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February 3, 1898
M '
ilidtttot it "TUB WEALTH MAKERS" al
Ctj 3n&penbnt publff t)tng 0.
Tblicmoni, 038.
Addriw H enimsirntoiif to, nJ umkaall
Vattt, ordar, U pajrsbl to
Til JOKI'KIII;K)tr I'UH, CO,,, tM,
H"nJ lit your "widow' mite" to aid
b Cuban sufferer.
Ktftt Treasurer Muerv will pay cash
(or any warrant oropwly Issued by th
state of Nebraska,
Tli press ho again demonstrated Hi
P'wr. Judge Keyeor hu been man
polled to withdraw tho contempt ease
Against Kdltor Hitchcock of tbo World-
lleruld, .
Money In creut Ion of law, Tbo stamp
fth government and not metal funks
momy. Who would tnk a wm of un
coined silver or a piece of uncoined gold
la payment of a debt or mm tlm prl of
us commodity In current business? W
reut, the law moke money,
There I no such tiling aw Internal ion
Hi money. United State money will not
tats current l Knglnnd, nor will Lug
lish money pay a grocery bill In Urn
United State, Kucb being tli fact,
what good would tfio kind of money th
((old men want b to th laborer, pro
ducer uud farmer in this country?
A Lincoln JCvenlng pnper recently
made charge that J. If, Kdmistoii and
GoorgeW, lllak changed th marking
of alurg number of ballot during the
recount lust winter, Tb article wo
based on mer ertion. No evidence
or even suspicious circumstance wa
bown, Until th republican paper can
provld mtm evidence, or At lwit wliow
KUNploioM elrouumtnncoN w nIiuII not
tak uum to rily to tlilr villuliioun
charntm, v , .. -j
Tli war of xtirtnintion contlnui In
Cuba. It limy m to mntinut
Mlong'oi grM'd rule t,b rivilixod iia
tlorm of tlm world, Wnll tri't ban pro
tiiUd fttlimt any futrfiirnii by (bin
govrniiifnt In Ulmlf of U10 trwiUn
(JubttttN. Iiilrforiiivi wight prix'lpitatn
ft "pnnlfl on "nUiutgu" mid tli rulua of
Uh:U and bondu would go down. Our
lawfwikr, and tlndr itriNtiMTittlo advin
t ruf ii th dnlliir iiiorvtliau tlny raluu
butnnn lif or lilmrly.
Th (Mitton iiiannf'iitoriiM ar Koinir
on tli. It I cbiarly uliown by
ur rmtnnlly rIvuii out by tint Kovtirnor
of North Cnroliuit,
In 1HHK North Carolina Imi! 80 cotton
mill; In JHl7lt bad 1,010,
Iu 1M0 It bud 4,071 loom, In 1807
Itbiwl 1,517 Iooiiih.
In lHHflitbitdKVJ.t.'l.'liipludli'N. Now
North Cirollioi Ik only oimof Hih cot-ton-Krowliig
n tn I MM in which tint piim.
Inff and wi'ttving IndiiHlry w liicnmHing
at tltl ratH. Tim ot hiTu nru not fur
bind, ftinl miino of tliiui uliow an vmi
grmli'T liivriiiiiM),
With abundant watur pernor, with
cliKiip coal, with extraordinary clump
labor, uud with tlm cotton Hold itt
thitir wy door, thn Moiithcrn cotton
mill will Miirtlly "taku tlm buiiic,"
Th triklii WHavcr may o outh
and ib'vulop tlm iiuiitry In that local
ity, rvrMt tlm pruMMit Mituation ami
ioniM' Nhw KiikIhimIit to buy tlmir
clot hiiiK from tho mmth. Th "Omniv
ormi Wwt" an. I (Iih "(Irowiiijt South"
innyyct provn morn than it mutch for
Urn "fcffiit north mtt."
rtM I I' tOK llll INK A.
