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January 13, 1898
b this eotaaa we IU peblleh eoameiileatleaa
f a worthy Hi sellable tbareeter, resetTeC
beertber t tfcfa) MM. KOMBMtat-
Mom fbeetd eoaUla am Um M words,
faaaeerlpt wttl tot fee retsrsed,
I we DAT received eeveral letters con
talnlng very almllar argument. We
publish the followiag from Mr, Hand,
which ie tbe moNt compete argument
we have received and contain all of tbe
point rained In tbe other article. It
baa another advantage which aoma
otbar artlclea contributed do not po-
aweee; It call no mmM, la not abusive
la It tone, W will repeat again no
articles containing slanderous reference
to any person, will be given a place In
tbaaa columns. Tbe Publisher,
Editor wmt.
I do not daalra a controversy witb
brother Bryant, and ay only purpose in
replying to bia remarks in thk ihiwkh
vtnr of Dec. SO, la to clearly gat before
your reader a few thought 1 have on
the subject of onion of all reform
forma. In ordar to win a graat victory
in WOO. I asked friend Bryant why tba
eeveral reform partlaa abouid not drop
present name and organisations and
valla to form a alngla party witb a naw
name upon a platform, embracing all
caeentlal reforme. if say tba anawar
la aaay and tban in substance, talla oa It
cannot ba dona, iiaaaya that bacauaa
of differences of opinion on Important
oneetlona, 00 anion can ta enacted,
liro, Bryant, tbia la not an anawar to
my query at all. My question la, why
abonld not a union ba formed, inataad
of attempting to win ondar a eonlader-
atlon or fnaion. Yon aay, impossible,
it cannot ba.
Now my friend, If union ought to ba
formad, if by nnion wa conld win. wbila
wa sin certain to loaa without, art yon
going to declare it impossible? Do you
tall ua tba raformara ara ao un wlaa or ao
visionary or ao prejudiced tbat tbav ara
incapable of doing wbat la for tba beat?
VuriUwmon, ara yon not almply gneee
ingtbata nnion cannot ba effected?
How do yon know it cannot ba nntll
it 1 triad? Once lat resolutions relating
to union, ba introduced and considered
In connty and atata eonrantion all
over tba land and, tban from tba reeulta
ae conld better determine whether tbe
raformara ara ready to organise a new
party or not, Much a mora ought to
coma from tba people,
liutyonaaemto tbink foeion or eon
federation entirely aaay and practicable.
I uigbt, witb good grounde, aay to you,
"impoaaibla, it cannot ba," i)o yon b
litre for a moment tbat the Houtbern
populiate will glra their eupporttoa
democratic candidate for President In
10007 wbatcouree do you tbink tba
populiate of Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Ken
tacky and Idabo will take in 1900 In re
gard to aapporting any democratic
candidate? Pleaee consider tba fact
tbat just now wa bare two national or
ganltatione aaanmlng to atand for tba
populiat party. Do you not realiae tbat
tba Houtbern organization elan da like a
rock againat fusion In 1IH0? "A con
dition and not a theory confront ua'
Tba prima question la, wbat ought to
be done? 1 do not aay tbat a nnion of
ailnnder one banner, in one party la
poaaible. I do not know whether it a or
not, nor can 1 know nntll It la tried.
Hut wa bare tried luaion, tbat In, vary
ona-eided fnaion, and wa ware defeated,
fthall wa again aplit on tba eame rock,
or aball wa make tba attempt to effect a
anion, by atoning tba moreinant tbia
year in tba county and atata coo ven
tioneoftbe populiate. free all rar repub
licana and free silver dsrwmrat? Ioubt
leaa, if aucb a movement sbonld win, the
old democratic party would be again
aplit. If Mr. Bryan should join the
movement, In would bare to have be
hind him the old moea-back democratic
bead of bia party ao strongly in trenched
iu tba Kant Tammany, Uornian, lirice,
aa well as some of the Houtbern con
servative democrats, would bare to be
left joined to their idols, the gold stand
ard, tha national banks, tba trusts and
combines. They could not be expected
to follow Mr. Ilryan if ba abouid ranks a
break for union and succeea. Their bopa
and expectation ara to bold tba old
Earty together and control it and Mr,
ryantoo. and tbey had their way
largely in 18W5, after the explosion at
Chicago. Unless another and greater
split occurs in tba old democratic party,
whereby tha old dead body of tha Kuet.
era democracy la sloughed off, it ia
Inerrable tbat thre will be no fusion in
100O. II tba new democracy will really
come out and ba separate aud atand for
tba reform principle because It lores
them, Instead ol declaring for oue or
two 0! our principle lust lor expndiea
cle'a sake borrowing a plank or two to
nanra battle on-then there will be
ONI DOMOl IUSIOU. but nnt will.nut.
