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    Oct. 20, 1898
' ..v : -t- . .
TTs litwr f stfllna leelelBtlv
0m4MMm NMN elee
flea "aaartfseateas"
Tb ids, ot 0b republican cawdt-
feast flaaily tew nxorereJ, by wttab
hy ar mtotmfUoi to dMiT U
Ttoer to a mwUnmIUo ffort teioar
Wttrluxi t7 thaai fenUua who
tiu tuM&lonUoa ftron. tfo gold
faun- maaooolv riddea party oa weir
ronton. Jrieud who belong to the
popuiitt, dnocrevU and irt imr re
publican parti, la DMMi cmm W I
M follow! On otf Ui Candida
mraidi a member of on of tin
partie jut mesvUonod and repreen1
that thk t not year to draw party
Knew, tfoat liber I no national ticket
in, tli field, and that he J making hi
campaign amonff pemnonal friend, iw1
Ghaut tho friend are in all political
parties, and if elected h huM feci
thai it we thl clue of voter that
elected blm, and not We party alone
be gor further In a confidential imtv
ser and ttea that lie think the pres
ent elate Admlnbrtratlon lie mad
rood record end that 1i ie eplally
friendly. to ttemtor Mlm, and eom
moral upon We aWHty, and when que
tioned wnnewhat by fbe person whom
h le iryinK to work, a to whom he
Mhould be favorable to for United
Wate aenalor provided lie ehould he
elected, wtart out l an Indifferent
manner, y that he doe not think
that cut much of a figure and make
but little differerw to anyone except
the one who wa el!rd, Tha, who
ever that party wae, A would not
draw the pay ami t'he average rater
would realfr.e no difference an 4Hween
candidate or pertle. When lie i In
formed liy bin attempted victim that
be 1a great n&mlrer of Henator Allen,
thai the Mirator ha repreene hi
view In aU of tile ad lone, that lie I
anxlou to cawt M vote where it wilil
aaftiet la the re-eleHlon of hi Ideal
eti4 tor, tbl candidal of inonopo'y
"and deception,, in ardor and waJ for
the office h "don't care much about,"
juat running bwauae tie ha 0 limuy
pprwonad friend thai he can't rrwlut
them, trik out wll-h a new Wca to
hi inierrofrntor, and aiatca that he haa
no particular candidate for Um'lted
dtate pntor, that he la wot a friend
of Cheap Wheat Webtr, Jlocwab T
or Jjamlierteon, and Mould h "e
placed in that poeitlon to be put to the
teat, he would rlae up from hi aeat
when the roll wa calUsd and cant hi
vote for Allen.
There aire a (Trent number of thee
oamdblate tnukino; thl kind of a camv
pwlsrn, and I muni my Vhat it 1 the
irreaitcdrt dleplay of deception, dilion
eety and wholeaale lying that wn ev
er attempted In a political campaign.
There ,4 not one of the brow cellared
fed low Who haa control of ll own
vote - wfuen he omme to the 1ftgiln
tti re. If elected they ro a the tool
of tlb corporaitJoni and cannot re1t
their drf fetation Can- tho loptvrd
change W apota? It I jnwt a impoe
alol for one of 1lieee men to follow the
nromntt Intra of a (rood oonaotence and
atay with the repuWUcan, party. When
hey are argulrvg with) the homewt,
wert meaning voter wl twilng nil of tfh
mfMntrj at Wielr comnnd to deceive
him Mo 'belief that be will tinport
Benator Allen, or any other enndidate
that doeunt have the coTnorwtlon
brand on Mm; they know they will not
and conot no amy tiling' or tlie J ml
And now, fellow Htlzena, let me ad
tnonltrti yoti who have watdied the
work of flenivtor Allen and VHeve he
Ihaa fairly renreoenH' the atnte of Ne
brneka and believe when he la re-eWt-ed
that he wtM continue to eerve the
tnlt in the rame maimer, not to le-
lleve one wonl 1he repreeenntlv
of trti corporatlona ear when they talk
to you about supporti n g Bonn tor Al
Woman's Heroism.
from ib Blilf OhmK. Iloekford, III.
