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    May 16, 1898.
The Farmers
and the Editor
By Jamw I'Mraon.
(Continued from page 2.)
consequently had to run on part time or
but down entirely, iou know ns.weii
aa I do that there wan no real good
market. Then with factory warehouses.
wholesale and retail house all stocked
up, bow in the name of common sense
win tarin boip uby
Editor: "tariff Increases the price to
a certain extent and the price being In
creased will give the manufacturer 1
better chanco to make hie goods profit
able and consequently can pay more
woEOg to bis helpers and they can buy
mora eatables for their urn and this
strengthens the market of the farmers
and when their markets are strwiirth
ened they can get more money and when
they got more money they can Hinind
mors money and that will make trade
better all around."
1: "Yes that is theoretically very nice
but now the prices of things have been
high enough what do you want the
prices blither for; and the warehouses
ore full of all kinds of things from tooth
picks to threshing Machines, what do
you want to make more for? You are
getting at this affair backwards."
Kdltor: "Well I have thought of that
too but I am a republican and of course
had to adhere to their principles."
Join: "Now hit me try another wav,
Let the tariff bi, a reasonable tariff is
well enough; a heavy tariff is robbery.
Hut suppose we adopt the true bimetal
lism and go to work to coin both gold
and silver at the ratio of sixteen to one
until we have plenty of money and do
noi need to issue bonds or national
bank notes, but plenty of good legal
tender money direct to the people. It
will leave the government mints the
same us ail money does, and will get
into use among tn people. When, us it
will soon become more plenty, and when
plenty it takes less to get a dollar. In
other words it will get cheaper. As it is
now it takes five bushels of corn to got
$1.00, while if money was more plenty
three or four would get a dollar, and
that dollar would pay debts as well as
the one we have been giving five or six
bushels for. Now hero, give us money to
handle the products of agricultural
America as it should be handled, and
you and your party will agree with me
that the prices of products will bo con
siderable higher. Consequently if corn
brings 80 cents instead of 20 cents it
will bring one-half more money into the
direct commerce. (Jive the farmers half
as much again monoy for their products
and you will see that they buy goods of
your retuil merchants, and they will buy
of the wholesale houses, and then the
orders will go to the factories and the
great stocks of goods will bo reduced
and the manufacturer can start the
ll to rolling, hire help, and soon we
will all be happy. In any event com
mence at the farmers. They are the
foundation of Commerei. ami imAn
Their nroduct nil., the mi.i..u ... -ii I
f- ... VMV itilRrjnU,- 0,11'
others. Your idea Is like the fellow who
built a house by commencing with the
roof and building downward. Be bouost
with mn ia it nnt, trim?"
Editor: "Well yes, Jones, I know the
farmers are the independent class and
the foundation of livelihood, liut sup
pose your farm prices do advance won t
tne prices 01 oiner miugs miruuwnm
Jones; "Yes, sir. All things will ad
Editor: "Well, suppose everything
advances 50 per cent, what good will it
do you to receive J10 cents for corn and
pay 15 for a flO suit of clothes, and
f 3i lor a f uu seeder, etc. 1
Jones: "Well, now I have 2,000 bush
els of corn in the srib. It is now worth
20 cents, which if advanced CO jr cent
would brimr t00 instead of 1400. I
have 60 bushels of wheat worth 70
ceuts. or $42: at $1. $00 in round num
berg. There is 100 bushels of oats at
20 cents, amounting to $!I2: at 0
cents, $48; 20 hogs weighing about 2.'10
pounds each, at f-'UJO ir cwt. amounts
to 9101) in even numbers; 11 aovaocen
50 per cent, $225. There is $12 worth
of poultry If advanced 50 tier cent, f 18.
Now, Mr. Editor, these are the articles I
have to sell, not counting my horses,
implements, cows, etc. Hut one year
with another I sell about that much off
of my quarter section farm besides what
we cut. Now, my expenses are about as
follows: Groceries, $40, besides what
common produce we sell intrude. Dry
goods, $20; hardware, $20; clothing,
$10; machinery, $100; taxes, f.iU; In
terest on $1,200 at 7 per cent, $M4.
