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    March 9, 1899
Should Never Hang ,
A man should never hang up his coat by the loop
made for that purpose if he can avoid it; if hung in
that way sooner or later it will sag out of shape.
Then again, they say we spend one-third of. our life
in bed. If that's the case we must spend the other
two-thirds with our clothes on, so the wearing part has
the best end of the bargain. Isn't that good proof
. that the wearing qualities of your clothing be more
carefully looked after. If the quality of the cloth is
all right the hanging part as a rule is all right, When
you buy a suit of clothes from The Nebraska you can
rest assured the quality, style and fit is correct, it
wouldn't be Nebraska Clothing if it wasn't. We are
showing some men's suits of all wool diagonal serge,
fast colors sack style, satin piped, perfect fitting and
splendidly trimmed, good looker, good wearer, good
value for $6.50. If you want to order this suit through
our mail order department, order suit No. 216 say
you saw the ad in the Independent then you are sure
to get the exact thing we call your attention to, Sizes
34 to 44 chest measure. Don't delay, delays have dan
gerous ends.
We carry aim out ev
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and rare grant sosde;
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fared by other bounce
and nave you the fre
ight probably more.
Figure with us,
We are headquarters
for every thing in the
eoed line. Our five
cent package hold
twice a much as those
you got from ordinary
eeed boxes. Try nix
of 'em for 25c,
We sell only northern
grown potatoes. Our
lied Kl ver Early Ohlos
are boaulies f I pur
bushel, For the very
earliest we have the
Acme 0 weeks, We
also have World'e
Fuir and Carman
No. 1 and a.
Garden i
We have a full line of
lanet Jr. and Iron
Age cultivators, drills
eto. We sell 'em
laitead of That the Fool Democrat!
Didn't Have Bens Enough to
Charge It.RularrfUte.,
The republican press of this state is
still wailing over the hard lot of the
poor insurance companies "held up" by
Palm. The only thing about Palm,
aside from writing letters that would in
criminate himself as well as Innocent
parties is that be didn't have sense
enough to charge the regular rates for
the work that he did. To find out what
the examiners in other states charged
for this work, letters have been sent to
the auditors or insurance commissioners
of the various stales. The first reply
that comes to hand is as follows:
Topeka, Kaa..Feb. ISOO.-Uenlyluir to
yours of recent date in rifereuce to the
amount of charuos uirainst Insurance
companies where . examinations are
made by this department, I will say
that our statute provides that an in
surance company shall pay the expenses
of such an examination of its ttssets.
The statute clearly intends, it it intends
nuy thing, that the clian are to go to
examiners for making the examination.
lhln department nas Instructed in all
caxes that the examiners charge a fee of
f 23 per day from the time they leave
thiso'Iloe until they return, providing
ho was at work while at the other end
of the lino, excluding Sundays, and his
expenses while there and going and com
1 he basis for these charges Is this: J.
P. Davis. proeraVut of the Kansas Mu
tual Life Insurance company of Topeka,
informed me soou after I came Into this
cfllue iu 1807 that some Chicago experts
come to tbeomoe or the Kansu
Another Attempt to Capture
Waterworks Reservoir.
Vfhen Amerloan Drove One Bodjr Away
Another Afitilo an effort to Take the
romping Station Ifrom tbe Rent-
Die New Cannon.
Life a few yenrs ago to make an exami
nation, that they charged f 25 per day
from tbe time they left Chicago until
they got back and expenses while here
aud going and coming, and In addition
they chariced op an attorney's fee
aitainst the company for one I), It. 1 lite
of this city of 200 against the Kan sue
company, they run up a bill of over
1,1)0U. The result was that when I
come to send out an examiner from this
department to examine a company ont
side ot the state 1 instructed him to
charge f 25 per day from the time of
leaving the department until he return
ed and ex pence while there, and going
President MeBlnley. Infraction to the
Men Rent to the fhlltpplnei,
WAsniffOTON, March 8. Renewed
Interest in tbe situation la the Philip.
pines is awakened by the establish'
meat at juunua oi me civilian mem
bers of the commission which h&a haen
THE ENEMY AGAIN DRIVEN OUT. do8!notoa b tha President to repre
sent him In the archipelago. The
speculation regarding the duties ot
this commission and tho authority It
will have in the colonial government
are set at rest by the publication oi
the order issued by the President to
the secretary of state. It will be
noted that the military government of
the Islands under Ooneral Otis will be
continued without interference until
Congress makes other provisions and
that the commission's powers, while
important, are very largely advisory.
