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    Oct I3, 1898
Nebbaska Indcpcndint.
The Peace
If you aregping to visit
commencing October 10, we want you to keep two things
prominently in your mind. One thing is that our store is
at your service for accommodation and another thing is
that if you have never been inside of it you'll find a
different store from any you have been accustomed to
trade in, The difference is
money during your pleasure only, and that we hand it
back as gracefully as we took it if you have any fault to
find with anything you buy. Or even if you don't have
any fault. If you would like your money better than your
ioods. all vou have to do is to ask for it, We'll never ask
you why. Of course we could't do that if we weren t run
ning an absolutely sou a re business and if we weren't pos
itive that our goods are worth all we ask for them and
more. That's an unusual way to do business, but it's The
Nebraska way. And it's the only fair way. Come and
see us-
today and taxes would be greatly re
ducMl. Then who does not snow that
tboss Joint thieves who ar working lor
the election of the republican candidate
for governor will demand tbe pardon of
Jo Hartley. If 70a want to see that
Erinceof thieves walking the street of
Incolo and riding 00 railroad passes,
you should vote th republican ticket,
fbe governor alone baa the power to
Tb second thing to be thought of is
the fact that the republican do not
promise a Mingle reform, if they carry
the state it is the same old corporation
rule. Nothing will be done in the Inter
eat of the laboring man or farmer but
everything for railroad, bank and re
publican politician. They ridicule the
doctrine of referring law tothe people to
vote whether tbey want tbem or not.
They do not tbink the people are worthy
to be trusted. The street lighting In the
city of Lincoln at three time what other
cities pay, never would bar been Mane
tloned by a vote of the people and they
know It. Had the gold standard ques
tion been submitted to the people in
1873 it would have been buried out of
sight. The independent party 1 pleased
to submit reform questions to a vote of
the people. The republicans are opposed
to any limit to railroad charges by law.
Tbe Independents favor limitation and
oppose paying any dividends on rail
road water stock. The independents de
mand a north and south railroad west
of the Mississippi from Uismark tothe
gulf. The penitentiary prisoners can
uild the road in Ave year if the ma
terial could be furnished by the state or
general government. The republican
oppose government ownership of rail
roads, first, last and all the time. Gov
ernment can own canals but it will not
do to break into the field where million
aire grow. To aum up the difference
between the two parties one is for help
ing the common people by giving tbem
fair piny the other is for giving corpora
tions, trUHts ana millionaires advantage
over the common people by unjust laws,
A Few Kcesons Why Stat Superintend
nt W. II. Jackson Should lie
1. lie is a thoroughly educated and
wide awake school man.
2. He Is a broad-minded man and an
indefatigable worker.
3. He is not only a man of culture
and refinement, but is also a conscien
cious Christian man.
4. He contributes largely to benevo
lent and charitable enterprise.
5. He is in touch with the lending
educators of the state and has their re-
ect and ronflih'nn.
0. He is acquainted with the needs
the schools, lie does not seek to intro
duce out-of-date systems or methods; nor
doe he push impracticable methods, but
Is prtoireaslve ami sale in ins aniiiniie
7. Ho is a good orgunisor, and be bus
tlieeiitcutiv anility end iMrleone Hint
liable bun to 111 site and forward wie
plans for ih advauiwineut nt our schools.
Nebraska' tnnnniflceut educational ei
bibit .prepared under hi survision
evUice hie ability as an organiser,
N. It has conducted the affair of tits
utile economically end has dvotd bis
entire time and attention to school
matters, and baa uoi merely maintained
but raised the standard of education.
