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March 24, 189
Maximum Rat Cut,
4 To Editor Independent: To the atu-
ont of political event, it Is of eeln
tiflo intercut to look back over the Ne-
hrn.ka rate cane, recently decided by
Mr. Justice Harlan and Me oaaoclaUsa.
The railway, under mutual agree
went, make and maintain rut baaed
on all or more tlian the traffic will
bear, with diBcrlniluutJon againet
comnioditlee, M well a againet in
dlvlduula and eommufiltlea, without
Minaidfrinff the rlifbta of the iiuMie
The public then endeavor by fcglalo.
tive action on almllar line, to apply
the anme arbitrary rule, In other
word, each parly to Uie ucuon iuei
the position that one wrong Juatlflea
another; end the public labor under
the tnlataken notion, flowing irom me
coiling lawa, that material value can
be act by Jaw. ,
For Jut uch condition, we have
court of law and they buae their find
ing on that which la preaented thein,
modified by publlo opinion or, if the
matter pre n tea la not too ronivai w
be auatained by public opinion.
Jt hu been charged tliat the an
prcme court ia in partiierhlp with He I
mont, Vandwbllt, tiould A Co., J5UJ'
THAT IH NOT TMJK, We have aa
much reaaon to charge Mr. Juatle Ta
ney with having lwi in partiwrablp
with the alave holder in tho Jred
Heott dedalon. In tiiat cnae it wua de
cided that the negro l"l KUi
which the white man waa bound to rv
peet, and it waa upheld by the beat (?)
mind and properly holding eluaae
for year; and until overthrown oy
civil war.
Utile the altuatlon fa guarded by
the public, our court are now on the
point of holding that th natural per
aon' right ore eecondnry to thoae of
the artificial iieraon and that will
mean more than the blowing up of a
Maine and linpoaalblo to quell by the
bond holder, who know he can make
more reprlaiil by law than by war.
The fact ia, that the iienduluui of
Judfelil dedalon, awing In the vortex
of public opinion, driven by the wolght
of individuality in the doiuluantminda
of private and public affair.
'Hint I why the commercial and pu
ternuliatic clunnea dominate in nation
al affaire today. That i why we have
a great ami good eunach in the harem
of the truafa, aueeeedlng the great vul
gar tyrant at Waahington liwlead of
a ia teaman.
There are vurlou kfnd of cupilnl,
according to how It ia created. Tliat
which ia created by fho hand of the
(idler, I of alow growth and expand
by agea a do the coral lied of the
ocean. It J IndivldtiulUI Ic, and on It
accretion rent the at incline of hu
man advancement and liberty.
That which i created by the mind
work In the dominion of law, ia pa
ternalistic in if nature, and compared
with that created by the toller, get
aomcthlng for nothing. That I why in
a mixed aoclety of capital, cupltnl-of-tlie-luind
f liable to fx: looked down
upon by eapltttl-of-thc-brulii, when by
chance in fail into vulgcr hand and
conflict with law. That I a moat valid
reaaon, from public policy, why mind
mode capital aboiihl be accondury to
Inbor-miide capital why acml-publlc
function audi aa railway ahould be
hedged ulxwt by fixed rate on the
poatut baal; for the average railway
muiinger I not bleNMcd with any too
much political wiwloui nor bunlne
acnae. HI great exeetitlve, ability
when unreatrtilned become dictatorial
and when thrown out of harmony of
combine and division with hi fellow
he I prone to deatroy hi road' reve
nue by rate war. The Miiiicliou by the
inter Mate couiiiiIkkIoii to do that vio
lence ha jimt now been granted to the
Troiia-Coiitinc ntul line for that very
purpose in competition with the Ca
nadian line.
Mr, Jiiaticn Taney m1 1 11 ply reflected,
with hi delegated authority a one of
the great ilmnioii of government, it
public opinion.
So now doca Mr. Jtnttiee llarlau in
till ciimc, any pnu'lically without not
ing the weight of the fifth amend
ment, that a railroad i a "pentou" (an
artificial pernon it. i true) bidding
proicrty which our law protect, e
curis from tnt coullm'iitiou by the
fourteenth amendment of the consti
tution. To the ordinary mind, It may appear
a forced conat ruction to couple n mil
way with on enfritiiclmed negro. Hut
the principle I there, the tlilTticnt
Regarding Romodios for Dyspepsia
ami Indigestion.