An Diauiinatioii of tlu finnl of tlm
tatu auditor' olltco Iiom that a laru
ptiiulM r f l!uronn lnuiniicHMiiiaii
lw ar iKiiiik w llourUhliitf tiuim4 In
Nliraka, Many ol tlinm ar pntrtm
l'l liUrally by S l,riikit mi,Ik, Thfrv
r at tlm prwnt lim thirty 0110 Hiiro.
wan luturauin ftimpaiiic tlmt hnv i
wii and chart. r o (rinuai t Ihuiii..
la (hi Thy iuut riN i patron
ago (hut pay a km. pMttt or thry
would not ctintiiiim In ImiIum In tU
tat. fivrry yvr limy takuutolttm
tnt mi, acrtMHi lb Allnntm ou it
tiry ninth larger unt of Mumry than
thJ pay oul la tlii ttttt or ttmutry,
Aftord lig to th btl lalviitwiil mli
luh by tk ut aH.lmir tU t.iir.
ait hooihu- r.ill.Utd I J.IT.tit'W M
In thM tta and paid out lt llm ihiu
ffiitftti id Hum toil 1 f itt.iHI lt'4 hiiwiHH
that alnit ll.'.n.iMhi hii wu t
pi-l am4 lkH (rum t ut than
pli Milt WHl.lH It blifiWr, 1 III U
ut It thutttd Im TIi r many r
irly i(oil.! Ntl.r.ka iiuuratic
imiw.ii.-, boib old bu and mutual,
doMtf U kitriua ul all Nv
.rWt tVitainly no mm k b
kpro t.trit u pinotlm will gi
Wyoa I lb lutidr l llm I ullid (Malt
Itturii, AhMrmaa roHipauU
Hit a ( wud tbvir raiM art I.14 m
l l.urtiptHia omp4tny, I irl, ".Uud
up Iwr Nt tak,H at aay raU "i.tud up
lor AuM'tUa" wad truiM Aamritt
Th dwslln In publlo moral in Mark
Henna' tat I lllutratd by tlm aontl-
mcnt rolcod by th proaidinif officer 0!
th Ohio Mquor Umw, who, in calliutf
th lengue to ordw, wado a romarkabl
jHweb In which b aid:
"It will aoncir from th fact. gn
tlciimn, that th tuccn of our bimlint
I (lfanilnt largiiiy Upon tnvcrvauiiii
f ui.iuit.liu for drink. Mn who drink
llriuor, Ilk otlmr, will dlo, and If tbw
In no nw appotit crattid our couuuir
will b empty, a will b our eoflor. Our
childnm will go hungry or w muat
chitiiifo our bualniia to that of om
ilhnr OKiro miilli imrntlve. lb opiu
fluid for th creation of thi pptit I
among th boy, Aftor mn hav grown
.....1 11, 1., .i.i,- ,. u l,.r,l tlmtf ruriilv.
If wvi.r. chaiitfo iu thf roirnrd It will Im
iiimkIIiiI. t Imrnfore. that mlionary work
bdonamonir th boy, and J muk
th nuggiiNtiou, gimtlmiMiii, that nlcklc
kiimiikIikI 111 trimf to th boy now will
r!urn Iu dollar to your till aftnr th
aniM'tit bn bcnn formitd, Abovo all
thlngH, crcut apiMititH,"
Till pwch I In kwtplng with public
tund'iijcjii iu Ohio, It I lliinnuiam in a
nw ouurtiir, VlHlmlz th boy th
noun 01 loving motiiitr ana promi
. . . . . t
fiithr--to th awful bablt of liitnipir-
aii(, drugtlmin down In their trong
young mnii hood to driveling, dibouord
drunkard und bulg th coffer of the
win merchant with tho prlc of their
wham and ruin,
W'lien the people of a great common
wealth likOblo bav becom o cul
louMed a to tolurat tlm public utterance
of mioIi Mtartling, ghouliHh neiitlmunt
a thowi xpri'ed in thi Npcech, w no
longer marvel at th political nuecc of
men Ilk Ifanna In that Mint. Huch
untlinent ar appalling, Tlm man ut
trlng them I a veritable demon, and a
a meaurof public unfitly b hould b
put to death, A cominuiilty that will
allow any man to openly ad vocalo tb
ytomatla cultivation of drunkimne
among lm young men I lucking in all
rejc:t tlm attribute of a civilized
jx'ople, Huch a community I un-Ainerl
cun, and w need oxpect nothing tbut
nvor of Americnnim from It.
