The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, May 19, 1898, Image 6

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TTio two "crack" regiment of the
New York National guard an the
Heventh. and the Thirteenth. The for
mr ia said to be the fliwitt drilled
body In the mat, and it uniform is
bright enough to make a rainy day
mma cbwrful. When the preiddent s
call for volunteer wu laaued the hev
enth promptly decided that it wmild
not volunteer for active wrviee except
uikii i-midition which It was well un
dersloml could not be accepted by the
war department. The Thirteenth, fol
lowed Mil It.
Governor Muck now lin taken a
. i i.. 41.. id. Imjt iMHiicd an
order dUbandlng the Thlrtwiitli, and
Drol)iilly will also diHbiuid the Hunoim
(linen 1 11, tiii 11 ..- -- -
did valiant ncrvlce throughout the war
1 . .... ......iumi i ir
The governor 1 ipioii wijik.
rtmrne the mllltla boy can not m
eomix'lU'd to voluiiter; but an a rule
they are very ghid to do mo. Drew par
Hdc 'soldier who wear their uniform
merely for mIiow in iiinen 01 pew u
who Miicak out of military wrvlce In
1 ..I..... Ilmv ur lil'i'llrll.
IIIIICA 01 wihi T.11...1 ... j
bad letter liiy alde their uniform for
And public wntlment, we bdicve,
will sustain (lovernor llliu-k In thin
content Ion. Chicago TlincH-llcnild. ,
The fellow who know Jut how the
war Mhould be conducted now In iirob
itblv the Miune wlwe-acre who In tlnicM
of iwace devotes all hi Mar time to
telling editor how their newMpiiper
Mhould 1m riin.-hieHgo Times-Herald.
(1. H, II.
An, Jowii paiKT May that an old lady
In that vicinity went out to gather
egg and found one lienrlng the caW
Ustlo letter, "(1. H. JI." The find creut
el much excitement among the women
In the neighborhood. One Maid It ug
irested, "(Jive Hlnnem Help." Another
mhIiI that It, meant, "Clod Hcnd Help."
Htlll another, "lod Have Heathen,"
Another that It meant, "(lod Hend
Harmony." Finally one old lady noted
for her religion devotion, who Jnwl
been Maying little, Morang to her feet
and vehemently declared that letters
stood for, "tllve Hpaln Hell," and all
agreed that her Interpretation wa
An IrlMhinan recently, In delivering
a. harangue ogalnnt landlord, loudly
jiroclalmed: "If the greedy cormor
aut Mhould be lauded on an uninhabit
ed island they would not Ins there half
an hour la-fore they would have their
liand In the jo1e of the naked av
age, Texan Populist
Georgia populist paper are Htlll
booming Mr. WaUon for governor, de
claring that they nominated him over
til protest ami propoae. w eicci, nun
.1 .. ' 1J......IJI,.
I.UB MIUIIO YfUj . J-"" .
War I a cruel alM)mlnatlou, but
"iir jir.iinfpv. innv Mhe alwav lie
When forelurn cannon are thunder
ing against our Mhljm there Is 110 time
for criticism of our leader.
Hut look to It that the war enrlehe
the jsiople not the plunderers of the
lh not let u enslave oursclve under
the pretense of liberating others.
The citizen of this country have
lsien suffering wrong as greviou a
those iulllcted on tuba by the Span
Kton Spanish mlsgovernincnt but
don't forget American mlHgovcriuncnt
Ignatius Donnelly.
David Mercer, our baby-klHsing eon
gressman from the Omaha district, ha
committed political suicide. He first
Introduced a resolution acknowledir
Ing the Independence of the Cuban
govcruinent anil afterwards vtel with
the dongoe agnlnst exactly the same
resolution. Jhivid, my dear boy, you
wabbled altogether loo much. Your
congressional career I ended. Kven
the Omaha js-ople won't forgive a man
that votvs contrary to our great sena
tor, Allen and Thurston. You will
liave to go Into other business, David,
and 1 don't know what you can do.
