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    Oct. 20, 1898
Nebraska Independent.
The Peace Jubilee
If you are going to visit Omaha during jubilee week,
commencing October 10, we want you to keep two things
prominently in your mind. One thing is that our store is
at your service for accommodation and another thing is
that if you have never been inside of it you'll find a
different store from any you have been accustomed to
trade in, The difference is that we are here to hold your
money during your pleasure only, and that we hand it
back as gracefully as we took it if you have any fault to
find with anything you buy. Or even if you don't have
any fault. If you would like your money better than your
goods, all you have to do is to ask for it. We'll never ask
you why. Of course we could't do that if we weren t run
ning an absolutely square business and if we weren't pos
itive that , our goods are worth all we ask for them and
more,, That's an unusual way to do business, but it's The
Nebraska way. And it's the only fair way. Come and
see us- .!. ::::
Tbe republican candidate for congrm
in tbe flrst district is mill dodging, lit
doesn't dare condemn bis party's pro
gram for retiring the greenbacks and be
doesn't d'ire doft'Ud it before tbe Intelli
gent to tern of tbb ditttrlct. Vote or
JainesManahan. , , 1 .
T.Tbe table showing tbe amount of
taxes paid in to tbe state treasury by
tbe different cooutie la republished this
week because of two or three typograph
ical error that crept Into it last we k.
Tiro of these mon were in the Lnncns
ter and Douglas county figures both of
which show a large decrease of taxes
paid under McKiuley prosperity.
The gold bug speak constantly of a
"fifty-cent dollar." Aside from the vio
lation of tbe most common rule of gram
mar, which In excused on account of tbe
unifewtal ignorance of gold bug gen
erally, the pbaM Is a contradiction in
Itself. Tifry cent i half of any dollar,
Dot if fifty cent can be a dollar, then a
hundred cent must be two dollars. A
thing cannot be one-balf and one whole,
at one and the same time, which is a
simple truth thit everyone but a gold
bug knows. They, poor creatures, are
o Ignorant that they don't know it.
Be gentle with them, they can't help
being stupid.
Aorrespondent of the Chicago Rec
ord trailing with the McKluley party
say that tbe president expressed the
most profound astonishment at the
action taken by Governor Tanner in re
gard to the Virden riot. Ife said that
it was just what might have been ex
pected of Altgeld. It was also Intimated
that If the trains were interfered with so
as to make any possible excuse, regulars
would be sent there and the whole
matter taken out of Tanner's hands.
It Is the first time in the history of this
couatry that the militia was ever used
on tbe side of the workmen, and the
whole gold bug crew, from Maine to
California, taBd agast at it. What is
tbe good of tbe militia, they are all
asking, if they are to protect working
men instead of the capitalists?
One of tbe wry beat points in tbe very
effective speech mad by W. A. I'oyoti-r
waa M quiet comment mads by him on
tbe republican state platform of 1608
in particular that part which refer to
the work of tbe prevent state adminis
tration as "sham reform." A few quo
tations from bis stweeh make good edi
torial waiter. Raid he;
"Ths tiotmtM redaoed the tat in
terest Soaring . debt over 1700,000
the past tfbteen months, while the re
publicans twrreaMHl it over a millioa
and qsrtr, Waa tbe popalisl Im
provement a skam reform?''
"The ! t attorney general has
eat lbs last rei'tiMieas stats treasurer
to stats' prUttt fr twenty fwirs. Is
that a sham rwwr
Tk rae rotiMiuar ot psblte
d a4 luMi a as pai-l lt lb
eomttioa m'hmA t4 f ItKJ.OOO,
Is that a fhmV
TU stat CaaM lav fcswa rdutd
ovf f-IStHM) is Ik pat Jr.
Utkat ask reter
srttivN TamtatiM.
Th reiMw parte in b ia a
U4 f la Mrl J.tfrreat iIiIm l al
ukMtlti l III MMMtiat tt .
H.m Haait Q uj atftd a4
Haa4ar thr !
gtJ d lb rep
IVmwi , It U g'tj
voiKvdxhkal li dwwt ti rtf
Ik 4 w ttf.
i.tikuifcaltlUfc tikta a
IN v 4xk Ik
stat. Tkf !" ' 4 el
tasJafM t tmt U' WH,
V tr M4n r4 !
il hWe ta kl aU lwf Ik
Omaha, Oct. , 1893.
way. That Kyle business was a little
too much for even a casa hardened re
publican, In nearly every county in tbe
state there has been organised
among the republicans what they
call "The Republican Anti-Rail
way Trust and monopoly party" These
republican Insurgents are putting up
tickets In most of the counties by peti
tion, Tbe g. 0. p. is doomed, not only
io this state, but in many other states
where the republicans have always here
tofore run thing to suit themselves.
