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Republican Hypocrisy To-
ward Old Soldiers.
Humorist of the House Makes a
Telling Point.
'tome onthara Htmlxri Who Ar Ont of
,, t P1m In ths lUpoblloan Part, Which
' Is Always Saetlooal, Vnjtut Mid Osualljr
tlnpstriotlo IfcvorltUm In rsMSf af
i Private CUIius.
' Special Wiihlniton LetUr.
la a recent letter I quoted in extonso
, from a speech of Jamea M. Robinson of
Indiana on the ponaion question lu gen
ral, but m Robinson is a Democrat ito
pnblicnni might b disposed to claim that
; oil loathing arraignment o the Kopubli
can administration and ltepublloan con
gress as to pensions was not baaed on facta
and was f or politioal effect. Suoh doubt
, , Ing Thomases will certainly believe the
evidence of Major Charles K. l'oaroe of
SI. Louis, who ia not only a Republican
congressman, but waa for four year a
joldior in the Union army, Ilia word
not only ahow that Robinson waa right
in what be said about Republican
hypocrisy aa to the old aoldiur in iron-
rul, but that tbore ia a settled purpoaa
among the Republicans now runuing
tba machine to discriminate agaluat the
Missouri Union soldiers, than whom
uoua bettor or braver ever wore a lfed
ral uniform.
Mow, buck of the word I ahull quote
from Major Foarco and rankling in hia
heart waa the fact that in apite of all
tbo Missourian congressmen, both Re
publicans and Democrats .for we all
helped biiii could do the huuse out the
euuto bill giving Airs. Htopheuson, wid
ow of Major General John I). Htophou
aou, from f 50 pur month to 30. Hona
tor Vest, u Confederate aoldiur and son
ator, bud passed it through the aonute
with the aid of Senator Uookroll, who
fought his way from a captaincy to a
major gonuraloy in tho Confederate ar
my. All Missourlans Democrat and
Republican, Confederate and Union
take prido in the career of General rite
phensou and revoru hia memory, for,
wbila he waa a aploudid aoldiur, he
warrud against armed men in tho fluid
and not against old men, woinuu and
children. Ho wua tbo only inun in the
Missouri legislature in 1801 who hud
the norvo to object to the two houses of
tbut body listening to the commissioner
from Mississippi in trying to persuade
Missouri to aecedo. After the war begun
be hupimud to be in command at Doon
vllle while Mra. Vest gave birth to ono
of her children, her husband being then
fighting in 1'ricu'a army. Observing the
humanities, General Htcpbeuson placed
a guard about the houae where Mra, Vest
waa confined to ahield her uud her new
born babe from dlHturbanrse and bur in.
That waa u knightly deed, atill treaaurod
by Bcuator Vent and all who knew of it.
rJtill when the poor and aged widow
of thia brave Cbriatiau aoldier, a hero
of two wara, who abared tbo hardships
of army life with him, appliua to con
gress for a pittuueo whereby to live com
fortably the little remuuut of her duya
a Itepublicuu houao cuta it down from
f 50 to per mouth uotwltbHtaudiug
the fuct tbut the widowa of scorns of
other geuerula who never rendered hulf
tbo aervioe tbut General Stephenson did
have rocoivod $50 and $100 pur month
and in several coses $2, 000 per milium.
Missouri aoldiera should remember thin
treatment; ao should all true aoldiera
everywhere. Remembering it, they will
not marvel tbut Major l'oaroe waa
Cuttiug Ifciwu I'nualuu.
Now, Major IVurce hud introduced a
bill to pay a pension of $100 ptr mouth
to the widow of Major Oenurnl A. J.
