Washing Pre
paration. No rubbing ot clothes or
washing machine needed. Send 4 cents
in stamps to pay postage and we will
send, r HEH, enough for one ordinary
washing. THY IT.
Cameron Co.,
U. S. Ait., Beaver City, Neb.
When writing mention this paper.
Is economy compared
with buying Nursery
Htock the usual way.
Ws posl t i vely can save
We want your pameSfi
and most Instructive NURNICUY Cata
logue Issued in the west. Tells of the
host and hardiest Fruits, Shrubs, etc.
How to Plant, prune, and Care for all
kinds of Trees. We are extensive grow
ers of Fruits, Shrubs, Hoses. Ornamental
Trees, etc., and want to soli you direct.
Write for our Cataloguo,
Sioux City Seed' ,
4 Nursery Co;, 5
We wont every lies keeper
U) send for our 109 Cata-
l,w,. mt'.MTIi'lt Mttl-
PLY CO., 108 8. llih Ht, Uucolo, Neb.
s3 j
STEPHENS, Mgr., Crete, Neb.
Lincoln Steel Range
and please your dear wife and family Warranted the
most perfect cooking stove made. We use the very beat ,
cold rolled patent leveled steel, and Una every Hang
with asbestos and steel, which makes It Impossible to
set fire to your floor. They are handsome, attractive,
up-to-duU in pattern and design, lull nickel trimmed,
win burn any kind of fuel, will last a lira
time. Made ou honor, sold on merit. This
Is why we call them the "man on f abth."
If your dealer does not handle tbem he
makes a grmt mistake. Writ to us and
we will provide a way for you to buy on at
reasonable price,
Buckstaff Bros. Mfg. Co.,
Patronize home Industry made ia Nebras
ka. We refer yon toBtata Officers. Banks
and Express Companies of Lincoln, and
thousands using our Manges. Special at
tention given Hotel and Restaurant Outfits
giving a description of all the leading
classes and varieties of nursery stock
adapted to. the west, consistine of
Vines and Shrubbery. Roses.
If yoa do. writ lor oar iVscript.
Its I'ataioga end 'res Ltst
ktea we mad FiitK. AMr,
& CO., Gonova, Nob.
untKir TIUK KVtttt HM,
mttnt Ih Juusrf 1K tU Ureal
IU h UatMl's Mttrda I ls, Um
Ut I4im4m ! Ist4 h at, Uilr, will
MMike rM'tk. si tKt i,tts
tlt sw fst trwlsa la HiH IsVs lliy
sist Sr!sit, (kntiH sntitit si
torthwl IV tA l.l litt lMf
t. (Ut Iki s-d. kr ami tttt
Osn sr Wtvrv. tK,ljr esvtsslf Ihw
Id s''sit, tW-sfoH, ttm 1JmmIs)
h's Ttiiu at K
Tatrontie tho Niiiasia
iNuirNUixrt a.lvr rtiirr.