The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, May 19, 1898, Image 1

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Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated.
NO. 1.
Tb Firet Regiment of Nebraska
Volunteers Left Lait Mon
day for Ban Franoleco.
18,000 to 20,000 Troops Will Boon
' Start Aoron the Pacific
For Manila.
Other Weraw.
Three spcciul train are ajieedlng
wt currying the First lelraka reg
iment to Kan Francisco, One left ov
r tlin Hurllngtou a little after 10
o'clock, one over the Union I'aelllo be
tween it and 3, and one over the Hock
Island ut 4 o'clock, The Hurllngton
will deliver iU train to the Union IV
dllc at Cticyttitnc, the flock Island will
turn. If train over at Denver ami all
three will go west from Cheyenne over
tins Union I'acJlc, They should ur
live at Hau i)raiielco Thursday.
The Hurllngtou had IU cure set ou
the Hiding' at the wet side of the
ground. The Union raelilc care
wen southeast of the ifrou ikJm and
when the flock lland train was wit
In It waM pluoed on the northcuat Hide,
The Hurllngton earn were loaded first
hh the First bntalllon wwt went uy
way of that road. One Imjx ear wan
11 1 led with tcntage and other camp
roulpuge. One uugguge ear wiw lotuf-
l with provision or use id the battal
ion on the road. Mine tourist sleep
rs were reserved or the men. Trans
portation wan Indued or 14 ofllccr
and 31fl men, 'J'he olllccre were given
it I'ullman lcecr for their weary
bodies to rent in, J he train wwt ready
to leave the camp by JO o't'loek. It
wum In charge oi Jleuleiiuiit Colonel
Col ton.
The second battalion traveled by
way f the Union J'ocllic, Colonel
JJratt and hi staff ormed ixirt of thl
battalion. The rood Muppliti one lxx
car, one baggage, one stock, one full'
man sleeper, and eleven coaches,
Klghteen a-Hlccr unci 1)44 men were
jiaalgned to thlM rood. Thl won Major
Wtotaenburg'e battalion.
'Hie third battalion commanded by
Major Mnl ford wan a-slgned to the
flock Islund road. The officer of thin
road were compelled to order tourist
car from cant of the rlver.Jo the use
of the troop. They dt not arrive un
til In the afternoon although expect
ed early in the morning. They furn-H
Jshed ten toui'Jift sleepers, one stand
itrd slccer for ollleer and men and
two box earn for the laiggngc, Fygr
tcen ollleer mid 315 men were Kent
on thl train. '
Kneh battalion wu (riven enough
money to purchase coffee on the trip,
moiiic ollleer being named to take
charge of the ciimIi, That the govern
ment believe in giving il men plenty
of hot coffee while travelling limy lie
wen from the following figure rcp
rcitcuting the amount of money given
to each battalion for HiIh purpoMe;
First, $1.1.4-1; Heeoiid, :;h(),mo; third,
WiiAU), This iiicihim about -1 cent
per day to eaeh liian. The coffee will
be pui'chiiMcd wherever convenient
ailong the line, order Iwing telegraph
ed ahead.
There Iiiih Wen iniieli weeping on
the ground since the order cninc to
move, and iim the train prepared to
pull out, hanilWf i-chief were freely
used for HiilnleN and for other puriMm
, The Uiyn cheered and wing the
old army Kong and wuud their gooi
1 1 yen, The people who tilled nil of
Hint corner of the ground did not feel
much like cheering. Hihtern uiul xweet
heiirtu and wIm'm were betvaved lv
red eyeH, no inatler how brave an air
they attempted to aHHiime. An the
train pulled nut amid nong and fare
well call uiul fluttering Imndkrr
Milef uiul Hwliiglng huU, ln women
near the track colhtpKed lutnriu h oth
er'n nrm and mIIh'I h fciericullv
Wur wu Miiiiethlng inoro In llieui
than a Miimuier picnic in the Philip
.IiimI at in .on Mr. Ilyntn rile up ou
hi bhu-k home. 'HoniVlMMly culled out
"three eheent for Hilly Urian. ' Thev
ifUcn with euthunluKiii, n,l mhu
lUrlv "tigem" were l kwl on for
good lueuMiire, I hen tn Uiv of com
iHtny it iM'gau tuning lor a h.
