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    ' - I J1' II -I,
Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated.
NO. 3.
Spanish Torpedo Boats Tried to At
tack Ecbley's Ships But
' 4 Tailed
Discovered by the Texas, the Little
Craft Tied Under the Fire
of Two Battleships.
Misrp Lookout on Our Ships.
Tour Antosio, .Ih.uiu.u-h., June 't.
J'lie first engagement between Commo
dore Schley's squudron ami the Spanish
ships of Ccrvcra took I1"'4- Sunday
iilht about midnight. -Two torpedo
bouts made it desperate effort to de
stroy the American ships. They were
stopped in the nU'k of time, owing to
the vigilance of the men under Captain
Philip of the. Texas.
Tin! torpedo boats bad cleared the
harbor and were creeping along in tin
shadow of the castle Morro am! the
mountain at tin entrant" of the har
bor. They liatl traveled two miles to
the westward when the oillcer of tlu?
deck on tlie Texas sighted tin-in
through hi night glasses..
Two of tin- searchlights of the Texas
were turned on tlii'in and the next in
stant the men who had been sleeping
at the loaded guns wi re aroused and
at work.
The flashing of the lights told the
Spaniard that they were discovered,
and they made a quick rush with all
speed on toward the Brooklyn and the
Texan. Ilefore their liows had swung
around the erewH of the port butteries
were pumping steel at them. The
rapid fire guns were used.
The din of tin: guns of the Texas
rilaiincd the whole fleet. The rnuchine
guns of the Brooklyn were at work a
few seconds after the Texas started in.
The other ships were lying farther off
shore. The eftll to general quarters
was sounded on each of them in the
belief that all of Cervera's fleet wus
coming out in a desjierate effort to es
cape. Searchlights were played ou
the waters by all the ships.
The Ttxus and the Brooklyn poured
. such a furious shower of small shells
at the Units that the latter
were foreed to turn about and seek
safety in the harlior. What damage
they sustained is unknown..- They
took shelter under the forts and no at
tempt to pursue them wr.s mule.
Harly Sunday morning the Marble
bead ventured within two miles of the
harbor and positively recognized the
cruiser Cristobol Colon and two cruis
ers of the Vi.ciya type and the dis
mantled eruiser Iteina Mercedes, upon
which guns bave been mounted, mak
ing her a floating fort. This leaves
only two of the ships of theCape Verde
squadron unaccounted for, but Commo
dore Schley is sure they are further up
the bay.
All the ships were originally in such
a osition in the bartsir that tlicy
could not In seen from the outside, but
ou the appearance of American war
ships they iH'trnyed their presence,
moving across the entrance to sweep it
with broadsides.
Spaniard I liitui That No Haulage Has
linen ltn,
Havana, .lime The following
Spanish account of the reported en
gagement off Santiago k Culm has
lieen issued luxe: The American licet,
eous'stinu of the Iowa, Massachusetts,
Brooklyn, Texus, MiirbU'bead, Mimic
ais. II and another cruiser, In addition
to si simill vessels, tisik Up a position
yesterday on the wvtiru side of the
lentil It id Sautiago de Cubit channel,
the tlrsl tiv' i wU opening lire.
'I lie Spanish cruiser Cristnll
was ii' lirei loMMrd I'uiitattoriU, and
could h seen from the ttpeu sea.
Thatlrcot the A un t il an flct't iit
atisitt-ml b M.irru, S p,k au, '.i,in
tiortU batteries and I'V the iiuimi
( rlst ii-al I oUmi. The AiihtIchii lU-et
fired M Veiity sbols. "Willi pinj-. t tit
rf 11," illli.ul causing Hit U-mt Um
Tba I ."lilirt r.lnu lit Issted lilllvtj
iiiiiiiil an. I llo Aim riisu t1 I iv
llrtil WilU l4HMtiaiili0 tl r
laut.Ui t itulwrl du4tfi ! .
siw .' r 11 r-ltl eii U.c
m( 'rti, Sii t tl.v w Hi mi
lwid ll,( r b..lU stip Siitii
prujri-V .i s ( ii UuW tl. ItnlU-f ttvf
ttiv s 1 hi., b m r t.'c
Ul f U J ff al l tttli'WIaslit III Sm,l(
ft 40 ) I 1. 1 tfl tv
ImhIi SatM4 l II Vlilkj lit later
I w..I MA nll(Ha
tiii v J"ii i N, i.t.-UI
list f l Ua iilt K 1,1 f bs 4H
(livM Mill. A f aH t U-rfc)d
til) 1 t s..u up a flio
list oUS lU!e !k iit h.t )
Texas, first class cruiser Brotklyn.
second class cruiser Marblehead, the
converted yacht Vixen and torpedo
boat IJupoiit.
