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April 28, 1898.
The Housekeeper's
I would offer thin week ft tribute to odo
of whom the world take no not, wboe
defldnr uuchronlchtd, her praie un
una. Bhe in not couapicuou, you
't, nii'k tinr nut In ft crowd. Hlie In
not numorou although nrljr every
mm iiuk.Im hor anmitllino III hi III''! the
plain ummiMhIi womun, without a tuition
who hulpN other lor the ak of hi'lpliiK
them, not becaue he want to bo holj
Vou remember how eheciuneln one
afternoon when you were utriiKKlliiK
with an uuflnhdied Ironing and a wivere
headaeh. How ho took mat tew Inlo
her own band, put you to bed, adjimted
the pillow without nkinn; queetlone,
eemliiK to know by litllnct what you
wanted; bathed your nulling head with a
firm, Ren tie tounh. When you groaned
over the Ironing undone and the Nippur
to get, ''" quieted you with "Nev.-r
uilnd, I'll o to that." You wondi rod
a little even at theeffnot on yourmilf, for
ordlnatlly to be told to "never mind"
when thing were in niiofi "trait would
have Irritated you. You were even be
witched Into forgetting your pride and
almont Indifferent to the feet that your
neighbor wait doubtltiH h aving work of
her own to do your. After making you
a comfortable a iioMHibln mIhi lull you to
rent while hu looked after matter In
tho kilt hen, You could hear her mov
ing about, not hurriedly 11 If there wan
much to be done, but quietly and with a
calm UKNiiranee that iimplred you with
ooiilldeiicH and gave you a dolieloii enii
of rent; of being able to throw off all re
epoiiHibility for the time and be ure
that everything would be all right. A
Ming that no 010 I better able to np
preelate than the houikneper, Hint put
the Ironing out of the way, doing what
muet lie done at that time and put ting
the ret nlde; made preparation for
upper, utilizing whatever of help wa
available, doing all that wa neeiar,y
nut not more to burden you with uoiimo
of obligation. ZZ2
You remember all thl and when you
think of It you realize that her I no
uommon gift. Other might have flu
lhed your Ironing and got theiipper for
you, but who elo could have put you ho
entirely at eae while nlie did it? How
did flie do It? You cannot tell. Nor can
I. We nan only rie up with the other,
the dlHcaed In mind a well a the nick
In body to whom abulia minlxlered, and
call her bleimed. Doiiotiiy. .
No human being ha u moral right to
become the elave of her noanwt and
dnnrcNt. The hoiwekooper and mother
thould poo a certain flruino and
moral dignity which ahould prevent her
family from regarding her "imply in the
light ol a general Mcrvnut. Few fumillo
will nut the fact o plainly to thennM-lve,
btrt in thotiMand 01 fatnilie the (act i
ho apparent to all outsider that It muet
tie a Hpeclc of will delimion thateach and
all do not recognize It. Selected.
Fruit often take tliti place of medicine
and I much clmuir.
linked macaroni with choeae. Ilreak
macaroni Into inch length and throw
into boiling Halted water, lloil alowly
about forty-five minute Mlirrlng fre
quently to prevent it Nettling to the
bottom. When done turn Into a colan
der and drain well, lu the bottom of a
pudding "IihIi arrange 11 layer of miteu
ronl, and upon It Mtrew Homo grated
cheem with bit of butter. Add a little
Halt and popper, another layer of maca
roni, then whii more cIiwhm and no on
till the dieh In full. The hint, layer of
innearoii I ahould have only butter, no
cheeae aproud over It. Add a few poon
fill of milk and bake lowly until ot a
rich golden brown. Horv lu the ilinh in
which It wa baked.
Lemon ('net ard. Take the juice of one
large lemon or two Hinall one, add two
aud a half teacupful of water, a cup of
Migar, and heat over the lire. While it
I heating, rub two tahloMpoonful of
corn March ainooth with water, aud
beat the yolk of three egg. Gradually
tir the lemon water into the corn March
and egg and eet it 011 the Are to thicken.