Daring thi civil war nearly aa much
herointn wan ahown by the women of our
nation an by tba brav aoldiera. Many
woman, weeping lor ber da1 aon,
bund np the wnnnda ol her anfffrin
comradaa. n-ioiulng la their renawed
Ua th (lattlrfleld.
treaath, v wbll acrrnwing for W
one ano waevoae, ai thai time wan
laid Ibn louotUllon lr Ib worM-lamml
era ntiliailoq taoaa an the Woman'
IUM (if-, ahtwn ad M the mtl.lirr til
today, flgntlMg aglnn thn worl.l lor a
living, In au Imm nbla tbaa tba aru-
lam ol b early We.
One of laa ! rarannt ainmber ul
thaeorpnal II tM, III., la lira, J a man
llittMWftiNirt, bat tllnn uaea t a alut
to hrr acitva irl. A trau ana
wbn aba n nrlna flllf ynar of a-,
tba time b wiimna tal Im mhi
famliil f Ibnlr alnb. aim, lltia
wnarl n In in anrmanly III, Tba lam
if ibf atnta Mt kne that ata ha
rM h'd a rrtlK-nl fUl u brl k,an4
aunt b v? taMal, IHn irriittien
a tmalmnat did ut branll bwr, aad
otane tmtra irux navtltna.
At laat I'r W.llmW h I'tiia hit
fa l'wtJn briinntit ta br ,
HI lattniauim t.lnn tkat law
neaMlflall attbrM an bws awl
tta r4 ain aha tr t kn r.n.l t
Iinl Uanb aba twh tba Imt but ul
tba hUln, btb gave war mWf. Mbn
aa Mihw4 li ba ml, aa knot ia
lib tba Rtedl nan, aM alnbl bftna
v eea aianuHtl, aal b Ma Ida
aa lima.
Mia, llunttt aMl t bava tln
attlf n4btWl,Mt I bena In
netivlnn nlnnn tuib lb lent dtna 14
tit tlwv I niUt an lll itbual
tba el K Tbn ntlaUl bava il.tna ai
ti gfMt tba aav bvnwiai ut an
m Mm I lava vt tvit."
l. ttilitnmn' 1'iak Mi ni .I4
tut 1 an larn la lmnn bail I at (HI eal
bet an ' h i &, aad av U
bad ul all r1etia, .f rfieret bv mail
Iron he. wtHuarn' Ne4liaCu, eVknai
ud,N. r.
to, They um tbis a a deoeption to
fret your vote, and have no iutjvtAo
wboa they uak euoa prom Wee 1 to
earry them out. Ueware of tOwm.
'lher will b ao few republieam fak to
next Nebraak boua and aenat
that the tnaa who cat hi rote a
they ao earaevtiy plead will b
wfrwA to thimk that be ba been
hoodooed by thorn.