Navy )enrtmiit 1 fits Suuiiiioiifii W. A.
Plnkarton to M'snliliiutuii.
Wa8Hintok, June fi. William A.
l'inkcrtoa, oo of the famous detective
and government py, Allan I'iukerton.
has been called Into the government
secret eerviee to hunt for Spanish
spies. Mr. Pbikertoo was called to
Washington in muoli the same way that
Allan PinVei too wu iiniuonei by
President Iinaoln thirty-seven yeam
ago. Hostitel on almost the ttrsl
train after lecaiving tlie message.
Illlutrli 'III ut Came Vlu Iluyonun lilvo
lis ( oiiiiokII Iiid,
foNi)o!(, June 2, The Madrid eorre
spondeitt of the Standard, telegraph
ing Sunday by way of llayonne, says:
"The reserve squadron now under
going speed trials and gun trials out
side Cadi, is composed of the battle
ship Pelayo, with S'.'l men; tlie armored
eruiser Kiuperador Carlos V., with 417
men; the eruiser Alfonso XII., with 3(51
men; the auxiliary cruisers i'atriota
and Itapldo, each with 17f men, and
four torpedo boat destroyers, each with
'.'.0 men. When these vessels are ready
to start, Admiral Camara hopes to
take with them seven trans-Atlantie
steamers now preparing ut Caili,. They
are armed with Krupp guns "id quick
tiring guns, and carry 250 men each.
They will serve at the same time as
carriers of coal and war stores for the
squadron, which will also carry a
strong force of marines, and provisions
for six months."
Mail rid Journal Msy Tl.rr ! No Hup f
Hiirera for Tlifi.i.
Makkiii, June v. The Kpoca says:
There are two parties in Spain. One
is seeking for jM?aee, the ot.her for war,
and both are inspired by the same
idea, which is benefit of Spain.
The former saya the only palliative
of our ills is peace. In prolonging the
war there is no possibility of a favor
able issue for us. Iet us be practical
and give up ideals. Let us look at the
reality and not attempt impossibili
ties, for it is impossible that we can
break a mathematical and logical law
which demonstrates, without romance,
that one is less than ten.
Spanish Torpedo Hunts Found to llo In
Need of Kepnlrs.
(ijHKAl.TAK. June 2. Advices re
ceived here from Cadiz say that all the
jruns of laith the batteries and the
forts are being replaced by heavier
(Tuns. It is reajrtcd that the depart
ure of Admiral Camnra's licet has been
delayed by defects discovered in the.
torpedo taints.
Saint llrlgl.Miu Young's Life.
Clill.I.irorilK, Mo., June 2. - Kolicrt
IVunislon, a pioneer settler, died last
evening in Sampscl township in the
s.'ith year of his age. The deceased
was born in Jessamine county, Ken
tucky, and had lived in Missouri sixty
eight years, and was a soldier in the
Itlaek ilawk and Missouri Mormm
wars, and in a riot at (lallatin in 173
ls-tween Mormons and citizens, he
saved the life of Itrlgham Young by
wresting a butcher knife from the
hands of an enraged Mlssouriun in the
set of plunging It into the heart of the
yrent Mormon Histlc. Nsm after that
ivellt he enlisted ill the slate triaipn
ami helM-d drive the Saints out of
Missouri, but he often ssiil be never re
jMettnl suilug triflisiii Young's life.
I'a)lnf AruiUs of Invasion,
V milMiloi, Juita S -l'sy master
leiierel Stanton, of the army, ha dt-'ccli-d
that H.IHMt.lMMi U plaie.1 to the
credit of the representative nf ,ls office
i st Ssn I'rauvlsett to pay the iiflleers and
'men who si In jr.. In Manila onu
i tin ii tli HSifis In sdiaiiee 'i hi alsi
applies to the soldirtsilestilied for I mIhi
i mid IWlo Uliii ' uil r ti lu-ia 1
I Malilun "tli'l Ui a spet lal iteliUl of
the rr).rlid Mr go I il fir the av
I iiititiltwii of m Isiire iiuuUa r if M. uu
idUrs for the tue ii t of ln Vu l
j . tit to I b riippiMt'.
t Sfaiaiafe A l !!
