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Tli e Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated.
NO. 44.
Yarioua Plana in Varloue Places for
Securing Revenue From
The Kansas Seoretary of State's Plan
Edgar Howard'e Suggestion
f Progress Already Made.
A Subject For DIcolon,
The amolug growth of corporation
and corporate wealth in the past
twenty yean, the prospect of still
further growth and consolidation of
then Interest, the great difficulties
thrown in the way of securing proper
assessment of the property of these
corporations bo that they shall pay
their share of the burdens of govern
ment, are leading the people rapidly
in the direction of direct taxation of
corporations aa a condition of their
corjorate existence. The decision of
the United State supremo court that
a corporation it a "person" within the
meaning of the fourteenth amend
ment to the federal constitution U
Ukcly to still further attract atten
tion to the subject.
Governor Plngree of Michigan haa
Just called the legislature of that state
together In extra session to act upon
measures prepared by the governor
for Increasing the taxea upon rail
road, express, telegraph and telephone
cvmipanles. The special session met
Tuesday of thl week and began 1U
work. Governor ringrce rend his cor
mratlon taxation message to the joint
tension. It leading points were that
the fruitier of the state constitution
Intended that all taxea be baaed on
the cash value of the property; that
taxea should be levied upon public
franchise aa well an other property;
that the present system of specific
taxes upon railway earnings is unsat
isfactory and wrongr that tlie tax up
on Michigan railroads has been less
than quarter of 1 per cent upon
their own sworn valuations and leas
than one-eleventh of the percentage
iaid by other taxpayers. The governor
recommended authorization of the ap
pointment of a state board to make
equitable valuations of the property
f such corporations at their cash val
ues and to assess them at the average
rate of all the taxea. A bill ,wae intro
duced covering; all these' points,;
In Kansas Secretary of State Bush
has done considerable delving into the
laws governing corporations. He has
been enforcing some old laws that
have been dead letters for years and
thinks there is a need for some new
luws. In regard to restricting wildcat
corporation Kccrtary Bush says:
"By innking every coporation char
tered under the laws of the state, pay
one-tenth of 1 per cent for every dol
lar of capital stock, wildcat corKra
lion would be done away with entire
ly. By wildcat coriKriitioiis I mean
those 'that organize with thousands
and sometimes millions of capital
stock, when not a dollar is paid in.
Tii riTirt-MtMitatives sro out and 'trull'
the people into buying stock with the
glitter of an enormous capital which,
in reality, doesn't exist.
"Our present laws governing cor
porations really discriminates against
the home eorMrutiou in favor of the
corM. rations chartered under the law
of other states. There is no provMnu
requiring coqairntlona that a . y
bartered under the law of 1, u
to make a retort to this dexirtme.nt,
and that they are free from other re
quirement as well, 1 liclicve they
should 1 made to my a heavy fee
for authority to transact buaiueaa iu
the state."
Wisconsin derives moat of her reve
nue from the various corHnition
chartered Under her authority. Her
statute lsok prut idea the following
schedule of taxation:
lUllronde-4 cr cent of sll gross
earning on all roads where the same
c,,il or eceed fl.OOO per mile, h its
dollar r mile fir etrry mile of road
ruWnt by eoiMnle whim gross
turnings sr'e less thtui $1,ii tar mile
and I per cent additional of the gross
eaMitutf of sll companies whose trrosS
earnings are lln u !i,.Vh sud l.oiw
r in'le,
Insiirsiicx toiiisiili- 3 ier ovnt of
groaa liicon.e after deducting othcei'
salaries sad ortVe ripriisea.
Telephone eotuWa-One per rent
l( grosa Income,
lelt'tfrsidt uniue One dollar
wr loil r annum on all lines with
one. n, M tents adddtooal fr set
....! Mite, t eritts .l lill.M.,kl for third
ire, ;' ,nu additional fur fHirth
(tiii I sc,rU f is lies.
