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Oct. 13, 1898
2! Nebraska Jnbtpenbmt
r tm
fndipsndsijt FublUMw &o.
At UIO M ltrt,
ilimi all sommaalaatloB to. m4
rafts, areas? rdsrs. tt., pbl to
Luooli, Mas,
For Governor
Llu tenant Governor
E. A. GILBERT of York.
Secretary of State
Auditor of Publlo Accounts
JOHN P. CORNELL of Rlclrdson.
JOHN B. MESERVE of Red Willow,
op, of Publlo Instruction
Land Commissioner
JACOB B. WOLFE of Laaaaster.
Attorn General
First District
June Manahon of Lincoln.
second District
Gilbert M. ITitcboock of Oi ba.
Third District
Join. S. Robinson of Madison.
Fourth District
VV. L. Stark of Aurora.
Fifth District
R. D. Sutherland of NeLjoo.
Sixth District
W. L. Green of Kearney.
or DJatrict Judge (to flU vacancy.)
Samuel J. TutUe of Lincoln.
4r State Senator
J. II. Ilarley, Lincoln,
J. J. Stein, SaltiUo.
For Representatives
A. E. Sheldon Linco)
J. II. Curyea, Waverly;
, E.8iler, Lincoln.
L. M. Went, Lincoln.
W. C. Fhlppa, Havelocl
For County Commissioner-.
Wm. Schroeder, Llncolat.
Republican rascality is not confined
to Nebraska. New York, Pennsylvania,
Ohio, and many other states bare
suffered from the same eurse. Republi
canism seems to breed rascality wher
ever It is In control'
If one is to judge from the Immense
delinquent tax lists that are Just being
printed in the weekly papers, "McKluley
prosjierity," has not enabled the people
of Nebrattka to pay up nearly as much
of the "buck taxes" as Judge Hayward
says they have,
Huntington is playing the old Mark
Ilaona game over again la California.
He has issued a circular threatening to
reduce the wages oi all the railroad em
ployes If bis man is not elected governor.
Railroads will never be driven out of
politic until they bocouie the property
of toe nation.
It is strictly true that no one but
bond holders Can get any of the surplus
cash of the treasury for use without in
terest. All the real eetat In a city put
op as security would not get a dollar of
it. That extra cash that ban Imwu titled
out of the people is for the us of bond
holdeis exclusively,
"What." said one Lincoln citiiento
another, "do you think the fusioa ma
J.irii will V "Oh, anywhere from
20,000 to 40,000, was the reply. "I
think you art mistaken," said the Orel.
"There are mtalnly GO.OOOmore than
one-half of the voMra of the state who
want boumt gvrnmut and larg dis
bursements to tb common w-booU.M
A boadboUW U one of th favored
easeofall the earth. II areata to h
ba bora under a larky star. II doa't
kav to eolleet Ms own later!. fact
Ham doe that and hand it over to hint
every quarter, II h wants sent ready
ash, alia haata do la to pal up his
bead aa4 b gt lhfah without la
Wfvst. To rwtom lata nappy roadi.
tna a tan afford. lo4 Mark llaaaa
a (hm1 l trkta or Ursa Wm a
k. Mstpu that w all lam bond
M4ra IM lhn aha I4 pa U
la (treat ea th b4a!
Th galdbaf I art ir uWUtr
tkat it alii tot dalofth gamasarat
tobil4te Nrgs caaat Wai
Ik are la (lam is wort atil it)
l'hi p as l tky ar 4oig it.
Tbay rorgst that Mur tk taael U
taUl vt recall, at Waahlegloa
Ul b arifv frost aaVa a4 lt
Mt I tawv f4sa, ?t woadsr that
tb 4itara wl Nw Yuekara pWtMa
t eaaal btMki Ala). T tvpshtt
afMala troitBfl tea wort at tha
tViataAaJkava at ISLOOWO,
WIm Pryaa pN It la aUI ikk tam
U twt l Wa4laf tua.
In all the history of note Issuing banks
there is only one whose career the bank
ers ever refer to as an example of what
anood thing a note Issuing bank is.