Ill) on trtlked for M Inoiuriil Mil It
tin ortierr kUinlmg ii.r. mih a tne
nittil Ihli krlird arituinl liliu i mini
r Imlulgentlv and J mi a U
lo comply vHh Km, tin l..!,
rf hU hi I and kik (u it iMirri.l-
lliiitnl loin. i .ii tht It aa
uiiiiviul ihl.iir for him to iuk on a
ul, J.i l m chil li all i.f i,n m,,
w ri unilr.l, an ttf li-l done lumt of
IU Ulkltig Iiii Iti0 wiUi v-iv ill
i.l.-.l au, Mr, In inn llf
irfl i'irll,,i lining thriuattir. M
Ur a ll Mar va ri wa
iftut . tmi lhl the ..l of
I alll lal. Mrnt u Kitrnt In Ihl
if i tu,l tt , WnK a
Mft lh Uliy-V, Of til f
.f lha ..l tir and il-a -rw ui..i tk
i.hMm Ktifht , fv f,.f hrr r
Mr Mriaii )..., ai. t acalu V
tttttv wllk Itl.M lll the'.
t M' . H Ht i HIM..
Wt.iiw lhr ai ltll m, ihitaa.l
Miea til vauip ttn ..Htrlin .ni a
''"''' va.a.. ai iwUI
AHa.MiyK lk !. ( ikji lrt au.l
K.e,t ilul in. I artUUlo .t any yt
)l U may 1m mKI Hiia
ect truth that the boy remaining be
hind are actually lonely without their
premier in ornm. Thin may aecm ri-
diciiloiiM to th(M ouulde, but it In
true iieverthelcMH, The Houthwent aide
of the camp lle covered with traw
but there Ik nothing cine left to re
mind one that the UW4 boya of the
Flint regiment of Nebranka infantry
volunteer imed to wcupy It, They have
taken up the tourney and it will be at
leant a year biTore the men will en
camp together mile the will of the
war department hcihIm the Kecon . af
ter It fellow regiment,
After the departure of the Int Imi
tation the lxy of the Hec'ond regl-
incnt Htood around Hciilatlng iiikii)
wnen nicy would get out. An Indim-
trou rumor to the cffe't that the
regiment had been ordered to Chick
amiHiga got In It work until about 2
o clock when It wan Jul r J low by a de
nial iroin I OlOIII'l JHIIM.
Ciiptain Culver of troop K, Third
volunteer ha received word Unit he
will be cxnnceted Hhortl.v to leave or
nicaainnuga, l lie captalira troop
rorin part or t lie regiment cominand-
cd by Colonel (lrlgby. In cane lie
move aouth he will meet the balance
tt the regiment at Chicago or ome
nearer point, Captain Culver liu a
fun tnp but Khort alwut 1 ftv
i .
An Omaha piiper glvea the following
ucian or min traniK,rtallon of trMp:
ine iiuriliigton, Klkhorn and M. ht-
Nourl J'licliii! will tranport the Hecond
eoraa regiment to t hlckamauga.
The in t will be alwmt $10 jht man.
Thl will Make the cot of tmimnort-
Ing thl reirfment about 20.(M)0. while
the '0t of trainiiMjrtlnir the K1rt.
reiflment I 4(i.finii. iv.
tal of $W,0(KJ for the Ncbruaka trooja.
The iftmt o traiiHiMirtliig the regular
from th department wilh about Imo..
"Major .lone uid that on a muirli
ktliiiate he would rather uiv Unit in
ot o traimiMntlng the troop of the
whole country to their respective
iiolnt of concent ration would aver
uge about $12,000 ix-r regiment. A
there are nearly 100 regiment of reg-
iilar and volunteer thu far ordered
orward, thl miikc an cxpciimc or
traiiMiiorfiitlon ulreiulv Im.-ih-ii..! .f
about $1,000,000.