The order says:
"In the performance of this duty
tho commissioners are enjoined to meet
at tho earliest possible day In the olty
of Manila and to announce by a public
proclamation their presence and the
mission Intrusted to them, carefully
setting forth that, while the military
government already proclaimed Is to
be maintained and continued so long as
necessity may require, efforts will be
made to alleviate the burdens of taxa
tion, to establish industrial and com
merolal prosperity and to provide for
the safety of persons and of property
by such means as may bo found oon
duclve of these end
"Tbe commissioners will endeavor,
without interference with the mill
tary authorities of the United States
now la control of tho Philippines, to
ascertain what amelioration la the
condition of the Inhabitants and what
improvements in publlo order may be
practicable, and for this purpose they '
will study attentively the existing
social and political state of the vari
ous populations, practically as regards
the tonus of local irovernment. the
Manila, March 8 Tho engagement
of yesterday In wuloh thirty rebels
were killed near tho reservoir, was
renewed this inornlncr. After the
Insurgents had been Urlvon off last
night from In front of Mariqulnao
they came back 500 strong and cut oil
a company of tho First Nebraska vol
unteers. This morning Qonoral Halo sent
out three companies of tho Nebraska
regiment and two companies of the
Second Oregon to dislodge them. Tbe
enemy, who were holding a strong po
sition among the locks, tired excellent
volleys at the advancing Americans,
but the latter, by a flank movement,
drove tho Filipinos over the hills. No
sooner was this fight well under way
than tho insurgents to the south of
the waterworks, knowing that the
forces there had been weakened by
loading troops to Mariqulnao, at
tacked the water works In tho rear. :
Mutual I Their object was to cut off the pump-1
Ing station, but they did not succeed.
The flro was heavy and our small
loss was due solely to the bad marks
manship of the Filipinos. The enemy's
dead numbered twenty. Returns now
in show five Americans woundod.
Tho Insurgents are placing guns In
position at various points. Tho opin
ion or all
The 65,000 Regulars Enough for
the President
Dole. AtMolate Neoe.ilty Should Artie,
tho Fre.ent Volunteers Will De Mat
tered Oof and Nona KolUted In Their
tend. '
At.- . . I i. - 1 r f " -
alia Is that the military force of the tlon of euiltom, oUl8p t th
Insurgent ol garohy must be broken m,a,or transportation and the need
ab? irovernment caabaes- pubUo rapr0Toments.
ii iSi ht l? . . 1 "The temporary government of th.
At daylight this morning the enemy uittH. i. in im
ZZTiX And I ! -re discovered trying to mount a gun .'and IwlUtT uni
expresaly told them that if they charged ?ro "J" P,T" Uom 8an J odro nd, gress shall determine othwwlse.
a less amount than this and I heard of fcn Sixth artillery promptly shelled "insofar as imraodlate personal
ii.iuaitney would not malte another ex-ju"rouoi uatiery. .temporarily stop, changes in the civil administration
uiiiiuuuuii wr line iiriiurtuinnc. I l"uK "o wuii vuo cuuiuy nuureu a
As to the reasonableness of the charire fusllade of muakotrv noro tho river.
I will say that on tbe SMth day of No- but a gunboat moved up and cleared
vomoer, 1 HUB, i revived a letter from the banks of the stream with rnnid
may seem to be advisable the oommls
sloners are empowered to recommend
suitable persons for appointment to
theso oiUcos from among the Inhabit
ants of the Islands who have previ
ously acknowledged their allegiance
1 & mM Ynnr
IfflS Oppor
Cheap Stove -
Dear Coal.
The heal in the Majestic Ranee goes
where it will do the most good, and
not up the chimney. Made of malle
able iron and steel by the Majestic
Mfg. Co., St. Louis, Mo., and sold
as low as $27.00. For sale by
to ......
buy the best at the lowest price is now at hand.
