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January 27, 1898
la tbl o!nme w wiU pabUsb eommtnleatloas
Si a worth ud Mltabl aaraeter, reoelTed
Na Mbeortber to thli paper. No ominanl
) iboald eootatn mora the to words,
Land, Trmtiortwtlon and Finance.
Editor I.sdki'knkknt: s
It eem by your last Issue, that sev-
eral writers bavo seen fit to notice my
last communication. Oat of these you
have selected the communication of
Brother Hand. Now without answering
anybody, let me stats my position.
, The prtsont writer was with the popu
tlo party at IU birth, as 1 voted the
union labor ticket before that party was
organised. Now, that party U etill good
enough for me. I was a member of its
last national convention. That conven
tion adopted much that wait good, and
much that waa rank nonsense; but I am
a populist, nevertheless; and see no occa
aion for organising a new party, We
started out on three fundamental lines
Land, Transportation and Finance,
Those are three cry Ingerlls.
Absentee-landlordism is perhaps, bat
exemplified in unhappy Ireland. The
landlord rtdleots hie rent In cueh; and
upend hie money lu London and 1'arls.
It Is a constant drain upon the country,
The nonresident landlord Ih not Interest
ed In the building of churches, the main
tenance of snhools or the conatruction of
good road. Allen ownership of land
tends to the creation of an Ignorant and
brutnlUod peueautry. In my humble
judgment It ought to bo prohibited by
the constitution of the United Htates.
The matter of transportation Im a
burning question, too great to be die
euNMud in a short newHiiiMr article. In
18N!J the railroad took one-half of the
entire wheat crop of Kansas to curry the
other half to market. In the SiH yeurs
following 1850 the railroad Interest in
the United Htates Increased l.GHG per
centum; and the farming interoetM only
254 pcrccntum The cost of the Union
raclflo railroad, in capital atock, mort
gage boude, land grant, income and
government bonds, was reported to the
eocretary of the Interior at llii.20(J,!IOO
or an average of 1108,77)4 a mile; but
the liabilities of the company at the date
of the completion of the road were 1 1 10,.
7flO,()r2, or an average of fl 121,110 a
mile, Jesse h. Williams, one of the gov
ern iiimit director of the company and a
civil engineer ol great experience, in a re
port to the secretary of the Interior,
dated November 14 III, 180H, gave the
approximate ooet of the Union raclflo
railroad in cash at f .'18,821,821, or an
averugo of about .')8,00) a mile; and
James Harrison Wilson says this cannot
be far from correct. We all know how
the government lifted its first mortgaire
from the road and took a second. We
know too the history of the late compro
mise between the government and the
road. Tliut road with all the feats of
engineering ncccexury for its completion
surpasses the wall of China; und almost
rivals the pyramids of Kgypt. It would
bo safe to style it the eighth wonder of
the world. It has united the extremes
of this continent; spanned deserts; climb
ed and descended mountains. It has
made the union of these states a perpet
uity. The Union J'nciflo railroad haH
been managed by men of extmelve abili
ty and experience; and men who have
been lust as good as the average man
would have been In their places. That
road ought to have been the greatest fi
nancial success of the nge, Yet it has
beon a colossal financial failure. Most
of the railroad property in the United
Htatea is today In the hands of receivers.
What is the remedy lor all this? We
populist say government ownership.
Let u stay by It; and not compromise
one iota.
The financial problem is the third great
question. It is just as great but, no
groater than the others. Free silver is a
part of populism. Hut it is a very small
part Indeed. It is only the froth on the
crest of ths wave. The great unsolved
financial problem lies rolling and tumb
ling beneath it. We will unite with dem
ocrats In trying to accomplish the little
that they have conceded. Hut we will
forever insist that money is not a mater
ial, but simply a function; that whether
we use gold, silver or papr, money is
simply a qiintiou of policy; and as such
should be dirUHstd, We are for free
silver simply becaune it will afford tem
porary relief. It will enable us to gather
our wind to strike the giant Monopoly a
weary stomach punch. If the democrat
ic arty deserves any praise, it Is for the
conceeHions it lis made to populism.