The national di.n of American I
iiiditfwatiou or, hi it chronic form, d)-iH-pma.
nml lor th vry reaaon that it
la ao common innii T hoIh nealeet I ak
in rur treatment for ahal they con
aider tntliiiil ktotnaeh trouble, when an
liialtr ol fact, liidiHllo lata ilia foun
U at 10 11 or man, ineiirahla diaanaee. No
wrou with m Vinorou, healthy atom
arh, will (all a victim to roeouiiiptum
kUnv kidaey iliaKMwa and banrt trmtWa
! Ibeir leiilaulaK Iroiil Hmr di(
(inn; Una, mrvou ola arw ftlijr an
bwauK tti if aiiiniHi lt ar nut ol Kir;
WMrjr, laiiMtt d, I1.h om( nne oa
the r cou'lniun tu iiiiiwihrt dinntiua,
H lira aerljr avt r ria f 04 ut 1
iltltrl4 wild ak tltnealioa II Hi lo't
aurpruniii litat iitli rvry mt mt
nl md 1 u om la iwerinl vlatnia to b
vara lot iliiia. a
lit uibrr iroutiha, alara In tact, a lr,
Vrtkr thora k hul tauta
dit'ia tur wauti la U tir m
aa tvliftltw, an J, HtortNitor, ibte raii
U aot i.uat ( tua, I' nl ia
(ibo MiitihiaaHoN tit ! 'M (tr
Ihim aiH4i a-tir), vttat'M m.
twe. trail anlUea-l tfiiaia, tl Ulaol.l
I-1 irta,'t aoilnf aut id Utaarl'
iili4 Taiat. titratariaai
tialiua era lual ) larw, tal lot la.H
MlMa or aai aiowavli lruatks aiaait
Tltilwl 1MU aroi mf aha l id aa
raady ( d T B imi !
M tktaa. S11 tlM-nag M tmoaari,
aiHiittr Ml all lte i4aMK lhtt )u
aiaal tad la lalU J 11,
tar raaU, all la aiowaca
awila la a ial. aaa niaarl a I'tM-l
Tattle t M dag I a aura 4 4g
ttiUit td IIm UhWie al
rpwktf. Mine immi oa iiiu
diMHta aa iaiiaaiai ir- tj
4dnMag Ulaai I IV., ! la. Mar
kail, tut
"peraona" In thla caae doca not alter
the fifth amendment which aay: ' 0
aeraon ahall be deprived of life, lib
erty, or l'KOI'EKTV without duo pro-
' u,hih niu'tnient waa de-
ITM t .......
aimed to protect the natural peron
from the rapaeny 01 we w i"
on, which principle ahould not be ap
. .'. ... ....... I nfTair in like
manner a wa In thl caae applied tho
fourteenth amendment, neiuier u
,1...,.iifl(.n drawn to the
fact that in a conflict of right be
tween tliat of the natural peraon ami
that of the artificial peraon the rM'
of the riaturtii peraon ore
It could and ahould bo ahown that
..........! u 11 1. ,.n from the natural
peraon without due proccaa of law by
the artificial peraon, or ruiwu, ...
,...ll...,l,i,i nil (llloWM!
iy.ii''.',.'n - .... . J
For inatttiice, on a cor m vm 01
fourth cliia gooda.aiu'ii aa grocenca,
4s a ft 1 In i. four luifidn(l wU'M out
of Chicago in Iowa on any of the
trunk line leading to umana, wio
rate 1 If carrleil on one hun
dred milcafttrtherto Omaha the rate
I the aame Th inltitory and ti-r-mlnal
coat being the anme whether
carried one or a million m I lea,
granting the aliorter haul rate I
reaaomibly low which in thl caae
I not true, it I renaotialde under
the ton per mile theory that the one
1 1-...1 miia iirilu.p of haul or
llUfliuri ..... - ; , ,
whechige, ahould be dlaregardwi. Hut
auppoHO the car coniinue on we 01
Omaha, for i! mile the rate I then
$2HH frmn Chicago, in other word
J 00 mile of haul 1 dlaregarded in
Iowa, but 11(10.00 I added for 100
mile of haul in Nebraska, on that
car. To put It plainer, 1'J0,00 on
every car load 0 fourth da ooda,
Chicago Int" Kearney, 1 exoctwl by
the rowl from the pcojilo without
due proce of law, and that prior
clple hold good on every Um of
every chia of mcrclmndiae carried
inl tlie afiife of Nebraaka went of
Lincoln and Fremont, Hefore tlie
paaaa.g of the Intcr-atnte cimmerce
act, ratea ilrat claaa from Chh'ftgo to
Omaha were made fiO ct or lea by
"open aecret," rebate. Boon after the
act of congrca under agreement,
the rate waa mode afablo at fi5 ct-e,
with a lighter lounge than now, ami
they are now 80 cf. and Nebrnaka
ami nil the tmna-Mlawiurl country
paya on every hundred jwiiind at
that rate.
