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Oct. 13, 1898
Wfcatfcar or Not Yoa Ball? Frae
Colnaara to Oo an Important Issga,
Yoa Will Find Coaaldarablw Valaa
! Ufortaotloa In This Artlolo.
I bare on 1117 table lottcra from ailver
men who entertain different view and
wbo bnrbor different four aa to the
effect tbe free coinugo of eJlvor nay
have on the general priori of oomroodi
ties. It is en Important question that
bi not been eufTlciontJy discussed, end
We should examine it. Home moo ere
Dot auflloletitly hopeful. Others ere too
timid end earful hmt we overdo the
Better of trying to roetore jiroeporitjr to
tbe country.
There ere tboee who era "fritfbtoned"
left the free oolnnffoof ailver uiey bring
eaddeo and dangoroue rise of prices,
There are otbori 10 melancholy that
Iber fear the amall addition of money
under free ooinage will do no good, or.
If tbere eliould be any relief, it will
oome ao ilowly that it will not aave tbe
conn try. In writing to comfort one of
tbeee purtlee we mnat not forget tbe ex
Istenoo of tbe other.
Let ua therefore examine the actual
'facta aa tbry now exist and then predict
the future by tbe Joasoiie of tbe paat,
Tbe treasury report atatea that tbere are
bow in exiateiioe in tbia country outside
of tbe United fltatca trcuaory about el,
800,000,000. Tbia ia a bad exaggnra
lion, but I will not iiow discuss tbat
point. Lot na call tbe amount about
1,200,000,000, in order to be aome-
Wbnt nearer the troth, In tbe light of
multiplied discussions by beuatora
Plumb, Logan and others of tbe peat
and tbe beat Judgment of tbe preeent,
perhaps there aio now in actual circu
lation about 1000,000,000, That ia a
liberal estimate, Tbia leavea $000,000,
000 locked up in the banks and other
Wlie boarded becauao of general falling
prloca. That money ia waiting for
frloea to touch bottom and to abow
opeful eigne of iixiiig then It will
suddenly bound into circulation.
It la a law of finance without excep
tioal)that during a time of falling
prices money will not circulate freely,
It remalna idle, waiting for prlooa to
touch bottom, and (2) during a time of
rialng price money cannot be prevented
from circulating. Meu insist on iuveat'
ing their money for tbe profit tbere ia
In it during a time of rlaiug prices.
Now, In tbe proaont caae we bare
$600,000,000 of idle money outaide of
tbe United Htatea trenaury. A part of
that money iay $200,000,000 mnat
be held more or leaa permanently aa
bank reserves. Tbia loaves $400,000,
000 ready for active circulation when
the proper coudltiona occur. Money
mnat continue to decreaae aa the people
Inereaae and prlcea muat continue to
decline. 1'rluoe can never touch bottom,
beoauae tbore la no bottom except a re
oedlng ono,
Cut let ua change conditions. Let na
commence adding money, however
moderately, by tucuna of free colmigo,
and at once prlcea have touchod bottom.
Tbe hope of a rise oppoara. The more
hopeful of tbo bauk depoaitora will be
gin at onco to write cbeoka and to in
vert their rnouof. i'rlcea gouorally will
begin to rise. Tbia will encourage oth
ers. Men will check out their boarded
atorea aud act tbolr money . 1 circulat
ing. Kntcrprlnna uro aturted. Idle mon
are bunted up and act to work, Tbere
la at coco n period, pf activity, and w
have rlnlnft irifiuys. of luud, ul Will ,
ikblt prouuC" aud Of Zi ape a of
property except bonds, niortgagoa,
taxea and fixed iuoomua. Those do not
Inoreate, but from year to year become
leaa burdousoiuo.
All thia may take place gradually
daring tbe first year after free coiuuKe
baa been a certain fact, though very lit
tle ailver may have been coined.
Now, let o look to tbe lessons of tbe
paat in order to judgo aa to how fust
prlcea will rlso, and about bow long it
Will take to Inaugural good tlmea by
tueaua of the free ooiuago of ellver.