In Nbrt, t'llytr Howard, editor
of th l"sjHii limes, tddly ash
, sir tl Utit of latltowd oris.r
lt. Im the tit the privileges
if corporate iWt grat4 ttsew
I t -miM r of the Hd,
the hwl W UUtiue Htssei isee last
I I that duv the tt teUliatf
the eifne el srt Urt f sit MB.Uf
tru of tSt' h th I', "
lisy st I H.'t f imottti.(f
Hiutr tt s old I U wouM h
l only It S-V Tht Us, howrtcf,
nly ihsrss a ! foe r-..rjiatuHs
(I l'vk e fSUN h -'ttlStl
t,itu iu tt sUte a a utualftoitt
fte voatiitiMMt rotiit lteue,
Wirr twsy Us 4vie U pursue
clear that any state can require pay
ment from corjorations xor the priv
ilege of being "persons" artificially
tli rough the Incorporating power of
the state,
Board of Transportation Ordsra Bscrs
tsrissto Proceed in the Tlbblst Case.
The state board of transportation
has decided to make a move in the
matter of reducing freight rate In
this state. The complaint of T. II.
Tibbies against all the roads of the
state, claiming that the rates charged
were one-third higher than they
ought to be, was filed with the board
several months ago, but waa laid over
until a decision waa reached in the
maximum rate case. Now the board
has decided to go ahead with ' the
hearing and grant whatever relief is
necessary. At the meeting of the
board lost night the following reso
lution was adopted:
Whereas, Decision adverse to the
state has been rendered by the Unit
ed Btatea supreme court in what is
known as the "maximum rate case,"
Whereas, The bearing of the case
of T. II. Tibbies against the several
railroads of the state demanding a
reduction in all local freight rates,
haa been held awaiting a decision
in said maximum rate case, There
Hesolved, That the secretaries of
the board proceed at once with the
hearing in the said Tibbies case, for
the purpose of determining whether
the local freight rates now charged
and collected by the several rail
roads are just and reasonable, and
in case such rates are found to be
unjust and unreasonable, that the
necessary steps be taken to reduce
such rates to a just and reasonable
The date of the hearing has been set
for April 6th at 10 a, m. and notice or
the same has been mailed to an tne
railroad companies doing business in
the state.
ASscts Jeress Miss While Drtsdlsf
. West Mar Com
IIlTAA, March 8v Havana is very
gay to-day strangely so, when the
losses of Its well-to-do and the dire
poverty of its proletariat are consid
ered. ' Of course7 the presence of the
warships, with their large comple
ment of officers, has much to do with
the festivities prevailing. Then, too,
there are , centuries of customs and
scores of proverbs similar to the
familiar "to-morrow, another day.".
These tend toward inducing a some
what mercurial people to forget the
tad things while they may In singing,
dancing and all the rest that goes to
make up social rounda
But there are many serious ones,
who, if they join in the laugh, drop
Into other moods than joyous when
left alone. You can see them frown
st the absurd caricatures of Uncle
Sam and his minions, with which the
comic papers of Madrid and Havana
teem. Yon can see them sneer at the
fleets of formidable war vessels pic
tured In the magazines and illustrated
journals and labeled "part of Spstn'a
great navy." You ean hear them
laugh sardonically at the foolish rant
ings of boyish ofiloers when they sar
(as the writer actually heard one say
to-day), "We'll land our army at Key
West, march straight Inland to Wash
ington, and In a week from lending
we'll espture McKlnley and all his
ministry, unless thy run away."
rIUS Skip ftwssrs Asllclpsls resBlsl
Hslwsss Amsrls sad apsis.
Nsw Yohk, Msrch tt.-English
hip owuers have cabled to their
sgsnts here thst all charters must
cuntalu the "war clause. " This clause,
which l posted in the msrilime ca
ching, Is a follow: "Tht tUsmar is
to t unty employed ia strictly neu
tral trades) is axil to carry contraband
esrge between ports dselsred under
blocks le; slso, in the evsatof wsr
Wiug deulifed by or sjfiut Ureal
Uritsiu by m msrtWiue power, this
charter It to be null sud vuut st the
cad of Uie then surreal vtiysa
44. fse I a U 4 Hsallsra
Wa(mitu. Msreh U Wrri
Imm,1 at eu tdy determlaed tt
brlM lata ssrvlve the eight slsgl
tarrtted tMellr es tlunurf lb wsr
ssd ly st ltftti Ulsnd esj
rsrd, I'MUdsiphk. lie issued ordsr
thst the eiiuf Ihklt sad lhih
Iree4 ta iiu sJ the meaitur
Nsfcsst ead Js W New Ya The
jthes ssualtu'. Msahsttaa, lihie
UiHtisss ssd t aaunUas, wtU rta
ia I'htia Ulfhia wttsre tbe wk el
lrrlsg la 1 servUM .U tefle
fuss si is
Ltwassiii Ksw, Msrvh t - I
Hrysa ( ietUli here tat
HltKI WW4 tH MMjlit II f se
the stsle aaiverstt Ittals hu4, the
iteri ( wale Uml4 be fltea
tear a a pr fat iSe bsst essay mi
the ; w whieli rt ear tree
get eraateat
The Independent sent a special request to the members of
the Populist State Central Committee, and leading populists of
this state, asking for a short nswer to the question: "What
immediate action ought the United States to take In relation to
Cuba and Spain."
