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    Mirch 31, 1898
Maybe you in ono of those fallow who cuimi from Minaouri. We've
Kot to "abo you." Well, there' nothing we lik better. Turn to
page "" of our Hpring Catalogue and yon will find a sample
of flutTvVorated Merge which we make Into Men' MulU In all cheat
measurements from 34 to 44. If you go Info any clothing store,
any tailor ahop, any woollen bouee, any dry good or dree good
establishment where they sell cloth by tbe yard and If you win buy
a yard of thin saine cloth for leJthn J. 50, w will agree to pay
you 10 cent n yard profit on every yard you can purchase for mm
and we will agree to take not lc that ten thousand yard. We
mean that, we can two that qiinnllty In our business. Now, it take
thn- wnd a hnlf yard to rrmk aulr. Figure that out. Add
thecoetof the lininge, the coat of tbe trimming, th cost of mok
Ing, the coet of handling and whatever you think I a reasonable
profit on top of all these and you'd be long time In Missouri, we
reeon, before you could produce it for le than a ten dollar bill.
The Nsbraek price I f,7. Hetid u enough to cover espre
charge two way and we'll seed suit in vonr house for wamlw
atlou. You're from Missouri, you k now. We want to show yon.
to a scouring box with wind and wear
them a Utile, They are not counter
feit or frond because they they arc
genuine, and in every way just an good
a fhoac minted by the government.
J)ogs, like tobu'tco, r generally on
ly nuisance. JJut tobacco la good for
killing sheep ticks, so doge are ome
timea very serviceable on a arm, They
can be trained to do -many tiling. Ve
Imvc owned several good dog, but, one,
in particular wu more help in driv
ing alieeii and cattle than two men.
He would bring up the cow and sheep
from the imature without running or
hifmu tb-m. Whenever a strung"
creature wa put into the panture with
out, iiiu knowledge sonic one would
l.t.i,. (1 id wllli bim and exiihiiu. fie
wan tnil ned never to come J 11 to the
house, Jli home wa in the barn, Jlc
would i-oinc to the door three time a
fit, v for Jii meal. One morning a
eoat sleeve laid upon the barn floor,
Turk Hinelled of it anI looked for op
proval and seemed greatly pleased to
think be hud done the light thing.
Our melon, been and Mini were per
fectly wife without Jock or guard, Ihe
art of atciiliiig chicken had not bern
iliacowrcd then. Jle would go with
the children to school and go after
them at night. They could scuffle
and play n long a they laughed, but
let one commence in cry, and lie would
arbitrate the cnue at once. He was
never known to bite a child. He wa
nick one day and we suxpeclcil iioison
and gave him all the new milk and
creani we could get down bim. lie
got well, but never after that would be
eat a thing from the bund of a
at ranger.
The opera "I'Hiiiforc" rendered in
the ('Impel of Lincoln Normal lat
week, wa moat excellently rendered
mid i but an example of the perfect,
mid ayatematie work being done by
tlilit institution, in all it department.
The Captain' Waihlnglnn Nl(liliri
liaeorete llialr llni In III Honor.
Wamiunotox, March .1 0. Captain
Kigabee of tlx; wrci-ktvl steamer Maine
arrived In NY'iistilng ton thla morning
from Havana at 7;1 1 o'clock, lie wu
accompanied, by I'syuiaatcr Uay,
Chief Kngiiicur Howell, Naval Cadet
Holdon and Ir. Ilnieberger. The
captain wa driven to liU homo, I'll 3
UlKg place. Thu nclhlxtr on both
aide of the (juare on which he live
had profuioiy ilecoraled their rel
denca with IIiik and bunting and
many of hi friend and fellow ofllcer
had sent largu buinpuiU of Ainerlcun
lleauty roaea and llowor deklifu of
hip and auchor a an expraion of
their friendnlilp and e tee 111.