Smith of Missouri, the man who at
Muusflcld and 1'lcasaut Hill aaved (leu
eral lluuka" entire army from destruc
tion uud capture when that redoubtable
old it waa advancing into tbo otiemy'a
country with hia wagon train lu front
and when Dick Taylor, the sou of old
Zauhary, poutioed dowu upon hint uuex
The invalid peiminn couimittett of the
house reported the bill, but cut the
amount from $uo to $J0 per mouth
Major IVurcti, having run up anuml
tb lfpubliou Iioum) lu tbeeaw tf titui
oral Hrpbt'UftUi'a widow, ladtxl bit
would Ui loodnat and iiuxtorata lu hit
doomed, ao, liutuad of muvlug to t
iri tliu $100 r moiitU a waa pro
vldfd I y hi bill originally, bo only ak
1 (or f 30 aud did tel gvl that. Auiuiig
vtlx r tbliiga bo Midi
"Uutlia Hill dr of Jniur, i7,
rotigrt i 4 n Uw grttniiug a jk-u
lni t $luo a iio iiia t'i tliu widow of
tiamral Jubu I', UUiU u. Til ir U
Join, lu I bo uiotiih t( April, fotitffv
Im4 a Uw gifiug in tiiwilwif
(i iuil Alio U'Ul.Uy a puM f
liovi a niouiU. Utt tli km i.f Janu
ary, lta, 4irv Md a l.iw aiioa
. Ilia wldviW til iiUvll N I'. lUtikt
$ou tuMiiih, .yii, ,( iut
j.. a Uw tf'nurf a itii4i of f tog a
IwlU t lit wllw if Ualit'tat J -Uu
M. t 'nl M. Il W I-V4HWI if till lBl
Ii I. Hut I linrlid lUu till attd
aka i f vi4igt la iv 1 1 IU wl b.w
I I gll4Ml !!( ) gvtt.f) l.f b
I'miwl ut aiutjr aaauiv-ri'ttit4tii4
ta that wkua ba-l Ut giMll If
gr4 k tk wldawa i t HuiU 4 aiut
tial futs.
"l ar U Ih I aa iuUit la Mi u
f tba tUUliuti i'f f4tara wIhmi taa
4a (4 a tHajwf gtl t4 tha t'alw4
aiaita afMf rt a iMi i4
m Ma )4 a iwiMia.
Uwfal MiMtta m ta taa ai wla a
ta tvaaliy M Ulf awauit.
Hit career began away back In 1838,
In the following year be waa ordered
out upon the western frontier, to what
afterward became the territory of Kan
aaa. For more than !43 auocoaHive yeara
hia aervioe waa in that portion of the
country, fighting Indiana, pioneering
new roada of oiviliaatiou down through
tho Mexican war, np through Mew Mer
loo and on through California, away
np to Oregon and back aguiu over the
mountains, over the plaiua, until he
readied Jefferaon Uarracka again in
1800. Then he waa ordered out to San
Franoiaoo, where ho waa located at tbo
time of the outbreak of the war for the
"He waa very early oommiaaoned
brigadier general of the United titatea
army and aurved during the entire war,
I regret to find it atated in thia report
of the oommittee on Invalid ponaioua
that the record of Major Oonoral Bmith
waa not a brilliant one, I tell you that
there waa no more brilliant record of
any general of the United titatea army
from tbo beginning to tho end of the
war. Ho waa the right hand of Hhurman
these question. I do not charge that
any man ia influenced by improper
motives in those matters, but I do want
to call the attention of the houae to
the fact that every once in awhile,
whenever we oome to diaooas theae mat
ters, my distinguinhod friend from
Maine Mr. Diugleyj, whom lam proud
to call my friend, haa paraded before ua
a phantom oamel and haa represented
the animal aa about to go to the treas
ury of the United Htutes and put In bia
noao, and my friend baa manifested
great fear that the oamel, if ho got hia
bead lu, might got hia whole body lu
"That, I say, waa a phantom oamel,
but a few daya ago I saw the roal arti
cle approach the treasury of the United
States, and upon hia head waa marked
in plain Iettora the word 'Maine.' Ap
plause, 1 That oamel waa undor the guid
ance of my distinguished frloud from
Miunoaota Mr. Tuwuuy, but I thought
that I saw near by tho features of tba
diatinguiabod gentleman from Maine
bimaelf ready to help, and when tbo
Grant oluim for that ia the olaim to
The festive "lightning- rod man" is
in this neck of the woods, lie has
found the usual number of victims.
One of these has aaked the Journal to
say unit a Mr. Webb, who pretends to
represent the N. A. Coimmiiv. l n. llnr
and a swindler. Knowing our inform
ant to lm truthful, we suggest to the
iworesniu iveD i tlint tin " av hm "
There, are honest lightning wxl men,
mi. vv jut cenr, or rue craft tire In hell.
