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    Miy 19, 1898
OlffaotU Bahama, Past, FruMnl m4 Wm
tar; ot tba Ambitious Moo? Lord.
Tbe PopU of tba I'elUd SUtM to
LmI Bffe f 7rdra.
Following it the concluding portion
ot an able article by Bouator William
M. Btewart in Tbe Arena for Ma.
Senator Btewart trace tbe working of
(be great syndicate from the time of the
French revolution and then continues:
Tbe Crimean war, tbe war of tb re
bellion and tbe Gorman, Austrian and
French wan involved vast expenditure,
xoited private enterprise in tbe build
ing of railroad and tbe like, aud tbo
created enormon bonded obligation!
payable in gold and llver, tbe money
then current in tbe civilized world. Tbt
United Htate emerged from four yeara
cf a giguntio conflict, which ahook tha
civilized world from enter to circum
ference, a reunited, invincible, Inde
pendent and conquering power. Tbe
disaster of tbe Franco-German war cul
minated in re-establishing a republic in
France, Everything seenied pointing to
(be overthrow of tbe satanio power of
the Anglo-itotliNcbild syndicate, wbiob
wa levying tribute upon tbe commerce
The Jtitlo of Gorai-omunt Owaarshlp
( Hallways la Vital.
In a letter on "Industrial Sovereignty
and Privilege," delivered before tbe
Obrlittian Workingmeu's olub of New
York, Joslah Collin Tumnelly saldi
"ftpaln bai come to judgment, for our
American people are united in tbe d
termination to punish her despotism of
centuries, to put down tbe mounter
breed in oppressed Cuba aud to vindi
cate tbe sanctity of justice and human
ity. A our buttleship are today voio-
Ing the truth, and a wo unite today to
destroy a sovereignty of wrong in Cuba,
so when tbe time ootnos we, a true
oitizeua, most muss our forces to put
flown iu America an industrial sovor
elgnty equally baneful. We are in for
tbe war. It 1 also fur reconstruction
and liberation, but not by fire and
"Lincoln said at tbe clone of tbe civil
war with keen prophetic vision: 'It hue
been indeed a trying hour for tbe repub
lic, but 1 aee in tbe near future a crisis
approaching that unnerves me and
cause me to tremble for the safety of
our country. Corporation have been
enthroned and an era of corruption in
high place, and the money power of
tbe country will endeavor to prolong it
reign by working upon the prejudice of
the peoplo until all wealth i aggregated
in a few hand and tbe republic 1 de
stroyed. I fool at tbi moment more
anxious for tbe safety of my country
than ever before, even iu the midt of
of the world and holding in abioot bond
. it .. ,. i. .J . A - 1 tUUfl '
of the east. The United Btates wa tbe by hi counsel and warning, we
greatest military power on earth. Her goint monarchist! ia industry,
amies were invincible, and she possess- "4 we believe tbe Master i in hi own
d the only navy in tbe world worthy , way making our people ready for a new
A tbe name, strong demonstration of thu prln-
To overpower tbe United State, bold dp'" f' the republic of the New Testa
(he republio of France in check and Kent. We can note already the coming
continue tbe prosecution of tbe design i Ue dawn of a new era.
for the establishment of financial slav
ery of tbe world wa tbe new problem
presented to tbe gonitis of tbe ttotbs
child combination. The keen eye of
the almost omniscient financier soon
discovered politician in power in the
great republio a pliable aud us blind
to the suffering of their fellow men a
those whom they found left in power
fter the great Napoleonic struggle. The ,
plan which had formed tbe foundation j
A the great wealth of the itothobild
combination in 1819 by converting pa- j
per debt worth 40 cent on the dollar
into gold obligation wa aecretly and
clandestinely repeated in tbe United .
Btates aud continental Korope in 1878
by demonetizing silver and thu in le
(ban 25 year doubling tbe purchasing
power of gold and increasing the burden
-ot all contract more than 60 per cent.
