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February 3, 1898
In this department we will publish communications of a worthy and suitable
tharacter, received from subscriber to this paper. No communication movw
juntaw mohb Til AN 000 wo it us. Manuscript will not bo returned.
tativk oovki1nmknt a failuuk.
Kditou Nkiuumu Ixuici'Kndknt:
The clvlllwd world Is eiiitod In a
Mind strugglo to discover aud destroy
the prime cause of the Industrial and
Kovernmontul evils from which it suffers,
Ut the real cause be once clearly seen
and apprehended and there Is certainly
wisdom enoutfh and virtue and courage
enough in the people of the United
Htates, at least, to discover and apply
the remedy. Let It once be applied by
us, who stand as the van guard of clvill
nation, and we may reasonably hope
the nations of the old world will come up
abreast of us, .
A mighty revolution Is now In progress
among the English speaking topics of
the earth.
What is the cause of It and whore will
It end?
The cause of It rests in the desire of the
people; ..,.,,
let To escape existing evils; ad-lo
routine In actual lite the brotherhood of
man, something that only exists now ns
a beautiful theory,
The greatest evil, greatest because
productive of the largest sum of human
misery is the competitive system,
From time Immemorial philosopher,
philanthropist and saint have advocated
the proposition that It Is only by com
petition the everlasting struggle for sur
vlvul of the fittest, that the human
nine could be developed to It best aud
highest capabilities.
This is the most stupendous of all er
rors. '
The true proposition Is just the oppo
Site, Man's highest and best develop
ment Is to be found only In true chris
tian brotherhood and co-operation.
The golden rule and the ttsnond com
mandment In actual operation would
forever destroy the competitive system
and develop iu man all that is Ood-like
in his nature.
Competition, Instead of developing
man to his highest and best capabili
ties, makes him a devil. Ilelcntle,
hard-hearted greed Is t he fruit of It.
Under It love for one's fellow-men is Im
possible, except In theory. Ministers
preach on Habbath: Lov thy neighbor
as thyself; but on Monday morning his
hearers join in a mad strife for gain at
the expense of the weaker ones, Under
comMtltlon it Is honorable and laud
able for one merchant to outstrip his
weaker and less capablu brother und
leave him a wreck by the wayside: for
one Inwver to win clients away from his
less shrewd brother, for the doctor to
wheedle another doctor's patients away
from him: for tholuborer to take a fellow-
laborer's iob away from him. It Is war
to the knife, the knl'e to the hilt.
It Is lawful and a iturtof tin system
for two or a doten men to combine
their dollars and wits, to mobilize a
mall but riowsrful industrial army, in
order the better to conquer aud capture
the universal desire, profit.
No matter how ninny millions tbo
nroUt is lllched from, nor bow many in
dustriul i wrecks strew the line of its
march, nor bow many human lives are
crunhed out in the unequal and there
fore hopeless struggle; this triumphant
oombiuution oi neurness wn unu mpi
. tftl and devilish greed marches on until
it counts its gaius by hundreds of mil
lions and Its victims by other millions,
"The blur HhIi eat uo the little ones."
Thus man anna the brutish monster of
the deco and becomes kin to conscience
Ihhs saurian of the rent Man nue and to
the ferocious llesti-eating feliue of the
Iungle. Man doss not eat the flush of
lis brother, but h eats and othorwwo
consumes the product (of his brother's
toil, taken from him unjuntly by superior
power and under sanction of law. The
strong man. industrially, literally lives
on his weaker brothers, piling up hie
millions in profits unjustly taken from
the millions of disorganised producer.
Thoueatid and hundreds of thousands
gu down to ibmth. not industrial death
inervly, but dent h. of the body, In the un
mjual struggle of t'omM'titiou.
Th climax Is at baud.
Two factors combine to mnks pwible
what nwver btor was ttoasible: The en
slavement Industrially of the millions of
toilers by eapitttiUt. These two factors
1st Improved transportation; fd
Improved nmehinery.
tapllal as owner of trnM.rUtitiu
lint and asowurot uiaihim-ry com
plat iitMster, master not only ol tb
nge err, but ol all trader and
farmer, lor they ar depvudeat the
railroad aad tb uiaehiaa,
twing mte the eapitatist wart aad
wmmmmmmmim -u .. i " '
r i '-' (
iA t . .