Prior to 1 83 we bad bluiutallUm
euppluuteuledwitb paper. Iriur to that
time we bad few luillioiiitlre and no
tramp bunting work ud Egging trwul
II a regular profrmioii. In that year
ailver waa dimonetliw4. We adopted
the gold etamlurd, aud with It caiue tbe
millionaire aud the tramp In their dun
geioua tonus. Their advent waa marked
byaeiidikn pauifl, lonting tiutll 1ST,
bringing greater dUtrvia to labor than
ever awn More la lUlicouutry, Trooe
were called, out la auppme the buugry
aud tbe diwlliutu, and ell U s Uau to
bars. Wby ail thlaf llooauae the tie
liMitlMtUu tit ii her and the ir
of talliug piicte dnve the eiive tuotity
Into hiding la awail MM ttiuv.
f'ruw l:t to UTiwfaMt tell l New
York aUut 44 wnta t tkl, coinm
about t ciii per m'uuI eit erii about
II rente t I bukUt. TbwM auplve ere
ueutlotiwd a euiupla, Tbr wee a
gvuotal fl ab'iig Ine line, Ihe aciiul
uoeal ut etUrv waa ami d-tcatt by
the lew tt lit), but lhat law iumiI
Uluute fitttri tKm, au4 tuuf Uga
to go out uf teiue In evil UntwtM
U llll lhie mm a Uw im4 tki
fMtlelty ttiMtiUM etiter ea4 tot
ft l.uw,om) to 11.000,000 tmt
aiotilti, bl Uw eflfwt aud aJ44
liHMity eat l ilv, eul 11 btMitl kuuie
Mt4r, and b tMrd m.ttm vt at
mt clll Ima atttiuo. lil W-gan to
le all aUtwg tbo line, bm4 lU tvtlu4
tf tbe Kw Vitk Mttng bnw lututo
allaivly abt4 the tinea. tail
to k) ktl lit Maw Yvti he eUiut
4 eM(a iwt tbL Am1 tee K Votk
elMttugt (vm,OiHX(KH) la
1 1 . WO, lata to lD a4 $t.4,Q,
Pao la Mt
f l iu tbe I'ttwpecUve aldilloA il $t,
OU.OVD f allut a iottl, ltUMH
aieiy Iwiiaa to iwepnaio, U k
ti tl aud betiMH to liw 'iveiw tuuvH
aiwty, Ui the tiea nut giwii MHiea
H liigbtxtt any v. In My the
eaaoMliatUca f ailver wvU al!t4
relief at onoe, bat even ultimately It
will not damage tbo country by tbe
great and unreasonable riae of prioee.
know men unable to bay decent clothoe
for their f nmlllee wbo actually loae aleop
loat the country will be ao Inundated
with good legal tender ailver dollari
tbat dollara will bewortbleaa. I know
otbera wbo refrain from voting for free
(liver becuuiie tbey are bopoloia aa to
ailver affording relief. I beg of theae
two claxaea to cheer up and help aa to
aave tbo country from Impending ruin,
If they will wine together and balance
tbelr foara, tbey will And tbat one aide
cancel! tbe other, and all of na will be
bappy. I bave beard of another olaia
wborefoae to rote for free ailver bocauae
they want money good in "Yuropo,"
and tbey toll mo tbat aome of them
never go to "Yurope," nor beyond the
neareat aaloon, where the trade la mont-
ly in niokela and lightweight ailver,
How much trouble men do borrow in
tbeae tlmea of enforced idlonoaa. When
free ailver cornea and with It tbe ttaual
enterprise, good tlmea and prosperity,
we thall all be too buay to borrow trou-
ble.Jobn Divla in Knlgbta of Labor
Journal. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Look Tfcle rt la tbe
The publication of tbe following
oewa Item in New York dallina baa
oreated quite a aenaatloni "Tbe Ameri
can Indlee company, which waa iuoor
porated In Trenton Tunaday, with a
capital of $18,000,000, baa already ae
eared aome of the moat valuable proper
tiea in both On ha aud l'orto Itloo. Tbe
work of aeon ring tbe proper tiea for
tbe company before ita Incorporation
boa beon In progrnae for folly aeven
Biontbe, Daring tbat time the moat de
lirable landed eatatoa, eloctrio lighting,
water power, water and ateain tranapor
tation conoeaalona were aeenred in the
beat location on tboae two lalanda,
which will now be tinder tbe domina
tion of Americana,
"Henry D. Afaodona of tbe Dank of
Commerce building, wbo if one of the
Inoorporatori and aecretory of the com
pany, aaid yeaterduy 1 'Long before tbe
war broke oat between rJpaln and (be
United Btatoe tbe organization of tbia
company waa contemplated, Tbe gen
tlemen who bave now Incorporated
tberaielvea into tbo company eent repre
aentativtf at tbat time to both Cuba and
Porto ftlco looking for deairable proper
17 ana conceaelona. Aa a reault, w
bare culled out tbe beat which tbe la
landa afford. Interested In tbe company
are tbe ownora of many of tbe planta
tion a and iwalneaa entaiprlioa which
Will be controlled by it.'"