The United Htatea by that mean wa
deprived of her bounteou upply of
tnoney metal and compelled to look to
the great financial syndicate of England
to furnish money for thl government
;nd all tbe vast enterprise of our great
country when it wa tbe duty of con
gress under tbe constitution to furnish
tbe people with a circulating medium, j
The financial dependence upon England
enured by this iufamou transaction
tbrough the treachery of our public
men ha robbed tbe great republio of
It proud position.
Tbe hand of tbe United State being
thu bound, the Hotbschlld combination
Jl proceeded in tbe last 30 year with
marvelous rapidity to enslave tbo hu
man race. The chain of feudal slavery
have been riveted and fastened upon In
dia, and 860,000,000 of human being
re now suffering a more degraded and
abject slavery tban ever existed or ever
was supposed to exist by the abolition
ist tbemselvo in any part of America.
The inhabitant of the land of tbo Nile
are now suffering from the liritlsh lash
vpon tholr naked back to make thorn
ontribute in taxes to itotbscbild'
greed $7 an acre annually for every
ore of land cultivated in blooding
Egypt. Japan rose from semi barbarism
ud astonished tbo world by assuming
the Importauoe of a first rate power
tbrough the advantages of cheap silver
aud tbo difference of exehange which II
prod nood. In tbe spring of 1N98 Japan
realixdd tbe source of her progfea aud
attributed ber marvelous suommui in war, I
in commerce aud in tbe acquisition of
wealth generally to tho use of silver a
aouey, wniie tne western world wa
isaffertng from falling prices, bankrupt
oy and decay by adhering to tbe shrink
ing volume of gold. Unfortuuately for
Japan, flinrmaiis and (,'lnvelatids were
found in that country also, who in the
fall of IhUfi boirayed her and by false
reasoning and wbal other moans the
world may never know iiidumd her to
adopt tbe gold standard aud plungo in
laukruptey. Ma i now a bankrupt
apatiiilaiia if the Urlllsh empire aud
will tiuk l a k into the miserable condi
tion fritu which she so retxtully emerg
ed. The lblUMM, allhouub they have
been made cowardly aud uupatriollo by
the iiiUgtiverniituiit of the utaiidarlus,
are a iim mrvolm ra iu trade aud
tnani, Thy ctiU Id nut I hi iuduoed l
fullw Japan and viduutarlly ihmuihII
nuaitotal Itaraklrl, at lb gallaiil but
vain JauM were liidur la tVm
kiMut4iiiy the grval ltlh hlld syudi
nt wbli h uiw etitnutaitdt all l uMpe
bas uii.tiHk. Ilia glgaullti eiilerpilM
f dlvl hug up amtuig tita WMivrn uw
ris Ilia am I nil I and lpultia mttptie of
t hUta. VVMh that shall tu
thiuiduitl, t:iiiiiiil u uiwl, lutjtiV'
it.liatlaui itilid ali laa loauusf
t f ItillUh l-mir la I r I aud ladle.
ll.a a. no luUtu.ut t-l hialle
It.iuK att I Itta Dual sutJH ttai t
at, A.I4 ami Ahl t tea tula or lb
y Swr di-ad Ua4 eaoutial'
llh, Ntlding up Mta aud
lug d.-w.iv, MItulilr U
M Utat.
far vtati hUiU wlkM .
to a ihi a bow KttM
iluloe I. ttn and Af
ttel V AU baa is
oti " I uuy n W
It ItisiMsalVM t the
t tbsisby tm Ike
1 IImhLuU
1 h mi ly
MutMna i 1 ....... 1 it. I tiae tWaaia
llg tin l , . u A I h t u I MwlLiUud Kit mtk ll liue t i
11.4 mn miv, , , . uy tmii il the wmatiy Miopia The
that tl .4f. , . , f h Mtinwtit ewns lite 'he. MuuUI
mmx .ul at 1 iL.,.l ..-.ia ika teUllM l !!, y.aii.h aud rW tlall
if II.4UU..1 at M 1,1 iLa iuii.t inww aud nrrl elMiU Urael tail
nueuwiel'twlffMidMi V a ilaalhMaw a I td IWn aad Uaaauae nUt
Utalaa, ttkhth .uld i ftUiM 4r tboaat tHuMuUtll
Ike sukawe t4 auln-U
' lVlt(iiajJ as si I (iiitts( a aa fc,k
ingabfrbed under public oontrol for
public purpose, wherever the collective
organization of tbo commonwealth is
being employed la place of individual
effort, wherever in tbe public interest
the free use of private laud or capital la
being further restrained, there i one
more step toward the complete realia
tiou of the ideal being taken.