The educational spirit ol our stals was
newr letter.
u, H bss decided (uti,ins on their
merits and on th I, and has la
flumced only by lb greatest good I o
the KrtMl euuiiwr,
10, U lis made on ( tbblii
pvriateiident Nebraska evsf bad and Is
diawrvlftg ol the Soadtb-lM aadtetreni
til tbs voir ol Nebraska Irrespective ol
lit t aeaif Caliiue
tUIUof ld'edll
llbjsaldlsal th republic ktt U
rusaieg h lb stale senate It as lold !
sitter wiN 1 rtt asd tslsily Ikst If
tef ted, k aill d all last be to t
mots tksrosaly t tvna Mbreke
t liy la Hyreca. What d.ntalsg la
t wtvl llsUarkla el M hm aid
bhat asd Muss la th t-ld gasg
Inst hma a aiMi tMuie lor
J yar. ara ai waning bw a
Aa ti (rl Ibtnr bands la la 1 1
fiw nted fat lrerr v4 Nifcrease
nap more, ThsJ kso lk laeea Is
ostslkiSf Utr laeUel tow.
Omaha, Oct. 6, 1808.
Omaha during jubilee week,
that we are here to hold your
We Make no War on Banks of Dis
count, But Are Down on
Banks of Imuo,
How Banks Inflated and Contracted
tbs Currency at Close of
the War.
Want the Chance again.
In advocating a national currency la
sued and controled by the government
we make no war on bank or bankers.
Banks ar a necessary a railroad or
steamship. Modern .commerce could
not be carried on without tbem. But
the business of banking I on thing and
the right to create money is a very dif
ferent thing. On of th primary object
of th act of 1844 was to separata b
business of banking from that of creat
ing money. Lord Overstone, who was a
banker, said: "I certainly think it quite
essential that tbs Issue of paper money
should be kept entirely separata and
distinct from everything connected with
the banking business," and, again, "the
superintendence of a power of such Im
mense and vital consequence to t be In
tegrity, stability and pernianont inter
ests of the public as that of money mak
ing, ought not, In the very nature of its
oiK-ration, to be leurielatively lodged in
the bands of individuals."
(ieorge W. Norman, long connected
with the bank of Englnnd, In his testi
mony Iwtfore the commission of 1807,
said: "I consider bank notes as money,
and I think that you do mischief when
you pluce the isssue of money in the
bauds of ersons who carry on ordinary
banking business." And again: "A
bank hits to ileal with the money of the
country which exists, but it has properly
nothing to do with the issue of money."
j tie power to control the currency of
a people carries with It the power to
raise or lower prices, to change tne
value of every run u s proerty and the
relatious of debtor to creditor. It car
ries with it also in a large degree con
trol over commerce and industry, which
is a power that should be entrusted to
no set of meu. With this power in their
nanus itauks won hi constitute a money
trust that would absorb all other trusts
and route finally to practically own the
worm ami "tliein that in it dwell."
Oue of the principal questions before
the commission of 1837 was ahether the
right to Issue rlreuln ting notes should
be kept under tbs control of government
or tst restored tothe bnk or loth
bank of r.uglnnd, and the decision was
almost unanimous in favor of roufrol
by the government, and no statesman
has sine tiroixtaed to restored to tbe
du a hat principles should Ihs Uausof
currency by government b regulated?
I tret ol all, let l Im greM that lb con-
iMling puriMNM la regulating a rair
eurreury snoui'l w 10 serum I lie great
eel possible stability ol talus, or In
thrr words, stability of prices. How
this end ess beel be attained ts las iirob-
kin faighral la imoortaaxs la tbescieacs
id sctiMoniies, and Ih flrsl la ImiMif
taucs m bs political eminitmy ol any
eoaalry, Horns tins has said Ibseblel
snd ol (sill Ileal tMjoutHiiy la la eecur the
jror regu alloa til I be f arrar, I er
ialtoljf, from aucauas baa waakia J aul.
b-rd aiors Ibaa Irorn alieratioas la lb
talvia til aioasr, asd Iruia Ih.wa L artel
ralselrtipbtrs Ibal si tlia billow
tusuoss la eurrean, .lt,. ana. wilh
real anrM dsbl amuustlus Its Ibou
! id aiiilloas, itsalisg lsdHaill
ialulb Islars, lb evil artaisa Iroat
atleraluias la tbs vales of ioev im.