At half pat In o'clock the captain
want to the Navy department to re
port hi arrival. In the (oume of a
con vf runtlon he ald that hn hud not
yet mce I red any itf iiinont to duty,
nor dura he know whut coiuiuaud will
he if I yon him. A t thu cuiu of the
wreck Captain hljrlce ald that he
could add nothing to til taatlmoay
Ixi for the court of Inquiry, whieh ha4
already been pubtUhud.
'the Vol Ullil Hi'l U for ti'lH IiiTh In III t
ivrilli'il timnliiic .it I lie Weat, the III
l 1 111 Im Im III) ccliilia In the ilif-
ti leiil , inn lim luiihl l lln 111. 'I he
11I Ii imIhiii e i 1 111 i n-ill mill Itiele U n
unl fiilnie lliillieiliiilelt lafule Ine
I.I11111I11 NoiiiihI
Kaa lllf ! a4 lit
IUI4 W ht -H t I HI Mi 4t J n V:
f 1, ait , 4 iit,, i.,
i i iitt 1 hi 1 ay,
S K M' i, ' 4 t4nli. Iin..
U lA
! i tHol V A 0 4. N t A
it, t .l-l 1
W,l tutu, . 1 . 1 1 Hi
ht i 4 1
wan t..m-N. .1 iij, a,t i i4
i -ntii 1 !. tiit.t iit m,i
I JW lti ' m I it. mn . a
it I iiu n I a ilt
IhmiI lil "t .(' . Itll
4o i,iiu ,ii.i li.iii'il n.iic
lJl 41 Hi ti n 11 1
Ota l in ih.ii 1
li IUi.l,U II i I I 'n 1 k
Mi4l l " i.,.r I'luai
Ua-I lrui l HI Mil M
T IH l'Mhe ilale l wklcli your
ubaefliilUiii I pi red Hiariad UK I til
wrek'iHwue uly uer r. Take mill
id it k'l If y are In arrar iinakuuM
maitft lHei l nait,
Omaha, Neb., March 27,
Teal of the Ananfmttui letter te l,'n
el (iaeerel I a:
WimiiKiiTM, March 21, An inter
eatiog feature of me pumianea re
port 0 the Maine teliiimny, lud
from the government printing office
yeamraay, wa tlie fainoue anony-
mou lutter mentioned In the tll
mooy of Henry Itralu, clerk of the
American conaulaU at Havana, The
letter wa received by (general Jee
few day after the Maine diaaatcr. Jt
wa Uatea rebruery in, IH'jH, and
fclgned "An Adnlrer," Jt w In
Hpaniab, apparently by a fairly well
educated peraoii. Jt follow;
"Jtahould be remembered that, at
dawn of the day of the terrible catav
tropha, an individual wa killed in a
mall boat, together with another who
wa found wounded and a prloner
They were going about the cruicr
Maine and Alphonao XII., and a the
aald individual are of the wort an
tecedent a harbor thieve, 1 have
intercated myelf In vetlgating what
connection thl occurrence could have
with the exploaion of the Maine,
and 1 Jiave discovered that thoae two
men, together with another who la
called J'cpe 'J'aco, bad bought in a
hardware atore in Mcrcalorc atrect,
called L Marina, a boe audi a I
imcd by diver, and that the thrie
left Jlvgla in a email boat, which they
placed under the wliarve of Hunt a
(atalina, and they were loitering
about more than an hour and a half,
while 1'epe Toca, who i a calker and
diver, probably the beat in the parta,
did tha work to bring about the explo
sion of the Maine.
"With the data, I went to Itegla,
and discovered that the family of the
dead man, who lived in the utmost
misery in a house in Jtodrigue. Jias
tia street, had moved to a well fur
nished one oil lyelabnrt street. There
I learned that tiiey had agreed with
sumo merchant of Muralla street for
the work of blowing up the ship for
W,mi,M) In ad van co and the
oilier ft.OiJO after seeing the result
"iiut they did not come out of the
adventure very well, having' been at
tacked whtn they were retiring, the
result of which was the death of one,
who left his teeth in the boat, and
another one wounded. Tlu third one
ha not yut presented himself to col
lect the rust of the money, and it is
probable that if it could be secretly
done, by paying him the rest that the
other will uot now pay him, he would
declare the truth of all thl. Thu one
whom I calluil i.he third I the diver
I'cpo T11 co, who i 1111 wounded, who is
no doubt afraid to preseut hlmsulf to
collect the rest.