Other expenses such ns medicine, doctor
lulls, etc., etc., about f V). Ton see now
I spend about $434, or $.'(50 outside of
interest. Every year I have to hire a
man awhile, and there is nlso a thresh
ing bill and acorn shelling bill which an
nually amounts to about $00, and then
I plant out a few trees or buy some
grass seed, etc., and it takes more or
less fencing lumber, paints, and such
things to keep up the farm. Harness is
to be repaired, and a dozen other things,
till that last $00 will roach over a hun
dred. Well, suppose I spend $150 be
sides $84 Interest, You know the Inter
est will not grow, as It is high anyway.
1 sell f hitH worth each year and pay out
$5.')4, which leaves $104 profit each
year, that is considering it on an aver
age. Now then, suppose everything ad
vances the 50 jMr cent, what will the
profit look like? I sell $'J54 worth, nud
spend $7.'I9, leaving a profit of $I5!,
besides you know the expense would
not be increased anywheres near the 50
per cent, because most articles bought
are priced at their full value anvwav.
Hence you see the profits would reach
nearly f.'lOO instead of $104. I could
soon pay the mortgage and be clear.
Do you see that?"
(We all moved back from the dinner
table nnd the well-filled editor took a
chair close by the side of Mr. Jones.)
Editor: "Yes, I see that, 1 never fig-
red it out before. It is surprising. I
must admit, liut what goodwill it do
the laborers?"
Jones: "The more machinery, cloth
ing, etc., us farmers buy the more will
have to be made, and thus give them
employment at bettor prices. What
more do you wnnt7 '
Kdilor:-"Tuat is all right. You farm
ers, corn raisers, are looking out for
yourselves, How about the wool grow
era and lumbermen who produce the
articles you need?
Jones: "Tbey will be blessed also
with better prices and more trade."
Editor: "J nen, according to your
plan you are going to benefit everybody,
Jones: "No, there is just one class we
will not benefit, and that is the Wall
street money sharks, lbey have been
living fat at our expense long enough.
They are the ones that worked this gov
ernment into thin single standard busi
ness and they made a pull whilo we were
Editor: "How did it come that wheat
advanced in price this last year and we
bad gold standard in for?
Jones: "isecause of the extreme short
ago in India and other foreign fields. If
that shortage hud occurred before the
demonetization of silver In '0.'J we would
have received $1.25 for our wheat
Editor: "You men are Demo-I'ops,
how does it come that you blame the
Democrat rresidont(('levelund) for hard
times. I would suppose you hud got
enough of such Democrat ad in In is t ra
tion?" Jones: "We have got all we want of
it, and don't you think for a moment
that we are Cleveland gold bugs. We
are Democrats favoring William Jen
nings Itryun first, lust, and all the time.
Yon know the llepublican party at the
Ht. Louis convention adopted a financial
platform in meaning just like the policy
that was put in force in '1)3, to down us,
and we are down. You cull that policy
Republican now, and when Cleveland
was president it was Democratic, but in
any event it was single gold standard,
public robbery uud financial dcvilisb
ness." Editor: "How does it come that
prices are some higher now than when
the last cum puigu was in order?"
Jones: "I'ecause course of events and
political settlement for four years al
ways has its tempory effect lis a stimu
lant for commerce. Did you ever know
a time when things Improved so slow,
and especially so when they hud no
much chance for improvement us they
did after this last presidential election?"
Editor: "No, to toll the truth I never
did, but I can't tell just why either.
Hut gentlemen I must go, ft is now near
three o'clock, I have enjoyed the visit
very much. (Put on his hut and starts
for the door), Goodbye Mr. Jones uud
Mr. Ho and Ho and also Mrs. Ho and Ho.
