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    August 25, 1898
Pr Cant th MaorlAe told t'pon th Al
ter of Oar Mammon Cod Th I'(i
Rr Itaaa riunilarad and Hnrdarad bf
Civil (lorarnment.
Rev. D. Otflosby preached at a camp
mooting Unit wan being hold at Kpiirtu,
111. Ho prefaced his sermon with these
I am 73 years old. In all these long
years I havo never asked the prlvil k
of preaching at a camp mooting, tinur
torly meeting, district conference or
any other special gathering until this
tlnio, although I have been a member
of tlio southern Illinois conference 44
years. I said to tho cider, I want to go
to tho district conference in Hpurtit if 1
live and keep my health, and I would
like to preach there, Inusmncn a tliut
was tho last charge I received from a
bishop. I scarcely ever muko apologies,
but I thought it duo to tho elder and
committee, for if tho congregation aro
disappointed in their selecting an old
snperarinnntcd back no in her to preach
when they had so many modern np to
duto divines to select from they must
blumo mo and not tho committee, Nev
ertheless I shall try to preach nn if wo
were in sight of tho Judgment, for I am
lure that it will bo my f unernl to moot
of you and your to mo,
Following is tho concluding portion
of tho attritions
fleeing tho roward Is o Indescribably
groat, why in it no bard to persuade
mon to worship Clod? Why In it that
Christianity baa made audi alow prog
ram in tho world?
"Oh, " yon will aay to mo, "you aro
an old fogy. You aro a pessimist. Tho
church bun gone oft and loft you. Chris
tiunity Is taking tho world. "
Gomo, my optimistic brother, let tin
look facta square in tho face. I don't
believe that truth ever did any injury in
our world. Count, lot ua lock arms and
take a walk and survey tho flnld (tho
field in tho world) and soo what bus
Ixien accomplished and what I to do yet
There uro 1,400,000, 000 people in tho
world and only 200,000,000 nominal
Christian, and in order to maku up tho
200,000,000 nominal Christians wo huvo
to count all men, women and chil
dren, tho one in tho penitentiary and
out, tho inmates of brothels, suloons
and gambling densall. Now, when
wo fun out tho chaff to find tho wheat
It is an exceedingly liberal estimate to
allow that thero are 60,000, 000 Chrin
tiona in tho world today.
Hero we aro at tho minuet of the nine
teen tli century and only ono in 28 or 00
of tho human race made Christians.
What do you think of tho outlook?
General Allien waa aeut by tho presi
dent lust year to i imped tho armament
or military force of L'tiropo. When lie
returned, ho mild, "Tho millennium
muHt bo a long way off when sword
will bo made into plowshares and spenrs
into pruning hooks, for all Europe 1m
preparing for war as never before, build
lug lurger warships and moro of them,
raisiug larger armies, spending more
money for war purpose than in any
previous ago. "
All thin preparation for war by ko
called Christian natiotiH? What does it
Wo have not been preuohing war,
have we? That it in right to butcher and
murder each other? Thin dooiui't look
liko peace on earth and good will to
men, does it? Have we not good reason
tocry out, "Lord, who hath believed our
report and to whom hath the arm of the I
Lord been revealed?" It looks more like
the arm of the devil wan being revealed,
doesn't it? (
Hurely there must l some obstruc
tion across tho track of Christianity I
Surely the stream of salvation in duni
Uied up. Homo great ohstaclo bus pre
vcuted maiikind from worshiping tied!
