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Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated.
NO. 32.
Tha Editor of tha Independent gats
Hot Uader tbo Collar and
Talk! Back.
A Sot of Moo Who Tbink that al
Who Disagree with Tbm aro
Traltora and Thlerea.
The following communication and
on other of th ams 'character hare
turned op In the volume of correspon
dence that bae poured in on the editor
of the Ihdbfemdemt in tbelaet few weeks,
They are the onlj onee of that kind
that have been received. The flret one
wae accompanied by the following pref
atory note:
"The enoloeed communication ie not
written in malice, but Is a view of tbe
Ituation Just aeltle. We claim the
Hirht to be beard, and in order to
awaken public interest, we eincerely ask
yon to kindly publish the encloeed com
mnnicatioo. It is apparent that some-
' thing mmt bo done in order that a unl
eon of action may result among popu
Cotad. Neb., Dec. 13,1808.
Editor Independent)
"Io your issue of December 1st, I read
much of criticism of the stay-at-home
Dooulists during the recent election. As
no one seems to have the courage to de
fend this element. I will at least defend
myself, for I am one of the stey-at-home
pops. There are just about 20,000 pop
olists in this state who cannot, for the
life of them, see bow tbey can success
fully stand on the party platforms at
the same time and elect men to office Is
this party who can be a unit on all
three declarations, especially when it
comes to the state and national legist
tares. If we are candid, sensible men,
we most admit that in order to secure
enactments into law of the principles
enunciated In the populist platform, the
legislative department of the state and
nation must be a unit in favor of these
demands. This can never be under the
present fusion regime, (or the represent
ative oieacn organization aeemsnnn
self bound by the platform of his own
party, thus making non-representative
every voter in either party who cast his
ballot for his election.
"Yon claim in your article in the same
issue stated above entitled, "Home Flam
Talk," that every pop should be bound
by the majority. Just so, but this does
not justify the minority In obeying a
command simply because it is declared
by the majority. The article is very
well taken and the result of the election
in all the populist state that the minor
ity just concluded to let the majority
have their own way at the polls as they
bad in the fusion convention. Of course
now they are kicking the minority be
cause they refused to dance to the music
of the majority. It in a fact well known
to thousands of populists that the fusion
deal was agreed upon for the purpose of
killing the populist party. It is also a
fact well known to thousands of popn-
lists that the fusion deal was agreed np
on tor the purpose of killing the populist
party. It is also a tact that popoimm
has steadily lost from that day to this,
If yon will put these facts in your bnt
and tblok soberly npon them, you will
soon discover that the minority him
some right which the majority is bound
to respect.
II. W.IUveh.
That letter is of the sains character of
II the others which we have bweo reeelv
tog on that subject. It le based upon
the unsupported charge that the men
with a horn he disagree arc trailer aud
eooundrel while he, the writer, U holy
and righteous. "It I a fart well known
to thousands that the fusion deal was
agreed apo lor the purpo ol killing
the populist party." Who know It T
Whet I the evideac that a majority ol
the populist party ,'are tools ol the money
power aad are tryiagto dtroy the
partythat they actually pleased to
4try UT VYker are those tkoeaaad
of eowerdly popalbt who kav tkUevt-
deae and kav eater glvea It to to the
pa WW? AerordiMg a tht showlsg they
ar a pretty set uf euearde. This writer
knows uBtklg about the aoatisaUo
ol irf an as war eaaataaia, ll ea
right ia the so otto ol the party vshWejt It lit aa ImI la euamoa
dey I f large that they, wkdaet't
tag aa pupitltsU totray ad thai trt aJ
attempted t aVeiroj Itopepatol party,
Tto a ate were preailaeet tadutag
ilaad MMftteed la hil4 the
party thaa ay eiaare, They totowd
tiil i Ito aoMtaated eaettor ael
.ttU ae-weihlito populist,
la a, wid i k
tcyta tat tow aa4 thai taspaity would
to k-t allheal ok vte la galea
UeU-itt aest U. Wfct waaid ta
party lata aa theaf Itotreyed, It
ttsf Ul at dot alat thf id aader
ta avadUiuM aa they aaeaeetoed ito,
they weell be deserved the ijbJibi
nation 01 every honest man. A man
may believe that tbey did not act wisely
but when be descends to the level of ac
cusing the majority of the populist party
of such crimes as this, he puts himself
outside of the pale of decent discussion,
As far as this writer is concern od, be sin
cerely hopes that those men who believe
that if they are in the minority that If
their policies are not approved by the
larger part of the party tbey should
stay at home and not vote or should
vote for a gold bug will themselves, be
honorable enougn to go aud herd by
themselves and forever stop claiming
that tbey are populists. Populists be'
lieve that the majority should rule. If
you don't believe it get out, but when
you get out, don't tbink that you can
make the people believe that you alone
are honest and all who differ with you
are scoundrels.
