The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, October 20, 1898, Page 6, Image 6

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Oct, to, 1898
What High Tariff U Dob for ths
" Wsc Workers of Uarmany.
la 2868, the great economiHt, Wol-
owiski, in a work published in that
year, declared that he believed that tihe
money power or titie world wou w suc
ceed in their demamd for the deiuomo-
tiaaltiioffl of silver. He tilueni wrote
passage wbich, for momy yearns ba
been known among economists on
nVolowkki'i prophesy," la It lie says
ay that (the (hard times Winlt win
come will be attrilUuted to every thing
but the riirtit thing. Aimong tihe
mean of relief sought wi.l be the de
mand for higher tariffs. That la Just
Wliot hbs Jiuwoenedl, WOien tart IT did
wot bring relief, the wage workerr in-
stead of Msteamng to reawoni, oenwwaiwi
wtJIV (hlnrfiiM- tariff. The effect of
liHoM taj-iffs is sran in Germany today,
where the wageworkers are reduced
to the very verge or oioirwumi a
rahlnrniffl wlnUied Inl the Associated
Pre papers lost Bumilay describe the
situation as follows:
"The inadequate meat supply of Ger
many, owing to the barriers erected
against eattto, (hog, audi menita, cow
tinue. From Austria solely some
8,000 head of rattle liave been nti'miit
ted and1 Russia supplies about 8,000
irlir. These 1 imports are quite insur
tk-tenit to tope with the requlremenif
which Mie fliom supply rail w ihot,
lYices linve risen steadily for momtlia
post, and they are mow 20 per cent
above thou of 1807. The slaughtering
of (homes for food' lias generally iiir
creased, especially la the large cities,
and ring flesh is openfly advertised, l a
tlie Cfcenvnitz Nenete Nacbrlohton' "fat
young dogs" forms a stamdlnig adver
tisement. I 1
Now there is no scarcity of meat In
the worldl Three people are eating
"fat young dogs" bemuse of the high
tariffs that have made it impossible to
ship meat from the United' Mates omrf
Australia, pay the tariff and then sell
It In Germany. The Germans have cer
tainfly found out that "tHie foreigner
does not pay tihe tax."
A Bettls li os-Uo Mot Forget Liberty is
tho Triumph of A r mi.
Editor Independent! A campaign is
ou . A battle is about to be fought. It
Is a contest of ballots atwi not of bul
lets. The result la Mcbraska will have
more significance thaa tihe result in
any otlher state ia the union, Indeed,
it Willi 'be the decisive contest. A re
publican, majority lu this itoite will be
lor-roaohLng and weld olgh irreparable
to its consequences.
Never lose sight of the issue, Mr,
MoKlnley would like to bave a con
gress in sympathy with the admin ls
tratloa in order that there may be no
friction lira the pence negotiations,
limb! Are we not all for this country
as against Spain? Do not be footed
wiflh tihe ayrea song of the republi
can songsters. The Roman pfeblan
was beguiled with the mirage of So
man gfory. A Roman cam pi Whan a
golriotis sigh it!' The poor Itotnoiro be
field Titus enter Koine wltfli a long
fcrttila of spoils and captives; he gazed
upon tihe spectacles and the gladiator
ill combat. Was not Home, the eUr
inal city -tihe mistress of the world?
lie forgot tihat the patrician was Home
and Rome was tHi patrician; tftmt the
common people had become nothing
but voting cattle. Their masters hod
coined1 for flhem the coarser epithet of
"proletBTiusi" and it survives to th1a
day. It means "child-breeder," and it
signifies that the nfly tine the common
people had was to beget Bind breed
soldiers to fll'l the armies ofVespastnm
or a Constant! nc. Shall we not learn
from history? fihe speaks from hrr
tombs: "Forget not your libertii's ia
the trhiimprtm of yoivr arms. My foes
were not the Ha nnlibals and tlhoe Who
met me ln honorable combat. They
were mere li1e Crasmis who oppressed
my poor Bind crurilied out the ltomuin
muinlhood." Rend Itainmti history m
be wise. It is being rejoatdi toila v.
that any treaty contalndnig amy sueto
orovisiaa wiE be rati fled' by a two-
th'lmdka rote.