We will work with silver democrats and
silver republicans, w herever we can work
on common ground. Hut populist we
are, populist we have beeu; and popu
list we will !, yetrday, today and
forever. We will say to that party, iu
the word of Itutb to Naomi: "ilutreat
m not to leave thee, or to return from
following after thee for whither thou go.
eet, I will go." Allow m to quote in
conclusion the closing words of Marion
Uutler speech at the ht. Louis coqvii
"We are willing to approve everything
right they ith old parties) tl and w
will condemn tbeui when thT blunder, or
wha they betray a a they baveia the
jo:i:i Fiiiup sous,
?b Ut be,'
S-ivs: 'Th KlmNiU
TUna 1 firt ilu iu
ritry rvjHL
tirej a si, IWas, Neb,
Harness and
Saddle Makers. .
Stay-On Blanket
Repairing a specialty.
Full Stock of
Harness, Lap
Lincoln, Neb.
past, Ilemember that you arc People's
party men; that you have accomplished
more lo four year than the old parties
have accomplished In half a century. He
member that, If we do our duty at this
hour, the time is not far distant when we
will be the majority party In America."
Wimicii F. Hhyant.
Uartlngton, Neb., January 17th,1898.
Mr. Wilbur F. Bryant Will Oiv An El
egant Prlss for Correct Solution,
We are in receipt of the following offer
from Mr. Wilbur F, Bryant, of Uartlng
ton, Neb.:
Uartlngton, Nob.. Jan. 17th. 1808.
Lincoln, Nebraska;
Dear IHir: I send you the following
problem for publication: Two men A A
II agree to dig a ditch 200 rods in hmvth
for which C agree to pay them f 100 or
'J per rod. A part of the ditch was
stony; A says to U I will dig the stony
part for f 2.25 per rod, and you dig the
dirt tmrt for 11.75 per rod. Koch receiv
ed two hundred dollars. How fur did
each dig? Ans
I will give to the first resident of the
state of Nebraska under 18 years of age
who will work the foregoing problem and
arrive at a correct solution a new copy
of the llible either the Oxford or Douay
edition. I will accept a solution either
ty an nritlirnetrlcal or algebraic method,
will u so send the name of all persons
coming within the above terms who send
the correct answer and solution of this
example to me to your paper for publi
cation, Let each person send name and
address und the certificate of any clergy
man In good standing to the effect that
he knows such person and believes them
to be under 18 years of age. Don't all
epcuk at ouco, ,
favors On Convention.
iToit Nkhiiahka Inhki'icniiknt:
As I liavH not seen au vthinuin your pa-
per from the (If ih congressional district for
some time,! thought likely a word would
not be out of (dace on the past, present
and future of the party, and the situa
tion as I see It. As one of the old guard
have been identified with the party since
its organization in this state and have
spent money and tune to perpetuate the
movement for the benefit of the masses,
have attended all the conferences trout
Cincinnati, Ht. Louis to Omahn, and as
one of the first national coiuuiii teeol the
party in this state, should know some
thing aWnt the organization, and huve
an intorcHt in its future prosM'rity. As
to the past I do not believe the manage
ment was for the best. As u political
purty never doe wrong in t he eyes of the
management they generally claim it was
all they could do uuderthe situation they
were placed iu. 1 behove the party made
a mistako at Ht. Louis when they did not
nominate both president and vice presi
dent, and divide the presidential doctors,
on the plan that Tuubeueck advocated.
wrote to him prior to the convention
and advocated the plan that he tried
to have adopted iu the convention hut
failed. I believed that to 1st the bent for
the reason that if we failed to cloct we
could show the whole vote we polled and
hoi J our party identity better than if we
indorsed the democrats. If we were de
feated we would have something to rally
trout. As it Is, what have we aiue17 A
defeated candidate and a middle ol the
road split In the party and the party in
worse condition to make a fusion in nine-
e-n hundred than it wn la ninety-six.
The great portion of the populist party
do not only believe in the free coinage ol
silver but the whole of the Omaha plat-
unit, l hey uo not believe in taking one
or two planks and Ignoring the balance.
11 title w wore advocating tliwpurtv prin
ciple mid the raue ol rlorui. there were
other lu the eaatera part of the state
that were carrying a cut nail and talk
ing on the tariff uueatiou, but uf late
would like to claim the w bole silver nils.
lion and aiak the iu. While I Mieve
that tbesante prtsiNMi that corner a"ul, I
will etrar silver, unl w hat an Wus
of ar at the sine, time. As eonditluns
ar at the prwH time wit tart silver
parts all claiming ilt as part ol
Ibvir platkrttt tt look aa il that wa the
maia quratititt. 1 b-v sttoui.l all route
iataouvtavatU as d4 at Omaha,
make a -ltUrw aad kouitaata the .
dttlat tt slssd ttn-rwia and thru
,! patty smttrs. The that
taisk fetor ol las asm Uaa the prinvt-
p' baa not the h 4 tb ai al
bwwl, i t tK4ro iiiar.