The replies are remarkable , for their similarity. All de
mand that steps in some form be taken to bring about the inde
pendence of the island of Cuba They demand that butchery
in the name of war cease. The replies and opinions reflect
accurately the sentiment ot the masses of the American people.
The explosion and wreck of the Battleship Maine has crys
talized and brought forth the expression of public opinion that
has so long favored intervention by this nation to put an end to
the terrible war of extermination and starvation; ' President
McKinley need not fear to take
withdrawal of Spanish soldiers
will have the united and enthusiastic support of all American
citizens. Party lines would temporarily disappear. He has
but to ask and he will have at his command the lives and
property of millions of freemen
of humanity, liberty, and freedom.
Any Action to Free Cut
Editor Independent;
Geneva, Web., March 22. In answer
to your question, any action that will
deliver Cuba from the oppression of
the Kjmnish yoke and compel 8 pain to
make good the Irreparable loss sus
tained by the explosion of the Maine
(If by treachery). u. ji. li. weber, ex-
secretary state committee.
Bombard Havana.
Editor Independent:
Tonca, Neb., March 1. In reply to
our card will say: 1st Call Lee
ome, notify all U, H. citizens to leave
the island at once. 2d Land suffi
cient Infantry to act in conjunction
with CuImui patriot aa land force to
to attack Jiavana,, while the men of
war and other vessels line up in deep
water outside of harbor, and give the
Spanish Ave hours for unconditional
surrender on their part with the dis
tinct understanding that Weyler and
all others implicated in wrecking tne
Maine and murdering the men were to
be given short shifts. Hefusal to com
ply with these terms bombard the
city. E. II. Wills, Dixon county.
It Is Not Too Late.
Editor Independent:
Broken Bow, Neb., March 21. In be
half of God and humanity the inde
pendence of Culm should have been ac
knowledged a year or a yeur and a
half ngo. It is never too late to do
well. If after the acknowledgment of
Cuba, Spain refrained from war the
question of responibility and the
amount of damages for the loss of the
Maine can be settled by diplomacy or
arbitration. Taylor Flick, Custer
By Force of Arms If Necessary.
Editor Independent:
Tecumseh, Neb., March 21. I am no
Don Quixotic. Hut when my near
neighbor treats his family in a bar
barous ii ml Inhuman manner, It be
comes my duty to Interfere. Without
reference to the Maine Incident I
think the United Stale ought by force
f urui remote the Mwtnlli tinny
from CuUii remote. Cuba from under
tliesoereifnit,v of8Miin uinl Is-gln the
work at once and without parley, Th.s
I the only way of ending the atroci
ties nnd Uirbarilh s of FiMiln in Culm,
and git lug needed relief to th suffer
er therefrom. Hud ('Ictclaiul heeded
the toli-e of emiKiess, and glteu CuIhI
Is'lllt'crcnt rltfliu. mniu-rs would not
Hour be In their presrlit shait. Will
I io. I fore he him? "Qulen NUe,M-i:.
f. Ingersoli, Johuson comity.
DftnanJ WithJrawal of Troocs.
1'ililor lndrendrlttl
t oluinbus, Net. M mh St. in reply
to lour i ins I ion the I'nlted Mules
ilouil.l demand the liiiniei'i lie tcssa
lion of hiMlttttlfs, the withdntwui of
hpaiiUh troops from thw tluul and
l.oil. riuploy tthstetrr forvti msv f
Hrtrnt l IUW th dcMISIld ff it'
ll I l AlUrt, I'Utte niunty,
0rUthSt4lltl Out.