"In MurralU street, they tell me
wa the place where the business was
arranged with li clii t'orujod-i. Villa
aussa, MuribuiiA mid other whom I
do not renin 111 he r 'I h mail who Is
arrested Is hulng iidunnlsUired with
morphine constantly to see If he will
din and not give evidence, u a not,
they e press it, to simiII the affair
after It ha come olT so luiiuh to their
(rain, the consular clerk, slalml In
his evidence that an elfort wa made
l ascertain the authenticity uf thl
latter, although, the consulate wa
hiidicifd, having mi eucret rvlc
fund. Willies discovered, however,
thai the 11 sine I'epe Tsco mtisl havv
Ueii a mistake, a the man mentioned
had died a faw ilsys Iha as
plmloii look place Witness tlnni(lil
the nam should have bun IV pa lUr
Mla, w tin hd dul a couple of d)i
alter the a 1 illusion
liHlhfvob laairil In llsisas,
Naw tiia, Mtrh li l ni
eat I imi gissl aui h, 11 uy I li tl Hie Mvn
groie, w huh sim d lor IIav ih uii I rl
d iy, went time onit nl,!y I 1 bnitil
way imt'ild saih Iron I In- Mlu,
luil in r 4iny to U mi b in I In 1 "i
auouili ia HtvaiM, o lhi Aunri
ran conl 1 nan n f nnn mi iha v . I,
alel Dim Key V ! i m ui li ul of
The HimI I Vim , h 1 11 10 r il l, !
Itviiir Dial a sere ma 1 1U1 (n attii
ta list ly I" i ear Uwl any MMunt id,
U .a y :'i, i.f a ' 1 1 I lil of nit
AuieiMii niw In IUvu4, I tillur
Willi tin If addri , l llul III i as' of
vim 14' m r Ihijr my l eoiuuiaiitealid
wild al slcil le.Hte. Thr i an etira
Ktuwd now aitniud lb Ami Ihaii tU
ahyliMia' Mania to Make the t ailed atetee
I'ay Their losses en anlsh llund.
Tbe Mnu-r That Ha riilit Mar Hat-
tie flafure an fight Them Again.
Miieclal Correspondence.
fVari are harvest neaaoii to the hold
ett of money, In the prcm nt atraluad
relation betwueti tbe United Htatet
and Hpaiu tha money power are uot
greed a to whether au actual conflict
would be to their advautu or Mot, The
bolder 0 r'puuiNU scritlc 11 rime of
war would undoubtedly become heavy
loner. If, however, a protracted war
hould ensue, and the money power
were atroug cnougli to lufluotico oou
gres to laaua gold bond, their 1onc ott
H punish securities would bo Insignifi
cant compared to their gain from a gold
bond issue. The issue of gold bond
would aerve the creditor claai li many
way; it would further their Interest
in securing a corner on gold, make a
safe investment for their idle money
and tend very strongly to futeti perma
nently upon the country the gold utatid
ard. Tbe Issue of ay kind of bond woe Id
uot increase tho supply of money, Jt
would add au unjust burden in the way
of taxes, to the extent of the interest on
the bond, and tbe government would
receive only nationul bunk bill, the
present grenba:k,llyer certificate and
treasury not;, none of which in legul
tender, all issued at the dictation of the
tuoncy loaning Hbylock, Jt I all di
credlM, dishonest, partially demone
tized Try money, Tim pnopla of thl
etmuiry are entitled to thu best money
and should not be compelled im use the
present dishonest issue in fact, should
rebel against having to do no,
ltueli Hugu and other ilnuucier have
Toluntcerwl tho efatemcut that if the
government desire to borrow money
that it can liave all it require at 4 Jier
cent, and Chairman iJiuglcy of the
way and mean committee give out
the statement that if war preparation
continue war taxemut be levied and
a government loan provided for. Ap
parently it lia never occurred to any of
these gentlemen that tha government
La so occasion whatever to borrow
money, Tho constitution of tho United