Hmil LIcbllnK
Va, tSaal.S,,
tuti l iw Klmlill
I taa) ttif, w
( r uv 1
4 i MI .-..
a utrta.
4 CrVrrv"V
obtains unjust profit from all. Hence
poverty of tho multitudes and slavery
are inevitable.
There is but one remedy, co-operation.
Uo-oiteratioc upon an exact equality
so that the strong will help the weak
1 ........ ilu.m. ttliu MtWl Hnt.Il
ttfl (J tlQv liv umi iituiiii win" .- i
ing less will afford relief, This means
hrolhorhood. Then will
irnmA cense to develop In the human
heart. Then will man cease to struggle
solely for self. JIo will then labor for
all. lie will then find It possible to lovs
hi neighbor a himself, urotuony iovs
will not ttion do snuou hi " ""
as now. but it will Ixstoine a luxur unt
and lovely (lower lu the heart and Ife of Drnary Mm,t,ons and conventions,
all. With equal distribution the labor mmUi JvntUtty H,l to eternal dls
retiuired to produce on abundance for 0OP(Hi (or th elements are agreed pn no
all will need but n small fraction of the A(mirm xwf) free sliver. The letter
time. None will then boa slave io io
In order to live. l''our-bour days win
milllce. Hence much time may m given
to Improvement of inlntl nun neurs. I
Then will It be possible for man to ex-
di.vuloti to his full estate
Jmd bnnoiiiatlio Ood-like being hi treator
Intended him to be. . , ,
Populism Is a prophesy oi me ci m k
revolution. The populist party
Ilrst political party to advocate co-op.
erutlou on a large scale tnrougu e
unviipiiiiwtnt. 1
(Japitol Is already In the field, co-op-
w.. ..i i.twi it.tmli limit tn I
iTiinun iiiiwiikh k "":'',",: i
n e uo more millions mr mo mw linn
rivet the chains of Industrini siajery ((
tiurhter. The ouestlon now Is: Hhail I
capital have co-operation for the bandit
of the few or shall all the people co-op-
mate through the government for the
benedtofalu I
I'opu ism Is leading thewa.v toaset,-
(lament of that question, dive us the
people's financial system, the people
railroad, the people's telegraphs and
in HiiiiMiiiiM Hiroet ours, wuier wui h.
lightning plants, coalmines, oil well,
,V.. ... .t- " f . i.
people's ownership of ail liivnniion
win fmiiH nit to l ie l ive n.or. inn ''.
owiiorMhlii of nil unused lands, and the
power of capitalism win no unison uu
. 7 .. .... . . .1 1
the way opened lor universal co-oper-
tlon along all lines.
W, li, JJANll,
Kearney, Nebr.
Work Without WiiiTyliiit-
Epitou Inpicpkniiknt:
As I am one of tho old Farmer AM
anco I will begin right there, I would
like to seo honor where honor belongs.
Tho old Farmer' Alliance laid out the
iiHimlnln ami nothing short of them
and a few more added to them will bring
the United Htate to where it was when
our lore lathers laid uown me inuopi-n
(ImioM and constitution. When Mr. Dry
an took two or throe of the principles oi
our plat form ho became the great states
man of the great reform, Hut I want to
muv r uhfc hero that we populists Know
very well that his two or threenrluoipies i
"'J ' ' - I '. I
wont bring him through where tney
i 1,1 l... A,l .....II...,. II. nil- via want I
siitiuiu mm nvi" i .....
istnis: Wo want the populist party to
selwt a man lor governor out 01 uie
old Farmer.' Alliance who has been tried
and proven to bo tho right man and not
tho democrat appoint a mnn and we be
IOOI enougu w nei iiioci ii.ii.. .
appoint one and stick right there is our
motto. Tho populist party may have
met with a set back, but our cause was
never as formidable as it is to-day. No
nnud ot worrying about tho populist or-
gauimtion, they are going to rally
around the old Hag. Kducate and spread
tho light. Work, but don't worry.