Now let us take tho crowbar of truth
and the pick Mint sliovt 1 of investiga
tion and dig down and sea what in (he
And In for wt Ugia thW luvestigu
tluii 1 want to make a little tliri .ion
There Is a titilverul and strong i,rt- .
judieo against poaching polities. If
preacher says politics in I ho pulpit, h !
is Ostrat l d and make "hiuiwdf of lei '
rfputailoii" iii th cliunh and cut if
It. lltsttM iiMdi w, uiim rlptural, w it ki d
prejudice, tMcau pulitita U tliusch iuti
of rivil government, and civil govt in
went U an oriliiuiun .f Uo.1, just a
much so ho cliun U I.
t t curi pm U-r khould Hot pre li
prty titi. at all, but it I mu. li
the duty id tlm r.u In r t pr-. li
KgHitist tin lit I lll goVftlilDKUt lty -
Utr t?is f.r hit In Ul
biia a i titiitil tn the wll. i. .,. N,
aituu4udtHt bint la "lilt ep (ti ir
tike Iruiupttt Hid ttiw tint ( U
thvir siu "
1 Imv m. tbia dijfi 4i Inrntw
we til end U grout eUM U la tit
pr i f I htUIUhily n h tiohlp i f
CM I u4 aUaje ban Ucm the m
ta-b 4 the tltil yv'muiMU i4 himIi.
Kwr iui tdd mim tuegHft4 lb
lrt rvUlti m 4itlt l tiM t bk
et4ut bu.ituN t,i kwtt tin tiu
, nrfci'i Uii l"tf ki kwr be U
Mikiti t u4 frv tH tbe mkIi end
fM r aad U U It."
IU ka tat tf Im it4 ffl t U
kit4is4 Ut.t tl bt be M txwte
t Mf, l-wee b be lil
U rt tMJlty vf iMukli4 vi.t
ftetef be ay biU ue.Ur.t i4
ttum tti Tbetkbeluew
tbl mum wM t U tbidiatf, a4 tf
U la U4 bit e4 m iiL
TM Mil Hi W 4 etrv4tf
eWll wnitHiii 1b be tll t
all I be etN UM Uw IMI be Mt4
lie Mtede be M ib thai lie Ka
itut f e a iwouaUiu aa4 bee4
Um alt the bta44Mia lftiverniwtiut U
lb bt, al Mtd, "ell the l 1
Itva lb tf ibutmilt fall b a!
Wvttblll II tHMUtV lUae m
miua Dig liar as old aatan la, he some
time tella tho truth. He owned the
governments of the world then, and
doea yet, a we will find aa we proceed
in thia iuvcKtigation. Having got con
trol of the govern men ta of tho world,
of course ho would use thorn to prevent
men from worshiping Ood. The Hurest
way to do thia waa to legalize idolatry.
Ho know that mankind would worship
aoinething It waa in hi nature to
worshlo. Hatan didn't care what ho
worshiped no ho didn't worship Ood,
Ho might worship tho huh, moon or
heavenly host, or tho river Ganges or
Niloorho might whittle a god out
of wood or chicel ono out of stone; no
matter so ho didn't worship God, but
he must not worship God on pnln of
death. Hero wo find tho obstacle for
which wo are searching. It ia tho per
version of civil government.
Kvery martyr of tho 80,000,000 who
sealed their testimony with their blood
waa sentenced to death, to tho stake or
dungeon or to ho devoured by wild
boasts, by tho same civil government
and law that protected idolatry.
lint you may havo been thinking that
Idolatry is cnnllund to heathen countries.
You think perhaps that our country is
a Christian country and our laws aro
Christian laws and that wo have no sys
tem of idolatry. Wo will see.
We llcenso tho liquor tralTIo that costs
$1,000,000,000 a year, and sends multi
tudes to drunkards' graves, that crushes
the hearts of mothers and blights tho
lives of children, that is tho prolific
sourcj of three-fourths of tho crimos
committed In our country, Does that
look liko we wore a Christian govern
ment? Then, worse than that, our system of
commerce is a huge system of Idolatry,
aa is tho case all over onr boasted Chris
tian civilization. Hero is the proof: The
first law God gave to man was tho law
of labor. "In the sweat of thy face
sbalt thou out bread. " It is an impor
tant law, Tho existence of tho human
raoo depends on it. In tho production of
wealth this law is respected and honor
ed. All wealth is produced by labor,
and wageworkera receive wages.