Tot cmpi- 1 aeveipoping m wv
mar new feature and on tn. ha
mora eaoeciaOly attraoted the aUontkm
of the public than any other baa been
th DoUoeauie ainereaoa unar wotuu
tit two oandtidarte for governor
vtarted out t th Wpmtng of tm
campaign. One who had no eapeolal
kitowledg of th politloul trend la hie
elate would have thought from read'
Ing a few of the gold bug paper tbttt
Vtue repuvixnin eatKiioane jot gowarur
would b elected by an overwhelming
majorVtyv Th great bkurt of ram a
horn and the eoundlng that were
heard far and mar wa etoriilliing to
ihiriMe that mad the nola. but it Wi
ceaaed the blowing tf Mi ram't horn
InmtcjMl of mcven, day a or owi, n
len aeven week, and ttfi tfWering
wfllla at the old retmbllcan fnbrlo are
awaylng to und fro, and the plain evi
dence 1 tutmi'WWO 10 au vimt ii tvijj
go down on Novemllier tn wltw a
greater crh thttn at any time in th
porft, The inJy roumiauon on wnunn
t aland carwnot rewlat nonwty tn um
admin intra tlon of tt' affair. Qor
rriKr royner wlen. uomlmmled bV
Hire t,rtli unanimonaiy wm lorun
with 110 effort to d'velv t(j gnwt
fvMrwnonweaiMi wliUfli h exjwtoil to
prflftide over. He went before Mxrn a
the plaiin, rfimlghtforward, wcrgtc
kiuffnee ftirmcr that h I. H b tolling
nitim have nwrprlml hi wanneat
al'ini rer. He ha cleared away every
louht (If there wa u0)) um H J
the twin for the plaoe. That the am
leswne that hi haractriW!0 m
'lion In th honae and acmot wiien
memlter will give poawlve aawiironce
of hla unirjueationable aMlity to meet
all the queaMon that nuiy preacmn
thenmelve for lul conalderotlon., Mr,
Povnter i growing every day In th
KMiimMcm of the BPfflile, wliil It i
coiDimon tolk wW-h th f epuWi! Ulint
tiutue Havward doc not com up to
their exw:tatlori, and that clow re
lallon wlin Ihe raurofl'ia nn ami norm
preclude bl election. Tlie grint com are In the malorMy in t3i1
alarte ad they will not permit the cor-
poraHJon to folat upon wienn one 01
MiHr choeen trol for governor.
Tlie poMtical aftuatlon i-n thi atate
me( everv exnectnitlon of thoae who
am In clone touch with the anme, and
now ht me any to the three partiea
hat have the courage to maim lor re
form and the Jntereat of the ficowie
Khnt wilfti vigor and vlgllnwe you can
nd1 do doiM win put fort'h from now
wlitl tlie u4t vote la polled on election
lv, that you will agaim e rewarded
with vW-torv in the election of a fi:W
wtflife Wicket nd ToaHi-Wy n increaee
n 1oth houeea of 1ih JeglaJatur ovri
two year ago. Twit or eourae nwwn
the rrttnm of fienator Allen to the aon-
atc, and to any that there are nix con
greeaional dltrlct, ami tmat imere wiu
be aix repreaerrhatlve from weoraaKa
n t'he tiex-t eontrrean that ere not re-
Hiflddcam will be a eoiirce of eMfac
4n M eefnrm fnrcea in NeflrraeKa.
To av that there la a atrong Hope or
changing Wie cvmrplexlon of he next
cctwrreea a-nd' the elect ion, or one rnnx
will heed the wlnhea of Mie people jn
tend of the tmat. nyndlcnte and cor-
wrra'tlon of tUie coumtry i very grwfc-
Yoivra ffr a ewcejHng vwiwrjn
His Riso From a Despised and De
rided Populist to a Com
manding Influence.
Hi ronaht thn Moony Pownr
rillnna Hoar ainln Hnadnd
nd Alonn.
Nfbranka baa had aevnral United
ttatn nenatorn. noma ol the m men 01
xniMitional character and aom ability,
but nevnr until Allan waa aent to Wash
ington did Iba ieopla of tbia atat bava
a man In tba aeoat who exerted an ap
preciable Influnnce upon tba whole n.
Hon. OuUidn of tba atate, tba otbnr .Ne.