I Nl i'S Jiii.dT A il nl, d fr.uii
j I I b sM,lita. art- m u.l
! ii.rf lrq f'i'iii all lle Mtit tu
i I adit ! A!g i ii a I be iit til , i
I katd In ls Im it. mIi l I bra s..'. . r l..i
I lb I ess.) rii " a Ii' qi4tl
! It te.ta lo v. iim, 1 1 ( littl 11
i spjs ais IH a) , kj ia.liiti . u I. il
j pat.Cl t a rk if ii"'i- ait 1'..
I MtMiS ai l."l I i I .,.,. mi, ill,.., i I
S . ig Hi ill bv S.'l mil l,.ii.l.l
vt ) a Is-al
U I n , M .lm, i V N
Yolk l li I . a, ti i I'ihi Ii I IS VI.
k ImU y i, an. I ll- S, I ,) al,
I .".',, t 4 I , . I l.w I -i lu. I, u
la I rlrtlit'.. 1 w a'liUlriai.i4
IS ll.O.UlO, ( ta.K
The United States Senate Refuses
to Tax Corporations for
War Expenses.
Republican Senatora Oppose Issu
ing of Greenbacks as
tact for the I'elipU to Note.
A coLllict is dow being (ought on the
Hoor of the United States setinto of more
importance to tbo people of the nation
than the evolutions.ol Hampsou anil
Schley or the battle In Muuila harbor.
The conflict is that of tho corpora
tions vs. the common people. Two
things are iieeeseury to curry on war
men and money. The first has been
culled for by volunteering and from the
great patriotic masses has come a re
sponse spontaneous and unanimous,
The first cull for 12.",0()0 volunteers bus
already been filled and already thou
sands uro crowding forward to offer
their services for the second call of 75,
000. There is no lack of mea willing to face
bullets and fever, willing to leave good
jobs and comfortable homes for the pay
of a orivute and a bluuket on the
bosom of Mother Karth. Thousands
nod thousands of men have made sacri
fices of lejuniary prospects and
other sacrifices that cannot bo measured
in money to go to the front in this war.
Most of these men are in moderate cir
cumstances. Many of them are'poor.
Yet with glad hearts they freely offer all
they have at their country's call.
So much for flesh and blood, liow is
it with dollars? There are two ways of
paving lor a war running in debt for it
and taxing for it. When men, living
men, are giving up homes and friends
and prospects and lives (or war it would
appear as though capital might give up
dollars. It would seem that corpora
tions might be willing to pay war taxes.
Yet from the moment the proposition
(or war taxes has been pending before
congress the clamor haa gone up trom
nearly every corporation in the country
against paying their share.
Jn the senate of the i'nitnd States Inst
week the first vote was reached on the
questions raised by tho proposed taxa
tion ol corporations. Mr. Aldrich of
Rhode Island, one of the republican
members oi the finance committee, en
tered a motion to toy the corporation
tax amendment proposed by the major
ity of the finance committee on the
tuble. It wns realized that this was the
first test of the strength of the opposing
elements in the senate, and the roll call
wus followed with deep iuterest. The
result was decisive. The amendment!
wus laid on the table 41 to '21. The
following jfives the vote in detail:
Yeas Aldrich, Allison, liacon, Cuff'-ry.
Carter, Cullom, Ibivis, Deboo, Klkiii'V
Fairbunks, Frye, Gullitwr, dear, (ior
mun. Hale, Iliinua, llatisboroiiuh, K.vl-,
Lindsay, McBride, McKuer.v, McMillan,
Mason, Mitchell. Morrill, Murphy, Xel
son, Penrose, Perkins, Piatt of Connect
icut, Pritchard, Proctor, Quay, Sewell,
Shoup, Spooner, Warren, Wellington,
Wetmoro and Wolcott 41.