You have only enough bruins for a re
publican I'ongiYHHiiiaii. You can't jss
albly make yourself a lawyer, a doctr
or a preacher, nml will probably have
to run a country ucwHMNr. Aiiylssly
can do that, Central City IVmucrat.
The editor of Ike- Ht'huyh-r Herald
.had a misumlerntaiidliig with 11 Nehuy
ler iliwlple of IShu kHlone a few weeks
ago. The Oincipl of Hhukstone un
dertook to. whip the. editor In hi den.
Kam old renlt. The lllm kMouluii U
!l to be out, but lie still limps. The
editor never ml.r, n delimpieut sub-acrtU-r.
The .Nebraska Kditor.
The resolution recently alopUs in
the horn of rrpiYM'iiUHei, to mil
lult to th ktatm aa uieiHlnn-iu to th
coustltulloii limklng the eleition of
I'liltwl Male Miialor desnliiMiit iishi
tli direct ote f the sle, U the
Wrt iiioement tow.trd avomiltihiiil(
a loaded refikfia. The sral..iUl elw.
lion of the a.t ten jrars hst
iireawd tisn ths eopli the ii . in
r a i hanK In the inethwl of l.t 1100,
Too often has th l.vlhm uf a euaur
Ihwii In KMitisteatlon to the- will of
th Mpte ol the UU frvnt when he
m ekiitl, t'rrtpteittly li l Uhmi
tk whrcp th Hulr tot u
In J-miio by tki to hr lues ol
bhal IiUi Uii Mha Sfr Inrtiieiie.
ml fey eKar or eiMMa aniUttiMi.
JiHilt lletald.
If tierataay propwr to k a baud
la ths di.ii,.m of lha I'aibppiiM
aha wilt Rtol tkak tka t idled Male la
a aattoM quit di it 01 rut fruut t tiina U
deal with. 1 1 ittitH of th di
io.HI.ot it ths I'toilpHuea will U
Wl ty th I ailed HUe ahoo ,N
fef of awidauea frwa f-treiKHi aa
Will IMS Vlfptt.l. J,SM,h
Uei.l.l, 1
Ike propl f Ike stale. tt Nebraska
Kka f asn time k. Vrel tsan
tfo In Mta d iulviMeal U
evtMir U.Utv aad wku th 44iet
trNMi thiuahr aa Uti
tl grl.t i ami , I , im tho r'r.
iMis'a jUgiwMii u apHatieg itica
to take the place of those who were
..,.ki tmimh the rlcid government
examination, they only repeated what
all the state has said. The boy are u
quick and far-Hlghted a most bodies
of men, and when they Hiiid that the
governor would do them justice they
were right. Ne.braaka certainly wa
blessed when the people selected such
a good, competent man to be their
chief executive. Fremont Leader.
One of the lncldentn of the (Spanish
war i an advance of some consider
able amount In the cost of nie and
twine. Any farmer can UHHoclute the
Mccnc of Captain Dewey' exploit with
vi.inihi I t ml I hit twine. Hut it will be
iiwii-r difficult to BMHOi-lute a threefold
advance In binding twine made out of
liiHt year' crop of manlla Ilhre with a
lust week olmtructlon of the shipping
Ml 1 1' I. (I f Manila. However, the twine
triiHt I nothing if not ingenius, and It
could not Im cxM!Cted to let a smuii
discrepancy In the relation of thing
hi mill in tho way of a big rake olt.
It I mik'Ii opjKirtunltic a thi that
JiiMtifleM the MlccplcMH night a tniHt
Miilfcr from the eominonpluee hum
drum of uiiillHturbcd trade, JJut wnen
the nation suffer from war or other
illMiiMlfr the tniHt blewlKbleeiU the
oilier fellow. Nebraska, Farmer.
The climate I very warm, but the
most salubrlou of all the iHland In
the West Indian group. Hurricane
are frequent.