The real reformers bare no faitb in the
old democracy. It still stands for all
that true reformer ara fighting ngaluet.
I would stand lor the beat method of
Biilllug the reformers aoaa to loaenoue
01 ins anil-gold standard, ami-trust,
uirauwuin anu-monopoiistlo voter.
mil any union or fusion tbat will still
Anton Soldi
tie Qfeet WeaMiMi tamtoa
ri "I ik 4f.t..
I i.ul 4 it. fAlmball I 'Una
ttMill a n NMM.lm( ,
M l4MI ( U4 Ivw ti 1 h.n
tl iHMtHHMSlt "
4 t mtummtMt
M S i 0M1 ,
neutral Agt,, Owaka, ffek
i ""i '.. ..... .. (,
file UUItM duilaN lareated l "-
Earners and
addle Makers.
Stay-On Blanket
Repairing a specialty,
Full Stock of
Harness, Lap
Robes Dlan
99K villi IU M KiFNTM vT
WWW I II hliblbllMI W I I
Lincoln, Neb.
leave ua In tba band or under tbc beat General Wayne fighting Indiana, or Oeu
of tba cnemlee of tbc people and of tba leral Taylor's orders to Captain ttragg.
nation, ongbt to be carefully avoided.
The coming revolution ia bound to ba
weeping one. The old parte! will
not only be over-turned, but a wept
away. Tbc democratic party aewel!
ae the republican, ia doomed to destruc
tion, rar greater governmental cbangee
tban ever the populieteedvocated. will ba
maoa, lo-operation through tba cor
am man t, will destroy all combines, truete
and monopolise organized for ptirate
no old political party can be entrusted
witb tbc migbty work of the great ravo
lution at band, Tba populiat party ia I
tne lore runner 01 tneitreat new oartv 01
tne DeoDle that are to riae no and da-lsr
liver tha nation from industrial bondage,
Kearney! Neb,
W, h. JliND,
em fvlnl on Meaey,
Editor BiJcooK-JliMMicK:
J 'leas give plain and concise answer
to tbc following questions;
1, Doe tbc Conetltution aa of wbat
material money shall ba mad?
2. In paying balances, does gold or
sil rar money pane by tale or count, or
vy lie wrngni ana nnenessT
S, la fJuglieb gold money lesal tender
money in tne united Mates, or ia Auuiru
can gold money legal tender in England?
11 nor, any no tY
4. Ia there any aucb money aa money
of tba world? If ao, who mukee it and
by wbat authority, and la it legal ten'
der In all countries?
1. The Constitution 'of the United
Htateedoaa not specify tba character
of tba material on which inooey may be
stamped. It declares tbat congress
aball bare power "To coin money, reg
mate tne raiue ibereol, and ol lorsiga
coma." 1 na verb "to coin," means to
stamp, to make, to fabricate, and not
necessarily to press metal into ahape.
wnen poiier la stamped witb tba proper
wording It la money to the same ex
tent gold fa; tbat fa, neither substance is
money, but tba edict of government ao
tamiied ia money in either case.
J. In paying balance to foreign coun
trfea, metals, whether gold, all rar, cop
per or iron, ara sold by weight and fine
ness, Tha stamp of tha gorernment
counte for nothing In that case, except
aa a guaranty that a definite weight of
metal of a definite fineness entered into
each piece of metal when it left the mint.
Si. English gold money Is legal ten.b-r
only iusida tha jurisdiction of hnglund,
except In countries tbat regulate the
ruiuo of such loreign coins and by !
make them li-gal tender. Tha same
holda good in regard to American coin
in foreign countries. The reason for
thia is tbat money ia simply an edict of
gorernment, and such edict is binding
ouly where the gorernment ia able to
eulorc Ita edict.