WAit NiavH in.' Tin,'. ivin-'K'
I,nt Wedneday tho torrx-do Uat
WIiimIow, while making a daring aa-
u ii It, on Cardena waa atruck
by twenty ahotn rom a iiiiink-
e-l buttery and dlabled. JU cxecuUve
otllccr. I'nulgn Worth llagley, and
four of It crew were killed by a four
incn alien. jiai it not been for the
ducky conduct of the revenue cutter
ludaon, which ntuck by the Wlnalow
lllll lIWOll I Dili, ftf rillliru (I,,.
t . . . ' I ... I
uoiii woiiKi nave ix!cn dcMtroyeil wltn-
Inten minute, the Hpnnlah artillery-
men having got It range trfetly.
They howiVl very good muMmMp
ami today Key, Went I talking ataut
the (jerinan anil Auntria artillerymen
... . . ..... I
who, It I a.ld, went Into Havana ou
the French tcamer Lafayette and
were diHtilliuted along the batterle
on the (-Ulan cinimI,
Lieut,.nant Uerniuiou, commander of
tlie WIiimIow, Ik lnurel bv a piece of
ahell which ent4rwl hi thigh. Hilly
'iittei-Mon, a, llrcman, wa aiao wound-
'i-i ,t i. I
I he tight wiim the, reHiilt of an expe-
,i 7. .. .i '
dit Ion to destroy four or five miiall
SpaulHli gunboat which have taken
.......... !.. 1 ' I I I
, -iki- in .iiitii'iiim iiiiv niiiri- vin ll
eclureil, I he attneking niuiulron
,, , , .
n-re a no after nformat hut about the
hai'lior, wliii'li tliey
. i , ,i . i . . , , ,,,,
wii " "V ' . ;
I I million., tin- l.ii-iieilii hi ml
, ,r .. ' ' .. .
. mill III. I.l.lllll- I II I Illlll-
hoii, well known in New York harlior,
entered (niili-iiiix bay at H;4S n. in.,
and liegan to make Hounding aluioHt
under tlie guim of Cardeiia. The Wil
mington imim in eommnnd of tlie ev-
m I it ion.
SAN" .M AN JMMIIAIil)i:i).
Tlie fort of San .luitn de Puerto Ki-
eu were ImuuImiiiIi'iI by part of Iteur
Admiral SampHon' Heel Wediiewluy
inoriiing, May l;'. The enemy' Ion
U l-Ueveil to Im heavy. The Aiiii'I'Ichii
Iomm U lo men killed iiiiiI Hcveu in
Jureil. After three hours' fighting the ud
iiiinil Mithtliew tht; Iliil and, heading
lor Key Went, he kiiid:
"1 uiu aalintled Willi the liiuriiiiig'a
i.ik. 1 could have taken Sun Juuu
but I have no foiee to hold it. 1
mil,) iiuuli'd to iidmiuUter puulnh
ment. I hl ha been done, I cum
for the Spuulali fleet and lint for Kill
Die t'ligugviiieul U yuu at i: H a. m.
and eiiiletl ul ;li a. m. (ha viiemy'a
Uitlrlle Mere nut aiU'iieiNl. 'lite towu
In the rvur of the foitiliia .una itmt-
utilv urtiid, llie ahliMi taking iwrt
la Uie ml 1011 wviv thtt Iowa, ludiuua,
Ne m It, Iniur, Auiphltrite, IK, M.iiiv"iiii r, WuuipHiui k and
SiU r. I U riieiiiv'a Bring heavy
tml wild, aud itta low 4 ami .Nww uk
wn iim .Hd aldpa tut ,
Ihrl wvut I Ik lit up Ult.U-r llitf Hum In
ii.Iiiiiui, ib In vi 1 i.f lnMM,Li,r, ami
llu ivluiumi. In (Hi ,d thina
in I ii. m uf i f..iw, ttinii i,,n i.f
1 1 U Iiiiiw.i,U, a liklgw the auiouut
. ll-HMrtrfv ,M, l.i l, t.Ml,tifc. B14,
iM, I ! aiMarvl to U. k.IIu.I
Milk h,,l, but lint ..IHIHMI.U M !
I'biikv. 1 ;.w a(Ur tuittl if Iha ,t,
I'hltltl fot mil uf l.l.Ur liiiriamtiilt
ttuiiMif Mm rt tf,iK. i.i. i,t. bat alia ti,.
rl a at wult Ut NhhiiI AI-
1. r u.a art imm t . .,. ik f,.,i.