Hulldlof op School System,
Despite all tbe noise which the pbpo-
crats are raising about money saved for
tbe schools, two things stand out before
the voters. The first is that the money
distributed In the school apportionment
was all paid in by tax payers and school
land li'saees, who Iihs been enabled to
make current and delinquent payments
through restored prosperity under a re
publican national administration. The
second Is that the mairnlfleent public
school system of Nebraska wa estab
lished and built up by tbe republican
parey.apon whom tt must 'Continue to
dfftend for further growth and progress.
Yes, "building up the school systen" of
Nebraska is an elegant phrase to use,
there was a time when tbe republican
party did stand for tbe upbuilding of
tbe great common school system just as
ft once stood for the greenback which
its leading men are now conspiring to
destroy, That time has gone by. What
are tbe acta of tbe republican party In
Nebraska toward "building up the
school system" during the past tenor
fifteen years. ' ,
Was it "building up the common
school system" when a republican state
treasurer in connivance with a gang of
political bankers sink 1230,000 in the
national failure?
Was it "building up tbe sebool sr
tern" when a republican board of educa
tional funds kept a million dollars of
children's school money for ten or twelve
years in pet banks over tbe state in
stead of investing the same in securities
that would produce revenue for tbe
"Was it building up the school sys
tem" when the late republican commis
sioner of pnbllo lands and buildings ex
tended the lease of pet politician year
after year without payment anM wound
up tbe last hour ol bis term oi office by
extending such lease already t long de
linquent for another year.
Waa it "building up tb school sys
tem" of Nebraska when Governor III
comb tried month after month in 1803
andl80 to set over 000,(WO of idle
school money invested in boad or stat
warrant and tb republican majority
on tbe board of educational land and
fund blocked every ffrt?
tOlt A IUI.I.TIUT bV.MX Ai:An.
Wbak dvM tba lUmthiak nay way of
lb record wt "feailding Ik rhooi
vttsat" el Nbr4a a mad by tb rw
pblwa pMy Ik pt ta year?
What da Ik wpi tkisk ol It?
1 1 W irw Ik womj paid la talk
rkw4 f4 ka fa Mtl ia by tai
pyf 4 ! ol okHi taa Tkat'
Ira. Tk Hilt t-tRiUU kv pa4
itwat prnaipiiy, Tk kata ara4
Ik polWr ul lttlig Ik prmNl
vkM4 I1 last I ol WitUg Ik li
tal )ak. TW kv kn(4 Ik
t ko4 U4 la tkixM ka w.i4 pi
lk rental i4 vl tkwa akt k4 f"- Tkf k twi4 la
H Ik k4 s.! Ikf mii4 a4
k ka sKtwaDy i't H .
1kt' alltwy k dw Tkf
Uifttf kat t "bll p Ik kij
!" t4 Nkrak a' Ik reKik4
a Hf fl Ik Ul ( Itar.
roKHttl: M IHtl't-IW '
U4,mi g4 kiMo 4 rtkttl
! 'Wa. A4
HSrMSH 4 lklt 1'ia. I'll,
Election Cry Republican Calamity
iiuwungAiexico anu Aioraiity 1.'
publicaa Allies Surplus in thfc
Treasury Evidence of l'roepedty. ,
After tbe murder of ths fiiirrnrtirW1
colored soldiers at Fort 1'illow, the cM
ored meu took uo iuore white prlaou
er. On going into a litfht th battle
cry was, "Remember Fort Pillow." So
the bnntfcle cry wiUi our soldiers ia Cu
ba waa, "Remember the Maine." So
the electiou cry uext November among
me luxmers nouiu be, "Kemeiwbttr
Joe Hartley and Kugene Moore."
Tha Journal ha raised the amount
money embezzled bv Don fount
treasurer from 700 tn i7i)(inn no
old hundreds, no odd cents. . Rut not
a single name, time or locality is giv
en. They will probably raise it to
J.w rtnA t J 1 " ...
jio,uuu ut'iore eieci.on so us to bal
ance Uartley and Moore, Give us the
mime and nmintlnii nr u ilmt m
Ve want no more republican culumity
iiowiing. ivery state uebi paui 1 a
calamity, to republican.