There have been but vry fiw great
noWMpapnr or magaxinei or great politi
cul leader who bav oxpreed a doubt
a to Mr, Jtryan' incerity of pnrpo
or devotion to tlm cau for which be
bit been chonen luudwr. I'lio who bav
been bitter in their oppoltion of tho
principle for which Mr, Hryan contond,
bav almot without exception adwilt
tod that bo I an Ideal leader, a typical
and patriotic American,
Tbu A umricuu Ileviow f Ueview, a
gold Ntundard inuguzlne, in an urtiul
entitled "Tlm I'rogre of tho World,"
take th pimition that "llryaiilui" and
Mr, Itrynn political method even with
fro uilver are preferable to "Crokerlain"
and the gold tandurd with Mr. broker'
political method In control. It uy:
"Mr, Croker and Mr. Itrynn renreent
diametrical extreme In our political
method, The Tammany loader afford
tlm moNt Mtriklug exumplo of bone and
machine method that our recent ten
dencies have yet evolved; while Mr, Jtry
an, who i an orator uud a trim loader,
represent tlm conviction ami tho 1111
thuiam ol great multitude of men
and the triumph of principle over party
machinery ami campaign fund, Iu the
great pending Mtnigghi botwotm Croker
and Mryan for the control of the demo
cratic party, Mr. Croker may happen to
represent a aler public policy In the
mut ter of Hnunce than i repreaciited
by Mr. ISryun. Hut it 1 to be hoped
that there are In thi countrv it urea t
many thoiiniitl of llrm believer in tlm
gold Mtnudaril who would rather eo po
litical power wielded In the government
of thi nation by it Ireo mlvcr man of
Mr. Kryan' tyii than by a wound mon
ey man of .Nlr. Croker'. There are
wo re tiling to be leaied than the diit
terofa miMakcn (Innin lal policy, al
though we do not iiinhrrato the uravity
of uch diHiiMler. Mr. Hryan'e only
hoiof uiii'i in the elrugglo for future
eaderhii Iu the democrat ia party mut,
In our judgment, ileieiid Upon hilriH
doin from complicity lathe method ol
Much political lender n llu hard Croker."
It i ulmoHt wilhont a parullrl Iu hi
tory where a man o proiniuent In a o
lltical etriiKglit (ought out with euch
earuiiitiieM and much bit term , ba
Ih ii able to comiiiaiid tlm rfMtit of
both hi frliud and oppuiienl.
iiltlaU AN M Kilt I It
II ever n Nibrka n priitalive In
coiigrtMui can Mil the blimh ul ham to
liiaiitlu the brow nl hi count il uciila, U
wan CoiifreaitiMi M.nir w Inn be aroee
lat nak Iu llm bou and In a lu-ih
manner told ball it dm. u of the
111 tl luvr uiti-rvd outaide the rvalum
ol booi-hlai k raillery,
Tlielloii. Mr, Mrrtb about bow the
lusiouUu "iitr prMuld Mbi ul
Ibvir (HiliiHal l.titk" nhi-ii hi u.i.d.H
meaiior ..r liti. rrl, and lht lb
republican bed uinate(ly huun l
Ihiiwi id tlotir pari 1 bu tliie. any ib
piMilma u M,i n.iruy Irom h ,4tl ol
hi'ii..r end lii.i,.iy, M (ni,n.i,
l ho Up N t'M hrr dll..MMl
populMi ti. ..M uupuiiibd, be
vallvj atieati.m ,i "p.puht ki kd
mid lrHnHrUllon luraNili. feint by
I'm and w bn m a til ruMb
Urn, ilim kaw th I ao
lurihiii lrnt.ttliiw In HtditMunle,
Hkew Ike lrMpilatiHi Mrr4 lt
wa kl luai.t, , turvi. .
a ppulmi by N l rital party
bad eitiphtjed Ml Iu lrl in th Ulf
ol bt buiue, Alirr Ikui dirwifb
f Jil liltl lie Ib lloti, Mrvt reil bavk
wad lMhliif Uiu la , iaii it td nl
bntbalpMf aah euuld rtt Jo.
rv HiaM.r rHt in itm ti, .
btwuka, II I fend time, brr mpulm id-
Iflclfil bav either been embezzler or
have been abort In their account, and
wherever popullet county attorney were
In office they never proaecuted a case.