4. From tha above it will be seen that
there can be no "moucy of tha world"
until all tha earth la under one govern
ment. Aa money ia the utterance of a
government it is trident that such utter
ance of command need not be regarded
beyond the Jurisdiction of such govern
In answer to No. 2 wa miuht add that
this country doe not need a metal to
pay bnlanoca witb. For tba nnt '20
years wa bare exported commodltiea in
xneaa 01 imMirta, an average of about
HOO.OOO.OOO. Tbat means that ths
balance haa been in our favor to that
extent. II a man owea you an anuuity,
so tbat lie must pay you 1,0(0 a year,
you need not worry about finding soma
metal to pay him with. The talk ol the
necessity for a tiwtel to pay foreign but
auoea with, when tha buUnoe of trade I
ao strongly In our favor borders ololy
on tba ridiculou.-ledge Hammer.
I seem to bare drawn tba lira of tha
whole battery Mbeldou aad Htewart get
tne at ray shot. If we fall, "go and tell
Nparta wa all lie bars,"
t'arljle aaya "history la philosophy,
shaking by example," and It iatrue
bera aa It la every ahera' Two yeara ago
thary ererywheiawaa lor uuiontdall
lra eilver lor, and wa shall h a
'rvidal. The lfVr ran ao high, (and
nleM;:t-;, lUt moderate men,
deliberate men tt arrelm! oa ewuveu
ttoa Door, witb howl and groan. Ak
l oiter II I got my ahare td it (rad
Uaad. Well, ae united, now lor the r
eulttd title ,,pbihmiihyklR,f by
tl.t A debated raadutele aa.l larty,
That -il.iU-4.pbf " .Irv. bUak,
i 1 1 aa 1 opuiisi party baa, up to
data, been a divided tmrty Irwin lha
word git. rWastor ImtUr, at Ibta muui
al, i brU trying to uaiie and eav
aa, Hera la Mrk aa bate bad ike
sattMUbeel aailiag i ear spot la Ik
aioa,aad Nfcraka kuuly aawuthf
tun ruMMr
Taofartloaaarala aigbtj aa aart
alaad to your guna-etery aiaa la ki
pnelworb the whole Ultety boya lor
all Ikera I la ll, wia ur dt. The oik..
taction aaya dua l ehiMit 111k that rail.
fedga-auHkatla4 ana, aurlhal
hiai tendrr gua, hor Ik rU.UM
us, nor aay id hM Kthr email guus,
Jael wi tkat Ire ailvar gia-araa
Aa fetal hay UrT? -..rrrrrv
clear tba field with tbat gun. Yield to
tbia and tba ticket for 1V00 ia now lit
the field and baa been for mora than a
rear. Tba DObulista will bare no ticket
There will ba no populist plat lor 111, It
will ba tha other platform. In the north,
DODttlists fuse with democrats. Wbat re.
publicans are and bare been in tha north,
democrat a ara and bare been In tba
Moth: both of them will continue to ba
wbat they have been; populists can hone
for nothing from either of them, Twice
In tba Inst tbraa terms, tba democrats
bare been lust what tha republicans will
ba aad bare been whan McKioley'a time
la all In, Two frauds even chances for
sixteen years, and tha country going to
destruction pell mall, And men claim
ing to ba populist, want every gun but
one In tbc populiat battery ellenced.
tub rvTvuK.
And ton promise as rictory in 1000
witb the populists split in twain, and tba
two old partlaa with nothing but failure
In sight for sixteen years witb a failure
to elect In IbW, wben we were all united,
taring ua In tba face, Out of tbia con
dition and these facte, rictory ia to
coma marching on to tba White House,
Wall, tierbaoa ao. but if it waa a military
eauiDultM. rou would ba annihilated u
mI ,h-W.II mil
via wm vtwh rww vimwi " wii www
then must be douef Mtand to your guns.
every one of you. Work ever gun for
II it la worth, JTIII earth, sea and sky
witb missels of death to plutocracy.
on tbc
itoid 01 Monterey, ara good
vo it that wa,
The otbar fellowa must bare our vote
if tbey aver get In. There la no hope for
tbem without na, Tban name tne terme
and like a tuacedonlan phalanx move on
tbc enemy. Ac soon aa wa convince all
tbc world that the only nope of
our votee ia to come to our platform
tbey will coma. They have to coma If
we atand our ground. We can dictate
the terms, and duty to Ood and country
demand of us that wa do it, Tbia went
of aalf rssfMNit. of manly dlirnitr.' aud
bunting around to find soma oue to take
na sdo sab - "Mute d"b7 no broth.