"And these principle properly ap
plied demand, among other thing, the
national ownership of the railroad. Ho
all powerful have thoy become that tbe
question of their oontrol in the future
is one vital to the people' interest.
"The railroad bring us in the United
State to a turning point in civilization,
at which there must be a new assertion
of tbe people's power or a fatal losa of
liberty. With us public control without
publio ownership is an impossibility.
Ownership must precede control, aud
ore long, too, or those who own tbe
railroads will own the government.
We have over 230,000 mile of railroad,
controlling $400,000,000 of property
and $900,000,000 gross revenue, and
having power and influence over leg
islature and over business interest
truly gigantic.
"The railroad companies work with
other monopolies. The 'Big Four,' a
Chicago combination of Armour and
three other firm, control tbe whole meat
Sid cattle trade of the country, dictating
e freight rate on land and sea, con
trolling markets, freezing out small
holders and middlomen and providing
an unhealthy and abnormal condition
in the grain as well as cattle and dress
ed meat trade. Buch a condition of
things could not have existed in other
countries where publio oontrol i tbe
"The interstate ootnmoroo commis
sion has dono something to better these
conditions, but its success has only boon
partial. It ha been embarrassed by too
littlo power, and power difllcult to use. "
Tbe advantages of government own
ership, Air, i'umpelly held, are many.
"It would," ho said, "give the death
blow to the greatest lobby that ever
existed. There would be no more strikes,
no more cut downs. It would give em
ployment to 1,600,000 men iu addition
to the 760,000 now employed. It would
treat all alike, as In our postofllces. It
would save the lives of muny now sao
rlfloud every year for tbe want of a more
humane system of supervision. It would
take tbe roads out of polities, with their
corrupting aud debauching methods. It
would transport freight at one fourth
the present charges. As the express
busiues would also go into the hand
of the natiim with tbe railroad It
would save $3,000,OUO or mure yearly
iu that
"In New Zealand and Australia, a
our friend, the Hon, Hugh l.usk In
forms luo, the system of state owuurship
of the railroad work more smoothly
and satisfactorily by far than the cap
ttalltlo system In this ouuutry, while
the txmiforl aud oouvoultmoeof the pub
lio appvar to be Iu uearly avury way bet
ter pruvldwd tr there lhau hire."
Uraola f I rtul.
A $10,000, uoo stove trust Is being or
gaaUml. A auut Irani to utru US la Iu rMws if formation. All
lite tudopaiidonl spirit manufacturing
plants are iMauUlalug aud will be finally
aU.fl by ll.a tiust. The
bar Irul.iH t trul Is rotlatly aMurvi
Tha Hlaitdard Oil lluil It Invading tiu
Atot,oOi.f It pi t iMuy Iu the bit. k
butiwMMi u l hat gubiilmt unliuf the
If Unit iu New Yutk slat
Thirty inuuUtlorti .f mailt
In lb ili n latently g giitf
ti "gulal i rt.'i" aud "mtma brtt
MitlilUu." MMttillauwittaly withlltl
siiuuwu(oiti tireliappMtrN lit in
dally ai au advent i f au U l l
w-ttil liiatlta au a vtkltky duiilUry
tit.utl inaitow, all M Ihe aw4 1 ara
t f "kllllMg e-uiiuil.a,"
1118-1126 N St., 1113-III7 0 St.
Office and Entrance 1122 N Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.
No. 100-Ludios
Oak, .Full Mm
itockor, only
No, 183 Large
Arm Hooker,
Hard wood,
finely finished
wood wat,
Can at
No, 136-Ifard-wood,
authjuo fin
lab, can seat
In siddle seat
Extra value,
bnrd wood,
cane seat,
fin isli ml,
No. 1 lO
si new
stered buck,
wood, mahug.