Tt ttftToa or thk litritkv
I aativry warb iiivto4 1 ib arttrka
mI fit Hf psUwal.... Is grwftl
ul tMthm an pruNtttj mmm ail
faallk, a4 wbiU I twiw l.
Mr. Mowart, la aUadts up Ke Ira
rM.'V rmit4v a,aJ a.ltur bt NM
UJ Mr Iratb, a4 wb W I MtiiitiM
m ar ubr w KkK ia
points la tb ti' id trMMHit. I
d't Wt taa at ta i tb
t(itkMi tb tf a tat MMidwratioa
tv MtPtaai lbMi t4 aauwa.
T lrm i lu vivUi it Mures wa
hi I a-ar aim la vMmi bm iMimt,
tbat b WAV Wri , ktv mmi twmi
ki yvu pf-4ta, a krOf U
M rtalt.Mi atatilaf M Ibal wl
I ,aa la lIVKbt.y rvb IWvtdw.
tioo by Thomas Carlyle, page 508) it is
m-cessary to arouse tueir reason insteaa
of t beir prejudice.
Theirreat trust and combines have
driveu men to learn 11 lesson; for while
competition has been a curse to the
poor, trusts and monopolies are killing
them, nut tueinausinous wm loarii u
possess their own through the initiative
and reierenuum.
Men reeis'ct fully spoken to will weigh
and consider. Bo. Iirother Htewort
while fighting for humanity with your
p n, be careful you oo not kiu or repei
reason, and leave the animal alive and
uncaged. I believe there are thousands
of honest men who are neither knaves
or fools who believe In the fallacious
theory of a metalio redemption money,
llelniz well educated, but poorly in
formed. Fifty men can control all the
avenues of trade la America. We have
been nuietlv and cunningly dispossessed
of our own, This seems Impossible to
the masses, and until they learn It they
will not see the danger. VVe boast of free
schools, but ureat professors are driven
from our colleges (or teaching the true
science of eovernment. Ho the masses,
God blci them, must feel the pangs of
hunger and the cola blast 01 bank
ruptcy and will have to learn by feeling,
and then the Hansculott will full into
line, while their crust i moist with tears
and with their rags for banners, help
eradicate the wrong of a usurious 0I1.
garcby. J. . mguannki,,
West Union. Nebr.. Jan. 12. 1898. E
itoii or TnK inkkpknpkkt: I believe
nine out of every ten of the populist
party endorse the article of IL 0. Htew-
art on the money otiestlon, and I ask as
does John Long, why not get together
and Join the populist party.
They are the only one mar nave ad
vocated an irredeemable paiier money
and now why must we be expected to en
dorse a democrat simply because ho has
proven himself more honest than the
' 1. ..'...t
La a mission to perform and the men
who think that they can deliver the
vote to either of the old parties, simply
because they have declared in favor of
free silver are badly mistaken. We can
never again be forced into endorsing the
Democratic nominee uutll they as a
purty declare for legislation in the In
terests of all and It can never be done
under the democratic name, with the an
tipathy that exists in the south against
that nanfe, A union of the reform
forces is desired by all who favor reform,
but 1 it right or fair to ask the popu
lists of the south to endorse the demo
cratic party? The party that has
looted their state treasury and plun
dered them in years past.
lf" they wunt union, why did the demo
crats not withdraw Hewall and take up
Watson as they agreed to do in the lust
campaign, Hrynu would not accept the
nomination unhss Hewall was endorsed.
We huve many populists, both north and
south, who will never vote a fusion ticket
nua'n und it is the duty of every popu
list to labor and work for men who will
work for all the principles of the Ht.
Louis convention. Home may ask why
not form a new party. The answer Is,
it would tuke years to bring it up to the
present position of the people's party
and this is as the name implies, the ono
hope of the people, as all who ngne
with us on finance can unite with us and
thereby gain a , permanent victory
against the goldbugs and anything else
will mean a shattered parly. LUet s
sieak out. "'What's the matttT with
llolcomband Watson for 10007 Tours
for success,
A, I).