Ktatc give tho government tho power
to "coin money and regulato the value
thereof," and tho supremo court of tha
United Ktate bus allirnied tho right of
coiiKrcs to coin and issue full b xul ten
der paper money cither in war or peace,
ftuppo that Instead of the
issue of ff0, 000,000 for war expense
cohKres bud authoriwd tho eccrctury of
the treasury to issue f J, 000, 000, 000 in
full legal tender money and immediate
ly appropriated f 100,000,000 and placed
it at tho disposal of tho president for
trengthening our coast defense uud
navy. J hat would have been notice to
the money power that tho people of thl
country hud asserted thi ir manhood and
that their rcpnsi nlutlvi In congres
would not bo permitted to fasten addi
tional rivet- in the chain of debt slav
ery which tiie financier of tbe world
are Miking to forge around the limb of
toil, il would have given notico to the
t i ll I that no bond could be issued by
K. i. kovi mini nt, and the muster of
, 1 who bold its bond would imme-
i.i.i'ily have notified the Mudi id govern
i:,i 1,1 ili;ii Hpuin must in 1 pt any term
v, I. ii li lim American iiutiou might see
1,1 til IlllpOhC,
The president could have mudu a lie-
tor money imii mniiy, lim evacua-
lion el ul, i by the H;,iihiimIs and dn-
clun d fieedom to Die putjii.t. This lid-
Iniiiid ui.uiil have lieu compiled with
without a word and not a gun would
have been bred, but the president und
muny of ills followeis in emigre have
listened to thu lioiii yid word of thu
new slitvii iliin rs, who are seeking to
fasp-11 upon lim hiavu iJubniia 11 Iuik'i
bonded debt co that should f-itiln hu
forced to n 1jiiU1Ii Culm thut impovi r
ished isliiml may find itself In the toil
of tiitkuutHtcr scarcely less brutal tliuii
tho bhsidtliirsiy Hpauiarda.
The issue of full lennl tender money
by Dm goveruiiieut for the purpose of
currying- on war would Im a blessing
that in soiiiii 1 expect would luitiuutu
tlim itlmiilties of war. It c irculation
among the people would k'lvo prosperity,
prices Would line, lieW Dili rprisi Spl illg
tip mid lim bolder of the preseut dis
honest Issues, sin lug I lie mlvuiimi lii price,
would unlock their strong bote.
If il 1 Im 1 lone id the wur It should
bo found thut the Im reuei volume i f
Inoiuy had unduly tntluled price and
(sihgris In It wisdom sliould deem
!rop r In retire a portion of lim money
11 i ln ulattoii, it ikiuIiI retire IiimIis
hiiiinsl, dim mlliid, arlially demone
IImhI, Tory money now In circulation,
leaviliM the pie Ihe full t-gn It inb r,
lliiln sl, pall lid In Aliiel lean liu ln v 1 hi
Would ii ll th" ii lo all HlV.lluuldii
liHiii. Tiny would wonder why wu In
lellli nl m ( le vvi r should have K'li
h iiU iI in istiin U ml and p.y Inn t i
fif the 1 ilUlifcii of using lha
Ihe Unkir, lallnt "national tank
Idlla " ll would aUi lim li tin in thai
Ihe ijiiViriimi iil bad the wir Pi uiul
all lui'iuy tf I Im .iiihi value whut the
Mill i Ml lelldi r full) Holt Wl I lli 11
1 1 II II wmild teiixu rrir possihU
aiMiin nl thai could be U'et l inl
i iiiiliiM the inlnU 1 1 tiliir l( wi ai I
add lo Urn lloduil i f the I Ullid Mali
IllktUil al- li iuhss Mi, hoil a
yvar, and ly gtMiig lullh ii i t iio.l
value II would iti ,u Ihe r i f
t'lisiiau w Mb all iiteulili, iiniuin Ihe
boli i4i;ei I tlhn UiUid ha
ll.rii 4i Ihnr itMl I 'i gdd la
i tiiililis Weill I ii.brtiH h value
if all leal i"ily. 4m u id Ihe
law iiitiiul ami lh maualai ltt
sti, add liilllh'itt Mli r lHh
Wiallh i f lim lil. li, and pu Iht fair
land at Ihe lival f Ibanaiiiai f Ihe
H, A. U t is.