"This talk we hear of malntajnlmg
an airmy of 60,000 men in Cuba, there
fore, after the bpaniarae nave ien tne
iskindi, is, to say the least, not well
consideredi. There will ts no auunor
ftv for such occupation, to beglre wltlh
amd ia the second place the Aimertoain
oeodle do not want on army im Cuba
to watdh' over the Cubans, who atone
will be left in the island, after the
Spaniards liave evaeuitexl, wndi who wlK
bt as free andi tndepenrtent as we are
"M v idea about Cuba Is that we
sliouidl follow tine program of Cangivus
ns olHWly nirkedi out,; tnm w, rowe
out the ftnanJanls, give the govern
ment that the natives are to hoose a
steadying fconld amd a godspeekli, twinig
our trteops home, 00011 nue friemMy re
lations, recognflzinig uneir Mwiepenin
em and' treating them fairly and ywu-
ly, andl tlhem awailt even ts."
Lawyers and business men
who are particular about the
appearance of their stationery
hould leave their order tor
that class of printing at the
Independent. Doubt it, try it.
iirouoirra tiiby tiiuotc.
Is it not a li ttle atrauure to have tihe
wool exdhaimire closing on uocount of
tiie "depression ia the wool busiaww"
during a McKlniley admlnistrationi and
umdor a Dingier tariff? Cam It be pos
sible that tflilis is tlie result of the free
silver agitation? Freeport (IM.) Dal-lwtlnt
Addressing a mob of his daniiesrs
In a Detroit theater the otlher nflglit
Secretary Aiger said tlliat he never re
treated umler flre. Bortay, Mr. ewre
twry, tiliat isn't true. Geiwrafl Wesley
Merritt, I'iill. fHierldan atwl four other
union) renerale during tlie civil war
said that you did "retreat under fire"
la a cwtaia memorable Viirginl unv
paignt They recommended your dis
honorable diKcainrge from tihe service
for "retreating under fire." Ifadsvoii
beem a private instead of a very rlcb
mam witlh a "mill" you would limve
been shot as a dieserter. BrasTii (Ind.)
Mirror. 1 '
(Tindier our blessed Hanvma adminis
tratloa the favored trusts force the
pfiiccs of everything the eopto Uinve
to buyin. And' the single gold
slainkkirdf forci-s Wie price of every
tlilng the people have to swll whether
or Bibor, property, or form prod mn
(lifKwn1. If you want to sliow that yon
fmvor this double action policy of rob
iiimg the pcogHc 1othi coming omkl1 go
ing, vote the repubUcaini ticket next
November amd vole it straight.
Akron (Ohio) DemoCrati. i
Oowrnor Ilolcomb awl fiencral Bar
ry are entitled to the grateful eonsidr
ermtilor of our cltln soUli. Their
effort in; behalf of the soldiers 5iwe
lieen unit (ring. 'Die gallant old. vtc
on, General Barry, has been In the
nV.d mini wwup himself andi knows
what it means, &t. l'aul l'nws.
Ttie sow of General Wliecler was pro
motcdi over 1,000 officers uliove him
the day following the giving of the tes
timony Tx'fore the Investigating board.
Trenton Lender.
It has twn boodMsni rntlier than
nryWin1)m' that has made the republi
cani party a minority party in Nebras
ka., and the onlly hope of tlie party
lies In lie keeping to the rear all the
boodlere and all the notorious consorts
of Ixxxllera no matter how aaxlous
they may 1 to puWli themselves to
the front. Oinnlha 15ce.