Il.w iKiitut ami ll MiHily M,irr 1 rv
iiii, iNur fui. Uii-r to, null t.t
now i iUuta, l tin s,iir aif I
laiuiliwk a)i tlatiHl nut .f tm.gv.
I Imitjf r trttiiii,,.
inliiia tka a mi nt Ua utin-i ai..
u.klKf tanlab la I. II wki rtt tturl
Tbe Foote If ewift aa the wind.
1,000 boriopower. Her dioplaooment la only 149 tone, and abe eoet $97,600.
Kaiaeron torpedoii nnd eii email guna are her woapona of offeuie and dofeuno.
"hot Mruck. Tlie otlk'ira and men- of
all the nhliw lHihaved with cxlnc
and bravery. 1 lie aliota new thick
and fat over all our ahlpa.
Morro battery, on the cimtward arm
Ihe harlior, wn the principal point
f attack. Hear Admiral Hanimon and
M aptalii J'.vnn were on the lower
brldire of the Jowa and had a narrow
cucaiie from flying xpllnteni, which In
Mured three men. The Jowa wa hit
eight time but the ahell made no
Imprewdon on lier armor. Tlieweatn-
er w" fl"w 1,1,1 the 'u'ayy 'n"16
M',raM aim aimcuir.
' Anmiroi naniwon aig-
riali-4 "Ccanc firing." "lletire," wo
n'""""'" 0,1 tm ,nwa' Bn" "e wieo
from the Khore. , lie 'l error wa tne
hwt hlp In the line, and falling to nee
t ne aignai, oangca awuy lor mwuii u-n
hour, the concert of xnore gun roar-
lli ,,,,r a"d th? wft.u'r fl,vlT around
"er from the explcHlciJ hell. Hut ane
powHii a- cnainea lire ami rcuctnn
retired at B: 15. A nt,tiie
tory conuitiona, tne mnoKe
' ,h Htii'-e prevented any Im-
M"" ":'" -"i''
""" '' --
T"f " imi,enf'l nJ "'"J
h,K" "hoU muat have reached It. No
' " nniiimi illiini, ,,,n-
..i(i1,1i in 4lt f ttt a vt,t tt. Hmnll
V' , :
fln;H: vr,!l'l' mZ" "J'l"11' extlr,f
K""'V,vt" tl,C.,,!'l,ef. .
K I' K "TE:
, . 77,
t ,th tww. !"M"'; ' t
Infiinfrv mi Iwiiir.l In elifirifa ftf 70110
ritle and 200,000 round of ammuni
tion. Intended for the iniirgcnt In
the province of I'innr del Hlo, remain
"'!! ,V' vt";: 1!hu,Tltty;. Fri,,?,!l!!
rm 1. 1, i u,.( , i-.ii , i.j i.y Mir, iiiiiiiilij
gun Ixint Manning, in a vain attempt
to IiimI her cargo, and remained here
hint night.
t ir 11 , . 1. l
iiimiiiii ,i. ji, jorni. oi i.iii- Kiuii. i
1 , , . , ,. ,. ,
(icneral Mile and formerly tinted
State military attache at Vienna.hcad-
i-d the cxM'li1loii. Her commander,
,.., .1 . i... L i ....... ..ii .
L . , ' , , i . . , ,
having faded to hi'i-oiii p I ihIi tlie m
: .. . i . it. It. . n
nn, n iiii i upinn ii nun, it'iiini'ii or inn
l'-Vond lulmltting the
... . . r.
failure ami Having the liiiNMe will re-
....... (j 'I.,,,,,,,,, L-
It Ih lielifved, however, that tlie fail
ure to land the rupplies wn due moiv
to failure of the iiiHiirgeut to iiniM-nr
a agreed upon than to the rcHiatanec
of the SpiminrdH, who apiicarcd, how
ever, in eoiiHldrrilble force off the M
tllllIIM COIIHt.
Vdviee are that the Smnihh itrmaila
,. w
at or near the ooiiHt of ene.u
hile Admiral SiiiiipMou'a fleet a
ed to lie wntehlng the Windward
iMioHage, between Huytl nnd CiiIni.
spaiiiuli toriM-do lioat Terror renmln
in m. rierre, .Martinique, in a dUitb
led eoudltioii.