1. F. l'l-UM.
Aiwa) Brine a Lesion of Cstsrrhil
lUiu, rain, ruin. Mud; slop, elect and
slush. Flood and freeise, elipand splash,
alternate ccaHoloMnly. Sometimes It
make us niad. Sometime it makes us
laugh. We cannot be sure what th
weather will be for au
There is one thing we
can Ik sure of, how
ever: that such
wiather will bring ctt-
hour at a time,
torrh catarrh of the
head, eye nud ears.
Catarrh of the throat,
lung nud broni-htnl
tut", t ittttrrhol tho
etoiiiuch, liver and
bowel. Catarrh of
the kill in-v. Catarrh
of th bladder. Ca
tarrh of th itelvie organs, UoUert Hoi
rMon f furoit, Me h., "Catarrh
had gou through my whole ytm nud
m K.iuplv tuditNhbU, IVruna
rur4 to, lift rblr t avtmiha4 to
ma Unik u vousg."
Ir, llartiuaa'a ittrt btMk tbtitUl
' " tl-r Catarrh ta Meg wat tr lu
aav Mrnui iy lb t a ru a I'tug iia
Htarlsnsg Ctatpe,v CiJuutbus, libim
vmimm mt MU a Hwaua I
I'firoa htt"tfcf.
tr tavaly vai g ll. Wjuiu
V. Ta. r. iMttt wl Pri4at Hah
tiMia'a lt, ad Utif puW
raa.tuUta ti-r aia.iur mI tl w
ratfagvd til lt al wt
tUrf Ward (w W, vi th rhatM id
aiwaati lb atf-tiuu tl IWidaim
tUt.i ifcs la is k K !,
tirl tra il. a nftf a I r
utWt w4 ' ai-ia I "t.
t'ttal teaid k UatkV T.h,h
1 tlikt. a4 k'fiwi JuHia aar
tma m ktlf tJl l ara.lj
iuth I . 1 r-i tt i-l lkma
ifal vks ' I 1
til IU. .. I.. MkW.I.., UfMa IM r4
ana ui f iW -a lh Mt
tag atitrr4 ta Ik r4a wl
IVtuati lw4
' 1 fc ktUf i4 X, l fkld.a, id tk
p(l-t Hr wl ltt Ul l.lrs
Mh.MR4 t ia hi. w
as, t vikalk k 4.W4 tsf tw.jW
waawtt-JattttM wf t ia.i-la tad it
itaii iiiw vs a ttd.
lut llaa.
t U latwadwat Ik5 k $mm Wl
wtlh m Wtiff W IU I'naal, Wl
known democratio politician of ifarting-
ton, denouncing the emoiuon wi w m
both 'untimely and Ill-advised.' Mr.
Uryant practically tells the populists
that their party is nothing but an ex
periment, doomed to disappear without
achieving success, and that Its only pres
ent use is to help the democratio party
into power. After a review of the third
t in Amnrica. Mr. Kry
int. ufLVM Hrother Hheldon should re-
........ i. , ..!. iim nmnil 1st tmrty is still
an experiment, Thus far It has achieved
,,n mrira i,iir,!eHS tlian did It prodimossor
ti. ni It,.. Amur nan Tiunv. imiu i
luw ....... . ...
much more thnn did the ani.i-iiisouiu w
.tin,, ThuMA n l names luiiea on
...iiiuu fir. rai ihunaml for them existed.
The prohibitory party lai a oecuns
It tried to do too much. The populist
m iriwu w iii"
party Is liable to fall for
mi in.'