Why didn't the Hon. Mr. Mercer imd
enough time to at loaet cite on cae7
When bi tlm I o preclou itaooin ad
that b ihould want It In reciting euch a
ridiculously Inapplicable Incident a an
employ lulling the transportation fur
nlhed him by bl employer, a private
citizen, to how bow the tat wim being
looted by th popullete unpunlhod
populist. Ill caee wu a weak one,
but thi citation of a private matter
under the pretext thut It wu In any way
connected with tho etate wu a poor way
to prop up a lllmy acrtion and it wa
truly diegrawiful for a congroHsman to
toop to euch a little, degrading He.
Merner' lament over the activity of
republican in proeecutlng their default
er I a tlrring piece of earcasm, Hi
talk about "tho popullnt embezzler he
could cite In Nebruku If be bud time" I
elmply a piece of chlldlslincs which bi
own people am ushumed of,
Iu dlcUHlng the Teller bond resolu
tion the Nebraka Ktute Journul admit
the error of all it bu everaid on the
money problem, In along and weari
some editorial It tell Just what tho gov
ernment ehould do in paying It credit
or and eel It opinion out with the ft
Murunceuud arrogance poeed only by
the egotlt. Hut the following para
graph la the Journal' editorial In grout ly
at variance with It oft repented claim
Ihat "value cannot bo legislated Into
money: that a dollar I worth a dollar
only becaiiNO the muterlal from which It
I made I worth a dollur;"
"Tlm government may uy in the Ian
guuge ol the Teller and tho Vest to it
creditor, 'You agreed to take coin did
you not, and I not eilver dollur coin?'
but if the government by Ha own net
make a silver dollur which wu worth u
dollur tho world over when the debt wu
contracted, worth only 40 cent, and
then pretend that It I discharging the
dollur debt honestly In accordance with
lh contract by tho tender of the 40
cent coin, it I In no way euperior in vir
tue to the commonest counterfeiter."
Ifore tho Journal frankly admit that
the government, "by it own act" by
law cun lessen or Increase the purchas
ing power of a dollur, If It ba Increased
the purchasing power of the gold dollar
which no reasonable man cun deny-
why should tho toiler bo compelled to
earn tho dour gold dollur to pay a debt
contracted when "the forty-cent dollur"
wu recognized a fully able to clean up
a hundred cent debt "the world over,"
Most of our debt, in fact approximately
all our foreign obligation, were assumed
under the double standard, and tho gov
ernment had no right to demonetize
half our currency and comd the toiler
to earn the scarce and hnrd-to got dollar
with which to pay a debt contracted
when dollur were more plentiful and le
dear. The government that double the
debts of It people by law without their
consent i 110 better than a common
high way 111 a 11.
Itr.MKK Kill (THAN St IKK UK Hi.
The Cuban Iteliel Commission has eeut
out the following appeal to the citizen of
Nebraska for aid for tho suffering
To the people of Nebraska:
A lew year ago, owing to a continued
and unprecedented drouth, our slate euf-
lered severely Irom the failure of crops;
and such suffering for the necessities of
life threatened our people. We tenderly
remember the sympathy uud material
help received from other states. Thou
sand ol our people were clincrcd and sup
ported ny communion of money, food,
uud clothing. The remembrance will
never be effaced Irom the uruMul heart
of Nebriisknu.
Last year our excellent governor woe
the lirst o( the chief magistrate of all
the statiM, to appeal iu behalf of the
Htarvlug millions ol India. So gcucrou-
ly diil our people respond that hundred
ot car-load oi corn, ami thousand of
dollar ut money .-resent to the laud
of suffering mid death, So abundant
wer iliiiialniiiM, that the lieticf t oiiimi-
int wu finally compelled to decline re
ceiving mure.
A mini tlm wail ol fuiinne. the cries o
Mfllictioim, the moaimiif sick m and dm I
ease, ah' heard Irom almost n neiglibor-
lug ioiiiinuiiily i uba. I'reinliiil link
ie it the horrible cruelliee til war 111 that
tiiilortunnle islitml, throuuli the work ol
llm mm hels the bullet, and tlm bay on. I.
lull where they liavw killed llioumintl ol
outier iu arm: luiuiue, iIim-ii.-, epelein-
MU. oiiii-r iiainei. imrror liave lain
lelisol IhollKilIld ! nl I lliea wild help'
I. wtMiu-n, ul 1 hlldrvii and biitn. Thi
li nrlul iiiruival ot iift,riiig, luiiiiins end
death I on Hie incri-aw; mid will cmu
luiue so uiiUm xiiue spirit id huinaiiily,
pity, aud help inltrvwitm In luillgale llm
4tstlUf il.llll..Ui ft r I. bed u,
1' m M Kiiily ha ni ptiintod a
I Vuiral It tu 1 1 iiiiimin.., t.i,aiil In Nw
trk. In itTKnau ttiititiii id rete l.