Ami fnrf lue u in rati-a. If the iicoide
at Kearney and In Nebnwka would
Mimtfilu me in enjoining the collection
i.l ..v .Oii.p limn mi 11 vcrnie rule UN
outlined In my pica 011 the 3rd of .June
before too interainre commerce nine
ti.Luirm at. li IiimitIiiu- In Cli lea !'. we
could whip the corporation on every
,11,. i.t IIh.Ip riiiid. before UllV COIII't of
competent Jurlartlef Ion. Jt would pro-
tcet tlie rignt or me rooo, prou-ii
the public ngalimt dlMcriminalion,
make the rate ao reasonable n to
l,.iit.1i.liotiiiiiniieiiiid nlace the t.nniN-
porfafioii queatlon in conformity with
the gcniu 01 our ponueai 111111 in ion.
It wa proven In the lower court,
before Mr. .luatlce Hrewcr, that a
bucket of whltewaah wit a bucket of
paint, and the wat'r In the whitewash
ill In the 1 ii 1 11 1 . which oil Im-
cume ancred under the law of tvmtrnct
mid vcatcd rlghta at a fixed Income.
A till Unit, tiolnt wn denv the rltfllt
of capital to a fixed income, whether
it I exprcHKcd 111 the num-in aim
bruin of labor, or in the vetil or dl
vealed value, and maintain that if by
the act of (iod, it hilnir are abort I ve,
capital Hlioulil to I lint cxti-iit wora ior
ii,.ili)nir. If bv 11 failure 01 croon the
road have dearth of tonnage they are
not entitled to higher rate thereby
lieeauHe of their Invent nieiit or mort
gaged condition, nor becutiKc they are
wealthy paiipcra. The forgerlea In
MtiM-ka and liond that hac been float
ed on our artillciiil ci'koiim are citll-
luir f.n- uniii'l illi-nl inn bv till' blood (if
the lamb, (alicttcd by iiiiinerou he
gonlH who arc looking for an oppor-
, . . 1 1 ' ... t . I , I . . . ! u .. I
tunny to 110 newiNe. wnn i-neir u-i-lowtt)
tlirougli master In chancery
mil oMiclal ai'lM, 11 11 1 1 1 Home 01 our
In Hint I'll 11 be ilnnliciili'il tor tlf-
ti'cu 1 1 01 1 Mil ti4 1 dollar for a mile call
lug for an Income on one hundred
lliirty-flve thouitaud douiii'M per mile.
Ami it, I none in a niMcriiiiiiiiuiug
way, otherwiMe their toigerle would
mutually become acknowledged
't in. i'kl imnli'il tnbli'H. Iireiiared bv
Mr. lillwoith of the atate Itoard, ac-
tuallv khoMel a miiiiII Income for
the load than did the estimate
(i:S M VTCK mind you, for conlriiry
0 WW, I nere are no complete iih ih
uiiiiiIIimI h to lot-Ill toillUILre lit llH'ltl
lit le-) made and t. ntltied to by the rail
vvnv ofliciaU IIh iiim Im,, and on thoxe
iibnliltioiiM, ifiiiii'd by the M-iitc a
at'etil, Mr. ,liiliet Hrewer, hill l
brliiL' lim II111I111L'.
Vtul. bv the Mitv. the (.!' It'l ill it'll of
the hlatn Uaii'tl of traiiKpttrtulUin ul
uhim liut lui'ii. uiul Hie iitiw utiiMilht-
etl to Ian (or imliili itl rennoiin or
lor llwiMiilH'lewey or ihhii, ii i.itn wm
ary pultl to the iiiri-e wn paid to one
man, ami a IWteeii hutnltt'd ilollitr r
)mr rata clerk aUeu to til in, willi Hi
Id of our attorney unural, a a tml
Itl'M plOlNMllllttl ,rttllth I'Otll'l lllrtkB
trout thira to lU tin.ilon a er.
ilk all due rcp-vl to Mr. elt r,
it.a tlutliitfiiliilirtt attoriiev for the
tu I In iimtliuuni rule ', it ia
tutlltektrtl tltt ll vliclil iiuiiimhi
by It lmlr.l utitt lat to a grtaW r tie
Kir than waa ll by .
Il-Mati irr htksm itti ln-ilti
ami litti llijfrina lhait kata citUeii it
in i.l 1. 1 r i.l Ul lit llila uli-r-
I..-.I ui.titii. ...ilu 111k Wild
.iilirr uii h tm-it t atriHig tidt
Mualtt, atiilt a tkdwiuHl, an.leibill,
tint. 1 1 4 to. K'vali Matruw and iuk,
la th Mlniiiiii ifitii'i input, nw
tttw ink iuIihU a W, J, it)it,
. a & t k a
lor AlMl, llUMr IIOIWMWU WMltlt I
lrul will le Mtir Hrt heiiwturl Jltf
Uwvll and tth nn4 il lnli
M. milt i, trtl, trMi4 and litwral,
Ui ml In Vi'Mtf with ur lieu
Utt I tiipira,
lit.. Ika wttt t ttltttf Imh tit
rat affidta t ! national, No In
ittrn lit aiata mailrt.