branba aenator wer nokoown. 2S0
man will deny that hVnator Allen la a
man of mi. u tat Ion. The atory ol bin
nan from the humble place of adnapinnd
iMinulUl to a commanding iNwiiionln
tba arrntrnt pariiaMinutary b'uty In the
world la of lalerent to the wnoie nation
Whna A I Inn Aral aiMH,md In tba wn
1 In be waa tmalnd wiih eoatampt by Iba
lofitlv Bi-tttlenipu who bava an loiiv uom
nalel that ImmIv. r.vnry laauit iMMMiiiin
wan bfnw UMin bun by the rprnoiav
iitm ul tba money pownr, Allen bore II
all with a calm d'Hnlty and lur eome
ilma wllbout nrly the flrnl
llrunlhatbn aronn In the aeualn, bn
mwantl bin eiwweb wllb tbnnn wordn:
Iwl 10 thai nmtunei ami imrttieti
iiarlt aalM 'itMhU and I ant bnre to
" . . a 1 a a a j a a
advocale and dbad Ibn txlacliib wbicb
il baa l.roiiioUntwI." that alinrnmia
aMir Tlif nnid to the ariuri "1 ber
maaiHKl daJ I thai Rial AlUa ol
Tha laaun 111 inn um B'lviwajfnn
nenaoatlauiHl and nff airt id art
vaiia thing wan aald that Ib raWa im
Ibn nnaat oiM alio about tb pofil
Im nitnltir lof wwba, antll oan dar
baa Alt waa ttinkia a araamant I
aannnr to tb gold bna tbnoty uluvnf
prodite'lwa ikHry hlb a amal
iwt (ii tira ai laai i
teaaloe It ml aronn and lalr
tai'in! bim, aad ainking latbawiiMl
innnlii un be toa'd eommaad aatd
"Hh al Ibn nnat tbiab bm tfmtk
a a avnf .ro.atMaT
feaalt AlWa bad aadamd nannb
Ha at lvd ! Ibn db la Iron! ul 1 1 nr.
brown b I bin d Hiw It aad la a
(time ibat tnnM ej maala IW
Mninnnul "liewtb aloe la lead
lo lanall anT" Utf uanalaaen a
Ikaflnabia n and tontiM bitm
lbt h I litwnvd blw, avoa Mad tttedt
a al'Kt aiMiltiny, Aline ta! dar tba
ixulu MaJ.
tbHtoval ailnaibia aa Imt atiranlnd
to Alb aia tba ttecanl'i ka ba il
htwel Ibn loannnt iwe on Hrd II
tiMl tbnra bUn Ibn .. Ilinra
bartrriag I "vat arltoa tbat
,imi tniiMk deamt wonidrnmlt la
talauaa itll I 'le, briaag diairaa
and tdId to tbooaand of Am.rican
bom and wbleb th flaal raaalt.
Tba dnbU on the repJ of thpnrcha-
lag elauee of tb Bberman at bad goo
oi for noma tint. Allen bad prepared a
paeeb of a boor length and bad en
cored tb floor jnat befor tba time of
adjournment ao a to b bl to deliver
It tba Brat tniog id oexc norniDa;.
Wbnn tha tim arrived to dioorn, Baa
tor Dobol aroaa and aakad tb oppo
altlon leader wby b did not move to ad
Joor, and tb reply eao quick and
abarp: "Tbo aanatawlll never ad Joura
antll tbl bill I paao."
Tb flgbt wa on. If rot wa taken
tbaa. tb bill would pa. Two tblnga
war to be gained by delay. Firat, a
full dlncuaalon of tba money qneatlon
would be aeourad aod there wa a poeei.
bllltytbat tbeblll might b defeated.
No olber aeoator wa prepared to take
the floor and if Allen topped, a vol
would ba taken. Alien met th emer
gency with courage, with a pbyelcal
endurance and with ao ability never ba
lor equaled on a Ilk occaaion. jnera
.i.l -I A ... I At...
wer 00 repef itiona, no oinpirap m mi
artHn hour aiMwch. When It appeared
In tba Chicago Record, tb learning, tba
logic, tba way tb argument wa aua
tamed by quotationa from all tb atand
ard ecouomiata. commended It a one of
tb ablnet apaecbea aver delivered la tbat
body on the money Qneatlon.