No. 3-A fine, solid
oak cane seat Pin
lug Chair, full size
and well braced,
No. 7-Oak,
can seat
nicely oarv'd
can't be
bent, set of
six for
You have become so accus
tomed to havincr that old cat
pet that you don't notice it i
worn a great deal, and that i
is time for a new one. Time
are improved, and you ca
better afford a new carpet tha;
ever. Your home is entitle
to the brightening influence o
a good carpet. We will inter
est you with prices, as well a
with our new spring pattern!
flattings. 1
Imported direct from Chin
and Japan.Spccial valuet
Baby Carriages,
f7fr7 Our new Illustrated Catalogue, and if you
I I EE can' what you want in It, write to us.
Visit our store when in the city. We take pleasure In show
ing our stock. Remember, we pay the freight 1 00 miles on our
out-of-town orders over $5, and we employ a city buyer who
will buy anything in other lines for you and ship with any
goods you may order. We solicit a trial mail order,
This hoadsome llaby A AA
Carriage only k) V.UU
Owing to lack of space w
cannot illustrate them, si
send for our special catalog
which shows the largest lin
made. We show over io
different patterns in this cje
The Housekeeper's
Making Baflf Carpet
Carpet weavers say they have never
had so fnuch work bi-fore in one eaaon
as they hav this spring. Muny houno
koeper who Intended to buy ingrain
carpet to put down after the spring
boufto cleaning, found they would coat
more than they could afford to pay for
them, so they have made useful and
handsome floor ooverlng out of what
would otherwise been put In the rag bag
or left to I'Oinlwr tbe attlo or closet.
Hug car;iet are durable us woll ns econ
omical. One need not Imi ufraid to let
tbe sun shine on them, nor shudder if
some on stepson thorn with muddy
lot. In fact It I the most suitable cur
pot one can have In the dining room or
sitting room where there are eovoral
children iu the family.
The first carpet I shall describe took
tbe premium at tbe eounty fair thm
years ago, and is very handsome. The
wldeatripos were mad of dark rags
sowed hit or miee. The brltfbt triMi
were eiunpiMHtd of sii threads of oraii,
all grvan, (our yellow aud rdlwlaUd,
'l ite lost wa the renter of the strliai.
The rag were imiatly ooltou aud badly
(aded. The white aud Unlit eolored one
wore separata! from the ol!nrsand dyd
oriwiK", groou, yellow, red and purple
with diamond dye for rotton, and uad
lor tha brih-bt stripe. Tins t-arpet ha
mu in ft inst a lit uaeewr aiuoeltwoa
mad and ltr It was waahad tha eolor
wore a bright aad pretly a whoa new.
II jou do nut wiah to go to the
iwiim f in a Una a trlal oarpol, make
It Ih old hit or hiImi stU. t caver
( bar front twu to bre route 1m lor
ihia than lor strip. Alter lh wmkly
wahing la dniiK, lr Ih aora out elulU
inn Into strum and put llin lusUt
kept i.r thai puriatM, ( ol.irtli hahl
OMe yalltlW, rant. blU Nlld grwH lalor
tnHriua" thuiii aud mil them with tha
other bolore tha sawing le due lhr
will te Monty ilitnliuWl. Thov will
t.i tK llu lli i'arpt wuadarlutly, V ka
I on hwvuuut(k lor lhaerl w aad
wie I thsin lata ball. ( anjr kia l l
i haia ) cm lh, brow aud wbita U
lrtl woicN la ihwkw l.od or brU
iks !)!. The lag r a carpel should
m rtu and u. Oaaaud ia loartk
Muadol r will Miak a tard olrar
lt aad va aad a- a all or aiskt
jniaads id laiM will ha aauugk lf
Iwoati M yard Houo loom ut a
Nebraska state Insurance
Association. '
For Firo, Lightning, OycloriityTor
nadoou, and Wind Storms, Lo-
catod at Fairfiold, Clay County
Mil more i baia Ihati uihr
Ilia tualoiial ( J. giailiug M
l.oi's Iikw yolit bog dtlu tali" r
al ,Vrl.aka I My I aa tha aad
It I aald Iha r Hill "i make i
aiHm, lf MiMIM Utatlilttf doMj't
lata hf eM,H ai will put la a wb
tlag pfi hi vtflt Idaa (
lte liMMiir and the ( of Ihleg (
uiaiula a wtaat kinra.1. I, til a taMna
Ioh would at iia Ut the dl"a i and
I a glMt MUlig AaUafW fl.l.