And that Is the place for them. They
can't "lave there' If our farm friends
would show them the the beautiful
anii intricate mechanism of a modern
shot gun there would be less rods.and
i.,u., ....j.... .li
"nr. uuir, una ies proiunity and a
U'Her sale of prayer lKKiks. While it
is a met that as a rule those whn ar
swindled pan afford to be. It is no ar.
gument that they nhould be.Llberty
' "HI IlUlt
I lace to buy Buggies, Harness
and Saddles is at Billmeyer &
one of the great division and oorpa which I allude waa provided for, when
commanders. lie aaved the command of tho oamel had poked hia iioao into the
General Uanka, to wboae widow you treaaury and had been supplied with
gave 1 100 a month only two yeara ago., $78,000, although the claim in that
A nro f th War, ca, bad ouu rejected by tho oourt of
'Thrnnoh .11 M.i. ri f 01 claims and that rejection had been ap-
nut ntm i r,iin th proved by the auproiue oourt of the
nmmh nf iiM,n,m h.tttini. ih Uultod Htatea applauae, and the ani
the Indiana and building np thia great f1 turnod J taka b I ogbt
empire of tho west, the widow of thia w my distinguished friend from
old hero was wlthblm. She camped V1tiL Mr. palaollj twd ng
With him. bivouaokiSrl with him. suffer, f.0" byflaunhtar and poaalbly winking
od all the hardabiua of bis Ufa with e other eye at the distinguished ohalr-
him. Her health ia now broken, and she
la atauding upon the verge of tho grave.
She haa, in tho providunoe of tho Al
mighty, but a year or two more to live.
"Who ia very nearly 80 years of ago.
General Bmith died a year or two ago,
at the age of 89, and can we not eaao
the pillow of thia good old woman a
little and do by her whut this oougruaa
baa done by the widow of every major
general alnce tho close of the war?
"General lilunt'a widow got $100.
Mow, it ia only a week or two ago since
you voted a pension of $00 a mouth to
the widow of Commander Gushing, that
splendid hero of the navy, whoae record
atauda for gallantry and for heroiam
bealdo that of Mulsou and Farragut and
Tortor. Mo bruvur man over trod a alilp
than Gushing.
"Hut, gentlemen, bia widow, to
whom you voted $50 a mouth a woclc
ago, did not marry him until 1870, and
he died in 1874."
From the foregoing it will bo obacrV'
ed that tho widow of General Duuka of
Massuohuautta, who led that magnificent
army into a trap, ia rewarded with $100
per mouth, while the widow of General
Bmith of Missouri, who snatched it
from the jawa of death, geta $150
To cap the climux at the aamo sitting
of oongresa a bill was passed granting
a pension to John A. Ulngham of Ohio,
which the committee reported at $50
per month, but which the house out to
$25. Let It never be forgotten thut
IJIukIiiiiu never served u duy in tho
army, but, while a member of oongresa,
acted for seven months us judge advo
oate general with rank of major a
dungeroua position truly I "Gonsistouoy,
thou urt a Jewell"
Wlulitm of an Old Haying.
"You can't tell from his looks how
far a toad cun bop" is an old suying full
of wisdom. If there is any muu in the
bouse that looks less like tbo ideal
humorist than all the othera, thut man
la Hon. Walter Kvana of Kentucky. He
looks very much like ex-Heuator Ed
munds of Vermont, and us ho is said to
greutly resemble Bt. Jerome it follows
thut Kvuns looks like a saint iuktead of
a humorist, hut notwithstanding hia
appouraucu he belongs to the triboof
Artemua Ward, Mark Twain and Bill
Moro than once I bavo alluded to tho
fuct thut while on the surfuoo hurmouy
prevuilod among tholiepublioans down
in tho bottom of their hearts are many
jealousius which occasionally crop out
in dt bate.
Mow, the Kentuekian is a couragoous
auimul. Indeed he is foolhardy ou that
subject. The Kentucky Hepublioau isuo
exception to that rule, lie may be
"short" on intelligence, but he's "long"
nu pluck. Ho does not propose to let
othirs "hou" his share of the uoud
things of this life.