That lone exception is the state bank of
Indiana. Of this bank they always say
"It was a decided success, both from the
nnlnfc of view of the publlo and that of
the stock holders." Just now the gold
bugs are parading It history and point
ing to it with pride." It will be ac.
knowledgod that it was the most suc
cessful note Issuing bank that we ever
had in the United States, no one denies
that. But Its history will not bear a
close Inspection. The lost issue of the
semi-monthly Sound Currency, is wholly
given up to a history of that bank', and
the very account that It gives of it,
shows that the goldbug theory of an
"elastic" currency is rotten to the core.
Those who favor a currency issued by
the government, claim that a, note issu
ing bank is always elastic in the wrong
direction. In the time of a panic, when
nothing will stay the fall of prices but
more money, tie note Issuing bank is
always forced to contract its Issue of
notes. The history of the state bank
of Indiana that Sound Currency gives
shows that was just what the state
bank of Indiana always did.
Tne bank bad been running along for
quite a while under "a suspension of
specie payments," a thing that no note
issuing bank ever failed to do, when the
legislature, lu January, 1842 ordered it
to resume specie payments. In record
ing this, Sound Currency says: "The re
sult was that resumption was effected
with perfect safety to the bank." Then
follows these wordwhich proves the
cos against this and all other note Issu
ing banks. "Whether it was without
great inconvenience to the people Is not
so easily determined, for the reduction
In circulation was over a million and a
quarter during the first ten months of
1843. Yet one feels inclined to say that
resumption at any cost was better than
the previous condition."
The redemption of notes in specio, or
according to the latter day philosophy,
in gold, is the sine qua non of an elastic
currency as expounded by all the gold
bug philosophers, But when the state
bank of Indiana was ordered by the legis
lature to resume, it did not redeem Hi
notes In specie as Is shown by this very
record, In the president's report of De
cember 7, 1842, occurs these words: "He
(the president of the bank,) Is taking up
aU the Indiana; baokbilbj be can find
either with brokers or business men and
paying for them with Kentucky or
southern funds." So it seems that the
model bank redeemed its notes, not in
specie, but with the notes of other banks.
Of ths million and quarter notes "re
deemed," only 350,000 were redeemed
in specie, and that is the history of the
most successful "coin redemption" that
is known in the records of banking. We
don't want any more of that sort of
business and what is more, we are not
going to have it. The Walker-McCleary-Gage
system of wild cat banking will
never be tried again. Once was enough.
Last Sunday old Tiddle-de-winks,
after tuking a glance at the head linos of
the country weeklies on tfle subject of
butterine, got one of its crazy spells.
Being entirely out of its bead, it jab
bered after the following fashion: "The
fusionists do not believe this flap-a-doodles
about economy at the state
house or that these pass grabbers have
caused an advance in the value of state
warrauts." "Not only was the" credit of
Nebraska below par, but the credit of
very man la the state and every bust-!
ness firm was below par, the credit of
the national government was below
That editor must hav seen snakes a
hundred fuet long. II says that Cleve
land sold f Jrt'J.000,000 of bouds at four
per eent. He doa not say that th
credit of th government was so good
that th banker paid a premium on
tbemorthat th bunker thought th
rrvdtt of th government was o good
and wanted th bond so badly that
tuy formed a ring to telud ouUlder
from getting any of theat, and that th
banker were only abl to work that
tha after curtog th aid of Tom
Hoed and all th Wading rvpubtteaa a
a tor. Joha Nherntaa. Hoar. 1-odg.
AIIUoo, llaly aadom thirty mor
of th rpublk-aa senator hekd (lv
land and th baaker. That aettoa ol
Ik rvpublleaa eaator aabki (1v
laaJ aa4 J. 1W poat Morgaa to rak la
sboat flO.tXM.txK) of pro At at th
paa at U taipajm.
I! very day vkU tht rhtra was (wing
okl, KtpalMta, stiver rpvblte-aa
aad ilff dwrraU arua aad pro
tt4 ea th fl.H of taa anaat aad
tay woalj hat do th ai thing la
Uskoxwu: tkyoIJ aava tad th
tkaax Uitv aa dsaad4 that it
WmdamastM olJ, Uy aaghl tab
oM la th tark bat th rV
lima woaMa't Jkw It, At taa ry
lima that taa IVrpoat Morgaa sjadt
al takiag la Ik bead, I4 to It
by th a4 af riahihaaaa A U
Lg aa4 It, th goffatattdit
a an good that 1 waa k44kt U
d m Ik W all lrt tvk kaag.
