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McKlnley with his key to open tbe
mills ha had some trouble it groins to
find the key-hole. Crete Democrat.
The laboring men who supportodthe
Mo Kin lev ticket cast bread upon the
waters and they have realized soup, after
many days. HoIderidKS Progress.
Some of our populist exchanges have
Anally reached the ooiot where they con
elude that the Tammany animal is not a
tlflrer at all. and is auite harmless. But
he'll show his elaws agaln.-Uertrand
J. II. Edmlston, oil Inspector, has made
bis annual report for J 897 after paying
all expenses, liarlpy turns
oyer to the state treasurer. This is the
way demo-D Tt conduct state affairs,
The readers will remember tha t this Is
the office held bv Frank Hilton who was
short 15.000. this connty boinjr Kd-
tnisten's home We are proud of the reo.
ord he has made the past three years as
chief oil Inspector. uainRion news.
No one can express a living fact more
vividly than can Congressman Champ
Clark of Mo. This is how be does It.
In speaking of the financial plan pro-
Dosed by the the slnirle (told standard
men. which. If adooted. would rather en
rich the millionaire: "It , a waste of lard
to arease a fat bo. But wnats to be
done wben the hog has his snout in the
lard bucket and insists upon personally
attending to the greasing process?"
Kith County Mews.
Whon Legislator Griffith of Ohio stud-
l. tl.a r.f .Tiidns Isearot he
should observe that Judas went out and
hanged himself. Chicago Dispatch.
Congressman Sutherland, of Nebraska,
deserves much credit for tbe Hard worn
and enorgy he exhibited in assisting the
cause of Cuba. De Arinond of Mo., and
Sutherland deserves the credit of tbe
Cuban broadside that was poured into
the administration ranks last week.
Washington News Letter,
Tbe following little ad. appeared in
tbe want columns ol tbe Lincoln state
Journal Hunday:
120.000 state warrants wanted at 1
Eercent premium.. Nelson C. Brock, of
ce elevator entrance, Itichnrds block 3.
Did you ever see an advertisement In
the Journal, or any other paper, during
all the period in which tho state was un
der republican rulo, offering a premium
for state warrants." Howard Independ
ent. New York juries are abundantly wined
and tobaccouizod. In a recent murder
case the bill for the jury, during nine
days, contained the following items:
wine, fUSD.Or,; cigars, flMO.20; billiards,
$51,25; bootblack and barber, 5U.22.
Tbe lawyer for the convicted man well
ears: "How can men reveling In wine, in
billiards and in cigars properly perform
suck a high unction of citizenship?"
And we may add: How can the proper
officials audit and pay any such hills
out of the publie fund? Antelope Trib
une, ..
In regard to Mark Ilannu, the Itcpub-
lican party are "between the devil and
the deep sea." It is the old theological
situation again: "You will bed d if you
do and you will be d d if you don't."
Walioo Democrat '
"Of course they wunt free silver
If England will consont;
Bnt then she wou't do that you know
, Till Bryan is president. Ex.
A "Ursritillnit Fail."
Gov. Dan W. Jones of Arkansas has
oegun war on football, He says it's
tike prize-fighting and must go, like
ny other "degrading fad."
A Woman's Burden.
From tb EvtBln New, Detroit, Mlcb.
The women of today are not so strong
as their grandmother.
They are bearina a burden In silones
that grows heavier day by day; that is
sapping their vitality, clouding their
happiness, weighing them down with the
woe ol III health.
Mrs. Alexander R Clark, of 417 Michi-
Kn Avenue, IMroit, Michigan, is a typi
cal woman o! today, a wile with sueh
ambition as only a loving wife can have.
Hot tbs Joys of her life were marred by
thesxtMteao of dim-awe,
Bufferings thounndi of her sister
have suffered, she atimtst diairw of
nt, ana yst site was curea.
tine wants other to profit by her
perieow; to grow well, to unjuy health;
to as happy a ah I.
"For OvMir I sufferiM with trian
trouble," la Urs, llark'a owq vemiou of
the story. "I waa not free ou ingl
day front adach aadiateuiw twitching
mIm la my awk and htmMt'r.
"Kor moat h at a time 1 would be roa
la4 Id my bed.
