The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, December 15, 1898, Image 8

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Lrf Mt On la th World Colaps la
Mow Turk City.
Jttw York, Dec. 19 The great steel
gas tank of the Consolidated Gaa com
puny, the largest of ita kind in the
world, collapsed at 6:20 o'clock venter
day afternoon. It went down with a
crash and roar like a great explosion
Masonry of granite blocka and bricks
to tho height of fifty feet foil liko a
child toy house of blocka, and loosen
d from bondage 8,000,000 gallon of
water, which deluged the street and
in a ten-foot tidal wave carried death
and destruction through the surround
ing neighborhood. It is not known
bow many were killed and injured.
The dead so fur recovered are: An
drew Wendt, workman; liius Ilaum,
engineer in adjacent factory; John
Gray, 75 years old, watchman, Manhat
tan. Four are missing, and twenty-one
more or less seriously injured.
W, J, Logan of the Logan Iron
Work of (ireen i'oint, L. I., the con
tractor who was building the tank,
arrived on the scene within a few min
ute after the collapse and was at once
placed under arrest.
William II. Itradley, chief engineer
of the Consolidated Uas company, and
aid to be Jointly responsible for the
work with Contractor Logan, was also
placed under arrest, They were
charged with homicide and their ball
was placed at 110,000 each.
Turkey tnt Sol. Hum In Culm.
Niew Voiik, J)i', liWfhe American
soldiers in Cuba and Porto Jtlco will
not lack ('liristmim dinner. Colonel
C A. Woodruff, assistant commissary
of subsistence, wilt forward to thum
by the steamer Mississippi, which
alls at noou to-day for hunt I ago
and I'once, 10,000 pounds of turkey
and 2. Oho pounds of cruu hurries, which
kould reach them in time for thcli
holiday celebrations, The birds will
be shipped In cold storage uml will
reach the company eooli hi good con
dition. Individual boxes will be car
ried free on the stuumer Mississippi.
The largest and finest collection
French Cony
blgb storm
Canadian seal
satin lining
high collar, tall
Astrakhans and
Caoadan seal
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ten tall trim
ming, each
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feta linlug, high collar
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kerehMs, silk mbroidrMd luitialC a
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f bWs, tsabroldured iultlal miU.. I Uw
Eltra toe all Uaea kaadkrebMa,
fauey at a. mbroidrd 'ueo0(n
taliial, each 4 M W V
llesMtltched aaadkmhlefs, faaey
esrotdfWil eorsers, also laiC m
Y!nikru4Wfd kasJkm'kwl at V I 8,
lle, lV.d l&e.
MUFFLURS Wool mtxetl dark muttler. h trirs and pUu!, each 15c
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Qass drop aliiiNa, fmt lb. 4Mt
Caady swim, riairttf kvtmk
eauiM "I airy Tatws" kvlda
IreAta Skli4 a4 AwMfWaa
ata4 Midy.rvMalaf 15 tital.
War Department Ihoh Rations
Vktnnf Application Is Mad
Wasbihgion, Dec. 14. Since the
tessatlon of hostilities this govern
ment ha spent about 11,000,000 in
feeding the starving Cuban and the
work is still goiug on. Besides this,
about 6,000,000 ration were left at
Santiago after the campaign before
that city, but have been used by
the American troops and distributed
among the Cubans. The distribution
of ration 1 now going on wherever
American force are found in Cuba, a
there i a standing order issued by the
secretary of war to dole out the ra
tions to Cuban whenever application
is mad for them.
Kansas Cltjr arid St. Iouls Are Exempt
Worn Anti-Trust Law.
JjcrrKiiHofi Crrv, Mo., Dec. 15. Su
preme court en banc yesterday, in an
opinion by Judge Ilurgess, decided
that the anti-t rust law of 1807, which
exempts the fire insurance companle
doing business in cities of over 100,000
inhabitants in this state from the pro
vision of the law, is constitutional.