Having received a complete new stock of granite 0
ware and tin ware, also hardware and garden tools,
at Bottom Prices, we will
Sell to
You at a
1308 0 ST., LINCOLN, NEB
at 1
1. 1 1 . . r : 1,1 t. . - 1 . 1
mn uuu. lit) win r, i vd, mirnrinienoeriE a..
of Insurance of the state of New York.l 1L. m,
mnvlnrr th,.fc hlu H,.r.,.r. ........ UUWM WIU JMUpinUS I1UTO 0-
gng. d in f xamlnlng a company by the ! cureJ ft aow '"PP1 of mokcless am- to this government."
uaine of the Airriciiltnral Insurance munition rocenuy, as mere nas oecn a
company ot Watortown, New York, that noticeable difference in their firing
amoiigut its nsHets there was a inort- i during the last few days.
guge made on property located In Kan- In addition to tho two new cannon The Kerne.
sasaixi ne wanted to arrive at a proper used by the insurgents In the night
,.u....wU ... .I, iu, tuoi I'"' i ' ftttaelf Handair. two olhup irnne in
an appraisement .wi, .....jl ... i .i ,
day by General Halo's brigade. The
guns wero so placed near Han Pedro
as to be capable of enfilading General
Wbeaton's brigade.
wns ewwDtial that
should be nisde of the same, lie ru-ked
this department to select two Individ
uals to make the appraisement, lie
said In reference to compensation, as
follows: "Kor services of this character
our department allows a compensation
at the rate of 16 dollars a day for
each appraiser, together with an addi
tional allowance of $5 a day for eneh
apprairor, for expenses and actual die-
unrneinent lor cor fare." This shows
conclusively that an appraisor in New
1 ork is allowed a compensation of $WO
er any outside oi ins car fare, but I
ave no knowledge us to what New i
York allows to examiners ot insurance
companies. Truly yonre,
Superintendent of Insurance.
Washingtoic, March a President
MoKlnley bas decided not to avail
himself of tho authority granted by
the compromise army bill, to organize
a provincial army of 85,000 volunteers.
After consulting with officials of the
war department the President has de
cided that, in view of the present
favorable outlook In Cuba and the
prospect of the complete suppression
of the Philippine insurrection at an
early day, it will not be necessary,
after the present volunteer forces have
been mustered out, to have more than
the OS.t'OO men allowed for tbe regular
array until July 1, 1901.
It is also his purpose to expedite the
withdrawal of volunteors from Cuba
and the Philippines as rapidly as pos
sible, and muster them out of the
service. All of the volunteers are
to be brouorht home from Cuba
without delay, and those In tho Phil-
Ipplnes will bo brought home as soon
as enough regulars can be sent out to
take their places,
The President will have authority
under the law to appoint volunteer
general officers and volunteer staff
officers In sufficient number for the
69,000 regulars. If subsequent devel
opments show tho necessity for mora
men the President will then exerulsa
his power to enlist all or part of tht
S3, 000.
Under any circumstances the Pros
(dent will not enlist tho 85,000 volun
teers until after the regular army ha
been Increased to 65,000 men, and then
only when they are absolutely necessary.
Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup will Drove
a quick and sure cure tor croup. Moth
ers, when your children are attacked
with any dreadful disease, vou can d.
pond on this marvelous remedv. It
never fails to cure at once. Price 25c.
Hardy's Column.
The late fall of '49 found four Wis.
connln boya digging gold on the Amor.
lean river in California. They struck
It rich from the start. From one step
in the bed rock, extending from the
middle of the river iimler the bank two
umlretl feet, they took out sixty
thousand dollars. Two of the boys qucd
protected their shore and went hiwne. nu,'tn
The other two continued to dig, till the
summer of M at whk-h tim their
iolnt pile had inereaaed to the hurt.
red thoitMHiHl,
News bad been circulate,! of rich
Hffffing In Arisona on Colorado
river. Ho with three motives in view,
first to dig, second to trade, and third
to !at a city on the head nava.M.
tile wsteni of the Colorado, they ehsrt.
eivd a email eteamrr. hxiilivt her l
and started. It ws a .low job awxnd.
ing the rter, fur they had Wi top and
To Pal the Leal Touch., on lpnlih
American Peace Negotiations.
Washinotow, March 8. M. Jules
Cambon, the French ambassador, has
arrived here after an absenco of six
months spent in Paris. M. Cambon
bas been detained until after the
peace negotiations between the United
btates and Spain had reached the
stage when he could put the finishing '
touch to the work which he began
last summer. He will communicate to
the State department when Spain has
ratified the peace treaty and he will
conduct all the preliminary arrange
ments for the renewal of diplomatic
relations between oursclvos and Spain.