NaysAllen, Hate, Perry, Ilutler, Can
non, Chilton, Clay, Cockrell, Daniel
Falsiier, Harris, HeilMdt, Jones of Ar
kansas, Jones of Nevada, M'.'l.nurin,
Mallory, Mantle, Money, Morgan.Pasco, .
i'cttigrew, Huwlins, Stewart, 'nlliuun,
Turley, Turpie aud White 7.
Thefollowiiig democrat voted with
the republicans to lay on the tuble: Sen
ators Huron, Cattery, tJorinan, Lindsay,
MeLnery, Mitchell aud Murphy 7.
Due populist suuator, Kyle of Smtli
Ihtkotu, voted to lay on the table, s
did Senator Shoup, ot Idaho, Senator
Wolcott and tarter, all repub'ieans
claiming tu favor the tree roiuiiK"
silver. If ttiesH men or eveu the seven
di uiocntta niid mi xipuliat hud voted
for the corporation lax It nould have
prrvafhsl t'hl list Vole elliphiisutis
t lis fact thai cororutioiia wm k in ti l
parti- that voir ia what tln-y want
and they are w illing to gu any here
to t t t brill.
A hi I debate preceded (his vote. N'le
ator Trlh r said tbat lie did sol 1
ths war auulil im t.l lung durwiion, and
su an last ai proi riittioin aniiid tw
ll.iiaaary III it HUilUl t, ll said Ini'ir
a sol uii'lor Itis I'iiruiiisiaiH'rs I be
ui of tstiuii future kvuhuI to
paf tor law war, a tt ana hoi, a a
lh mil war tor Sell prrarr vat Hill.
U axrrted thai Ike Imsd WatuietJ
Iks bill a la an im iirwanniril i I a
fll,t.H IlLimurr, aud atl, it i.l.'f
Maibrd lor lk puro III lasll Hi
aiilsga i.lll. iaar eti, in iir
aiilSi'll! Il l a IhiikI laaua, 1 h pfu
iiMiiliSg iltlnill rrtbsl in tt!.
I. lainf ot uuf imiirr
tr ftlb-r i.k up Isa ann l i"sl.
tor "HLta. l iiMka ol ts "'in j
I b em itIi,.i aii I u 1
m rt'd ISH al a. i Mm It-lilll.
it ka ibj Mol l'iviw lli' f.
Simi! b a l a diaaa i-l a,., t '
as. I eatinasi laialxia. Ii llo li. v
ibss Ik !' M..a't hM II i4mi
mUI lit f na tm t aitst mmi, lot
Siisawlf, ka ' I bid t .ii
ISMia, ka aiiatl a'i m.lutw t,,'"'"i'
is In )as ll.a. ul l ai ut a t
aia is -k. (. ami I I Ii i. ia
ft. h ll put a tai in i4iiir,
a '! u ta 'm ut aaair a up tu
ni kr.
Htha'Mf Vkitt m( t al lofw a, sltfd
upon a long discussion of tho proposed
corporation tax which he earnestly sup
ported. He maintained that the cor
porations owed something to the coun
try not only (or their creutlon, but also
lor the privileges other than the partner
ship in business and before the law. If it
were not so corporations would not be
He regretted that there was ri manifest
disposition among the republican sena
tors to oppose tho pluu of nny tux upon
tiny corporation. .
In conclusion Mr. White declared that
it would bo the plain people who would
not only offer op their lives In defense of
the national honor, but would also pay
the bulk of the taxes (or tho conduct of
the war.
Senator Wolcott, of Colorado, be
trnyed his position utid tils people in the
same breath when ho said:
"Mr, President, I am shocked and sur
prised now ut men. who 1 know, are not
of that popullslia element that simply
wants the coinage ol silver, tin or any
thing else lor the sake of having more
money; men of the rock-ribbed demo
cratic party, a party that has always
been a hard money party, ami con tin
nously declared itself desirous of only
gold and silver, us th money of the coi -stittition,
voting now to put out $1 "),
000,1)00 of greenbacks without u dollar
of gold or silver to back it up,"
Concluding his sMech, Mr, Wolcott
supported the minority bond provision
providing (or a bond issue in tho nature
of a popular loan, which could bo taken
by the people generally, lie contended
such a loan would be readily taken by
popular subscription.