I It) H (if I'AHflfH
Our paid fidithtti ttiad U .wiuttlMt
(it ktk Uoi la HM-r f a M '
wku a.uwa the loibtte rlfhk lMrnf
the aeUM f I ha ImI atatw tll'
I tit Ik wrlUf 'rfrr.t m Ull iw
Intinir naaaenirer rate it calle4 ' for
the iaaue of a five hundred mile tick
et at two cent per mile, good In the
hand of the bearer. A card ticket i
and alwaya waa good in the hand of
tlie bearer,and there ia no valid reaaon
that a nilleage book ahould not be
good in like manner, the aame aa a
iiound of augar or nalla that have been
paid for. The bill wua presented to
the Honorable Fred UaylordCpopuliat)
of HutTalo county, to be put upon iU
paaange. It waa atraiigled In tlie
womb of tlie legislative mother by
aticii medlco-legul aborllonlt u fol
low that particular calling', known to
the public men of our atate ami prln
tera ink need not be waated tf name
The minlatcra of our afate ore given
httn-fare (a-rmif. that they may inault
the memory of the Naiircne and aliare
In the fieah pota of exertion 011 aucb
of their poor purlahoner h are
mulched lnt three cent per mile.
M'l'KAh TO VO'i'KJlfl,
Xow, my voting friend of Nebraaka,
when the time come thut public c pin
ion look unon the tmbllc man, wno
can not deny hiiiiaclf the paltry bene
fit of three cent per mile for what he
travel, AH A wldO THIhu then,
and not n.. then, can we hope to con-
vin our law maker that all trav
eler ahould pay a lower rate and tnat
none ahould travel free. There I no
valid reaaon wliy contiuitlon and atrlfe
Mhould exlat between the railway ami
the public, No one Jnduatry or agency
minmtera to the advancement and
comfort of civilization to a greater
degree than doc trauportatlon, i
it were conducted 11 It ahould be
and there are funny able, conccntlou
men engaged In that hmdm- who are
willing to ao conduct it It will atand
Mccoud to none
ict each man pick the mote from
hi own eye, nod there w be no licarn
In the eye of the atafe or federal au
premc court, for we the jieoplc, who
untie (Jordlan knofa of current event
with the ImluatrlouN, educated knbe
of (tommou acuac, are the looking glio
that reotui their cry u't.
r, (iuoim,
Kearney, Neb,, March JO, iHW.
Oreat Enthuifaim and Trcmandoua Ova
tion at Talladrega,
'J'lic following dcMcriplloii of the
iminucr in which Mr, J'.yun waa re
ceived at Talladeegn, Afatmma, hiet
week I taken from the Hentlncl, u
middle of the road opullMt paper pub
llahed at l.ewlaburg, 'J'cnn, It ahowa
that Mr, Hryan'a iiopularlty in the
aouth In greater than ever before. The
Hentlncl wiy:
"Mr, Jiryaii hn been given u per
fect ovation here. He wa met at the
depot by Ncvcriil thoiiMiind people and
eacorfeo through the little city by the
local band and military. He wit taken
directly from the train to the real
denee of Hon, ('cell Jtrowue, by whom
he ha been entertained lurlug hi
alay here. After dinner at Mr.
Hrownc where lie wu prcHcnfed to
a it u in I mt of prominent AhibiimiaiiM,
Mr, li yiiii wn driven to the court
honae where for fifteen minute he en
cournged the friend of biiuetalliam
in the work they hud o well com
menced In thl country. He wa flit-u
driven about the elfy for an hour,
after which he rented for ecveral
"At the iiMNcmbly building of the
Alabama ('iinutiiu(iia tonight he wn
met by .'1,000 people. AIhiiiI !2,000 or
them were from (hi county, the re
mainder having come from the conn-
tie adjacent, (IikIncii had alx cur
load full and the territory between
thi city and Calera had contributed
Hcvcial liundrcd pithoiim.
"Mr. liryan wu exceedingly bourne
Saturday night, ('onutunt Hpcaking
and a cold lind coutrlliiited to make
IiIm throat aorc. Hi apeecli, however,
wa a vigoroua and u well reeelved
a iimiiiiI, and the Iiiiiiiimihi; iiiidiem'e
appreciated It thoroughly."
Di'inixriitic paper iIchi'I'IInmI tlie
meet lug a one of the grcatcHt and one
of the moxt 1; 1 1 1 1 1 u hi 11 nt it' ever known
in the ntatc.
An Army nf Heror.
