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    March 9, 1899
Her Noblest Touug Men srs Ilelae; ascrl
deed In Tropical CliutM on the) Altar
of Impertallam.
Nebraska mourn the loss of her brave
boys that were slain at Manila. The
situation I to be regretted when we con
eider how many noble boy bnvlost
their live and that this may be but the
beginning and that hundreds of tbous
amid of our grandest, and noblest, speo
mens of young manhood may be culled
into service, and probably many of them
to perish In trying to enforce law and
restore order. We are the greatest and
most enlightened nation on the earth,
and were it simply a. question of con
quering the IhIn ikJh without regard for
the future government of the jMjople we
coulil readily accomplish the fint, but
we take it for granted that tne miian
itantsof the island are rirmcitily an
ignorant and uneducated peopla and if
o, arid we do treat tnem rsasonnuiy,
they in their determination to gain
iulttnnn!eiie would Mini my Ignore, Vio
lata and defy any law that might be
and there in uo dount some 01 me. iimno
Kant who asplr to be leader and they
would do all in their power to cause up
fining and Insurrection for their own
pereonal aggratidi.fineiifc and if no then
it would be almost impossible to enforce
our In we throughout the inland and
control thnm icaeenbly, If we did, then
we would HccouipllHh t feat far greater
than Mpaln accomplished in 300 year
of her sovereignty, but admitting for
argument nke that we could forcibly
accomplish these thing, then t ask have
we a legal and moral right to do o,
when the very foundation upon which
our government rente, is indeendctie.
and our sympathy have ever been with
the oppressed of the earth and hence we
declared war ugainst HihiIb to libcrute
the downtrodden and lift the yoke ol
opi-rcslon from the neck of a million
and a half of human being. If we have
thl rltcht (wliMi 1 doubt ) then I would
nek: I it worth the cost, f 20,000,000 to
Hoaln for the prlviledge of undertaking
transporting her soldiers back to Hpaiu
free, a-id paying f (1,000,000 ofHpauieh
bond aecured by the Islands, assuming
1100,000,000 of (tersoual claim against
Spain for damage incurred in the war?
The secretary give u an estimate of
$451,000,000 for war purpose for the
fiscal year and in spite of the great Mc
Kinley prosperity and the balance of
trade in our favor that much
about including ii 1,000,000 received
from aale of Pacific railroad the million
of bonds that have been shouldered up
on a, the stumps that are plastered up
on every document from a five cent check
or road overseer bond up, and atill the
chairman of the appropriation commit
tee in congress telle n that there will lie
A deficit of 1150,000,000 forth fiscal
year. iTbi of course Include the f 20,
000,000 to Spain for something over
which aba bad no control and could not
By assuming Hpaln's Indebtedness and
i laying her mlllloiisof oar money besides
desire to Belc bow many war it would
take for Bpaio to rise from bankruptcy
and become one of the lending financial
or nffiffiSD;
AC nufcki rwwis
i rvwrvi iivj
urn mas. t via
U V ft M I, lit J
nwuvvvvrvi -
' w -
U (jrtMut Output ht-U'fU
wtfcss.s M t sm tH 4
fha)SMiattesH4 smimInI
Ps tM4l ttmmt H m t, m. J
Wt ha rinilt tuck
25 Cents Free
Onr iMW!rlitlr
CstnloKD snd dn
bill for l!S emits IrM
to n, lJr..
of cIiuiuh Kro t. Mho and
(irnmiiitDtitl Tram, Vlnaa
Mhrutu, via. All .to hHl
ih, ll fciotwl and wut to
our cu.tomnr. Ira. U uam.
XbO'I foot Dam. ou s po.tttl
card. A't'lrwa
a M. HUI.B0RT, Mgr.
fr rlmr. Nh
nation of the earth once more. But
where Is our money coming from to meet
the rii neiencies. In section seven of the
new coinage bill reported favorably In
congress ynu win nno ui innumm.