Mists ralljr lsie4nV. ,S'u ator Int.
lHas asaaltua, Ihsrebirw, Is Mur lb
ortd Ibaa Ibal Malisa In lbs yt.i.1
sad ro rtalatiua td arttavy,
m tss-i tasttira la totsraneiMtf lb
Mdittua l ttaawry rviUitnl .MV
' ! al ini.,l,vlr. wr.l s-tM
lt ttatba tuiknrai mmI ftiititra la
etolssnyw). ai'Miiit .( ictH
sm al e,a.i.tfa, il t rioia...
s4 tf rrvuHi atwlew m tf esus
ri ae ixsiMi. n,,,!,, a .W,.t,
wt taaa tnwi evMtit to ilt4ettihss ttst
MlittMi t4 ism. t al ai. ra
thliiiitr, atobility ia awrat'O price. It
i onwJy by d'ue acljowtiuc-ut oi money
su jiply to Iflkewo coiiKliitlona tlhat etetwl1-lii-iut
im tlie value ot iiiuiMty ami star
bil'iity tf irriot" vain bo tsstnuretli
.Make tihie note stmre nukl bviive
fclicir Umw uiK'iiip6lltl' U Wie lolitoin
ptuucllt In tho severul bill wow be
fore txinincMt. Jlut It wti lunr ago
WlDovtun t lliiut Kocurli y of iliisill iwiy iiuMUt
. i -i. r .At
wi lwnrm vram w tnusa rcfrusiiuoni wi
(iiHuiDl.ity as w-oiiUl1 sue mm ttHiiy of
villi in", Tluia Iwia irovl truxs Wlwriiever
inotiia haw Ix-en bMiu-tl1 uiioii till Is prin
cliilc. Towarxha the clotte. O'f uiiitl nftco
the wu.r of rclM-lllaii,iwy witliertniwli
In ig iSlm twft iHml t'hw cmw' mm n.1
muly whMMldinrt, lllic twiitlotml iMt-nks
lewiiwl1 over ttiree linul'ml niwl fifty
tiri'MilfMiM of iJiilik ivtrie Isienuli im
boiitfis. !tnlM were tilu'ii c'lii-ip unl
Ikmv blij intcrtiwt, nnwl1 it wtiit pnoiflt
fiNrln for Hit Isuikw to 1isww lllio cur
rency, mwr iliey liu'i It. '1'lnoiii w'lwn
prb'cw were full'lug, onrtl I1wr w m
renllly nioiv of tnirnciwy, they
lurgt'ly t'ontirnifUtl t!lw d nnliiM Ion, lx,
itiirnc tilis- Ui'lufli trl-e of Ixnixltt iimk H
pmfHnblo for 't liciti to to wo. llils
(irtoiio la ciuotigDi tir tihow hxrw Uiiiwife
ns m rcguhtti'iiir prlwclpltt tdiw itpo e
MiiTliy rf jiott-s lstvuiiew. In 4 iwt the
wlmrln 'Miinwy of lunnliiiig t'urretiwy vm
tmarty nt iwiy bifid Is wo vlHw tliht
I tmiii lndiHwd io t well longiw nnm It
t'liKiii )Nibti'pN I wIwhimI' on Wntt one.
K.I0111. 'Hie vcrv foiirwlifirt loni o siMJh a
ywtfin la wmmig. cry st'bNtwt for
Isiwltig' fiirretwy on. pmsanny or n-ny
kltml m elt Jntfc 117KW mWTr on
wliMli' (!li 'Mlslwlil biiMVle nmtli Wi
Vrt'Wi nw1riwi:is of 1700 w founnl
cl. Tt la viotliliiff lurt fciwiam.
A. J. Wornr.
Hew tbe Itepnbllran llsvs Dons It In tbs
I'et ana tbe Wsy The Will Io
It Hereafter,
VAWiat Independents
How bavs the republicans stood np for
Nebraska: It whs known by the lead
ers of tbolr party that it their nominee
for treasurer should be defeated two
year ago that Bartloy could not settle
in full, and thousand of dollar were
spent for Casey's campaign, tbat be
might make a falsa report, and blind
Hartley's stealings, and bid th crime
from the knowledge of the people. Th
same Is true of Hedlund's election, with
reference to Moor' settlement, and
thousand of dollar spent to tbat end.