A Iwar r ml oa4, wJkag ataffo
aiia c4 what M TuUIW-d.
wtakt tklkktlaa that wta r4it
of th aatkaii gtmaawat Wtoa
far. P Ik 44 tklag
snakes and has got the "flap-a-doodles"
and no one should be bard on it.
The New York Journal is supporting
the Van Wycke ticket, but under a pro
test. After the convention that failed
to endorse the Chicago ticket, Mr.
Hearst published a signed editorial in
which he made some very pointed re
marks. Among them the following:
"As the flrst result of tbla failure to
endorse the nation's platform we have
the nomination of an Independent ticket,
headed by Henry George, jr. It repre
sents the deepest convictions of a great
body of citizens. It represents the belief
that the earth was made for all its in
habitants and not for Individuals who
might establish claims upon certain sec
tions of its surface."
Then to the democratic speakers he
says: "Think something, say some
thing, mean something." That Is a
pretty large order to give to an average
Tammany politician.
Of the Cbicugo platform which was
not endorsed be says:
"But the democracy that spoke to the
country at Chicago in 1800 Is broader
than any exaut platform definition of
It." Now than depends whether there is
a Bryan In th White House, to inter
pret and execute It, or some other demo
crat, It is Bryan that the gold bugs
fear more than the Chicago platform.
Giv them a Dave Hill or a Flower for a
candidate and the Chicago platform
would not trouble them even a little bit.
After that, he tells the New York dem
ocrats that: "Tho financial question can
not be slighted or evaded. "Then he
goes on to plead with them to be honest,
and says: "If the New York democracy
believes that the Chicago platform
solves the financial problem, let it say
so. If it does not believe that, let it say
Mr. Hearst seems to feel pretty bad
LAbouttlie matter. But be should re
member that a solution of the flnancla
problem In no way depends upon what
the New York democracy does. The seat
of power lies west of the Hudson river.
The farmers of the west, the middle
states and the south will attend to those
New York bond holders and goldbug at
the next election without any help from
New York,
Old Tiddle-de-winks reminds one of a
dispute between two English farmers.
One said that the reason the raising of
Indian corn did not exhaust tba soil
like other crops was that it was mainly
an air plant and got Its sustinance from
the atmosphere like an orchid. The
other replied that that could not be so,
for out in Nebraska and Kansas the
un hardly ever shone the whole plains
region was always covored with a mist.
The advocate of the atmosphere propo
sition, after staring at his opponent for
a minute, replied: "Well, I give it up."
After the Journal launched its boomer
ang on the buttering business, the whole
of the reform press came back at it with
the records which the republicans bad
left in the auditor's office, showing that
the republicans were the ones who had
fed butterine to the old soldiers, and
not the popocrats, and what had been
bought for the convicts aud other insti
tutions the republicans paid Phil Ar
mour about twice what it was worth;
yet on lost Sunday the Journal camo
out with the following statements:
"The fusion forces are making no re
ply to the articles published showing up
their butterine record."
"Even the usual defense resorted to
by the populists when their inexcusuble
ucts are shown up, Is not reeorted to In
the butterine case,"
When a public journal will indulge in
such bare-faced lying as that, it shows
that it would, if It thought it cculd
make a point for the thieves, declare
without the winking of an eye that the
un never shoue In Nebraska. No won
der th whole republican party of the
tat bream demoralised, and that
proiniuent men went around over the
tat declaring that atl men wer thieve
and that its would mak no difference
who wa elected to ot!lw thy would
teal all they could lay their hands on
an how, wha they had such a pa,ra
th Stat Journal aa their organ. Th
publication of such a qwr i enough,
aotouly to d'uioliw It own party
and ntak tht ol its oltlo holder,
but lo a larg itat vveryoa who
radlt. While It M published, good
ruillnot to do all la their
por to eouatorat't ltevl laRueac,
rags-Ban ags;-.3-jsj
rtakliM about eoaundram do any
6a know ta tkiadayaby Judge )Wa
lUkf not glv Ik rwmpUmeat
last Jr 4 aetiag a rhairaiaa ol th
rvpttblMia tat ttavattua? Wa It b.
mh th fttaekla waabM to arv
aotwaaa kl at that early data that
they dida't fropoa la kv kin trtek-
tag kiiui( roailaat altvf Ik
hakad glta Jo lUrtW-y,
Th ilaa td raa lUyaaM ka4 el
Ik rt t4 lha rtabitoaa tal tkkt
by i hi a high to4 atlaaa
4 rvpawwaa r(4 a
veraHt tk Cbflgkt iaiisg
a4 tk a'oHi rwu4 a tak traat
tk Otaak IW aa4 kar4 llakv
Tk fp WWaa all aWlar that tk)
Jwtwit ito (oaraalwai bt tkat lky
kaa a4ta afltto 1 ylki
I BBoaey, Tktr Maa ra alaaja badly
Ml 4.