That It shall tie tne duty oi me secre
tarv of the treasury to maintain the
mild reserve and for this pur
iiiiho he s ha fron ins to trimmer to
nf Imhiih and redefinition
any fund in the treasury uot otherwise-
appropriated and in adition ineretone
i herehy antlionieil to issue aim sen
If. U in lila fndirrnefit iiecSSlirV
to t he ends aforesaid bonds of the United
States bearing Interest at u rate not
.r..u.,lliiir .'t nur riinf imr Mil II II III OllVllllle
In gold coin at (he end of twenty years
etc, imre you naro n. u mm
passes, mid It probably will, (hen one
man serving under an appointment will
he empowered to bond the people of
this entire nation to hi heart content.
Thia la ruin pin use and Otll v foir
sample of every clause In t he bill. What
In the name or Mod 1 aK win occome 01
future genera t Ion. Js it not high time
that; those who bear the burden throw
aside their political prejudices, cast their
party sswal to the four wind of tiieeartb,
i iii 1 1 tha tui.iA fpmii ttmlr aves. view mat
ter lii their true light and vote for the
interest of themselves and timir prow-
perl t v.
McKinley told us lust spring that
forced annexation would be criminal
aggression but he must have mislaid
those sentiments.
i j. M. ft until,
Nellgh, Nob,, Feb. 20, lwM.
The Courier doe not opine that the
holding of free railroad transportation
by a state ofllcial Is necessarily an evi
dence of guilt, fraud, and corrupt.ion,but
it doe bold tliat wherea the lust popu
list state convention declared itself op
poistd to the free pas evil, and our pres
ent governor I endeavoring to secure
legislation anainst the same, that pop
ulist state official would better repre
sent the people who elected them by re
fraining iron) the use ot tne lestive pus tit
board. The republican party condemns
all who una free railroad transportation
and at the aarne time plant itself across
the oath whereby the evil lulitbt be
abolished. Weekly Courier,
Aldus Manotlusl credited with having
first made use of the expression "prin
ter' devil." Hehadinhis employment
a small negro boy, a curiosity in those
days in Europe, who became known n
the "little black devil." Printing whs
then a great deal of a mystery to the
general public. A superstition had
spread that Aldus was Invoking the aid
of the Mack Art, and that the negro
boy waa the embodiment of Batan, To
correct tbia opinion, which gave him
much annoyance, Aldus publicly exhib
ited the black boy And declared; "lie it
kuown to Venice that I, Aldu Manutius,
printer to the Holy Church And to the
Doge, have tbia day made public ex no
ure of tha Printer a Devil. All those who
think he I not flesh and blood may come
and plucnnim. rourtb Estate.
a a-JBsMi
There I a net of men who have always
been referred to in our northern states,
for the last thirty years, with especial
disapproval. 1 hey are those southern
erner who, in 1 80 1, did not believe In
secession, but na they said, "went with
their states." They have Wn con
demned for moral cowardice. Yet with
in a year it has become almost a doc
trine withtie that patriotiam rnniros
that we should hold our tonguea while
our interests, our institutions, our most
sacred traditions, and our best estab
lished maxims have been trampled un
der foot. There Is no doubt that moral
con reus is itie virtue wnicn Is more
heeded than any other in the modern
democratic state, aud that truckling to
topularity is the worst political vice.
The pro, the platform, ami the pulpit
have all fallen under this vice, and there
Is evidence that the university also,
which ought to be the last citadel ot
truth, Is succumbing to It likewise. I
hav no doubt that the conservative
clsases of this country will jet look back
with great ngret to thetr acquiescence
in the event ol 1MM, and (he doctrine
aud precedent which have been iteotlv
established. It Us Ihi well assured thai
sell government is not a ttiattter of tUgs
ml rourtb of July orations, nor yet of
strileto grt offloe. Kternel vigilance
is the prat) of that as ot every other po
litical good -I'rof. W. U. Humurr,
Not on dollar t ntiaitppropriatetl
iade hsvs been loand tiedVr m imptiliel
atetftWer. Yrt the lepubbcaae r
Iwata aowlisg that the are iti-
boavat. Ua't tela a tinwr Hiathuti o(
wvineingths people ut (mpuhst dia.
iaet? Ilut weraa ul tn-watl jf
i tmnrh Atnittt re u Mica a stats tt!kra.
New i'-tm rilssdsrd.
