The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, December 08, 1898, Page 3, Image 3

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    "Dec. 8, 1898
of Spain and wrought a triumph who dacl
t Ivene and fur reaobtng effoeu can carooly b
mnsxur-4. Nor enn w be unmindful of tne
t nuhlovement of our builder, mechanic end
srtlxen for Uiolr skill to the eonxlruotioa of
our wertiip,
With the cutaxtrophe of Huntlasro Rpuln' ef
fort nrwi the oeoun virtiiully eeuxed, A arm.
niodle effort towurfl the end of June to eorid
her stedimrrs ican fleet undor Admiral t'amnr
lori!lleveMunliaw;ixslinnilo ied the extmdltlin
being rneullod ufwr It bud pissed through the
Hue eusiul. Tlt capuluUon of Huntlugo fol
lowed. 'J lie city wax eloxely )eleeil y luinl,
While Uit) entrauoe of our lilp Into thn burlior
cut off all relief on timt aide. After a truce to
allow tins reniovul of nori-eombiitunt protruot-
d negotiation continued tivm July I until
July IS, when unler the nun v of lmmeiliiio
axxuiilt toe nroliiiilnurlox of aurrewlor wore
agreed upon, uu the I7tti tinorul Hhafter or
euplott the elty, 'Mm capitulation embraced
the entire euxutra mid of c ulm. 'J'be nunibnr of
rtpiilli aoldior surrender-id wu K;.0 all of
whom worui)ej'ieutly eouvoyed to Bpuia at
til OhlMW of llm United Htite.
Tlit tory of ml u'U30fiil eampitlni U tol
Id the report of the oeriituiy of war which will
belaid before you, 'ilielndlvlduul valor of ofll
fiora and anldlcr wu novo more etrlklnirty
shown tltun lu the a vnrsl engagement landing
to thesurren tier of Hunting), while tlia prompt
movement una aueicl v vl tjrlo won In
atunt and universal uppiuuxo. To tbos who
gullied till compete triumph which eMtubllxhod
the aseendnuey of llm United Htuu upon lund
u tiia Hxlit elf Huntiugo bud fixed our euproui
i:y on the seux, tlii itrit"t gratitude of tbo
nut I on la unxparihgiy duo. Nor should ws alono
remeiulier thu gull miry of the living, the doa 1
clulm our tour and loxxe by buttle and dloun
t imiNteloiid any exultation ut the result and
l mill u tbo weight itnd awful cost of war, bow
over, rhlitfut the ruuxe ornlKtiul tlia victory,
With tlui full of huiitliiuo, tlio orcupiitlon of
I 'or to Knur Ijoviirno Hi" ooxt utittnila mnvwlty,
Uoimt'ul Wll bad prcivlou-ly booo to
orKunlX'i uu ,oili.ion for that purpoxo l''or"
tunuUiiy Un wutolioiiily ut hnw.lmto, wbor h
bud arrivnd on tlio I ltd of July wkb rolnforou
monw forUuuoiul hlmltiir'n uruiy,
Orri'I'ATION Or rouro ItICO,
With tli"a troop, coimlilliiitof 3. lf I nf.iri try
and artlllory, two 0011 oikiI'm of arulnnera and
0'iu eompuny of tho lf nnl coi h, uoiiMral Mli"
b-flCiuiiiitiuiuiio on July i'l uivni i.luo truiia
port convoyod by lliu llo'it umlor O iptuln 1 1 Irf
Klnnou with tba Mukwu'inivottt (lluiNblp),
tUln, Ciloui'Oktor, f'oluuihlii and Ylv th two
IlitUir currln tr op, Tlisi expndltlon lundo t
at (iiimiicn July Hi, wlili'li port wuu mitorod
with II tl oppotltlim. Jli ru tlui flout wax
jolijod by Dm Anii;ip"H ui'd WttNp, wblla tlio
J'uritiiii mid Aitiphitili!) wi tit to Man Junu and
jolnml ili'i ,iuw iilcuim, which wu on (and in
lloikiiilln Unit port 'i'liM initjor no icrnl com
mand'iiK waauiiMiiiiriUy ruiiiforcod by Unn
oriil hdmiuifi lu lwiido of thn 'i'lilrd army
coi'pm by (JohoihI Wilooit, wlUi a part of bin di
vUlon and aloo by lirooiio with a part
of bin uui'pn, i.umlwrliitf In all l,W oliiMira and
On July tl tin xntr"d I'oihh), cn of tli moot
Important port In tlio InIiokI, from which bn
thoicnft r dlrut'Md opor iiioi of tlio cuptur of
tb Ulund,
With tho oxiwptlon of eneountora with tho
crniihy atUuuyuoiit, llornilKin.'.e, Conmo and
Vuuco, and an ultucU on a foroo litndixl at C'upo
Man Juan, thorn wuu howrloui. r'jxUtii ii'O. 'ibo
cauipultfn wim promcul;d with vraut vlor and
by 1)10 i.tb of AouMt, iiiuith of tlio inlund wax
lnourow!tlm and tbo ai'iulnltlon of thero
uialndor wuu only a ihuU't of a abort tlpio. At
moat of tho point In tho iNland, our troop 1
were ciithijulo-ticully woIuoukh! l'roumtatlou 1
of loyally to tho Hutf und Ki'ulitudo for doll very
froinMputilitb rutoini't our vouunundiirNat efcry
ntnifo. At a poluiit Inliii'tico towurd meo, tho
outcome of tbo 1'orlo Hli an nxpodltlon wa of
ffroat whimxjiihiico and v"oroua ooinuiendatloa
U dua to tuotto who piirthilputod lit lb
Tb lu-t rn-Aiin of the wur wax iwnclnd at Mu
ni la, lu atarllntf place, im AiiKuxt I Mb after a
brief aiiult upon the work by the land
fone, In whlrh the mjinidron umiliiU'd, the cup
It al u?rnnih)rd uncoiiilltlonully, Tbe caxuul
tle were eompurutlvoly few. Jly tbla eonqueat
' of tbo Philippine Inland vlrtunlly aooompllahed
wboo the Mpan'xb capacity tor rexlxtunce wita
dentroynd by Admiral Dewey' vlotory of the
lt of May, wu fornmlly Muled. To General
Merrltt, bla oftieer and men for their uncoin
plalnlnu and devotiid aorvlce for their gal
luntry In a'tlon, tbe nation la lncerely gtnlo
fuL Their lonif voyaue wuu miide with altiKUlur
aueenM, and the aoldlerly ronduct of the men.
a of whom many wore without prevlouiex
nertenoe In the military aervloea, doaervea un
mftaxurod pralxe.