Would be glad to have you all come
and see us." '
Jones: "flood bye, Editor. Come
and visit rue some day."
1 went out with the editor and helped
him with his horses, and saw him off
while Jones sut in the house, but thut
wus the lust I ever saw of the editor,
Respectfully dedicated fabulisticly,
Jamku 1'kakson, Author.
Hkwaihi Co., Neb., April 15, 1MD8.
The recent advance of wheat has not
changed the prices of flour and groceries
at the Farmers' Exchange, 2'!1 No 10th
street, but ure liable to any day. It is a
good time to buy while getting first
class goods at lowest prices. Mr, Hurt-
ley, munuger, is always at his post to
greet his many friends.
How much we appreciate your
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nud Paragon frames, Congo handles, itHsort
ed. regular $1, this week, each
letter grades, $1.1 a, $, $1.57. fl.Nii, $j, $y,
ftotl' r"K'll"r l-f,
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patterns, a tiHrgitlu 7c, this ouly, yd ..0
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921 0 Street, Opposite P. 0., Lincoln, Neb.
ummer erchandisingo
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NOTICE I'rices on sugar subject to
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Mention this pujicr when ordering.
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Lincoln. Nebraska.
Kadms City Grain and Lin Stock.
nard WheatNo. I, ll.M; No. t, 11.84; No. I,
1.81; Mo. 4, ll.llVdl.aj; rejects, H. 141.10;
no gride, I1.1S. Soft Wheat-No. I, II. 2S; No.
, ll.24H;No. t. I1.2UM; No. 4, tl.18) rejeeted,
LIS. SprhiK Whoat-No. , 11.21; Nd. 1, 11.17(2
1.18 rejected, 11.121.19.
Mixed Corn No. 2, KHo; No. I, 82oi No. i,
M.oj so grsde, o. White Com No. , tto;
No, I, Sio; No. 4, lV,o,
Cattls-Kecclpts, 8,21 cattle; 78 calves;
hipped, 1,100 cattle; no oalvei. Tb market was
slow asd lower except otbent irradei.
Sblpplrnr and drct,l tx-ef ateeri, 14.004.70;
native helfera, M.liuc4.0t; native oows, I2.8&3
4.1; native feedert, H-SitHM; native stockun,
Hurt - Huc! yu, l,SaCj (hipped 1,BS& The
markat was ( to 10 o4iU lower au tlow. frlttei
ranged Uum t4.OU0U,4S.
The Government Warned of Mpatn'a 1'lani
to Coal In Canada.
WAniJiOTO, May 20. The governor
grncrnl of Canada has informed the
state department that he bad reason to
believe that Spanish war vessels have
Hindu arrangements for obtaining and
taking on coul lit certain obscure coal
lug ports of N'rwfoundlnnd. If a Span
ish ship should appear, notlco will at
once lie glvcu to the Navy department
at Washington in time for one of Ad
inlral Howell's f'tst cruisers to reach
the point In time ti prevent ctaliiig.
The I'reaideut asil to hi-irvtary Dny
and Sir .lulliin rnuuerfote tltat these
evldi'iKH's of England's gutid will were
xtremuly ifratifying.
Brief War News.
Hince the ritn big fire In Lincoln, Mrs,
(iimix-r hits had an iiiiuiiiis trade, aim
1ly Im HUM sh orderd nxw guids ant!
Ssrlling thi'lll SO cheap at l'Jl I) Ht,
! II a ltHf
Ttai umi, N.b May i.M, t4. Mar
i ii iit ptirrait m tins pimw aMva: i iwi
it to Im a duty to Ml bal lliMid s Har
siarilla has duns fur ni. I an af
tlietsd aith t hills and fever, but all r I
tsgau the um of lliMfal's rlarsapanila I
Hin Ml Iwii-.f. and it m sut iui( I
fore I was sound and sxll.
rrtifntMir IUta tsllH his tdiml dm
and otty Ih mad a vsry rrlilildia-
plat is tl alrtn I irl t MtrUr alter-
hiaia asd at ths rut-tlaisaiai lit
nighl al htstaavsM im hav mtl
iitars, the show aid tomata tu I in
Ma mh til Kalurday n'tffal.