A tkte iiiislUia nl Ik Auditor's
linve M prtswdieg, ltd sie A ll'rs as
the l ifcfwla Male Joarnal I fMiwtM
lu so ll Aadttor t I'm Uts
A bost Sis. II at "ion ri!aiuljf
tiMM l'l''S, it. saw tfcs
ptMet.lV Usk-tlalar lai4 Iks
wdtltt am4 Mii.t tk.y wkd la intra.
! M mU tsW .KtiHis, At tlt
isreiss lk ImmiIs of tha !
avmawiwaA tii psts-iKtua
tilM ltVl. Ull f t.
TAtlal ssf l wK Ike ws
lVeliatistf fowSilUa avla-l la
kl 4 rfc-sr ( all .'a'iais aall liA.
il l. tfrt4t Ike hr ImimiIwssII At II
tt, a asattatiy NXftsf wl tig,
tWa.ral MiMa prta4 Ites iwalier la a
If a Ik tHtiite rali ao
4mJm. ad Btr ikat Ik tveM a.
tHttlAt i4 Ike f. kartti tk
teat tarA4 la Ik strfdwe. Tk
VBAi.) Aau kWp rMtiaf Iktl
evidence now. The contusian of the
guilty Is evident from the rage they
manifeet. hx.
They have discovered that Cornell is
following the footstep of Eugene Moore
and has virtually emmx'ed f.ioo.uuo oi
the states money.ltepublicau hx
Uros. Howard and Wooster will have
to take a back sent now. It would
seem that thl republican sheet cares
nothing for the truth, It wants to lie
and does it in fine shape, Crete Demo
The position that tha minlatry should
take In these troublous times was never
more clearly ser forth than in a recent
letter of Rv 15. Fay Mills, I says:
In regard to your favor I would sny
that I did not regard itos the business
of the Christ iun minister ordinarily to
advocate any political measure what
ever. 1 regard the religious oritanlz't'
tion ns called to supply an increase in
the spirit of lovn. A a friend of mine
says, "Any government would be good
enough for brothers," or as 1 would
rather put it, lirother would be sure ol
having the very mat government.
It is the work of the statesman to do
velofi form of govwrumeut, It is the
business of the church to supply such a
spirit that these form shall be right
eon and for the benefit of all the peo
ple Miu ccrely yours, if lay Mill.
The gold bug democrat first started
out to kill silver. They said we could
have a united party if we would only
eliminate that bone of contention, but
they soon found out that the peoole
cared more for silver than they did for
success. Now they have changed their
course. They say they ore willing to
dike the Chicago platform in if entirety
but they must have a different candi
date tins time. They think they can
buy a few lenders more easily than six
millions ol voters. The Washington
correspondent of the Chicago Chronicle
say that many prominent silver men
are talking about slaughtering Rryan
and putting up a new man. Home have
suggested HeDAtor Teller, and this cor
respondent says that Teller could enily
carry every western state, wucn tie
know about the west. What doc he
think the populists of Kansas and Ne
braska will do if Dry an is sacrificed?
They will vote for no democrat except
Rryan, and without their help each ot
these states would be lost by 70,000
plurality. The political prostitute will
find that ft I harder to kill Bryan than
it wa to kid ail ver, Central City Demo
Do ton daalre to mrore hundreds of sample
copies of SKrlealtnrnl )norDsla, isaicKilnas, Re.
pHpwra, booka, rsisloKOxs sal clrculnrs ol the
lstt Improrad fsrai luipleuiaais and machla
err, and Le kept posted on Improrad aeeija anil
Block for two ear. or DioreT If ao, send us roar
same with tan cents In Hirer and se will Inwrt
tb aame In 'he Amroi, Parm'ra' Dfrwforr,
which Komi wblrlliitf a1 1 orar the United State
to pnlillaliere, nixrcnsnle snd iiienofactnrKr.