Another of these letters comes from
Kenesaw, and It also has a prefatory
note as follows:
"I have beard It hinted that you
would!oot print any letter that did not
have fusion for tbs demo-pops and bad
words for everything elss in It, so we
will try you and see if you will publish
my letter, riease correct mistakes and
obllge-J. II. Hollenbnck."
Kenesaw, neb., Dec. vi, iv.
(editor Independent!
"I read with some surprise an article
lo a recent issue ol your paper, wiltten
by brother Nelson of this place In which
he points out what he thinks is the rea-
son why the pops failed in their attempt
to send W. V. Allen back to the senate.
Well, we think that he failed to state the
truth, (not that brother Nelson is not
honest but looks through colored
glasses.) The laboring man I con
fronted with a conundrum something
like this: If I vote for the free coinage
of silver and an incrense of money, these
pons say that It will raise the price of
everything about a ban and I am only
getting a dollar and fifty cents now and
It is all I can do to provide for my fam
ily and If everything else goes up, what
will 1 then do7 My wages will not be
raised, for the boss told me that be was
having a hard time to dispose of bis
wares as everybody was stocked bp, and
my neighbor lust across the way is al
ready offering to take my place at less
pay. Desides there is a machine that
baa just been put on the market that
does the work of several men and can be
bandied by a boy and l guess that I will
vote to leave the prices as they are and
I just read In the paper that there wan a
great army ol unemployed already. ow
lirother Nnleon when you explain this
to your neighbor across the lence prob
ably be will be more apt to listeu to
your argument. Well you may say
that railroads and taxes will be the
same (but we have no assurance that
tbey will,) and I answer that the labor
ing man is not paying very much direct
tax at present, neither is he riding on
the railroads to wiuter resorts. You
offer nothing to the day laborer except
cateh-as-catcb can and we all realize
what that means. I verily believe that
if lirothor Nelson bad a 11,000 to sind
for labor he would make it go a fur as
any other fellow, (if he did not, the other
fellow would sell bis wares cheaper and
the good brother would be left stranded)
The man who wrote that letter is not
a populist at all and has no right to put
bis fllnger in this pie. That is the talk of
socialist. The populist party was the
first one in this country to demand the
unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio i
of 16 to 1. If a man does not believe in
that, he Is not a pop at all. If a man is
so Ignoraut as to believe that because
he words for wagee that be does not pay
taxes or railroad freight charge, it is
very doubtful whether he has sense
euough to ever become a pop, When he
buys a sack of flour that ha been
shipped from Minneapolis to Kenesaw,
whodoebauppoe pars ths freight?
A man known to havs such views as this
writer could not be a member of any
labor organliatlon in this country, much
lea pop club. Kvery branch of organ
lied labor in this country has demanded
the Ira coinage of silver aad lb Federa
tion of labor now la evasion at Kansas
nty ha Juat reiterated that demand.