Fortunately th voters of this state de
feated them. When tbe time enme'o
turn over th office, Hartley could no
longer bluff, and the republican were
then apparently anilou to get Mr.
Hartley into th penitentiary.
Kosewater baa a personal splfe at
Bartley and offered rewards for bis sen
tence, II promised linker tbe nomina
tion for governor, and when th cose
was pending In tbe supreme court lie
would not allow bl man Friday, I), A.
Campbell to approve any bond that was
presented by Hartley's friends. As
Campbell' reward be fixed his reap
pointment by the court a clerk. All b
'had to ay to Harrison was that If he
wanted bis support next fall, be would
have to tail into line with Norval in the
appointment, Norval bad already re
ceived b I reward. All was done nnder a
pretens of severely punishing Hartley
and to make a show for tbe party and
to do Kosewater s bidding. It was an
other case with Eugene Mooro, Hose-
water didn't happen to bavea spite
against Dim. Jtecame oeiore tne court
and plead guilty and the court over
ruled ona of Its own decision to set
aside bis own plea of guilty. Judge H11I
livan dissented from that decision and
these are closing words of bis dissenting
opinion: " 1 be defendant, uv bis plea of
guilty, no confessed that he received
the money embcczlnd as auditor ol pub
lic accounts, and I do think we should.
either directly or by necessary implica
tion, overturn one of our own decisions
in order to hold tbat bis confession Is
false." That is tbe way tbe relorni
member of the court stands up for NV
brnska, and the member who are dic
tated to by Kosewater parade their lov
ally to the state, but it is a slinm. If
Kosewater had bad the same spite to
wards Moore tbut be bad towards Hart
ley, the plea of guilty would not have
been over turned in J 00 re s case.
The present state officers have been
tried and they have saved the state
tbousauds of dollar which Hayward
and hi follower ar trying their best
to deny, but which tbey cannot ucoea
fully do. If tbe republican ticket is
elected this fall, it would b a sanction
by ths voters of this state, of their past
conduct, and tbelr stealings would
doubtless exceed in the futurs anytbng
they bav been In th paat. Htand up
for N'ebrnskn, not by voting for the re
publican ticket, but by voting forth
men alio have protected the interests of
lbs voter aud taxpayer in the past two
years, Jamks Mkni iiakt.
Lincoln, Nebraska, Oct., 10, Inuh,
lleptb f lafsHijr,
One ul tbs moat dastardly crime for
political purpose wa committed by th
war diartnient on lb 4lh ol (Molar,
Col, V, J, Hryaa bad b-n lying for
ovr a wwb na a sick bed al Washing
Ins, l. t'., bavin- eoaia lbr to esrurt
lb lirlougb ol lb dying aia la bis
Th administration tsik advaataas
at bis helpless iMiadllioa aa ortb-rwl
bint bsrh la Jacksonville In bars it ap-
1 war ibal k was dirsUrt la bis dsty a a
Mr, tra s atf wss al bk sld kav
Ih sttaMi al lb way Iruat Nbraka to
ura br bssbaad.
Hsa ara lb drptk til laUttit lo
bicb lb rspsbllea Waib-r iKhmi ia
or.b lu tibials a polities! adflaas,
A lbr aa so sktisg la !, bai 1 1
eaasraa itfae tflt tvr a fc
oalsatpllbi atlioa,
im, itnsMaaura
ClUtSTNC MUBAIIT. h,a, ')tfft, StNMM, He
ImU l-oa t t4 k weinwa,
('-(, II II tlM, M,UI
w, 4tMM a a f I itit. tt,,s,s,
4sm Si ) 1 aa la saitw
Chicago With liabilities of 8300,000
and witb no available assets, William
1. Forsyth, pig iron dealer, filed a pe
tition for voluntary bankruptcy in tbe
United States district court,
Boone, Iowa.Fred llolnhart, a 17-year-old
boy, ran In front of ona of tho
cannon while a salute was being fired
a tho Presidential train cam in and
was klllcJ, bis head being blown off.