It. i nnnoiincet that rri-Nident Me
Klnley Intend tii give to Flthugli la-e
11 brigade In the event of war.
Through'a retention at Havana
by a republican lulmUtration and the
cordial relation between him and a
republican preaident, the country ha
already fell, a rare warming of the
heart anil eonlldeui'e In tho MTx'tiuil
brothi'l'liootl of Aiiiei-leiiUM.
If Mr, Mi'Kinley I wine enough and
geiterou eir.iiigh to ntMigii tint gull
nut confederal! noldler to a ih)mii1
bit army command, he will olllt'itilly
iiiitiotince that the ciiil war I over.
He will have at hit dill the inuiilintxl
of the Mttith, uiul the reMiiitie to hi
1 .ill will be mtide with the eiilhintlionit
which create an army of heroc. In
the rltalry aa to who ahall do ami tint
the uuii.t the noitli iiiiitit evt t I all
hUtol V If II iiiiihI exti'inl the until h.-
HI. I oiiU Kepuhllc,
tiiiii-rnor I'Iiikiw liiel a iitanlfea
In wui iiinijr the meiitliei nf the Mlt It
Igun grt.rtal aioeiubly, who were call
ttl by I1I111 to luerl In geiteial tioit
ak-alitkl the acceptaiit of fr rliritt
ticket or pMi ami tetnhidid thiitl
that a Uw on III l.ilnle IhmiV (
ItiMt ktatu tot bld imi ti tSmiproinUlng
A kMl iiMnitllwiaiitk
Vhu U Crtuc n, I'runwaa nf
WalMWar tuitiug u iUltlttui lu
latudoM rvMHlly, mi rvU,i th tUtty
drMatM I ha lltw vMlllt la
Ik mR4(vri "I kav alwai
thai Ik tt batter In !.iicUi4 tutu
trvut IWHuiata, I it ur' lk MM
Mt haaltatml a imMul au4 Ik mi aald,
'Kis yotir kttttHv: ltuMiuik Md m
th In J tliva, kul iMuttaktf id
m latHf,"
..liny People Cannot Drink
lat ll apod W.
adrih tl4a tWN
aad hmp Ml a lea. 'n tiraia.ll
mlatimaitWi ll aitatuk, iu aa4
miUokaa4 Uatwt ttl Ik
tmlMitt, r m , J g
C.f.1 aA taddrNt Utaia O I Ik
Hrtal. Wattatrvt trafift, IM
a Mlaitrtai tf Burnt M llf
'IU ll d tv8, Uaa4li
A Combination for th Purpoa of "Obey
ing" th Law,
The United State aopreme court
laxt week heard theargumenU ia the
eiise brought by the government
againxt the thirty-one rallroada which
have combined to form the joint trade
uaaoclutlon. The rallroada were rrpre
acntcd by Mr, Jamea C. Carter, Ex
Kenator Edmund, and ex-Mlniter
1'hclp; the government by Solicitor
General Hichurd. The charge agulnat
the Joint iralllc amM-latlon wua that
it ugrrementfor the dlvlMlon of other-
wlae competing traf!lc,ao oa to aure
each rood a araiclflc ah are, wa in ooen
vlolutlon of tiie anti-pooling clan of
the interatatit commerce act and that
the agreement fixing rate wu a oonv
bl nation in restraint of trade forbid
den by the anti-truat law. Mr. Carter,
who opened t lie cuae for the rullroiul,
lnftcd that unreatrlctcd competition
among them wu even more injuriou
to the general publlo than to the
toek holder, and declared that if the
Joint Truflc agreement to make rate
atable and equul to all patron were
unlawful, "all competing rouda muat
be Toumi daily violating a criminal
law." When uked by a member of
the court whether "tlie railroad are
to be expected to dlobcy the law un-
Icaa they are allowed to give a bond
tococh other to obey It," Mr. Carter re
plied: "It 1 powaibie to put audi ob
ligation on men that it 1 not poaal
ble for humun nature to obaerve
them," Kx-Kenator Kdmuml and ex
Minlatcr 1'help rcted the burden of
their argument upon the fact that the
Joint Traffic agreement wu avowed
ly one to catabllah "jut ami rcuaon
uble rate." Mr. Edmund uid that
prevlou to cntvrlng into thl compact
the road nud Jllcd their achudulca of
raU-a with the lnter-atiilc commerce
commlion, and tliat theae rate had
been tti'.cepted aa Juat and reaaonable.
