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Dec. is, i898
. a carets:
la) THEM -
Even thi Heathen Cannot Stand
, Filipinos' Treatment of Frfars.
Capture Cbtuahmnn Iltti Willi ;lol
, t' u4 Hang la the Xorfl4 on Ail As
lliltnH forbidden A Pro t. taut His
lonarr Ilium Syaaiih 1'rlMU,
. , fiAJr Fajrcisco, Dea 14. Tin Manila
oorrespondent of the Hong Kong Ex
press gives details of ih shocking
treatment of friars And other prison
ers captured by the insurgents la the
northern part of the Island of Luxon,
, General foybe, who was sent by
Atrulnaldo to attack the cities In the
extreme north of Luzon, sent a report
to ble chief that he h.vl brought the
entire Motion raided completely under
the oontroi of the Filipino. Ley be
also mentions fn hl report the capture
1 M A A .t .1 i - 1 . 1. i.
oi III inure una isy uruuiern, . tunny
Bpanleh soldiers, with their arm and
property aud sllvur aixl gold valued at ,
The correspondent of the Pros
states that from Hpanlsh sources have
UVIUV J J '11 Via . .- 1 w w wumm"
wimmltud lv rtihulii. who are eald to
' have looted the churches of the towns
of Cagayan and Apulrl, . The corre
pondeot says; "The bishop wae sub
jected to the grossest, Indignities. The
; frlare were beaten with slicks, kicked
and bung up in the torrid sun for sov
eral hour. The natives were forbid
dea, to render the frlare any asslst
ance. During their greatest suffering,
while hanging hungry and naked in
the burning eun, Chinese and natives
furtively supplied them with food and
water, , , " .
"One aed friar wae placed upon
saddle and jumped upon until blood
poured from his mouth and nose. An
other, it is said, was clothed only in a
rain coat, Carried in triumph for S00
yards and then cudgeled to death amid
savage cries, Nuns in the convent
were subjected to shameless , treat
Nftw York, Deo. R The American
Bible society has received a special re
port , from the Itev, John tt. iiykes,
whom it directed in rlcptember to pro
ceed from Shanghai to Manila and in
vsstlgate concerning the Philippine
islands as a field for lllble work, lie
reports concerning the islands, the
people, the views of Admiral Dewey
and American officers,
Mr. Uykes devotes some spaoe to a
recital of instances of what he terms
"saoredotal dopotis;n and official ra
pacity" nnder the Hpaniah regime, and
" says regarding the forineri
"I am sure the Itoman Catholics of
,, the United States would be as much
hooked as anybody at the friars. I
' am aware that thle is not Korean Cath
olicism as it is to be found in England
, and the United Mates to-day, and it
la necessary that this should bo em
" phaslzed in order to comprehend the
religious condition of the people and
, to adequately . realise their spiritual
' : In concluding his report Mr. Iiykes
, ' "Oeneral Otis, the military and civil
governor, said there can be no doubt
Of the great need of our work
,' "lie would welcome tho American
,. Bible society, and any other mission
ary organisation, and ho would have
much pleasure in giving us any help in
his power.
"Admiral Dewey received me most
cordially, and spoke very freely and
' nthuslastlcally about opening mission
Defealtieg Hank rraaldaet Iallata4
, Orri? Ills fradaeaasar Im the Staallaf.
rniLAPkiHU, Dee. li Gideon W,
' Marsh, president of the wrecked Key
tone National bank, wee sentenced by
Jadge Butler in the United tftalee die
trlot court to-day to be imprisoned
' twelve years and three months and to
- ay a f WO, Marsh was charged
wlla. conspiracy In making fla en
trie la the books and iasutng false re
ports to the euMptroller of tha ear
It wm taoegbt probable that Marsh
might, who brought ep for eeateaee,
ateke i tteteateat Irovlleatlag ethers
a the wrecking of the baak, bat be
surely ltoruw4 the exrjirt that bis
fwe4eeof in the pmtdeney oi the
' aejili ba4 left a defaUalloa of ever
II.OOAPaMIl Marsk deoltred be himself
bad never profited a dullar tbroagb the
1Wt tae luMiititt iae tw
Vassanat, Ivmv ltTkir is ,
lellelade aaMaf the lababllaals of
ilaa Kew stave the recent Ire, U
bleb l,0oa pouide let their live
Nveral ewslier Ires bate Menrre4
alaee, ail WUeted t be the et uf
Uevadlarlset, Ike Itkaaghai tally
' lre4 sets t'biaswew wt eaeg hi
; t the et f Igatttag deielUega, t'aey
were thrown liu the Asa tad
Vrne4 alle.