Washington. Secretary Alger has
decided to muster out th Second United
Htates volunteer cavalry, otherwise
known as Torrey's rough riders.
Chicago. Mayor Harrison ho issued
a proclamation to tho publlo calling
for contributions for th yellow fever
sufferers in the South.
Washington. Major Oonerol John
J. Copplnger, United States volun
teers, has retired as a brigadier gen
eral of the regular army on account of
age. His retirement does not affect
his standing in tbe volunteer service.
Omaha, Neb. While addressing tho
convention of dairymen L. 8. Uatcs,
dairy commissioner of Iowa, was
stricken with apoplexy, Ho died fif
teen minute later at th emergency
Kankakee, 111. Promissory notes
some of them negotiable, valued at
17,000, and ISO in money, was the
booty secured by expert robber who
forced open tho door of IL Y. Swan's
office lu tho village of Wsldron, near
this city and blew open th saf with
Now York. Thoma Wilbur Crldler.
third assistant secretary of state, and
Miss Yj, Muriel Telleschaw wr mar
ried at tho Hotel Buckingham, Iter.
Mr. 1). Parker Morgan of the Church
of the Heavenly Itest officiating.
Chicago, The Pari exposition com
mission, received a oablegram from
Commissioner General Ferdinand W,
Pock, who i now in Pari, saying that
after extended negotiation, tho Paris
authorities have granted increased
concession of spac for American ex
hibit in tho exposition amounting in
a number of department to S3 per
An estimate has been mad that th
transportation of this year' wheat
crop will require the loading and un
loading of 640.0(H) freight car, provid
ing largo car are used,
Chicago, -Collector Coyne of the in
ternal revenue department ha re
ceived a ruling from Washington tothe
effect that all memoranda having ref
erence to tho sale of live stock at tho
stock yards must bear tbe revenue
stamp prescribed in the war revenui
St. Joseph, Mo. A skiff containing
the body of a murdered man was found
floating down tho river two mile be
low thl city. Tbe occupant wa ap
parently 29 year old, tall and hand
some. A bullet wound in the temple
caused death. There was nothing pre
cnt In the boat to identify tbe body.
St, Joseph, Mo. In the criminal
court, William Hathaway and James
Hathaway pleaded guilty to the charge
of robbing a Burlington- passenger
train near this city the night of Au
gust 11, last. Sentence has not yet
been passed. The three accomplices
of tho Hathaway brothers pleaded not
guilty and will stand trial. All ara
mere boys and, as they said, only held
up the train "for experience.
tJrand Uaplds, Mich. The private
bank of Jacob Den herder, at Zealand,
was looted by robbers and the vaults
scraped clean of all the currency ex
cept 11,000 in silver, which tbe thieves
rejected as too inconvenient to carry.
Mr. Denherder refuses to give out the
amount stolen, but it Is believed to be
between 93,ooo and 85.000.
Chicago. Policeman Axel I. Mtkkel
en wa found dead on tho grave of
hi wife in Mount Ollv cemetery
Mlkkelsea wa dressed In full uniform.
A bullet wound in th temple aud
revolver beside the corpse told the
story of the suicide. MlkUetscn's wife
died five months ago and he has visited
tier grave dally.