It ia uow in order f or the aoldieri who
were misled by tbe abouta of the profea
alonol patrlota, and wbo auffered and
atarved, to aak themaelvea whether tbey
were not bunkoed Into battling for the
wronged renoncentradoa in imagination
and In reality for tbe aggrandizement
of plutocrota like tboae in tbia $18,000,
000 combine. It ia well to look facta
aquaroly In tbe face. Cleveland Cltl
Lookla Vp av4 Vonm,
After reading tbe Fourth of July
flamboyant aneech Attorney General
Origga made before the New Jeraoy fie I
publican alate convention I atruck tbia
in the aame ooIuiiim of tbeaamouewipa
"Dayton. O., Pent. 29. A committee
from tbo central tradea council con
ferred with the mayor tbia morning
with roforeuce to tbe anffering minora in
Hocking valley, where 8, COO are in dire
need of the necoaaltiea of life, In many
looalltlea whole 1 umillea are reported to
be starving, TI14 minors have had but
83dayaof work aiuco Apill 1. Governor
Unshm-H bpa contributed $a,600."
Aud Attorney lioueral Uiigga gota
np aud aaya, "Lift np your eyca to tbe
boighta where, glory crowned, tbe
geniue of American liberty polnta to a
future prcKiiant wltb nrodiuioua good
to all mankind I" I auggest to General
Origga that instead of lifting an hie
eyea he look down on Hocking valley.
Kev. Myron V. Iteod.
llollruada muA tbo Low.
In 1803 a ktw waa pmtmul by oongroaa
Orderiug the rallroada to equip all care
wltb eafcty appllaucea for the protection
of human life aud gave them until Jan.
1, 1808, to comply wltb tbe law. Wbon
tbat time ranie, the work wasn't done,
and the rallroada were atill killing and
crippling employee! will) reckleia aban
don. Then the time waa extended two
ywtra louger. White Iguorlng a law if
eongreM the railroad! bave killed I.0U3
and lujured 17,001 rtona. If a alatv.
Ing man ateala a loaf of bread, the Uw
will grab blui la a holy mlnuto, but It
tiatulreda are kllUl and tbouaaude
maimed by a ratlrond eotnpany contrary
to law eouureae kindly overlook! tbe
matttr and givea them two yeara more
time eo lhat tbey ran kill eoiuetnore
pm'i'le. It la a blaat thing to be a tall
road ooiuny In Ibil free oouulry,
Uuiaba NouiHMttoriulat,
Ae "AMlot Mm4IIU
Here la tbo way lite Vauevuver flag
later gt'ie after a golubug t ouir la
tbe neighboring Halo (f Oivgu
"A bute lit HtHtWld. I inland, baa
tgU auit attain, I tbedvtuiM't Dim lf
rttr II. 114 A Co. tf I'flau4 to
lttirf fill tif gotwla e14 last year.
lHiiUl tbe but remlgii litlbeaiale
if trt(i'M Mr. Utl4aoit the ituiup
tteeliiig t'f Ihe IweeiUa tf the tingle
g!4 ataiidatil Mr, I lit 14 PigM to in
tie p tbo imieyiwille It up U g"!4
'ii, t-l He aw (el lobe a "tw
o eaa Mtoar fooler
Ki imUhu ei Kiru'la'awlll a
diM4 tbe Velul iorty 14 lie alwe
au4 I'HiiH'ata ttbUH b 14 It t tfalbat,
I'M rauH'l tliw Ual will te ao
titii to tvtfaid a I'ut ittf aa a
til ilo Huit, i4 Ibal la fe reatai Why
Ibvy il4 IM tailing tbe t'illila
"t iy lV eiM "l4 ytt nb no
li Miakv tti4 ttr4 lo eve er
1 1 m M alaia itU te lt eo many rUma
K 1 1 v Minn IUy ittlgul Jt ea u M
b'H Hi ial ll. ilui an I gt Ua
el It o tuta'i tieav Vabtitt (Nak)
K-w l.i a.