I ' I . . r i4rs-lolei4ti
I'e udrr. Net. , sfth II HrpItU
to isrd will t; I ts-iiete our
i' tfc shottt I plow, t It ptotit iois, thtr
BSlloM shoMM ln.lule Its luiof,
mI luio4i. lit ,1, ii.Mtolt rl' f for lbs
t iilwii. t oii.neiti ItSkott end piolU
rail tr their MrIUifi f M,iUlt
I latin t. It the lnlitfiio Ko
ShiiU trtil..rv In tle Mine t .ie,
we tJ.Mtlht dr Ur r Stfll then,
!slt .fl cf the ttliu I an-l drt
SjHihUK fftlltwtsMl ffoot t. If
Ike y te trsydr was aa H-.t,
whit h I matt thmbt, tMtr diy rail fr
UHMtrdiSte St tUH It !( ths tuliuitiss
row tw t if the fAaih by . Uus
twiliftrvnt tUKis l t'utW, I
Wilts, tharsh ruaaty.
a bold stand and demand the
from tne island of Cuba. He
ready to do battle for the cause
Make the Crowned Reads Tremble.
Editor Independent:
Jioldrege, Neb., March 20. In an
swer to your question I would say that
uncle bam should, without delay, rec
ognize the bcliigenenfy as well as the
independence of Cuba, even if such ac
thin were sure to embroil us in war
with all Europe. Let our president
take the position that sll Cubans i
as well as the liberty loving people of
ail countries have the tight to tnde
peudnece, let him interfere ia the
name of humanity and liberty, such a
shout of approval and sympathy will
go tip in Europe as will discourage the
crowned heads of the old countries
from interfering in behalf of Spain,
L. C. Huck, I'belps county.
' Butchery Business Should Cease,
Editor Independent:
Falls City, Neb., March 20. In reply
to your question will say that the
porper solution of this Cuban ques
tion may be fraught with momentous
results, the character and nature of
which it is almost impossible to fore
cast. War in any form and for any
cause is always a thing to be dreaded,
and avoided if possible, consistent
with honor, patriotism and humanity;
but 1 think this Cuban butchery busi
ness has already gone entirely too far.
I think our government ought, in the
tha interests of humanity, to pcrcm-l
pturily order it to cease at once though
it should lead to war with ail its fear
ful results. 0. A. Abbott, Kit-hard-
son county. ,,,
Cannot Avoid Responsibility.
Editor Independent:
Lincoln, Neb., March 22. The Amer-
lean people for a long time have fav
ored the indejiendence of Cuba. A
great many people feel that the United
States long ago should have staid the
Smiii1h1i liuud of blood and death on
that Island. Kixiln has lost the heart
of Cuba and can never win it buck
iigiiin. Why then have we waited so
long when the people have demanded
that the United Htutes should recog
nize Cuban independence? It i hint
ed sometimes that Cuban Indcpcmb
enee is Incompatible with financial in
terests mid that therefore action ha
Imcii delayed, if this be true, then wc
have forgotten the teachings of the
martyred Lincoln, If tills lw true.
then the destruction of the M.ilne with
its human freight may have been ncc-
csaary to arouse us us a nation to im
mediate action, I una must lie free
and the United Mates can not longer
stoid r'sMMislbllity. I do not know
where the court of Inquiry will attach
I lie blame for the del ruction of the
Milne, Whether the Milne wsa aecb
dentally destroyed nf whether HMitsh
treachery did it has nothing to i In
my judgment, with the duty of the
I lilted Mate toward Cuba. I'lrsl, I
Ultete the I idled Males government
thoald Initio ihatitv demand from
tlii the linl. n itileni c of t nUl. 't his
is the p l.i li duly of this gtitei'iiliieiit,
Vn.t six-lull), if t t found that
spunUh treachery destrrd ur lst
llelili Maine, thru the United Males
.luoil-l deiitand fioiti hpttltt an Indetii
MM. It ettlll dims not l'tii'lv With
dir. jnt ilt, thru the I nil.. I
males entities tloui tiefg
t. I're.
Favors tiHim.
Mllo tldrx ! lit i
ndiiu, rU, Msivh I) Mr sa
uef tti )"tr ipirstloa by sid -f the
lik u: lor fongicss l-i ! a
bittou fecoifiiUln Ike lud. wiclHt
cf t ul, drntand iteiMititt fuf loss ut
I Us VJlna and vnf.xvs M ni il-
tilue by a demand fur the ih.isl
el aMtHlh (iiim tivut the tlad
II, I, t iWMfa, t'lo tMHIHly,
Al Aay CoM.