1 will never forget tbat night. Allen
began about B:0 p. in. Shortly after
dark be wont bla private aocretary to bla
roomi and the young man aoon returned
with Ibirty-flv. or lorty eianuaro
worka on political economy. Allen bad
read then hooka and aa be read, nao
marked with a blue jx-uoll all tb atrlk
Ing pnanagea that bore upon tba que,
tlon before tbe aenaU Aa tb olgbt
wor on, b fortified every poaltlon
taken by reading lengthy pannage Irom
tba book which ba bad piled up before
lilrrt, Kvery quotation bora right oil thn
point diacunned and tba printed epeecb
bad no appearance of ' padding. Tbe
tilarbt wore alowlv on, Ilia air In the
nenat chamber, never pure at any time,
became almoat Innufforabiy loui. bvery
now and I ben aenator and fieraon in
the gallery would o to the outlda
window for freab air. Hut Allen atood
at hi noat and talked on. Ten o'clock
came, twelve, two, three, and Allen t II
talked on. 0 other aenator waa renuj
to take bla place and bold trie fort
agalunt Cleveland, Bberman, Alliaon and
the cohort of tbe money power. Four
o'clock came. I bad washed evry
movement up to that time, but l coukj
ndur the atrain ana in 10m air n
loncrer. I eought a couch in a commit
tee room and laid down and aiept lor
two hour. At ail o'clock 1 came back
to the eenat and tber wa Allen, bin
vole a clear and bin eye a ungntan
whenhebetten thirteen hour before,
ntill defending with undlmlulahed vigor
tb rltftit of the people to to ire coin
age of all ver. Heven o'clock and - lgh
o'clock came and Allen .with undimln.
inbed vigor talked on. One in a while
now be would look over toward Teller,
who wen tb maneger on tb free aiiver
ida. Tnllnr had aat In hia aeat all olgbf
lontr. occaalonal v writing a brief note
andaendinglt out by a page. Altera
while Teller nodded to Allen, mere wan
a man ready to take bia place. Allen
atraigbtened up, rained bla voice, wnicn
waa aa clear aa a bell, to a higher pitch
and dxlivnrnd one of tb flneat perora
tiona aver beard witbin thoae bletoric
walla. Ha cloned bv aavlnn: "I am In
formed that another annator la prepared
to take tbe floor and I will Dnian my re
mnrkn at noma Other time."
Tbna ended a hlntoric ene. une never
to be forgotten by thoae who wltneanert
Itandbv milliona who did not. For
nearlv fifteen hour Allen atood, tbe un
connuerable hero, flghtliig tbe money
newer a one in tne iiHrouai, wuwnwvr
uu-fii on tn n com neni.
Uurinirthe flveveura tbat have aince
elapned, Allen ban alwaya been lound at
tbepontol duty, lie nna ween iuh un
purchnnabln champion of the common
worde. Todav he in the mont prominent
and powerlul iieraonallty In tha U. H.
m-nate. I't the potiulinta ol Nebranka,
nliOMH clmmiilon hullo beou, nee to It
that the coming legilature re-electa blm
bv a firiictimtllv unaniinoim vote. "
Hee to it that every lunlon candidate
for thn leg Inlatur get every vote that
it la ponaible to give him.
I, 11, iiiini.Kn,
rrom rnaajr la wnnitn.
St. Ixiuia, Mo., Oct. 19. The Mia-
aourl Supreme court yenterday handed
down Ha daclalon In the cae of Adair
veraua Matte, aflirmlng th judgment
of th 81 Louie circuit court, llehlnd
thl almpla announcement la tha atory
of a widow who married a aecond time
aud aought to dialnherlt her daughter.
The daughter baa lived In poverty for
yeara and now bida fair to become tha
owner of t.OOO.OOO worth ot property
altuated la thla city.