The case decided were that of the
attorney general against the Aetna
and twenty-three other foreign Insur
ance companies and the American Cen
tral and the Citlzuns' Insurance com
panies of Ht, Louis doing business in
Kansas City for writs of ouster for
violation of the ' w by having the rate
for premium axed by a board of un
der rs,
T Tesah the I'orfo Jllonn,
Hah Juas m 1'oirro Ku.o, Dec 15,
The insular cabinet has decided to se
cure an elliulent American superin
tendent for the 1'orto Jilean school.
(ieiierul John Katon, tho well-known
educator and formerly United Mutes
commissioner of education, has been
selected and sent for.
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plaid taffeta lining, f 25
values, each
Gray krlmmer collarettes.
sold elsewhere at 118. Our (J J J y g
MUFFS French coney muffs.. .570
Iialtlo seal muffs, sealaklnjj
Asirasnaro muns..wMi wwmvivv
Fine Persian lamb .
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muffs, linht or
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chiefs, embroldorud, bemstltchml
and scalloped dosigns, at loc,'J5,
85, 60,75 andfl.MU
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handkerchiefs in mjuisite de
signs on linen batiste, at A
11.75, 'JoOU tl4
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wards Ut r(K,
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btirdere, cambrie, sa-...,
Japan!! baudkerrhiet, silk m Aa
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AU haa tmbroiiVrd kaadkvruaM
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wl.Mts wst m WW
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broidr4 iatial, each
Mikada a4 Tulbt tkwJtt
mAiM, M)aal la ear AOe tlw A As
wiate m .arii4, s Isu aUU
Wkaa'e Uun , at tboew
Rkt, (ttMeuUt mwI
aH ,, J la aat A C Aa
eaaJy la tie kuuksi, t la.
I'wf tut tm Unmy eVpartsMNit.
BrinB thia ad 7ith
Jadg Pmbody of St. tools. Presides
With Revolver la Bis Hand.
St. Louis, Ma, Deo. 15. A riot oc
curred in the first district police court
yesterday, during which Judge Thomas
II Pcabody, on the bench, eat with his
revolver in hi hand, while Attorney J.
D. Storta, with drawn weapon, de
nounced the judge in unmeasured
terms because of a decision he declared
unfair to hi clients. The attorney
was defending fonr women charged
with being questionable characters, and
the Judge declined to continue their
cases for more than one day. This
angered Storts, who drew his revolver
and launched into lurid denunciation
of the judge. The judge drew hi re
volver and called for officers to throw
the attorney out. The officers re
sponded, and after a battle, during
which furniture was demolished, the
lawyer was placed behind the bar.
The trial was taken up and the wo
men fined heavily.
Last night while Judge Peabody
waa about to enter hi home on I'age
boulevard, two men, supposed to be
friends of Attorney (storts, sprang up
on him and began assaulting him
with their fists. The judge attempted
to defend himself, but was overpow
ered. He was being worsted when hi
cries attracted a private watchman,
who ran to hi rescue and the assail
ant disappeared. The judge wa
bruised, but not seriously injured.
Referring to tho trouble in the
court the judge said: "When Storts
made that charge at me with his re
volver, of course I was prepared for
him and I would have fired if it had
not been that there were a dozen per
sons behind him. I considered that
my life was in Jeopardy and I meunt
to shoot at the first opportunity."
As there is bitter enmity between
Attorney Storts and the judge, it 1
feared there may be more serious
'I'll litfl'BlKVT ) ,VKT 11.00.
gathered here from all parts of
m am. aa. m m a am am a aaLaamam am, tarn, V iam f A sf jSk J SMvjsVt
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nM. and hlu at.o-nra muffs M t he
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woo ,n "d$ 1 .50
"3J r
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1 CA
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23 acd upward to 75.
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3o, and 5.
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ered Initial, 3 in a fancy XmaaACft
bos for.... bVU
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embroldrred baukerchiefs.Q Aft
In color
All whit rabroilriHl silk bandksr
chUfs, at K. a.1c, SOeand
upward to 9 1.
Japanese silk hemstitched handkr
enafs aul band mbrold
ri na4krenii at-...ssf ami
Whit silk bemstitcbiKl baudkwrcbWfs
plain and twilled silk. U UiU
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J "m, 3, 4iKj, 5(n-, 75 aud $l.UO.