When doueetir la the beaten white ot
the egg and cool.
Th day lor very fluffy foliar tb-eora-tlou
ha cloned, and the uew ueck IIuihIi
I a narrow trill ol lac or net aom the
back, only with two roaett of the nmu
crushed nganiMt the rollar. The latter I
a plain band on a woolen gown, and
often the ame on a ilk one, with a row
ol trimmlug at the top. Thin material
bava a collar ol the mtine good In mall
tuck, aud ribbon I lolded la amooth
rowa.itof louHljr)i ruiihed a ol vow. Col
lar ara comfortably high, aud whit
linen one ar woru with hirt aitol
all kind and with tailored gowu.
Ktork ol ailk or antin have a aiu.mth
baud With a hi ptw Iroui each aide ot
th back tied in a mal bow i front or
arraegml tu a long knot, but them aro
lor th iUmMt gown or wtuat. l.oug
ntl, mull or aud China ailk uirfa r
wora lu la ol collar I mm around
lie aet k, and tHiwml la Irout with ud
loth waiat lm,..ljf .UV Horn
. child of Hu iia Wvni't ilnt..', tl
the in.ii', i ihn- )r'i tin i.i
m aholtt-u.'.l to the ki.., alu-f l'i
nl.otil t I -a l.iillii-u,l t lltn a.vr
Mgw r ! an tmh to a Jr, ilt.t i. li
Uo hi 1,; M i t th I'htU VcU to id
M4TV tvuuUt.a thl. H.I d tilu' i-li
t aim tum a woih a nr.
"lnr", .11 1 Mr. Thorn, ha a
daw iraiiaht aith aphim aMaia4
had U ltfd hi itoi a!tn-atuia wtlh
tvianf ail,
" Vf ' aafl Mrf iMtwrTiliir4v,
Mk) a4 hi ail hat h la
h a IWrMMs" a( Mr, 1 hui atih a
a laMal i'l"ad ra' .!. hoUrr
al taali, ah d.i ihiak ehouM
taka I Ha rta)t tuaaM rmiatul
ta't at"
taa ut 4 U , al4 VI ra.
Thoma. promptly;" and so, my dear,
I'll ay at once thai 1 m very norry.
1. tn Mr. Thoma that
might have been a well for him to make
thu flrur. tu vhiich. alter all. out lie
thoughtfully retrained from Maying o.
Youth Compuniou.
Inetcad of Helling all old rage, nve
a nice roll of oft linen ami hiiihikim,
clean them thoroughly and keep in
Home convenient place o mat un
will Im! ready In cao of accident.
A mixture of fflyccrino and uay
runi i excellent for chnppcd i
roughened bond. '
Th ltuul 1'uwarnf ITIvllrgn.
(Ily Jubnl K, M Uiiriinn.)
Tti miuwlv door of l'rlvll(
ll cliiM'l nnd (loulln linrroil,
A tilnut hnml lum turn') th look,
Within anonnil It liranl
01 my rili and uniiiptuiiiiii Ixiwllu,
Wlill wllliout lb myrlttil pruM,
Kiiorklig lit lli liulUnl ulriiui'K,
Mnyliiir 'iio 1111 to u.
Kiiorkln at tin 'loor 11I prlrlleK.
With nil .nit, ami ilBifmiliiK din,
f'rjln upn wliln III linllml ituor
Ami lt llm in ' In I
Wlllilll l rnynl f.'IKt.ltiK
For Kin Muiiiiinin'ii clinunn fuw,
Wllliout wnfull with fmiiliiu,
(III lot UK nllHI'H with foa.
