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    March 31, 1898
President Requests Congress
to Carefully Consider It.
DeUeyes That Spain Will Act Honor
ably In the Matter.
Main Was Wrecked by a Mine Uoaro"
Enable t FU Heiponilblllty For the
IMaaeter Captain Kaouerated
Kruui All Illame,
Washington, March 28. Tho presi
dent today stmt tho following message
to congrttHH ;
To thu OmKri'Hi of the United Htntmt
For some time prior to the visit of the
Maine to Havana harlxr our consular
reprwiutativos pointed oat the advan
tages to follow from the visit of na
tional ships to the Cuban waters, In ac
customing tho people to the presence of
our flag us tho symbol of good will and
of our ships in tho fulfillment of the
uilssUm of protection to American in
tercuts, even though no imrnediuto need
therefor might eist.
Accordingly, on tho 24th of January
last, after a conference with the Hpun
ish minister, in which the renewal of
visits of our war vessels to Spanish
Opr. yhaowic . uuictm avwm,
opr. SW60K
board or iKoumr.
waters was discussed and accepted, the
peninsular authorities at Madrid and
Havana were advised of the purpose of
thin government to resume friendly
naval vudts at Cuban port, and that in
that view the Maine would forthwith
call at the port of Havana. Thin an
nouncement wan received by the Span
iith government with appreciation of
tho friendly character of the viHit of
the Maine and with the notification
of the intention to return tho courtesy
by sending HpaniMh ships to tho prin
cipal ports of the United Stutes. Mean
while, th Maine entered the port of
Havana of the 2 't h of January, her ar
rival being marked with no special in
cident besides the exchange of cus
tomary salutes und ceremonial vwits.
The Muino continued in the harbor
of Havana during tho three wet kn
following her arrival. No appreciable
excitement attended her stay. On the
contrary, a feeling of relief and confi
dence followed tho resumption of the
long interrupted friendly intercourse.
Ho noticeable wax this immediate effect
of her that the consul general
strongly urged that the presence of our
liiiM in Cuban waters should bo kept
up by retaining tliem at Havana, or in
the event of Iter recall, by seuding
their versel there to take her place.
At 1' M'i ill the evening, of the Kith of
February, tho Maine wan destroyed by
un exploiiiu, by i Itteh tho entire for
ward part of the khip wan utterly
wrw led. lit thU i'ata.itnpho two ot!l
;ct and "tin of her cinw riNhed, tluwe
who wire not killed outright by her
4lploioil being M-uued IhH weeiHliM'kt
by the (.ingle of wreckage, and drowned
meets tho Hon. John E. Smiley
IU Clerk.
A irl(,
The lietingtiUhril itimlir of tbu Oliin
annate, Hon. John K, Hmilrj, in ruin
ul ' rn ua, gar It He hie oiiiuloa Hint
tt I lit great I reined ol the na. I
elia title ut mure be U but r'il-r-
MlMlat h thtlUaainU l Uther t.U
nre envi", ami the rhM mtoe altM-a
Mltw.-lt.-ei l hie tUUm-ul M the author
ity ltUh hie Mtettiin give toll. Htti-U
iihu wuull not ante euH thing etio-pt
tntr m iiel.U-rll ealhn.Uieti hi
l I l- l.led It, lie go) on Itl ear ht
IV ru na Mi an iiH.iuit rvioo'lr lr
reterrh, wulljr rtfrhl 4mmmhi ul
Ike eloMch. Ae thie kapiwa Id U
rt r etWwl tluwaee la the epnaii i
ih tvar, Ihte riMrk Uetli Hmly.
It to rtfth tJ the ttuiHAt li h -t)i4i've
I he mI e-eio n eprtegtiwe, Kr
hud II ht t'iite trnmntoH tuUkeeom
lrt-t HMnl etn-. IV ra a !. mil
vNHr irtijr rbev llie tat(tow, hat
rurre lhm hr rtiuila the rew, V
re a U it a 1 ht . rias nr
eiiNte'aal tirl, hvl U kvlttteJ m
ttforlr l Ike hU etMi. Mr,
rmil-y i Inf h to Mf tht, ae
ttiK, he Im'v Vrt h il.