In 1893, after the bankers had given
us an "object lesson" by which tbey suc
ceeded in panperizing thousands of
widows, orphans and business men, the
country was filed with homeless wan
derers going from place to place seeking
work or begging their daily bread. The
plutocratic magazines then undertook
to give the bankers another lift and
began publishing articles purporting
to be the experience of college men who
bad assumed the character of tramps.
The testimony of every one of these
writers was to ths effect that they could
always get work when they wanted it
and the conclusion that tbey arrived at
was, that the men who were traveling
up and down the land, did so just be
cause they liked that sort of life, Scrib-
ner's magazine is performing at this old
trick again. Its college tramp has dis
covered some wonderful things, not
withstanding that any man who has
ever sought for work on the road or has
labored on a farm, can tell at a glance
that the writer of it was probably never
out of a city In all bis life.' The writers
who have attained to eminence In liter
ature, and who have worked en farms
or In the shops have something entirely
different to say upon these subjects, as
for Instance Howells or Hamlin Garland,
This Scribner tramp discovered some
wonderful things, Among them was
this: "III chanced upon a farmer who
had no particular quarrel with the ex
isting order of things, who was conser
vative and cautions and skeptical of the
efficiency of change, I was quite sure to
find that be was aa admirable farmer,"
Now if that is not a description of a
regular old fogy, the very sort of a
farmer who would go to mill with the
corn In on end of the bag and a stone
In the other, it would be bard to And
one. He Is "skeptical of the efficacy of
change." His father did that way, lived
and died doing that way and to be "an
admirable farmer" in the eyes of this
fraud of a tramp, be must not advocate
a change,
Magazine articles of that sort are of
very great value. They show what a
change bos coma over spirit of the re
publican party. Once It was the party
of progress. Its press writers poked fun
at such sentiments as that. Tbey ac
cused the democrats of being old fogies
and said that tbey were still voting for
Andrew Jackson. As Lincoln said, tbey
have completely fought themselves into
the other fellow's coat.
One source of gain to the populist
state ticket this fail that has not been
much figured on by tb politicians I
that from republican school teachers in
the state. A man who is well acquainted
among the educational people of the
state said this week that be personally
knew of more than a dozen republican
teachers some of them holding princi
palshipsof graded schools who would
vote the populist state ticket this year
solely because of the improved manage
ment of the school lands and funds.
They were not making any fuss about
the matter and were not as yet leaving
the republican party, but tbey recog
nized the wonderful betterment in caring
for the schools of the state and were
going to en cou ruge it by voting tore-
elect the ofDciuls who hud made it pos
sible. In many districts in the state the in
crease in state apportionment makes it
possible to restore teachers wages where
they were cut down in the lust four or
five years. In other districts it means
one or two months school in the school
There is no class that has felt more
keenly the crippled condition of school
finances and the shameful mistreatment
of the children's school mousy than the
teachers of the state. They have an In
terest in this far beyond their own sal
aries because they are anxious to sue
the schools improve and exteud their
work. School work all over th stat
ha been crippled the past six or seven
year partly aa a result of hard time
partly a a result of th handling of
th school fund In th interest ol ipcu-
lators and pet banks.
Th school men of Nebraska know
their Irleiids and will vote for them No
vember 8th.
It appear that Hound Mousy, hU h
I Journal published la th Interest o
nstloaal honor, that U, it th editor
arfertal blwvd, ran do just a
fearful lying a old TiddleU.iuk. la
aloug litorilll Ml how America
silver dollar wr only worth SO ats
Santiago fur Ik aurrvader, rlpeak-
isgol tbpasUb aad Aaisricaa Uvr
dollar it y; MCvidtly thsr I
sntkl thiaallsr with tho t
dollar Ikal rk should UdlseoaaWj
uahalt ha it gt ay front ham.