And liU etw-lli'in , u.ivtrnir llhoih,
p-'U In ll.w nlu . id Nelifn-t. to
iHM.pvral in Die pi,i ul h piv.i, In sit l Hitturt,itid)'la, IihuI. nad
llollillirf In l, aUlUI'il -.(-Ui l u tut.
AU aiiutntntiioii mnI In Mr,
U, , N.', iv4urvr, UniaKa, Sli., ut
, AdpiUMt'tixanal, I', II, IWty, r
tnry, l ia- ula, S.I. lUrry feat aval out Mtr t
Ik wiyir id tlisd'll. roall.ian In Ik
I S ribu4 nimn Ikxiw In eMpefnii la
M eoetnbntinu U km b-t
lf, ba Mil,
Utiitdinn; .i k ftjtirwt i tildxha.! in
tk I ul It4nn, llof nr no
t .S I J rHina In aiiinia rlaMr-
MiUii - nkt ate nlwHunMr nihtnl
KanttrM, I i n Nov, ittl, i'J?, n
fend rwt,. i feut, Hil It.tA'i
kad iba rd, m ol a horn and
dnt Hwmi aia.i H.vttHtl.vd n nnnl. II
I km (nun thrra nrw In Iha mmm pinviu
lte liil,IKHI iwiaona, tt nhilin a'ltl
are women, and 24,000 are children, ac
tually atarvlng. Ol tbeee, It I declurea
by the physician, that a majority will
urely ale of the disease induced by
(amino, The sarao authority add, that
iu all the province, fully 200,000 non
combatant bav already diod of bun
ger, and an equally large number mut
mlneruoiy penan irom the am cause,
unles relief I Mpeedily afforded."
II uggeet the appointment of
local Cuban Itolief Committloe and
oomplete plan of orgunization to proe
cuto th work vigorously, We trust
that Nebraska citizen will respond lib
erully to t hi cull for old,
Kecontly Btato TreuMtirur Meerv
Issued a general fund warrant for f 164,
715 payable to tho W, II. Thomu Co. of
Philadelphia in payment for eupplle
furnished to Nebraska Institution. Ho
mulled the warrant to the main office of
the company in I'hiladolphlu with
memorandum attached etatlog to tho
company that if they desired cush on
tho warrant they could bavo cash by
endorsing It and Mending it to the treu
urer officii.
Amhooii u tho warrant wu issued
icverul broker wroto to the W. II
Thomu Co. and offered varlon proml
urn for the wurrunt. Thocompuny re-
fiiNcd tho offer of tho broker and ent
tho warrant to TrouHuror Momirvo with
tho following letter;
W, II, Thomu & Company, Importer
and Jobbers 111 Institution Hpeciultie
yu Marxec mreot.
riiii,AiKM'JiM,i'u., Jun. 2,'1808
Mute ireiiHurer,
Uncolii. Nebraska,
lieurHIr; WodepoNlted In our bunk for
collection your wurrunt II 18000 lor
108,70, We hud several offer of nine
tenth to one per cent premium, but a
our business is with the etato wo are
(Mirfeotly satisfied with face of our bill
uud if there I any advantage to th
elate we are glad to benefit tho elate
We are not Npoculutor but dealer. We
aro pleased to note prosperou condi
tlon ol yourstute, and hope for you all
coutinumi proMperlt v, Very truly your,
TreiiMurer Merer ve cuehod tho wurrunt
and registered it for tho permanent
school fund.