It Was a Captalne1 riiM
NkwYoiik, Oct. 13, Although th
American fleet In the battle otf risnti
Ifo on Juiy a oneyeii ino general or
iters of Kesr Admiral Nauipson, given
In advance to uieet Just such an eiuur
gency, It wa essentially a "captains' "
light. This l lb substance of tbe re
nrl of lb navsj board which has
been Investigating disputed point In
the battle. itosr Admiral HaniMMut
was not present, snd the two order
signalled by ftchley, ' t'luae la" and
"ringaga lbs enemy," did no gist and
wera unneeeaasry, for lb ships al
resdy had vloaed la bud were engaging
lbs sutiuy whea lb tinier wre run
Ia4laa II tiling (Mia,
Asstiaaait, tibia, U1. II Tbe Kio
wa, t nHiattche and Apei'h Indians ar
Vtllluf tattle sad lb ealtUuisi aud
'Ih')i don't lib It, If lb foverw-
tu sl il- I reimburse Ih eattlsHiea
tiul ut It ladlsa atoaey tbey wiil ptw
eed Ut pmlett I be nisei and tbtt
will bring ott a sklrmltlt Iwlweet lb
wlaiy and ladiaaa Ibis I lb
dla pfopualtUuv ,
ifclas's t at ,
IrfiatHit, ui, II lbs tuii-rc dtiw
af fl ( Ida aa I lb Imperial la
amsM-tliag lt a spwt-ul Uiapali lt bum
fthaagbat -bsv a .!' I as lb as si
emissruf a sa til lh Ul toiiMruf,
1 I wg t bl, fe will slairlly be
A , llatat H,
TstM. WtiK.Ui, l,-Tb Tour
tl but!, aadr mlatbi by lb
.Viflbwo, I'asia l.wl ewMtaar, wa
v t
h unance of a uieiimei
Boston Conies to Lincoln!
10,000 Ibfob Grabc iTDachfntoebcs
All New Goods, Guaranteed Absolutely
Waterproof. Here are some of the
Uargains offered
Ladies' dctucbabl 2-capa velvet
collar, cope lined with bund-
some plaid silk.
Hetnll price, I7.C0
Our price,,,,,.,,,,.,,
Special attmtlon Is called to this
very fine Jot Indies' 1 end 'J
cape Mokkintoehns, velvet rol
)nr, delachiiblo cape, all double
texture, color blink blue nnd
grny mixtures.
lleieil prlw, 0 00 00 1R
our price , , yViltf
Indlcs' very fin Serge, lined with
fine oiinlil v rich silk.
r "
Iletail price, 112.00
Our prb e
IWsses'.IRachintosbes, 50c
Mail Orders filled promptly when accompanied by
The Windward after landing the Ki
plorsr Wa to Ksturn Homo.
Nawrouoi,Ai), Oct. 13,Anxlety I
felt her for Lieutenant I'eary'a Arctic
stcamsr, th Windward, which I now
du on her return from Hherard, Os
borne fjord, West Greenland, where It
wss planned that she should land
Lieutenant I'eary and tiio member of
hi expedition. Captain John Hurt
lea, ia command of the Windward,
wrote to hi friend by the auxiliary
steamer Hope, which accompanied tbe
Windward a far north a Littleton
island, that he expected to bring the
Windward back about the first week
in October, Hherard, Osborne fjord, is
about 400 miles further north than
Lieutenant I'eary'a previous anchor
ages. August 13 he was at Ftah, near
tbe entrance to Smith's sound. In a
letter written on that date he seemed
to imply that bo was about to proceed
up the sound.
llanher Swliiuef Signs Ills llund llefore
J until' Spits.
Kansas Citv, Oct. 13. Jesse James
was taken to Justice lien Kpltz'a court
at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon, and
gave bond for his appearance on tkj
tober 17. The bond wus fixed at 83,ftoo.
It was signed by H V. Kwlnney, coun
ter of tho First National bank, and F.
C. Farr.
As soon as he had signed the bond
James took up his golf cap and walked
out of the room without a word to
While Jesse wa waiting for th
Win! to be prepared, Jim iWe, Ken
nedy' evidence making lawyer, took a
aeat beside him and began to talk.