Von will set mora good readlns matter than un
roiilo pnrcbaae tor msnr times the email coat of
ten ent. We want erary fnrmar'a nm In the
United autes In onr liirrotorv at nnn. Address
O.p't 131, Ulrralnglisra, Als,
Mis IlelleD Uoff, of Lincoln, haa de
vised a plan for bringing together the
fusion element which la calling forth
numerous commendation from all sec
tlona ol the country. It seems strange
mat people oi one mind on nearly every
important proposition should remain
apart on account of party names. J'ar
tiee change with different rulers, and
partisans follow. The republican party
at nrst waa a party ot and tor the peo
pie, now it la of and for the corpora
tiona. At first it wna a party of econ
omy, now It l shamefully extravagant.
Voters should discard all significance to
party names and be guided eoli-ly by
the action of party leaders. Miudeu
From the amount of smoke produced
by Mr. Licbty one would have supposed
that be had unearthed a monster con
flagration but so far only a few sparks
have become visable. The snpeannuaied
Jsy Burrows lelt constrained tocontrib
ute bis mite on account of the use of fne
passes but we'll bet money, chalk, and
marbles that the lima was when the
veiM-rahle Jay was not without sin. How
ever, let the iiivellnatlon go ou. If .Mr.
Cornell ha done wrong or appropriated
money that did not belong in Mm,
bounce him out. There ar plt-nty id
honest men to (ill the alate ottlcee yrt.
It la a crime for legislators to bold tip
tha corporation the way we ault-rtiil
they are doiug The t-orptiratiiii ar
living ou, bat tby will find stone way
to get It back a.ain out of the h kcU
of Ih people, "llroee' U the uw
Dam for IsjudU Ouiahs LaUirar
: A Seasonable
I Symptom
l Just o U AA larliAalloH ttl
, rold. Tk si i h tt lutta
drsrwoa tour ri brtnus oa
A mid. 1 1 ill da y o an 0ihk
', lu -rgWsl It, bat dA shouM
lake ifontpl acii tutu as Ikal
It Uilwvkt.l.
! RlESS-
: Cough Remtif
1 AsttA A srHsi ftft. trws
i tesat tttes la t lsie i.(
( o4k, I'cl.U, I'eoaelolta, and
all ilvMrw f H TkHHti,
tlie.1 asj I sags. I'lk,!!
aa4 .it,
Rlggs1 Pharmacy,
rikt Om'I R9rsi Cr, llacoli
It hna beea judicially determined by
the supremo Court of this state, Judge
Uildersleeve presiding, that a boy 16
years old ought to have an, allowance
of $4,500 a year to defi uy hit) expense
iix college. Klclmrd Uelaiielxl Ship-
man, a wealthy orphan, whose moiwy
is held in trust, has been receiving au
allowance of $2,00u a year, until l;u;t
fall, when he entered Harvard univer.
sity. ile appued for an increase to
jf4,M0 and submitted an itemized es
timate of hi iieeewHiiry cxik-iic, a
follows: Tuition $500, clothlntr $5(W,
book and stationery $15, board and
lodging $1,200, traveling ex"iiseH
$750, jjersoual expense $750, niisccl
Iiiiicoiis exwnm $1,000. The ctsnrt
dud mt inuire into the nature ,of tlie
niis'clluiious uikI personal expenae,
lut lasui'd an order upon the execut
tors of the eistete ( to increaac the
youngster' allowance a requested.
WANTED -Five SllUetiptlon solicit,
ors to travol for the Nuoraeku Indi le'iid
ent. -
it I refreshing in thce dnyg of
syophantlc preacher to meet with on
who is willing io mpmk out in meet
iug and give expression to hi honest
ojiinloa regardless of ft effect upon
his saiitry, Kev, Mr. Holler la an ul
(lres before the elhlcul society in Oiil
cugo spohe u follows:
, "lxird Cliutham withdrew his eldest
son from the army. An late u 1778
chatham would have withdrawn every
Uritlwli soldier from our soil, We
American are not apt to rcincjiiber
these things. We' have especial need
to remember them nt the present time,
Aincricii in 18UD Is in Kngland' place;
it now Is trying to subjugate a people
who are contending for right of self
government. KnglanI butt a sem.
blance of right, for the colonic were
her children, But the Filipino are
not our children. We have not even
liberated them; we have only given
them a new innsrfer. Englishmen ,di
regnrded the right of Englishmen;
we disregard the right of man, wbkh
we have hitherto profesed to difend.