Mr. Kdinund continued that the only
combination In "rcatralnt of trade'
forbidden by the Auti-Truat law weru
Much a excrciMcd an injuriou re-
atrulnt. HollclU;r-(Jenerol Jtlchurd
urged in reply to all theae argument
that every combination to rafe rutce,
however little, wu manlfcally a re
aLralnt upon trade, audi 11 the anti-
Truat law forbade, and tliat the Joint
Traffic ANHOciatlon'a ugi'ecme.nt to
glva a ecu trnl board tlie power to
make the rate would wipe out all
competition. The Jnfi'r-atute com
merce coiuiiiIhhIoii, Mr. Klchard
iiolnlcd out, could not under the. pru-
ciit law prcMcrlbe raU-, ami It wa not
ri'iiKomilile that the railroad ahould
be allowed (ii coimlitutc, a tribunal of
their own with that power.
Mr, Hiithcrland Iin recently procur
ed from the general land oflii'e a pat
ent to anme VVcbsti-r county land that
waa withheld on account or aoinc com
plication. Judge (jlllam of Itcd
(Iloiid rcpreacntcd the owner of the
land, A proper allowing wa made ut
tlie general land office and a patent
wu iHHiii'd in the tut mi' of Joacph Hill
and tniiiMmitted fi the Mi'Cook laud
ofllce for dclicvcry.
The Cnlon I'nelfli rnllwnv eotntinnv.
one of the few remaining railroad roi
poi nt in ceuu'ring at imiuhu thut de
ferred taking atock lu the
'rniiiM-.MiHKlHNipfil exposition, ha an
lioiiuced a HilbHcription of $.'i.OIIO,
Thl bring the total uiiioimt auliHcrlb-i-il
by the railroad up to $125,000.
(ieorgo (ioiild Iin proiiilMcd a hiiIi
Ncription by tlie MImhoiii'I 1'iu'iflc
"when the road' earning will war
rant, it." The road 1 expected to ub
mtiIjc ul Icnwl $10,00(1.
The AtimonoK, the cruiaer recently
piircliascd ut New-CiiHtle-on-Ty no
from the Itrailian goveriiment luia
been chrlHtfiicd the ".New Oilcan,"
War preparation continue actively
in every department.
Governor I.cedy of Kaima come In
for hi 11 h 1 111 1 kIiiiiu of abime from the
plutocratic pri'H on account of hi
i'1'ltlciiiui in the recent Huprcme court
ileclKion on the maximum freight bill
of Nchriotku. The chief point of at
tack 011 the governor wa that when
the AKHiM'iatcd I'rcMM iiituounceil ll
"cleiiu tlctory for the railroad," he
merely Hiiggexti'il that It Hccineil to
It liu an "uncli'iiii" victory . For t la 1m
he I M Initialized n a "ilaiigeroiiM
man" wIiohi "fool friend" tdiould
ccate to follow him.
Twenty tlioiiMaiiil n'Mie lUtciiinl to
V. ,1. liryan H'cnk at Atlanta, lot.,
Miiii h l and when he referred to the
war mini' and eologUcil the conduct
of CoiiHllI tn ln'liil Fitihugh I ce, Ull
iHtiiitilctl eitthuniioiiil prevailed.
I'lioiitioi I',, Wntmiit wu t'iithuin
licit lly iioiiilniitctl by tlie itopulUt of
ticorgia for gtwernor hut Yedmday,
lie ouelil (ii be elected, ( iillliltuetl
It intH'tittlc unprt iuitev lit the aontli
hu I'ltH'ci'tlt'd In tunny of them, eon
tilt hum nlmiliir to thme piiMltu itt In
Ncbrtl'i by Iweitly year of reptiblb
tiiltUiii. Mr, Walwiii rrprvMlil lite
ndmuc. pruKiviilvit I limit; hi o( the
m;e. 111 UhiI, r atilhutlly iiptoi
Ida lit leg iptrttltut of tha d.iy. Ill
rli't tloii aa gtitrritor of tii'iugbi would
be a gnitilii tli lory fur Hipttititi ami
rMtiwlti tint a4gkli,
I l .. t'r at fit ltKltrtf
114 K till! ltWM't l l
m ilt a, ' hi ti, p, t tit at
kit I the l aid t nit
..l'll ll'j l MM" - t '
. 1 h ii int. on it t l tv N iirtlti'
I t,iial'it,
tliti i"watH4,
A'tr to iev ttt'ttllt ot tlUv tk
cttai k roMnrtiiw! Ike atuitiHatitm
I T, ivtefty fe I tititiijf r tilt it
( iii.inUici. r, alt l l et 1. ttt.'dii .n
tellatf t'f. d alt twl
tktva, H(ilat a.n'k a lrV Ik "i
ptttt, i f routw, mpi.w.l ait ail lit U
a Uirt litKill In itrt.lel l-lir,
Htfiiaii.r aiwtl rd a lr lrt
IS.w.Uilf wttilra In t, tt tHi k
ftprt lw tlnMiwliii-t.lli wptn
ti tkn tut ly kliw la Malk
llaiitia d-tndi IVwtlvtty,
81 1 a aaifk M taaaartW.
aoy to Take
aoy to Operate
Are feature peculiar to Tlood'i nils. Small lo
Ize, taiteleH, efficient, thorough, it one man
taiai " you never know you
I..... ti..a ti, .in 1. , reaa 111
1 wncii m cm vtll iv 1 Bil all 4
over." zoo. u. 1. 11 00a & Co., if ja
Proprlctore, Lowell, Man. W
The only pill to take with Hood'i Bariaparllla.