"At fiat black it wonUI appvar
Mon air i)m a4 I would Wntnie
llaL My aervni wr la seek a Mat
that a stop oa the loot atiU at.
:mlaat ikirtwr, skilital aurwp, the
Wat KhhI aad aurara, alt UiUi. I ha I
Wt In aa fttrtio That, tu,
kkiyd, a4 tby eMtU aataf w iw
ary. Aftt th awoatl t tt worwi Uaa
eve aa4 IN wr4 wa 4rkf lhaa fc
It a tkta I kr4 (4 W, WtUiaata'
l(k IMU Iff I'ab IWi'k,
af4 that af ka4 tr4 eawi
aa4 1 14 taa.
tky ea4 Tki brtylit mm
aaiae t my lV, a4 SiU a ep witk
atiMt The k4rke te ga Ike
lwUaft w ta, it atviaa at
pta. the triMiiMf has ewM4 aa4 I
iv g(e4 twat Ml ita4
Maltk a4 emk la aoa. aa4 I
TJI taaaitat t 1. tt Uitaaia' h 'UU
lf ti fei'pto hf the tlka4,,
Wuuwmm' tHah h hat (ttv4 a
"Ma t wwaMMkiaJw. At t 4irwtly ni
C'j tloa4 a4 avtvtky nature Ik
7 iaita iiy to all twrte ul tite
'- i, waliBt taatttuaa) tm aiartt t m4
lafWMMty thrwmeewtth afiMM
1 " is mIW 4 Ike 4Mks la tkeat la
1 d-Wle k4k 4 kwsitk, t ay
tkeatwkia fiw eiaatt. im
,akt tTat4 a4 f4 aiur
.3k .
Prom Declining Gold Standard,
Prices Fall Just on Labor,
Airainst a cut of 10 per cent, in their
wages, 123.000 operatives in the cottbn
mills of New England have struck.
Their cause is a just one. They have re
volted against the greed of 'their em
plovers and the conditions of the time.
Airalnst the former they might succeed,
but for relief from the latter there is but
one help, and that is the ballot box.
As long as these men assist In voting the
gold standard on the country so long
will they have to face a declining scale
of wages. With the reduction in all
prloos which a gold standard enforces
comes a reduction in the cost of produe
tion, and the cost invariably falls first
on labor. The employers and operators
propose to stand as little 01 tue loss as
possible and to throw the bulk of it on
thn umnlnvnH find iirwirntl vi'S
The continuance or this struts aopenas
on the amount which the operatives
have laid up to live on during the en
forced idleness. This is probably not a
lartresum, The efoctlveuess of their or
ganization will also cut a large figure in
pieventlng the mills from running, M
ready there Is talk of the employers im
porting armed men to overawe the oper
atives and protect property. While
there bos been no sign of lawlessness,
yet the employers are cognizant of the
jMt tbat tb hftya Wfougod mt mm
nii fr nunnnt. fttiumifu-i..
and fear unpleasant consequences.
Hence this early suggestion of Winchest
The sympathies of the wage earners of
the nation should go with these striking
Mew England operatives, and a practical
support be exUmded to them. While as-
'""'"K. " ' conies against
greed, It would also be well to instruct
them in tbe causes which are forcing
prices and wages down the scale toward
starvation and open their eyes to the
beuetlcent results which would flow from
a return to the bimetallic conditions
which existed In this country prior to
ioio. uocxy mountain flews.
men f 11
Long Experience With
Seen and Unssen.
Tbe life of a steamboat captain is
fraught with many dangers. Exposed
to climates of all sorts. Irregular and
broken sleep, long and
weary vigils by nlgbt
and day, standing at
nispost of danger in
storm and sunshine,
coiu ana tioat, regard
less 01 me c o n s e-
quenoes to himself;
such a one is Evan E.
Twomo.v. of Eminonce.
j no., lor many years
' ' 1
a swum boat captain.
During all these years of exposure he
ban kept himself sound, active and in
splendid henlth. How did he do this?