Hut when wo enter tho domain of
commerce God'a law of lubor is set aside
and ignored. Tho ono who buys and
sells and carries on commerce takes no
account of his labor, if ho does any la
bor. Ho works for per cent.
Tho stockholders of this Central rail
road may livo in KurojM), may never
havo seen tho road, but charges for
freights and fares aro adjusted so as to
bring in a per cent to divide among
them. If tho per cent fails, then tho
wages of all who labor on tho toad aro
reduced or tho charges for freights and
fares aro increased, thus making tho
men who labor support uud enrich tho
It is tho samo in all lines of traffic.
It permeates every avenuo of commerce
o completely that all business is a sys
tem of gambling, getting without giv
ing an equivalent or robbery. 1'er cent
on money doea it all. The dollar is god.
Per cent is the sacrifice laid on the altar
of our Mammon god. This system of
idolatry must and will be destroyed. It
is tho last form of idolatry that will ex
ist on tho earth. It has conquered and
captured both church and governments
and has such a hold on tho world that
its destruction will convulse society as
never before. Civil governments aro to
bo converted, taken out of old sat an 's
bands, and Christ is to rule.
Wo have been taught by our great
theologians that tho millennium would
be a state of society in which ull would
be saints. That stato of society will
come during tho millennial period, but
the millennium will como long before
that Tho millennium is wholly politi
cal. Whim civil governments aro mado to
harmonize with tho divine government
and civil law is made to conform exact
ly with divine law, then the millennium
will bo hero, then Christ will reign.
Men are generally law abiding now.
When civil law is in harmony with
divine law, to obey the law will bo to
obey God. Then "righteousness will
cover tho earth as the waters cover the
sea," Ix-eause ull will obey the law of
God. As it is now and ever has Ix eii, to
obey civil luw wits to serve the devil.
The greatest crimes tat t artU areh g il
It will tint l si when civil laws uro
Jest nud righteous.
(lod U Ju-t Ills juxtiee bit delayed
Its coming lung, but it will come. Civil
goveruiiieiila hnvw U-.ii n et lt d uud
instead of i nitiating the pisr they have
bu n uil to plunder ami oppress them.
The piir have fan-it tobUii, plundered
and iuurd rd by civil govi ruim nu and
Uw through, all the sgea. Gist, Dim
urtal I'niher aU, tud.i the earth for
his varthly family t have homes, but
through all the they btvu Unt
tol Un i f lioiute ty wi. kt Uw. Great
tltui -4e Uu built ty h niotu y
Uka fruui the s rwhi toiled in. if
!im out, boiin, hungry an I di sit
late. If J'tstlc dvtiiauiU the diru
li a ef lh stolen wealth, if restitution
will l t t Voluntarily nmda In liud'a
Phi, mol lli. tw it u t l i. UMIiiy vf ttiHl
Uius d lo Hon Ihu Ju.t ltilutlMI
ei tnii'g, nm fat "a 1 1 iu tf trtluUil
ittitt aa iikvii m slui the faginuluf
el Id isotll l- Hit 1 1 in. t, iof f
.I14II t Mu!i.w iilf, ill Thie
MVlHUl t t'titl.t b4tlH4pdUtl b4l
Wt th ih.ltk tl"M I ( J. tMMlrllV Jvttt
MltM fej. tvA CttlWt All I SUlti l4 nr4l
tut-aUiiott. J. ru4b m u i) tl ib
ftbi lb tl4 bs tvu-l bi tit iu
u fcaw Msstkiiig M' Uitf, an t i tiuie
f tul aUu it si Ih 4r Tbe gn
(Still .f AU4f.ldltl ( H UtfUlt,
t4 lb m4 mil luitvslute taenrwili
tuiiUtiblatii ttsi,
ttt.iKi nniH I tt i4.