M. Cambon will bring home data
bearing on French claims to indem
nity concerning the Cuban debt It Is
understood by the ofllciala of the
French embassy that M, Cambon per
sonally requested to be returned to
his post here In order to finish the
Spanish-America u negotiations. It
was the desire of the minister of for
eign affairs to keep htm In Europe, as
he Is a diplomat of the highest standing.
the PreeldeM'e Mretnee le.Ule Thai lie
Is ea a rieeanro Trla,
IUvasa, Maroh a While Abuet
McKlnley, who has been here
several days, denies: that his visit
to Cuba ta more than a nr pleas
are trip, there appears to be little
duabt that he has a twofold Mission
political and bualntea. Officiate here
say he baa private lattruolloae front
the Preaidea! to Uve.ttgsU the situa
tion, sound the .allrut of bnaloeea
eut wtnid la make stmui. They Wtl. ea nd thoroughly f the Cuban j Kaawsa Illy and M. Inls from the
ed as newr the rapid, and the fclvh
Unkt a was prwtitMl and rhrUteu-4
lhi-lr new city It trdtvUle before it vtm
boil l, ,
Th urarv.l pttetoftWes wr Ia A a,
tiirve humtrvd nut tu M ami
MuU IV, eis hundred to Ik s.l, Tbe
rlr wns lh ouly hih way of eoui.
l"rr aid tt tHhl d d tun. wll
hmo Dm f ttr or foot tu a i.
it after a jrer or two (he euoutrv
a iU4k to lh utUS t.rU hv
fur of th i'ett.d lr eaut ,
f.i, tvrul H.i'.Urv ps
(l'!ih'd in tt e.M.oirv eUiui eel
iu4ny of xkn o UteUNvv trot
I ho iittr. I evl riH thiMkiiHr il
uUl it IohiIW l lrtr h d,
r lih or oi !. WuyHt
(ColluMd oi I ttfMtl Vw )
meriean adwlals- ( provisions
It a fur the talr-. ho
Mllag toward th A
trattoit, will looli
tt of an (r- oway with
wkteh he la eonald and a railway
soWrprUe wilt alni have his attav-
Uwr, at prt he Is devoilaf
0 alttio to toin sad tiaoe ht
arrival hit l..t hv k oarois ,
tiat and p'""! ta hr
sa l hi rly w und(e t wf tia
aval lls''hr;, Mertal ta a yora
aunt t. U-r h 4 1,4 o uatai
and h I a kf aoiif.reo,
Iedlook Ulren
More Time.
TorEKA, March 8. Tho legislature
took another lease of life to-day by
extending the time for the considera
tion of appropriation bills until 6
to-night, liy the terms of the pre
vious resolution tho legislature wt
due to cease notion oa bills at noon.
Unless tho executive and judicial
bill conies to . Oovornor Itanley with
out the rldsr of 815.000 he will veto it.
lie has declared In emphatlo terms ha
will also veto the deficiency bill. Ha
argues that If Populist senators who
are beneficiaries of tbe deficiency bill,
refused to vote to pay him and other
officers of the state their salaries, ha
will be Justified In vetoing their bill
To Examine County Aoooanta.
JxrrxBsoif Cur, Ma, March 8.
Senator Morton' bill giving the state
auditor two skilled agents to examine
county accounts ' was passed by the
Senate. The atate auditor says that
with these two agents be can save the
state from 130,000 to 850,000 per
annum. It will ta the duty of tUe
agents to examine and check up the
books and records of counties relative
to th assessments, collections and
aettlement of atate taxes and licenses
and to Investigate the legality and
correctness of all claims agalnat the
state. The agents are to ba paid )
per day and expens.a
Meet BHaa4 Two Trial.
CATOAei, Ma, March I. Yester
day the March term of the circuit
court eominenoed, with Judge J. JX
Prkln on the beoeh, The business
is very heavy, Including over forty dU
vorea ease. At thle term will ba
tried th damage suit of Mra W. J,
OUflllan for 85.000 against John IX
MeCrillla, for th killing of her hus
band last Decern Her. Th trial of Mo
Crlllle for murder Is also slated, he be
log under bond for lit, una,
KieiU tlty(iHieke
JirriBsox Ctrr, Ma, March I !
Th aat eorumltle on fir Insur '
Id MIMfl f 1.1 f.U I. Ml .
himeelf." Th oflleef la nta.1 liabi to
at A . el 1,Mk J .. I 1 1 . a, . . . a
R"W tHm-..m tmH WlM .a
esttai 9W IW iw wuuuts
Th HUiourl llouoe Iteopen th See
slon's Uln Siioubbt.
jKrrBso Citv, Mo., March 8. The
House got back to its old familiar
wrangle over the clerical force this
morning and fought it out with Its
usual spirit.
