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    , Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated. ,
Colonel Bryan Ordered to His Reg
iment When Snfforinj From
, Fever t Washington.
An Article In tne Nebraska Inde
pendent Excite Comment
It Told Mia Truth.
A short tluio ago there was an article
In thl miner calling attention to the
luct thut Col. Bryan bad boon ordered
book to bin regiment while be wa still
suffering from fever, while Melklejobn
and ecore of other officer of the war
deportment and of the army, holding
much more responsible positions, were
going about the country talking poll
tie for the benefit of the money power
and Mark llanna. The Item soeins to
bave attracted attention all over this
country, fur a more inhuman thing waa
never done, than when McKluley exer
cised bis spite In that way. Tbe Wash
ington Post of October 18th, ban a spe
cial dispatch on the subject which close
with these words: "True or false, the
friend of W. J. liryan believe the asser
tion of the Nkuiiahka Inoki'KNUKNt."
That assertion wus as follow:
"One of the most dastardly crime for
political purpoMii wa committed by the
war department on the 4th of October,
1808. Colonel W. J. Uryan bad been ly
ing for over a week on a sick bed at
Washington, 1). C, havlngcome there to
Recur? the furlough of the dying men in
bi regiment Tiie administration took
advantage of bin helpless condition and
ordered him buck to Jacksonville, to
have it appear that be wa derelict in
Lis duty a a soldier. Mr. Uryun' wife
waa at bis vide, having come from Ne
braska to nurne her husband. Buck arc
the depth of infamy to which the repub
lican leader descend in order to obtain
Doliticul advantage. As there waa no
H..t. tr A, tuliu toniiiuu fun mir irnv.
eminent oflur for aucii contemptible ac
tion?" The following letter in regard to the
charge made by the Indki'knuknt ha
been received from a Washington editor:
Washington, D. C, Oct. 10, 1808.
Editor Independent:
Dear Sir: Euclosed And clipping from
: the Washington rout of October 10th.
In connection with name, I desire to up
hold and substantiate the position that
you bave taken.
The facta nre aa follow: On the 4th of
October, 181)8, there wns published in
tbe livening Biar, the Evening Time,
and the Rally llulletin. a statement to
the effect that Hon. William J. liryan
Lad been ordered to return to Inn regi
ment in Florida, when it waa well known
that he wax wick and thut he designed a
trip to the White Sulphur Springs, Va.,
in order to recusals hi health. Wtieu
thin waa publicly stated in all the paper
mentioned, we took it aa a mutter of
fact. Tbe article which you putiliahed
waa baaed upon the aiatemnnta in theae
paper, which are not democratic, and,
if not openly republican, are eeim-olll
daily ao. Uuounisuig that the republi
can party waa deeNirat and that they
had reported to every eubterfux In or
der to help themselves, we took It for
grauted that tlia statements made by
thuMi republican papers were certainly
eorrect. 1 o go further, we aent two am
lenrrlea, repnaeutntivs newspacr men,
to find outlrom the war department if
thee statumi'Ut were true, Ouaol the
men was denied an audience and the
other aa Mr. Meiklciohn, In thaab
riirw ol KwrwUry Alar, and Mr. M.ilkW.
lohn refused to deuy or contlriii the
stntetiient that you have publiehed.
TbesUUMmnf Is absolutely correct lu
every way, mniiaer, shspenni form, and
there ia but on human blnf who ran
-deny It truth, and that la William J.
It way be that Mr, lirya Ulnapo-
it ion where ha eaa ey aotbiag. Wbeth
r b wa order! in tb iimuuef al
forth, I eannol any. M authority 1
have al lor lb aa nbov elated,
ThU, hovvr, la rr leiuly and lAmt
lately orrct; that tha edminisirnlio
baa ud al' td It owr to prevent the
muatvrtui out til th intra trate
r I meat mora than It baa any wlb
rvmueMit eouirtiU. J by tba war depart
meat. I eud a thU rl'j'i'if ia ordvf
l ro(ct )uwrH tad Babi our -piiMi,
m tka lull rHmitidity lor ba
bola tbian, tva la aa wttt ial mmm. If
I be Ut'la ara aol aa atalt. It W bo.iaa
Ike war 4tartaat ay bat tMn
Ibta (Mrdt au l lba aiMg Iba error id
lb( atM ri.luu lU mum,
a, I war d af it, II I aa aro, r
fut i k .ttHtawlrattia ir,
If, ba Kfia Ntar, t ttf lU;Wiit, ftu.)