Slot I a ). ih tit aktef tf Ht4
i.oi. i i4tiu their stmt ril
f At lb iMtttii 4 iu
H a wMi.iil, Mnh IV it titMi,
at i l thai In bv Ui
lat bM tt lb lttks tt vnttsiftt
li -it .io! I t it, b til lu I4 vf
iu t ntm
QlrU Thr Lef Behind,
When Sergt. Wilhlte, of the Emporia
(Kas.) company, took bla pen in hand
to sign the muster-roll he was auked
whether he was married or single. He
replied, to the great astonishment of
bis comrades, that be waa married. In
vestigation proved that he was secret
ly married to Miss Mattle Fowler, of
Emporia, last January. Several vol
unteers have been united to tho girls
of their choice while in camp at Chlek
amauga. One of the most interesting
of these events was the marriage of
Private 8. 8. Clapper, of the Fifth Illi
nois, to Miss Hosa llrlerworth, of De
catur. Miss Hrlnrworth w.nt to Chat
tanooga to visit her sweetheart and
while she was there the regimental
chaplain was called In and the knot
tied. Herbert Bleenherg, a Itlpon col
lege student, was married tho day he
went to tho front with Company D.
His bride was a fellow-student, Miss
Clara Huntington. Two drummer hoys
of tho Kdlsto rifles of S'jiitb Carolina
were married while their regiment was
awaiting orders to move, An inter
esting Interstate romance was re-
veuled by the marriage of Curtis Stan
ley, of the First West Virginia volun
teers at Camp Thomas, The brldo-
groom Is a Pennsylvanlan and his
bride a pretty Virginia girl, who de
cided that she could not endure the
separation and hurried to Chl kumauga
after her sweetheart. Col, Splllman
gave away the bride and all his staff
attended the wedding. At the marriage
of Sergt. Menler, of the One Hundred
and Fifty-ninth Indiana, to Miss Steln-
man, tho regimental band played the
wedding march.
A Wondiiriul Old Mm.
When Sir Henry Irving produced the
"Story of Waterloo" for the first time
at Bristol, be was, of course, made up
to represent tho last stago of senile de
crepitude, An old gentleman In a box
was much interested In the perform
ance, and kept on exclaiming In an
undertone, "Well, I had no Idea that
ho was as old as that." When the play
was finished he said to his companions
very srflemnly: "Well, they talk about
the queen and they talk about Glad
stone as wonderful old people, but look
at this man, Why, he must ho older
than any of them, and here he Is going
through the fatigue of acting nightly,
traveling all over the country, and at
the top of bis profession. That Is
something 1Ik a Grand Old Man." No
one liked to explain for fear of laugh
ing, and It was left for Hlr' Henry's
subsequent appearance In "The Hells"
to remove the error.
Idles rrnn' Itomantln !UariiK.
Jules Verne's marriage was quite a
romance. He was at that time a quiet.
shy young man, with an apparent dis
like to feminine society. Ilelng In-,
ducerl, much against his will, to serve
as best man to a friend, he hail a fit of
forget fulness on the very morning of
the ceremony, and finally arrived at
tho house to find that the whole party
had left for the church. There waa no
one remaining at home but the bride's
sister, a young widow, who had been
unwilling to Intrude her weeds on the
bridal group. Verne fell In love at first
sight; two years later he married the
lady, and he has since proved the kind
est of stepfathers to her two daughters.
Ucnrg-cs Hand In K"l Trousrrs.
Ill a recent issue of Hie ltvue de
Paris there Is a letter of Ualzac's, de
scribing his visit to Georges Sand at
her country chateau. "I found her,"
says the famous author of "Pere
Oorlot" and "Cousin Pons," "In her
dressing Kown, smoking a cigar, wear
ing red trousers and yellow slippers.
She had a double chin, like a monk.