Senator Knute Nelson, of Minnesota,
denounced au issue of greenbacks (or
war expenses practically repudiating
the republican policy and doctrine of
Abraham Lincoln, Salmon V; Chase,
Oliver P. Morton, Thadeus Stevens and
Pigiron Kelley. Among other things he
"The greenback issues o( the war weie
non-iiiterest-bcaring forced loans, not
payable on demand. The government
iti effect said: we cau not redeem these
notes till the war is over and we have
recuperated (rom Its effects, but In tho
meantime we will accept ,them as pay
ment (or all government dues except
This loan arose from and was justified
by the necessities of the war, but there
is no doubt of it that the burden of it,
prior to the resumption of speclo pay
ment, resulting from its depreciation in
value, was (ar greater than the interest
saved by its circulation. Of all our war
loans, from first to last, it wus no doubt
the most expensive. Its justification
was that for the time boingit filled a gap
that could not have been easily supplied
by a tin e loan.
Put this war issue furnishes us no pre
cedent for the issue proposed by the ma
jority of the committee. The war green
back wus an indefinite time loan,'atid it
did not at that time and juncture in
volve the maintenance of the purity of
our money, (or at that time we were on
a pure paper basis. No reasonable man
now wants such a greenback. We waut
a greenback payable on demand In our
standard money. Our post custom and
exfierience show that uu additional issue
of f 150,1100,000 ol treasury notes would
involve and require an additional per
manent gold redemption fuud ol fCI,
000,000, so that the net amount ol cir
culation derived from this issu o( notes
would not be over 1 107,000,000 at any
This debate and this vote murks a
political era in the United Stales, it
proves that the republican party of to
day hue repudiated the flniiuciul policy ol
its republican forefathers and it shows
that the democratic party has enough
traitors to the peoples' interests in its
ranks to curry out the cot partitions
will. It (oreshaddows the adoption ol
the bond policy and the saidiiug of the
exjiense of this wur upon the shoulders
of the common people, '
llalf of Ilia SpanMi Itearrva rrlt Are
t nlliualrd aud llrokrn Down Tuba,
W'AsiiiKiiToN, June 3. The fceijiient
re)Mirts from Spain, through other
countries, to the effect that a formid
able licet Is being prepared at Cadi to
sail for the West Indies in aid of 1 1 I'
vera causes little apprehension here.
Nil ml officers, through private uieuiis
of intiiiiiiiiilriilluii. have pretty well
Mitlnticd t bemsrUe that the it'll
lin t Isa pMs-r tliet. Ill other words, Its
offensive p.iwi-r is altogether Illusory.
More Until half of the vt-asels w boe
tirtiius aps'ar o (n '(in'iit ly in Ibe
press ilUpati lies ss f.iruiiiliiblii war
craft sie of set liptstrd I pe and in a
slate of disorder The old N iiiii.un la
la an ample. Mic is rated as s Kit
llciup i'f the first i'l.i In In r day
site was a ball U Mi. but she lias lu-l a
Intro nor a spmisitn and wuubl U lit
lc more than pii br a ui ru iron
III add Hull ! I ' Hi f ailt Upitlud U.i -I
nf Ibemi rrwli ar br.k.u . ii turn
Min asud t iUi In ll.i .i- inUiit
l 'l i t l?l. Sllllp.l Ut :l tllt .l
Ibe p.r rtatUiti ! tHe nuuiiii i
iii.t. In ut 1 1 .( a p. I S,. ii. i a .)
rv'(Ud .f riti 4..pir. end It U
i il k ! u lbl llnpv lie liu
I' -I I i lil'u .i il i s' ru, in . I 1. 1
nil. II,. r ii. ii. w l In I vr I In . tlid
. i i.
I'iii ait aumi' I, li lttvni,h a
or, . iv t I .l i. ii,. 1, i ., I , ,.r I nl
11. ! I-.. til) lilt !. I.f i.t.lfut
, ti. iii S .. 1 1 tv i tr u ty s i U'Ui
nt i it
I aaaata taitli,
Pl t.i U' il Ik. i I h..
l m hrl. 4Ut ! Vi, it t
t ta' - 9t a t tiitrt tk' U,tr
Isi.l II ltk Aa k. 4 d atttail
1? i'at '1st paskil wi.vC. iU
Wall Street Minions are Quietly
Working Toward That
Monetary Reform may be Consid
ered at the Trans Mississippi
War llevtuiia lleliata,
I'piiiIi. I'ruM lltirnuu, St. bonis, Mu., May ilil.