Uuinoro thai the SimulanU have Cai-
lured the liiixllUry eruiner Vale are
denied In Wntdilngtou.
( oiiiiiiihoi 8eh lev a living no und
nm iimliored off the Uir ut (iiiirlm-
ton. 8. t'.
The dUpiiich boat Hugh Merulloueh
ha arrivi-d at Hong Kong with d in
put, hr frtuit Admiral lVwry at Mil
uihi. Iifwey atill rule there. He re
junta the en pt u re of the KMnUh gun
Unit t'ulliMi, whli'h entered the bay,
not knowing of the luit tie that had
tXl'i wWrf?7V,K ms
r. . . ' .. .
THE nm
Hi KaeaeiaiM te Pal tHy. pita
i ejeteay saia. leas btin aa Wh. m
W M eatvhee el eneau r. IW u a tai
faCMl m seal et vlw,inMk
My-i"'r - r"
fife V
IJ JeWe 4. ; ..--'a aelfc "m
Bho onn do 94.0 knot an hoar and haa
The 8panlh cabinet lion resigned
and it I believed that a new mini try
will be formed by Haguata.
Spaniard at Havana again attempt
ed to decoy the blockading ahlpe with
in range of Morro'a guns, by aendlng
out two crulMer, but the plan failed.
J he Spiinlnrd nhowexl their vexation
by firing from the Santa Clara batter
ies when our boat were out of range.
Order have been lwiued In, Well
ington making new UKHignmenU for
the volunteer troop. The plan con
templating rnnlng over 00,00 men at
Chlckamauga, Ohio, Wlconln and
lllinoU trootw have already arrived
A call ha been iHiied for 200 Till
liol naval militia. t xt ent moijUi to
Admiral Kamion' fleet
; The following: dlpatch wn received
by the navy department rom Admiral
llcwcyi "Cavite, May 13, via Hong
Kong, May 15. Maintaining strict
blockmle. Ilea hoii to believe that the
rebel are hemming In the city by land
but have made no demon! ration,
"Scarcity of pi-IvIhIoii in Manila,
'rolable that the Kpanlh governor
win iw obliged to aurrender eoon.
"Can take Manila at any moment.
' "Climate hot and tnolat. On May
13 captured gunboat French
two Herman nnd one Japanese vea-
elcl here obervlng. DKWEY."
Wahlngton. Mnv Ifl.'There will
imuticMtioiiuhl v a weond cull fr.r
voliintei'ra and eqiilpment,"ay a well
known rcpublli'an aenntor, who holda
Intimate jH-rKonnl relatlona with Sec
retary of War Alger. "To properly
hold the Philippine Uland. he con
tinued, "wn Miull find 30,000 to 50,000
none too many. To clean up matter
In Cuba In a quick manner we Khali
need not fur from With the
regular and volunteer in the field
we find ournelve hort about 75,000
men, I understand that the ore dent
i connidcring a call for 100,000 ad
ditional volunteer, I alxo understand
that the necrelary of war and flcricral
Mile agree with the preHident that
the, cull i a timely one.
Secretary 1ong ha found it neee-
nary to inane a general order calllngi
the attention of enlisted men partlcti-
Inrly to the UNclcHMueh of employing
auomey 111 nettling any qucNtiou of
pay, lmunty, pi ie allowance or claim
in general.. All that la poHHible may I
oe iiccoiu uiHiieii oy writing to the an-
dltor for the navy department who is
Ktatloned In the treasury department.
.Mioiner general order hit lieen iMNiied,
reipilrlng that all ollleer hIiiiII furn-
ih the navy deiMirtiiient with the
name and udilreaa or the ueaiet rela-
live or i nc iM-iHoii in wiioiii advice I
miimiiu hciii, in 1 ue event of hihiim-
'''I";, I
i iiieinfii, Aiay ., hin'CIii to the
.louiiial from WiiMhiuutou. hiivn: I
1 reaidellt Ml'KinleV lilt nluiinliiii.l I
Ma peaceful bh Uile idea. Ordera
"""ir cuoieu 10 tlie commaiiiler
of 11... i.i.-l,..ii... ..1 1... in
.... H ..,,,,,,,, ti in 1
all guulNMila are aunk
Waahliik-Uu,. Ma 11 1...1 .