Bo it bapjieued that Hrotber Evans
wantod "part of the banon" for amue of
his constituents not long since lu the
shnpo of war claims. llngley, having
already gobbled $:i50,00v) for soma for
gotti ii harbor up lu Maine, ooiiulDded
suddenly thut "the looting of ths treas
ury" khould t'tawi, Uinglcy doemi'l bo
llsvo In "lootlug" uiiIuns it is for the
solu Ix'iiulU and ImhiMif of .tw England
in K'iiral slid bis owu dutrit I lit par
ticuUr. Kvoii llo'ii, ntH'ordluii to I'lide
Jtxi l'nim..u aud "lioviruor" William
A. Bliaia, tlny have ut b (iuYi-ninr
iHiigley, throw him dowu and by lualu
stuugth Ihrunl the aMag Inlubis jncki'l.
Now, Evan may ! a rrolulous m of
rwui, but wh'i b now iiugly an
l4ti4iuing bis owu i ftirl to blank tit t i
lliu inasury and uUncI Inusiliv's
o krlt buttling with Im, Waliir's tUu
iKr artwu t-i Hid tUiiaif l'Uil. and be lu
llvrml ,l tt upWMlh pattUlly a
f-dluws, thvivby llluttiatlurf llm "uily
skin dt-fp haruiny" skUung aiiKttgih
U 1 ul-ht ua "Mr. I balriuau,"
I V4tta, Ilia KvMlUtkiaU, "I thouM lm
tiiliugly kU4 if llw i l
Iko bt'Mw Wtia aW kllcWU Hi l."t lu-
loi o )al.u ,i ii,i bill b l Wi
11-a.m itii f a wd lii tr a i i(Ui
I if a iiil tliu ouly la I lis 1.11.1 uiv
duiiiig U,a war." tAiaH.
H- aa m4i.(.
Now, as l.4u sm a "ldt.r, a Ka
tinky al-lir ai thai, att t t bmiui
a u t dJui, ibai a tht at iut
tUa tauga al iMbjUy, tuWU aut
otkat tulltolswha lid lUwIl Babllus
WIIU lbif M. lka lUtlbg IMS-la Sa
aa eilUat Vmlaaiaav WalHr t4awi
l It a a Mkwsi
1 itf NMh fw. Mr. i'Ukrutaa.
lbs iki ( Vst a v )iaral WJa
dls u fsallai ta tk ttvtuit al
"He aoomed tome to say, 'Mr. Chair'
man, now that that la over, watoh me,
and under the operation of those ruloa
that I have helped to muke or not to
make for thia house, aa the oaao may be
laughter, watoh me keep those south
ern Itopublloaus from looting tho troua
nry,' It would not do, you see, to let
the southern Ilepubllouns ,'lout' the
treasury, in the language of tho gontlo
man, although the Grant claim was the
least def enaiblo ever passed since I have
been here, and I am glad I voted aguiuat
"The Grant claim waa rejected by
the oourta and waa paid, These cluima
were austalned by the courts, but are
mot by tho aturdy opposition of those
who put through the Grant claim. "
And much more in the auino humor
oua and oaustlo atraln did Jirothor
Kvana utter. Mow, a man of hia good
sense, with his habitat, bus no business
in tho Iiopubliuun party, for it la al
ways sectional, unjust, selllHh and gen
crally uupatrlotio. He and all like unto
bliu should iuuvo it at unco.
Eil ward Hohb of Missouri,
To demonstrate conclusively that
Urotbor Kvana waa within tho shadow
of i great truth when bo ohargod favor
itlsm in tho passage of urlvuto claim
bills it ia only necessary to state that
on luosday, April 5, u bill grunting
nearly one-third of a million dollars to
the heirs of John Itoach of Pennsylvania
passed the house, and, wonderful to
tell, tho very men who hamstrung Ur'or
Evans stood unswervingly by John
Itouoh. Clearly they are oloso studenta
of geography. Hut to the honor of hu
man nature bo it aald that the John
Jtoacb job did not go through without
a atubboru light, which waa led by Ed
ward Kobb, a new member from Mia
aouri, in which ho demonstrated that
though modest and cue of the youngest
men on the floor he ia a logician and
debater of great promise. Hia closiug
remurka ure full of truth und auuso, but
tuey loll on what IJailey aptly terms
tho leadeu eura and bardeuod con
sciences of the majority." Here they
It is an easy matter for this bouse
to appropriuto money, but tbo house
should hesitatoa lung time before it ap
propriates mouoy upou any such evi
dence us thut upon which wo uro now
culled to act. The power to appropriate
too money ol tho people is one to which
should uttueh the highest sense of in
dividuul responsibility. It is a power
for which each and every one, whenever
and wherever exercising it, should be
held to the strictest accountability. It
is a power which no one should assume
to exercise except for publio purposes
and in discharge of legitimate, well
founded and well established claims
agaiust the government.