, rvmatk Uvellrwly Iru. IV m e te
an ,tl loah', an 4 W fa(,i h-
the Mioet talr )ue.i4ael the
,rM lf thle urMe,
T IV re lf Vl4atUriuti
tuwtpani tl t'ttlamlmi, UhlM, mt !
lug lie Volttitte itl timtUf teliNtiUi
eattWi the Netioal ftltwe. rWt. tor
rttpf tl II IwKtr the e4itii Ut !
A 1
then go ahead. Bo ure you get llood'a
Sarwuparilla and you may confidently
exjHvt it will purify your blood and
give you appetite and atrength.
HOOD'S PILLS act enKily and
promptly on the liver and bowela.
Cure trick headache.
by the immediate sinking of the hull.
Prompt assiiitance wu readered by
the neighboring vessels anchored in the
harbor, aid being especially given by
the boats of the Spanish cruiser Alfon
so XIII and the Ward line steamer City
of Washington, which lay not far dis
tant. The wounded were generously
cared for by the authorities of Havana,
the hospitals bolng freely opened to
them, while the earliest recovered
bodies of tho dead were interred by the
municipality in a public cemetery in
the city. Tributes of grief and sym
pathy were offered from all ofllclal
quarters of the island.
The appalling calamity fell upon the
peoplo of our country with crushing
force, and for a brief time an intense
excitement prevailed, which in a com
munity less just and self-controlled
than ours, might have led to hasty acts
of blind resentment. This spirit, how
ever, soon gave away to tho calmer
processes of reason and to tho resolve to
investigate tho facts and await the ma
terial proof before forming a judgment
as to the cause, the responsibility and,
if the facts warranted, tho remedy due.
This courso necessarily recommended
itself from the outset to tho executive,
for only in the light of a dispassionately
ascertained certainty could it determine
tho nature and measure of its full duty
in the matter.
Tho usual procedure was followed, as
in all cases of casualty or disaster to
national vessels of any maritime state.
A naval court of inquiry was at onco
organized, composed of oflicers well
qualified by rank and practical experi
ence, to discharge the onerous duty im
posed upon them. Aided by a strong
force of wreckors and divers, the court
proceeded to mftko a thorough investiga
tion on the spot, employing every avail
able means for the impartial and exact
determinat ion of the causes of the ex
plosion, Its operat ions have been con
ducted with the utmost deliberation and
ydgment, and whilo independently
ursuod, no source of information was
neglected and the fullest opportunity
was allowed for a simultaneous investi
gation by tho Kpanish aut horities.
Flutllng-i of the Hoard.
The finding of the court of inquiry
was reached after 2!) daysof continuous
labor, on March 21, and having been
approved on tho 2Und by the commander-in-chief
of the United Htatcs naval
force on the North Atlantic stafion.was
transmitted to the executive. It is here
with laid before the congress, together
with the voluminous testimony taken
before tho court. Its purport is in brief,
as follows : When the Maine arrived
at Havana she was conducted by the
regular government pilot to buoy No.
4, to which she was moored iu from
five and ouu-hiilf to six futhoms of
The state of discipline on board, and
the condition of her magazines, boilers,
coal bunkers and storuge compartments
are passed in review, with the conclu
sion that excellent order prevailed, and
that no indication of any cause for an
internal explosion existed iu any quar
ter. At 8 o'clock, on tho evening of Feb.
15, everything hud been secure and all
was quiet. At :-10 o'clock tho vessel
was suddenly destroyed. There were
two distinct explosions, with a brief in
terval between tliem. Tho first lifted
tho forward part of the ship very per
cept ibly ; tho second, which was more
prolonged, is attributed by the court
to the partial explosion of two or moro
of tho forward maga.iues.
The evidence of (lie divers establishes
that thu after part of tho ship win prac
tically intact, and sauk in that condi
tion a very few miuutes after tho ex
plosion. At frame 17. the (inter shell of the
hiM, from a p tint l''u feet f mm tho
middle line of tho sluo and six feet
above the keel when iu its normal po
sition, ha Ixieii forced up so as to bo
now about four feet alsivo the surface
of tho water; therefore, about 84 feet
above where it would bo had 'ho ship
uuk uninjured.
The outride bottom plating U l'iit
into a reversed "V" shajiK, ilui after
w ing of winch, about 1 ft't broa I an I
fet't III l. itu'llt (front frani" 17 to
frame ;'"), Is doubled hark umiii U If
Kg itiifct the continuation of the eniue
plating extending forward
At frame IS lite Vertical keel U broken
in two and the kwl Uni tutu an unglo
titular to tho aule forme I for lite
uulnldu plate. Tin break U alUt nil
feet Mow tho tturfai nl the walr and
aUiut fw atmva n normal pwiiiou.