He says: "Whenevrl take a little cold
h few doses of Pe-ru-tia sets me all right.
re-ru-na nas been a great help to me. 1
alwnyskeep It on hand " I'revent-
ation is better than cure. Ho great is
his gratitude to Dr. Hurtmnn for the
bonentthnt Pe-ru-na has been to him
through his many years of battle with
the elements that he says at the close of
one of his letters to the Doctor: "I trust
that (iod will bless you in blessing the
people with good health." Thousands
of such M-tent are received by tho Doc
tor. 1'e-ru-nuisa spociflo for catarrh.
coughs, colds, lugrippe and all other
climatio diseases.
Send for free copy oi Dr. Uartninn'it
latst book entitled "Whiter Catarrh."
Address tbe I'e-ru-ua Druir Manufactur
ing Company, Columbus, Ohio.
Leave a Kortnne,
roriy years uu w. n. Trabtie, of
Kokomo, InU., disappeared, and until
tho present nothing has been heard
from him. He baa recently died, hav
...... .1 Ana Ain ... .
ug uui;uuiuiuiv:u o.vvu.uuu HI MISSISS
IPPI, under the name ot Trlbbltt. All
his money goes to the families ot
brothers and sisters, the will stlpulat-
.us iiiui in" luiiiunu oMiui . receive a
university education.
Cnrrent In th Atlantic.
Experiments have been going on for
tho past two years for the purpose of
trying to learn something of the char-
acieristics oi iu nimuuc ocean a a
great moving body of water. As a ro-
uit tne wnoie Atlantic is shuwn to
tie slowly circulating round aud round.
I'ke on enormous pool.
Everybody 8tvi8o.
Caacarets Caadv ('athartlo, the mast
wnaaenui meairai aiseovery of the are,
pleasant and refreshing to th taste, act
fenny ana positively oa kidneys, liver,
hi uuwne, ciMtnaing in entire systeev
dispel eoida, care headache, fever, habit
eat eoastipatioa and billioosnes. TlMtaa
bay and try a boi of a l C. today-la
o,wu wum, rrnia ana enaraafeaaa I
r by all draggiata,
aJ at fl.OA in Irsft at.
musr oayorjr liwll t
tOt tk fOllowlaf till Of I
fixus-ttftir srttut wirrsstt J
r oaty tlafsl;
a ,
t S
I tM-l t 4.
t I t ( r tMe.,.
t tb Mt r-
I t r..W.
t ' lr ......
i a .
hit S aUJ ..
hf, afcMW,t(
t y , tt Iwait HkH
All tu iim NvktJ mm
t ilirfl Is i, tuiiat
Wrt lor $1.00.
The Farmers
Grocery Co..
IH134 N. 1011 St .
Kksis. Nirskla
Distiaetlve Chraoterltica of Families
Popular In the 1'nlted State.
The Merino is described as a small
boned sbeop of medium size and com
pact form, with somewhat light shoal
ders and cbest Tho weight of tbe ewes
will average from 60 to 70 pounds.
Tboy are remarkable for the large
mount of very fine wool which they
yield. Tneltambouillets area branch of
tbe Merinos. Their wool is coarsor in
fiber than the Merino, and tboy are not
tnought as hardy.
Tbe Oxford Downs are a comparative
ly new brood, produced by a course of
cross brooding of Cotswolds and Hamp.
shires, with an occasional mixture of
Southdown blood, An English author!
ty snyss "Tho Oxford Downs should
bave a nice, dark color, tho pqll well
covered with wool, adorned with a ton
knot on tho forohoad; a good fleece of
wool, not too curly: a well formed bar
rel, on short, dark logs (not gray or
spotted), with good, firm mutton. "
They are docidedly the largest of all the
Down broods, cut more wool and of a
longer staple.
ine rJoutbdowni have a close set
fleece of fine wool, faces and logs of a
dusky brown color, necks slightly
aronou, nmus snort, with broad and
compact body. Thoy will subsist on
light pasturage, but do bettor wben
weu xea, mature very early and are
uiur nuu yruiuie, Viwn prouncing IWO
-i - l 1 I..:, , ,
The Shropshire partake of the goner-
al flliaranbirisHna o 'th.Hnnlhrfm.n ,.,
... . V.,V.MUV(
considerably heavier In floece and body,
I'll A 1 wr .1 1 1 11 ,1 ,La . .1 11.. .. M 1 1
uoj vHuuu w uiun uruiiuu ui an
The IlarnriHblro Downs resemble the
Sonthdowns, bnt are very much laraor.