Dr. Hertzman,
83 Year In Omubu
A Specialty.
Treatniflnt by Mall,
('onmji tat Ion FI1EK
516 North 16th St.
Residence Phone 65S.
Office Phone 656.
Surgeon and
Consulting: Physician
Room 17, 18 I 10, Burr Block,
Office hours: 10 to 12 f .m., 2 to
5 p.m.
Sunday hours: 3 to 5 p.m.
Are you In terra ted ia Mett
rapLy? Youna; ladle and
gentlemen can prepar tlnm
el ve In ceinparatively abort
time. The work la pleunaut a
well aa profitable. An upcrl
en cud operator in charge ol
thla di'inirtrncnt. Student
aNHlMtt'd in aecuring poaition
when comiietent, Adilreaa,
Lincoln Business College,
Lincoln, Nebraska.
Wyatt-Bullard Lumber Company
Ofllce 20th and hard Ht. 1'bon 479
Writ (or Prioe.
OMAHA, 1 j ; t NFH
Private Diseases
WMtMM m4 Wnrtt fff
80 Ymre Exrwriiinoe.
10 Vmir in Oinahm.
Book Vrm. (!tininlUv
tloa r roe. Uox Tilfl, or.
14th tsd I'arnim 8t.
TheMiHMOurl 1'nclflc city ticket offloi
hue Ihwii removed from 1201 0 atreet U
No. lOJI'J 0 treat.
In the heart
of Chicago.
The V ilon I'HeiiKr Sta
tion in ('hieao, Into whieh
all UuriiiiKtoa Itoute train
run, I hxrnted In the very
heart of the city.
Th principal hotel, the
Urgent atorea, the tet the
atr, tba hl;iftt bimlueaa
iHitHiitiaiinient, ara ouly a
ttw liltM'k tlmuiitlti rvai'ti
1 hem it Uni't even uecwuutry
To reach C'hlcairo. II I
neoeaaarv to take th Hur
lluKtoa Iti. uti thai i, U I
it you waul tba bet tbrr U.
lUniauiher thla when ar
rannlan your aril trip h.
I'ur tiekti appiv at Hur
lluatoa dopol, 7tk am)
tri, or etty omea, nru
lti(k aud Del rant.
CIO. W, BONNCll, Ci ti A T. A
Llacola, NeNnkA.
Ta Ktai ! I Ktalk.
Hthe ywa aeWltk alt-Uf roate
y way 4Pl. Mwkaala, r Ik t er laad
Htv l Pyaa, kgy, t'oor rltft,
Tal a antia. y at irat raa a
I'iium ivil l eatkaHalUa.
Tat Km tlataaa fe ter Miit vtt.
I fwaiii auk U i.
twUrJMi4l.Jty , U Ik ekait, h
rwl aa4 ft'p' tt t rae,
)Mtkiati. Tawa f lltl. Tkrua
laf (bar a4 ! riiala abate
r (t le I 'i.t4
lata I rttia4. ( al Ui
mat lkr Ik Koebiea a 4 tkewael
ata aiavaal af la IM t4. Writ
l a a.iu ii m a m.i.
" mwm-m, ... I m ll 41 if
Ut tut ay ai4ik K44V
Ar t gotai In TI KW4..
f a k k,t. jrt l? wHto a
hj '71 1 r; i A n tt il tT
4 raaiait Jf t4 1 I Mbka,t,
Kill, ell lire, niltM, etc., oa
I'oeltrr and atock. Hot wy
wllk the Ubor ot daitlB. gntoa.
I, dlpplne; or bAndllna ol fool
Ut. Bluiel pli the ruoit polte
Aid t I kex aad Mlt titrQi.
tor doM (ke rixt. No miu
will troi'.l MttlM Htn. wke
Mite Kit.rmlBster le Died b.fore
nttli lb Hen, kid lor Circular
taut Ull all ftboat It. Halt (al
ien tOej oat gallon 7te. - f
Dr. Ketchuirr
Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat
and Gatarrh
peeteelM CaMfnll ntud. All tte reaaoaabl
Offlo 4tk floor Richard Block, Llaol
What doe it coat to Rot thereT Wa
and bow ahould on go? What abould
on take? Where or th mine? How
much have they produced? I work
plentiful? What wuire ar paid? I
firing cipuuaive? What ar on'
chance ol "making a atrike?"