Thrnnla AnafcbUU
Itiaxi, Rwitaerland, tVt. !. Thn
praaldent of the f vl confederation,
M. Huffy, baa recnlvad UirnnUolng let
tara fruin anarchltt. Meaauraa are be
Ing takeu by tbe polio to pmvnut a
attempt on bla Ufa,
The Opportunity
of a Life Time,
rot) saic two come manta
TIONS 1 tb well kaoa asd prt
unar-oifey at llnilalloyuf, alat td
I'unbla, Mnibxt, Onnvonslnl ol
aern, a portion la " trena, aonia lr
and aoatn tbine innra old. All k lad d
trupleal bralln, rabhee, eJf aad ra
imiI tmn, gain grana, deviling knana
aaJ nlbnr balldla rotrlr laetna.
In I vln aa r eiima lalabarlng
d nMltorMna!. Tba Olbn ilallli
Mtalniss ItHi arena with lkoande
Iiianaetrwa, Tba owane bavin
itibnt bnnlanaa ialnennla la etlnad l
itftVr IbMM lnsrovnd ilnlalioa ai
aavb a l Pear 1 bat lb vaa almni
be iisr-kanrd at tk samnitik.-n tbat m
abd bin v renal. almieov4 Unt la
Innvoltisv. 1 b eUmni In wont bnnllb
tal, and a Vftf il-niiabie flan id anil Im
J.i Aennrwana bare lbiv bn a
i.laninlitinn been. t'o anton wbo
rvbiag t mila tknir bnalth, bi tie
siren nneepe tba asm wiaier
biwlbrra Utilttdw. and at tba aaw
tlNtaeondtiet a Mollabln idnanaat bni.
aai, tbui ta tbasimt, "w pnriielm
W, I. tlitn,
ho, )lCabll,ni id Msihm, M.skH.
aa raea4-Batar em
Oraaafl Caaia Meade.
Cam Meaob, Mlddletown, l'a. Oct
It. Privata Ma, Plant and Moor
of Company M, Second Want Virginia,
war "apraad aagled' oa th ground
with their hand and feet tied to heavy
atak with atont rope for nearly two
hour yaaterday for dlaobdlna of
order. Sentrle were plaoed over th
proatrat man and their faeea war ax
poaed to th burning glar of th aun
until they promlaad to do a they wer
told. Whan th mab war released
they refused to keep their word, and
they ware ordered back to tb guard
hous for trial by court-martial. , Th
offender were arreatad and aent to
tb guardhous aavaral day ago for
conduct unbecoming a soldier, in re
fusing to clean up tb company
Were Fntnd te fnrlsta.
WAMKitfOTOir, Oct. 10. Secretary
Long ba granted thirty day' leave of
abaenc, with permission to leave th
United State, to Mr, J. P. Fireng,
chief clerk of th naval pay offlo, Maw
Thar la a pathetic atory behind thi
action. Laat summer th wlf and
daughter of Mr. Fireng engaged pass
age on th Ill-fated French steamer
La Hourgogne, which waa wrecked off
Newfoundland, but Just before her de
parture from Naw York, fortunately
concluded to make th ooean voy
age by another line. After spend-
ng th aummar In Enrope,
thay engaged passage for home
on th French liner, but at th
last moment changed their mind in
favor or tho English steamer Mohegan,
and wer among th number who per
shed on th rock of th Lizard, Frl
day night, Mr. Fireng' Bad mission
is to endeavor to recover th bodies of
hi wlf and daughter, and bring
them to tb United State for Inter
Swlndlad Out ot 11,800.
Jaiksviuk. Wi., Oct. 19. Everett
II. Itansom, a retired farmer of Janes-
vllle, I minus 111, .',00 a tb result of
patent right territory. Th purchase
were made recently from Don rriaby
of Detroit, Mich, ilansom wa hired
to drive Frisby and hia partner over
thla country while they old quick ti re
setter territory. On all side men paid
from 1300 to fOOO for the right. Thi
waa mora than Ransom could stand
and he at once closed a deal for th
atat of Wisconsin, paying th sum of
11,500. Hansom now claims to have
been duped, alleging that th sup
posed purchases war mad for tha
purpose of drawing blm on. Frisby
claims Ilansom got what he-paid for.