Mexico ia one of the ten or fifteen
progressive countries of the world that
bus not progressed backwards on the
money question ,to please the million
aires, corporations and trust. One of
uie long steps toward morality taken
lately waa to prohibit bull ilu-ht on
Sundays and other church days. It is
something like Lincoln's closing thea
tres ana oau games on Huimuy,
It la for the Interest of tha republi
can party to keep tbe national demo
crat lu the held just as much as to
keep the middle of the road dod in
uie niiooia oi tne roaa. jou see U
they declare themaelves rennblicana.
that ends their Influence with tbe rest
of the world. Tbe middle of the rond
pop and the national gold bug demo
crats are republican stool pigeons snd
tnat is all. Why the president hugs
and kisses such democrat and pop
nx every opportunity. , ,
As evidence that the Issue of bond
the other day was unnecessary we have
out to note tnat there are about four
hundred million of dollars in, the
treasury at this time. McKlnlev ia
doing just as Cleveland did. lettinir bis
new lork banking friends have it to
hold. Of course the same bankers are
friendly to the present president who
were frlamlly to Cleveland, because
both president were elected by New
York money. No matter Which old
party electa tbe president the million
aire bankers, corporations, trusts and
liquor interests own and control him
and they all get what they want.
The republican journals auote. as an
evidence of prosperity, the larcre re
ceipt of the railroads and the splen-
ota dividends declared. That is just
one of the calamities we howl about.
Railroad charge have not been reduc
ed to a gold standard a almast every-
tning eise nas, ana tne ntgnest court
in the land has said the people have
no rights that railroad men are bound
to respect. So the white slaves must
wait, just as the black slaves did, till
the pro-slavery judges did and we get
lovers of justice in their places. .
Fixed charges and fixed incomes de
mand as many dollars, no matter
whether the dollars will buy one
bushel of wheat or four, five pounds
of cotton or twenty. Every change in
the money standard has always been
made In the interest of these fixed In
comes and the moneyed men gener
ally. All the changes proposed by the
present administration are In the same
interest. Burning the greenbacks will
Increase the purchasing power of the
gold dollar and the Shylocks know It.
MeKlnley and the law making powe
will do it as soon as they can change
two or three senators.
But it looks now an though botfo
house of eonigmts would be strongly
anti-McKinley and the common people
will be protected in their present
wrongs, but If any law la proposed
for their relief the president wilt veto
It, It was a long, hard struggle to con
vince the people that slave-driving was
wrong but it waa done, so it will be
again. The people of the south and
west are fast uniting against the east
and the money power will be forced
to losen It grip. It may cost a little
blood, but it ha got to ome through
the ballot box first and then by the
bullet if necessary. Our navies will
be in the uttermost part of the earth
commanded by millionaire, but we
core more for the farm than the wat
er. The farmers blood to thick and
will not flow in vain.
fr.'i, niiloaasM, Mf vi ll t
Hill tlautt. Aeltos kut loiiii4 l? MSlitv.
. l-.mlil lit Tr? It awrM tr; d'
tau V) ot mtUUmm A H I U.I. t ' , t.lw
, hal,. Aalit? Sp' , la (uiIiiim
$3 capitu 5c
? "to If, mm ..,......
' fA l'drf &
, UfAll.
Vf cm is a tiu.
i'mtm4 rkt, a4 SM el
II istj Nt HMf rH t'"
If, ! tUf k i retail,
Ni fcsti T 4 ri
ttff t 'itu! t !'
pfil smmW U Ik
kMMMM Ml UW. lk
Ttatfe lret, iwt II .
Confound the goldbug 31 tors
Who bnnt the dold'en Sun,
They teM suoh akful faleehooda
Sust like a horse con rum.
I took dat bapcr every week
For more a three year wtroig'hit.
Und I remember all the promise
ten they made ahust for a wuL
They said, "Vait till 'leetiom day,
umi eery money sack ,
Vlll come out form it hiding
Ven confldenee cooma pack."