TboDUolotloa of Iho AuoolaUoa la !
The etudemlit at fh undvermlty ere
very much wrought up over th rvceni
ttculon of the aLlilfUc luwociutiun uk
lu butt retrukr annual meeting'' Thie
htm 'LeiL u, subject ut tnuob (lic'udou
during Uie week.
A cuH who bwited for the- tutiocbt
tion to meet to the udveralty iihapal
luwi riturauy nioriuiig. 'ILere wue
a. eclieme en foot mmm a certain fac
tion to d'ieolve the organiiMitloxb Till
wu iM gem-rally kitowa mmag the
frlenl 01 etliletio.
At Hhe udiIoUm! time, a number
irwi eiiU?r-U the (Qmtwl without tmiv
ting any nwmhenWp feee, whioli wu
iMt fli"orOi(iif to cuHtom. 'i iue imm
aldml In th I Involution of the organ
lMtikm br JieJirlfiir to Ie a remolu
t'lM'ip duee. exiHicthiitr to be mm1im
ot the H!illon lor die eoniuiig year.
- . r " . m
bub uiwn fn-terifMr the Cimod, iliey
were UM that tlh twetodfttbn 110 long1-
er enAnimU
'I'he vunnrnt) of title ecUoro, m we
aruwttfd 1y tih hwler ot the riuvnnnt
lut the mMrting, w vo K-p irom vy
inir tfliea cllm of a couch whwn the
fnA Udl man littd enfKel tM iUm
turn utikl wlio now boa a mum weiudlng
Ijwfwe Iflio eimrein irt 10 tiu,ouiii
w Judgment elloweil ly a wwer court,
it w amid if the court mmuui mm-
Uln thte Hi.1m awl thai argniiizevtlon
liiwl 1em MmtAmi than, ihe gate re
wmld not lx ftiWwiJiiwl et any
id th (rriliiig Kiniu- amid tb ww.' -lo
tion vmnlil lie rl;!evi irom iut om
" - - m a m m a - H.m m .. ..
rJ1ie vmtm ixiyr ammmw oiuw mm
Jul in tiwfttiit mum twrWotii, end
iMiHMd a wt mnr rirubw
midim famt falanwy evening' 6nmntf-
ing it,
atmi-ml Wbkr. wWh h bwt (ft
initMitloTiM, innvA a clewi. Mil m Immih
to vry1mly wbo b4 lm 4irgl
w llh, inttmvinef or nwieet 11 cm
flwrttHoini with the ww. Amnrlinrf w
lid verwoi fveryrKxly Jin wul Ijii
Mfut time) from tli iKfgi.fMH:ny up w
OJd-r.blnal Vlrluaa We
Mlh I Woll
VfUli Kavlyad,
Arabella ia aafely hut away in an
eld daguerreotye, and tbere la nothing
left to her memory but a few dead roue
leavea and the fading dream a in the
bearta of tbe old, aaya tbe Womao'a
Home Companion, liut we ebould of
fer to her memory a tribute of pralae
for certain "aweet endearing young
charms" which are almost loat arte
at tbe threshold of the twentieth cen
tury, True, Arabella wo a pale, faint
atar In tbe brilliant light of tbe new
girl, and yet, looking into tbat old
daguerreotypo (In Just tf.e right line
of vision), one aeea aome aweet, old
faahloned propensltlee which bave been
banished to the cobweha and duat of
age, but which even the proud new
girl would do well to adopt. If It ia
old-fashioned to be modest, then It ia
a grand, good old fashion, and we mA
to dig it up out of the past and give
it a genuine nineteenth-century
Old-fashioned gowne, old
aonga, old plnya, are born again after
yeara of burial, and delight new gen
eratlona, Happy if aome old-fashloncd
virtue long abandoned and forgotten
might be reiotrrccted and become tbe
rage! After '.,0 cheap Jae and ah ruga
and maunerli me of society a pure,
frauk, unspoiled manner la like aim
ahlno on the waters of a brook after
tbe yellow glare of gaslight. Arabella
woa wont to alt in a state of awwt
receptivity and absorb the eloquence
of man. which, though perhaps Inglor
loua, waa at least restful. Therefore,
aho had that pearl of oil monncra re
pose. The new girl, on the contrary, la
all the time making a palpable effort
to auataln ber reputation for bril
liancy, Now, the conscious effort to
be continuously witty and entertaining
may be aa ti)fig to t,-i nervee at
those deadly pauaea occur be
tween Ideaa (and which unquestionably
occurred pretty frequently between the
Ideaa of our lost Arabella). The girl
who In determined at 'l hazarda to
fill up alienee, and takes that tank
wholly upon herself la i"e to become
exhausted, and exhuimtlr Isn't the
naw girl, ty dennmatratl g her power
to do anything, In danr of having
everything thrust upon her?