And yet people sometimes talk as If
this were the only age In which women
were 'strong-minded,' ami 'suited'
themselves Inwardly ami outwardly
like men!" further snys that
Georges Hand went to bed 11 In the
morning and act up at mid-day, oftn
wrltlnit all nU'ht.
An Anirrlian Old Man.
Slni'n the death of I !.,o! -loite Sena
tor Justin Knillh Mm i ill. in' Vermont,
Is the oldeM llvilitf I:iimHh! Mi" itktrtK
I ate. mult Then- ,i hIioik four
mouths' difference in (heir a ?, Olad
itont hntltitf l.ieii burn li 59.
lion, and Kenator Morrill A pril It.
1110 Ills lellSlh of servbi er?ed
that of any Amermui st.iti tn.m He
l eeild a lefii .i-nl.tlhe Id (be
Ihllt) fourth CIMltUe Slid If flee I "it
to lh Hie siii-err. tins i oitMt -., am!
thru (14l)ferte lo I he musli n a
I li ton Itrpublli sit In hi.;, limit 111 1,1s
Ifrm of public er H.e f.irl) (htei
It Muw4 lr Mptd bw. tltlr -ii d
tlx 4M-I tU lsd fci Kikm-iiI n4 imttUI I
IK llo-H ft, IW olkl SUJIlWtt, k44it,
Uttutalfa. IWftMOMM M. 4.
4 rB4. s-uwo Mf
Iwm4 FMtUMk4 llxud I
fill H'MtUM II liswlti
r IM Stf t w lt.w. Wt. dmiM. mt
Mi I U4 W U it ItxwJ t lfll
IWtiilt sllmuUt Ur, Ltdwryi
tt4 mIi ,? tt'koM, WJirtt f
Vfin-Cstltird tor,t:r Ccr.;y,
!!. t s tittew
(mn lOil m4 lMt4 - fb ATI
WHH ksr IT,
OMilli, 1 I I I KIR
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Ml 'wBsM
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prnt tul Irom gttlng on lb eikhU. AwisTAet a Itaaaiatta All
Uaring ar ra brdud tl and ran b ly adjustad with a
cwdrivsf. All lot motion sua b taksa up, aad th Maebln wil
last a Id tiro. ATT aMT-Kb Maehia I lurnib4 wltb tb
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nr, pa huttl8r lrivr, o IW foot, oa I Wit aad
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yuiit'f, aa4 fa llrutioa t'ook.
jk. $un.oo jwi voxiiwia rou,
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Tltlrtr-4 -4a4at'
aa4 1 1 f M
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aj rikt krS M J (HI a44ittal,
rr etdtflM Makl a ill fkm stU (daialf It t nklsa tb Mass
at la U aita. a wall a IM a-Mtima U if I t N t t-t. Ui abia.
atg attiai a wi M ( 44rM, a4 bt MasbiM ftad t ju U
aipU aat.
IOrAsM 4tx OassjM ea Arm rtB lrurws
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General Oreely's 27 H I)ars of leath.
The true story of those 278 days of
suffering by (Jreely's heroic little band
of explorers in the Arctic region has been
told by General Oreely himself, for the
first time, for the October ''Ladies' Home
Journal. For years General Oreely
bus kept an unbroken silence nbout his
fearful experience nnrl thnt of bis com
panions, as they dropped dead one by
one at his side, nod It wns only nfter tin
greatest persuasion that the famous ex
plorer was induced to write the story.
Private Diseases
HMlHa 4 IllMrdar tl
V) ytr EiMiriiic.
10 Vimrs iu OiimU.
Hook Vnm. (lonsnllit-
tloe r roe, IJo tm,
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II yon ned Be Hives,
Hections, Comb Foun
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Niiuil Auiiu.t In in iiw It Mill
(lo tlrst to Hot HiriiiHs. Thi-r you
enu bathe, ridf, bieyel,i'tiinb luountitlii",
diiiiin hihI plnr I i loyotir beurt's
eoiitfiit. If your liinbs ar slid, y onr
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