Und ven 'lection day n ofer
The next tihlirg iay did wny
Vn, "Ve glf you some broaWtrity
On' inauguration day,"
I told my rife ve wait now i
Till the fourth of March I jran
Und see vat tory vll come next
From dat eonfoumlt Golden turn
Und sure enough they haf ne
VIoli they say would Jm the hwtj
They my, "You get some eonflilent'a
Yoi the Dlngley bill get post."
Veil, the Dimgley bill .vnt pnsrt?
Now they hint", but just don't my,
"Vnlt while ve burn de greeiMicka,"
Or, vait til judgment day,"
-WSilver Knight-Watehnion. ,
A Wrll.r VTho Thinks If Ilsl llstlrr
Look After ths Alforlnrs,
Mltor Independent! 'lodny people
peak with contempt and abhorrence
from Nero for Addling when Rome was
burning, but a few years ago when
the Mississippi overflowed some of the
southern ataite Presldenlt McKlmlev
made a pleasure trip on a man of war.
instead of sending every naval olllcer
ana snip wiiieh was to spare to the
MHice or imiU'iMitt'iion to ne!p wive prec
iou nves ana property. JNow, ns
thousands of half-starved, poisoned
eoldiers luy hick In hospitals nmi caup
and thousands of relations mourn over
the loss of their beloved fathers, broth
Mtu mrnm on1 K iiuKn ifls At.A 4
vi t oviio v siuvns'iiijn nuu .4if7l4 All
consequenee of crimlmil neglect of
duty oi tne some one, MeKlnley Is
making another pleasure trin to the
exposition at Omaha, enjoying tne ex-
, travnigttimt luxuries of a special train
I in Pullman cars worth the great state
also accommodation and del lenses of
a first-class hotel, whereas favored otv
tractors feed our soldiers upon mag
gots and hard tack and the poor sick
have to lay on tha bare floor, or
What Is the difference between
Nero and MeKlnley? Their acts show
that they were men of the lowest
characters without any human feel
ing, sympathy or compassion for tbe
suffering people.
A man who will fiddle or celebrate
a festival when his neighbor lays on
bis death bed is a monster, but in the
case of McKnley he Is doublv so be
cause the neglect of his duty caused a
great deal of tbe worst sufferings. In
stead of doing all that he can to reme
dy the cost, he goes to a fair to serve
ns on advertisement. A man cannot
have the least bit of self-respect if he
allows himself to be exhibited
amongst elephants and rhinoceroses
as an attraction of a fair for the pur
pose of filling the money bags of some
greedy speculators ana money onang
ers. ,
A president has no right to the dis
posal of his time as he wshea. No is a
hired man who nas to woric Tor nts
wages Just a any other man who sells
his labor ana ne is just as wen ooug
tvt lo ntflv and work In his shon as any
common laborer. The White House Is
the shop of the president and there,
not at some castle, a Buzzard's Boy
or Lone- Island is the place lor tran
sacting his business, tint instead of
working himself, MeKlnley appoint
a white-washng commttee to cover all
trace of his neglect.
MeKlnley may banish witnesses to
Devil's Island, Cuba, Porto Rico, or
Manila everywhere, but the noiiow
viW!. starved, poisoned soldiers will
appear, like Ranquo's ghost, as wit
nesse. never resting until the whole
truth U known. As Senator Thurston
said, it is not Alger. It is AicKinley wno
ff nttur n trial. McKnelv and not Al
ger s responsible that a horse and dog
doctor was appointed as superior uw
tA, swi- military hosTiltal and this
single fact tells more than anything
else what the gentlemen at Washing
ton think of common soldiers. A dog
doctor I just good enougtt ror mem
and not better.
II Hm IU TrUMl I vry Coir
Kurlh 4 Always a rllr.
ft wa, 1 know, formerly held that
if Miicr wa cowvertiU) Into coin, -o
. I M . V... jldaf.
orf UmM COUW ItMiw, uv w -
tntwi hm k'ug g exploded, aud no
ta,tiuian of ladling its M'tl aju
it la WUUUog on rurreney for the
pul ha.f rvntury, and no -oiwmit of
rrpitte, i far a 1 know, ha wwlrtv
ru to difeud a a uf pitwtp by
whkt to tegut the supply of cur
m;y. Tb rurrcmy i-uiuwlwioii,
husmr, ntHii tail "if U Umi
nmi.y of a miry i KJUerUtU al
Mr wiuh goUt, Ibrr may b
hler, ami a wwh of tb rpr
Mitu fm-uM of rurnemy a tb iw
elieiM of lb (s "y rpiir,
A.-ninM this I mtim lh perii of
rtrrv wntry lt ha rrd H, im!