" ' "
twi -JS
g. e, an opi,rtu..lty to turn l.i The guna were l m..-,l. the men onleis IMWUmmi. Hpain I.HiU.OtlO la eattla
-"' on all forlitlcatlon, where Ihnlr Iniat. ami the tWta i; itf thm ,;itH' -ea 4W,.
rrI.t,.ee la offere,!. Fvery t ulMiii ,H,rt ) iwVre'l 1 1 1 iiJ 11 1 ut it 'J,K bJ- Hli'. .
hut U..r,M,Kly prot.v.e.1 will iJat- ,'f the elt v .M ,ll I k-P ,m a UltL
..'.!f iT 'J1 ..!." Il,,"r.,t rJ'1 ul' le cleared of the toriiedii Unit. It
eu n Sk 11..0 ' 1 ' a. a
a. m
ita.i ly dtf nt to ra n4 U
a ett t f II luote and le . 4
taut f steal. 0 (aiitaa y ,,
have been rccclvc1 here that Captain
(leneral llluneo at Havana la very
dliort of ainmiinlUon, ThU etate of
ftlTolm jniiy leail to noine de)erate nt-
tempt at blockade running on the
part of the Hpimiard In the hoi of
geMiiig more aiiiuiiiniMon imo nuva-
mi, It I believed that the mipplle no
freoiieiitlv refi-rred to n beln ir on the
Hpanisli flying qiiiulrou were of thl
cliuriu'ter, rather than food aujiplIeH,
which inakcH It all the more imixu tant
that HampNon and Hchley ahould mio-
ceiil In keeping Admiral Cervcra iroin
renchliiLr llnviiiia bv rnll. f Vtinmndrven
H.'hiey probably in well down on the
i1 lorida coiiMt now and Mhould lie able
to guard the Florida trait by to
morrow or next day. Hi aimcantnu)
on unit aide or i;uia would chalilo
NiuntiMon to bring hi Ironehul la per
fect wircty Into CliuiuegoM on the
Mouth aide, and with thin dlxmll,lon of
our naval force and the free ue of a
coniilcrable number of our aeon ting
yeel It 1m hard to nee how the Hpan-
KlxfcoreXlireci0 M'f f
WiiHhlngton, I), C May 13, Tlie
Iowa delegation in emigre I keep-
Ing II eye on , the big .battlenhln
which wa namcil for the big com -
monweolth on the wet ehora of the
MIhmIhmIpiiI, It la the heavUnt aliin n
Hnmimon'e wpiadron And It baa the
dlHllncUon of having fired tlie flrat
hot In the bombardment of Han Juan
de Porto Klco. It commander Can-
tain Hobert D. Kvana ("Fighting
Hob"), ha control of It tremendoua Krea 00tt" a nation, in popo-18-indi
rifle, and there I no more uie ,tlan olt 8tateB baa over 70,.
ureque iialr than 'Captain Evan and
hl mighty ahlp In the American navy.
uiptnin Kvaim and the Iowa are
watched, too, by more eye than thoae
of the jH-ople of Iowa and of the Iowa
aenuiom ami congrcMimm, for the fire
eating captain haa a many and a
TYuiiii ii itwuia m uie capjiai aa any 01
the Yankee ofllccra that are now flghU
ing for humanity in the en of the
aiiiiicji. ine i act mat j-;van doer not
III,.. l.l ..l..l i,Mi..i..i i, ,,,
"' HitBiiiiiiiB oi r iirm.mir im u
will notbe proof agalnat h . bcinff call.
cd "Fighting Hob" by lowana every-
wnerc it i related by Ueneral "Pap"
'l'l, ..,. ,i. nt 9 ...,.... ,.
,,. ,,.,. i,itnv I lllliu u, a,. ul I IHS'vllHII
ptinml over hi firHm foce mIhmi his
him that name. 1'eoplo do not beatow
pet naine on men thev do not like.
and or Iowa at leaat "Fighting Hob"
will be "Flgbtlwg Jlob"-for all time.