1'atriotically, promptly and without
complaint the puople respoud to every
draft upon their resource that the utt-
tioiiul honor may be luuiutained' and
that the institutions founded by the fa
thers of the republio may endure for
ever. llllngly ays flhwrfully they
give for the tiialuti'iiaiu'ttot goverumuiit
ecoiioiiiloally adiiiluiUrul. it not of
this tin y ooiuplaiu. It Is aitaliM Urn
iwkl.'M watravaguuee and uubluhliig
prottigmy by wbteh lhitr suUuiic is
itlMipalod that tiny f right protest
and in J ut loo hould U beard. Tin ru
I no one who has had tho huior of a
st-al In this bouMt fur any tiiuv, how-
evir long or bowm.r short, who should
ttol. lu giving i t wltbhtd.ltug bis sup
poll .i lutwuuiva appropriating puMui
ui ii. It gowrumt by h ng. rubs
t,I '. .iiu'iur,
"Will l'U WX4K.IIII40 l pul'llJ t I
pvudttuitt. 1 a-ldlvM titywlf tn tUo lia
j ul h, 4i 1 1 ilia iimo.l.r. 1( , !
giuu.w, 'll 'W ii4 ball yn Utwu
two it'iiil44:' Ttoi 1 1 u iu Ua i U ,
1 1 lliti iu boal l f .tiling at,IUv !
ati-l swttiily fiviui a.4im gubllviuii i u
tbo otii. r i.U a tt w.. 'iHi-it,.!
! I44 a !-4t K Mil i I I U
j- lll MS IH 1 14 II. il.g II Mttvit l4tt.Ul0g
Ilia utlw urwl II oil bttftu a.-w
I f4 U. tl lb.v i f )..s aliti b ait
kv.tit ibu i I4 iltrwIl-.M ai U
ti.U Wuf, IIWI.4U Kullll , U 1,14
a-ly ativH imUa Mbwiug hus.
1 t .. fch . n 4 I j
I 4 I w U 4
il kL
Nil a I kava . u kia "
This wi'k we received a oosliil rm-il
from Mr. Itowwnter sa.vlmr that hit is
closing up nis list of Nebraska new.
jiijn-n wiiii-u nuve iimri'i un txpo
slllon with free advertlslnu-. He also
suys that he linds nothlnir to our i-ivd-
ii nun requests us to mail our jMipcrs
reguuiriy o 11 1 in, so, we siijnsise, lm
enn see whether we are entilled to a j i. i t j ji
jrre iickci, iino ine expoMiiion or
not, Well, wo shall do our slums to
ward advertising the exposition. Ih-
eiuise It Is a Nebraska cnternrlsi', but
we snail send no iiuimt to Mr. Hose-
water unless he pays for the same utl
ine regular rate. Jf we happen to
want, io gxj in ami see uie show, wliieli
we fully intend to do, we shall pay
our way like other people, if some
kliid-beai'teil Oiniihau don't furnish us
Willi a ticket, Hut one thlnir can be
piiI, down oh settled, wo slml not ask
.Mr. Host-water for t he inrfvileire of iro-
ing in "five." jrenlon HegisU-r.
Notwithstanding the Nation hn not
yet expressed a Choice for irovemor.
iiiiu ikm's not now, yet wo feel It a du
t.y inroiigh courtesy to observe tho
candidacy of Hon. John 0 Yelser of
iiiiinlia, who being tin old Hed ( loi:d
boy, and having the Interests of Jils
part of tho state at benrt, Is rewlvlntr
some Tuvorabic ment ion. Nor does this
men ii that the Nation's support Is
pledged to any one, nor that it may
km piHirc jwr. yelser
tlnit- John O. Yelser i
oroiis eiiinpnlgn, and 1
his firm skimd ngalnsfc plutocracy and
eorporalo i-oinbinalloiis of the soiii-
less eliiinicter lie lias established him
self liiinly as a clean, able man. Mr.
1 riser bus hosts of friends throughout
the stale, and prominent amonir them
is the Nation. Ifco ( loud Nation
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