Editor Independent: In looking over
the Nebraska City Prew of October 15 (
I find this: "D. A. Dlttmar, Hhe gent
ail gentleman of Nebraska City, who is
going to beat the everlasting stuftin
out of that swell head cypher, Tonp
kln, for float irpresentatlve, made our
"town a brief vWt yestenltty." The
people of Cans and Otoe coutyties mode
no mistake in nomlnuting O. W. Toro
idal of Nebraska City, lie Is a gentle
rn of goiat stamrlng and a credit to
the fusion fotws of Cass awl Otoe
rounVles. They are proud of hm.
After he txi msds tils record la the
romitig legUtature, they will W still
premier of Win. No one who vrite
hin will ever have to any that tie
voted for the wrong tnsn.
rsrahof tslerTfct MtHlsUjiMM
Asthottif N ! ss Afsir
Is Cshs.
HensUs Forsker erested quits
sslss In Tsshtitris the other !.
lis grnvs ort an liHervlsw 1st ttts bi
4 pulley Mist wwiKt be sKjl U the
ssuMts lis4 ssuls the hsir tt htmA
uf Msrk IUiu Htsiwl iMk sutl. Tbs
krwMttf is lrt v( Ilk
"1is res4utKs MSkl st tbv huA
ssskMi uf rreiwaj were a iSwismI ui
s rHtw to wtttMtmw Wr srwy atsl
vy f ru Cwbs stsl ttlw wstsra atwt
a tUreetsia ta Uts issshsA, tit
Mit tf refusal, t Mkv tt- irwj
siwl My of W l' rsies t ee
twl he W siUl tWitWtl tth
Uim iluiiHm wss ihe eww
Kiit smmI ttM-srt tKst vk l't
s Cut wsrs free al luleiW(
ss4 sitlt sstshet rs4)tks itfti
tbs t'Hiisi IMstss fierwMrM at
Wxs ths ltt 4 (Vl t usbl tW
m MAertiswe.,
" As mwm ss the t,nU sKsll hs
MtMrssa asd vm shsll "rsi
tKs fMeris f U- rrl-U4 mt the
rsiistl MsWs la tVta Ms
VrM4.t tn im .! ssl ls trill ears
km wmmm rtst sf afcrMV t !
U as army In tfcs tsaanl tbsw K
tssKsais as ii It af slse trtsis
. hmm and! tstietiswtVs fsrst fww-
tT, ta tks treat f mi
ssi shsl tut M"t aasuMki ar
ta thst f eV I At t W4ie
llarsont Andrews In making politi
cal speeches la the Fifth district. He
Rpoke ait Edgar the other day and up
bra Uldxl) CongresKman 8ut!herlamd' for
his "materly Inactivity." He told how
Sii'tlherliund! didn't vote for the Dingley
trill, that marvel of modem leewlo-
tion which puts wlieat up one year and
tflioves It down tlie nexu we regard
the iniformatlon as very expensive.
Parson Andrews draws a salary of
$4,000 per anmnim, which is about $15
per ltav. not counting bununy. e
doubt if the Edgar talk was wona
$15.-iAlnnis County Dennocrat.
'Witliim tihe kist few days the fact
has de-cloprd that D. EL Thompson is
to be tflie repuollcan canuioate ror ine
senate. Tlie iieople of the stulte are ar-
muly diagraced by the election of tbe
altoriwv of the Union l'at'lflo to the
fjolted rentes seisvte and now the (flir
ty has determined to odd to that dis
grace bv sending another raUrond
tool to Washington It Is the duty of
everr man to Netiraska Wlio does nt
wat the state turned ovro Wie rail
roods to te roUwd for all time to
He to get wit and beh to defeat
this prun by working nlglit ant clwy
fir the rlrt-ti.rti of the fusion eaoitt-
lates to t'hs legHslature, every one of
whom, uf e)eieil. l vote for Wtllisin
V. Allen. The rpmMef party is om
011 a still nirnt fw Thomision, but
Itmt ts wtsvt they are up to. He has
Unmet! the nMhlno In Uttoutn fMr
nsitvy yrsrs. Now he wants to tie pro
nsseit, smr ewjr rsimsMi tt tne stste
Is Unartliig hlii. 0 fe TKmn(siit
mI tiw Mm, Y rsn esltr Wi H
It otlr H the fuss eaiHhvies ftr
tlie legUktum
Just try a 10 hoi st CWarsta. Iks
tseat llf aa4 Wswsl rertlatsr test
Hli5 or rr.