(tl HUH-- )var ..Id sav. iHt
if.'l puns. U I'riew f t M. ind t.sW
asd duitble driver. ( ad al J "V Nufth
tuihslrwl, I is !, Vfhrak.
I Has Ms4 Pa tewalaa.
I'au ti(ra4, May N ( harUs It.
( amp, head id the W tlllaia l lama A
a.mslili ami ling tne Dutlalaf
aav il Ihts vtlr, tkulv4 that tbara It
ay Irulti In ll riHttktMiidalUp,
.f the t ramp etnai aay a4 VUksrt
aa A Miia ul Itarrvw la l arasea,
I tiflaud, Into vtt hta ValUUa; tot,
Advices received late yesterday Indi
cated the arrival at Key West of the
battleship Oregon.
It ia now believed the monitor Mon
terey will : towed clear across the
PaoiHc, on account of her limited coal
A report was current yesterday ho
London financial circles of a forth
ooDilsjr aiinounccmeut of a Franco
Spanish alliance.
Spain is very road over the fact that
Aufttl(Hii ships sometimes fly ths
Hpatish flag for purposes of deception.
'JtTiey call it "cowardly and iniquitous.'
Company A, Third regiment, N, X.
Q., eTfttiuMi last night by electing II.
l. WUittnore, a univiTnitv crraduatA.
oaptaln, V. F. Si-hwarz tirst lieutenant
and K. K. Morrison second lieutenant.
Ottizeas of Newport, It. I., are sub
eribinf enough monry to build a tor-
ret boat to tic named the Olivet
araxd Terry, the Ihto of Ute battle of
Lake Erie, who was born in Newport.
A di. John, N. V.. dikpittch ssya the
oaptaln of uu Kng-lish arhip hai
urfed Hlr Herls-i-t Murray, s;ovrraor,
t advise the I'nitod Mutus to send on
of lU fasti.t crtiiM-rs to patrol tba
grand tsvuki for a week or more, tltat
the eralarr, on aiuhtiu Spaniards
taiftit warn United BUtesj
The Ural ref liaoul of Califoraia vui
nntae auibarbed Ca the tat v ef 1'oltln
atSaa Fraaetseoyeatairday. The8mtid
Oregon and e iattallun ef the r'our
teeatk lufsaUy I'aited mates reeaiart
wlil embark Wnlav uu Ute City of
Wdaey. n.rfJt koats will Upar fiar
Manila aa aeon aa supplies are taken
aa board.
Tke soldier kora de not appear t I hi
la vary feci odor with Ute reeliUtau ef
i katUu4ra deeerat rowitlaa kava
dswraaad UteaieaJvea by InwulUnf la-
a hm eu Ute ttreets and tat ha aawvad
tka atliaeaa. Neadleea to say thai
neae ts Ute NeW asksaa have dtme aeiy
thkaff like UU. All eke Uys areas va
vaitMi Utet reintUtiniu aad tltat ef the
tete wkWtk tbey reareaanl and CiUMtel
HUJs plaeea Ml Iraal la their aaUisae
to saeh an Miaat that try waal to
kei-p II
l ain t ssakliif ativaattat eiTwrla Ui
wta lit tstsrrema ovaa,
$laia Hwp ! a f eaaral war. k)M
IhlaS In steal ake wntiid kev
lean; aiUea.
A (rata i a the t htlaami
The boys of the Second reflment,
Nebraska volnnters, arrived la Caaap
Chlckaniauga Sunday. They were
pretty tired but otherwlae were e. k.
On approaching Chattanooga the flrai
section bearing the first battalion nar
rowly missed being run into by a pas
senger train. The two trains stopped
within 100 feet of each other. Ths
first battel ion arrived in hintorio Mur
freeaboroat 7:15 a. in. Saturday. A
few nuHes north it passed the cemetery
where the bodies of the veterans wh
fell at the battle of Stonn river lie.