The minority parties ol Ohio met at
Columbus recently and formed a com
bination to defeat tho Infamous ballot
law ol that state, shlch practically
shuts out every small party. The pop
ulists, Inw silver republicans, socialists,
the liberty purty aud the negro protec
tive party were all represented in the
meeting aud organised under the name
union reform party. A state ticket was
nominated and the initiative and refer
endum adopted as a platform.
The state hoard of equalization ol
Missouri has read tho riot act to tbo
ruilroud, telegraph and express com
panies, (or not reporting their earning
as required by law. The companies will
be forced to comply with the statutes.
Suiutor Joseph Keusou Foruker, ol
Ohio, declares that It Is now time (or the
government to return the rebel lings
captured during the civil wur. lie euye
the stars and atripea lloat over a united
nation and wo should wieout the murks
ol war.
Tho national convention of labor com
missloners ol the various states will meet
at Detroit, Mich,, on June 15.
All the southern pipe and foundry
companion have consolidated their in
terests. Tho trusts are giving the
country an object lesson In fusion that
should open the eyos of all political re
formers. '
General Joe Wheeler of Alabama, hat
offered W. J. Pryon a position ou Lis
staff. It is believed that the offer will be
refused and that Mr. ilryau will lead a
new reglmeut of Nebraska troops, to the
Senator Allen of N'ebsuska made a
tellinic speech in the senate last weok
against the bond proposition. The Sen
ator always distinguishes himself when
lighting the minions of plutocracy.
Senator Stewart of Nevada has Intro
duced a bill in the senate providing (or
the construction ol a canal across the
isthmus ol Darien, by the United States
iro vera men t.
Congressman Jerry Simpson of Kansus
has teudered his services to the govern
ment and oilers to raise a regiment ol
1,000 men among the populists o( his
state, to tight against Spain. ttJM
From all the indications there will be
no hurried invasion of Cuba by the
United States army. General Miles says:
"No nflicer is tit to command troops,
who, irom nnv motive whatever, would
needlessly risk his lile or that of a single
soldier, either (rom jiseuse or the bullets
of the enemy. "TlZZTT'Z
Statistics recently compiled, place the
bonded indebtedness of the United States
at HOO,000,00(). The increase in 17
years haa been about 15 per cent.
Congress has been having a warm
time lately over the question ol raising
revenue (or carrying on war with Spalu.
It is generally conceded that the Wull
Street party will sueceod in forcing an
issue ol at least f 500,000,000 ol gold
The death ol L'dward llellamy removes
one ol the most conspscuous reform
writers ol tho reutury, ills books is his
hct and most lasting monument.
The debate ou the war revenue bill
promisee to be spun out indefinitely,
liepublicun leaders in the house and sen
ate are Involved In a quarrel over the
question ot lliiwaitun animation.
More than hall a' million spindles are
idle in Fall itiver, Mass., and the Dudley
law is still iu lull blast.
.1. Sterling .Morton ol Nebraska, who
la ehnirmaii ot the monetary rongr
has s Ami I ted a plan lor the holding ol
i three days' financial roiitcrrnce to lw
held At III Omaha r position during
September, Tltephtii iurMjeee that the
Orst day bs i-nllrd Silver day aud that
siieli l-lHvra in lbs white metal as
Hr.iaii, I'usiir, Maud and (libera t iu
vitid to as during th day aud sven
Ititf 'I lie aetnod da la In t reeled Until
d i and soma id the mora doiuiigulshrd
adbirriits lit the aiinU standard H
then ta tfiwit au o poriumij in m
lurth lhnr Horace tt kite, ot lbs
N l.iraiug I'oat aud Fdaard
Alklastia ol Pi-ioM ai im a tinned as
tao iin) orlast aprakrr. Th tbinl
is In t s'"S tu lirw sbai Vsia aud lb
Vatioaal I Ut. lifts, b ttiritwr liansg Ibe
imirailig and lb" laltvr tka attrtiiuiia.
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hurt ley loose and hang up a sign at the
penitentlury "no room for republican
The way in which the thing was done
was an aggravation of the offense, Tho
hearing in the case was twlco postponed
at the request of ftbright's attorneys.