Now tk not aa l'lr o Hoaad
Monty bat ka that that stat
ateat laUsv Tk AawrWaa ilf
dollar, bk th AaHa graWh, k
worth it laea tnaold la aaj (Mty la Ik
vrld. Uka otaat dwo.uiiua
Id all Ik atwUI that Ik fopwM kmj
of t U Ik torrest lkoy, Tk
gavaaat at tk V. M, "isp "
dollar" aa 60 at worth w uvv aad
ltatta,o doUtf" aa a t ol
Mi worth Bulking, aad both at lka
ar wHk their ! I fold Ik world
vr. Wka take writ was I Klaa4
k got a 4slaat to a traall araoaal t4
greenbacks which he had in bis pocket.
A clerk in the bank of England paid it
to him in British sovereigns. Green
backs are today at a premium over gold
in every city of Europe. The premium
amounts to just the sum of the differ
ence in transferring coin to the United
States and paper money, and there is
always a difference. After the sort of
lying referred to above, Sound Money
always goes to talking about "national
Association with Mark Hanna and his
committee seems to have a demoraliz
ing effect upon almost every Washing
ton correspondent. Now, there it W.
K. Curtis, who, considering that be
writes for gold bug papers exclusively,
and is bound to twist things to suit his
employers, is after all pretty fair. But
the other day be wrote to his paper that
Governor Holcomb was demanding that
both tba First and Second regiments
should be mustered out of the service,
leaving no Nebraska troops at all.
When Curtis gets to acting that way
what can be expected of the rest of them?
Governor Holcomb asked that the sick
aud disabled men in both regiments be
mustered out, but the Algerines hays
concluded to keep them all in the ser
vice, although Nebraska has 700 more
than her quota now In the army. They
think that by acting that way tbey can
spite Bryan. What Bryan and Hol
comb asked was sensible and commend
ed itself to every honest man, What
the Algerines have done is simply spite
In many places the republicans have
nominated fuirly good men as candi
dates for the legislatgre, and tbey go
out and say: "No one who has an Inter
est In tho welfare of the state need hesi
tate to rote for bim. If elected be will
know no politics in the discharge of bis
duties." Whenever that is said of a
candidate for the legislature, It is equiv
alent to saying that that candidate is
an unmitigated scoundrel and should
not receive the vote of honest men. If a
man accepts a nomination from the re
publican party and does not intend to
vote for the republican candidate for
United States senator he is not to be
trusted. A man who will ' allow his
friends to say for bim that in the cast
ing bis ballot for a United States sena
tor, be will know no politics is a fraud
from the ground up.
A republican paper in Otoe county
gives the following reason why the peo
ple of that county should vote for the
republican candidate for ths legislature.
It takes the cake.
A vote for Patrick Roddy is a vote for
the schools of Otoe connty, it Is a vote
for your children; a vote to help tbem to
better education. Mr. Roddy is the
best man In the state to successfully
carry through the school bill that has
been declared unconstitutional, vote
for Roddy.
Pat Roddy's career enables the Indk-
rENDBNT to assure the voters of Otoe
that he will not fail to vote for any bill
favoring the common schools if be has
been assured before hand that it "has
been declared unconstitutional." Oth
erwise he would take the matter under
"There Is no surb thing as intrinsic
value." Prof. Jevons.
"That prices would rise and fall in
price in proportion to the increase or
diminution of money I assume as a fact
that is Incontrovertible." Ricardo.
"Ideas are no inspectors of persons.
They will ssp the power ofrauk.ol
wealth, of number, and of autborlty."
Mncleod. IllUlt TREASON.
Ths farmers who have held on to their
wIimU 11m list onus to congratulate
themselves. It Is now reported that th
wheat crop in Russia has failed agnln
aud that ther will not b enough for
bom consumption. Mtal journal
Now that is open banded high treasoa
to th Mogley bill, and repudiation ol
all th ditorlat that hav appeared la
old TiddUfd-wiuka during th last two
yvara. Heretofore Ithaaalway claimed
that It wa XlcKluley and IHagiey mat
had raised th pri o what. What
ha torn over th old thing anyhow.