Black silk hmstuvhl hasdkrvbwfs
at 85e, 4K 51 and 75.
Bruraded tlk bitadkerebiwl. prtty
eul or. ilie, O'si aad upward 0 f
mMtmMHittMtmHiHiMitwMtttMtimtiM a
VUra&Btaltuw, dtali. p la... ssUw
rWt latpuriwl llU auankauU- Q C m
law, pt t
Taatus ffitU4 ( ae4
4aMppK fl p ta ta sstM. ACsa
pm 4sww
A rei,,s,
you, or if you ordor by mail pleaoo montion thio papor
n niioiomi! no it unuuL.
Dr. Hyde, Ex-Police Surgeon ot
Kansas City. Arrested.
He Is a Demonstrator of Anatomy at the
Dolversltr Medical College Police Bar
Negroes Engaged With Him Have
Told AIL
Kansas Crrr, Deo. 16. Dr. IS. C
Ilyde, formerly police surgeon, one of
the 'demonstrators of anatomy ' at the
University Medical college, was ar
rested soon after noon to-day for grave
robbing. T. B. Carter, the negro jan
itor at the college, was arrested at the
same time. The charge Ilyde
is taking the body of Michael Kelly
from its grave at St. Mary' cemetary
last fall, but the polloo say they have
evidence to convict him with other
grave robberies.
The police have hinted si
fcsslon of Ham McClain,
who, with Charles 1'erry,
grave of Lenbra Todd in
the con
ie negro,
robbed tho
cemetery last Saturday night, that a
prominent physician was implicated
In the recent grave robberies, and
that as soon as tho evidence could be
gathered together ho would be ar
rested. What with "sweating" and
the best elforts of the detective,
ilie police have succeeded in accum
ulating evidence which they say
will disclose au organized gang of
irave robbers that have been respon
ilble for all the ghoulish work done ia
Kansas City for years. Besides the
warrant for Dr. Ilydo, others were
issued for Charles Perry, Sam McClain
mil T. It. Carter, the negro janitor at
the University Medical college. Carter
was under urrost but was released
Monday afternoon. He was let go to
illow lilin to lead the pollco to import-
the world and priced reasonably
1' rfeA ,44't Wt44AGI 4 0 L
juai uwu yo.uh a
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t'ttetMt, Ik raw.. . ...
TabM pwuilMw, a ,H.
M9 1.0a
4 4 t'CtV
Tn?ToTnjerroICne&raveoi juenora
Todd, a young uegress, was the inci
dent that led to the arrest of Dr. Hyde.
Charles Perry and McClain drove to
Woodiawn cemetery, Kansas City,
Kan., about midnight Saturday and
dragged the body of the young negress
from it grave. They delivered it to
Carter.the negro janitor of the medical
college, and were dividing the 20 they
received when they were arrested in
Flynn's saloon on Independence ave
nue. The officers who arrested them
supposed they had captured some foot
pads, but when McClain broke down
and confessed to the grave robbery the
police began at once to ferret out the
plot, with the result that they now al
lege to have the most convincing evi
dence against Dr. Hyde and others.
Declsrei Ha Must Either Resign From
the Army or Congress.
Washington, Dec. 15. Representa
tive Joseph W. Ualley, leader of the
minority, has formally and publicly
opened his fight on Major General Joe
Wheeler of Alabama, one of the heroes
of Santiago and a member of the
House. Mr. lialley announces that
General Wheeler cannot remain in the
army and vote and act as a member of
Congress. The constitution, says Mr.
lialley, clearly prohibits a member of
Congress from rccepting any ofllce un
der the United States while serving his
term, and this being true, General
Wheeler must resign from Congress or
from the army.
KiimU After .Itpmi's Hlil ps.
London, Dec. 15, The Tai ls corre
spondent of the London Daily News
says: "Ily Influencing China to delay
the payment of tho war indemnity to
Japan, the Russian government will
be enabled to acquire aeverul Japanese
warships now building abroad, which
Japan will be unable to pay for at the
Stipulated time,"
enough to be within reach oi
w - - - -
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