Uio "mini ri-B-
jniYAN foil 1000
'j'hen after emphasluiiig the necessity
ofpturlngthe democratio nomination
. jtJ 1)00 Mr, jtryunt points
0(jt tmt m (lt,tempted consolidation as
proiiosed by Nhehion wiin an who ymmi
, , u t , ... 0,.w,tof cuueasses,
, , i , flno(,,r detnocratlo siap
fc I)0tllJHt oandldate for the vice
,ira,,,: ln mur.. as fo lows: 'Urotiior
hlinlclcjn sneaks of the treatment
of the
tial cundlilnto in
.,... i..,,,!,,,. Himldmi. to
, ''.,, i Thomas H. Watson
VYatson has failed of t ills Job himself
, , uo thai you
WIII succeed."
i,,imo,!mt indeed! I never voted the
,JmM0mt(, )(;k()t , 1 1 r. 1 bad
1,..,...,.. ,i.,. .wllt.ii- if the Hen for 11
years; have, at one time, .been his
r. , . ' i i ...u. i,.,. i IhIwihI
intiiiiate i)ers(nai uuu uu" ..",
I , mifc bes i e mm m
n ri,,m,i(iti convention in
.i,. ..,. i,iiHNnd. 1 am tolerably
W,j yow populist circles, where
.. Nt,1,.ll)l,t would only draw out
Whv W(. U(!, tt tatement
..... .1.. it nil uhpIi ii tilmll) HOCOllMt Of HIV
.iiHli VHI1.i i,-,,. the weekly edition
...ilium. iiniHt, of whom, have uo other
avenue of information. Did Kilwnrd
Kosuwator ever read llevolatiou XX lib
Wii.iiiu r. ijiiyant.
Hartlngon, Neb,, Jan. 10, 'W.
A Vsluab! Little UOOK Bent rise lor
tb Asking.
M.iilli'ul books are not always interest
ing rending, especially to people-, enjoy
ing good health, but ns a mat tor of fact,
scarcely one person In ten I perlectiy
hea t hv. and even wunsucu, sooner or ulrkiii'MN imml coiiie,
Ii U a mii it we es tn a s ma trutn linn
inn-tooth of all discuses origiuatu with
lirimHiiif down of digestion, a weak
stomach weakens and Impoverishes the
MVHtmii. making it easy for disease to
,jj :
in. In ii lillil lllllll.
Nobody need fear consumption, kidney
liMi.iiHn. liver troublo or a weak heart and
nervous system ns long as me uigoHiiou
good and the stomnch uble to usslinllate
plenty of wholesome toon. .
Htomiu'h weakin'ss shows Itself In a
m.irn 111 Wll VM llllll HUM Oil.
hi. urn tit WIlVK llli d tills little book dim
., t, --,,,,- ,,d cause and
,xniniM .,, " (1 N0 Hlmolothat
r "" - . i ,
,.nin nan linilitrMtKllll 011(1 nolll.V.
,...,.-,- have boiiio form of atom
f , , , d t kuow it Th()y
b- hum,,W!i,, the languor, the
n,,rV0UMI1HHM Insomnlu, palpitation,
c mt,pat,on HIld Blmllar symptoms to w.l,r nioiHA than
mwiia other cause than tho true oue,
(bit vniir dli.mtloii on the right truck
and tho heart troublo, lung troublo.livor
disease or nervous debility will rapidly
Thm littlo book treats entirely on the
eniiHa and removal of Indigestion und
its accompanying ttimoyauces.
It describes the symptom 01 aoiu u.y
nmmiu. nurvous dvsis'psia. slow dyspep
sin. iiinvlaceous (Ivsts-psiu. catarrh ot
stoumcli and all affection of tho digos
tivnoruaiiH in nlain language easily un
derstood and the cause removed.
It mvi-a valuab o suggestions as to
diet, contains a table giving length
of time reou red ta digest various aru-
ele ol food, somemingevery pi-rmui mm
... I ... :.u
weak digestiou should know.
-V ,i III..' 1 1 Anal"!'1" "J " ""'" "
No price is naked, hut simply send your ).w.n..n..u,l in l..a tl.un of
IIIIIIIO niUl Ulllins UUU1J wimniun
poNtal card to the F. A. Htewart Co.,
Klarahail. Mich., requesting a little book
mi Mtomneh diseasos and it will bo eut
promptly by return mail.
imt I lly the I'uur.