Tho Nebraska legislature meet in reg-
ulur session each two year, One of the
lucldentul result of thi meeting lathe
publication of tho proceeding of the c'
eion, Tho proceeding ure published In
two volume, the proceeding of the
lluime forming the Houe Journul nm
the proiMNtding of the senate ure culled
the Heiiute Jourul, The legislature pro
vide an appropriation to pay for pre
paring tho copy for the printer and the
printing of tho book. It ha generally
been the rule of the legislature to deeig
unto the clerk of the House and hi assis
tant to prepare tho copy for the IIouhu
Journal aud tho secretary of tho minute
and hi usslstunt to prepare the copy
for the Henato Journul.
rhoMtato printing board award the
contract for printing the Journal
which i entirely separuto from the prep
nration of tho copy for tho printer. Tho
contrail for printing i awarded at a
price per page the number of pages to
be determined after tho book are print
ed. It will readily be seen that by collu
sion between tho clerk who prepare the
copy and the printers, it would be 1111
easy mutter to put, in a largo amount of
iinnecoHHitry mutter, to have only u lew
line 011 u page and a few word in a
line u possible aud greatly Increase the
size ol the book and tho number of page
that t he state must pay for.
Thi ha been done by republican olfl-
cials iu the past. The following black
line ahow the relative thickness in the
volume ol the House und Semite Jour
mil for the year indicated:
V i ? f
! ?
l l4 tk am - p nnj.y id
the llnnae Journal WM ,U In )
Ik nM. r Vidnnm naUVl,
in 1807, when it was prepared by
populist and democratic clerk, the av
erage coet per volume was only 60 cts.
In 1889 the average cost per copy for
the Senate Journal wo 92.40; in lbi)5
the cost per copy waa 2.'!8; in 1807;
when it was prepared by democratic
and populist clerks, the average cost
per copy wo 48 cent.
Do you think it pays to have the
"bog in the parlor?"
State warrant have taken another
rise, Tboy now sell for one and one-
eighth premium, the highest ever known
to be paid In this state for general fund
warrant drawing only five per cunt in
teres t. The following postal card wu
ent to Hon. 1). Clem Doaver, steward at
at the Institution for the deuf aud dumb
at Oinuhu:
Olllc of C. II. Imboff, 182 North 11th
Lincoln Neb.. Jan. 28, 1808,
Wanted General fund tute wurrunt.
price, 1.01 for warrant ffiOor over,
price subject to change without notice.
Wurrunt should bo properly endowed
and eut direct to me for remittance In
New York or Lincoln exchange,
C. H. Imiiokk.
Mr, Imboff la a well known and thor
oughly responsible broker In thi city,
Ho will pay the price he has offered. It
ha been a long timo since the State
Journul bu repeated tlm statement that
if the pop were In power the atate'M
credit would be ruined," Nebrasku'
credit wus never so good u it I at the
present time, Six of tho state ofllcer
are populist and one I u silver dum
1 he now Union ruclllc management
took possession of tho road at midnight
January !J1, One of it very first act
wu the filing of u mortgiiKO of $100,
000,000 upon tho profierty. Heebie this
the new oompuny hus Issued $1.10,000,,
000 of stock. A the property cost the
new organization a total of f 1)0,000,000
t will be a mutter of some pardonable
curiosity to the population of Nebraska
living along the lino of the Union 1'uciflo
to know what tlmt odd 146,O0O,O00 ha
to do with their business. Of course it
would Dover have done for the United
States to have paid off tho first mort
gage and taken possession of the roadi
Notice Antisculping Hill -City Investi
gation Dave Hill Speaks Hawaii
Still HangH-Lincolii V. M. State
Fairs Changing the Money Stand
ard Hryan's Visit to Mexico Our
Cundidute for Governor Farm Poul
try. Perhaps it hud better be understood
by the reader of the Iniikpicndknt that
the editor is in no way responsible for
what appear in thi column. The writer
alone is responsible. There will no
party muzzle even be put upon his pen
He writes hi own opinion according to
the light he ha. We are satisfied that
more than half of tho editors do not
dare to publish their own honest opin
ion for leur of injuring their purty. We
respect any man's candid opinion whether
we agree with him or not.
Hut lew know tho object und effect
of the unti-sculping bill now before
congress. J ho Now York Central end
tho Pensylvaniu Central are the only
ronds fighting for the bill. Tho object is
to stop ticket brokers from selling tick
et undr regular rute. The two main
lines would get nearly all the through
travel, could they stop soul per from
selling ticket under price over other
roads? They propose to nut a man in
prison who sell or buy u ticket outside
ol railroad depot. It is tlm big fish
atiug tlm little if tlm law pusses.