Co-pl a In I'.vnna la a Virginian by
birth. When the aonth ecceded he waa
a cadet at Anna poll, and hi txitrlo-
tie mother promptly aent In hla rc
ignauoii witihout coiiMulting tier aon,
.oung Evan wua hi mother' eon.
ami aa promptly repmiiated the realg-
nation (wnien had iiecn ' meimwhlle
m. i -.-I tf a i i fcr
ited at Wanhlngtoi;), and waa re-1 proportion of wealth and banking capl
ed to the Nervicc. He was nuideltal the standing armleeof tbe two
Ntorcd to the aervicc. He waa nuideltal the standing
an eiiNlgn In 1113, un,i went, to the
war. In an attack on Fort Flaher he
landed a force of acumen and marine
ami wua aiiot twice In the leg for hi
pain. That I why "Flirhtinir Hob"
. . . .
truti with a limp on the deck of his
mg nattleanin. in anolher -n,ni,...-
ment, on the wat-r, with Fort Kuinp-
- - r
NT, lie wn punctured with a niece
of ahell which broke hi kneecap, but,
1 miming 10 go neiow, he took part In
uie engagineiir until It wn over.
A a cadet MiiHter Evan waa rouifh
with hi young men but he made itihhI
ollleer. On one occiimIoii one of his
'iiildHhipineii made nu error na royal
.vardmiian In aending dirtvn yard.
F.vnn from the nuarterdeck ordered
him to "lay down aloft and comb the
neyweu out or in mur. ' It wn rath
cr a nevere and Intcio,ely Anieriean re
buke. The iniiUhfpimiii 1 now n coin-
ma -r ami one of the eaiitnln' ml
In 1MI Ciiptain Kvan waa nunk-iidl
to the oik town. Hi ahlp entered tlie
hurlMir of Valparulao when Chile und
thl iuutry were bltlnir thumba at
each other. The Vorktow n nuehored
nil cell v liefore the ljill.rl.. Kl. ,
a iorly armored ahlp and lightly
armed. The Uiy was ocupicd by tt
Initio -r of i..i-im., .. L.i. i
himI uh il... Y..rLt.... .1 iJl
l.i, I,, . I... .1 1 . ' ..I
, of attack, t'uptaiii KvanoH
l i.l 1,, 1-.1,,.. ...,..i- - 1
' .
nrili-riwl Ma alilll cleared fur art ion
waa done,
Oiptaiii I'vaita won
hla name of
" inib at t
lighting Ikib" at alparatxK Onca
the ri,i,Uh mliil.ier came hU
lilp with two refugfr. Kiana flml
a auluie In honor of the ruuulrv h
l now fight ing. The t hllean aetrr
! now Bghiing, lb t hlleana aevrre-
il... ........ l. .k. -.1 ..." . . I
i,, ,,ir aaiiilir. ,i nm
lime k mi l thl If the tiH.a..a did
.. t lha thciH hj.. he woiikl maki.
li uirll uf tf,irll,-. It, has hrl.l
hi pit will rnk aliu-e Iv.t, ami hi.
. 1 ;'',,", U l" hl'" 'he num.
man's altir U rvnrrallv a Imim. I I
biuiiMieil hat, a b an Mrt au.l i tin a It
aa,Hll4ut.iaaHail.t fal.llab
o i iha Hiiirwtfa luuka 11 11 also t.t 11 m.i n,m 1. . 1 .
few ralal-otah atlflla, aoiu tart hau luta
,,r h4mmHka, twu ,.r tkrx
;Mtt. jw .. an I lha in. In t 1 he al
Nimi of lha KioiHea of ha wraltKv,ty form,. I. Ttsev ara a.r rr V"'
j-H-tte. - t hkat Tlna. lekl.
I The Population, Wealth, Frodao
tlon, Education, and niitovy
of the Two Oountrlea.
The Marvoloui Growth of tht On
-The Downfall and Euln of
the Other,
Interettlng rant and Figure!.
The bltory ol tbe United Statee and
the hlntory of Bpaln U the lilatory of
oontrate. One In the coming power of
th o-wond-the other . the dying
i ruuinnus oi uiu worm laaaaiiam. une le
aland of youth, of Invention, of hope,
' progroae, Tbe other le the land of
deaay, ol bigotry ,ol llntluMn, of retro
1 nome Of the controite between the two
natlone preaonUid by etatlstlce InMul
uull'e dictionary of etatUtlce areolin
wreei attuie time, ea-ieeiaiiy toreadere
ol the lKDMicifT who are etudeute
not Prelof ware, but of Industrial and
McM condition and of national deetl-
lum' 'riao not Ten an, out tney
000'000' 8Ptt,n ftboot 17,000,000. Ka-
a,,,!"a w "ue" ,n' reireeiea tuue:
la wealth tbe oomparleon le ae fol
llnltwd Htatea: OB,000,(00,OQQ.
uir , ,. ntn nnn
JJ-,bIo Hi, 600,000,000.