The totul ciiHuultlc In killed and wounded In
the army durlnif the war wn ax follow: Officer
killed, enllxtcd men killed, !ii)7; total : V :
oflteera woundiMl, H i; enllxted men wounded
1,401: Uitul 1,677 of tbe navy, killed 17: wounded
n7;dloda remit of wound, one; luvalldod from
wirvli'elj total H.
It will be obxerved that while our navy wan
eniraued In two ifrcut buttle ami In numerou
pcrllou undcrtiildim In the blockade, and
bombardment arid morn tliun 'ni, x j of our troopn
were IruiiHporti'd to dlntitnt lundx, end enwuifcd
In aaxuult and lee and buttle and many nkirin- )
Ixhealn utifuinillur torn lory, wo lot In both
arm of tbe nervlce a total of I,' klllod and
wounded; and In tbe entire campaigning by
lund and aea we did not Iom uuu or a fink or a
lranport or a khlp, and with tbe exception of
the crew of the Maritime, uotakoldler oraaallor
waa tukon prixonor.
On Au(fut7lh., forty-dx day from the duto
of lundlntf of Uennrul Khufur' army In Culm
and tweutyoneduy from the urreiul(ir of Hun
tlutfo, the Uulu-d stjti'n troop commenced im
burkatlon for home and our entire force wa ri
turned to tbe I'nlicd stulc a early a Auuut
SHU. They wnre ubetil from the Uultod HtU
only two month.
It 1 tltiliiK that I khouM br textlmony to
the patriotism and devotion of thut la rue por
tion of our army whh'h. although eiMor to ie
ordered to the poxl of nr iitcit rxpoaure, fur
lunuUily wu not rmMd outillo of the IJiiIim.I
Htute. Tloy did tlmir whole duty and Ilk'
their romrmle at the front, have erii)l tho
iirutltudu of tbe tiullon. In like nuititnT. the
otlleer and mn of the army and of the navy
who i;iiiinti lit their dcpuriinrnta and u
tlon of the navy, tHTformiii uiont Imimrinm
itiiti(!roniini'Ud wllh the wiir.ati l who r
quoktai for axxiirniiifliit lu the lii-M and at ara It
waa eoniUed to rvfuo tr'aue their wrvlre
wre ludl(Hinitiie here, are eniitM to thn
hliet hiiiiiiikI,ioii i I tnr toxrt that
there iii to be no provulon t r Utolr ault
able roxiKiililoa.
The I'roxldtut here par yraerful tribute lo
the IIihI Cro. and ruiiliniiK:
la Iratdiitf tln evenu we are ennatantly r
mltuMuf our 001111. un to the IHvlun Matr
for 111 wuhfnl ii uter u and III (
KiiliUiu. I" hU h Ih Uatlon Mku ravvr ut
4'anuwUnlotfieul and uRdi bumlila ryr li
h MtitUHuni of Hi favor,
The annlbiUlloa at A'tmlml Cerver flntt.
MUiwod r lh 'i.liuUtu,ii i.f !xuima. hlit
hruunhl to tUm ipMl ynterutiixiil rralulii
M'Umi uf the tliir of utiaiiia a tHuw
(la au bm.uiiH' bnll)i uitutl, 11 ixwl otvr
tor of p thioimh ln rvu, h uumthr,
btt, wita Ih Kwnl i hU vtnuM!iit, ki
ld m tk ftlvadlf r'ptuln o kui.h
luiarvate durum IM ar.
TIIK I fcttH M Mil mint.
Tk wxrf ! rl the eiwatatf f
fm-m a-liiiuM wt lh i4ilat ni tM M.
AHUie I ii IU all alkie uf
uverviewty ei -! iil ttta,
'Ami. 14 i Mmij o iwia to Ike t'iw4
Mi tea Ike of mm Mint 4 ikf
lH4 awe) ktimk 1411 1 imi
Wt I -!. I .M a tta4 ij ike .
4iv tat k i4 k Ik 1'kltMl kMMxk
AilMt ft Ike I aiunl kt will
a4wU IM MIV, M kJk, M
lt4iM IM iwe ii y a
kkk kAU Wvii Ik VMilfMt, duy4jtliw
y4 weaMil 4 Ik lktlltHM "
Ik IwwiVk Mttvk Mutt4 M tk k,yU.
kw el ktl M the M ! Ike
1114 kMj k4 Ktta. k hw m iv
4 Ik) im, irmiil M Ik kvifHM ,4
) )M kMiiiM ! Ike eiil u
lrlkHl (Mit ) wl I k Sil tU kl
4ko knl M Ik Wt l4t
V a iik ! itki4 M ik rK,li.
KMlelkH tax u It imiwiiimnwi
i a mi m I'tMMi tkkti ike tkjtw
ber let,, and to proceed to the aoirotluttou and
eoncluklon of a treaty of Kiiice, aubjovt to rutl
Ccutlon aeoordlntf to tho rexDootlve conitltu
tlonul form of the two rouutrlni. .