The sight quieted the boy Immediate
ly. A few minuu-s 1h(4t they were
singing ' On the Kanksof the Wabaah,"
'"Way Down Upon the Snaum River"
and 'Diic.,, The tirst carried thmn
baok to their homes where it haa ln
so popular. The latu-r songs aroud
in Uiein a purer, more friendly feeling
for the luud Into which thoy were
Jonraeylng. At Murfi
ecsboro the
tram tcoppeu ror a few minutes and
the boys in the coat-lies availed them
selves of the opportunity to lave their
faces In the cool waters of SUute river
Foreiga subject in Manila fear riot
ing and will be transferred to Cavita
and housed by order of Me way.
ArUtur Sewall of Hath, Me., candi
date for vice president on the dene
ore tie ticket lu l!Mi, lV., offered to Urn
government Uie ship Hoauolte, new al
Na Francisco, for truiiN,rt purposes.
It is of B,o4W tons reeUu-r aud has a
eaisacity of 5,000 tout.
A dlspati h from Manila says tha
Oertasn consul at thm ,tnt attempted
to land provisions, tieriuau ship
but that Admiral Itewey n.(ue.l to
iKsrailt it. Tli
would fon the
iroteetlou of (lie (,,(
'oiikiiI declared L
uu.iiu, under Use
prvteeuoH oi u,e nt ( ,K l uiU cruUara,
' "utitirat M'wci' llirritU'liad te Ira
Um the eruisi-ra and the atw-mpl u
lead prvivisloiu at,sud..ed.
A special toth. Allsatar. itatltutlou MouttfoiMt rv av; .1 ft Kmui4
trer, aeoreiary ,.f Alabama preaa
Mtadaluni, v.) JU., rr,ed Irota
.. . w!""' "" l"-'te lis
that Major t.ener.i l,,,r Ai
an-dnt Wliliau..!. iraf S,9tL
u a kih Huti -it ..I, bt !
The Msdita toitr.-ta,!,.,, tl y
Mould tftrl. ....... ' . .
. r l-v.-. i,, ,ll.
aesuai ti,4, ...u,. (r-,ri,
'""""'; ""ai II vvu!4 ha
(saaiatd h kr-aiit l f . '
priJe, aad that H An,.,!., a..,,"
-laaitl W-a m.,,-,!U h.ull,tu,
! titers ! aM.l a t,ihi , ., . " w
Ike Ul
id lii ,, . , .. .
ej.a a estisia a u. I toHta.d i l -..t i . i , . . . -
wtUtraiaW.ti..tthslr.t ,k Al sl.l.' I . ' "
evav.l au,e,a tarred ; rKl T . "
Yesurdays ei. eeatiae4 avare i treMhl . aa letn.u,lt ' , T
Iteatteef a ketile Ulaee. m4 1 Hr.aV- Is aa.4 i" L J?'
W vara, la . huh II as eeij twelve j it.a, af s-eck.. w,.i VI t
apaalsfc lte e,e .,sS ..4 (. 1 4mm, edil !. U, , 4 V
AaietWaa ksml were 4tet!e4. It U Ihe fe..f flu ajtljli . "
eeietalijr denied Uts antra. a, ,4 ..aeral iete.M.,s T., u il'T
eaalf lweaa. all el PreeUaeal aeli.,u, a.W..f, xtLM . . " 7
l the
Pa, dtaMpet, ma, fata 11 tea, met aad
a4n)a4 eeuU !). u aalWtev key a
wsae f veaeli Ma4a ytttata, aad Is) 4l
wara,e Ike taervhaete wkess) Uey
ralreatea frae kaadllaf f raatOt pew
tw.i. - I -
I rsa, IWlUr, d HoUhv, kae
Mara., . M.rylaad, ak. V. .
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