w liia, 1
tiood Vvr tbe Colored 1'euple,
Tho idea of otablihing potal Hav
ing bank in connection with the post
office throughout tbe country would,
in my mind, prove very bem-llciul to
tho colored people, especially in the
aouth. Huch an arrangement would aid
tho colored people from every stand
point, not only financially, but in the
formation of character, Tho colored
people in the country district of tho
outli have very little opportunity for
suving money. In innny case they are
far removed from any lank, uud in
case where they aro near the bunk thu
bank do not alway pay interest on do
poNit; besides, in almost every instance
In tho south, especially lu tho largo
cities, colored people have lost money
that hu been put into private suving
banks, and thl ha led then) to distrust
banking institution. Jt wu very 1111
fortunato thut tho Froediuen' Having
bank failed. When it went under, thu
colored people hud a good many mil
lion of dollar deposited in it, which
represented their first eurnlnu after
their freedom, and many have learned
to distrust bank ever since, Jlut if they
knew tho government wu behind thu
institution they would, I think, huve
implicit faith in it, I believe that tho
establishment of postal saving bunk
would within a few year result in a
great chango in tho moral and cconomio
condition of tho colored people through
out tho south, Jiookcr T. Washington.
Hew 1'laa ef Autonomy
Vkw Youg, March "S, -Hpuin, al
though apparently defiant, ha asked
for further delay leforo the United
lit ate doe anything more about Cuba,
aay the Washington corroapondont of
Thelleruld, Thl request wa made
through lienor l'olo y JJomaho, th
Hpanish minister. Jlo promised in
H pain's behalf that ho would lay bo
fore the slat department -at an early
day a plan for a more liberal govern
ment of Cuba. Thl matter, tho min
ister declared, would be m fair and lib
eral that it would ho eatlafactory to
tho United Htate and tho Cuban lusur
gent and would bring about pew:o in th
island, Hpfiln' iropoal i generally
believed In Wahiugtoa to have comi
00 late.
These two words emphasize a neces
sity uii'l Indicate a remedy.
ftl'itiNO (ho scuMon when tho blood 1
most impuro a a result of tho win
ter closer confinement, higher liv
ing, slower action of tho kldnev
and liver; when humor of all kinds,
boils, pimple ami eruption arc
most liable to appear; when the
weak, languid condition of tho whole
bodily structure demand and wel
come help.
M.ii;ink that to which (ho million
turn at this season Hood' Kursupa
rllla. Tho orlaiital and only prep
aration especially adapted to tho
present need of (ho human family ;
that which make (ho blood pure and
clean, a shown by its thousand of
wonderful cure of dreadful blood
disease; create an appefito ami
cure dyspepsia, h shown by il
" magic touch" in all stomach (rou
bles; steadies and strengthen the
nerve, a proved by people for
merly nervous, now calm and aelf
posHcsscd, thank to
America's (ireutuat Medicine, because it cures when all others
of nmMnii lo rlwr nt fnWor.
Klit hii Hi'Jirttvfeii htM'tni) htitrf
bU' lem, t.. Itlf'Vt I I, 1 UCK
in tvritwi list. tHf wtirk, hi
inliM, vrt for mir irtmt ur,r
I lUlk ( Vl1,.!- (1) Ifiul.h 17
h fatukliM HI hailiMf iMiuev M 71 vfurth A , VHU'AtMU,
'I I II-; I MI'UUV Kll
H VICTOR Incubator
rlr.reillatlt- Vl. 4ll4 RMI
S ,!. mbui H,IU.. tltUUH
Sf I,, 11,. .,1,1. I Iranian r HU'..
tir ruin, 1 ui mi .