Thv hnva a nnnA nnn.Hfnti ...
fc. :.:; .7 "T
).,. m ,.a,-
'"'7 """" " u o"'
eany ana are good wool bearers, the
floece usually weighing from five to six
pounds; tlioy do well in largo flocks,
Which long woolod varieties do not, and
arevuluublo for orossinsr with nativs
t,..,l. -A
hi ,nAUt ,.1
States; they rosom bio tbe Loicosters in
. , ' , " 1 uuy con'
wuuruuie wooi npon tue loronooa, wnne
the Loicostors ore nearly barefaced,
xnoy nave not apponroa to aoas well lu
some sections of Maine as bave the
1 . . i . ...I.
Downs, though sonio very good ones are
on tbe flno grazing sections of Aroostook
mty.-Maine Agricultural Dullotin
No. 0,
Right Kind of Hog Vor limadlng.
Whatever tho brood may be the sow
should be long bodiod, squarely built,
but fiat in tbe sides, what Is sometinioi
called "slubsidod," rather titan round
bodiod, stout in the logs and shoulders,
and rather largor in head and cars than
her mates in tuo pen. Thick and oomm
bristles an tho hack and alouKtbo neck,
almost like a nmno. are considered indi.
, . . . , ,
tr'oug constitution, which will produoi
strong, healthy pigs.
rr'l. .. - t J . . I . i 1 . 1 i,
fin vuni, ii u inn Buiuu uruuu, suouiu
be more liko the type intended for fat-
toning that is, short in tbe body and
logs, with heavy bams and shoulders,
not too conrso in bristles or large in th
head and cars. If both sow and boa. ,
are too coarsely built, the young will
be apt to grow too much like tho old
razorback races.
For swino to fatten easily and cheap
ly in tho eastern states, where we huv
neither clover pastures nor exteusiv
cornfields, and where corn and clovci
are cash commodities, I confers to a
liking for tho small uud medium York
shire, preferring that tho sow should bt
of tho larger breed, when it is conveu
ieut to obtain such, or eood crades of
theso breeds. But there aro other good
breeds and crudes, or crossbred swine.
that are profitable to keep and feed foi
Iatteuing as well as theso.
When ono has obtained good animali
for breediug, they may bo and should
bo kept several years, allowing tho sow
to have two litters a year, tho first lit
ter about the middle of March, which
can be weaned at 6 or 0 weeks old and
fattened before Christmas, while tin
sow can bo mated again to drop a second
litter lu rn'ptember or October, which
will make prime rousting pigs at 6 oi
a weeks oni, M It Is not desired to keef
them through tho winter. Ames in
Aiucricau Cultivator
I ! ktorh I'olnla.
The I rt way to have your horses in
gisMl ciatdiliiiu for spring labor Is to
work them mmteratuly all whiter. Theu
tuutr sbouUlere will not get so tender
Uutt they tll gall uodvr the heavy
pulling riHnxl at the opening v(
strliig lklde this tMidurstloii vi
keeping mTMa' wuw'h-snrtu there t an
other. othiug U more ttmluctiva td
vm lliau (ot-uiug a Ivl i.l Idle and ta
1m hi4M aud oitu r aultusl though
ig winter ma atjrlw larmrrs uh1 tc
do thai Tb aew sit le ranuol affurxl U
11 tbe retalUt ct aUial
kin car fully ta Su4 sotue w later kaut
tug or otbrt wotk U bis twaut. if am
wt bis s ilaeet, thm vUMwhre la,
It I no tictt that lh ntU are v(
g!. 1 ey tiagbt K b vwryker
this tvpabtw, rt4 all tbe yr roaadL
Yi f tkAaaa4 aior cattle are keias
fl U Tvm this yr Ibatt therw
Ut ea Tky are ol a ktghr graUe,
II Is claiaMK, than aay vr M in tb
Mat lt.t. ttvtak tUt kuLftih
vauk4 ttota tbe mi stale vf Tva
Carrots M ke ant i etMlteni 4.
4 darlag tkewuwr. Tb wko
tswe rarsfal eHailt tu tales aa a r m
frt vl Ittnua w ill kae aa Irtkbs ta di
ptutg of tka at Uvtif etebU Tj
Make aa tlitl vUt tartoty
the 4ry ma, Tky are tk
aore tkatt v4t la Ike tuat kvl kma.