1.nt. aprlng, afwr a court niurtUI
wtiU'h (Hiuliitnetl three imiiillie, (
lulu OU-iliu farter of the wiginrrr
iita wnM ('nvl ll of aiiting' to de
fraud the inivvrmtietit out of U.Ooo,.
(MKi or hum and kriitenml to rn )rre
ttuprlatMiriiiriit end tHaiitUMtl from tlie
army, 'I Ito ii'oimliuge wwre rwlwwl
by the Jtulgo advtaate gvurral end ile
bkemi hi frrMtiry Algr, who ba
liml thrttt kt'krdl M III bt tUnk rur
tpiolo Carter bea iimny iftttnlUl mU have nl lerii Ullo in !
nittoutiiiio, but bave l VAMklny
with gmil liultiry In bio UUalf,
Now Ut tl wor la trr il Ktw
Ury A :-vr boo time to tako up the
m thr oro trttng to XMuitl imlli
Mut ami the KMat to luit'goto tbe
Haw MmIi4 ot aiiM tiHttUa,
la a e iHttbtMi vt '4.iue a tuii
a alaaie Ru etat lk an k etili allia
fur the asMtie t( a rot 4 vr tlbboa,
Ike aa tt wkkb are Uraan lttti
ia4 rra4 tela a ime4 l I aval.
rM.trkiMbt. tMb rtii4 io
tiu a4 .omI k4 w bHHt a4 rmif e
. ...
g M ra4. tbw tit I Qj
kt H It 4 1 1 1 1 2J
CHI iMWI ta ilKawk.
hkim ite hl f fca taa, Hlt,
Uii. .i ia m a- M t-i l
lhaHti litWtoaaoiUtUMMlloaiM-lMk
Cray hair and wrinkles an
tomttimts produced by cart.
Generally, however, they are
caused ty the absence of it.
Lack of care for
liculth iw most
always duo to
ignorunce. We
are taught
nowaduye ex
cept tbo funda-
nifritul prlncl-
IL pleNofbeullh.
5ftT Our women
1" trrow old irc-
Tbey become
tb rough neglect,
Then when health 1m gone many muko
unavailing ncurch for help.
AH women should have Ur. Ilart-
mafi'a brok called "Health und Jlcuuty,"
and learn how hi great remedy, rc
ru-na, in euluptcd to their trouble,
Knowing bow to tako care of tlitm
wdvea Mill aave much Muffcrlng und
beep them well preserved.
Mrs. Adlln Aduma, Crafton, Ky.
writca u follow!