nun in a or
.Hack Pcrchrcons,
Clyclcs. Shires,
Coachcrsani Trotters
lU "ll , a" el the iaal I
r ul v. l -ik Umi ,
'. '.. I. I laiia
H, ,kMi a e.HHM'iia
1 1 Mil ll4 l'l k .!.. aii. UI i m
,.i I ,iHiii a) iw S-it
ItU it- t a.l i.ioJ. I. S
I'lk. iminllmm a J Im mm . al
,ta4.t.i Hi,, 'i,iihiijiii
. la t-i l lakihu I :, 1 it ib.,
l ii i mMmiHI'I iM1I l W
Rift J M Drsfl AM lUtli Com
lloiti1h)( Rril MoaJiif Mlnei.
li lain I la im a -
ai 1 . iiihi.i i aa ! mm la
l..i 4 m i-.H' !
a, 1 i,..j, ,, uii 1 . a eh !
a J it l.i, a 1 a.
I,t t 1 . 1 11, tun a !
I (. a a,a. t,m
- mI a . k,.4 r. lfivt.ut a4
..( niw,!,., ,, i i I r ,h Uim 1
k In I l- .i 1 It 4 k I !!
I.fc.iu4 ia.4 ! li.k lw,
Sl Nal.Hil,
4 41m.
rt n 4 v -
I '. tk , I aa lk a. 4 M li, fi Si a.
The Vulture.
NcTcr sfiHips the soaring vulture
tin in tjiiurry In tint di aert,
On the dli k or wounded hlnon,
lliit iiiinllier vulture, wulclilng
Krnni IiIkIi, ui i liil lookout,
Her i he downward plunge and follows,
And tin' third pursues Ibe lecond,
( oiiiln from Ilia 1 11 v lull, I w ullier,
1'irnl a spick ami then a vulture,
Till (lie sir Is dark with pinions.
Bo Nuug the sweet poet Longfellow in
hi iinmortul"r!ongof Hiawatha," We
can't keep tho picture out of our mind
u wo rend in tho dully paper thut
"Hucrctury (!ugo i ready to Issue $2S0,
000,000 gold bond;" "thut llunim wa
in Wall street visiting moneyed men ;
it i thought In regard to au Ishuo of
bond;" "thut New York bunker have
offered to loan tho government f 100,
000,000 In ciiso of war with Hjiafn,"
Ho sooner I a nation in trouble than
tho money loaning vulture pounce upon
it. "it 1 first a speck uud then a vul
ture, till tho uir I dark with pi u ion."
J'oor Undo Hum, how ho will ho pluck
ed and plundered if there should huppen
to boa tusslo with Hpulu I H, V. Mor
ton. Hall road L'ndar Mute Law,
Judgo Donovan in tho circuit court at
Detroit ha ordered tho iuunce of a
liiuuduiuu against tho Michigan Central
railroad in the auit brought by Govern
or I'lngrou to compel the railroad com
pany to sell him it 1,000 mileage book,
good not only for himself, but for any
mom her of hi fumily, for $20.
Judgo Donovan quoted auverul de
cision of tho United Ktafe supremo
court under which tho right to regulate
fare and churge wa reserved to tho
state. Ho hold that tho Michigan
Central i still under police power, re
nerved to tho statu, and thut the " com
pany cannot fix rate by bylaw repug
nant to t Jim law of tho Htate. It I
clearly settled luw that the company'
whole synti m I under state law and
stuto control, It cunuot escape atuto
Ktatutes by it bylaw which conilict
with thu constitutional requirement."
CiiKcarcfa stimulate liver, kidney
and bowel: never sicken, weaken or
grip, Hie.