A strumro phenomena i exhibited in
our republican city oltlecr investi
gating other republican l it v ofllee. It
look a thoilull the repnblic in Htealinu
lisease, like lie lueasli-s, liiiil irot to run
llirouuh the whole family before it would
He out.
lUV Mill, llm ...w tork senator l.
made the gold bug swh iu the Chicttgo
iiiiiycuimiu tin. other day
thai he voted fur Hrynu and wa still on
llm Cliicagu pUtlorui. Iiaiidhas
n nn out 01 water lor more than a vrnr
III lllll Y lltva tha l.rv.hlelilinl in I.U
bound ugain. bat mi iiiau otat til tiin.i
ran lm WiH-te.1 prt-Midwit an am iu many
yearn tntsiuie.
llnnali still hang in I ha .ukt. it la
ittit errlaia Iknt nuy ulliar uatiuatm
aarla Mould lump nl lha l hu, I ha
'hIIh Mal.-a un h i. bea our I'a
.(! iHiuiai.n ha Un iuullliUd t, m
hundrvt) n II will I in nfty yrara, n hall
way station md Itun U u...iof ,4 u,,v.
ill than it u so. I da tiaaann ril
r.M ia nd war I'u.ilto ra mi
Imrt Ion.', aid fvounw kuq.losla of I'a
rittealvaiii ahiim in .rrv tt- ira-U
n-n Ait mil Inivrai Aaaviaiuiu
ill rnlly tsaaai lt naiiis nplw.
ll ni iwaro Iknl Nnto AlVn ka I
Khi tain Itwr li'tutitsn sp lb npiHuni-
invalid l4kiM-ll u Ik ,'Mr ul p, ,
loaaiar in t.iuuln. lis sian I. hark4
Hitd ...fiviu4 Mt.invy ul V(4y t ..I ts
tr iiiaiiisrf Mnniy iraatrf, i
pttvn km Hia. I waalo-l In n. ( a
Mtimalar nl ihm a n4 toittd t
I Uoln tiifto tny
TksttataUir kun'-l W iwnuananllv
l.a aUd Mn ! ! lara na Sa m
MianwMdSk lkn II aknutd tw niwn and
fvax II hat IK lnl Niuliil-aiai ran b
nad b prvtaium, 1kn lkc wiilU
ni taa toy kira rnclssT, asliiH4
laarf vllis. I nrwam ntil4
Senius $5.00 ty draft, ex
press or money order and we will
ship you the following bill of
goods-Every article warranted
or money returned:
40 tbi bant riinlatn Kturiir 11.00
a l.nri ifooil Lsniidr,
y Hop...
kla'a Caff!
1 00
" : r. - . i
a 1 1.. VnDttt KrHiioratKil l'ai-bi-...
III c-ntia) boat link Inn 1'owUvr
1 lit bst nnoolorail taa..
Ib l'nii)nr ()..
4 tin choice Hlea
H lb Mustiiro ...
8 packSKM lt Vaiwt cakal
All the above packed secure
ly and delivered to R. R. station
here for $5.00.
The Farmers
Grocery Co.,
226-234 N. 10th St.,
Lincoln, Nebraska
getlmr to help eoch other and much good
would bo accomplished. A It Is now
the matter is taken out of thehnndsof
the farmers and hit I turned Into a
money making machine. There are four
railroads running along ft few rod from
the farm und the farmer could run tho
fuir without help of the city chap.
If there is any one thing tbut should
remain unchanged, it Is money. What
wus sound wheat, and corn aud cotton
slxt y yenrs ugo is sound today and Ib
ought to be so with money, In Jack
sou' duy silver and gold were both
eound money but now tho republlenn
plutocrul have discovered that gold
alone Is sound. In a few year more
another jump will bo made but every
timotowurd tho pockets of tho money
lenders. Wo expect Hrynnism to stop
this nonsenso. If we bod any guaran
tee that moneyed men would be satisfied
with the present gold dollur we could
rest more peacefully,
e e
No stranger visiting Mexico ever re
ceived the attention or national honor
that W, J, Hryan did a few days ugo.