'.lil- ndeNlM
I'wIlertoM, NtU, Msnb, .-My
swer is, first for the United States to
acknowledge the belligerent rights of
the Cuban. Hecoud, demand of Spain
a sufficient Indemnity for the destruc
tion of the battleship ,the Muine, and
the lives of the men killed thereon,
and tho release of all the American
citizens imprisoned by Hoain without
the sanction of law, Tlie above de
mands to be at once compiled with,
and if not the United States enforce
them at once at uny cost. A, Ed
glngton, Nance county.
Must be Respected.
Editor Independent!
Colon, Neb,, March 22, In answer
to your question I would say that 1
think the United States should take
decided steps to free Ciilst, It ought
to have la-en done long ago. As to
Spain, it depend largely ujion the re
sult of tlie Maine investigation, which
has not yet been made public. If the
Spanish ovgernrnent was responsible
for the destruction of the Maine then
war should lie declared at once, The
stars and stripes must be respected at
whatever cost, J. N, Qaffln,
Compel the Commission to Report.
Editor Independent:
Ulnden, Neb,, March 22, J 808, I be
lieve that the time for intervention by
this government with the affairs in
Cuba is here and tins been hern for
some time. The first action of our
u-overiiment should be with its own
commission that haa charge of the In
vestigation of the destruction of the
Maine and the murder of 250 of our
soldiers. Compel that commission to
report as it has had ample time to
make a thorough investigation which
Is all the time that should be given it
My answer would be in accordance
with the facts as we believe them to
be. That the Maine waa blown up by
external force, and that force was a
mine Calculated for her destruction.
That the murder of our soldiers waa
of that cold-blooded kind that only
comes from an enemy of the sneaking
kind, that will not meet you face to
face but will stab you in the back, lie-
llevlng these to be the fact our gov
ernment should at once demand that
the Sjainlsh evacuate Cuba ami the
Cuban given the right of self-govern
ment or else annexed to the United
States, at least they should bo under
the protection of this government.
In regard to the destruction of tbe
battleship Maine, I do not believe in
Icuvlmr our troubles with Kualn to
arbitration by neutral governments,
That there has been ample cause for
this government to declare war with
Spain I am thoroughly convinced. 1
am omsmed to accentlnff a money con
slrteration for the lives of ohr mnr
dered soldiers, but In esse we could
tret nothlnir else but a reparation. It
should be large and go to tho families
of the murdered soldiers. This Is, I
believe, the only manly course for our
government to pursue, ' and u tins
meoiw' war, let it come.J, L. Grand-
staff,' Webster county. '
Indemnity and Freedom.
Editor Independents
Stanton. Neb,, March 22, If the re-
iort of the (investigation shows that
the Maine wits destroyed by outside
agencies, and not an accident, then the
United States should demand an in
demnity of not less than twenty-five
or thirty million dollars and the im
mediate freedom of the island or lUba,
If Soaln should refuse such request
then this government should proceed
to enforce the demand. E. 8. Carrier,
Stanton county.
Indemnity and Relief.
Editor Independent:
Meiulow (irove. Neb.. March 22.
Till government should recognize the
iK-IIIgerency or t ui deinanu run pay
for the Maine, and an indemnity of
not less than 13,000 for each killed or
iMihled oldler,-C, T. Muffley, Madi
son county.
Immediate Recognition.
I'ditor lniliH-li(elit:
Rush vi lie. Neb., March 23. Humani
ty ileiuamU the Immediate recognition
of Cuba's Independence by the U. K
snil such recognition should lie more
substantial than by word of mouth, or
the shedding of "cna-odlle tears," and
let our relations with Spain take rare
of themselves, aa circumstance would
dictate after we have done our duty to
relieve suffering humanity, r.l l
lleath, Sheridan county,
MtMUa fat at ressasa.
ftrntiu. Ma, Msrch ft The war
spirit ha brba out at Clifton City,
Cooper county, where several promi
nent and Influential eitlient have or
fsslsed a eompaay of lea vulualeers,
their sarvies ta be tea WreJ tit Presi
dent Meklnley a the event of war
with epain. The following efileer.