All kind of precious wood are pro
duced, among them many varieties of
cabinet and dye woods, mahogany,
ebony, lignum vltae, cedar and log
wood. Root and herbs rich In medi
cal proiN'itic abound.
Warm clotholng is comfortable at
The. Miirf that break on the north
(Host Is one of the strongest known,
House In the town have flat roof
to catch water and for recreative pur-
miscm. J11 the country the house are
milt ten feet from the ground on pile
'I'lils in to avoid tho dampucs. The
siesta 1 a universal favorite, shopping
and visiting being done only at ulgut.
Ktrangn as It may seem, there are
no Mteiu'he noticeable In the towns.a
In other tropleul clime.
The Hpanish custom of imprisoning
debtors 11 ml murderers in the same
compart incut obtuins.
The planter of any means win nave
a town house, anil tncre oruig uie
family at carnival time.
The tree or alwuy green in Porto
There ure no snake, no Isjost of
prey, no noxious bird nor ineet to
terrorize the field lalsirer.
There I a strange scarcity of bird
there, a few parrots and water fowl
seeming to cover the list. Monkey
and rabbit are unknown on the is
land. Enormous rats, however,
abound and devastate the crops.
longevity among the native 1 of
common occurrence, death at 100
year of uge not, lsdng rare.
Kan Juan seems to le the "Mecca"
of adventurer and fugitive from jus
tice. To Isj a white man in tho is
lands Is to have a certain stamp of
"Xlvuro" 1 the name by which the
small planter I known, lie loves his
sweetheart, his game cock, his clgur,
his guitar, hi hammock and hi horse.
He 1 quick to anger and quick to for
give, lie Is not fond of work.
Men and women ride horseback alike
Wicker baskets with handles are hung
on either side of the horse's shoulders,
the rider sits and swings hi feet.
The traveller on horscbuck never feci
dressed up unless he carries a baskct
haiiilled sword a yard and a quarter
The Ignorance of Hpain pusses und
erstaiiding. Ihe proud CuMtilliaus
who prute alsjut their national hon
or have no udt.-quu.t0 coucciition of
Americu or the Americans, la a no
tion OH jmt cent of whic la Illiter
ate it is not strange that opulur
misapprehensions slioulil 1st entertain
ed ciMieerning u foreign nation thou
sands of mile away; but it seem
ipieer that the press and the public
leaders of SMtln should lie. ao woeful
ly in the dark concerning Amricuu
Not a less Hrsouuge than (ienentl
Weyler himself recently assure! an
luterviewer thut "with 30,(100 sohlicra
hiiulnt tin Aiuerleiin shore he could
In one week' time march from Sail
Frum-isco to 1 to tii." lienerul Ctirresv.
the Spanish mlulMter of war, recently
wild: ''h war will not Im ciiullned
to t'lilm. What Is ti hinder u from
tilkillir our armv l Him I'iiII.-iI Kliit..
some night aiuf iivMtiuir the. canlUU
ul uhlii,Moii next lav?"
Un f I ho li'itdiiitf Journal of Mad
rid, tlio nltiorially nuiarketl
on April a-
It Is a fact well known to all Kuro
I f ii a Mtiitrniitvit that only lv means of
itrmed forte stalionisl in th tttt eon-
r.Hl. iute sUtra ha the ashllttoo
fox I niitem lirru able to prriM-re the
winldiMuV uf s-a, ru liuw the
new w'i (trial ion of I tt t oufrtl. rney
Is hut Halting for thn mkkI to rvolk
When Hr la tlntnm! liriiciul l
wli'i h roiiaiil t-piieial al II
tana, un,l Mho was kti kel out of Oil
tV lnorrnor tirurral ltUiu-.i Mill
rsiM. I he ataiuUr.l of molt and lha
old Mitithrrii toiifixtersrv. Ihla Utt
Is th ni Im mIih mb ....... I I,..
ihUf of ih rltil war In o H'S,
smt wl..., mutWr to l,riu rl Uiv
In in II, U.i lotttit'd )fr bioke ihe
teu.lulim. Hi at U lUtana nrr
tor IhM pitrpoa ot blllk'iiir lhi jfo.