F.iUToit Ixukhkmuknt:
Trulv. mWortutie never como singly,
Now (Hiuie a tale nl wiw from two little
bov who recently lived In a suburban
villngo of Chieago, (leorg utid Wrtlt. r
Pullman, two ly who have iu outte
aellkuown in oviely circle. suo rt
time nu thev lit mt ludnlgotil lthr
M tltaU MtlppOM"! tO IW llllt ii to on.
lie tin tiu iii to in luiu, oi.i.i rimrii.T
lit the or ll. With the pit lul UUt til
I l.tK'U year each aud lMnt tHiuua,
and but mvtilly lhy pitlwl Iheir l,WH
bull iuii agaiual a eumitimt at ruUtlog
Mild ha. Iihi, I a vorp, I'll aaall club
aub Iht-iii. KtM-ivl i haa gnu ba k on
ihm. Thoir tt girl droti lhm hi
a eol.t iHittii, and iu all prwbbiliiy
lhjr will tw ruiillH lu rid la ple
no u nior turwvt-r, Mh.I, a. lata, II
kaa i-a aid td thotu that lhy aal a
tuill.tiH aad a (nartr ol dollar in t h-t-fttctt
in tan r. Vita, a kr ta tm
kill did It ti.Mi trout1 r torn Ik t
Hi at.Mia i.tliu huaa'a bnw, I IhmW aou
.t.raka but kM noulj lv In aorrt
aliut a I t tsai ir. I U av.r
Un Wy U Nbfka sU Iron It lu
Vttffct HU'lttb Dlirk wl wi Ik I tvt Mt
H-MN III iu .' tt MtHtk, Tt ar
III mI KStV Ki-I It kHWMlti H
th Hif Pultttt Uijt tukat miltiM
aa4 a WH ttt laj A. I )vl uu
W d-si I k what Um'ii.mi 1. 1 tiit
Md tr lttia i ifcff at
trlrrvt lu IS wlkr WUi.' il
I t ut tkot ar U.mUm4 rtt till
- WhM Ut ft taeulk th Hot
a I lit
M ll-kv.1
lit 14 tVM .
tirely ignorantof anything going wrong.
Next month we nave some real estate
foreclosure sales. One farm of 100 acres
the man bought fourteen years ago for
fll per acre. He Is a bard working
man, ha been blessed with lot of good
health, and I have known hi wile to go
out In the cornfield and help him pick
corn. There is still $a,700 against the
place. Another man paid fl per acre
lor his placo fourteon year ago. His
placo went three years ago. Another
case, a Merman bought his 100 aores ten
years ago, at flu per acre. After ten
years of hard work tho mortgage is
1,800. 1 have seen the mother and
two daughter helping to stack eighty
acres of heavy wheat when It was too
hot for men to work, and you might al
most sny that those people have lived on
what they could not sell.
And yet other have paid f 1,000 and
5,000 on half sections, who have had
to give them up, and those instances
are not few. There are others. And yet
the 1'ralrlo Farmer tells editorially to
the world that tho great trouble with
tho Nebruska farmer today Is "how can
we Invest our surplus ciish? I know
many merchants who could tell thou
sands of them where they could place it
to do the most good. Hut 1 toll you
they haven't got It.
Men and brethren, Investigate these
matters. There l a better way than
for some boy to have a million and
millions to have nothing. Look it up.
There' money in it.
And now, hoping that George and
Walter may worry ulong on their pit
tunce, 1 remain your truly,
Hank Miixkii.
An Independent Nation,
F.nrroii Inhki'umiknt:
lu your last issue I find parties differ
ing from each other on fusion. Let us
itop and reflect. What have we done
by fusing here in Nebraska? If It were
not for fusing tho slate would still be
running In the same old slipshod way, of
which the cases of allowing extra 25
cent a day for sheriff is only one ot
tho thousands of little steal that have
been going on for years. Not only was
tho sheriff taking this money unlawfully
a thief, but tho part ies (laying him know
ingly was just us much a thief.