Illtru'lti 1 m miruua Wua to Vmm rou
land others from commlting murder.
Fuse and surrender wbo may, Follow
the greenback party to the grare yard if
you will, but here la one tbat stay with
tne whole platform not part 01 it only
-no never II
r ntocracy will go rlcht on and grow
fat under free coinage 11 we learc rail
road, land, legal tender, referendum.
coin redemption and all the other out.
Murrender meaue death. Nay rather
"(Jirame liberty or give ma death" a
manly death please. J. M, Hutuicu.
Are you going to The Klondike? Do
you know bow to get there? Write M.
K. Hooer, C, V. & T. A l., U
Denver, i;oio tor a aoiignuuiiy Illustrat
ed pamplilet deroted to this subject.
Mow tba Cities t tba Awfsl Matter
faob Te-Uef,
Of tbc tbree cities In wblcb the
greatest cnca of tbc mutiny were en
acted Lucknow 1 today by far tbc
most beautiful. Where the cruelcit
deed In the bitter tragedy of Cawn
pore ware done a fair garden wa laid
out, and Into this no satire 1 remit
ted to come, say tbc London Tele
graph, A cross of wnjtc marble upon
a black pedestal stand to mark tne
ltc of Nana Sahib' Ulblghar, or wom
an' quarters, In wblcb, at bis brutal
order, the English women and chil
dren were done to death. Over the
well there stand now Daron Maro-
cbettl' lovely figure of the Angel of
the Resurrection.: with the txt
"These are they which come out of
great tribulation," while the Inscrip
tion, written by the late Lord Elgin,
runs: "Sacred to the memory of a
great company of Christian peoplo,
chiefly women and children, who, near
tbia spot, were cruelly massacred by
the follower of the rebel Nana of lllth-
oor, and cast, the dying with the dead,
Into the well below." Hut, outside,
Cawnpore la the Manchester of India,
doing a huge trade In cotton, saddlery
and boots. At Delhi the most strik
ing and Impressive memorial I the
battered Cashmere gate and bastions,
preserred with Infinite rare exactly a
It was after Lleuts. Home and Ralkeld,
three sergeant and a bugler boy.blew
that narrow breach In It, at the coat
of erery life but one, through which
Campbell' column entered the city.
Lucknow, bowerar, I a rery garden of
garden. It ha It delightful park,
and round erary European bungalow
re wide pleaaauncoa, In which gor
geous crotona, wonderful climbing
plants, hibiscus atephanoll and the
delicate maure bourganvllllss make
splendid color, Ilefore tha beautifully
kept grounda of tha residency there
stand tba handsome obelisk erected
by Lord Northbrook, while viceroy, to
thoee natlre officers and sepoys who
remained faithful, with Inscription In
Hindoo and Hindustani. Within arc
other memorials, but the first object
of erery visitor s pllgrlmsge are the
residency Itself and the cemetery. The
(hot-riddled crumbling walla of the
former tell their own eloquent story,
and It la with subdued and thoughtful
leeliagl that one mounu the tower
whence aucb eir watch wa hDt
vary amall tablet marks ths room
la which Lawrence died, In the
graveyard are tha resting placea of
thoee men, women and little children,
bo died or ware killed, aad were laid
there at blgbt by loving tuadt, so per
wa the arleg la tha datlltne.
The gardener la rbeiie briac a luvaly
little bounuet of hwt and lavender
blue plumbaga. In rase tha visitor de
atrea to lake away a aovtveatr af 4 spul
a moutMul, tragi, Hat mrsly one
would rather tail it la rwi upon
the ttuible alea rseordlflg la hie own
vrd thai "Here Ilea Iteary law
rear, wSa tried lt da hie duly. Mar
the l4rd hare nr-y oa kta aoul"
am .ihfi
ilk, I.M
Wi 1 a itMf
IIMm ei
imi IUIS .witt
(w4 - 1 ea
lo M tka fnukl
tftaaaa i ktfr,
!, ,1 belie.