In tbi opt 11 loii of the court I lilt rlTwt
ttiuld have hifii pro-lit.-.' I only by the
fk.loii of initio eiiotied it nd. r the
tsaiotii of the htp, el about frame t
au I eoiuv. hl o lh poll tide ef the
i aiielNthMt el the t
The eon, Imiou of the four I are 1
That the loaeuf the Mut w n 4 In
ear rp t daw ti fault or nligeu.
oalhepttrt of any of lh odtoie of
uealr nl iur t rvw
Tht the thip w Ulrv-l by the
tipWMN (t a eehetariae ntia, with h
tar4 the prtul ipbtit nf ma 14
lMr uf h forward uia4taM ( tu l.
Thl tott t .ltw h 44 Umm obuiaal te
t4 IH r'ii4bihir f t the d.
trta 1 wm of I he Matut at aay rit
tw rMtL
I he dire.le.1 ht the Padiarf i.f
I he wtufl uf U'lairy a4 lh ie tf
this t'lverattiful iherwMi t rutuMaat.
rie4 ii th oiatuat f her tujir,
Ihe ea. and 1 4.1 a tratil Myself
Id dottU lh Sres t Jalh ff lh
ItpabUlt aaimsi will dVll a tree itf
tioa tttiifmiifrt hf hoaur aa- Ihe
frleudly reUltotui nl Ihe l guvern
MeaU. IlWisthedely at the tiocalive li
4tts Ike uriMM wf Ike rvaatlt ud
in the meantime deliberate considera
tion is invoked.
Signed. William McKinlky.
Executive Mansion, March 28,181)8.
In neither senate nor house was there
any debate in reference to the presi
dent's message. It was refcred to the
committee on foreign relations under
the rules. The house adjourned early
oat of respect to Represutative Simp
kins of Massachusetts.
hip Blown Up by a Mine Exploded fa
der Fort Side Second Explotlon, That
of Two Maaailnei, Follows lge
bee Exonerated,
Washington, March 28. The follow
lng is the full text of the report of the
court of inquiry :
U. B. 8. Iowa, Ket West, Fla.,
March 21. After full and mature con
sideration of all of the testimony before
it, the court finds as follows :
1. That the United States battleship
Maine arrived in the harbor of Havana,
Onba, on Jan. 25, 181)8, and was taken
to buoy No. 4, in from five and one
lalf to six fathoms of water, by tho
regular government pilot. The United
States consul general at Havana had
notified the authorities at that place the
previous evening of tho intended ar
rival of tho Maine.
2. The stute of discipline on board
the Maine was excellent, and all orders
and regulations in regard to the care
and safety to tho ship were strictly car
ried ont. All ammunition was stored
away in accordance with instructions,
mud proper care was taken whenever
ammunition was handled, Nothing was
stowed in any one of the mugadnes or
shell rooms.which was not permitted to
be stowed there. The magazines and
shell rooms are always locked after
having been opened ; and after the de
struction of tho Maine, the keys were
fonnd in their proper place in the cap
tain's cabin, everything having been
reported secure that evening at 8 p. m.
The temperatures of tho magazines and
shell rooms wero taken daily and re
ported. Tho only magazine which hud
an undue amount of heat waslhe after
10-inch magu.iue, and that did not ex
plode at tho time the Muino was de
stroyed. Tho torpedo war heads were
all stowed in tho after part of tho ship
nndor tho wardroom, and neither
caused nor participated in the destruc
tion of the Muino. The dry guncotton
primers and detonators were stowed in
the cabin aft and remote from the scene
of the explosion. Tho waste was care
fully looked after on board tho Maine
to obvlato danger. Special orders in
regard to this had been given by the
commanding officer. Varnishes,dryers,
alcohol and other combustibles of this
naturo were stowed on or above tho
main deck and could not have had any
thing to do with the destruction of the
Tho medical stores were stowod aft
nnder the ward room, and remote from
the scene of tho explosion. No danger
ous stores of any kind were stowed be
low in any of the other storerooms.