Habiagti I it', id tba rtly , aba
aMibl all tbt I feat btrla tt4,
I baa tba lw. woaM r(br
Chf tfcf aboaid kul b iWUbMl, aa
yi.a Ibiab t als II a. oa are al
mM libwti t m rrlbta: ear
J Um stated. ri.UMi,
V Atsaar H. I'ttiaa.
C ' litttwt It 4ay,
The Ureataaity t4 MKiala'e tdf
la MMJ m Saaa dwaaakm la Wah
laatoa tkt Ik IWi id Ibal ally aiada
np Its article with the following atate-
"There ia a deposition to aak a publio
tatemont of the altuation from tbe
war department on tbe part of both
aide, ao bitter baa tbe oontroveray be
Ksniai School Fond,
The popullat of Kansas bave made
about as good a'record In increasing tbe
disbursements to the common school
a bave the popullat ot Nubrueka. Pop
ulism produce tbe same results every,
where, In Kansas, for Instance, tbe an
Dual school fund distributed since the
beginning of 1807 is as follows: Febru
ary, 1897, fl82.718.40j August, 1807,
fzia,;H;j.uu; reuruary, ibu
Tlia Kansas Pop Who fought thslnsur
anno Companies to a Finish,
Superintendent McNall fought twenty
battles against the Insurance corpora
tion and won every one of them, lie
smashed the Insurance trust and saved
the poople hundreds of thousands of dol
lars thereby, He took the Insurance
swindler whoso prey was the widow and
tbe orphan, by the throat and made
bim settle up. He bas turned more
money Into the treasury than any su
perintendent In the history of the de
partment. He defied the assumed power
of the federal judges and today lie has
all his enemies on their knees craving for
In the eighteen months ending ' June
SO, 1808, the insurance department col
lected and turned over to the proper
partfee the sum of f 13'),9ft1.78, as com
pared with the sum of 1110,783, col
lected during the entire two years of tbe
Morrill administration.
Tba KnWronmont of the Delinquent and
the Leadership Mainly Itesponslble,
No thinking man would bave the ef
frontery to say that one's political af
filiations are a criterion of bis honesty;
no honest man believes that all honest
men are In bis political party and that
all rogues are in another. Yet all stu
dents of socety understand fully the
powerful effect of environment the
child brought up among thieves will
surely show signs of light-nugeredness.
The great majority of men are born
honest; and they grow up, live and die
bonest, unless some powerful Influence
should lead them astray. The great
majority of republicans, democrats,
populist and members of all other po
litical parties are b orient; but there are
rogue in all these parties. Ho called
fanatics, cranks, men with one idea, as
a rule do not remain long In the domi
nant party, but break away from former
political aliiliation to aioiu some other
party that givea promise of promoting
their peculiar hobby. Hat roguoa do
not join a new party until they sea some
chance of profiting thereby; only when
"tbe old ship begin to leak do these
"rats " desert her.
Dishonest, like the germs of a malig
nant fever, may remain dormant in a
man's breast for many years; but when
conditions become favorable the diseasu
breaks out with increased fury. There
is a peculiar infectious quality about
dishonesty in oflloial life which requires
the strongest of moral natures to with
stand. lu the present state campaign, the re
form forces have dwelt at some length
upon the characteristic incompetency of
republican otlicials, both state aud
county; upon the reckless Indifference of
such olllcials for the i liferents of the tax
payers of Nebraska; upon the extrava
gances aud nwHlliee eixuditurea of such
ottl.iiuls. The reform forces have not
laid particular stress upon the defalca
tions of Hartley and Moore, notwith
standing the enormous nmouut cd such
defalcations, bscausa the mem fart that
two republican state official stole a
largu amount id atate money would not,
of itm-lf, prove lh republM'aii party
worthy to administer good state guv.