Hutlte iirgrl that un Knglishmnn, was
the nnflftst nerson on earth to argue
another Knglisflimain Into shivery. An
American is the tinflttest person on
enrMi to argue another man Inl) slav
ery. W enn only hold a people
atmineit their consent as we turn the
declaration of fndeinemlewr to the
wall. I hoipe America will not sue.
rwl, I ahould rafhr h a 'froitor','
like Burke, than supporter of the
dastardly business now going on or
even be wlent tinder It, an no mnny
If we could hire anybody to milk
our cow and feed bouillon1 to our hog
for a day or two, we would go lip to
Lincoln nnd condole with Mr. Palm,
and ny thing to jhim calculated to
soothe hi sum ire breast. When a
man sit down with a heart full of
warm emotions, aud take his mi in
hand to write a letter to a friend and
coni'iwuion dear, he seldom say
thing deliberately; he write impul
sively ami exuggeirtttes, atwi put down
thing Jauntily, Knowing tliat tne man
to whom he write will understand
and make allowances; and it is tuft
that letter written that way should
b dragged from their dread abode,
and read aloud and commented upon
a though they were the studied utter
ance of an evil and designing man.
There is not a man in Lincoln, who
write at all, who haa not written per. innocent letters, which, if pro
duced' In . court, would seem fraught
with sinister meaning. Mr. Palm will
be more careful in the future aliout
committing hi temlerest emotion to
paper. e wiould nil in more careful.
WAl.T .M.tnU.i.
(It la rntMirtPil that our roprnment
has rcqusaM thsOrman Kaiser not to
interior with ns tn imr wtfi-mpr fo rs
tors order and peace in the Philippine.)
Havs UnelsBam to Kalsor,
"I'm the irmatest eivil'isr.
Just bsouiet. tnsn, oud watch mo do
ttu trt 'k.
on't think that I'm a fool, man,
For a Latimer and Pullman
I put mhrlliou down amailng quick.
"Kwp your bands nff. Hill, my honey,
Don't tou we nis makiiitf iitouav?
I nsv givs yon ten T ent of all I vt,
Whea l v bckwl thoe tornt hthen,
I will not thnm g'xsl and fr, 'hen
I'llglevsry molht-r's son of I linn in
"I'll Hiev th-lr dull stagnation,
I'm liar d bv over iHumlation;
I will teweh tboa slerpy natives now to
t Will IrlllltWth Still then-,
Wltk lbs I'IimhI of IImms who loll tSerr:
I will Irwia them wua lli tnorttiag and
tb gun.
W will fbrlatU i them Udly,
I'or bus they khI ii bully,
V Will ! thety lstkee4 SOU' tl
eu'lle day,
Ufcea U word lit'tr!' I gives.
Ws will shoot teas isl'i keAVeei,
WWsew their bMier, bafwlsg trwr ae
Hd ,
141 wuMrw foae wavy, Wills,
H'I lti t as. la a,. lly,j
Jhs mi ). aid e u ihi Ik w
Tk I It st ti lwm lr WSi lo I ti-e,
t I'll tr ly mU ! I
till U.UMUr Sew "
V Ctseoa U ('' Nttia,
AteeaeiaeaM M 4 t Iee4
twtli t I tyeaesa,
I Mltmle. WMH i Mrffgoe)
l Jel My rtu4(vHel bt
Ipww vvwelwUt Vy wU.H wliu4
ael WUi 'rrH I raw Jtasel .l
.v Uily Weltmaw wm4 law aiewker
( Ki tceMl.t,a .i MrtMNUw.!, wwl
la, aspK'ny wtwrft tolly
or man, who will take order for our
Leghorn Hen Food, in their own town,
We mnke thi offer for s nhort time, In
order to get our l'Vioil into more eencral
inc. It increases yield of cK, and ker)
fowl in good health. Send un 50c, for a
rcf'tilnr jfiuoo tiza box, and begin la take
onlem nt onre,
I'linplilrt, wlili mure luformallon about liena, urnlun
rertipi Kll.jdilrtn.ei), .laniprd en vcJcj.u. Adilro.