Tast, W. T., 14 It-tnarUa A.
fWUsa, t at IM atuet iiat
euUet esae raet anna ef IMS tlr, e
strte4 toOef bv sbwvliatf bie
ail wita a ra He ba4 bea e
It ! t Ul beatia.
feaaat ta fee ttet tae IMuwSifM,
' Ua tare Uiabaaa llvtaf
kara tra rttTVtfj ta let aa aathaa
iMt'trr-;'.- Iae Valte4 itatea
V aA Uwtktkt
r "..:J ii i- svttbet a faest-e ate
W t)prtmnt' e)(ittM for
I ! VoleeiMf WBint, ;
WisitwaTO, Deo. The war de
partment has begun in earnest the re
lief of the volunteer troops now sta
tlonsd at Manila by regulars. 1 Yester
day Secretary Alger(, signed an order
designating for this purpose six regi
racnts of United states infantry out of
eight held in reserve for service in
tropical countries. The regiments are
the Twentieth at Fort- Leavenworth,
Ran. I the Third at Fort Knelling,
Minn, I the Twelfth at Jefferson Bar
racks, Mo,, and Fort Ulley, Kan.) the
Seventeenth at Columbus Barracks,
Ohioi the Fourth at Fort Kherldan,
and the Twenty-sownd at Fort Crook,
Neb. The volunteers in Manila will
be retired in the order in which they
reached that city, ,
W nil Known 4lnnml to fie Ilevsee's
" ; Mllllr tiovrnnr. : '' ' -
Wasminotow, Dee. - 11 Hewretary
Alger has designated General Ludlow
to act as first military governor
of Havana, city, with full power to
deal with all local question, lie will
leave for his post shortly. , , ., i .
General Greene at Havana will re
main there until relieved by General
Ludlow and then come home to be re
' ' Y.tpr Cnmpunln Am war.
JtrttumtH City, Mo., Dee, 14. The
American and; Wells Fargo Kx press
companies have filed motions to have
the suits against them in the Supreme
court to compel them to pay the war
tax transferred to the federal court.
The company also fi'ed returns to the
alternative writ in which they say
they are not required by law to pay
for the stamps required, They say
also that this court should not decide
these cases until a similar case pend
ing in the federal court of New York
could be appealed and decided by the
(supreme court or the lmted (nates.
" 1
A SlxUftfitn Amondinont
WiSniNOTOv, Dec, 1 4. Representa
tive Hepburn of Iowa has introduced a
Joint resolution proposing an amend
ment of the constitution as follows!
"No new state, the territory of which
was not a part of the . United states
and nnder its jurisdiction and sover
elgnty on the 1st day of January, A.
D. Uii, shall be admitted into the
Union, unless three-fourths of the
members elected to each house of Con
gr ess shall vote affirmatively for such
admission." k
Home Mlsaraf us t'snsl Illlb
WisuiMOTOM, Deo, 14. Representa
tive Hepburn, of Iowa, introduced a
bill authorizing the 1'resldont to ac
quire by purchase from the states of
Costa Klca and Nicaragua f,uil owner
ship, Jurisdiction and sovereignty of
such land as may bo deslraule and
necessary to construct and defend a
hip canal. The president is also di
rected to construct such a canal, and
tb bill appropriates 1140,000,000 to
complete it.
IlUeks Sk ltniL
Wichita, Kan., Dec. 14. The status
of several thousand negro citizens of
the Cherokee nation Is attracting creat
attention at Tahlequah, I. T. Chero
kee slave holder did not define the
position of these slaves when .they be
came free and many blacks are now
seeking the best allotments and are
also demanding their pro rata of the
invested fund of several millions,
Full bloods seriously object
To Os-mms nrtghsm H, HokarU,!, Dee. 14. The Pres
byterian , Woman'a Home Missionary
society yesterday appointed a delegate
to go to Washington to represent
them In , behalf: of the rejection of
Brigbam II. ltoberts, congressman
elect from Utah, The Presbyterian
and Methodlat preachers' meetings ap
pointed delegates to represent them
on the aatne question.
rrafcete Jedfe latitat,
Srnnerinxii, Mo,, Dee. 14. The
grand Jury returned five Indlctmeata
against James A. Frtnk, probate Judge,
who La re-elacte4 to the oftloa, for eol
Uetlng and falling to report fees. The
amounts range la the eeveral counts
from II to K Jadge rrlak gave bond
la the anai cf JU0 for eaeb count, lie
says It U a persecution oa the part (
bla eaeulea.