OovernmrQt by Cumnilulnn.
Time was win 11 congress met to frame
laws for the people, whilo tbo executive
department confined itself to adminis
tering tbo laws Things lire different
now. For instance, tho whole- country
agrees tluttwc need n cbuiigu iu the cur
reney laws. Instead of congress going to
work and framing u bill, u self consti
tuted liiont '.ary roimuiHhiou fntims a
bill und submits- it to the executive with
instructions to secure its enactment.
The part of congress is simply to put
this ready Hindu law into ell'ect. Great
is government by cumin issiou. Spirit
of Itufurm.
Pyramid Tile Cure Cures Piles Per
manently by Curing
tbo Causo.
KiitarltahlD Hciiindy IVhlrh Is llrlnt(lna
t'ouirurt lu Tliou.auiU of NuR'rrora.
I'robatdy half tho eople who see this
article are sufferitiir from 1'ilcs. It Is
one ol the rnmmoueMt diseases und on
ol the most olmtinate. I'mtple have it
for years and ust iHs-aiiM it Is not Im
mediately fatal they ueglect It. t ar-
ltMuo cause no end of suflering, I'nre
ItHtsneii alnut so simple a thing as pile
baa oltea caUMHl deatn. Ilemorrhatpst
occur during surgical treatitient, witeu
canning death.
rile ar iuipl la th ueginniug and
easily curtnl. They raa b cured even in
th worst tagv, without palu or los ol
lilmtd, quukly, urel,r and rompletwly.
Thvr U onlv us remedy that will do it
Pyramid I'll Cur.
Il allay th intlamiaatioa lmmlite
ly, lial th Irnlated ur(ttn aud welt
ing and put tb membrane Into gtHtd,
itand, hinUhT eouditloa. Tb eur I
thoroutf b aud prmaat.
llrMa vuluaUry and aaoltt-itd
t-aiimkUI w bav ialoiv rvvrtvvd;
Mn. U. 0. Iliskly. dot Mutipl
irwi, ladiaaaiHtlia, lad., ay; "IUv
twa a hntnt b pla and uay
aa id I'll vr nti-a year. Tb I'jr.
mul 'J t'uro aad lriuid lMIgV
at immliii rlwl asd la a short ttat
a empbi ar,
tea-sjiat ll I'yramid hi Car or
dl gl it yu U yoa mk Ihoaa Il
la but ftat a pa k a it asd U pal up
wJv h lb t'iMwtd lri t'vt., Wr
ball, l let.
ia tt
PHvill Diuiiet
jaa1bJJg( laVft 4Waaaa1lW Ja
. Wt -! I Mk
aV-a k.k 1 .in
a . .
1 m. m !,
ltb 4 r
Picture of Home Nobl Spool me in of th
fine Old Breed.
Yean ago, 00 a farm with which the
writer hereof was somewhat well ac
quainted, there was a little yellow
Morgan mare, She could oattravel, oat
pall and outlast anything in horseflesh
at least half as large again as herself in
the country round. She was as gentle
aud intelligent as she was plucky and
graceful. For light wagoning, for the
family carriage or as a saddler at need
she was perfection. In all tho years in
which she lived on that farm she never
shied or bolted or ever once showed a
trace of bad temper, HJ10 was tbo most
prized, petted animal on a lurgo conn
try pluco.
I lor colts, ono of which she produced
each year, half bred Morgans, wore, nn
like herself, largo uniinuls, above the
usual sl.o of farm horses. They inherit
ed her gentleness and pluck, however,
as well as her intelligence. A pair of
thorn, mutches, were sold to the propri
etor of a noted circus and went to tho
far west, whero they wero recognized
years afterward by ono who hud known
them back in the east. They were well
on in years, but tho proprietor of the
traveling show said of them, "They are
tho best pullers I have. "
From that day to this the writer has
always cherished nn affection for the
noble Morgans. , It is with pleasure
therefore that we print here pictures
from photographs of sorno of Mr. Amos
F. Moore's noted Morgans from Maple
wood Morgan 1 lor so farm at Polo, Ills.
Mr. Moore, too, fell in love with the
Morgans years ago and has been breed
ing them at Maplewood B3 years. The
animals on his farm truce back in dl-
rcct line thrco and four times to Justin
Morgan's Sherman, Woodbury and Ilul
rash. At tho heud of the stud is tho stallion
Colonel Morrill, 7 years old, a noted
prizo winner at tho Illinois state fair.