May Be Wlf Mtrlve.
ST. Loins, Mo., Oct. 19. Because of
th dlacharg of three freight conduct
or running out of Parson, Kan., th
Federation of American Hallway Em
ployes and th M., K fc T. railroad will
lock horn to-day in Bt. Louis. If
compromise fall there may be a gen
eral strike extending throughout th
rou want one of our Three S'es":jj
QUA W America's Greatest Piano, the
0 1 1 A T T greatest in the world.
CPH A PCCD Very fine, rood tone qua
OVnArrCI I.ty, beautiful case designs.
CUM I CD nA rood Piano at a price that
OlllaUaUlaI wifl come within your reach
Sold on easy terms
it cash prices by the
e000 COMPANY $000
iSSnn MMM . I1IIK.(I1IM. M1, IM.,
1 -
(mfeUnn Are ban Wreaked.
CHICAOO, Oct. 19. Th strong wind
and rainstorm played havoo with th
paace jubilee archca and decora
tiona. Six of tb arched wr
blown down aad badly damaged.
Three person were struck by pie
with which th down town building
wer decorated and which wer torn
way by th wind. It ia hardly prob
able that th arches will b rplaod.
Street car traffic wa blocked for hr
by tb debrl.
Mfcefellne Kabnn Futile Beest
Clivklahd, Ohio, Oct. IS. It 1 an
nouncad that John D. Rockefeller will
furniab fund to build alarfcaoolal
settlement hous in th Italian district
her. It will ba aalled th Alt house,
in honor of Mr. Rockefeller' daughter,
who i on of th prim mover of th
kindergarten aad day nnrsery work
among th children of that dlatrlot.
Orsgoa t Olee Cnptnla Clark a wvd,
i'oHTLAKD, Or., Oct. 1. Governor
Lord no appointed a commit. of five
oltlzen of Portland to collaot fund
for th purchase of a sword to b pre
aentad to Captain Clark of th battl
ahlp Oregon. Th commltte desire
to raise 11,000, and hag collected nsarly
on-hlf that amount.
It Tnnds te Itsndnv tha Parlor Sot
Tb Ingenious father of an estimable
roung lady In Sheffield, say Pearson'!
Weekly, recently rigged up a clever
eontrlvanc by which he dlacouragad
a certain young man who had bean
accustomed to mak love to his daugh
ter. Th. old gentleman recently
caught tb young man and girl rather
close together 00 tb sofa. U read
th girl a lecture, and mad her prom
Is not to let tb young man sit b
Id ber on th sofa again, lie was
suspicious, , and decided not to trust
th girl's promise, so h called In ao
lactrlclan to carry out a Uttl schent
f bis. A contact plat wa fitted Juit
inder th cushion of tba sofa and an
other to th bottom of tb frame la
such a way tbat when the weight of
two persons bore down upon th top
plat It would touch the other and
lose th circuit. Wire were run from
th plat to th old man's bedroom,
where, as soon as tb circuit would
lose, a small bell would ring. All
this was don without the knowledge
of the girl. Th next night th young
man called again, and everything was
as it should bo until the old folks re
tired about 10 o'clock. About half an
hour later th bell upstairs rang furi
ously. Tb old man sneaked down
stairs and caught the lovers snug
gling very close together on the sofa,
Tb young man escaped with hi life
fortunately, but th poor girl I lock-
d up on a diet of bread and water.
T Ik Oraad Sannropmnni Bftalag Din
trtnt, Wyeralag,
Tb Union Pacific will sell ticket at
on far for the round trip, pin f 5, from
all point in Kannaa, Nebranka, Colora
do and Utah to Ilnwlin, Wyo. Data
on which ticket will be sold are lt and
3il Tunnday in May, June, July, Aojrunt,
Hnpt, Oct., and Nov. Htag line daily
Hionpt Kunday such way between Raw.