t'orrpiifiiltif i mid ut tjr J, M, Manford,
uonorni nannKr,
The above na mod company I one of
the moat eu!caaful mutual Insurance
nompnnloa In the atate. On December
Jllst, 1HII0, we numbered M from the
top as to tbe amount of insurance In
forco, and on December ill, 1HU7, we
wore number 0, having passed twenty
other insurance compatiie In the year
as to the amount of Insurance ia force,
In other words there wore only three
other mutual compuulo in the state
that wrote more Insurance than this
company did last year, aud there la only
three mutual companies In the state Imo-
sidoe our own company that wrote more
Insurance in the whole year of 'U7 than
w have written In the first four month
of 'H, and last week we wrote Ml uw
member and this amount ol fire mid
cyclone lueuraii" la 7il,'i4),
I Ills coini'Hii v la the i nsniat and lieat
company In the tnt for fir, Huh I itlnif.
efoluua, windstorm end tornadiwa.
Ibiaeomiiaiiv ulv a iritul iium-
Itorahlp tm aud l(ua a Hrtual indloy.
We never riiarg tor matina any
ehaiigi-a in said pohry pruvldd th In
surance la not liioraaevd, V never
charn for eaneollation,
If you hav luaurtel vonr property
by Are in soma atook company, on
aouul ol a inortuaga. we will lusure
you agatuat eyeluuva, wiud etorm and
lornadiaai aa c tisap, or enr tiian any
ol'isr state eompany, IMore you Iu-
sura ak aouie id oar agar I a we have
llMlta the M4. la r thr Who
aia of onra In your locality writ lor
aa oaiM J h'f yourll or rvoiumtitd
aoai gui4 lire man. Ad Iroaa
j, u, riisroan,
tlvuaral kUaatfvr,
r air Mil, ,Nh,
Uriuera' Mutual Insurant Amo
elation of rairflolii, Nob.
M, Ku4,
Know ) Ikat tkl la tk ol .l and
nttly Hiutaal kail lasnraa tiatp4ay
thai kae niv4 a path I la
tkat slat? It kae raa ! yaate aad
ka pal I a Io la ltd aa r adpiat'
Herat, aad has rMutt f i lamuf.
plus bark lt Ik iHiia jr hot.Wf. M
ur yt agat ia the Raid auk rlit
salve Iimsh Ike auditor ol pulilte aa
oaeKaad e kav Mvata ttaltat
Ilk lHI aiot a4ta ka are aot
tl taady to urd-r aadilor'e tattiAoaa.
l law Male are ai arur4 war Tt
uaatiMa la tkUt. 1 Ma will ielvvt
a boot both ImI aa4 ?! kail
lnaa that eoaiattuia rwe. M lint uile
a t tvoe e 4 tea tatla) aide, U ll
If a whole county should be bailed out
we can pay in eatne, Your only safety
lain a company that doe a business
in all the cultivated oouotle In the elate.
tve are doing a good hall Insurance bus
iness at tiresnnt, notwithstanding It I
only tbe middle of May, we write from
'JO to 40 policies per day.