Iw U kW kaaUU 4 lkttt ran U talml
M aa 4 Uad. IWs an
lttte (Wl fe? w tkkk
A I t44 1'ktaa tal la La late
ty a litter l Ita ait kuni last rara
ary vk 11,114
Dreyfus to Hli Children.
If only one can suppose Capt Drey
fas to have been innocent of tbe odious
offense Imputed to him, a letter of his
to his little boy, which is published in
the Paris papers, is full of pathos. It
runs thus: "Dear Little Pierre Papa
sends you plenty of kisses, and to lit
tle Jeanne also. Papa often thinks of
you both. You will teach little Jeanne
to make pretty towers with wooden
bricks, very high, like those I used to
make for you, and which tumbled over
so delightfully. Be very good. Give
plenty of nice caresses to your mother
when she is sad. Be very nice, too,
with grandfather and grandmother:
hove some good , 'larks' with your
aunts. (In the original the word is
'niches which means harmless little
practical Jokes,) When papa conies
hack from his Journey you will come
and meet him at the station with lit
tie Jeanne,' with mamma, with every'
body, Once more, with many kisses
for you and little Jeanne, your papa."
London Daily News,
A Pleasant Simple, but Safe Effectual
Cure for It.
Catarrh of the stomach bos long been
considered the next thing to incurable,
Thn nannl itmnlmn. .
' bloating sensation after eating, acorn
I -1 a mil wr
" " '..."r !",e,r'"
1 nanint. anmaf ntM with sim
""""' V "T""t causing
prHNsure on me neart and lungs and
difficult breathing; beudache fickle appe-
I 1. . ... . , . . ' .
i me, nervousness ana a irenerai rm vnri
out, languid feeling.
There is often a foul tostein the mouth.
coated tongue, and if tbe Interior of the
stomach could be seen it wou d show a
llm. inflamed condition.
1 be cure for this common and obstin-
ate trouble is found in a treatment which
Mia i tnmi tn ha rati Atl v i tw-tsfz-tttrvt, I.,
digested before it has a time to fermen t
and Irritate tbe delicate mucous surfaces
" the stomach.!
To secure a prompt and healthvidl
I iTHMtinn Im thn una nunominrv filing ,'An
and wben normal digestion is secured
rnZZXL 11- tf-.i.rr:Sr.3
aua bpNt tatment is to use after each
meal, a tablet, composed of Diastase,
Aseptic Pepsin, u little Nux. Golden Sal
" ruit hoius. C3t4V
. These tablets can now be found at all
- J 1 . . t '
'J "'ores under the name of Htuart's
' ablets, and, not being a pat-
1?' .Di TA"1 Iot
safety and assurance that healthv
tite and thorough digestion will follow
their regular use after meals. -
Mr. N.J, lioober Of 2710 Dearborn
Ht., Chicago, III., writes: "Catarrh is a
local condition resulting from a newWr.
ed cold in the head, whereby the lining
inmiiiMTiiiiH 01 uie nose becomes Inflamed
and the poisonous discbarge therefrom,
passing backward into the throat,
' Ie" th,8 utoumnli, thus prodmslnsf ca-
I?"" .? ;y"u' ' nai amnori-
""rKr"' ,ur u ior inrw jean lor
loniurrnui sromacn witnout
usinxonly one box of Stnart's bymZ
Hja Tablets. I cannot find ariDroDriaie
... x . , . - -
wurus vu exiirt'tiB bit koou leeimor.
I have found flesh, appetite and sound
' rmt ,ro,n. their use.
"t"ttrt ylpn Tablots is, i
V Pwpa'atlon " woll as the sin,,,.
'l8.' L" ".u,;!!."w".r?m',?y fw any
form of indigestion, catarrh of stomach,
biliousness, sour stomach, heartburn
ana bloating alter meals. k. -z,
.Send for little book, mailed free, on
stomach troubles, by addressing Htuart
Co., Marshal, Mieb. The tablets can be
found at a drug store.
Flying Over the Fcnt-c. nyrog over
a fence on the part of hens is a mat
ter of education. A flock In a yard
may be able to go over tbe fence, but
do not know it; they are afraid to at
tempt it. But let one hen go over and
she will be found outside every day,
and will soon teach all of the others!