Only thoo who Jiavo been relieved
of (rreat suffering can fully appreciate
lite gratitude with which ihe testi
monial overflow written in favor of
Hood's Sarsapurillu,
"O. I. J food A Co., Lowell, M.t
"Gentlemen:! have been troubled
with my liver and kidney, also palpita
tion of the heart for nearly ten year, and
I have been under the doctor' care moat
nri 1 1 n 1 r nrrnfi
IW-at adapted for the weaier climate, l'rice lteannable. Headquarters
lor A Haifa, Clover, Timothy and l!lu (Ira Keml, Heed Wheat, Seed Oat,
and nil other rWil Criiin; Keil Corn, V,nn, Knlllr Corn and other Forage
1'luiit H,iih; Vi iretnlilH ninl Kloaer Keeil our ecinltiN. A full line of
Poultry Sutclles anJ Remedies. Catalogue mailed free on application.
Uni" lor MMi'iiil price,
m Buggies. I'haetons.SurrcysJrars, Harness
Mai air.rl from farlari al W kiilMala I'rir, SO ear rl
laiiaraiiinl lr l f. W m
,'r.i aialnan Mini I ,'anUln
irlil Ian, Atlanta Me"a'Oi ii,
It U tu.
A Illum e ( arrhiKf Co. tl I
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Trias at Nary Yard.
New Yokk, March 28. Tho battlo
thip Texaa which arrived at Tompkins
villo Saturday night weighed anchor
Sunday and proceeded to the nav7
Jard, "No order relating to the St.
'aul have beou received by a from
tho govern mental authorities," said
Jame A. Wright, of tha International
Navigation company. "The hip will
fail ou hor regular trip without fall.
We are doing nothing out of the or
dinary in unloading hor cargo."
Urvsliam Ordered te lall.
MilwaL'kkk, March VS. Capt&ia A.
B. Davi, commander of the revenue
cutter UroHham, received a diepatcb
from Washington ordering him to abij
a complement of 70 mou and proceed M
Cleveland a oon tut possiblo. Captain
Davi wu also asked in the dispatch ii
ho thought it possible the Gresbam
could ran tho Bt, Lawreace rapid, thai
avoiding tho lock, to pas which would
entail shortening hor, Tbe captain il
lumtlgatlng the subject.
llallew Will I'lead Oullty.
Faikkiki-D, Cal., March 28, Frank
Jlellcw ha anno onocd hi intention ol
ploarling guilty to the murder of hii
bmthor and sister. He ha aignedi
tatemeut lu writing that he committed
the crime, declarliig that he doe not
know what moti ve' prompted Itand
adding thut he will provide for hi
children and throw himlf oa thl
mercy of tho court. .
Stock Market Nervotub
Nkw Yoiik, March 2H.-The
ODouod with a very vigorou
movement, led by the national etocki
and tho granger. Aa noon a the open
ing demand for the sliort wan atlslled,
value were allowed to tag again and
noma of the Npcuialtle euffered Mvon
Hpanish I'reM Comment.
MAhitii), March K8. The Imparoia)
and the Liberal today agree in laying
that the mediation of Kuropeaa powen
will be difficult in view of the orlU ia
the far east, adding 1 "Anyway- Spain
i ablejlierNclf to reent insult and repa
dlate unjust accuNUtious."
of the time. J was so that I could not lis
on my left side but a few moments at
time, My appetite was very poor, and I
Could Not "loop
but a few hours st night. Last January I
waa taken with the grip, and I wa con
fined to the house for ten week. J was
very low, and wa attended by the best
physician we could get; I could not eat
anything, and could not lie in bed, and II
eeined a though nothing would help me.
The first of March my huiband procured
s bottle of JJood's Barsaperilis, and I be
gan taking it. In less than a week X was
able to He In bed, end have a good night's
sleep. I continued taking Iiood's Barsa
parills, and now I can aleep oa my left
aide, which I bad not been sble to do for
year. My appetite Is good, and I have
gained strength and flcth. I have taken
four bottles ol IIood'sSaraparllla." Mas.
NiciioiJts Maa, Independence, Iowa,
ll'xx' Kursaparlll la
The Medicine) For You
JiccauHO of what it has done for other;
because you ought till spring to tako
(hat which will do you (he moid good.
dl D D DD &
M t I t A - If It-
I to Hiiro to get Hood's.
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rui 1 uen
And Field
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Buy Your Trees of It
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