Colonel Morrill is as be stands one of
tho most graceful horses living. Ho il
a dark bay, 15, '4 hands high, biro, Cup
tain Morrill; dum, Lib.
Tbo second illustration shows Owen
dolin, a seal brown mure, 15. 1 in
height. This beautiful creature is 4
years old and received first premium for
Morgan inures at tho Illinois state fair
this year. Gweudolin is full sister of
Colonel Morrill. The peculiarly grace
ful, spirited Morgan bead is illustrated
in Owetidoliu's picture
Finance is n U-yeur-old stallion that
is pronounced by Tbo Breeder's Gazette
"tho cock of the Morgan walk at the
present time." The Uuzutto further
says of him, "Ho is a very bountiful
young horse, u genuine Morgan pattern,
with high finish and the trappiest gait. "
Flnuncu took first premium iu his
class at tho Illinois statu fair this year.
Ho is seul browu iu color, without a
white mark 011 him. All three of these
horse were bred by Mr. Mooro.
Of courau all Uetxl of horses have
their place. For a driver of any kind or
a saddler, however, uo horse ever wai
or ever will 1st built superior if equal
to tb Morgana Their suittlluess of si
is sometime urged agaiust them, but
they arw a targ a th hackney and
bav a gtttleiiMi and luteUigiUc a
wvll a pr4 thai arw lack ing la tb
fnrtt l.ultt tiwd. If grvanr IM
U waMvl. thl tt m brvl lata th
XL- Mtbt'Ul I reuliug nut bU vbar
attvtutia bl t Uitlitlva, ludt la
Teu.aawa atel Miuit llt r U a flu
family t4 Uik M.1S-4U welt iuvmtk to
bote faiw ii and lb tradev
ILr U a gvsst ! taltlarw f f fal
tatag 1 Mt I'Htttd ntuiMtsal,
tta 'ttud t a if t i nd f4umHi
HtrL W wb a Uaj all tb animal
Hill t baa a p. A lint will l U bl 14
(vaud d,y of b giit tuttlur. la
ad liti t ilia tb ! all lb ruHgd
ti tbry will Mtt la Ida aitapa i4 sImui,
toh a lI.U vt Uf It U wall m
li IK fit-lt at i te4 ael tba bay
lb Ifefitttlug Ibnw.
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patlmi, sour stomach, ladlgextlen are promptly
cured by Hood's Pills. Tbcy do their work
easily and thorouxlily. ff
licst after dinner pills. Ijl I I f
25 cents. All dniKKliU. II
Prepared by C. I. Hood at Co., Lowed, Mass.
fhe only 1111 te Uik with Hood's araparllla.
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you know how to get there? Write H,
K. Hooper, C, P. & T. A., D. A II. 0. IL II.,
Denver, Colo., for a delightfully Illustrat
ed pamphlet devoted to this subject.
Dr. Ketchum
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Tit Bight Ilouta to Klondike,
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by way of St. Michaels, or the overland
routs via I)ya, Hkagway, Cooper river,
laktt or Htikine, you must first reach a
i'acifle port of embarkutlon.
Tub Itio UnANne Wkstkhn luii.wir.
In connection with the It, k it. (J., or
Colorado Midland Ky., is the abort, di
rect and popular route to Han Francisco,
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sleeping chars and free reclining chair
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City for copy of Klondike folder.
To John Mchsff"? non-rl(lt 4fosi1snt:
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January, ss, Unry M,-liffi-y 0 lard a potltlon
atciilntitroa In lite itlatrlt court of l,nntf
Connty, NubriMlia, tiie olijui't and prayer uf
bli-li ar to olitmn a floi-. from you an'l ens
toily of thtlr minor clillnrxu to-elt: ilarrr sn
Clara, on ttis sronnd that, too bars wlllullr
lisndontd tht plaintiff wllhout good eaaM, for
tit term or two yar mat pt.
Von ar rnnlr'l to anr nlil petition on or
bofor Momlay the tb day of March, lun.
mahx Mssiirrsr,
It Owsly Wllnofl, her attorn , J'lslntJtf.
tumoral of MUaourl Paclfle Clly Tlebe
The Missouri I'HCiflo cltv ticket office
has been removed to 102!) 0 street.
When you are going south or east re
member that there are two fast train
dally from Lincoln to Kansas (,'itv and
Ht. Louis via this line.