Amaawhodos aol know that ths
doubling of the pries of (arm product
would result la the Immediate Improve.
t of larm the building of thou
aad ol new boo aad barns aad
that that demand for labor would ol e
Uy result la Iret em plot log th
employed, aad eevoad la th iereaas ol
wag, I aot It to provide kr a lamity,
air. oUahwtk m eaturteaat la ea
at hi lletrtuee, Th peopl of this
tat du aot know that thar I a maaa
twetarse ol aay hiadal "war" at kea
aaaw, or that that I a "bo ol thar
aha Is Bteaala terieg "am," ikat he
ha a hard tlm ealUag the, ar that a
maekia ha toe laveatad t a rwa by
a toy that wltt tak th pteee al sum at
hired awe. Alt that leaakaewa t
ttoppeaere4 Ik Isnaraseatr.
Now thar ar ea ppa aha ar t
aa. ta laeiaaat that that
part al the Mis aaa takaa wwm aom
alia aomalisiM traelataaltaa tU
bag dMlrihated aver th atata at a
tsratalt akwtUa, Thera art tame
mighty ma ma aaaara apa a4
tartor Mr, llolleakwa aaoakt hart
km awe spatulas J ytvoa aamla
stead of making this general statement
Th third Utter Is so abusive that It
Is not fit to print. Ia the mind of th
writer of that letter, every man who baa
differed with him In regard to the policy
that the party baa followed In the past
li a "traitor," a "bribe taker," or baa
"been doing bis beet to destroy the
party." A man who will writ la that
style is not fit for association with do
cent men, and moat aertainly suob lan
guage will not be aent out to the families
who read the Indkpknuknt.
U Inalnta That it wss all th rult el th
Popullit Lag Ulatare.
North Vl&tte, Deo, S3, 1898.
Editor Independent!
In the publication of iny letter lot
weeK you omitted the Fourteenth
Fifteenth and Twety-ninih senatorial
districts, which together wltfoi tbe
Thirtieth and th four legislative dis
trict la the letter named would give
Senator Allen tbe same majority be
naa ia J.
In your criticism of tbe letter you
ask "Jiow I would get around aectioa
2 oz article 8 ox th constitution?" And
to be plain spoken I wouid not get
around It by violating It, aa was twice
done to prevent western piebraaka
from getting a fair representation. We
do not seek to violate tbe constitution
but to have Its mandatory provision
complied with. That section provided
for an enumeration of the tiiHialjltants
in 1895 as a basis for representation
but it Was not had. That section com'
manded a reapportionment after tbe
federal census of 1890, but that was
disregarded, and now the rule of con
struction Is advanced tliat a right
guaranteed by the iblghest law In tne
land may e Obliterated toy a viola
tion of the law In refusal of that
RIGHT. Queer way to pay an obliga
tion. It is not giving the frainer of
our constitution credit tor very good
intenteion to say that they conceded
certain rights due the inhabitant, yet
proviaea ir tney aid not take them at
particular moment tbey Should not
have them at alii Would It not be
more consistent to aay they believed
the right of reapportionment would
be given aa commanded by th consti
tution and tlhat the Inhibition con
tained In the section was Intended to
prevent it again being regulated until
another cenaaa showed a new rlirhtj
or in other words, thai it was tu pre
vent two apportionments upon one
It is quite republican, you know, to
get hold of something Which does not
belong to us, and then fount for a con
struction of law which will enable us
to keep It
I notice you say In your criticism
that had we paased such a law in '97,
tbe supreme court would nave refueed
to execute It If so western Nebraska
would cenaure the supreme court In
stead of the legislature. But we do
not believe the supreme court would
make sum a decision. Tbe conetltu
tioa is intended to secure rights, not
to prevent them.
Does it count lor nothing that Judge
Samuel Maxwell said in '97 that it was
lawful then to redistrlci. In fact in
answer to a queation, he wrote an
opinion covering the whole ground.
let the legislature turned a deaf ear.
and defeated the bill. I then told our
brethren In the east eim it would be
itTioult to elect members out here Mils
fall. Again last fall I told the populist
state committee at the Jacksoulan
club room In Omaha that our candi
dates ought to have help; tat having
from ten to fifteen counties to canvas
th burden was too great and th
voters not enthusiastic, Now, Mr. Kd
itor, my object Is to find the eaiiM and
apply a remedy. If some one will give
a cause for the stay-at-home vote other
thau what 1 bsv given, itd explain
why It operated la the wet end ami
not In the esat, I will b glad to help
remedy n.