aielmtan es ISa aiage
Totlpo, Ohio, Dee. li taaiael
Howe, vtea pr eat deal af the Mtage Car
aeatera' Natkmal Alllsaee. llarlav
Marry and Garland Usdea, all taenv
aera or ma i iie' eoespaay,
play leg at Burt 'a theater, ware serUma
iy iajurad last algal darksg a perfaraa
aafe, by the pveatatura esplvia af
a Trteae AUiaaa
LastHtM, ( UTbe rsrla eorra
spwadaal of Ike lally Mali lelagrseha
aa Interview be bad with lalted
biatae aaaslor t'eahssan K. llsvla, af
the peaaa evesmlashvn, aba a4 so tea a
triple alllaaae between the Ualtttl
tatee Ureal Britain a4 Japaa. ,
Uta tAsTkaBBBB taael jtsallaa IlaaaaaMaV
ilW fr-Wp i'aw pnsjuaaTg fw www (SH
Mtaswvai tilt. Ma, IW lt.lSr
est tlsveegar, laa aterderer af
Ibestsa Alien, wslrJ least net ten
ta4y. Ills sae all! a-t eoaa lata
ewart befra lebrwary. A seareb fur
laa ballet la laa Wala ef 11 la tie,
aagae baa beea wltt sw, Uar
taatary la ir4 apaieaa,
Private Business May Make
cancy in the Cabinet,
a Va-
1X4 Mot lataod te ataf Wbee He Ae
eeptad the Intarlor Portfolio Waete
to (tat lleelf te If la Ilealnass first
Political Offloe He Has Krar flaUL
WAsiiwoTOif; Dec 14. It is very
probable that Heoretary Bliss will ten
der hll resignation within a short
time to the President, lie has bad the
step nnder consideration for some
time, deeming it necessary that he
honld be free to devote mora time to
hi large business interests, Th res
ignation will not be duo in the least
to any differences with the President
or hU other advisers, but to Mr. Bliss
reluctance to continue longer in office
as secretary of the interior, At th
time be entered the cabinet it was
said seini-offidftlly that he did not in
tend to serve out the term of four
yearn, but would retire at some fitting
opportunity, '- ' '
It is presumed official announcement
will not be made until the President
hall have chosen Mr. BHns' sucoessor.
Tha place in Mr, McKlnley's cabinet
is the first political office Mr. Bliss
aver held. For years he has been in
tha front ranks of Uepubllcau polities
in Now York. ;
Tha first assistant secretary U
Thome Eyan of Kansas, a former
minister to Mexico,
Babels Bill Japanese l.'onatablas ea4
. Carry A if tlia Ilaads sa Troplilaa.
Bam FnAxcisoo, Deo, J4. Steamers
from Asiatic ports bring news of tha
rebellion in Formosa, Two hundred
rebels recently attacked a village and
looted the place. They burned thirty
even houses. A Japanese police In
spector and six constables were
killed in repelling the attack. One
constable was captured alive. The in
aurgents fastened on bis back the
bloody beads of his companions and
drove him before them into the woods.
Belnforcements were sent to the vil
lage, where the mutilated bodies af
tha officials were found One Japa
nese constable killed his own wife and
chll4 with bis sword to prevent them
fronvbecomlng captives. He was later
killed by the rebels.
TN IsnKi'KSMKST' tr"" all ea
(II h. U M I I
A short jtlou? ogothe; David City Ita
publicanV'a 'pflpefl,whlli had pri
claimed that proejierity Is ttmmd In
the Idiid slncse; tlwr present admlnl
I ration k dierge of national affairs,
died from a loek of jHitroiiage, due t.i
a IiK-k of prOKperiiy. Now the David
City News, tho only re(Hrbllcan paper
left in Butler county, is aerlously con.
sUleritiir sbuWhig up shop, although
its ditor inai Maine that pronperny
Is as ubiindaut ss flies in the eutnTiier
time. Both jxipers were able to tnib
slst during the tllavelflml jmidIo, but
iwrlUier ojio of them can stand this
MoKinley prosperity. Weword Inde
pendent Demoenut. )
If fotji of the demo-pop papers
throughout the state hu4 made aa vi g
orous n campaign bsforo the election
an they have been making el nee the
election, the result might have been
different in certain countlea in the
sttc, Btramsburg News. ,
Dr. Boll's Cough Hyrap will give lm
medinle relief to a child suffocating with
the dreadful croup. Mol here keep this
reliable medicine always handy and It
will snve you many uneasy; hours, It
cost but CO cts , ' . ,
Coorletad Mrnpapr Wee at the aflat-
' mom nnlane tor Ilia Offanae.
Topkka, Kan., Deo. 14. A. G, Stacy,
an old Kansas newspaper man, was
yesterday sentenced to one year and a
day in tho federal penitentiary for
ending obscene matter through tha
mails. This is the minimum sentence,
Tha offense consisted in mailing a
pamphlet, attacking the reputation of
bis divorced wife, to a number of
prominent people at Newton and else
where. Btocey's attorneys asked for a
stay in order to perfect an appeal, and
Judge Blner granted it and placed tha
bond at 15,000. Mtocey is in custody,
The Cebea C'ornmlMlnn faaderahle trill
lie Takee hf tha Ks-Vlae Fraaldant.
HAVANA, Dec. 14, Domingo Mendei
Capote has been selected president of
the Cuban commission at Washington
to succeed the late General Calixto
Garcia. He is a lawyer, and was re
cently elected president of the Bar as
sociation of Havana, During the rev
olutlon he was vice president of tha
Cuban republic. -
Honae Would Know of Colonial Voree
Wasiunotox, Dec. 14. In .the House
to-day, on motion of Mr, Hay, Demo
crat, of Virginia, a resolution was
adopted calling upon tha secretary of
war for Information as to what towns
in Porto llico, Cuba and tha ITiilip
pines are required to be garrisoned.
- ' : : iSL
jjnip ;nrcH j jit;
I r-
New Liocolo Steel Rane
pteaeeyoar dear wiie and faastly,
i Darlaet eookiaa stove made. . We
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las very beet
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set are ta roar aoor. iney are nsmoaosM, attraetiva,
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