I, for one, am glad we have progressed
this far. Hy fusion we have uccoin
plished already what It would have
taken years to bring about by any
oilier course. What wo want I toad'
vanes tin best interests of our govern
mont. Under tho present plutocracy
rule we certainly are doomed sooner or
In tor. Ohio lias just returned on to
the senate, We son republicans eulogist
ing this action to the skies, while in
fact every man that has the country at
heart should regard such action as a
disgrace. This net ion should cause
every citizen to woep for tho action of
such rulers, as we never enn expect any
thing good to como from such a man,
whoso every act of life has boon to till his
own larder.
1 tor one am la favor ol principles re
gard les of party, lu our last election
we forgot about ever carrying a popu
list platform, dropping everything for
free silver. Now this Is only one of the
minor principles we are ngtiting to ou-
talu. Government ownership of rail-
rouds, telegraphs, steamships aud all
mode of transportation in cities a well
as nations and an abolition of national
banks. Further, I believe the greatest
curse to our nation i the trust. 1 be-
liovo in going further. The government
should own and control the coal mines
and the oil fields a the time is coming
when one vast trust is going to own
and control tho output of every coul
mine in the United States, both anthra
cite and bituminous, aud tho oil trust
today i in reality the father of all
trusts. Tho All wis Creator placed
these things for tho good of mankind
and not for tnou to hoard, rob, starve
and froero to death their fellow men.
Corporations are soulless, cure nothing
lor human mmoriug, oniy lor corpora
tion greed. And mark this, tho trusts
are only iu their infancy; in less than
twenty-five year there will not bo a
manufactured article that Is not gov
erned by trust and all wealth will be
what it i today. It is the old story,
the big tilth swallowing tho smaller.
Our tuition cannot stana ami he run,
owned and governed by uch meu as
llanno. Down with plutoi-rncy. lown
with this millionaire ruling. Dowu
with trusts, down with everything that
place men In dr slavery day by day. our motto be, take cere ot tho poor,
the rich can pnddl their own cams.
Thank Uod. AUcu' reeolutlon and
. . ... . . . . 1 . . 1 B . . I Li
Mteerfl nil tiroiltflif in oui wnniiin inai
loriu one more iM fun th Auiehenn iih
pie. l--t u sta.v by our color and It w
rati gm a nine uy tuaiiig let uuoo,
but dun I luriret our ami. uur nation
t.uUv i going tu iiUtw (niter than hut
vxr Ulorv in hiatiirv. W a aro duomml
unit w ran vhn k Hit growth ol
trul, nniitiiiily and pluto. racy. It
u not tw too raah tn eoadeninlug uur
frtwnd. W raw ti uior by etiiiiiug
lh driving. bat w want ta uutoa
la auta lbr I imuglb, Itwpwipl
. k . t . L .. ....... I ... ... .., il.
HI MIr'lS Pi o"-hm tow ')ui
t ailed Htwlv. I .at U til kwp lftiu
nwa. Tka Wl u p,M!ourow.
Im vry aaiioa oa ria uiw iaa
w arw lh lrgat, th Ut ampjahl,
th rtt lHwI. th lwl axlueattMl, th moat
ibk til ruaamg owa anir t
tbry will kw pMul tr Fabl iold id
ay alio tut rih m von sua jour
www kuie7 Win iui7 win wa
w walioa or tVf wilt w i lu uld
I aaUa-l aa-l lw ! aJ . i-i
aad tiiktl td I what woal.U t
tdu4 ht duT li W f! U
! . . .
JoH J,
4bf, bfk.
I llatblat I a MOt
:r r aa Iu4y k a wykt tu r-
r.f, ot h' his Mrw I wf,
It way N d'-l bram, I.M
W4.JI, hrbti lttkry t dual .
(), a Mkl p ef a d-uk ..
H s. tvitlfM aw I n -
Imm id luaa. it wosil about kt,
wralH. t a4 Mlr wut
M-a lit ki, witt wwwli kiv itk a4
twit 4 imk
h-ltr alwwi wm tu is
)iwl- iali, aa4 a.i l ii
at lh 4 uW4y wilt mttiiilrtN
wsvit lvka lk wr wdnk
tia,bttt k lr wnk It Mp It kilt di4
k gu- llUr Itr4 K.