i unit. a tulo war wtlh Ihw khtdoui
f rpln, at wkuU ton h and hU
foll.mvra would rl Ih-hh
Mm kindly,
1 1 Mftsl.U iU M.1,1,1 ftonUhra thl
aluM .t .f oifiMiuailoo voat'vrutHtf
lh t Mit.o Mal.a tr.i
.VU Ih lrna t (k tankvva mm m
the Ur wvairia wt h rtnisliy,
Wan IhotiMiul htllva frvm tk A I.
Uatot eat, IHvra am only a trw
ihiotiHiiHl M'so all t.4-1, and tl.r arw
pat. and III f, aa.i m willing ui
itskt. MUHf Uil foiv It will t
"waujf to Ulna; II to ike taUra
"ttlwrd, lMr U ttua rallaay
tjr wkwh t raa U trnHvl, an:)
that t an okl an I loiuim, isl
affair, At on t IhU tailna.i
isMwa Hr Maitaia fall. ralaract
.I f-. high, HMr lui,rIir, At Ul
eouiit the lirtdtfa at thta pie, u
la a ery tUafvroa isotdi un. It
awirprUe a ae la kemr that suui
The Texas can steam 1 7 knots an hour when doing her best work. She die
plaoes 6,816 tons of water, develops 9,000 horsepower, and she cost $3,600,000.
Her main Lattery is composed of two 12 inch and six 6 inch guus. iler second
ary battery consists of a dozen smaller guns.
iiirpnev has made It still more so.
t'l 'iMenino urlnts this Sls'X.'illl dis-
mi tch from Havana:
Word has lust been received here
f lint, tlm Indians are rising against, the
yankces In Illinois, Ohio and other
places. The fanner are petitioning
tho government to protect them iroin
tn ti ooi Mi rstv savaires, who uru
burning house and killing on every
Trooos are asked for at Colorado, in
the state of Denver, and at Ht. Louis
Luis) la Milpa. .....
"Nhw Im brought to us that Buffalo
Hill, a notorious outlaw and leader of a
band of half-breeds, has rison against
the American government, and Is burn
ing towns near hi birthplace in New
Kl Dlarlo truthfully say: "It will no
doubt surprise our reader to learn that
the Yankee preMlaear, magginiy, i a
naturalized Chinaman, having been born
in Canton."
All'al draws this beautiful pen pic
ture of tbe United States:
"The country Is not fit to live In. I he
climate is execrable. When it Is not
slating or snowing the beat I almost
unbearable. Avalanche are irequenc at
all times, and thorn threaten the princi
pal cities. As for the peopio, Demons me
aw whites eniriured in business along the
eastern shore, the remainder of thecoun
try is one vast plain, covered with In
dians called cowboys, and great herd of
roaming cattle."
It Is a mistake to say, as our nchool
uiBiurin uu, wiiw , " . -
ered by Hpaln in 1402." Hpaln bn not
discoverea mis country yu vukuhv
Cardenas, the Cuban port whose
dinners hit the torpedo isat win
low, with their ehell, I situated about
seventy mile to the eust Jiavana,
It I connected by rail with the Culsin
capital and with Mantanzaa. Just
west of Cardenas 1 the little town of
Blgnnpa, a twin city, and the two
towns together have a population of
26 nod. Thews town, while quite use
ful In the American campaign for the
purisise of landing men and as a base
of Himolie. ore not as healthful as
could Isi desired. They are surround
ed by swamp and marshes, but they
are by no mean so bad as some other
( ulsin towns that could be mentioned
Cardenas has a pretty harbor. Several
small prize of wur were captured
here during the early days of the Hav
ana blockade by Admiral' Sampson.
Attainod by the Use of the Great
, Catarrh fiomcdy, re-ru-na
The following Is a letter written by an
old man and hi wife. They were both
ailing and did not know wbat to use.