eminent, always provided, that the r parly had ahoan It good lu
tenuous by relegating to the rear not
only those dirwetiy rvepousibl for the
mm but also tb "aeoeeaorle Ufra
and after the fact." Tut baa not ba
dona. Hut on the contrary, the rrpablt
n)udwbo eat'Ud Mr. Hartley
waa told la so uuwtaiu language thai
ba ia nu longer la rhh ataading with
lb manipulator ol bat party, Oa of
IS me bu auada It luiasibi far Mr,
Hartley to aiulwiit tS warraul fur
bs'b be U aow avrtriag long aealmo
la tba s.aiuliry, la now at Iba bead
of tb rpail'n att evatrat uutmit
to, ea4 all ol Iba baugrua, ttiaelpa
la t ore, ward kseler and f.Hr aba
ml up lb fcittly aabealthy aviru
ateat to abklt HariWy aad MMirvat
aaiiy ai-amU., ar toty gmdiag tb
dstoiiMi ul b rvpablaiaa rty w a
(MtatkaQ. ! 'uii,
Hew BJieMttiMi tHk
Yiaitoa, tvi H1b Yri
al bad sa Jtag1y by Mao
teelerUay, A teUfrau fnasa Ueaaral
viU, at llav, wa r4 rweoaa
laM4taf KI lb Uwlt ol tint allowed
U Sa il ta vt Cuba V aa
144 ftaa lavMW 1 1 daaaary L
lie I4 tbal l vtwwld U fbyaleaUy ktr
fvMible fw tba I'i.exst Mtaiab brastee
aa lb la! aad ti tv tN lb
rat l tbe , a4 a tg(d4 tb
taUa it Mm as teaavasble aal
The Most Dangerous Monopoly
Ever Conoeived by the Brain
of a Banker,
A Few Wall Street Financiers are
Preparing to Control
The Oegs Dm Discussed.
Within a few years nearly every la-
d "a try and nearly every Important
business im paaaod Into the oomtro
or gigantic truats. A few of the men
who ran smaller concern were em
ployed a clerks at email aakric,
wuilo tbe remainder ware ruined and
wist adrift. Tb first step bas now
been taken to form a great money
trust wblwh will aoon drive every
small banker out of buaitneM.
Jut beore congress adjourned the
committee on banking and currency
quietly reported a bill 'a the bouse
of representatives, Which, bill la not
being dkcussed, but wljlcb It Is pro
poned to rusih through o soon, e the
elecUona are over. Tbe bill autlbor-
lea any notional bank to eatabltoh
brandi bank without II mi. all over
the country. Under Mil bill great
speculators like Ilerpowt Morgan and
others can create a bank wfUh several
hundred million dollar capital, end
then establish 8,000 or 10,000 branches
placing a branch In every town
wiiere tnere is now a small bank. .
branch will want the cream of the
business In that locality, and as It will
wave ii mines resource to back It.
the smaller bank will soon hove to
close lta doors, cmt the majority of
noose men who are now making a liv
ing and In some case making money
will be fhrown onto the street to look
for other Jobs.
2. Under thd bill the country ia to
be divided I to clearing-house district,
and every country bank must not
only bave an gent in the celnrlng
houae city of the district to wtildh It
belonrrs, but In order to make it note
circulate it is obliged to have an scent
in every clearing house district of the
country. The agent Is to redeem any
oi tne note or ucn country bank thai
may be presenited for redemption or
payment, itie only wny a country
(wnk can do this is to employ one of
the city bank to act a atrerot in the
clear! ng-houae district This sc-dalled
agent can at any time gather up
enough notes of a country bank and
present them for redemption to break
it up, for no country bank can keeip
gold or money enough consrtantJy on
hand to redeem a large portion of It
notes on demand. Especially would
tihls be true during a money stringen
cy, the very time when wuch a demand
voull be made. Mont banks can take
up their circulating note n they are
presented nt the counter In the ordin
ary course of business, but no bank
will be safe for a day if there are a
number of banks especially appointed
to take up lta note and which can pre
sent a large amount of note at any
moment and demand redemption.