Th constitution provide for an
enumeration and then says, "At no
other tlm,N It seem to Q editor of
th Independent that Ikoe word ar
pretty hard to get around. It baa !
wsjw been hi undrtndinf that
when Jutlg Maxwell w k4 for
aa oplaloa that h deeUlad th other
wsy frutu thai staled by Jutlg Ntvllla,
!lwtr that Hy W, th thing I
pt rtuedy imw. Thar ouuM to a
iwollv for a pvpullat WflaUUr U .
fua ta rppurlWa th tal It It
thought It had th right V d aa.
tea Judg NelU mM tt rhary
theu with raoa t th Wat attu
vf U prty, aad a ferlU.jr due aot
wUh t do that Th thieg fwr u to
d mw It t g to ta aad r4 a
eiatlf a fual uRU'iat ! vaabl u
ta alp ta every part of tho wtat
whr It 1 aedd It will to imim
hrd that ml eWa agv ta 14
paaateat Ud tttua ta U fw
that tht oaly tta thai it waa pwav
aiUt m itetvat IteMlof AWaa waa
Uf was eaal fr ate party a wtajur
My of aariy tare tha4 vule
h h tegialataia aad vfd til
apywrttea tto atata rutrd
awaaUtaUo. That I a tat anker
tht dapwavat eseta aat
rthrBnydr Oiv Bla Idaaof
Aoolent and Modam Oivillia
: tiong-Boma and Amarloa
Tb AlilaocaOaTallora Attantlon
to Profit Tbaa to Righteous
t Oorarnmant.
flrasd and th Tbaatr.
ftuch was Homo in tbe Caesarian
period of Home's history. Appetite
aatUfied, amusement secured and th
stupid multitude waa satlfied con
tented. With human form and heart
ot beast, they were tbo danger element
of Jiome. Hut Home In beginning
waa not ouch. Deeply religious, patri
otic to the lust drop of blood, iionor
able in all relatloua to a brother Ito-
inun, co-operators to tne kat man io
tbe nation, justice to all, safety to all,
and every man intelligent in all mat
ters of state, they make a grand pic
ture on the lone of historical drama.
No one was rich, all farm were small
the senator and the pleblan alike cul
tivated each his own farm. Every IIo.
man was a valuable integer in th
state good soldier and1 safe citizen.
Growth wa natural under ouch cir
cumstanceswas to be expected in
deed. And that growth was powerful
in vitality dam ul wiwutl a grows
tb oak or cedar so grew the Home of
aa earlier date, The fact that all Italy
was all cut up into small state fa
vored her development, but wo not
the cauae of it. And one of these
state food just a good a
chance as the city on the Tiber, but
naught else In Italy did It. A lu-gulus
and Horatio were product of this
planting. It show Carltele'e idea of
history being philosophy speaking by
example. Mark well tbe foot that they
never mocked or dishonored their
golds. True to what tbey knew, they
"bat constitutional defect wa there
is true. That senate waa a privileged
doss a nest egg of mischief and ruin
in the future, but nannies until
hatcled and grown. It took hundreds
of year to reveal It fu.. power for
mischief. Hut It came at lost, and here
is a herd of voting ccttle satisfied
with bread and the theater. A colise
um there was, but Ichabod wa writ
ten over the entrance. Stone and mor
tar, gold and silver, art and learning,
numbers and territory, but alas! man.
iiood waa gone. Kank waa there, but
QUALITY was gone a huge pile of
rottenness only remained1, lleliglon a
mockery, the gold ioulted or laughed
at, the finest of hypocrite and pol
troon, the soldier was all that was left
the last to periuh, but lo longer of
rlmltlve mold only a mercenary, and
expert robber occoding to rule.
Kvery true student will begin to
study this at the point where Itome
first appears. If wise tbe will follow
hat history until the Goth appears.