The alxth and luxt article provldm that upon
the li(nlui( of the protoool, hoitlllilo belwoen
the two oountrlo ehouhl be auxpmidnd and
that notloe to thut eftinit khould bo ylvon a
aoon a poMlble by ouch yovurnmnnt to the
eomm.indor of It mllltury and naval fonw
'lh appointment of ponce rommlNlon to
I'tirl and mllltury coinmiaxl'in to Cuba and
1'orto Kico to arrunite for evueuatlon are re
ferrod to,
The J'orto lllcnn Joint rommlxHloa epfcdllr
Bc-coilipllHhcd It Uxl( O,' to Off IH, nod the
American flui wu ruleod over the iHlnnd at
noon that day. Owlritf to the dimuultb' In tho
way of rernovlmr tho lurxn ntimimr of Mphlh
troop atlll In Culu, tbo rvitcimtlon onnnot be
compleicil before the ltof Junuury next,
Of the 1'arU pom' noiiotlulion the tuevxaee
1'he nftfotlutlon have made hopeful pro'
irroxx, o Dint I truxt aoon to be able to luy a
dollnlte treaty of pcut'0 before the Hotintn, with
a review of theiop loudlnii to It elk-nature,
I do not dlxcox at thle time the ttovernmnnt
or the future of tho new poMxnxxloti which will
come to u a tho remtlt of the war with Hp 1I11,
Huch a dlxouxHlon will be npproprlutn nfier tho
treaty of pence kIiiiII bo rutlfled in thn trinun
time nd until Coniio-i hit. lovlxlatnd
othorwlki, ll will be my duty to eon
II n 110 the lulllliiry (iivcriiini'tit which
have exlhted uluee our occupation and
drive It people encurlty lu Hfo an I property and
uncouriiKomMiit umlor a luxt unl benellolont
A aoon a we are 1 1 p jxxexxlon of Cu'i and
hiivop.i Hied thelxUnl, It will bo nucoiN'iry to
Klve aid and dlrei tlou to till people t form a
Kovcmmont for thnmxelvo, '1'hl i khould be
undertaken at thn eurliext moment coiiMhIoiiI
wlthiiifoty iind uxxurodxtiecflx. ltlx Import nit
that our relation with tbee people ahall be
of th' tnoMt frlondly character and our com
merclnl ndutloit clone and reciprocal, It
khould b our duty to uxxlxt la every proper
way to btilld up the wanUt plucex of the Ulund,
enoouriwo the iiidnxlry of the people and a 11
them lo form a Kovnrmiioiit wbluh ehull be
free and Independent, th u feiillttliitf the bext
uxplrutlon of UieCuimu p -ople.
KpunlHh rule mnxt be repintel by a Juxt, b
nevoh'it end biiniune irovernmoiit, created by
the people of ( tiliu, etipible of erforinliitf all
InU'riiuilofiiil ohllKutloi and which xhall en
oouraite thrift, Indiixtry mid proxperlty and
proinoto p'u and kJ will inn iiw all of tho
Inhabit ibt, whutuvor muy hitvo Imnu their ro
liitlonx In the pux', Nek in; r rii.eiino nor pnx
M n khould huvo n pi, wo lu the now ifovern
ment, Until there I com pie to truii'iulllty lu
the Ixlitud and a kluhlii Ki.veniiMoiit limutfiir
ut"d, mllltury occnp.nloti will bu eontlnuml,
With the exooptioii of the rupture with Hpitln
the lulorcourxo of the United Htuta with the
Ifreut family of nutlonx lnn bieu marked with
cordiality, ant the oio of the eventful your
Iind tnokt of the ixxue thut nooexxnrlly arlxe
in the complex relation of eoverultm aiate
odjuxtfid or preaentlnif no aorlou ohxticlo to
a Juxt and bouorublo aolutloa by amlvablo
Ttie NicaruKuaeunnl eommlaxl n, under the
ehurnplonf,hl t of It 'I'.r Aduilrul John 0.
Walker, appoltited July H, IM7, under the au
thority of a provlxioil in the xnmlry civil net of
June 4 of thotyour, hu neir y oornploted lie
labor, and the rexult of It exhiiuatlve Inquiry
int the proir route, tbe fitiixioilltr and the
coat of I'oiiKtructlon of nil Inter-oeou'ilo canal
by a Nicurutfuun route will bo luld b fore you
In the performance of It taxi the commluxlon
received all po i lble courtoxy and axxlxtance
from Ihovovornmont of Nlvurnut and Coxtu
lilcu, wbleh tbu t ktllP d their appreciation
of the importance of kIvIhk a xpeeily and pruc
tlcul ou come to the u eut project th it ha for
xo many yean 0!irod the attention of the
roxpectlvo countrlex.
A the kcope of recent Inquiry embraced the
Whole aubjm't, with the aim of mulilnif plan
and aurvoy for a cunul by tho moxt convenient
route, It uecexxarlly Included a review of the re
xult of previou xurvey and plan, and In pur
llculur thoxe adopted by the Maritime Canal
company under It exlxtinif eoni'4-xxlon from
Nicaragua and Coxtu Klca, o that to thlx extent
tho(franueecoxxnilly held an exxentlul part
In the deliberation ami concliixlon of the cunul
oorumlxulon, a thoy have held, and muxt tieed
hold, In the dlHcuxlon of the mutter by the Con
irre, tinder tbn clrmunxtuncex, and la view
of overturn made to the government of Nic
aragua and Coma Klca by other pnrtle for a
new cunul coneexxlon predicated on the axxunied
approachltig lupxo of the contructe of Die Marl
time Canul company, with thoxe xtutex I bave
not beltatd to exprex my conviction tbalcon
klderatlon of oxpedlenny and Inlernutloiiul pol
icy u between the keverul government Inter-
axled In tbo conxtructlon and control of no Inter
oceanic canal by thl route rmjulre the niulnten
anc of the etalu quo, until the ennui com mix
klon xhall have reported and the United Mlute
('ongrex xhall huvo hud the opportunity to
pun finally upon tho whole mutter during tho
prnxrnt lexxlon, without projudlue by rouxon of
any chunxe In tho exlitlng ooudlllonx,
Nnvertbelo, It appear thut the gov
ernment of Niearuguit, a one of Hx
laxt aoverelgn act before merging It
power In lUoe of the iivwly formed United
State of Ckmtrul An,erlc4 hit grunted an op
tlonul C4JtiernKlon to another uxxoclullou to lie
come effective on the expiration of tho prexenl
grant. It don not uppear whatkiiney have
boon made or what routo I propoxod under thu
conlliigent granted xo th it an exiimlnut Ion of
the feaxlhlllly of it plun I nocoxurlly not
embraced In the report of the cunul commlx
xlon. All thoxe clruumxlunco kiiggnxt the
tugeney of ome dultiilte action by IheCohgre
at thl wixxiun If tbe luburx of the pnxt are to bo
utilized and the Unking uf tho Atlantic and l'u
cllie oceun by a practlcul wUrway 1 lu be
reullxed, Thut the couitructlon of ucli a mari
time highwnv I now more tlmii 1 ver Imllxpon . and reuily Intor-commuu-icullon
between our euMT and weiern "
iNiurd tlein ndeil by tho uiimxatlou of tbe
liawuilau Ixluiiilx and lh proxpeeilve expun
nlon of our Inllneiofl unit eoiimiinci) to I'ut'llle
iind that our uulloiiul policy now mor Impel
lively than evur cull for It control of thlx
government, are p-op ..Itlou which I doubt
nut thet'oiigiex will duly upproclule and wlxtdy
m l Uixdi.
airi'4iitx M iiiiMt.