Manlfeatly this provision of the bill
hns a double purose. First, to pre
vent country lwnka that Intend to do
a legitimate bimlnes from organizing
under this bill, thua Waving the profit
to iw made from issuing circulating
note to t he city bank and leaving Hi
field open In tha country for ther
tabllsment of branch banks. Second,
to place aueh country banker aa may
organize under Ihla law absolutely In
the power and control of the big eity
hanker, ao that they can be used for
any and every purpoae, political or
3, I'mler this bill all irrrenbark a?l
other form of government paper now
rireoiatlMr a inonev, ami anauintlng
to upward of Itoo.noo.ntK. are to b
tiM'r Irsl rul the government I to I
sue tMrrect-ttearing or laimlt
thai vtill not rlreulat mm uutaey In
their atend, lho iMrvsing tha bur
itrns f th Aiiterbait mm4 in thm
i twit of many nil!! loo of dollar
vltMMl giving them on ent worth
of io in return,
t. TM a bill tike from the povert
ttl th erei power Maulng
numey rr WU thai rfNia th fm
tion of ti-v, 4-ml it rfer tht oa
pHat nqMratlf without r'vtng
th rovrritiHeht anrtblny in return.
t're-tU'ei)v a th tnMev .f tha eotin-
try U t lw, hi th Itanka, and
thry win bav abalut e..nlf4 t.f i
utm Tbry es a atm tb vnium
I j!ir at. rS pW,N-e of propeis
V, nd the when H en He their plena,
tr oe a etrth Internet tbey enn r
ttiM' tb wtltMH n Ihvi evt t
nsrft at fm!' a panki wbU-n
t-i ba.i b th hut iwn from wn.W
rlcea. In tbal fear twcuUtor
ran -! n'v nts treat .r4ulte n.
rt etntn4 f at) tb rr railrwK
( eabee pr.iwe of b tmwntrf
nilkmit patlwif fU valo . them,
Hot tbe will M tb wb yMtry
at tbe mere. Tb pra pant be
ttoHtt He- V rtra at otber
at abators la f witrnt f
rUnvl n itbe f rel petwrtksa
without giving the origliial owner one
cent for their laveetment. This will
mak H potatlble to repeat operation
of th.1 kind at plooture. If it be said
tluut men doing bualneaa would not
favor alternate extxaualon and contrac
tion, the answer la, ilrwt, that this
country baa had several bunk-made
pan lea second, that one great specu
lative bank with several hundred mil
lion! of capital and a large number of
bra nolle all over the country can by
calling In its circulation and It loan
and by refusing to extend credit pro
duce a panic In a week and force othev
banks to pur use the same course a a
matter or self-preaervaition. Further,
there will not then be many Immks;
the whole situation will be in tbe con
trol of a few men and they will have
tb country at their mercy.
i Psont business men can go
to different banks tar nuliion
frequently when they foil at one tbey
succeed at another. Jlut if there i
otnjy on oranon bank doing Mie prln
ciwii busineas of a town, tben if tbe
--"Btiutin ui muvu orancn panK cut
on a oiimneasman's credJt be Is ruln-
eu. Bucn oranch, acting on lnwtruc
tIon or on its own motion can control
the pontic of every community and
defeat the people In almost every con-
0. Wbill under tbl Wll the govern
ment will surrender to privata corpor
J'10; Wif prerogative of issuing
that wWen performa the fut.c
Uon of money It will be going deeper
tV" lai0 l,,t hanking busl new
which It not a proper function of erov-
.....w m , w guarantee ail the
nots Ijavucd by national banks. Every
body knows that theae note will not
circulate ouiaMe of tbe community
iu wMcfe tbe Imeib of Wue eS If ft
were not for tihe guarantee of the gov.
wwnent. It Is the guarantee , of t&
government that gives these note, cur-
wortlilca. Whta, tbeTcfore, till jrov-
vale corporation, and thus .tart ifij,
buainesn, W)e government for all pracU-
Ji.?Sf tell .'Hoa o Si"
that the isaulng of Unl .
veto buirfne. whn u a.. lzfm
JfWy on W tBVirK frZ
vne govcTOment.
of eome kind to pi-otect It egalniat
.7. ibis bill will create the worst
Ing truat ana m.kT ? rJ.Van'
ja-wHli moderate caplJa lto wrrV on
form small banks for the m e "pTno
of apccu atlon. Tt .rtj ' rrpT
value of any government bomls which
tbey may depoalt witb the United
them to laaue cnrrn. .. ;
80 per cent of i..t. Zi-u-r". "V.
Ihese notea will be cooil SCI
fCTent Wram themTbut
Wt the depositors. Under the law a
It now staiKls the wWi
II crn'ir' to, ffPtors and oth
er creditors of the bank, and even thl.