We want a (rood agent in every town
ship In Nebraska where the soil Is gener
ally well farmed, lor wuicn w will pay
tno nest comtnlsniion,
, This company ha no salaried officer
at present for all saluries are set after
one years' work Is dono, by the boarded
directors, at what they think I reasona
ble for the work done,
This aaHociatlon last your had a branch
office at Lincoln, Nobraaka,oonductod by
J. Y. M. Hwlgart, but said branch office
proved unsatisfactory and wa therefor
discontinued by the meinbera at the an
nual meeting and we now have no con
nection with any Insurance companies
doing business In Lincoln. Agent want
ed In every township that have not now
an agent and a good oommlasloa will be
glvou on all work done, tor agencies
write to J, M. BANroiiu,
(leneral manager,
Fairfield, Neb.
aad Wyuiulag
June 7th and aist th Rlkkora
NorlhweeUru line will sell ticket at one
fare plus I J.Od lor round trip to point
on It lin In aorthwoetertt Nbraaka
aud Iu Wyoming weat of aud lucludiim
Orlu Juuotion. Miuimuiu rale fu.un,
Htopovtr prlvllegue going, Final limit
City ollioe 117 Huittti 10th street. Lin
coln, Nh,
l.l' ! 111 . , ill
171 c GREW
I TBI Ball
wavi tasr sm
Prlvtti Oliutet
au (. KiMfi,
kk k t a t
uatiw. nra,i
I tik a4 rrM It.
uwama. aan.
fa rat - aa4 Alaska ratal.
TkNotkwwet'loa ! ht laa
aimt roate ta tke f agt .aa4 a4
Alaska tHiiata. Uvtraiaa aad aHHe
traiaa asoka dlraal eoaaaattoa at I r
swat with tkrwaak '' elar aal
w rhaiag saaif r ta 'ottlaa4.
iv eorrwi latoraiawoa eait ea a.
aatdtag, any ttektt ag Uf tk
ota si , t.iaada. hh.
The ilM-ky Mountain " New, pul
imniMi iMmvur, ioiorooo, is tno ok
est puper In fkilorndo and tha ltock
Mountain reirion. It has been ident
fled with tho growth and progress c
that region since it inception In 1851
and devotion to the resource and lr
terrsta of this port ion of tho west hs
nl way a boon tbe chief aim of the pu
per, Bpocliil attention has alway
been paid to Its state mining depart
n io nt, to Mm end tout thefulleat an
rrosfieat roiHirU ot operations in a
Inlning dlatrlcta shall appear in it
coIuiiiiim dully. At present tt Is (It
votlntr iinexumpled enerorles to th
task of furnlshlnir its natrons with tb
war news. The News la the only papc
In tlirt west wiiioii una tne benent ol
the splendid telographlo service of th
New York Journal and this ins urea th
aiM'ody aiwl efTectual transmlaslon ol
every detail of tho niwatlona at thl
aeat or war. Tlio iews prlnU in on
newa tliuiy, mui poaaeaaea a larirer cla
cnlation anil nuvertlstng patronagl
than any other iiaiN-r In the ltock
nioiinUiln region. Ihe puhllahera wi
mail sample coploa Umu ajipllottion.
J. H. Trbniiolm. A. VancilJ
New 2d Hand Store
30 1' Htraat, north of I'oetoffloe,
Nsw gooil etohangad fur old.
High! eaah price paid for all
kind of Btovsa aad Faraltar!
Give us
a Trial
Trcnholm & Vand(
aw tuvMtat cam iia
Wai rrailf raAas4 aUiasalaaV
a rUa4, UHt, tla pMUaraa
Oa Fsbraary IT. aad evert Tkajwiar
tkarW t at a. ID p. at., biliataa tearfe.
elaatwre, ia ekarge uf ear oa afir
eoaJaetiar ara eea4i4 ta taava Uy
aula lot I'ortiaad via I , LeaJvUtay'
rWt UkCtty,ttgda aad tka Urager
het baa, paaeiaf tkrwagk tke graaaVi
at e0ar s) U It. aal aririar
fatal ktaie ta al aa't lad 0 W
hta a fait Ut the ataey (Kaaie ial UaaNc
tW. Dirtka, takte aad Ml tafcmJ
Uwa ataj H efetataed at A U. Vt
a eily la k itOtaa. eoraat of U as 4 9C
treala. Uao, V, aVatA
(V r. A T. 4w
A fare& I) Weak.
traaikak tvra aa ) r4i
4 Saatiiia iMi iljna tesaff
ta raamw nsaiav trta! I
I naiMit (aaAr.. '
' v.1
Ma)tiar1tit4MA laaarisaast wkaa vlki W tw admlbara