Th Unlnxl Htuto b hot Im n an Indlflnrenl
Nh.iutor of the eitr im ll-mr evuiii truuxpir
ing In the Chile' 111 eioplre, w hereby portion uf
It mainline iro Ineu an iMtMlng uii.t" r the
imiilrol ol vurioii l,uiomii k,w ri but the
pro!! that IHe vt eoiuiii r wlilca lb
n. rgy of our cHUn end the 11 elty of our
.i.ipl prhtuctl'in for ( lilnexa ue b built
i.p In thuo region Miy lnt be prtindtced
l'.inmi,'h any exi lulv Imutmeut by III new
mHipuiil k i l,vtt- l Ik neti, of our eouiilry
bnx'iulng an act r la lb
(Hit hmiiIo B'Uon niiiu having a le
'm-II1iii"'1, ul conU'iiW ex painting dim I
inAa muh in firihr orit itl, glv u IM
iullliln lilxoii i .,u.l,U id (ilvlnlit
iic imeiil In lh' rgarl k d It will Im my aie
I Htaf eir la'i iilurt In thi jurti
hy ril kMNtn pirprut t lb iial l I cy
.. our etiuii"i,l. Th lirii,nli ut Kl-
t k,. til VI l ll- Was xl ol 1111 Arthur aud
I!I Wan, Ws id liciik4Hy, llttNtl lrlte
ao4 HmI levtnl, lor l. itu vl will
II t t wl, it'i ! imr
aibl uune iwk at'
WWllei kM If IK dl'I.UllllHg
liwalxwal ol AmwI 40"a Ihoir wW
I I Mkl M il, kt k '!' 0i4ivl,
tk itel4 uf kl ul td el u
b I , '-4
titt Mkl AIIOk Willi ktiMkU
iuf Mbxlluk Willi llral lula kv .
Ilkunl Ik t ii.lir Iwliai, A Mil
tag k kf tMwk. IM Mi4vtiM uf AauMK
h4 tkl lwto la ktk Mttl no.,
wnoxl kr ik h.1 -iir
wiail . uf uwi iiii wku f4ait4 ik4r
tu-ixt vl l" it kv ml
UIHM klgk HleUnMt I k D 4
to ak (wm i)iMi to IM tn' el Mr
Hilk mpmt muiwI at kti) gi
lk. kk kiini Wlb kti 4iiuiik4
rntiw mi4 aaliMM tHt IM t4ofi
lk4 dly , iy tMHi
I ik ii kit 4 Ari rttil to
rHMi Mk l Ik I tt IM mnhi 1 tl
mk IM tiwi ai at tki Mkiii.
IM twa4'M fkk kkl4 IkeillIMM M
the pauge for TJulto.l Stuuw revenue cutter
from the Urent T.akoi to the Atlnutlo 00 ant by
way of the Canadian canal and thoHt, Lawreno
river. The vexwl had reached link Ontario,
and were there uwultug he opening of navlga
Hon, when war wu declined between lit
United Nuto and Ppuln. Her mujexty'x
government thereupon, by communication
of the hitter part of April, Minted thut the per
mlxxlon grunted before the outlunuk of hoxilll.
tin would not be wlthilruw 11, provided th Unit
cil Miiiiex government guv auruiice that th
vhcI Id quektlon will procwl illroel to a
United Htxie port without engaging In any
box tile operation, Thl the government
promptly agreed to the ktlpulatd condition,
it being understood thnl the vexel would not
be prohibited from relilng any boxUlo at
tuck. It will give ma xpclul nvtlxfnctlon If t ahnll
be aulhorlwd tocoiiimunliutdUi you a fuvor
able concliixlon of the pending nofoiliiiloim
with 0 1 "ut lirltuln lu roxpect to the Domluloa
ofl'iinuda, It I tlieenriiuxi wlxh of thl gov
ernment to remove all xoui co of dlxeord and Ir
ritation In the relation with the neighboring
dominion. 'J he trade between the two eounirlo
I eoiiktuutly Increuxlng and It I ImporUit to
both eounirlo thut nil roiuonulilo fuel 1 1 ilex
khould ge grnnie 1 for It dovelopinent.
Thexeereiury of the trnuxury report that the
receipt of (lie (jovnriimcnt from all kotirce
(luring the llxintl yenr ending June 8', H, lu.
eluding iH,7.'il,8.'a re elved from xule of i'uclfla
rullmudx, amotiiited tol ,mv end Itxex
iwiwtltiimi to lill,8e,?.t There wa obtained
from etixlom lllii,7,',elf, and fro 11 luinrnul
revenue tl70,wn,i, our dutlubio Import
amountod fo H-:,Vts.m, a d reixe of ,! (),
0 V over tile pt'eceillnif yen", mid Imporliillonx
free of duly Miiiomilnd 10 1.l'l,lll,l7i, a denreuxe
from tho preceding your of Internal
revenue receipt exeeednd thoxe of the proced
lug year dy ; i,'J I ',',0 W
'i'he totul tux eollo H'd on dlxtllled xplrlt
wal.' ,'4ii,MUj on muiiufni'turod tobnceoi(i,
twit, and tm rnnnutd liquor iii,.ii.",4JI,
We exporied merelnwdlwe during the year
Bininmtlng to HI.V 'l.ix1,', mi, an Inmea of ix,.
4xa 771 from the preceding year.
It Ixexllinuiel upon the buxl of prexenl rev
enue law Unit the rieiptof the government
for the your endln June Hi, MV. will bei77,
H74W7, and It expen lluire V)-,',B74,(J7, re
kiililngln a deiicien y of f 1 u, uo.w.