Tito niftlv ilnur of irlrlli'if
1 (.'loiH.fl nuil anMjr tiarrail,
Kin Mum limn ' liitiiil fan turuiiJ tlmloik,
Wlllilll It IMIIIIIll IN lli'llf'l,
(itrlimlilry ml (iwrlim,
An wllhoiiL thu jn r prm;
KnurkliiK Nt tint Miiar4i I fniimi
Hnyi'iK "I'"'1 ume '
Hut thu Kiinrii"l 'lour of I'rl v ll"X
Will iiimiliiy li,
KIiik Miiiiiiiii'H'n IiuihI nlin.ll trumlilu,
And wlllilll ii noiiinl h liMinl
(If wall nml IihIiIiinn iilumliiiK
An wllliout Mi" iii.vrliiiln irN,
llmiikln iluwii tlixrloNNil iii iiiitranrM,
1'hainliirliiK tli mm w lit k rmlniNN.
'I lia gronl llouiel T'iwr of I'rlvllnK",
With nil Mm IiIiMhii Ntom,
Of imliir.n wmillli, mul url ul mini,
lly Mitiiitiiiiii l.orilml o'r.
Ami uliurml union tux K'iIiIi.'U fw.
Muni all It ilnum uulnir,
Nor liriitH' ilHr nor will of man
HI111II 'r cIiin ttiaiii morn.
for Trill IikIiiiII llitiuiliir iluwii tlm door,
Ami Miimmiin' KIiim'Ioiii full,
Ami JiiNili' niitk Ui old Itoiind Towur
A irlvllKd ilni' for all;
And Uiimi no iiiorw tlm Koldun d w
MlmllKiirgn wlilln myrliiil proiw, ;
And liimnlii nt III uniinluil door,
Cr,r, 0pa unto u.
HtroiiiNliur, Nulir., April I. I HUH.
(luring- ami Klinlmll,
Tlii week Hteim have been taken look
ing to the 8Htahlihinerit of a telephoun
line between (iohntig and Kimball, It I
(animated that hiicIi a line would coHt
in tlm neighborhood ol f (JOU, half of
which ha already been Hubrtcnbod by
men of tiering. If Kimball and ilurri
burg will take an iniereMt in the matter,
thime point may be jiiuet hooii. No
braka Hometead.
Altxiilloii farmer.
I have iii Htock the bet riding and
walking lieler 011 the market, alo the
hct '2 row 1)11! cultivator, the old relia
ble "Weetern." It ha many advan
tage of adjiietment that none other
have, ('all and get price before you
buy, ami alo ee the very (Inn line of
farm and epring wagon and baggie.
They are the bet iu the market for the
ONLY $25,000,000 ON HAND
The iloverumoiil Naad Mora Money for
1 1111 War.
Wamiinoton, April as. The wur
revenue bill win reported to the
yesterday, and, by mi arrangement
made, the ileliiilu began to-day, ami
will continue at night hi-kniou until
Frlduy. At 4 o'clock 011 that day the
vote will be taken.
The report bowed that the appar
ent cauh balance in the treasury when
the Joint resolution appropriating SIM),
OilO.O'K) for national defense was passed
wa about Crj.'i.oon.ooi), Including the
JlOO.OiMI.ODO gold redemption fuud, or
JI'.'.'i.OOiumH) excluding that fund.
Hut till balance wan, the leport
ran, only apparent, Inasmuch a 813,
WO, 000 consisted of fractional silver,
largely uncurrent, mid minor coins,
leaving only IU0(1,000 lti t of this
nuiouul J H.Doo.oo,) eonslsted of receipt
from the sale of the I'nlon Paeltlo
rati road, held la the treasury for the
payment of that anion nt of Pucltlo
railroad bndi, due January 1, next,
and I I I, noo.noii of the l.oud redemp
tion lend, held tor llu payment ot
luile of national b.tuUs failu I and ot
liquidalloa ir reducing circulation.
lVduellng these aiuouitts, and the ac
tual avadable clt in the treasury at
the tint talouglug to the government,
xeluaiv of the greenback redemption
fund, m only I'iVoo 1,00,1.