They received one of Dr. llartrnan's
book's entitled "The 111 of Life," and
after reading concluded to try lr. Hart
man's medicioM. The following is their
torj In their own word: I bad been
troubled with the after affects' of la
grippe, which affected hit head and
stomach. 1 did u .t know what to do
until I received
your pamphlet,
when 1 tHnrau
taking your
tnedlelae. It
broeuhl ma up
to where 1 am
now. Allow me
to say that too
much eannot be
aid la praise ol
re-ru-na. II k
a UiHt aenl rrra
edy." His wile
alaoaay: "Allow me In ear that I was
uflurlug with feaiak trouble, ol ahkh
IV-ru-ti rurvd ina, I hav aiel ft!-
! pound aine taking it." A later
Uoirr lo lr, llartmaa rda: "I am aul
able losiprMM I ha good wuhae I have
for your ki4 a lvtra giwa u. Kvarv
word aaid about IVra aa le Ira. I
kl un lf manr oblhiiioe to you. I
aui aitlt ava yaara old aad am attiag
eriav an is iiina nia an t llarnp
ta Simoa, Husnoavr. Waakisa-loa
eMty, Ala.
Illott ar aaflvrlaa' altk ratarrh of
ay wraol the body IVraaaa
trial. A bMk ol latlaioaial eatilM
H'actaad '.." will ImimiIm kt
eddr! t he IV re a lrua hlaautae.
lartag t'ntum, t oUmbu. tihui.
taita tUuiulala llvtr. kklnevs
" wt aokva. waakatt or
p. I Me.
UrwtMt Killer ia Nibnuka.
h) DmBha
ht hM M4 tivaaaaajsa
$4per year la idiinci
iaa am mh4 m its Ua
feat . a m bj he mi as
Me aunt.
Give the Children a Drink
sailed Oraln-0. It la a delicious, appe
aling, nourishing food drink to take
the place of coffee. Bold by all grooers
and liked by all who have used it, be
cause, when properly prepared it tastes
like the finest ooflee bnt is free from all
Its Injurious properties. Orain-0 aids
digestion and strengthens tbs nerves. It
is not a stimulant, bat a health builder,
and children, as well as adults, can drink
it with great benefit. Costs about K as
much as coffee. 16 and 26c
office 1040 0 ht.
Prompt Service. Phone 255
1315 ft 1317 FarnamSt OMAHA
Popular family resort for ladies and
children.Open daily from
1 to 10 p. m.
6 Performances Daily
2:30, 3:45, 5:00, 8:00, 0:00 and
10:00 p. m.
Tbe greatest of all curios
The original rubber-necked man; dislo
cates bis neck, dislocates hi shoulders
and dislocate hi hip.
thesmoke artist
Our Vaudeville Hill
The Kentucky Mocking Bird America's
greatest whistler.
Refined Musical Artist.
Introducing her latest dance entitled
"La Cubana."
The California Nightengalo in the war
song, "Old Olory."
Rcotch dancing and Cake Walkers.
Fun in a gymnasium.
10c admits to all 10c
Aud 10e.
Gendron and Reliance
Th t rietluuk ltartn pUM it.
Arthur Betz. '"Ket.r;:rM"
.! ur i aialof aad fir.
A. U. WK1K, AaiRT.
iComr n ml 8th Stt.. LINCOLN.
as a a
Fall AMortacaf.Bst GrsJe,
I ak I .. SMa (
,tk li..
at'M. Mm- iMuiMwiM pi
' '"t a !-.. Mil i.m
I llllt (.., HI M.w,k.llltt(
ilariK-. S.uUlle, Whipt,
Collari, lllankctt, UoWs,
Ncl, etc.
LUnt Harness A Specialty
Uepalrintf Promptly Done
10 1 DlT TO 1
W opdwort h & Mc Fall
1218 0 Street, Lincoln, Neb
Kansas Lump
Rock Salt
For Stock.
Parest, Healthiest, Best.
Sole A genu tor Lyon Kock Salt Co., and Boyal S ItCn.