On the lt of lieoembor, im, there wa held
In the treuxury gold coin amounting toll,i
l,"-l, gold bullion liinoiintlng to 1IIM,W,6,
xiiver bullion umoiiutiog to Ism,ii.'u,,j o, and
oilier form of inonuy amounting loll.d.v'W,
.Ml. On the umo ilnli the amount of money of all
kind in circulation or not Inclu led In treitnury
i.oldlng., wa il,K),H7u,!i()4 an liiereuxe for the
yeur of f lw,?oi,y 0 Kxtlmui lug our populutloa
at 1 b, u it, ui Hie lime ineuiio n d, the pi ri ap
It a ulreuluiloii wa ii.
On tbe xuiioi dale there wa In th'i treuxury
gold bullion emouuiing to Ii;in,,u3,ma,
'J'be provlxlon mude for xtrimgihenlng the
inxouriiex of the treuxury In eotiunutloit with
the wur tin given luornnxed coblblonce In the
purpoxe and power of tbe govoinuient to main
tain the ike ii uiulurd, and ha extuMixhod
more tlrmly tbun ever the uatlonnl credit at
home end abroad, A liiurked evidence of Ihl
I found lu the Inflow of gold to the treuxury.
It net go d holding on November I, I MM, were
:if '.xx.vrt a cotnpured with IIM.a.ll? vo
Novemlier I, iwt7, and an Increnxo of net eiun
of $M, IM, loo, November I, IM7, to U BiH.'flS,
November I, I'ttx, 'J ho preMcnt rutlo of net
Ireaxiirygold outxtundlng government llulll
Hie, Including Dulled htulox trnuxury nouof
lnu kllver rurtlflCHte, imrrencv corllUcaio,
ktundnrd kllver dollar and fractional kllver
coin, November I, I'D, wax tit per cant a com
p 1 red wlih 16 V0 p r cent Noveiuimr I, Iw7,
I renew o much of my recommeiidulloa of
l)eeemlirr, IW7, U follow
"That when any of the United Mint") Dole
are printed for redemption and are redeemed
In gold auch not -x xhull lie kept and kot upurt
and only paid out In exchungo for gold, 'i'bl I
aa obvlou duty, if the bolder of tbo United
Mlute note preferi the gold and gel It from
th government, he khould not receive back
from the governrm nt a Unlud Htuto not
without paying gold in exchange for It The
reason for thl lxu1e nil the more uppureut
when th government Ixxue an Intoroxt beur
Inr debt to provide gold for th redemption of
United htutea note- tion-lnUiret bearing
ilebl Hurely It khould not pay ihein out again
except ou demand a d for gold, If they art
put out In any other way they muy return
again, to be followed by another bond Ixeue to
redeem tbem, another liiterext-luutlng debt to
redeem a non-luterext bearing debt,"
Thlx recommendation wu made In lh belief
that xurh provlxlonx of luw would I ixure to ft
greater degree the xufi ty of the prexenl tan
durd and betier protect our currency from th
danger to Which It I kubjocled f om s dlxlurb
anue In the gunurul buxlnex conUllloii of lb
In my Judgment the prexenl condition gf th
treuxury amply Juxtlllu the Immediate enuct
meiitof the leglxlailuu recommend d one year
ago, under which a portion of tlio gold holding
xhould be plucod lu a trout fund from wbluh
grcenhock khould lie redeem d upon pre-enta-llon.
tmi when once retioemnd xhould nut ther
nfier be puid out except fo - gold.
Il I not lo bo Inferred that oilier leglxlutlon
telutlng to 0 ir currency 1 not required, on
the contrary, there I au obviou demuud for It.
I'he Importuuce of udoquutepruvUlou which
will Inxure to our future a money etuudurd re
luted a our money ktuudurd now and to thut of
our commercial rivul I geucrnlly rocogulisd.
Tbo coinpunlon propoxltloa thut our dome la
paper currency xhull tie kept kufe and yet be ao
related to the need of our Indiutrlei and In
t ruul com men o a to be adciiuulound rexpon
Ivetokuch nee.lx Ix a propinltlou xcurcoly lox
Important, Tbu kuiiject, In all It purtx, I
commended to tho wlxe cotixlilerutlun of the
Th Importance of leglxbitlon for the perm i
neat tnurenxe of the army I muulfext an I the
roe .iiiineudution of the aec rotary of war for
that puipooe ha tny uuqoutillitd epprovul.
1 hero 1 uu ho no quitlon that ai thl tuna and
probably fur aoine tlmo lu the future ln,"UJ
nieu will Ihi n ,no too iiiuuy to meet the neeex
xllie of the kituiillou At all event, whether
thut number xhull Im required peilurncnlly or
not, the power khiiuid l,e given tutbel'rexl
ib nl to enlixt that form If, In In dlxcrotiou, II
xhould lie iieeisxxarv, and the further dUtiielloa
houhl be given him to recruit within lb') above
I mil from the liiimht m.u of the Ulantt with
the government of which we are chiiiyed.
Ill my pm pone to mutr out the entlra
volunteer 11 rin y a on a lb lmgrtm ahull
provide fur lh" In, reu of Hie ritgulur rxlub
llxhmeiit. Ihl will be only an actof JutU
and will be nint h, ppriuit by lb brave Inett
bu b ft their home, klid llipl)lucul to Mg
th country In i enierttiiti y.
Th fottowiiig t.iuno 11 UtU.11 of th Miter
lury n( lite ny rtiv lolh laora of lb
evy he my rut ipr il:
. Thrro xolu4 kiictthal and eopprd
hnHlel,lp !,( IIU 1 1, u Im Irul displ
aural, mrilii the kll armor and uvm!