Inasmuch a a working balance of
at'nut Uil.ooi.o 10 it re. 1 11 1 red i. prop
erly carry on the mrtiiu of the
govarnuit-ut, there remained only
lKSi,tssi Uitoiillig to th goverumeitl
aailatU (or use la mttuir the
i,isst,i).ii appropi ution It wilt he
in .i. ry la order to no-el all th e
imtdtlttre under th .ii. sm, vmi M (.
prirtalna all of whieli hv Un
I'M11'1'"! a Ulna a few weeks- tu tue
vVes,t.Hi f ihe bauk rv.louipUou
Lin I. a r ol which utaat t r
).'s. wd U for the ttlosu t( tha praseat
tlHtUr )r
!kt4 Ma4f la St Saa a
ta t u th
4 i.s.rMa. April J Whiia
Ur Waur Masi hla hat ar
rld kr lr.ta Neat aa raat
14 I irisil, rHrU that at u'wUwk
t.n Muaday aixralw;, la UttUda VJ,
ad oeilnU tat, tha sd aa
Awserleaa Uar, iruaiahljr Ihe 'rt
fha aav aa ftpaalsa arklu ilartaf
the tejra,
Mall ataamihlp Montserrat Oat A war
rrom th North Atlantle ijoailron
tarrlsil ((), 000 In Mllvar
and Klfblaan Uans of (irsal
tall liar- fnalilato Katar
Havana Harbor.
Nkw Vokk, April 2-4. A Havana
rablo to the New York Herald aya.
'ilia Hpaiisli mall wtearnshlp Montser
rat ha reached Cluiif uugos, breaking
the blockade, Hho wa bound for
Havana, and on nuurlng the port the
American ships fired at her. The
mall atcamer, after firing twice, went
away from the blockade to tho outl
crn coast
hho brought 1,000 soldiers, f00,0o0
in allver and eighteen gun of great
A dUpateh from Washington thl
afternoon ay the Montserrat landed
tit Sun tlao de Cuba. Thl port waa
not Included In tho J'resldcnta block-
ade proclamation.
It I Niiid that (lomez ha the troop
from tho Montserrat surrounded so
that they cannot reach I!lanco'
co 111-
(lanaral Mile lloM Aniithar t on fur-
n With I'tibim.
Washington, April 2d. Another
conference lias been held between
(ieneral Miles, commanding the
I' tilted Ktatc force, and representa
tive, of the Cuban civil and military
authorities. Tha latter included Honor
(juusada, charge d'affaires of tho
Cuban legation, lirlgadiur General
Nunez and Lieutenant Artiago of tha
Cuban army.
The first purpose of these move'
menU, it I said, I to bring about a
full equipment of Insurgent forces,
rather than secure a joint movement
between them and tha United Htatos
troops. It Is said that Garcia and
Ooinuz together can muster Sfi.OOO
men, and that they will bo able
to make a strong forward move
ment on Havana as soon a
they have arms, ammunition and
medical supplies. The latter, and
particularly quinine, is said to be
greatly needed. The understanding
among those best acquainted with the
plans of co-operation is that the Cu
ban forces will advance on Havana
and mako a land siege in co-operation
with the blockada now tn progress by
the United States warships.
there is renewed talk of a recogni
tion of tho Cuban, at least their bel
ligerency and possibly their Indepen
dence, and confident hopes were ex
pressed to-day In high Cuban circles
that recognition would bo granted
nithln the next two week
In tho event of Cuban recognition It
Is probable that President l'alma of
the Cuban junta would be first minis
ter accredited from Cuba, with He nor
'ucsada a charge d'afTairs at Wash
ington, and Senor Albcrttnln as first
Ilrltlih Declaration That IC Is Contraband
Kalaaa Hpanlsh I'rleaa 00 far Cans,
Madhid, April tH. The price of
native and foreign coals ha risen
nearly 50 per cunt in the last eight
days, causing much inconvenience to
trade and manufacturer. Th gov
ernment ofllcially declared that It had
made quite sufficient purchase of coal
in Cuba and the peninsula to meet all
emergencies for some time. Neverthe
less in the press and tn ofllclal oirclos
much HI humor 1 shown against Eng
land aud other powers because it la
supposed that they are disposed to
cousider coal contraband of war.
Hhti lnwrnil ol Var.