. TO utterly Innde-
qi.nte, while under thl
one-fifth of the cnpitfll will be ett tb
apply on debta. As it la niwavs found
wi.ere a bank Is In trouble that t enn-
nuKK s imrnired to the extent of
more than one-tlfth. it. follow. ,. ...
der thla new bill there will be no pro
lection whatever for depowitor. Wlien
nn Indlvidiinl aneeiiluW ),
Phani-e of losing nil that lie hn; when
a Isink speculates the owners take the
rnnnce or lotting st Icest all of their
cnpltal stock, but under this bill they
can use all of tha d..i:f.
pones of speculation, and th ftnltf flub
they run I that of lowing one-fifth of
in smau sritm they have put In tha
btnk themselves. If thla bill Unn,..
a law it will create, first, a hoblile
which will soon burst and spread nior
ruin and disaster than we hnvs yrt
seen, and thereafter thl repnbllo will
im me pwywimg or great man I pu la t
BiyRMPTioy jx nou.
H. Even If the ntfn were to act bnn.
rtiy tliulrr tills h i ami ! nnle
h-gill mate banking lntsliiee. It must
unmne n gnvit enlinrw. Hf re
iWng all of tbe (roverntneiit nnry
place th entire htlslnm of h etun-
try on Isink tiote. The r to U
rwUemed In gold. Ther i k hs i
iiMMinlain af them, ami thev are all to
rri uxn a narraw rM )uMt bnt
Is. to rl on th balm e-i.M w have
In thla etntntry. Tab cmms of IH rrrat
l'r lin pytamtd ami Invert II ai
IHat It aie shall rrl on a llu v.l.t
lee, aiMl y ret an kL t.f tKIa
M hetna, rrv tint tb narrow f n.
ttl..n U disturbe.1 th n.Vhtv atrop
ine i'f l ), he ih ultimately
luuat fall, tr rll go alml to
lV d.ta ami Intreet. I ten lb Ul
a'H- rf IrsMU Mnei it lttte e tui
ir-H. AHhooifH on a ...I I etamtar.1. vt a
U h.t rrslr.l!f M tiMtte U.n l kt
k'wp aay g-.U In our eutiry al atl.
A'l h lk ef taterif b t.slav
M-rety I .Lrt otn I ..' I lbtr
vault (iuwiltW alt tbr thinr am)
then tletermls tw thl tra
"l-l at bwii Ht enrtt bj mmm imw
Vaiwra the f tb Antertr
f !'' n bt,
a. Ibte Nil ereatra IbeNi eMMtrol'
l f IK-nrTtM'V. ar to bold
pivir b'r year. a I am rnwv ealy after a ti'tal Wfttve tb
i f tb I'alted a kale tbe I
tnawlfwel riini n ta ptt t tb
d ftbnaevl and trweontt tannae hm.
((-...Usele HStb r)
The Eopublioan Party Besponsibla
for Every One of tba Wholt
The Journal Liable to be Sued for
Libel on tha Sheridan County
The True lleoord,
Tha State Journal has boon running a
roorback for th last week about tbs
enormous dofalcatlon of populist county
treasurers. It bunted up a lis; of all the
defaulting county treasures, not ropnb
llcans, for the last twenty year (giving
no dates) and cbargod them all op to
tbe populist party. Many of them never
were populists aud some of them were
elected aguinst tbe solid populist vote
of tbe county by a fusion between tbe
democrat, who were fighting Uryan and
the republicans. Tbe charge that there
was a defalcation In Hheridaa county
is absolutely false. There ha been no
defalcation there at all. Old Tlddle-da-
winks will probably have a law suit on
Its hands for that libel.
Tholist that the Journal bas been
printing from day to day Is as follows;
Htanton county ,. 3.000 00
Platte county 00,000.00
(Jreeley county.,... 110,000.00
Hherman county ft.OOO.OO
Hall county 30,000.00
Harlan counly 18,148.00
Uosper couuty 0,000.00
Howard county 17,000.00
Custor county ft.OOO.OO
Thayer couuty 0,000.00
Hherldan couuty 1,640.00
Keith county 14,000,00
Hamilton county 0,000.00
An eiamlnation into the fact In
many of these ensue shows that the pop
ulist or fusion parties cannot in any
sense be charged with thnsa or any other
shortages wuors tit suit or county
have lost thereby, The county treasurer
of 1'latte county, (a democrat) was
short about f 80,000 four years airo (be
fore we bad fusion), but ho turned over
to bis bondsmen property to th full
amount and tbey have paid in amounts
irom tun to tuna as lost as tney could
dlsposs of tbe property. Tbe boodsmeu
are among th wealthiest men In tha
state and tbe state or county will not
lose a cent. Tbsshortag being nearly
all paid up at tne present timo.