Oit tiiMlrl feMisrt srs to 1
htwnt lv tt.s IsstKef trust, Ttkls stesns
t. tHtitiHimls el nen will b ttvrows
"I .rt st I He lwtrti of to-
tee stwl Is a rtVMr tUstoMSmiksi sf
tks Mer et the kbitta-tnt
msruirr wrnt msam
IVtA-wt V I tit tsitst Ti
tmbe4 fiwvftneiiS of MMNf (t
lrtt-4s ss eikkastes Is at tirtln t o
MvKirte sir att rm mnn at itif
fvposS a tsttrt st sstUtnst evsi4s-
ISs tHst tS SiK-o!. sf a rr-is
stt Is) fMrKt wtttt seats stsrss
M Me aslksst) ewsslltwttussJl sstma,"
Thors li Horo Is It Tbas the Fros Colasgo
of fill vr or tho Tariff.
The Lincoln Journal Is out with an
editorial ia Monday' edition1 intimat
ing, among other things, that the pop
ulist party is Eke Othelo ia that its
occupation is gone by virtue of the ut
ter annihilation! of "free silver and
tariff reform."
As ta the same aanihiJulUoni opin
ions differ widely, but leaving1 that
aside for the moment end! granting
that those two ideas are, Sarasoallike,
shorn of their strength, is the Jour
nail's poHitioni that thte populits have
no further usefulness ia the political
arena, correct 1
(Have they no work to do wHle the
danger to ii uirnaa life is greater from
the economic, the hunger, the ooldl and
want side than from the pbywiaal?
Twit nation forfeits all1 claim, to the
supfiort of the citizen thereto which
nu m w mvyiu ivr moan muj&vy nut Try
ery way person, pTopcrty ana exts
ennw, 1
Does ouirs? Let us see.
White we surwuna each citizen, with
a cordian of laws to protect him from
tfliysicoJ vidicnce, we utterly negiewt
the dwnger to bioni audi liis fromi tilile
economic; forces which are arrayed
against bim, 1 1
alas the popuiust party nothing to do
here? I
The average citiMsn armed) with a
revolver is better able to defend hirn-
sclf against the superior pfhysloal
strengthi of his neighbor, if (be is a
fairly good shot, than tie is to protect
himself and his against the superior
mental strengta of tuiose same netura-
bors as exercised ia strict acordance
with our present economic laws.
3 las the populist party nothing w do
hcre7 , '
We overlook entirely the pflain fact
tliet anyone Who in any Way, by amy
means, it matter not bow remote or
indirect, takes away or lesaens oner
means of subsistance, attacks his life
as truly and' a dangerously as could
possibly be done with tihe knife or the
LxiDllct; nay, more so, seeing unait vne
ojmort unities and' iegat means of de-
feiiMe ia line latter case aire wo mucin
fuller amd more effective.