Causes fully hall the sickness In the world. It
retains the digested food too long In the bowel
and produces biliousness, torpid liver, Indl-
gestlun, bud tuste, cuatud I V g
toiiKiio, sick huiiducho, In- I JJ sj I I
lumiila, etc. Hood's Pills If 1 1 1 9
eureooiMtlpatloit and nil Its
results, easily and thoroughly. 2BC. AlldruKists.
Prepared by C. I. Hood Si vo., i.oweu, wans.
The ouly Pills to take with Hood's Barsaparllla.
Are you going to The Klondike? Do
you know how to get thnro? Write 8.
fc. Hooper, C. I'. & T. A., 1). Alt. 0.11. It.,
Denver, Colo., tor a delightfully illustrat
ed pamphlet do voted to this subject.
Dr. Ketchum-
Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat
and Catarrh
pnotttolei Cnrufulljr Fitted. All ( roasonabl
Office 4th floor Richard Block, Lincoln
49 Westminliter Bt Providenoe, R-1.
Want ll kind of flr Fart, Skins, Olnwinn,
Hniioea.nh), Vui prloui uroiild, Oarnlul
Iwitloo, oourtoui tritinmit, liumndlat rmlt
titnuti, Mlilpiilinc Tk, KupM, furnlsbtd frt.
WrlU fur launt pilu almuUra
ThItleht Ilont to Klondike.
Whether you seloct the all-water route
by way of St. Michaels, or tho overland
route via Pyea, Skngway, Cooper river,
Taku or Btiltlno, you must first reach u
t'nclflo port of embarkutlon.
in coiinection with the 1). & It. U., or
Colorado Midland Hy., I the short, di
rect and popular route to Han Francisco,
1'ortland, Tacama or Heattle, Through
sleeping char and free reclining chair
car from Denver to Haa Francisco and
Denver to Portland. Choice of three
routes thro' the Uockle and the most
mugnlfloent scenery in the world. Write
to F. A. Wadlkioh, (J. P. A., Halt Lake
City for copy of Klondike foidor.
To Jolio Mnlmffi'T nrni rmlilnnt ilufnndnnt:
You ar bernbjr notllluit Ihnt u lh 10 1 h day of
Jniiimry, lh, Mary MnliaHny Died a potltlott
(tnil nut on In th Uonrt of l.ncatar
Coniilf, .Nubraaka, tli ulijoi't and prnyvr ut
whhdi ar to olitnln s ilron from yen and ens
tody of their minor clill.lru to-wlt; llarrr and
Clara, on tli ((round that you hav wilfully
liando.iad tli ilalull(t without good chum, fur
tli trm ol two yoar lust iNt.
Vuu ar rcqulrxd tn anwr mild petition on or
bnlure Mou.lay lb ilth day of March, IMS.
Hiit MKUArrxr,
Ily 0 Wiley WIIsod, ber attorn t. I'laluUft.
fteinoval of Mlsoourl Pacific City Tick
, onion.
The Missouri l'Mciflo city ticket office
has boon removed to 1020 O street.
When you are going south or east re
member that there are two fast trains
daily from Lincoln to Kansas City and
Bt. Louis via this liue.
To Omaha, Chicago and point In Iowa
and Illinois, the UNION PACIFIC in con
nection with th C. & N. W. Ry. offers
the best servlc and the fastest time.
Call or writ to m for time cards, rates,
ato. ' E. B. Blosbon,
Ueu. As
no n p Dcvwninc
un. u. u. ilk i iiu iuw
Residence Phone 655.
Office Phone 656.
Surgeon and
Consulting Physician
Room 17, 18 A 10. Burr Block, X
Office hours: 10 to 12 a.m., 2 to t
5 p.m. 4
Sunday hours: 3 to 5 p.m.
0 .r rnl off la t'alir.irnl ami Other I'a.
title Cut Iravalar.