H,er(iil oiilhll lof vl of Ihvlr !,
nd lo kv lb kUbMt krt it)lit) p. au4
! rMn wl 'Hon. C.iuiii uk xeU
i nf arMKir id aruiaiuutti, i,iti,xi iw,
I. 1 fciea klll kkd vtqilwrutt kfworwt
ftltlMI . but 1 1, 'X loU lll tfhlllk.KUMUl,
1'nMiike Ik hwil't aiaiot ud atwi puaaifui
txd'iar fur latwli uf tkir vl. and to k
lh htkl Mr 'in iNt4 l grt r4lu
uliuii, l io.u4 oi, ivti w krsftuf
h I kitntuwel. It u. jot vh,
A IkoM la 1 b-M kMl v-'t'l ftrvlX(le4
rlei uf aiMMt 14i til) iiiimiiw to
kv Ik kil ' uiiUkMl u4 xl groat
lelm ul ai. a 4 to frf ik kve
ful lllhv llltaM I Itwal u lklr kM4v
lHli Vuxt, elull wl kir kVl k'
XMMll. -. 11 l
4 kik4 k4 iwl trwtol klwwi
(Ml k tl'ki 4 wu. ' lull to kIMhkfk
I tt HUU4lluM WIU u4 HKIk lVMtt
Dim. .! ul tlu k to Miiy Ik
MM kl)ul UlduitlMl) IIMX Id )MfU w
Ikeir k.iiwix4 uS iU u i
IMXI, i ti kewA,
I k4it wilt Ik Mu4f wi tk Navy I
HniMl kl lk ilv ul k"ttlkt -! K
klxeitl k ln.t.0i (utli.t to to) Bod k
). ll MikM4 IkMku
wi la ).kk kii
k tl UHIMXXl lxn ul M tM
kui. l" lkx ti III '! ik
tHl ul IM li i4 IM (miwI
im ui if 4 4ioii u i uM kjrua
ktxk Ik wi af to ..) i k
a Besieged Army Obtained Drinking Water-After a
Soidiers Went Down cn their Hands and Knees and
Drank Water In the Horses Hoof Tracks.
From the Pru,
One of Ih flr( le offer their xervlre fur Iho
country In Hie Civil War, wu A. It. heUoii.of
Mllruv, lluxll County, led, lie iniulc 11 good
rreurii, 11 ml when lh greet ilillicully wuxxct
lied, wil liollolllhly illw linrged.
'J'oelny Mr, Hefion Ix ff yeuia old, ft promi
nent farmer, the lu inl of a lure liunily, end
liotwillntumlliiK Hie 111 ellocl of uriuy Jii'e,
ll enjiiyhig exeeileni lit-nllli,
'J'licre wu a period In Mr, Hefion' I lie dur
i'lif tliu wiirwlili'li miike uu Dilerexiing xtoiy,
lie Win a tueiulier ol I lie .(Hill III, Inanity
xv f 1 it'll wu ofieii lo Hie front In cloxe luixf
lie, 'J'lie life of every xoMler I a Imrd
one. ami Mr, HcAon't cuxe wu no exception.
" We were In 'IVitiiexxee, ii.nueil In on nil
xldex. Our'rullonx were very genree," xuiil
lie, "nml wa hiul licuuu logo 011 'quuricr ul
lownnee.' It wu In the luhlill of Anifuxf. (lie well
of die coiiimuiiliy were nearly nil dry, nml
we were xouie dlxiauce from nny xlrenm, con
xi'qimiiily we Imd ((rent illllleully In iti lilu
wuier for cooking ami drlnUiMf iurpoe.
One ulglit there came A lianl rain, nml the
next iluv we were xiurleil 011 Hie iimrcli, The
uu xlioue hot, ami our ploiliiimf 11 long win
very llreiouio nml oiireive, Kvery one of
11 find only u llllle wuler lo diink, nml 11
I lie ruin wu not enough lo rcplenlxh llm
well or xircaiu, our eiinleeii went empty.
We were (lurried on, 11 ml the only wiiy to
quench our Ihlrxt wu lo ifo luwu 011 our
litiiid 11 ml knee nml ilrluk from the hoof
truck mti'ln by the horxe. Of courxe the
wuler wi muddy nml very filthy, hut It win
a eiixe ol'lhlx or tile from Ihlrxt,
"Heme of 11 were liilien xlek from the
ellecuol lliix, nu'l I If ix one of lloou, j wu
lill'l lift tor xevellll Week ill a field hoxpjliil
from lever, Aluny lime Hlterwnrd I lieenme
alllicli'd with dlllcrcnl uilmenlx, My kldueyx
Alton's I'rcxldent Take llwek th Option
Tendered Mtllwell,
CiilcAOo, Nov, 30, -Ni'jfotlfttlons for
.ho piii-chfift of thu eontrulllni Inter
est of tho l'hli'ii(ro and Alton by a syn-
dicalo hcadod by lVcklilcnt hill well of
tho Kalians City, 1'lttabui'n and (Julf
road, huvo been dropped for tho pres
ent, I'rcsldont Hindis ton 0 of tha Alton is
m,'J to havo withdrawn tho option ha
had (flyeri and ormouneod that his
stock Is no louder for salo, and advlsod
bis friend not to sell, Most of tho
litrtfo stockholders in tho Alton will b
;uidud by thl udvleo,
Cerrora Foraw Ifafeat.
WAsiiistoTOM, Nor, 84 Tho nary
Department has published, tli rough the
oflico of naval intclllguneo, tho "views
of" Admiral (or vera regarding tho
Spanish navy in tho lata war. Captain
(i lover, thn chief intolllgenca olllcor,
explains tlint this is a reprint of a
number of letter publlahod in La
Kpoca, of Madrid, on tho 6th of tho
present mouth. Tho letters are dated
from before the war np to May 6.
Tbey were written by Cervera in pro
test against Mpaln s rushing into war
in the face of certain defeat.
( liaiiilier Mot to Interfere.
Paws, Nov. 30. Tha minister of
tvar, M. Do I'Veyclnet, in tha ehatnber
of deputlos, refused to intervene in tha
l'iequart affair and the ' house ap
proved tho government's declaration
regarding tha separation of military
and olril powers by a vote of 137 to 73,
The vote in tho chamber enables the
anel'Drcyfusltes to sing a song of vic
tory, slnco tho Dreyfusltes demand
was for the government to order tho
I'ieqtiart court martial poktponed.
Nevertheless tho whole debate served
to advance the cause of Dreyfus.
Madrid In Gloom.