have bea ehosea fur the eomuisnl:
Joseph tally, vaptattti WMIiaui Mr it.
first lleaUasnti J. O Cos, seeoad
butnai All of then served a
s,.WiM darinf th war of the r-U-tllaa,
Masses tif ttiSasiMMi Sm taktlt,
Ktsstst'ltv, Mis, Msr.-h I Iwry
W MsasUs el lilt adtdatie
, a bnthr, w that sal prob
ably fstsilf wuaa.U I by a h hr
aiaa la Jwha T Harse's sUki at la
dependent ad I j l a avense st M
aeloi'li l aisV I vat aa tstsriaf
nts an4 fS'iaf rwkr fata red
ts taluwa aa I, after rwthlae the th
drawer ef U ssd Kwiaf Mssn lr,
he was a gV they Vse l eat tt
the at see a4 tea aoatbt ) Ly4i
sts sae, nla Ulf esrfspa.
Tb Report of tbe Board of Inquiry
Will be Made Pnblio
Ibis Week.
Oubon Patriots Demand, Complete
Belease Prom Spanish
Mo General LegUlstlon Bxpeeted.
The situation in regard to Cuban In
dependence remains unchanged, The
board of Inquiry have been investigat
ing the cause of the destruction of tbe
battleship Maine, It is generally be
lieved that the board bus computed
Its labor and that the report is on it
way to Washington. It has been ex
pected every day since fast Monday
It will be delivered to President Mo
Kfnley, lie will examine it carefully
and transmit a copy of it to tbe Span
ish government, together with 'de
mands for Indemnity or otherwise as
the president may deem best. , He will
also trransmit a copy to congress in
relation to the matter. The cabinet
will hold a special meeting to consider
the reiwrt as soon as it arrives. In tbe
meantime army and navy departmental
are actively preparing for war, A bill
reorganizing and enlarging the army
has been presented to congress, and
several battleship have been pur
chased or prices agreed upon, from
the 150,000,000 appropriation mode a
few days ago. All the seagoing ?eseela
belonging to the United State that
need it are being repaired and put in
good condition. Many large contracts
for the manufacture of gun and amu
nltfon have been made and many of
the factories are running night and
day in order to fill their contracts in
the specified time. The war depart
ment is considering tbe necessity of
securing a coaling station in the vicin
ity of the West Indies from which to
supply United States battleships in
case of war. Such a station could
probably be secured by purchase from
some friendly foreign power. After
war was declared it would Ins impossi- ,
ble to secure such a station as such a
proceeding would be In conflict with
tbe principle of International law.
Spain is also preparing for war. II er
fleet is enroute for Cuba at tbe present
time, and Spanish officials have been
seeking a loan for several weeks, ' floe
far they have' been unable to' ind a
market for their bonds, i'Tbey hare
also been negotiating for tbe purchase
of several large battleships, among1
them the O'lliggins, the great battle
ship belonging to Chile. Chilean offi
cials have announced, however, that if
the U'Ulgglns Is for sale It will be sold
to the United States, aud not to Spain.
Tbe United States pays "spot cash"
and is regarded aa a very desirable
customer. With $50,000,000 cash in hi
inside pocket and a congress ready to
appropriate $500,000,000 more If neces
sary, Uncle Ham can go into the mark
eta and buy almost anything that i
for sale.
The report of the board of inquiry
will bring the matters to a decision in
congress, with three-fourths of tne
American people clamoring for the In
dependence of Cuba, congress will be
compelled to take some decisive ac
tion. If the report finds that the des
truction of the Mulne waa accidental
ami that the Spanish government is
not resonsible for its loss, congress
will lie forced by public sentiment to
take a broader view of the situation
and recognize the Cubans as belliger
ents, and demand the cessation of the
Inhuman and brutal war and the with
drawal of the Hpanlsh soldiers.
Ilia Cuban patriots have refused to
accept any plun of autonomy front
bi'iiin, and the United Htates would
not bo a party to a plan for autonomy
aud leave Hpuln In control of the is
lam I. Very little legislation will be
considered until the Cubau quesilou
Is disMsed of.
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trems&doe amount of rain ha fallen
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past forty-elht hour. It ports from
along tbe tNisge river Indiest that
the rainfall has been sttremsly heavy
through the estlre vsltey of that see
lion and fear are entertained ef e
repetitive ot the disastrous 0ou4 of
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