The abov reduction appliea to the
time enrtmte. By th Northwtern
rnion I'aeino route th tlm ionenight,
or I It hour, h thaa by other line.
The aave money, berth rat, and thlr
t-ii hour of wearisome rar riding. At
Fremont foniiwlion ar dliwt with
through toUi'itand rullman eWiwr,
rhalr ear tn IVnvor, Owden, Halt l.ak
rltv, I'lirllnnilaad Han Franwawi, (tin.
Ing ear through to th roast, tie! lie.
l and twrth rwrvatU of A. H. Fold
ing, elty thkt sgvnt, UT outh loth
t., I.bcda, Nb,
Mhraka a4 W taatlag
Jaa. 1. Fvb, 1 aad IV Mrvh aad
IS, Atrttaaad IU, Iba F.IUiw NuMh.
Mitra lia tll avlt lkkt to hi!I un
l ha la Subraaka, and ta Wjii.mi?
rl wl aad lat'ludiH; tri Jvat-IUxi, at
lr 4u J bt tk nuittd truv No
Ut tu bs thaa U tav Oi frtl..
It? lti. toia t , d"Kt, ., N aad It
!., l.iaiHil.
... ..... -..T .
f rl (Ma4 a4 Afc fatal.
Tk N.rlktra I'aUm Fault I tk
J.rvot ruaki li lU l"-t 4 a4
tlak i-Miat. Mifi d aUfa.r.
tra mat tllrt mikiw at I
,.t lk tk(wk Vlfiat ! a4
tv f'ttai4 taa'lt r t F-tla4.
I k. mwI taK.wl..a toll 4.
!widaa. if lKkt gat t valk
oik l , l.iawla, ,Vks
vm m ccr.ED
a 41 Whiitkl
i . mm
mtt i '. i ImW,
m -4 -
M . t WM p.fc4
Wkl . ..
v.. . .'
w ..... . .
yvwoi ti Nit lrMf
Wyatt-Bullard Lumber Company,
Office 20th and Ixard St. rhone47&
Write for Prices.
0MAIIA, s i t t NEB.
In the heart
of Chicago
The Union Passenger Sta
tion in Chicago, Into which
all Burlington Route trains
run, is located in the very
heart of the city.
The principal hotels, the
largest stores, the best the
atres, the biggest business
establishments, are only a
few blocks distant to reach
them It Isn't even necessary
to take a street car.
To reach Chicago, it IS
necessary to take the Bur
lington lloute that is, it is
it you want the best there Is.
Remember this when ar
ranging your next trip east.
For tickets apply at Bur
lington depot, 7th and P
street, or city office, corner
10th and 0 stroots.
Lincoln, Nebraska.
When billons or costive, eat a Coscaret
sandy cathartio,cure gaarun teed,lOc,25o
Tho Missouri Pacific city ticket offlos
hns boon removed from 1201 0 street t
No. KM) O street.
Weak and Strained Eyes Success
fully Fitted
No Atropine, no lost time.
1800 0 St., LINCOLN, NEB.
ISO So. 11th St.
Gallery Establlibcd 1871.
. . . UO TO . . .
Kennedy's Photograph Parlors,
132 So. 12th Street.
ine Cabinets, $L00 per Dozen.
Satisfaction OaaraUd.
W mak Crayon Portrait cheap and ta tb
mont artlitle fltyle.
Lincoln Exchange Mills.
t 420 North 9th St.
t Cusotm Grinding a specialty
S All th I'i'Ht fcrarie of floor ei-
S chniiKd tor whHt, corn or oat. W
S can T) yon money.
J A. II. Wl-.lll, AOKNT.
i Corner N and 8th Sts., LINCOLN.
Phone 65. . . .
; Full Assortment. Best Grade,
;; Lowest Prices.
CoaultiuT mom
tWimd tliMir
tttVttt (
1 . i i ..4t tx
I. l . I . a
,, ,.,,,, t.
k wrtif i) cf adi-iftwwt,
ll.'l . I III', ... x
I y a iim
?v .-
t. ,Vl 1. f Mm -,
a. 1 ...