The Greeley county shortage off10,
000.00 was by a democratic county
treasurer, who defeuted th populest
candidate by a combination witn tbs ro
publican. Tbe republican party I
therefore responsible for this shortage.
Tha Uosper county treasurer turned In
his prcMTty Immediately after he was
found short and neither th state or
county lost a cent thereby.
In Thayer county the defaulting treas
urer waa a democrat, elected by a com
bination of republican bunks, It being la
H!i;i, lung before ther were any fusion
of populists and democrats and certain
ly Is not chargeable to fusionlst for
there has never been a fusion county
treasurer elected In Thayer county.
Hut this Is not all, th fact I that
there has boen but on county treasurer
defaulter during th present ndulnlstru
tion, be being th republican county
Irensurer ol Hoyd county, who was
found short l,a;i'i.(MJ nnd hi bonds
men confessed Judgeiimut for the full
la Harlan there waa a populist county
treasurer who wna short, but that popu
list county rose right up and aent him to
th penitent try along with tlia old r
publican banker who Induced him to
loan money that belonged to th atate,
the judx giving th old banker two or
this year aitra In th penitentiary,
because a tha iudg said, h waa tha
real criminal.
Kvery dollar that tha atat ever lot
through drlaulttng county treasurers la
dirtftly tUitrgitttil to th republican
party, lor ther ha never been a cent
liietelnrv they wer driven out of the
state bouse, aud lor thi reason. The
rutilsnu party went lata Unu fttlh
ths t nk a and to furnish th banker
v ho hlid to fieri them with fund up.
onwhk'btbsy could do busiaee. tbey
allowed lb county treasurer lu keep
Ik money hk'b w id lulu their
head by I ha mmi4 lor taie forsit
ntonlba aad tbr lb atat trvasurvr wa
nlloned to ken ail tnontba mora,
Thai mod ol doing bueiaea tttltd In
aumeruus df)ctKtna In lb iiule
aad tb laal bg tMahaltoa by lUrtk-y,
A a soon a lb (Hipubats gol lalo wltt .
Mwrvstod thai tl ot Iblag aad
.! tbe oualy Irvaean-ia aead sptb
snoaey awry moat b. He, o bis part,
aaaooaaaa s-w Iboaenad dllr e
tumtlvd I lb lrMry, n-ed a ell
krarraia aad paid II ohI. that
loode ol tloiae1 bxitM fur II b ia
lva Ibeeoaety lrnHrrno cbusvettf
d-ii, la .tv anionat, u4 tb
4av to the lt baa at. I lost a v.l.
,u lrt be Mil Jtiufaal ouitab,
ftrMuty VirtHwl, UntHdtft,
tVt, S 4. lb l.i.u.r t b
tt dtttintali I aHU In Mluia
etiWout in ue Yyf t tM tHm
I 'sly nlMuitw bar tsi
imI I r sh-m thn a )wr
rMviKit tb Ute lieasMrv,
it I Sntulue tbal tb tM4
of Mr. Meaerve is composed
largely of straw, and that no
serious attempt has bean mada
' to correct it and make It of i
some value In protecting tha
Interest of the public, The de
mand that the ollice of treas
urer be opened up and tba
tnonev counted and the bond ,
rectified Is a reasonable one.
Th exposure of populist de
falcation In the county court ,
bounce all over th atate haw
show the people that it is just ,
a necessary to watch a publio '
treasury when it Is In th
bands of alleged reformer as '
when It la cared for by a re- i
Subllcan, In all cuses It will fa
0 no harm to count the mon-
ey at stated interval In order f
that tbe people limy be per-
fw-tly sure that It is all there.
As 1 have nothing to conceal from
tbe people of this elate 1 should be
very glad to have the Investigation you
speak of and 1 suggest to you that you
have the following gentlemen as a
committee of Investigation! 11. V.
Hchnelder, chairman of the republi
can state committees Luther Drake,
of Omaha, who U treasurer of the
republican state committee 1), 0.