an i
be Utdi
Iaely, Alalts, Wretched
A writer wbo know more about the
way of women apparently than Bal
zac and da Maupassant combined baa
been giving tbem some advice on the
subject of bom life, aay the New
York Commercial Adrertlser, He I
nothing If not sympathetic, and grow
quit pathetic over the misguided fa
male who prefers to live la a hotel
where "no duties call her" and where
there ia nothing "to exercise ber Inge
nulty or derelop her womanly talenta,"
to Keeping nous in "soma corner In
this big world which tbey can call
their own, tbelr very own." Tbl 1
heartrending, but nothing compared to
me state of mind of tbe hotel wife
when ber husband leave her In the
morning, According to tbl sain writ
er "she turn back into the room and
wonder wbat ah can do during the
day, bow she will employ herself,
where she will go. There ia nothing in
her room to appeal to her to stay
there. No home duties confront ber.
mere I nothing In her Ufa; two-
third of bercelf He dormant," In
fact, so deeperat I ber lonellne tbat
be I actually "glad wben the time
come for her husband to come borne;
glad to feel tbat she ba some one to
whom b can talk," Wbat a remark
able young womanl IJut the young
husband 1 a badly off almost a bl
wife. To him material consideration
appeal. He grieve because "the fur
niture around them la not tbelr own:
nothing around him la hi; everything
1 by lease, hi for a time for so much
money; and after be 1 through pay
ing for It be leaves it behind" which
ia at least comforting new for tb ho
tel proprietor, Wben tbe writer (peak
of "tbe gorm of evolution which
prlng from tbe hearthstone" we take
It a a direct aspersion upon tbe hotel
radiator, but wben be declare that
"people wbo atop and stagnate arc
nerer happy," we would like to ask
wbat about tbe person wbo stagnate
and go on. There are more eplgrama,
but the following should be framed
and flaunted by flat owner and aub
ttrban cottage builder the world orer:
"The humblest cottage la a million
times better tban the most luxurlou
hotel ever planned by tbe bands of
man I" Tbink of tbat, little Mr. Lone
soracburst, and nerer again enry your
millionaire friend wbo live at the
Why We Io Hot Mre a Hundred Ter
Almost all person die of disap
pointment, personal, mental or bodily
(on or accident. Tbe passions kill men
sometime even suddenly. Tbe com
mon expression, "choked with raaa."
ba little exaggeration In It, for even
though not suddenly fatal, strong pas
alone shorten life. Strong-bodied men
often die young, weak men live longer
tban the trong, for the trong us
tbelr strength and tbe weak bare none
to use the latter take care of tbem
elrec, the former do sot. A it 1
with the body, so ft 1 with tb mind
and the temper; tb strong arc apt
to break, or, like the candle, run; the
weak burn out. The Inferior animal
which lire temperate lire have gen
erally tbelr prescribed term of year.
Thus the horse lives twenty-five years,
tn ox flfteen or twenty, the lion about
twenty, the hog ten or twelve, tbe rab
bit eight, tbe guinea pig six or seven.
The numbers all bear oronortlon to
tbe time tbe animal takes to grow it
full lze. But man, of all animals. I
one that aeldom come up to tbe aver
age. He ought to live a hundred
year, according to the physiological
law, for five time twenty are one
hundred; but Inatead of that ha scarce
ly reache an average of four tlmea
tbe growing period. The reaaon la ob
vious man la not only the moat Ir
regular and most Intemperate, but the
most laborious and bard-working of
all anlmala. He la always tha most
Irritable, and there la reaaon to be
lieve though we cannot tell what aa
animal secretly fuels, that, more than
tny other animal, man cherishes wrath
to keep It warm, and consumes him
self with the fire of his own reflections.
DUeavery ( a a Motive power
In 1643 a mechanic wbo had for
many yaara puxiled and experimented
on the aubject, brought to the atten
tion of Emperor Charles Fifth, of
Austria, an Invention by nieaua if
which ships could ba propelled by
stesm. The monarch wa greatly Im
pressed and would no doubt have be
come the patron of thle great Inven
tion, but one of his prime ministers,
evidently jealoua of the attention the
Inventor waa receiving, ao worked
upon lha mind of tbe emperor that hla
interest In lha Invention waa quite de
atroyed. In H4I a man waa put Into
a mad house because he persistently
followed some of the great meg of hi
(ouutry about, declaring thai he tti
discovered a new motive poaer that
would revolutionise the machinery of
(ha as. Many rountrle nd people
hate t tainted la be the dltcaverere of
testa aa a luotlv power, but the ae
ouHii, ahlrh are well authenticated,
em la settle the question Busily,
tr tee we r
Weetera Kaaes is uverrua this
year aim royutee. waa thought
that hey had been almost eiivraii
aud by the waifitr msde by Ike
set Here tf the hew country, N
poll from that levtioa ladltata that
they are luulllplylag Imtesd of Ulmla
tikis They have killed Ihousaiid
i.f sheep, end even i lata ihe frta
era' hea houMe aad kill their
ens, i arc aa pruietlg agalaal
their levaataa, for aaa voyote, it eve
eared, will whip three otdlaari
Weta fc Ike rtttaietlfcHe,
The rarluua eountrU of Ihe wort
ow se 1 1. too dlftetaat atata of !
tg a'ampe.