Complete and aatiefactory replle to
the above queatlon will be found la tb
Burlington Rout' "Klondike Folder,"
now ready for dletrlbution. HI I tee
page of practical Information and aa
up-to-date map of Alaka and th Klon
dike Fre at Burlington Itoute ticket
offleea, or aent on receipt of four cent ia
tatnya by J. Franein, (len'l i'aaaengv
agent, Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb.
To Vaict Uouni mad Alaka I'olaU.
Ttia Nnrttivualiipn.ITiilna Pacifla I th
direct rout to th I'uget Mound and
Alaka point. Morning and afternoon
train make direct connection at Fre
mont with through touriat deeper and)
fre recliuing chair car to Portland.
For correct Information coll on A. H.
Fielding, city ticket agent, 117 toutb
10th at,, Lincoln, Neb.
Tho Now-
Union .
in Chicago;
"A'A Alkk
It runs on Van Buren St.. Directly
in front of the
Rock Island
and Pacific
raaaonKer arriving In Chicago can, by
the new Union Elevated Loop, reach any
part of th city; or, for a fl re-cent fare,
can be taken Immediately to any of tb
large atorea In the down town diatrlct.
All Elevated Train will atop at th
"Rock Inland" Htation. Train every
minute. Theae fucilitiee can only be of
fered by the "Great Rock Island Rout."
If you will aend a 2 cent etampfor
poatage we will mail you at one a new
bird' eye view of Chicugo, jut IhhuhiI in
five color, which hIiown you ut what
you want to know about Chicago and
the new Loop and Kluvaled Kytam.
Thia map you ahould hare, whether yon
live out of the city and eipect to com
to It, or whether you now live in Chinaga
and jrou or your friend contemplate
making a trip. Aildnn John Hcba
tian, o. p. a., Cblcugo,
Weebly I'ironlly rtiudenua Riour.lon
to rortiaatl, Oro ?U MurlluKiua
On February 17. unit evttrv ThttPti.tnv
thereafter at 0. It) n. ni.. Pull until Imiri.k
hlra, iu charK of our own eicumloo
rtiliiliirlnrii. am tu'ln.iliil.t.1 I.. I.... J 4A, I I.l
coin for Portland vln Knuvfr, lnilfille.
nms i.ieiiiy,ii,t., H, tho Oregon
Short Line, iiunninif tlirotiuii Hih IfPHIIll.
eat Cflitrv id the Il.icklia un.l .im,.,!.,..
aoveral Imui ill at Kwlt Lake fit to J.
low a lo the iiuiuy poiuUol hitereal
there. Ilirtba, tieketa and full informa
tion may bo ohtHliied at II. A l lltalKt Bt
or City ticket ullice. citriiKn. ll Ik Hit lltlK.
atrveta, (ik.i. W. li.ii i i
C V, X T. A.
ir rtal .IT la (-llft.ral aatt Ollioe r
inanMt Iratalar.
Tba above rwlnril,.n
lima enniia, iv tha N'ttrlbwaatern
t ainn 1'aeine rtttitM I ha lima u.BUKt
orlS hmir. ra ttinn by othr linaa,
Thi ht.mev, Urth rata, aad thtf-
a ktiiir nf wrartaoin rr ritliag. At
rimi.iti rtiititniinit im itlraet wita
iKntUtfk lnuilal .l I 11 ti M OA Bh Aklaaa att A
rkalrear tt vvr, tv..l, Halt I k
it, I'ltril ind aad Ha raaeieiiv !
I:rar tSn.tuh In tttafitaal, (Ul M k
ale a Nit twrlk .iii. ktkak aal 1
In, wt. llrkM aifut, Uf .k lOtlk
,, l.inrtilo, rfc,
I ira IUi u I kaa
all ik l k ti t i ..i- ...
tb tt4rlialfa'a a. U.i rt al 1 1 U
a.a.aaf Jm. ik..j..duM t.a.
lira trai ul I'ulimaa eloir aad lr r
IiuIh kir tr ti ..)fl tu 'lieaaw
t J.jhiI, fa I al IV A M. dl
tty fitt., if u a, T-aih trt.M M
b-itk, la It m 4i uKtraaia.
iiau. W, I At, A,
aimi oi4 rtu.
It tkoataaiulai a In I Hit Vfiak
al l Urate (iy, k. lJVy, ltjp
MditMl ttfiiilli Ahkkl
fa law aa4 Miaa. I
lat lb terf tata l "'
ta4 4 aVatila, 0, W. tnad, C. r.
T. A . iii Teata aa4 U tr-lv
iltUt lns Uula NekiMta.