Mtilr, president of the First National
bank; J, 11. Wright, president of th
Columbia National bank, and H. U.
lltirnbam, president of the American
Kxchonge National bank of Uneaiai
M, T. Harlow, president of tha united
Blate National bank) F. If. Davis,
cashier of the First National bank, and
William Wsllnae, cashier of tbe Oma
ha National bank, of Omaha, I nam
the gentlemen because they are rep
reimmUMve, honorable buslnen men
belonging to the republican party, I
also suggest that you add to this list
th nam of M. L, Hnyward, republi
can candidal for governor, so that be)
may have correct information in re
gard to the treasurer's office.
I not only court this Investigation,
but I challenge you to have it mad
by -Uu gentlemen, llespeetfully,
J, II. MicHicnvw,
Btot Treoaurer,
Omaha, Oct. sZJobn Sfolohert, aa
MpoNiilon employe, shot and fatally
wounded bis affianced wife, IilllaB
Morris, and then turned his weapon on
himself and blow bis brain out at 11 sW
fostcrday morning. The tragedy was
enacted in tbe dressing room at tb
photographio stndlo of V, A, Rinehart,
1620 Donglas street. Jealousy prompted
the deed. ,
Four shots were fired by tb frerisied
nan. Tbe first shot missed hi victim
and went through the wooden partition
of the dressing room aud was found in
tbe hallway leading to tbe etndlo. Tb
second found lodgment in tb woman's
brain, entering back of the right ear,
Tbe third shot, fired with uncertain
aim at his own head, went wild and en
tared tbe door of the little room. Tb
fourth penetrated Molcbert's brain just
In frout of tbe right ear and be fcU to
the floor, expiring almost instantly,
Tbe woman was hurried to the
Presbyterian hospital, where, after an
examination, tbe physician declared
ber wound a fatal one.
Molohert was known to have been In
sanely jealous of Miss MorrU and bad
told ber no biter than Friday night that
he would kill her If she persisted in
keeping company with anybody bat
J, U Mt'lchart wa about 35 year
old and formerly redded with hi
parent at Uwofn, vher b wa con
nected witn tne j.mcoin ram anu
Color company. I en year ago hi
(siren 1 aciMirutcd, Ida mother marry
ing John vouienuerg, a cigar manu
facturer. Mrs. Wohlenlterg moved to, and with ber went ber mar
ried daughter, Mr. Moore, wnoa
htiftbuiid, a street car conductor, wa
killed in a tm?t car collision In Lin
Hmalay night, OotoWr 8, MeUqiart,
In company with a ntnn named John
Thorn imoti. Joined a party, ewnprtslng
John itelbrldg, John Sutton and I'ar-
rle Hart, in a bujriry drive on Hhertua
avenue, Th prty indulge! in a
numlier of round of drink, finally
winding mi St Hevr nteenth and ,Nk'h-
ittit etreeta, wher WHchart wa
thiirg.Ht so.) robtttd, ai be elaUned, of
tie. lv.lHidf and ruttn wr f
re, aiul al th preliminary trWd
rnlay, tvtolwr It. wer hUI umWr
?fsi Uonla to th rttotrlct cimr rue
highway M-l-wy. , , , , .
1 indir ar IwUnM ti tain "
M.k lrl tutstniHl a blow Ulam t
brd whm aM,uHe., which. proab!y,
tlTm'lr.1 hi Mdttd. ll Whth lndkrH
lv reiMuiH lor vu ra art
H. nuttv. . t ,
MeW hart' bat n r-wtVr bwrned,
m aU waa th wound I hi tempi.
I. ..!. 1 In tbst th weapon a bM
.!.is to kU bead hn k Hredj
ft ar It's as tsa
riaia.tVb It A aeadwlMtl tMt
tasned last evaniaf any at "Twere t St
vtnltU fvif lb elaraaUt rnsaor
teardiaf tb v!tUe Ntwa
!',. 4 tireat lUtlal. II It very
taeorrotft M ar that eatraotdiaary
mre ba W take at Set af
war natal k4t.
i naaauvn-, rraav, (Vb ltdf
bav tew eetv4 at tb aniaitry aad
al b, ta rii lot lb
aitlial i Ur Vod .) trwMbf
4. Tb bfbe , bst bar
twdly al la tN4i M tbeli rwytW