Tbe publie debt of tbe two natione;
retain, l)7i)U,nim,iMK)
I n. i... u... mu . nn
The private and corporate debteof
uuiteo wtatei are eatlmataa by dif-
I nnik.liU Imntn ivn Ann unn
I w. , v,,rw ww hviu V,,WVV,VW,-
W0 to 35t0OO,0OU,00O. Tbm art no
reliable atatiatiee a to tbe amount of
Hpanlab private and corporate debte.
I The number of land ownere in tbe two
countriee le given M followe;
I Hnltad Hfata. 4.000.000.
Hpaln, 6U0.OOO.
"T. . , .
Tbe banking capital of tbetwoeoun
trie oomparee thua:
Spain, 1385,000,000. 'i !' , .
, j li ,!'( .''I'll- . . j
Notwithetaridfng thia enormnai die
I oountrlea era almoat la reverse orooor
tlon to tlmlr wealth aud general re
source Tbe spectacle of a bankruot
1 . . . ... ... .
I unciort weignted uown witn a great mil
I Itary etHblihmont ougbt to De aaoh
emu odmouitlon to the people of
Hoaln, rogulnr army, 145,000 men.
JJulted Htatea, 20,000.
The annual productive ooworofeach
nation for each luhubitaut Is given by
I'nlted Htatea, 230. s
piun, $100.
The average wages for common Jar
labor, per dimn;
I nltwl SfntiMi, fl.32,
Hpain, lJ cents.
Tbesaviuga bank deposit olthstwo
coantries present another striking eon
trust ot ths hnblta ol the two people.
..... l. .1 .. "
1 ii" -r i:ii.iin ui'inmiia art;
I lilted Htntiwi. fTJ.
Hpnin, 60 cents.
I The foundation Industry of all oher
I liulilHtrlea la aurleulturi. ('omiuira th
I total annual agricultural production
I l h two eountriea:
I ultiHl htatea. I.I.NnO.lHKi IMmi
Hiwia. lul5.tMHl.tKl.
Mala miiithrmiiniuUi-inttiiiA.ii.l..
ol n produewl mr inhabitant-.
II Wtml Mate. aaiMI iMiuuila. Himln
,., , 1. 1. r"-'
"" "r in" i ouj riaiaa aaa
.l.'.ll IUUI .LIU tit.mln k., . ... I m A 1T.I luul
. No woiiiVr tne Hpaabd aawa
paiwrarall tb Anieriean sat on "piga."
Tate a law otkrr luduatrial trata. la
tbe ivt-rHM n.M the l atled tttaltai
pnaliMed VTtMMHi.tMio tons ol foal.
Hm prw.lufi ll,tNiO,tMHj toua. 1 da
ZtuLA ni tain imhi t.,i iT-
1 1...1 k 1.. ...t
' " MM r.
iwl. L I Uiul mWI laul ..u.ll. .k..
,'m. "
fc- uUaaattal ol th. t ail.J
lai.i u a 1,, 1 o.u.
Lp. aitaoaly mwlourla Ik inpuU.
tM,a abat i.aaltU Ika a.alili nd.
Wrta I U (,( ,! riMu lotMea
ll.feliial l,Lll.,lll,ui.l
I. tk it...l u.., li 1.. taixi ik.
aii.! kih..iJ uimii ... ..1 ..i.i
tiaia Aiwlu 0.11! H 1 J.i l.u. i.l -..1.1 ...I
til ,. edm l a talaaol fiU.iHai,,
mat, nuti.ti. a In Ika aaioaat
lania.f vrra'aliutf le, tpia ara ai
y Ua'datl.
"M "" w ' V
(I oatieaod fllla Ma-
i,i,iiiii.i"i, 111 sa ina Aiuorica na 4 1..