Leghorn Food Co.( 183 13, ) Boston, Mats.
To enable JntereHtcd oeonla t'fn-
VestlgUte ODDortunitil'S to irvt rood
farm land cheap, the JJlkoru line will
on February 81 and March
7 and 21, sell ticket to point in north
ern Olid western Nebraska and rmrta
of Wyoming nt one fare, plus $2,00, for
round trip; minimum fare $9.00, For
pnrticulur call on A. S, Fielding, C. T,
A., 117 Kouth Tenth street, or deoot.
corner Ninth and street,
DouInrH fn Badger cultivators, MoUnt plow, disk barrow, bout feed Krlndcr.
Harrison Wagons, Mar-i'lllcs Nlmller, Wilson-Molina Buggies, rood wagons, spring
wagons, top buggies, :)5.00 delivered. Wo sell you n buggy, carriage, spring
wagon, road wagon, or farm timchimtrv nschmin us an vbodv in thu llniti.d Ku,u,h
and you ee tht good befor you pay for
tyim ii i
WIImuii 31o11iiw Hufguy-
ST The Combination
Price $2 Per Set.
1 Hunch I trUth.
Hall Mho Thrwtd.
I Hall KIiom Wai.
t Pa?kHg N H half soling nails.
1 l'',ltatf4 H half-sobng naiU.
I Pa'-kags A-N ball soling nail.
I IVItHK 0 N half sollug aads.
4 pair li I pUtrs,
5 dm. Hlios and lUmess Nrrdli
1 M-tw ami Haraess t'lauip,
t Iron staud for last.
Hicnri'ly packed la wumb'ti bit with
sn.irj to tit witao it out of ta miilii
each vea'.
FIKI.U KKKIM-Whol.-.!- an I r - tili
tut-kv tiu Ura-, Timothy Ht, l.-w
We havs sj M of whmmiiI htad t 'rrii, Phatoi,a, Hmrgii. and Horlsir Wu.
OB. Will Iri'laaeW tiUiltlWS .,f ul t, H tSy Stall VhI'W.
Mill OrJm ul CorrttosnJiic Promptly Attn J;J to, Mtailoa mil Pjb
MONEY . . .
Some of
ments.... 4 U
if Iff Tk lewrklst f
ZllZZfel ! bM Iks WatM
JIXXXII tl . as I
Gering, Neb., Feb., 1, 1809.
Nebraska Independent, Lineoln,Neb.
Dear Sir: I purchased from you or
through your paper, Iat September,
one of the machine you recommended
in your paper called the Independ
ent. I never received the ten year
warranty with it fl the paper tated.
1 would like for you to see that '.hey
make this all right or explain why
they won't, a I ace they hove sent the
witrrunty to other. I like the tnuchine
splendid, it doe good work. If I bad
the wurrantv they recommend the
machine, 1 think there Is at least two
of my, neighbor that would purchase
a machine of you as they have tried
the Singer and thought it not worth
the money they asked for It. Hope to
hear from you soon In regard to this.
I remain, Truly
The Independent office has
the material, and printers that
know how to use it, to give
the best result in job printing.
I Iron last for men's work.
1 Iron (oat. fur buys' work,
1 Iron last for woman's work.
1 Iron Inat for chlldri'ti's work.
1 Hhoemakor's hanum-r.
1 HhoKiinikitr's knifa.
I Patent peg awl bundle
I Peg nwl,
1 rWing awl handle.
1 Hwlug awl.
I lUrtifss awl hnndlH.
1 llurin-ss awl,
1 Wrsncb for (icg nwl handle.
1 Hot th leather cement.
1 Hottla rtibbnr cement,
1 Hox harness and belt rlvsts.
1 Kivet st for same,
1 llarnes and ImU pmieh,
1 Hollaring Iron.
1 II mdls for soldiriug Iron.
I H ir sol.b r.
I Hoi n-ain,
t Hottls snldrring flulil.
I Copy liirtrtious lor 8 iMpriug.
I t'tipy iHeretious for II ill Holmg. ste.
ii ran umii aoieei,
hlnas.1 ,L
hi. .... . - ,b .
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