James shook his bead bud chsuged bis
sat to avoid Cole,
Itcfor James was brought to Justice
riptts'a be bad been dlscbartrd on ha-
liea cor pue proceeding by Juittr
The lllrlMifs ( the ,rwii laspstlel
fan la IMf Ia4 IWalMi
111.1, tat II Tbe euiiwror and
emprvM of Oeruuny with a Urge suit
slartsd on their Journey to the Holy
laud tins niorniug, 1 hey will gudk-
rvtt to I MMtantluoil aud from thence
! Palestine. Th Imiwrlal Mrt I
also acoitiianld by a Uly t.f gend
arme and by slghta urri A
larger Un, wale ilw al leave th
emperor's viclalty, Is la vbarg tf aa
tirtur, It mutain valuabt gifts sad
dUuvud d.HSirtl.ii alu4 at t.WsA,'
isi marks, fr OrtsatUI tlvlata
tly sit bors war IsWva, and lby
at h9 lb nirur twrwuiat as
l b saliait of Tarksy U.ujht tUlrtr-
ilfrrisv horte la lWrila fvr (he
a (be pr ul Uerutaav ad bet
sella t h sa lsa alM UiMifht la lUr
ha all tbe aulMmt aa t irwt ad4
f'V lb evrvufiaUa
t te4 a satMt uiMa
latk tal, ul u-tsr-
laia Yt, It AlkriKt af tWtpaay I,
lwetUtb Haass lafsalrr, I a
Kf a ewait sssrltsl Kewtia tela
Ik sflWUa.'jr vf U UUl aadi(r
Urwtasler tl tbe WatMalrt rl
taeat, Aala-ialty will U lwlllal4
la a day we Iwa witb IK abket mI
. O
Gont' Double Texture Mackin
tosh ooats witb long capes.
Itetail prlce,;5.00
Our price
Gentlemen' Mackintosh coats
made op In bos style, double
breasted, velvetioollars, stltcbed
strapped and cemented.
It Hull price, 7.00 tfQ C A
Our price pOvU(
Men' all-wool fine Melton Hox
Iletnil price, 10,00
Our price , ,
' .
t T7,nt- C l-7- '
The Amarleaa Company Will Nek 10
Cent Cot t Open IIostlllMss.
Sr. Lotus, Mo., Oct. 18. Now that
the American Tobaooo company con
trols the Druoimond plant, It I male
ing ready for a big fight against inde
pendent factories. A rednotion of ten
cents a pound in the leading brand
manufactured by the Drnmmond com
pany will be announced la a day or
Collided With a Mall atesaier.
Dover, Oct. 13. Tbe Norwegian
bark Aim, from tbe Jlaltlc for Port
Natal, ha arrived at this harbor In a
damaged condition, having been in
collision with the Ilelglan mail steam
er Princess Josephine.
IIO.V. V. -X. ltVNTKJt. . i
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Fiulla Oitv October 19.
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Fad rlwiry OcittrtHir 22. , i
Hixl Clonal OcUilxir 24.
iMitttni OctrlHr 25. i
(Iciirvtt Otttotwr 26. Aftemtoon
t'rctf (nt4)cr 28. Night.
Xork OcUjIkt 27 APtmrnioon.
lltiMhigw OclK,llcr 27 iNlgdit.
KIiiiiwimmIi (M iVlsir 2H,
Kynutitan (V'ht 29 vAftrnoorK
NVhnuvktt City (X4ojer 29. Nlgtilt.
I'uli iiMJiit, (K tls r IS.
ItoiigliiH (Vninity Oi-tHK'r 17.
lliirliairtw tkttoSicT 18,
IWayiwt UAir 19.
ItlisnnllcWl (MotsT 20.
CrrljrliWm October 81.
Norfolk tkt)CT 22.
Frrnwiit IstolsT 24, i
ciliiiUmk OrMwr 8V i
Hchuj bT (Nitits-r W. t
t'tituiirbtia Oi-ttilcr !7.
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hmtrlce fa-ttrrtcr 81.
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llis. J. II. MKtlF.llVK.
liriMst Istnnl Ot'lotuT I, with Pu
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HiMt. W, A. Pejkter aasl ttoa. J. V,
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