One could hear a pin drop as Popa
of Cole, chairman or the special com
mittee appointed to Investigate tha
clerical force, arose in his place and
sent to tho desk the report : of tha
committee. It provided for the rein
statement of four stenographers who
were discharged by the chief clerk.
Lon Luther of Scdalln and J. C Duval
of Richmond were reinstated because
necessary. Three others were rein
stated because the members who rec
ommended them had no other patron
age. Th committee recommended
that th enrolling clerk drop three,
tbe doorkeeper three and the engross
ing clerk eight of those who had been
retained after the first dischargea un
der the Dozell resolution.
Pope said the committee had care
fully considered Us work and found
much difficulty because members, as a
rule, elected to retain those they had
on the ohlef clerk's force. They found
that the chief clerk had discharged
those of his force who were recom
mended by the two members who
died. These were reinstated. Tha
committee also reinstated Lou Luther
aud J. C. Duval, two members dis
charged by the chief clerk. The four
typewriters were reinstated because
they were needed. The doorkeeper
had agreed to drop two and th en
rolling olerk three.
Tea BUI Afala.l Keaaed, Bjraa a4
th Other at llartvtll,
Haitviu., Mo., March I John
Kennedy and th six men who ara ac
cused of assisting him In th hold ap
of the Memphis train at Macomb Jan-
nary I were all Indloted by the grand
Jury her this morning.
Te Area pTteeaere la !.
Jtrrthsox Car. Ma. March ft
Kleholas Introduced a bill la tha Hons
providing that when a mob threatona
to hang a prUmer It shall b th duty
of th oflloar In abarg to provide th
prisoner "with a IS-eatlber revolver
fifty cartridge and such other
satptlng fir la.uraae eowpaal of
of tha sati poolUer
Anderson, t eeley
topr voted for th bill and tuaW
Molt against It.
sx smm taiTt
hi M ap4tMek
-....M 4I., OtlHll t'V,
I kM. 4M imp ltMUHUH4
I Alt Mitooj Ctif, U. M,th a
! ol Ka Va, itralMl U
ta aai f tterdy ahra.Mi a i
, t th law to froaihft lh k4-
j ina ot hotierina IU It ait.
M-i W Uiti M.,ai,,r hwo titer
at ta I heroine. a.Mla.ato)
ihtt ho t4'lrtaV
Aeaetleaa Metla. tm lea rhl
Psats, Maroh aTk AwrUaa
Marine who hat Va uardiag tk
l'itv hlaU Ufaltva ar or
drs to tta 1 b Kuia and Froash
swUeete ksv a!o aoiiAed th v.
raat of laieaiio of noon
ilhdrwi guards front tkt
ritio Uiallooa
the Hm4 4 th Swom eWtioi
I'soua, Mar h a-A4a rl voa
Ka., tootmaa Wrda hf of tha
aa, baa ri-4 II s UWalkoo. lo
Uk Iki tUa m aaaouavad Uat a
JlVftaaos tut, Ma, Msrek) a -The
oe'ered t nruHt hVtat
t.. Vaadim VUl i.irU at
ltetr to git Wt I fa feiBi and
aaUif fo. wIm ka arter4
h fo of h la f ! of f
afcirt to sua on thia Wa4,
IUaa Ka)uy Uleaeelt
WAtiiitaro, Marsh a Commissary
Uaral IharUa I. lUgon, who hat
riMatnel In lYaablajloa star tk
owrl-ioarlUt su.iiea4.n4 hint from
th smU for his attaok a Unrt
Ml!, tu arraao4 to U WaaMsf
tow lonWkl fvr lh WesW II will go
to aaa I ran.laoo sad thetio wrli
for lloauUla, l ha a son lU.r
wtthlar Uvrst t uflo outa-tioaa
a Wo l a H SWea
t ti at i, Ma, Msrvn aMla ail
he rooeil, 4akte af tka 1st Re,
tUtaat V, 4 ed ht lle
4f , 44 It J.r aha m tk
ihor of la a lUr ftoont
other sltt
lh )ae ! )Mti
liatMsta, Mrh iijue.m M4ri
lUartviv. who l tultertu front
rooebo-oaeanoiuta. oo.eed a fu4
night a4 h.r ot.iuM th t atoraUf
Wd OV.rk.4 lWyvOMk
t till aiiict If la i f ttat .
IfcoM-'wasaa) 9SeM M4i-a Im, fr4
"ioM v
I . K
11 v I
eoj. eta
utrvo ti.ti t. a., in, tiOl.