Tk Hernias trUI loshleld Ikeai!
trow tb tall of prkK eus4 by th
gold standard by tariff law agaluat
Anuria uisst. Tklr foatmoa popl
are r; alii rat. d, rmI aad
savhbk atreti, but iy ''
tkat a lUtt tttor tariff ntl k thing
Ail right aaia.
lritt'atrtad letki city ar try.
leg la si hi lailareta Mont Mr,
Maaakaa la 4hliB pablWqsretUia
by say lag thai "Hat dsbab kaa
BttiwM.' II Ikal kaky arelksy
atrakl la at Maaakaa,
Th YaadstbJite kav glva T4dy
R.swvslt agal"i H
aklk li wak klaaa (ovgatersw
at fork, tk Yds!t know
akat tk araabaal,
It Mr. Hwrhtt airaid ol Maaakaa ar
tltat44lk iia?
September 20, 1808, Judge M.
L. Hay ward, republican candidate
for governor, made a speech in
Lincoln in which he claimed that
McKinley prosperity bad enabled
the people of Nebraska to pay up
so much of their Sack taxes that
large amounts had flowed Into tba
state treasury and for that reason
Meserve was able topay off 700,.
000.00 of the stat debt. On Sop.
tember 11th J 898, the State Jour
nal printed the list of delinquent ;
taxes for Lancaster county and It
filled sixty-eight columns in that ;
Boggs Has Quit-Who Pays-Mldule of
the Road Poor Criminals Labor
Troubles Yellow Journals City
Ownership Two Things to Consider.
What fs the matter with Boggs In the
county treasurers office. Is there some
thing crooked that lioogs cannot stand
or Is there something crooked that the
treasurer cannot stand?
Who pays Vandervoort for talking
this year? The same ones who paid last
vearand thevenr before of eon r. Thara
is lots of money for the fellow who was
once a republican, mutt a pop aud after
wards in the middle of the road.
Mart Howe bos got Into the middle of
the road with the other mighty three.
It will cost ths renublicnii flff reenU
more now, to run the fur.
The Journal has great pity for the
convicts in the Kansas penitentiary be
cause they have been set to mailing pop
campaign literature. Of course the poor
criminals would much rather work for
their own party. What an Insult to Joe
Hartley to superscribe fusion documents.
Now the trouble comes from laborer
going from one state to another. Tbey
can coma from Europe but as soon aa
tbey get her tb Americans from tba
southern states must not come in and
take their places. Kick as much as you
choose, organize labor unions and strike
as often a you please, if the gold stand
ard Is persisted in labor and everything
else, in this country, boa got to come
down to the European level. Then It
will be American pauper labor against
European paupers.
Any newspaper that tolls the truth is
called a "yellow journal" by all goldbug
republicans. Ridicule and sarcasm is
all they have In line of argument or
reason to back np their republican rot
tenness. Why do not their candidates
for congress in the First and Second
meet tbelr opponent in joint debate. If
their cause is so glorious wh v not meet
the enemy in open field. Bill Green,
they say, has been pounded into the
ground by joint debate, why not try it
in the First and Second? They know
they have no arguments for the common
people and hence refuse to meet their
opponent on the public stump. If llur
ket and Mercer are elected tbey will un
doubtedly vote for buraing the green
backs and treasury noteH for that is
what Wall street demands. McKiuley's
treasurer also favors burning tne silver
certificates uud mulling up the silver
dollars leaving no silver money only
halves, quarters and dimes. That menus
twenty per cent further drop in all kinds
of property.
The three cities of the world that give
the lowest rata of fr nn Hlrr. mil.
roads, pay the highest wages to the men,
require me suorietii nours 01 work and
give the best service ere Glasgow, Leeds
and Plymouth. Thn rltlns nivn nrl
operate the street railroads and turn a
targe surplus over year into tue city
There are two things, or conditions,
that every voter in Nebraska should
consider and weigh befor voting. Kvery
body know how stat matters were
managed by ths republican party for
thirty years. Everybody knows, just
as well, how they have been man aged
the last two years. Now which man
agement do you like beat Don't flatter
voureelve that tb republican have
been converted and ar now lending a
new life. Th leader are the snm meu
and no visible sigus of reiN-ataue or re
form are on thssurfaos, Honnibody had
ths half million d liar that Jo Hartley
tole, thay were joint thieve with him.
Thev bar th money today, what baa
not Wa ea lor laaiarsln dehndiug
hi in In court. Titos sams men are now
running lhstat rn.ign forth re
publican party. Io you want to trust
Ihsm again? If so vote th retubl raii
ttokst. II stat business had tt legally
aad kooMlly ruanagml tho last tu yr
there would not b a dollar ol ut debt
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