tr,y a.t U t tin wr
II lit ba trie! in. KU wwMrtry r
Mid uTvr gwla awl k a rfv fi5l.
vtu,ir, la k tkU-irurr tw.
la Marvk t. M. "t o4 ifet
tk HtwtibiUiy, lUirH lwlf
tiMibi I rrai 4 aw
titi kng gruMi-l t rvJUwi, 'Iterr U a
lh4U..ttf l U pI i
.iS mr I ekrutC l wt-t
f IM ttM rii tt AiMU,H lrd
0,rtiM ptt ikhm frww
Ueir, h,I 4-Ui "t"tH!tl
ihm i Oi irrrrjr k Wa iirvly
t'4rflK fruiM Ik uhuv,
sivUhs iMt'll t wwi INia mm
Kt fii t Itm ((.;
f ft I pAHCf SOT Ik UMt
uwU ai if reiV
va i ' n4;i il tki rtr a
utmirmUtm l rr lt f'l
ftmm n,t, Mk a eey
tMwtir a mm l-'v
f-tmi tt ka aSjs !!
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way wUl Xcituer s gold stomlan? nor
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sw4i a avtm.
4dsCIrkRrl Shw nw It Km
iitdtrd tha Star ha f Ifc wt.
Jutlge titor- W, Clark, who was a
liiHHl by tb Vaiued but court to
tk twciuooy la tb Kua City
u-k yard m rrjwrtwl to rba ewurtt
"i'irnU l'bat the Kshmw tlty tun k
Vn nMMiiiy trtil oul in 171
with a tmpul stik of IW.too pUl la
rk) rxtMl, that uu to l'Mruary 1,
liivT, it bail expratkM upon He iiA
to Ik aiiMMMKt of U.lil.Sooj thnl,
that during this lint U hat drawn ml
tiuih l lb irnuunt of Jt.Sa,i
fuurtk. that It had walrml it .k
fnaa tint ta Uiim uoiil t hl pu
ttMUg k to Ik auiouat ot IT,.
14.Mi tftk, tha Ha (Mr tain) U
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a latit of mlf t M,c tk wm
myt iMi yi Ik ranting ot lh aktiit,
h"ttt4ml J,l.3iw tlWUM la k
UMr'jr I MtKkuna atwl a klf !
mi 14 h a iwrljr urtk t,PK
w tt ai k U la aki.f tk k
niwrt hi (, r.
dm U a ruir ir ti IkU tsU.
lli.MI IM Ik ! f .XelMSMk.
lu a U H !.W iK' tUt
M r-, kml w k Jhi Munrrt
ntw.l ! a t fvt dl -k
Jmi Mrtrt t.tif N ta f ba
t"i ik n f t J"i!
U U lkl
rrrt wi IN UI f Wk
il nmt II iW k" !
m i.k fii f Ntak h
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fifteen yars they hav uever kept
their promise. The first fusion legis
uuiire, without making any promkes.
wwt to work and patwod a law to reg
uUtte the stock yarda and cut down
their exorbrta-ot charge, A ruah wa)
ltnuMHli&tly mad to a gold bug Judge,
awl the Cu 1 hung up while the cor
inoraut of the Ux'k yard go on feed
ing thrriMwlv to repletion.
If ivpublicaa Wgkftur ia elected
and the rty rriurnrd to power that
hIU Iw an md to all hop of a reduo
tlitn of lb rxcM.iv eharg which
thtti inM-ptH-aliun baa a.! way colWeUJ.
, npulHtn aUorney grurral woukl
Ma have lh rh in swb a fix iht
there would b no hotw. lie would act
jul a il other mMiblttn aMorocy
(friKTl did In rrjrard ta th malraun
rl thai ih barn, eama ta
lh jluurtlf owner.
On humlml trm in rllnr eotit
ly k p rd iat th band ot
an? kaiftcT In th lt I ww yeam
ami tW pnM-M i gitog on a
IrMity ih rUtlewly a Ik rkw of ta
to,rwNs lMs awt Mdy la Uwr
miuivt y but ia y eottsly ta ik
t'witM) HH, ry aigkbnrhot
k It Mil wh n lew apttft
tk rarat Ikey ew a few pmr axv
I'mI.i a emtiud ssCt 4Ued al
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