Itosrox, April 81 There are many
valuable vessDl and cargoes scattered
over the occaus at the present time
which are destined for New Kuglsnd
or which ar owned lu New Kngland,
any one of w hich may fall Into h punish
hand, Tha captains of many of them
cannot possibly know thai a state of
war exist between thl country and
hpitia. There are twelve bark, seven
teen schixiiier, several steamers aud
ulher craft,
M. MutM Wants Hawaii,
Asiiismos, April 2. The Monata
foreigu relations commilte held It
regular weekly Inert in la-day, Kan
alur Morgan urg.d upon th oouinttt
tee the iinportaiue of agaiu taking up
the tiuentioit ot attlivstn' th Ha
waiian IslatuU Other members of
the eomiulltee esprvssed th opinion
thai it was Impracticable to proceed
with th treaty al presvul.
I ah I nasal At Klala4,
Y ssHtvoiok, April t Tha ststa
t( the eousuls called lu frotu Cuba has
beea sellle.t by lha lprlaeal of
atai after onsuHllo with ih sad
lltad otlteer of (ha treaiury. The
h ait teea Hotifled that they ara
granted sltty days' la of aUsuta,
with full par.
4 aiiiiiaaaita uitas tli a
lioatoH, April t. J M.mloiur
(, a atlllioaalra al this lty, has
laa tered hU yh Varaa U ths
aa aeearluiaaV
4( ... 0 . h . 0 as.?
nil jT3 rj yis m s sm7 ra a cvcw jtv n irjr yi
Despite the fact that our Cloak Parlors are the largest in the State, our immense
assortments of Shirt Waists must have more room. We therefore inaugurate
this clearing sale, and offer these most desirable goods at a time when they are
most wanted, at prices that mean a remarkable sacrifice.
Ladies' Jackets in black,
green and brown, satin and
taffetalined, $10 and $12 val
ues, our price to close
Hunting or Kitchen Kpoon
10-Inch 4c, H iu
Hardwood Towel Holler 20 in Ca
long, a shown in cut, each JO
i&fffri- ! J Ktil
'&'fy-''ySJ I'uddinif I'an.
1 'JUrt .
WMfry 'mart, ... 2 1 nn
K-l&JLy quart lUb
I'narneled HUm nrcwwrv- No. H, 7 tit, heavy
ing Kftthw, ;i i On ' "' ""l
ot ITk, 2 nt Kettle...
1 1t
Sewn Door Hprii g
Tho navy depart man t ha piirchaned
.1. I'iernont Morgan' fnt yacht (iraair,
It will Im fitted out a a full hedged tor
pedo boat and will lie inted a audi.'iitciiant commanoer Uiclinru wain-
right, formerly chief intelligence olllcer,
nud lately the executive officer of the
Maiuo will couunaud tho bout.
F.x-lMiuty I'nited Ktate Marhal Lid-
diard, better known to many a Hattle
Hiiake I'ete. ha received word from Gov
. . tit
ernor llolcomii to come to mucoid.
Captain Llddiard, neveral day auo.tini
dered hi wrvice and the aervic' of a
full cotntianv of half breed Indian,
i quipped with Winchi'Mter rillit, to be
raiHi'il liy linn m three tiny tor imme
ilitite wrvice in the war with Spain.
Tho proviaiou market ha rieu rap
idly Hince war wa declaretl. Htock and
bond have atiout hehl their own. May
wheat advanced five cent ou Monday
aud five cent tuoro onTuedny, but lot
two cent ednedn y. July wheat i
uIho advancing. Other grain aud moat
product alo hIiow a rie iu price
Khoiilder Arm, bov! (lot youraclve
atlv for atimmer. To do it well un to
I aineA rt'urf. l Clothing Store, ll.'KIO
treet, I.lncolu.
lut riillnii lliat Nail.
Servitnt Two inventur wunt to wo
you, Kir. iMte him t mpll tinmr gun,
wurranted to hill tlfty men in tlfty
pcoiuIn, and Ihe other ha a new
patent llfu-oaving iippuratu.