To Omaha. Chicago and points In Iowa
snd Illinois, theUMON PACIFIC In con
en-tion with th C. & N. W. Hy. offer
i he bett service and the fastest time
Call or write to me for time cards, rates
nn. L. It. hiOseoN,
Ueu. As
f Residence Phone 653. 1
Office Phone 656.
Cnro'OAn nA
Consulting: Physician :
Itoom 17,18 &, 10, Ilurr lilock,
Lincoln, ni:hu. X
Office hours: 10 to 12 a.m., 2 to t
5 p.m. X
Sunday hours: 3 to 5 p.m. I
SO er rent off to California anil Other l'a
rifle rat 1 raveler.
The abov retluctlon appliea to the
time enronte. Hy the N'orthwrtil.'rn
Fnlon I'acifle route the time ieonenlght,
oris hour, less than by other line.
Thiaenvea money, berth rate, and thir
teen hours of wearisome car riding. At
Fremont connection ar direct with
thrnutrh tou.-Ut and Pullman sWtwrs,
rhalrenr to Iienver, (Wen,
ritv, Portland and Knit Franolseo, Din
Ing ear throuvb lo theeonat (let tick,
et and berth reaervatioii of A. H. Field
Inir. elty ticket agent, 117 south 10th
st., I.lneoln, Neb,
Nebraeba a4 VyaMla lUnteeeebeN
Jan, 1. Feb, 1 and 1, March I and
1 5, April fl and 1W. tha :ikhorn-Norlb
eatera line, will all Ukf Is to point on
It line la Nebraska, and In V volition
wratutaad Inrludiug Oris Jut riioit, at
on lure plu I i ftf the rnud trip, N
faraltt ttatra tha $U (Ml, (lly t.ltl.w,
II7M. ltb at., depot, wir. H aud H,
ia., l.lutHilu.
f Paaet Sa4 aa4 4iaka I'atala.
Tb Northweatera Ulna Paeili t tb
dirwt rotll to lb 'ugt Hum ltd ad
Alaka Hiita Xlirsia aad atlrntta
(rata atak dim! .nse tiott at r'r
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Wyatt-BuIIard Lumber Company,
Office 20tb and Isard Bta. Phone 478
Writ for Trices.
OMAITA, S i ygn'
In the heart
of Chicago.
Tbe Union Passenger Sta
tion in Chicago, into which
all Burlington Route trains
run, Is located in th very
beart of tbe city.
The principal hotels, tb
largest stores, the best the
atres, tbs biggest business
establishments, ar only a
few blocks distant to reach
them it Isn't even necessary
to take a street car.
To reach Chicago, it IB
necessary to taks tb l!nr
llngton flouts that is, it is
if you want tbe best there is.
Remember this when ar
ranging yonr neit trip east.
For tickets apply at Bur
lington depot, 7tb and P
streets, or city office, corner
10th and 0 streets.
GEO. W. B0NNELL, C. P; k J, A
Lincoln, ntbmkt.
When billons or eosti vs, eat a Caseares (
sandy cathartic,eurguarantd,l0c,26
Tb Missouri J'acffle city ticket offloi
tina luurn ..inn.ul I mm 1'lCli (i ef mat iA
No. 10;i 0 street.
e. sTkIng,
Weak and Strained Eye Success
fully Fitted. , . . .
No A tropins, no lost time.
1800 0 Bt, LINCOLN, NEB.
1(lQl$latlfy garg
scape 129 So. llth St,
Oallery Establlabed 1971.
T.TVrrtTV t t vrtintevt
. . . OO TO . . ,
Kennedy's Photograph Parlors.
182 So. 12th Street.
Ine CaUntt, $(.00 per Voztn.
Sstlilaetlos QaaraateMl.
W aiak Crayon Portrait ebp aod la Ik
nmt artletl Sty let.
i Lincoln Exchange Mills, t
t 420 North 9th St.
t Cusotm Grin ding a specialty t
All th Lent trrsdr of floor n
chnriK(l for ahent, cora or oals. W T
can iiti jtoo maiiejr. J
' - - -J
A. II. Wl'A It, Agent.
Corner N and 8th Sts., LINCOLN.
Phone 65. . . .
Full Assortment, Best Grade,
Lowest Prices.
Cvneultliig room Ofino or V
Heeoud floor DU(f DLh
f a7f )) 't
4 ..ii't .tin.
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