Tit larvmt completa
TRADE MARA OiBamaflaiimfeh
uy any mnuie
QoJumblm Ormln Hmrvamfrmnd Blnde, Mow Horn Oultlvrntorm,
mttmMimmM MmdHmmm. mtn . J'mm miimMhj 4m futiu wnnvMiurf unil l Him IwMf. Af
It cIium that enn be priHlucedwlth uooii muteriul, comyluto equipment, luperlor eklll and
IwigMperlenc. -. n.. .a. a. .1.lJ7-m - j,
wwnM wa inwannvrvwi
Ombwnm Oolumblm InoUnmd OemNwreile
M iMlud Im-aiiM it uiila corn In an aprlgbl and liliulu l( In an li
rIMaa. II i the realt-at labor aarrr anS laaarr er ofH
t aavas all tha aiallia ft jfklar wtiti-h llnirt .,ml t value
lfin. It liu a Kthr.r that umliw tt Impowllil for a at
a. . iieoni inoiil, not pulled un bjr the
TtelOaprfnlnaSar. !uUalilli
Ink. H'i niaulo the tout we know huw
roiirr brorlnaa all aver, every
iMrfo.-t truaionnnenflMiteull. cr.
t un.w, flam 11 ri v. wiiui.i .1.. unii.
MuneMourirralnliarventcr. It'alhi
rr lhKtmiiriillr hlndxnm
urn tke furm an feouaa rra
Ohlomgo, lllm.
The Frank P. Lawrence Co.,
Mann bin
ae im
Hi auun rrainn
vlallile to Hi
If l"-1e
II Ini Iiuiullee
ma only eorn 11
II mf jut
0 liana ao
D. M
1 Cuba Alaska Nebraska
Three fine colored pocket maps giving the Gold
Fields of the KLONDIKE, Province of CUBA with
enlarged map, HAVANA Province and Bay, showing
where BATTLESHIP "MAINE" was blown up. Rail
road map of NEBRASKA, up-to-date, Retail price of
these maps are 25c each; all 3 for 20c in stamps by mail
Buckstaff Bros; Mfg. Co;
a .a. V
10 . g
awuvuuiuiil vuauaiuuiiv fife. n.rrr
pie ana Booiieirre. m. ur.nt.ui
Wholesale od
MftRBLe, GRftNITe SLftTe
for building and cemetery work. Several hundred finished
Monument! of modern design always on hand.
DIRECT. ....
Writ for cuu and prices. A personal call preferred. Address,
Cof. iJtL' and O Sts.,
Corner 11th and P Sts., Lincoln. Neb.
ServfJitsll Hours.
A SPECIAL Invitation h extended to the farmers
of Lancaster County and vicinity (since spring
Is approaching) to call at our place of business
and get prices tor your spring Painting. Our
quotations will surprise you. Why buy in
ferior goods, when the best can be purchased
for the tame money? Wc have It, and give
you a guarantee with every article.
Our past experience has taught us that the farmer
uses as good an article as anybody, and why
not give them the worth of their money? We
guarantee that you will receive the best of
treatment and satisfaction. Respectfully,
Lincoln, Nobratka.
May 19, 1898
Use Rock Salt
HideSj Pickles,
Meats, Ice Cream,
Ice Making,
Fertilizing, &c, to.
Mines and Works,
Lyons and Kanopolis, Kan.
line ol farm niiwhlnery manufactured
ImImiI Ohm Huh amlSfaifM.
concern in me woriui cmurMcen
runt. VaU
w allow
nolld I
- iui i.
Agts., 934 P St, Lincoln, Neb
MTrtMotconntlpatloa. Cstcarcto an th Ideal Lait-i
crip or BTipe, but eaieeairataralreiHs.
i p.. rmnuro, Bontreai, orn.w lark. tit.
Retail Dealers.
: MH: TtHoEnfrtflrUtof.
Blndmr.S J .
lilned , r I
iw mjjL. w y.w