Cupitiilinl -Siinw the mint with tho
gun in. Kick the other fellow out
Talilo Hoard f J r.O.
Meal 1 ,'.c.
The Model
Dining Hall.
Mus. ioir r !'ki:i:land,
io So. i Jih St., LINCOLN.
I ttkl I l I' Milt HI
VICTOR Incubator
MT ll NliU !
a ,.i . ,imi l' mi
VI I- i ...... l.nU. I Ml I,
lita tKltl. It. ijlhi 1,111
K ul1 ta I. I ' t'.'ir.
I iaua. '' a. lunei
I tuamilaa muii4 !'" ul
( tialu ml tak k 1. aail !" I
riaiia ! aart'u 4 fkal I.
I "" . " '! a4
B.a Hill mI h tl !", '
avkiw ikalaii tkaakiMif al IM
1 1 r. I a (., aH 1 ! mtm .4
taa la44 !( Il.a aat '
TWW " I ? - , '1 m. m M m h m I
ta.aawii iiiin.Kii.oi t
ftl M HHMMMT. l tMrt.
See our Shirt Waists in all
the new colors and plain white
lawns, prices range upwards
Pique waists upward from
$1-25 , $3-00
Kli-el liutclu-r Knlvi',full A.
l.i aud u good kuife, each (
Hfcicl labia knivc and fork
lx knlve aud ix fork, OHn
per ct , .....0 f v
12 Quart ,
It tpiart heavy
Milk ran, On
Knamith'd Ktccl Water
I Un
Two packages, of f'ar'iH Tack, p
any Mi,'........ , 1 V
fA ".tA AfA f tA AtA AtA
If you want a first-class, reliable,
strictly "A rade" Carriage, l'hae
ton, Bugy, or Surrey,
We are the only people
.'I'M m
in stock.
We will not misrepresent a piece of
oods to you, but we will sell you a
good, reliable vehicle for less inon
ey than any other dealer in town. y
x We have more up-to-date Ji
than any other
house in the
m i
at 'I
AtA plenty of them at $25.00, $35 00 and $75.00. fyj
r.1 mmr
DlLLiYlci Ct
a 202. 204.206.
Vi' '
Seeds Seeds Seeds
4Uit Mit tl I'diiils, White l.r.ul, l.ilisn i Oil, t h . v,iy
rt lialile, .ilv.i lust cl.i, I'ritt s v i mlr.ior In have riht
Roy's, 10th and F.
,W f rl .1 Hk.UU fit, M Ml Ititl
r " ITN ui..4 M laa - in h4 Wul.lui,. h.,Jr
Vj7yvT, vMt' '' "' ',
nftur AHUM UrrUf I , f n
Waists Percale andcham
bray, this sale each
Navy blue and black suits,
new and stylish, sold for $10
and $12, our price to close
Grocery Department.
These for 25c.
Four can of corn...... 25c
Four can of tomatoes, ,., 25c
Four can of string bean,,. 25
Four (aim wax bean 25c
Four fii ns upplebtitti'r.... 25c
Th rw can of pwir 25c
Priud upple, throii lb., 25c
I'ruiie IM low OH, III ,...,..,... ,.,.5C
liasin a low u... , 4',C
Kolhl oat, fur pkg , 5C
I'.ird itd, per pkg., ,.,.,.. 5C
Chicory, threw stick , 5C
l'offco i'skoijbo, two box;. ,,.,. , 5C
Cnu.-kud Java, per lb ,,.,,,....6C
A good drink, all coff" per lb. 8c
J'lwikngii coffue a per lb.. 10c
W pay tha higheat market prh for
What ara you paying for ugar7 (Jet
our pri befora you purchaao again.
A ok or (wind for 11 iimiile of our MiU'Un.
' and Java coffee.
.tA cKim fXlh ft,
in town carrying them .tA
rlr i 'r.A l
t trvavaB.
dc fcAULtlf. yfo
S. 11th St.
r c
haatllta4kaWiW itmVJi I
!.. ( rl u I lirUaaii. o.
tlla law.