During this time Puul Jessen, county
attorney, enlisted In tbo volunteers and
resigned hi office. Judge M. L. Hay
ward was appointed In his stoad. The
judge is a bitter republican partisan aud
oundldute (or governor. lie refused to
prosecute tho cuso. The county judg
before whom tbo hearing was held It
also a strong republican. ' Senator
Mutu, ol tho investigating committee,
appeared with witnesses for the state
ami detnunded tho county attorney
prosecute. Finally Haywurd appointed
a "substitute" in tho person ol Mr.
Sloan. Tbo counsel for the defence filed
a motion to dismiss the case on the fol
lowing grounds:
First That the coinplaiut does not
chargo any offense.
Second That the section of thostatuto
nuder which the coinplaiut is made is
Illegal and void.
Third That the information Is Im
proMrly laid.
Fourth No offense was committed in
this county.
Filth That no crime Is charged aud
that 18 months passed prior to the date
of thf filing ol the complaint.
Alter argument, County Judge Joyce
sustained the motion and the cues was
at un end.
It will be noticed that none of these
grounds reach to tbo merits ol the case
that they are mure technicalities such as
Kugeuo Moore was sut free upon. Tbe
young attorney who drew tbo complaint
was hundreds of miles away wearing a
blue uniform and uuuble to defend the
document. The new counsol knew coin
ing about the case and tbe court and
publlu prosecutor wore political friend
of the accused.
The people of this state are entitled to
a trial of tbo case against Superinten
dent F.brlgbt, lie Is charged with ona
of the most flagrant offenses known
robbing tho blind. Tbe expert who ex
amined bis accounts is J. W. Wise, of
I'lattaraoutb, who examined tbe ac
counts ol Kx-treasurer Hollou,ol Omaha,
now In tbe penitentiary and largoly
sent there b.v Mr. Wise's testimony.
Tbo documentary endenoo against
Kbrlght Is complete. There hue been no
explanation of It by the accused pahla
friends. Among other things Woowa
that be took money Irom bis I 5i4 pu
pils to buy bibles for tbem and Snout a
year afterwards, state officials received
statements from tbo New York firm front
wuom tho bibles were purchased, asking
pay lor tbem. Fred Jlolllngsworth, a
pupil of the Institution, was employed
as bell ringer at a salary of 5 per
month and drew pay quarterly, but
vouchers each calling for f 18. These
vouchers were signed by Mr. Ebright,
and rahod by some one to f 75. Ilol
liugswortb swears that be received only
f 10. Vouchers on file signed by Mr.
Kbrightsbow that Miss Leua Truotdell
drew pay as matron. Miss Truesdelt
swears she never acted as matron aud
never drew pay as such. Tbe investiga
cion disclosed many other cunning de
vices resorted to by this man to replen
ish his purse, and the aggregate of bis
shortage is about ft, 800 none of which
has been paid back into the treasury. It'
was with the view of protecting the tax
payers, and more securely obstructing
possible future raids upon tho state
treasury that the committee preferred
criminal charges against Mr. Kbrkjat.
Suuator Muts baa tbo evidence tbat will
convict beyond adoubt, and only awaits
an opportunity to produce it when called
on by the proper authorities.
rraalilaut MrKlulef Started kba Marhlu
ry 1 00,000 1 tailors I'rmaat.
OaAii.t, Neb., June 9. Amid the
music of a hundred bunds, the cheers
of a hundred thonswrid people, the
bbtstsof many whistles and the wav
ing of innumerable flags, The Trans
mississlppi and Intranational Exposi
tion naa dedicated thia morning.
At half past 9 o'clock the great civic
parade started ou ita march from the
center of the city to the grow ml. Tho
national Marine band led tbe rra; and
a hundred musical organisations from
the various states of tlto middle Wra
contributed to lhevinitasiou. The pa
radii was tbrea miles long. lUrly the
sNial trains had brgutt to uiiUnmI
their rrowila until the railroad men
estimated that atdee luO.Ots pestpla
had arrived. Tbesa a in (fled with the
eltlneii n( Omaha and funned one atdt
plmUitt slung the roateuf tho (strait
for Irll liilti a,
The lie. b Nit-huts of M. U'uis
uprtu.l the vaervlsoa al the guxwnila
with an appeal la "Hint ho ikvlN a1)
things wU " In shower Ilia ttlrsaia vtt
tbe riiterprisa ami tha psrU t the
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lisaidi'ut MvUluhy a-hl i nss.t tba
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