Kvery honeat patriot and statesman
will do all that man can do to keep all
such ruinous elements out of our na-
ional policy, national form of
nought ana scions.
That these Untied States at thl mo
ment need thl lesson emphasised, la
only too apparent to be doubted or de
nied. What does Mark llanna want
with so many millions if there Is Dotti
ng to buy? An, that -a the whirlpool,
he cesspool, the Btygisn hk1, any
liing you plean. that threaten our
ship of state. There Is no safety, there
an never be any safety where votes
snd courts ran be controlled by tnoru
ry. An alarmist, siu 1? Well, than all
human history la an alarmist That
fact at least hecure th feaiiectebllity
of my poeltloa. Nay, my brother, th
demand of th hour I fur men. Him-
I moneyage tier, cowards, self-een
erd bipeda, brltogtver and brlto
aktra, liiedler with th to.iot box
imI an honest count ar not men. They
r thing, dangerous thing, at that
Mor dangeroua than tto tiger of th
iungl. A hyaaa only eat dead men,
tot the voting brutv devour th
III lag. It wa tb fatal inlaiak of th
Ml law la fall on tto moral Us, Thav
gv proutlttiM- to profit Their pw
niiiu m ewrrevt aa far, al their
eaua waa jitat Hal nothing (hat
! ts ntorsl and rellglou la !y
tw a ever h4 a true awl Mlur
eg tluiily, Th wk kad f eurtio.
ratio! lit iiHUwiral aad "hell rm
huiimtj hwolv ought to h toe a
a y aot. aiii' work wugat to
h toaa a Cartel-aura HNk, and
ry AUUih pica th al f huMr,
Hut pruat M tb war aad tto Altoae
Ml lata th dm a. I It to kt Im rat
lyf I atu avt at4 K nr i m aay
bwly tU t Mar It 1 th tour has
trwvW wha bremt aad their ai
h tolaae af pwwvr. ThU rba e
ever dWl asy lvU, Th failed
nttM did awl hvtadred
r to tMa that tea th wrL
h famrWare, th rvlltf tot furte to
Had. aad If they ar lld, win thy
If tto trae a la all parti tld
to trMght Wwthar lata e nt4iai
liNi, It lt that w atigat to
aaved. Bnt trading for office, or for
firoflt can never aav us. lOvery vote
rom constable to president ought to
be a moral, oonaolentlou, patriotic,
and a Christian act. My hope la not
dead, perhape not even sick; may be
only a touch ot ague. If my country
lift half the world into a nobler,
grander, higher life as a result of the
war with Spain, my chilly symptom
would disappear instantly,
It make no difference hove vile a
wretch the republican employ, tbe
party get around and reward him.
For Instance, Roe Hammond attempt
ed to buy bis way into congTee by
trying to bribe W. A, 1'oynter to run
as a anide populist candidate, and
thereby divide th fusion force, and
elect Hammond. He failed, but was
appointed postmoater for the dirt he
tried to do, Tbe agent h used to do
thl dirty work wae on Tom Cook,
scavanger in political oeaspoola, bad to
be rewarded according to republican
tenet, and now ne ia appointed deputy
internal revenue collector for tbe 11
and of Porto ltlco. If McKlnley's ap
pointment ar all In keeping with the
above, it 1 no wonder th Dlngley bill
cannot furnish enough revenue. Fre.
mont Leader.
Instead of electing men to make
laws for them, let the people make
laws for themselves. Instead of elect
ing men to govern them, let th peo
ple govern themselves. Instead of
placing power in th hand m a few
legislators, let the people keep the
power In their own hands. Make this
a government of the people, by the
people and for the people, instead' of
government of the meoole bv lrresnon
sibla legislators, for the benefit of
whoever can raise the largest corrup.
tion fund. . a. Thompson.
A Ma Wh esa Make Argument With
est Calling Bla Opponent a Traitor,
Th following correspondence la
published with the greatest pleasure,
Here is one man who can flitter with
another without calling his opponent
a "traitor" or declaring that ha is de
termalned to "destroy tbo populist
party." -v ..;.:, v-.