91ns tihe populist party 110 work to
do here?
lAs now Constituted, the government,
yes, and' society, too, is devoted wiJh
out stint to jwotcctlng the citizen1
gainst that form of wrong from
whlicb he can the most eaaily defend
hlirnHclf, and leaves exposed and wholly
unguarded the most easily assailed
ami at the same time the motrt. vu
ncniblc side of hi life' cl'tidcL '
II Has the populist party nothing to do
Now don't throw up your handw in
well stimulated holy horror and cry
"anarchism" and "treason because of
the above statements. The populist
are not anarchists, but tolby axlvocate
he enforcement of every law of our
Land-, but opriofled to such of tJhcm as
are unjust and not found etl m the
eternal rocks of trut'h and right, they
are and always will be, We are op-
iocd 'to every law on the statute
books which runs couiiiter to the high
er laws of Cod1. In taking that posi
tion) we stand beside that great and
reverend man; Abraham Lincoln, lie
opposed those lo ws whidh allowed the
mraioly traffic in human life while they
were still a part of the laws of our
land1 and the people cried "amen. '
no now we stand 0 posed to our false
(because falsely lmscd) economic laws
and in God's good time all the people
will cry Ail EN In a mighlty snout tnat
shall eclio around the world and reach
even to the stars. 1
lAs at present conwtituted our laws
are such, that in strict accordance
thereto ninety rxw cent of the weallih
of our country is owned by barely four
per cent of Its inhabitants.
lias tlie populist iwrty no work to
do here?
Fully seventy-five per cent oif our iw-
halbitant 'have not a foot of land they
can call their own, not evea enough to
receive their weaned' bodies arter this
life has left them, and twenty-five per
cent have, im strict Ic0! ways, may
hap, oinornctt control of all line land of
tiJit fair country.
Has the popalWt party nothing to do
At prcsrint no one thinks of raising
he cry of "patemalMsn" or of claim
ing that H is not eminently fit and
inter for the state to support
and control the public streets and car
riage row!, 11w pt oniocs anU the
muMulw, and yet if these are tlie og-
lJ anil' legitimate objects of govern
mental control, is there not some work
for tie ipulists to ik vibilo the rail
roiuls, telegraph, teleplions. espress
ami other public utilities are outside
that cuittrta?
No, sir, Journal. You are wron.
Tlie populW iwrty has a great ami
iHMl-gtften vitrk to dt and jou nuty
rest asured that will do It, 1011 may
ay theme questions are all seltlwl, er.
nsjis, Mrt remeniiber that nothing Maya
aettlrxl umU It Is settled right, till It
Is enin to (kid's wsyt ami wtiile any
of ths Isws of otr to il are the vnry
tnXltnests of ths goliten rule, yw may
He Miiml that the Author of that rule
ruts wtl not ret 111 followers rest till
all that are oiKastl to It are over.
throw it,
It yoti s Uh to escsie H,e liurrtiul!s
CMSnplslHVS Of tfJl(l tl lilKl't
htss tun hMl test srrsy ytMirwif on
M sWl In ths euaflifl f.if JuMtk ami
llMMtirn ths amis of ths gtaht griisl
Yt ther grind ills-lr smell
ThHrH tsttH patient statwU lis wsit-
With otsctneaa rrlrat H st
.-h wh, Mr. J.MtrnsI, Is wtv
wrt f sMi'h otir pstiutte siHmwwl
tt Ss It Is ths fundaswi! tstsis sf
infHlin jh !! u,r Ilk tss.t ts
Ntrs m avU a wpsisl to stir If
mifWtf A TH1F1.
fat S twtMt ISttWtk tit tH Mw4l
ss a iotrl tmf nte tsea T
swe ws stM'Msa m Itste
tfss tri. a hs rnJMMt ssetv
st s-tiwfts' es ietw H
nttM4i Wtssa-rttsAnnfH K
ttst ta rtssnottH wMt the svsm1
lrt eisHttitnest . Ti stkll
Wt tV Ssisidnw a Uerwaf." ass tKs
istis st e.wnnw to whk'h
r ! vs psrt f sts iWAvs4t
t Is eisiosMts with tW 4ra
eh Ksts thw ealldesa s pm tste
tf, the trssssT
lists a ears, Mr, JrtMirsst, Wst. sss
nr. rs Ks fowsl ts W irhtlss?
a f, TH.V(T.
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110 North 14th St.,
Lincoln, Neb
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Kansas Lump
Rock Salt
For Stock,
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