Ve-ru-na Medicine Co,, Columbus, O,
I)kh Niks:" I tried nil tbo doctors
In the county without any relief,
When I commenced taking 1'c-ru-na I
Ijcgutt u menu from the find bottle,
I bave taken four bottles and I am en
tlrely well. I wae alnit to give up all
nopee when I concluded to take your
medicine, 1 believe that it 1 tbo bent
medicine in tbo world. I can't apeak
too highly of it, I have been tbo cauao
of four other famlliee taking it, and
they aay it i the beat medicine in tbe
VMftiruvt Udxtr la Hawaii, hMi 1
pmotluuiUy lavo lalxr, prccint ono of
m eerioue problem wiJlisH ocnwuouvt
iIm9 vmuml me tea la coniiwt'tkm wltb
llio a4Mixwtion of tliloMe irf!uul, 'lli
ayMtetfn ie one wlilch ca-nnot be allow
tai to conrtlniie wider Amerton'U rule.
of owirao a fact mmm the torire vot
fee Aiful augur rlunteim mmn to reu-llze,
mMiirtjir Vulloin, Who liiut Jumt returned
from the btlftwlN, my what tne ktrire
jyloiWra ek m hnit be diango innn to f m luitav m pernyttU-d to
com g'ivuliiU'1'ly.
Oiwitil M !) bf quoted am envlnur
1 1dn rwone of th rMminnkiit lon he
h4M nwwle Mwo 1m rturn, frrwn l'uer
to Itieo baa been oewpk-d' by Hie war
M omnium v ..iiwd
in the city. Cook Stoves, Heaters, Beds and Springs, Dish
c, iiuwurc, an Kinus 01 1001s. see us oeiore you ouy.
No. 132 South 10th
W. O. VANANDEL, Proprietor.
mpmmm awl
jrou want one of our "Three S'es":jM j j j
QH A W America's Greatest Piano, the
Oil ATT greatest in the world.
QPH A PEED Very fine, good tone qua
dlaJUArrJun Utv.beautiiulcasedes.ens,
Sold on easy terms
at cash prices by the
Cansas Lump
Rook Salt
I'or Stock,
lnrett Uentthlctt, Hct,
.i.MifM wr.sTr.nx hock
-.) 4iml tf tra atuak mI Ce e4 Haral Hall t'm,
$m e aikibll eVfe al et IM Tttae Mieeiealr4 UtetateJ fiaweilWer.
0eka, Mela eiUia.
Ife'iM lltrl f ffl It) 1'rtPPn a
ItiULUILLI WW AAA tllt.U i... k...t
liaitlwiMfi 44 (im n at a
Sow Mho eooods la Uottlog tho Heat
for liar Mooey.
.. . a
It 1 not atrange that dreaa naa a
wonderful influence on the average
masculine heart. A pretty woman llv
ing in,tne weet alwaya dependa upon
getting tbe moat for her money at the
corner grocery according aa she 1 la
gowned, aaya an exchange. In the
morning, perhaps, she elldee Into the
place sacred to the breakfast bacon,
and tbe green atuff and other edible,
rigged out In a ablrt walat and plain
aklrt. The rrocer advance to wait
upon her and ia calm but courteous,
Tbere la no gleam of Joy in bla eye, no
tendency to give an ounce aa a compl
mentary to the roast or ateak. He ia
firm in hla aland over the price of hit
waree and make no concessions. Per
bape ahe finds ahe needa lomcthlog lat
er on In the day and goea over on her
way down atreet ahopplng. flbe wear!
a bat trimmed with roeee, or organdie
gown with roeee aij over It, and a be
witching paroeol which forma a bock
ground for her face. He melt, alowly
aa an iceberg, but all tbe aame he
meJta. Aa be puta the fruit ahe buva
Into a baaket be throwe in aevera.1 extra
onea be Ignorea her aa abe goea
around nibbling from one cracker boi
or barrel and then to the fruit etanda
he waxee piarful, and finally banda ber
a package of tula. But It ia at night
ane eweepa out the atore, 8he cornea
around to leave an order for the follow
tig morning, and tbia time ahe ia melt
ed and poured Into a white gown trim
med in lace inaertlng, The grocer cornea
to the door and leans against It In a
beautiful way aa ahe telle what ahe
wtahea, He plcka up a stick of candy
mateaa of a pencil to write the item
down, while a glorious aweet emll
flooda bla face and trlcklce over hla
chin. At that moment money ia no
object-what la he running that atore
for aave to oblige that lovely woman?
He gazes wletfully after her ea ahe trine
on, ana tne next day he etarea at the
figure at which be aold theae gooda last
nignt and calls himself a bualneaa don
key with "flap eara. Kocbeeter Poat
Midnight l'lilloaophr.
one vonn, i m sure there's hue.
gler down atalra." He "Well, wa can
tell by examining the allverware In tbe
morning!" Puck,
Cascaret atimulab liver, kidneys
ana oaweis; never wcxen, weaken or
.. a . . w
gripe; 10c.
ttead the lNfKi'KKN' 1 year, 11.00,
St. Phone 581.