The coal bunkers were inspected. Of
those bunkers adjoining the forward
magazines and shell rooms, four were
empty, namely : 158, 114, 155, 150, "A15"
had been iu uso that day and "A16"
was full of i'tew Ilivcr coal. This coal
had been curel'ully inspected before re
ceiving it on board. The bunker in
which it was stowed was accessible on
three sides at all times, und tho fourth
side at this time on account of bunkers
B4 and 150 being empty. This bunker,
A10, hud been inspected that day by the
engineer ollicer on duty. Tho lire
alarms in the bunkers were iu working
order, and there had never been a case
of sMjntaueous combustion of coul on
board the Maine. Tho two after lsnlors
of tho ship wero in use at tho time of
tho disaster, for auxiliary purposes
only, with acoiuparatively low pressure
of steam, and being tended by a reliable
watch. These boilers could not have
caused tho explosion of tho ship. The
four forword boiler huvo since botu
found by tho divers, und are in a fair
On the night of tho demotion of
A Meillral UUrovrry That Krrevtualljr
t'nm i'llra in Yry Purm.
For many years pliynlcluu liitvecxitcri
litelited In vain, mfkilig U remedy wtiieli
would (((dually curt pibe and otltr
rtetul troubles, without rvmirtiug to a
Miirgieal (niUoii, .Many Mmiedu. r
found In give temporary rebel, but Hon
could ho depeuded upon to make it Ui
lug, salieluctory cm re.
Within rrceut period, however, a tie
rvmdy,lhe I'vraiuid File l ure, ha bwit
retatvdly teetd In hundred uf eae
and with blgly eatiebu-ury r.ulte.
The tlret i lh vt of the I'jrraiuid File Cur
1 o litetautl v remove the pain ami I rri
tation aeueralli reul, and from the I
tune uu the cure mi'ldty irogrvev aud
before lh pala-al I hardly aware o( it
U eatiHy cured. The rmdr went to
art direeily un Ihe arrve and blood vee.
e l id lh ru affiled a II e.utwe lulu
din! eoulacl with thnt and eet up a
hralthy as liua, a ha h la a h-rlly att
ar! mmf bring lh pari Iu thnr aor
uil etiaditmn.
lh rvntedy (lo it aork without i
l or iHintuMui u Ihe tiftrr aud
I ptlf etiitihred une ul lb stuil iter
ittirtua dciitri ul nutdnru Md'iee.
I Me i m id lh wtuel aaaoiintf and
ultoa tlu. tlejiK.r.t. tlrae with
hh kawantlf U atft le.1. Il nltv.t
II lr4aatiy dvip lain Mim1 or
mm rqaaliy fatal r i'virtiU r Id,
kvffvne, hy lh llwiely m id Ihi IU
hl tfi'ti rMtely an oh a4 1r a
etegi Uav Iruat any km ul ptk aWee
lhf al l(V
lh I'iranild I'd larw U -fhil
harwtHMa, etalaiaid aa aiatl
and at a'wt very relM la pr, Mt
l be I &0 eat l-atrkase h et, in
drd ir rrnher. I he nanal
lufer id lh reiMlr are ih I'lrauod
r( I , id lUrhll, Mah., wha hare
.4 thM iea jeparalioa More
Ihe pitblHi ualy after iid II thorough
and rvle4 Hl I lh hand id r
tahte ihjaia h ralt la k
dr.l (J raeew hi att4 lhal II
ill n fv4.
An Afflicted Mother.
from the Tlinee, Paw Paw, III.
A resident of this town has lost two
children during the past six years, by
violent deaths baa been utterly pros
trated by the shock, and seriously sick
as a result of it. Onechild (aged 0) was
killed by a cyclone in '90 while at school;
another, three years later, was run over
by a Burlington H. R. train. That
griefs and misfortunes may so prey on
the mind as to lead to serious physical
disorders baa been well demonstrated la
this case. As a result of them, her health
was shattered and she has been a con
stant sufferer since 1800. Her principal
trouble has been neuralgia of the stom
ach which was very painful, and exhibited
all the symptoms of ordinary neuralgia,
nervousness and indigestion. Physicians
did ber no good whatever. She was dis
couraged and abandoned all hopes of
getting well. Finally, however, a certain
well known pill was recommended il)r.
Williams' I'ink Fills for Fale Peoplo.)