I read with much interest your edl
toriol entitled, "Interest" in tbe Inde
penden t of December 1st, 1898. I think
that you are exactly right la all but
one point and utat point 1 th pro
posed remedv that the covrnmnnt
should, establish loaning banks and
loan money at 2 or 8 per cent to all
who wanted it and we could give secu.
nty. lou say that it wouid be "un
just" and the scheme advocated
would give "advantage" to those who
had property, because tbe poor who
could not give security could not get
loan. And you say there is only on
way to decrease the tribute to the
money loan era, and tnat ia to double
tbe volume of money in circulation.
All right. Hut 1 want to ask you
could tbe government supply the de
mand for Joans that would be asked
on security without more than doub
ling the money volume by Issuing
greenbacks or legal tender note 7 And
wouldn t tbe money come sooner into
circulation through suob banks than
It would if doubled without the loan
ing banks? According to tbe increase
in circulation of money the price of
produce and wogea would go up. How
would the poor be more benefited
without the banks by waiting longer
for the raising of wages? Those burd.
ened with indebtednea would to de
prived of a low rate of lntereat for
long time becaus the banker would
try to keen up the Interest aa long aa
they could. Thoe at-I've and saving
among th poor, after wagea are raised
will aoon hev some ourity and ahar
th benefit of a cheap use of money,
Thoa who ar stendthrlft. earelea
or lasy, will always to In want II
you would giv them a fortune, they
would spend II aud stay poor.
A, U. I! ALL m: 110.
I'luni Valley, Knoi County, Neb
There ar a great many more diffl
eultle eonnet'ted with government
oa than war enumerated In the
aitort editorial referred to by Mr. Ite.ll
berg. One of theni la tUlai When 1
th onlng buslaeae to lop? If loan
ar ta to mad ea properly at halt It
valuation, by tto tiine a fw hundred
nilliWHi a to a tku put la elrvul
lka, th valu ( th property would
to doubled and eawthe toa ea th
tame property eviuol to wttaiaed.
A th to would laereea tto valu
( inttaey www Id deet, or what I
th saate thlag, psleee would evaUaue
le rata, KvUlaatly tto guramat
etauld wt ge ea fof aay ktafth at Oa
la that way. U It did, IuhUI aa.
srrky weak) , Mey wwukl to
rotwe valueleae. V wvuld m to a
euodiittM far wa ttoa th guhl
taa tard. klr. lUUtorg wlU that
thar Mtuat to a limit la th ! td
WMtsey, lataMset to all wto aptMy aa4
faraba sawarity dto ael pal a Had! te
it Uka TtaataM)' arawh II wld gw
ea urvr 1 ewuld to ) 4'tV-
culty in getting a new Issue of money
in circulation. Let th government
buy the telegraph system. That would
put a lot of money la drciilatloo, A
purchase of the railroad system would
put a lot more in circulation. Build
Ing a navy would send out a lot more,
So would improving river and har
bor. There could be no trouble on
that account.
Hat Wh will Prv Tb Mk fl Is
ael Justly Deaerved A Pelator
for Poyatsr.
Editor Independent)
Blnoe election we bar read io tbe re
form fusion papers several articles by
different correspondent In regard to tb
shrinkage of th fusion vote, Eaeb man
has a different reason and a different
remedy eioept that they all agree that
it wa tb stay at boms that enused a
lack of votes to elect Senator Allen
which we tbink wa caused by a combi
nation of clrou Distance of which w will
nam two. Go wa that Bryan' bugle
was not beard In this campaign that la
the last two campaign seemed to nil
tbe atmosphere with enthusiasm from
shore to snore. We do aot under-ssti-mate
tha great effort that waa mad by
some of our great loyal man to arouse
the Indifferent to tbe danger of defeat,
but their speeches were not published In
tbe dally press and read and discussed
by friend and foe until tbey became ao
aroused tbey oould not forget the day
of election and their prejudice that bad
been created by tbe selfishness of some
of their own party. Another cause waa
the great triumph of tb fusion eleotloa
in Nebraska in 18VQ that mad some of
onr officers that were elected drunk with
success. Instead of carrying out tbe re
forms tbey adroeated before eieetloa,
they looked upon their certificate of elec
tion Instead of being an office of publlo
trust as a license fortbeir own aggran
disement, and economy did not com
ment) until it got beyond tbe shadow o
their own door yard. Men that had de
nounced publicly and privately tb
mean used by corporation to carry
elections and control previous kgisla-
tions became as docile as a br pool Used
subject in tb bands of a manipulator.