Madiiiii, Nov. 30. Tho city 1 culm,
l'liere have been no disturbances re-
lulting from thu announcement of
Spain's acceptance of tho terms of the
Americans. The papers, however,
publish gloomy article, sadly remind
ing the country tlint tho day Is one
long to bo remembered ns tunrklni
"the closing scunes of a glorious col
onial history."
All agi-oo that tho government has
idopled the only poxalhle policy,
though iiiuiih hillormi is displayed
tord tin Unite I Nlates,
A lleari! MhM a Chang la lb Appear
we ef Hi MUaourl Senator,
WASiiiNuroN, Dee. 7. Si'nator Vest
appeared at thu opeiilnjr of tho siixlon
voaterday and reumlncj through the
readlug of the President's nieasnge,
Last aession heuatur Vest waa
obliged to be alaoiit much of tha
time. Later in the summer there
were disquieting reports of hi
health. hi ne the return of cold
weather Hen a tor Veat'a improvemeul
lias been marked. UU dlifealtoii U
much better and hi strtnigth ha in
reaxe.l la ,( aranne the senator
ha undergone a gret ohange. Ita
lis truillied Ul beard tu grow for
Ike flrst tlmeslnee be ha ba in the
Nonsle. II wsr U full, but stubby.
The color I wlilte, Thl ehsng (five
hint a rather striking rvaoiublaiun U
ec oNtualor John khermsn.
Ae iklsM l awajiii win M4a
tl. lis so, OWIa. Dm. f,-(Wr4
Mas), living four tuiie West of
HrMgMirt, tlln euualy, g v klxa
lf up lu the sheriff ttf Caeadlaa
enuatr 11 tht, slating 11 k U4
kUI4 kit wif with a lola-un tr
day. II aay aa 414 it in sell iWf,
I uwi.
Da Uwiitlal.l rvaalt d la elwlloa
U Ik lallsg id tlla-ilarlva A Ilea,
ul Sbrata, uul o U aeaalwrtal eav
ul Ike wlada aa4 laratag ais Uhmm w
a Ue ieairf at Urr alnag eilk
Tt Mixiat ll. Wiiliaaia I ml a4
eike It and bltlio4 stiver trad
iad.4alvfiivitta (tai) Juaraal
MUrny, J nit.
and xlomucli ffftve me conxlilenilde (roulde. I
iiiuntU'ed to null through lu the cud ol Hit war,
ri'giirillcx or much xuilcrliiH nml llliicxx,
"1'rom I linl lime I wu uluay nlllieled
more or lex, My doctor viiid I hint kidney
and kiomuch Iroiililc, and my heui t wax iiImi
aHeeted, A the year went by ll xcemnl
Hint 1 mux grow ing nieluiilly woixe, and luy
iihyxieluu could do indliiiig lo rcxlore my
limt heiilili, Kvery yenr iliiriiiH the full I
would huv xcycre uliuck, luxilnff two or
three mouth.
" About lour yon et:o I lieenme much
worxe. Our lumily ilocior xecuicd iitixrled
over my cuxe, and II liegun to look nx If iliere
wu 110 hope for my recovery, end that the
Inevitable end wax near.
" I list Novemlier I wu ndvlxed u ry )r,
Willliim' J'lnk I'lll for I'ule I'cople, The
iliyxi(iiiui raid Hint alihotigli they were au
excellent loediciiie, llicy would do no ood
In tt cuxe xucli nx mine, lliitl d ied them, and
now ti hi Kind I did for I hcciiu pelting heller
iilni'ixt nt once. Might box ex, liihcu iieeordlnK
to dlrceiloii, enrnd me, 1 iiii'd the litxt of ill
pill nlioiit n yenr ti'jo, nml Iimv not hern
iroiililed Willi HIV nllmeol xiliee."
The power of I tr. Wllllttm' I'iiik Mllx for
I'ltle I'cople In the vnxt niimlier of dlxenxe
due to Impure or polxuned blood, Im I ecu
demonxlrnled In lliniixiiml of iiixluurria re
nmrkiihle e I lie one related nhove,
Thexe pill Imlld up Hie hlooil by xupply.
Ilitf ll llle giving (deinentx, which pniirlxll
Hie verhm orinni, xlimulullngf ihem lo ne.
llvllv In the performenee of their function
end tliu drive dlxetixe from the xyxleni, No
one who Uxullerlnir enn ilifhlfully neglect Ihl
way to rexlore hexlih, I'hvxlcluii end drug.
l coupler Jir.H lllhiiiix' rink I'lllxfor I'ule
'eoie n iioleni remedy, and JurjjC ijuuiililk'i
of the pill are uxeil.
u-io-dat ia
I " " " . 'S""'"'...
1 TfT'i
Plenty of Evidence at Hand That te People of
Omaha and the Whole West Endorse fhe Appli
cation of Business Methods to the Practice of
MedicineThe Success of the Shepard Medical
Institute a Clear Proof of This Pact. -
fn the fall of ItOl Dr. Bbepard eome
to Oinalia In engaee In tbe prartlceof
nieilirluo a a epeclallal In elironle
dlseaaea, Leaving a buey prnetlee In
notlier stale, lie i lioae Oioalie as a
favorable center for a new and en
lrad plan of work, lie leldd to
plac himself In cloan toueh Willi the
people bv iifTerlng- eotn patent tnedlrel
rviee, with ftieUltin"), at about
one-rourtli tbe fee usuallf eliaraetl.