A fence seven feet high Is sufficient. If
the hens go over It they will also go
over a nine-foot fence, or a fourteen
foot fence. Like human beings, it de
pends on how they are raised. To keen
bens from flying, make thera work.
Give them something to do. Idleness
Is the cause of all vices among poul
try, such as feather pulling, flylngv egg
eating, etcEx.
I'l-Hli.HT AMI 1'aii iih l gentlemen or
lalte to travt I for retouible, etab
lishetl house lu Nebranka. Monthlv f '15
aad expruae. 1 oaitioa steady, Ib-fe
enee. r.'nclotw at-lf-addnwsd stamiM-d
euveloiie. The I'omioion Company,
IHpt, K. I lucago.
Wire. Age 40 to 00. one with home
and plenty and room (or tbe kubau4
she lovve. wuloeer UBlnrumUrd
temtterateu no tobaectgoH land
ing in rhurvk aad e-h-ty bave but lit
tle pmprrtyoaot iain4 lu live alone,
a-aat a home aad wife to love.
M. N', &1 U'tMt,
Hark, .V.b.
fat t Real.
A U.iaprov4 Noa're farm la Kee
ar4 eoaaty. ally erk bot low, large
bvarisg orkr4, K ratat33 eak.
AddrwMe M10, Niat4 Jtir
Ibitlii , attMve at la.
RwiateSi Irtflrt, Hfows.ll Dk. lit
Stkatk Uik irt, .ialB, Nw Kl
tbesMl ol ieta aa4 all ki4a t Wa)
kuaia atwa44 la prowp tty a4 ear,
Vvall ? t Tvwte.
Talaatkt loaeg arkar4 ol 4 1 aet ta
ptaae. tthm a4 aike trait, ta kt
-an M state, t sar, aaj title te atwv
t trvwaikta kt aM. Ik4 la taa
Uf tfeveat atavkag. aa4 k aulel
kaariKte .NkfiMka U4, A44r A
lk Hum, Uafttla,
HaAaa Matate fat aalaw
C4Mel N (break a title Wa tot tsS
m a) at rt tMiMf eoi f, k44rae
rJaea Notk A to... I Jaeoia, N
O 0000000000000000000000
iz III
mm 1
Karr 1 1 wtf ,.tt
a so aaiwig
ltossjjKH,Slrtfr,.id, STKKMMI imw Jhm, i"n:'o7i;T Til
Umr. X. V. BASS, D, D Hanagar.
FltUberg, Pa MAJOrijs.
burg, ifm,
AJecettity to Weak Women.
Ppsltrraly tho only rvnjMJy earttw
! ITmAmms or Bttrliw
trouble. Ouros all Womb faint
sad InflammatlonmjDKttmattm
tt ftimmttv Orpin. Frioe for
trMtateot wblah mat AO ilsrs. VW
by mau. Mami fimnmt. 0MM. U.
Mention Akbhaska Isuki-knoksit wben
The best
The best
Our Majestic Coal is good;
Lehigh Valley is the
Best Hard Coal ...
pive us your order. I
Yards 14th and y Streets Uillvll
nJ'Il P" of tb v f sla, as or U pr rnt of ihow who r.Kl.i.r l,.fri
w - ..B.n..wiH m wiuuve, Auuren m
Hay, Grain and Mill Feeds, Bale-Ties
14th and Nicholas Sts., -
Thl Mill 1 "i i - v - '
Jirits DeLiOflCH i;
: aawtcoBT. jiCTEa JwwiHMd
JU. )J 1 KNf.lNHii,tnoiUl,S
! f . ill P cok.v, ikki,, , ;
; th'iAa: ; ,11 I hih'k miu.h, ;
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Cr. Ijih sa4 0Sts., LINCOLN, NX&.
January 27. 1898
New Lincoln
Steel Range
Best on Earth,
Made on Honor, Sold on Merit.
' Guaranteed a good Baker
and Economical of Fuel;
ah styles ana sizes.
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Lincoln, neb., Makers.
Patronize Home Industry.
Stand dp for Nebraska. ,
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applications to fill.
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place to trade
grades of Coal always on
our White Ash will suit you
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