io this stupid condition tney renamed
until tbe middle of the session. Tby
would meet on Saturday and call tbe
roll and adjourn until tbe neit Monday
la tbe afternoon. Tbey would agale
call tbe roll and adjourn until the aegt
day. Tha one-third of the tine aad
one-half of tbs session waa passed and
nothing done except to Introduce bill
and All tbe state house with useless help.
pensioned on the state and rid home
Saturdays and back Mondays on tb
fre passes until tbe public press and aa
indignant publlo opinion called a halt
They then found tbs caiiendar nued
with bills until it wa like stream dam
med with floating Ice, then asiftlng com
mittee was appointed who assorted out
a few meritorious bills that were sup
posed a reform legislature would pass
without delay, but there were enough
frauds elected uoder tbe name of reform
who Joined with the republican party to
defeat nearly all tbe bills that touched
corporation interests, or would reduoe
state expenses. Among tbeae were tbe
anti-pas bills that wars expected to be
one of the first bills passed, but tbe free
pass fixer bad filled th pockets of th
moat of these reformers with tbe same
withering curs that paralysed every
previous legislature and made them like
a ball of putty to be moulded to salt
their will. And not withstanding a
warning was sounded through tb re
form press of tbe state that thsse free
pass subjects must noi be renominated
there were more of them renominated
than there were men that bad tried to
fulfill their promise to their constitu
ents. Ths result la tb defeat of the beat
senator that ever represented Nebraska
In ths United Ktatrs senata.
Who I to blame? Tbe voter who
stayed at home or the Influence which
eauaed such a result. It Is now said that
soma of thee men who hav toe pried
loos from th party are the atoet par
alateat applicant for position al th
dlapoaal of th governor eleot. W aay
lo th governor. If you hav any resnaet
for tb opisioa ol your frleads, doa'l
doit Your party ia aot bow iaa
humor to be Intpoead upon by tb op
polatmeat of such etea. Thar are eone
who aay that th repablieaa lagMatare
will paaa sotu ol taeee raforteed laws
ahkh tbslasioa WeWuetur raUsed lo
paaa. and thereby deprive thaw ol soate
ol the glory thai ttoy atiabl hav had.
vy would aay lo an a, dua l worry,
tto republic party I aot tolll thai
way. There wa a tint whe iar waa
aa eat! woeopolf eiemaat la th repab
toa party ol Nebraska, tot there la
aoa bow, iiev rrporuo party
are aad aiatia, i ua mio-M aa wU ei
I wet sail te try tu stop the low of
Mtlk II sure true It Btotkee aa lo at
(wet Ito rapablwaa to pa a law thai
aoald stow th flu ol hoodl treat tha
eorporatkia aad treat that It vat Ml of
la aiuw tu iw vie urn witsuai aay re
gard k Ito totory that re.
M, H. KttMtB,
Talataga, Nee,
Here I aa ertt toae live! pruto teat
I gulaf the reaedei A I lade hied ta
It IV It le C, CwUUMkltM r,
seat aiaewal. A, U. t tl aad 8 aa
ha t and w aewe. etd stMNuatiy
key aa4 pay their tl. Ttoy pal
thatr eaeaay all tugelaar. A taaae Ito
IV, gw le It, pete hie debt aad fata
hi reeeiH. It th eeia
I t , u te)
IK tl to It aad K to r. A, it, l li aad
K are t el ddl aad I to hi aaaa
y, wau, ii ay , t ia arT