Willi lull falti, in the merit of bla
work, and a Arm bailor that the coin
niunitv would heartily endor hi
plan ms soon ns It beraui thoroughly
know u and undoraloml, Ii ha placed
hi Madlenl KnierprUo upon a ur
footlna, Th objucl of tha Mliinrd
Meilleal Inatltute la to alve Ilia paupla
of thl cllf and th brood weateru
I'oiintrr aiirroiinillne Omaha prole
aloiiiil aarvlre u uood a Ilia boat and
at auch low fe that no ona need be
nlmid In apply. The rich and lh
poor alike are a vol ling- tliemaelve
dull r of tha opportunity lor the euro
ofdlaeaa by ihl I nxilliitlon, whlvli
I new nrinly eiabllhd In lh Us.
tiudlloii t.lty,
No hurtful drtms are emmr,t'vy1 by fr,
Pliiril, Muny patent tneilielne tor
(uliiiiti en. I iimny iirexerli'llunx of doe
tor contain deadly o nine. Heller aulTer
all your lir from thn null etui iiimn uf
ulartU tlian acquire the deadly Cmaiiie IlKller tat morlilli Mtur la
route a drunkard, than anuiT hs Ueadiy
t'o aln.
froncblal Catarrli
Higbt Uire Pissed
lato 1 oasnmptlon
Mr. R. M. rklua, Bill I harU
C wkuaa Iihi I illy UMt
ur a, r. t.llMiaM, blala Nuari
"I vr sM i us a lull rti
ef r lulu r lo ni"l ii t
ettiw e4 ulittlin la m liai I
fuXJ ! l"l Ui KtotI IIIHlH
i.t hi
lly li avra era sn 4
iria a a a i.u.i .Mo t
a lii r u Mm l.t n4 tw4
i.;xiri.i ikih im
$- aik h. in hi ih kiia
iH.iu.-lllml In l. atiMiil la I
.H.a I ib4 Mf Ion au ia Jlt i
5 fa
an. -a i!hm.mi is - re eii ttl i iko earl Miii iu
lui. Ml. I t al til S toia l.i'o Mxihlieg, 1 . Ki,
Th l(ii 1'nim.h u trl. lit Ikal ml Ik Hitt.a. U rlla Iwa llwa
Iraiu.Mii aiM
1 Nil turn ll'Siik an. I It..,.
, i t auxlis, k it u,
I la a
Mf. Ilutl.r Win Hal Olv t'p HI PUce,
nod Mr. Simon Muxt Mtand.
Waiiimoto, Don. 7,Whcrj Jopr,
rilmoii, tho now nanatop from Oregon,
wn formally nworn Into ofilco yeter
day ho found that thure wa no out
for him lo the aenata, Aftoe ha htt'l
qtiallllod, $gnisd tha roll and received
cutiffratiilationa, ha wa turnod over
to tho orgcaiit-ttt-ariim, who wan ax?
imotod to irwvldo htra with a dealt and
Tho aenatorahlp In Oregon had boo a
"int so long that in tha arranya-
wont of seats no provision wa inada
for Honatop Hlmon on tha Eepublluaa
sldo of tho chamber, Tho now sena
tor resented tho siitraroMtlon that be sit
11 tlia Ditmooratla stdo. Tlio Uouub-
liotin li'ttdor consulted and It was miff
(rented that Honator Jlutlor, tlio Top
ullst from North Carolina, mljrht bo
wUUntl to tnovo ovor to tho Domooratlfl
sklo. Tlio North Carolina maa hiul
tried that sldo early In tho day and
was stung by a oluuico remark that,
in view of tho raco troubles In his
state, ho would hereafter Identify him-
self with tlio JHttnocratla party, so lia
rofusod to giro up his present seal
Honator Minion is still seatloss.
Mr, Cluvelend In a Yuelu Colllxlon,
Niew Yoiik, Deo, 7,The steam yacht
Oiioldn, having on board her owner,
VI C, Jlenodlet and ex-lVesldon( 0 rover
Cleveland, wa in collision with a
transfer float off the battery wall in
the upper bay to-day, The bowsprit
of the yacht was carried away. Mr,
Cleveland and Mr, JSonoillct landed at
the Jluttory and tlio yacht continue
on her way up tho Kitst river.
Ask any oWglst for a free Te-ro-Dft
Almanac for tii year 1 HOD,
Lincoln Steel Range
and please your dear wife and family. Warranted tW
KHt rteet cooking sfxjve made. W oaa tha very beat
eold rolkxd pateat leveled slmi, and line every Haga
with asbestos aed eteel, wkleb makes It impoeelbkx ta
set Ire to yoar fltwr. Tbnyara aaadaoma, attractive
tattri and design, mil airfcai tria
win Dora any una 01 taoi. win jaet a iua
tlei. Made on honor, sold oa merit. TV at
Is fay we eall tbem tbe "tun oa iabth."
If roar eValnr done of handle theaj ae
make a great aiietake, Write la aa aad
we will provide a way for yon to bay one at
reasonable prtae,
BucfoUff Broa. Mff . Co.,
ratroniie bom Industry made la Xebraa
la. We refer yoa to Htate Offloers. Baaka
and Eiprees Com pan lea of Linoola, aaJ
tbonsanda using oar Range, Hpeetal aa
tentioo iriven Hotel and Keetanranl Onlflra
. V'-J. t - - .. , - 1 . 1 , . . ..J
OF 8
eeted Vapors stid took th constitutional
reinedle that ther iloetor irexerlleit
mil 11 ei right slong from my flrxt treat
merit. A a reunlt nf ihla I we never o
well and strong before In my life."
tears of Dcafn ss
Caused by Taking
Cold io iW: Ears.
I. on llavla, iergelovn. Neb,, Inrin
er and elock dealor, wrlla Dr. kthvp-
aril a foinwi
"Venr sso I hrame nnf from cold et
tllnif In my eur. My iliufnex ciron on
suilileiily end lieenme aerlous In a very
xliort Hum, llolh rare were ' afteete.1. I
was toriiifiiteil by ringing aniirnl, from
which 1 wa nevnr fre. If 1 held a eloelc
cloee lo my hoed I couldn't hear ll I o k.
llolh car wer e limit the mmii, 1 'ttu l
hear no convereailon, If 1 wnlohed pen,lo
cloHnly when Ihey were tnlklng I eould
aHTiiPilmrn giie iimir meuiilng, but 1 us
iirneiieully deaf to all eounil.
"I now mnko Ihn rlellnlio etiiletn'-nt that
lr. Hlii tnini' II111110 'rreulriieiii line 1I1I 111 e
ahxohilely of ell the illnirenxing
noiee, Im reetori'd my hearing entirely,
ami hue given me a nmeh hlaher degrre of
Kinernl heulili lliun I have enjoyed for
years," Instance of
Loo Suffering from Calarrb.
Deorg l. Ilavldaon, Ituilivlll
Vet . i a rrilsvn of high alaiiillug and
I iiKideralur of lha aelioul board la
bla dlatrlrl. lie wrluai
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