She supplied herself with a quantity of
tbem and had not taken thorn two weeks
wbon she noticed a marked Improvement
A Connlont Hiiffumr,
in her condition. She continued taking
the pills until seven or eight boxes had
been consumed and she considered her
self entirely cured. Hhe can now eat all
kinds of food, which Is something she
has not boon able to do for years. Hhe
Is not troubled In the least with nervous
ness us she was during the time of ber
stomach troubles.
She is now well and all because of Dr.
Williams' Pink Fills for Palo People a
complete cure has been made.
If any one would like to hour more of
the details of ber suffering and relief
gained by the use of Dr. Williams' Fink
Pills for Palo People they may be ob
tained probably, by writing the lady di
rect. KI10 is one of our well known resi
dents, Mrs. Ellen A. Oderkirk, Paw Paw,
the Maine everything hod been reported
secure for tho night at H p. m. by relia
ble persons, through tho proper author
ities, to the commanding officer. At
the time tho Muino was destroyed the
ship was quiet, aud, therefore, least
liable to accident caused by movomonts
from those on board.
fc, The destruction of the Maine oc
curred at 9 :40 p. m., on Feb. 16, 1898,
in tho harbor of Havana, Cuba, being
at the time moored in tho same buoy
to which she hud been tukon npon bor
arrival. Tho forward part was com
pletely demolished.
Upon the evidence of concurrent ex
tcrnul cause tho finding of the court is
as follows :
Thore were two explosions of a dis
tinctly dilferent character, with a
very short but distinct interval between
them, and the forward part of the ship
was lifted to a marked degree at the
time of the first explosion.
Tho first explosion was more in the
nature of a report, like that of a gun,
while the second explosion was more
open, prolonged aud of greater volume.
This second explosion was, in the opin
ion of the court, caused by tho partial
explosion of two or moro of the forward
magazines of tho Maino.
The Condition of the Wreck.
4. Thu evidence bearing on this, be
ing principally obtained from divers,
did not enable tho court to form a defi
nite conclusion as to the condition of
tho wreck, although it was established
that the after part of tho ship was
practicully intact, and sank in that con
dition a very few minutes after the de
struction of tho forward part.
Tho following facts iu regard to the
forward part of tho ship are, however,
established by the testimony :
That fsirtion of tho port sido of the
protective dock, which extends from
about frame 110 to about frame 41, was
blown up aft and over to port. The
main dock, from about frame 30 toalsmt
frame 41, wus blown up aft and slight
ly over to sturlxiard, folding the for
ward part of tho middle uiertructaro
over and 011 top of the after part. This
wm, in the opiuiou of the court, caused
by tho partial explosion of two or more
of tit forward man uinci of the Miine,
.. At frame 17, the outer shell of the
hip, from a (stint eleven and one-half
feet from the middle liuit of the ship,
and su feet attovn tho keel, when In il
normal petition, hat Ih i ll forced up
an to 1st wow about four ft aUive tha
urface of tho walur, therefor ahoai
thirty four feet atstvu where 11 would
I the hlp sauk uninjured. Tha nut
id bottom pUiiug I bout Into a ro
ver"! V shape, the after wing of
w lib h aUiul If. feet brd and Si f
lu IviiKth (from, fr-vua )7 to friiu H
WdwoMd Uw k upon Udf at(tinl lh
coiiltuuatl u of IU Mill pUllii ex
truding forward
A I fraui It lh vertU'al keel la bnkm
in two, and lh tUl hcl bul into an
auU ltuiUr l' Hi aurft tWiiied br
lh ouuil U a Mm pUiiug Taw brk
1 now about et fel tdow lh rf,w
t.f the wir ud about 84 fowl aUiv
t a. utai p.ilMoi
la lle tittoi of ih rtart, IU f
fl iold h it twew pnl . I only by
Ihe etpi atoil of a tiitae lal- uu It
the Imi i-11 uf lb hip al atatul fruit
I, an I MMwhi ut Dm rl ld uf
lh thtp
a, 1 h mart Ad laal tha hM l Ih
MaUio, mh the o Mtoit aiM., wm ut
a any rii da i fall i
fa- ua the rl uf aay wf lh if?WH
if MtHtl of Ih creer uf said eerl
1, la lh uiiaiowi uf Ihe ihmM h
Mbt W lt.'IMJl y Ih tlpoUM
id a lahinartH una, whWk ea. la
I-riul vttdeweM uf lw uf mum uf
.irjrvl ut;ioe
a. lb tuart Unable h tW
(lVaia4 ta III l'a.)
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