If Mr. Hryan should visit Fnglund next
week, he would be snubbed by every
royal cab driver, spit upon by every
lord and hung by the bunkers of Lurn
bard St. Let Cleveland or McKinley
visit Knglund and they would bo Invited
to dine with the queen and tho banker
would kiss the ground at their feet, but
let them visit Mexico and they would be
jostled with a cold shoulder. That 1
just the difference iu men.
W. J. Hryan is our candidate for gov
ernor next full, then put on J. H. Meservo
for treasurer and we can carry the stale
by fifty thousund majority, That will
bo a long step toward the white house '
for Mr. Hryan. McKinley, Cleveland anil'
several others have stepped from a kov
emors chair to the presidential chair
and he will bo able to do it without any
of Hunna's twenty millions. The com
mon peoplo must stand up for Nebraska.
The gold bug have not nuito cheek
enough, yet to deny that silver I coin.
Neither do they rtouy that all our gov
ernment bonds rend payable in coin.
President Cleveland notified conttrcss
that they could save sixteen millions if
they would mnke the bond that he is
sued read payable in gold, but congros
would not do it. Now we paid that
sixteen millions for the option of puviim-
silver or gold and can it be dishonest or
dishonorable (or u to take onr choice
what kind of coin we will pay? If 1 give
my note payable iu one ton of cheese or
sixteen tens of hay I have a legal and
moral right to pay either cheese or liny.
lew tons oi silver win quiet unv run on
our trenmiry and everything would go
on smoothly again. Hut according to
tho presidents last stMi-ch, before tho
millionaires huimuct, we must unv In
the biggest und best dollar known any
w here in the world without regard to
tho bargalus. So if Hnirland should to
day double the size of her gold coin wu
would Is under obligations to llll V
double gold dollar on our bond. All I
ask, ull any honest man will iisk, is tho
lllflllllieut to the letter of the contract,
and it appear that the seim think so
too, ut least they voted 47 to .'Pi that
way. Now let the house vote down the
senate r. solution if they dure, next full
we will elect a house that will overcount '
eveii the veto power.
We want, to call Dm atl.-ntiou of farm
I'M, tH.Js.-,ty tlmt f ,(,v- ttU, t(lr-i
in i ne puiiitrr iiiiiustry. The annual
ee harvest will soon U riie. The
chicken and egg product last year in Ne
braskn, without Including turkrva, geea
and dink, would . for not b than
i),imo,!mki, h h-qulreai no bnnl work,
iuat n link rare, first rata chorea for
laiy ami not. Itiitemlwr that ntusarw
prim for mnrkat. a tMiu u thay an.
dropped, Mud t hs ku ar proiia si lft
end ill thr. or four month. Ytm J.m't
bavs to luaa n year a ynn tin ml It
a crop ul corn or i.(,r ltm testa a
ilhi-olta and I'ulvea.
To atari withd.m I rtinclude lh4 ym
luaal kavw huh .ti.w, b,it. ban.
Ik.m m .ii tilth it'Rervnv In !, not
a ijuarier a unn h a Iu txiaa. n rarv
mre tha t tilnttd Ilia! t.ritttin Urn Mra.
Ih U-nHorn la ai..l tt.r,a.i.I..Ml
Miser L i. I. r it, ajinier, bal lb ht
..ii.ia-rr known, 1t plaitn t.a k,
I and Praitha arlegn,
alu ,i lu tlurw, put m ktmlt
Hk aitli.r and you get th Ut btjvra
.a aailk,
lH.n l mint lat ynn iuai bai nn
jt,aiaknlion.. Il itm knianadon I
M yur kvn rwi im it ikd
8'l id ll-rd aad ui,l. k . I
ln'.iarani..ra koaliKy. lUMMts eln
HS'lrr nn HI a skad mill m r I'm
li t I '. Si Jf . hral.D lK Ika
aa tm ba I nt nny !.. or i tr
liltia nr nutkm U u tnkt.nld l ftiinm iak aHr d lit
kt ltm, 1 H taliHU.w a'-! Is ,t
onaanj a h n.t nl Ik lf, N lk
"i, Ilvlia ia iHraliug I JT,
ktsf f DmI akuuM k nuhitl w in lait
i' Ikrvaj okila tlns 4' i kattlMi, .f
lfkr a,!, .y kia o'y -fnl
ynr nan n-arsmg In ikar ns.
fHin.'in.n itsml bat. bl i k.