To purchase
a piano and wish
to get the best val
ue for your money
A rood Piano at a price that
will come within your reach
ron hock.
Uae Rock Salt
H Jri, f let If 1,
Maatt, lee Crm,
Ice M ia lag,
f arliliilai, it
llsta aad WerU.
Ijaaa and Kaasuella, Kaa
s.ut co.t sr. ions, .10
11571 rATIOll
I aMa ia !. (
m him. m hm hu MititliMHa kw
. !. a' '
Was Cptuio4 wltb Crowbar Down lu
Daniel A. Buckley of Cambridge bad
an exciting experience at 11 is aummer
borne at Annlaquam the other day
which resulted In tbe capture of l ,
12-foot flah, the name of which la at
present unknown, aaya tbe Uostou
Transcript, The knowledge of special-
tat la to be called In to determln
to what apeciea tbe flab belongs, Mr,
Huckley la engaged In building a cot
tage on the beach at Annlsquam. He
wa auperlntendlirg tbe work, wuei
hla attention waa drawn to something
struggling in shallow water. Two ot
hi men, armed with crowbars, rubc!
Into tbe water and belabored the un
known thing with might and main,
tbe doughty Daniel directing their ef
forts from the beach. The fish waa
skillfully guided Into atlll aballowev
water and fourteen chota from a re
volver were put Into bis body. Finally
a line waa attached to ita tall and after
a ngnt or two noun it waa named out.,
Mr, Duck Icy describes It aa twelve feet
long, with a sharp snout one foot long..
Hack of the head the body In barrel
shaped, and it tapers gracefully to the-
tall, which is powerful and capable of
executing great damage, Although
there were many men in the crowd
which gathered wbo hud followed tbe
sea, none could tell tbe name of tne
Our Laundry wins aocccss by deserv
ing It, THE JilvKT
O HI, Tel. 679. Townsend k 1'lam
ondon, Proprietors.
Small but fine.
Platinos $2.
coln 0 St.
Our work in the best In the city.
iroiu hoc per (loz'U up.
Notice to Farmers
and Stock Feeders..
Doy your cattlo and shoopat the stock
yard, Wt Lijicoln and save frlbt
and other ntonmm. Have your eheop
dipMKl. Wajruurantoe to cure ecab, we
do the work for oiia cent ixir had. W
G. H. Geoghegan,
Geo., Mgr., West Lincoln, Neb.
is raa olv
Private Diseases
laai M4 MhHm W
ail Vntrs
10 ytartlotlmalia.
Utrraa, Uui e,
Mil tia raraaai It,
tIMAUA. wr ii.
ornci 1044 0 vr.
Prompt Service, Phone 25$
a SMI ae- to raitfeimta aa4 Uka r.
aia VMS? alate.
Tie above Meathi arfHae U tie
Hate aarvato, by Ue yn,UeaM
I'aMa I'aaile raete Ike time leeae ),
et IS aoere. We thae t nbw Hmw,
1keva tiflMf, U re la, 4 tkle
ta knare el waertatieae ea rl4iaf . At
I'raanoat eaaH.e are Ureal wlt
lkrek terialaa4 tSHieaa aUrr
kalrr m Iwin.IWIii, lUltlake
ai, Nlaa4 a4 Pa fraaaiem. He
w lkrtak Ike anaal. (l itee
te 4 ef U waveUaa A. ft. ruieV
lag wit ika.i aarv U! eeetl 19
at, Ueeula, Ns
ta rat mm4 a4 ralaia.
Tka Sitrlkiaf t'ni.. Wte la Ike
l,rrt rttiti ti iKa 'ua. n,4 ,,,
Hiiata. Ilmkiei aa.
UajiM tbaka 4irr! eau,j a .
al U lkMitk (arwl iWtn aa4
tte rwiial4 a k.f tu tiaa4.
I V .imt lalwt., till rm k. H,
lU4 .etiiukai e.t, Uf eaeik
loiku,, l4ii.,la. ,N.k