'Inn and Grand Encampment
For full information call on or addrnns
9, H Hlnaann 0n'l t . ,innln Snh
To purchase
piano and wish
to get the best val
ue for your money
STt?XlSS fc5
R3o npG
Wbta ra tabs Becd'i rills. Tbnlg.anMaV
Wand, suarnaln4 pina, wbleb taw m aa W
rnnns,arBotlitwnbHood'a lasytatak
aad easy te opsrate, I true
ot Beed'i nils, which ar
bp to oat In evsry rsspecfc
Safe, certain and sura. All
druigists. e. C. I. Hood Co,, LewsU, Maaav
Tb only PllU te take wltn Hood' Bartaparufev
iTlL WKIJt, Aaan.
Piif AMortaint, Best Grii,
LowtatPVlai. J
Dr. Ketchum.
Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat
' and Catarrh, z x x
Spectacles Carefully Fitted,
Ail fees Keasonable
226 South 11th
Small but fine.
Platinos $2.
coln 0 St.
Our work is the best In tb city. Price
Irom ilOc pr dosen np.
Notice to Farmers
and Stock Feeders.
Boy your cattlo and aheepat tbe stock
yard, Went Lincoln and ar freight
and other eipenaea. liar your beep
dipped. We guarantee to cur scab, we
do tb work for one cent per bead. W
G. H.Geoghegan,
Ceo., Mgr., West Lincoln, Net).
ia Ta onxi
Private Diseases
WpllMi MS DWIll .1
tO Taars Eipnrlnnon.
10 Kanm ia Omaha.
ba Frank Con.olt.
Uoa ITma. Box 700, on
14th and Fsroam Bta,
rum TC9
Prompt Service Phone 255
nnml aT ta OrJItamln aa Otae r
nian OnasS Irnvnlnm.
Th aboTa redaetkta applies a ta
tins sa root. By tb Earth we ter.
Dale Part 8a roat tba time loalgkV
erll boar, Una tbaa by tar liana,
Thla snTna anoaey, Urtk rata, aad tah
t boar of wnarieoaa ear Hdlag. A
rmaaeat aoaaeetloa are dtmet with
throatb tarlsa4 fallraaa alnnnsra.
hair ear to Ininvnr, Omina, fUlt Lai
tit, Porilaad aad fUa Fraaataeo, Dia
lag ear tbroab ta tba aa. Oat tle
ia aad berth rnaereattoaa e4 A. . FMaV
lai. ally tlebn mrnal, 11T U 10b
1, Uaeola, Neb.
fa raant nn4 aa Alaoaa felalni
Tbn Nurtbwnnlnra I'aiot faettU I tka
dimet rual ta lb )'an Hua4 aad
Alaska palate, alueaia aal a'tnramta
Iraiaa aaka dlmct auaaaalHia at I'r
atuat with tkrwaab tuartst Untm4
tena reliai vbair nar to I'wrtiaad.
' enmet Inlormalma all ra A, M.
t'WJia, aiiy imknt (, UT aoalk
Th maai aunaiaa
Wk.t he fa anWet tu all vatnf rat
Vt way M ai, Mfcn,ta, x is wsnrlan
rual via. Hna, Masway, IWpa rinne,
TakrMtikianyu lnunt Irat reaak a
rawi nrt n.ta,taUa.
Ika Km (UaaJ Unnir Kailar. la
, M 'ik IU 1 A R. U, lUia.
ra4 klivli j Rf, k u ifm
aaaiHtpaUa rt t rain,
lnl sad. taeutfta, re rkaliW, lhHnb
aWi'ia. a a4 tm twUatt. n4ai
aea tewni I Ut ) aa t
Katnt Wi iVtllaad. thok a Mn I
tkrwagh the aad Una
anont'B.t any l thn I
. u r. A. Walwa, it A. Jt '
Uk Illy, M Hit .W.ka bvl.U,
tatU UMsalal liter, kUanj
a4 b-st sr aink, vaakta a
frlft Iflav