I all Annie Leery t Chaperon
Green's Daoghter, Mrlvln.
Mr, Hetty Green, America' rlcbct
woman, ha made all arrangement foi
the Introduction of her daughter Syl
via iuio iew xorg' iuo this season.
Mia Annie Leary of 90 Fifth avenue
will act a chaperon to tbe young wo
man. Mis Leary I wealthy, and al
though she ba bad many suitors ha
never married. She ha been tb In
troducer Into ociety of wealthy girl
nd women. There 1 one requisite,
and that 1 that they shall have been
convent-bred and Roman Catholic.
One of tb fJrt debuntante under Miss
Leary'a protection wa Mis Crlmmlns,
the eldest daughter of John D, Crlm
mlns, who afterward married Mr. Jen
nlng of Brooklyn, Mr. Henry Plant,
tbc wife of the millionaire hotel and
express man, is another of Mis Leary'
protege. It la g pleasure to ber, a
be is wealthy and docs not care for
any emolunent. In summer she live
In an odd quarter of Newport, down
a little street in the old part of the
town. Here sbc give tea, and the en
tire plutocracy of tbe place, Including
Mr, Aitor and the Vanderbllts, ar
her guests, Laat summer she bad
stopping with her Mr. Yznaga, the
mother of tbc duchess of Manchester.
Mis Leary 1 genial and kind-hearted,
intelligent and hospitable. She re
ambles Mr. William Astor in appear
nncc. Her hair I dark, she Is rather
alight and she dresses In half-mourn
Ing, Her Tuesday afternoons arc de
lightful, a one meet at ber house not
only the fashionable people, but upper
Bohemia a well. Mis Leary'a father
waa tbc batter of tbc first part of tbl
century, and tbe grandfather of the
present generation used to buy tbelr
bats from him when he kept bl shop
under tbc old Actor bouse. He wa a
great friend of the original John Jacob
Astor, wbo sold him furs to make the
grandfather hat of that day. The Aa-
tore and tbe Leary always visited, and
tb friendship is a very warm one to
day, and Mr, William Astor and Mis
Leary ar devoted to each other.
ell la Herlend, Also.
AAP0Lis,Md., Jan. 0. What prom
ises to prove a aerioua aplit among the
Republicans in the Maryland 'giala-
ture developed last night when an at
tempt waa made to caucua for offleera
of tbc general assembly, which eon
venea to-day, Twelve of the eighteen
jiembcra from Baltimore city refuaed
to take part in the caucua, and after
waiting for an hour behind the ap
pointed time, the other Rcpubllcana
met without them. Tbe bolt ia a pro
teat againat Wellington, who la urg
ing Judge MoComaa for United States
senator to aueoeed Oormaa
ulo Qr'me
When you take Hood's rills. Tbeblg, old-fashioned,
sugar-coated pills, wblcb tear you all to
pieces, ara not In It with Hood's. ICaiy to take
and easy to operate, Is true
of Hood's rills, which are Iq) 1 1
up to date In evnry respect. III V
Hte, certain and sure. All I W
drtiKKlHU. 26". C, I. Hood A Co., Lowell, Mans,
The only I'llls to take with Hood's Humapurllla.
Residence Phone 655.
Office Phone 656.
Surgeon and
: Consulting Physician
Room 17,18 & 10, Rurr Hlock,
Office hours: 10 to 12 a.m., 2 to
5 p.m.
Sunday hours: 3 to 5 p.m.
0 per rent efflo California and Other I'a.
rifle Coast 1 ravelere.
The above reduction applies to tba
time en route, Hy tha Northwestern
Union 1'nalfle route the time leonenlht,
oris hours, !, than by other llnee,
Thiaenvea money, liertb rale, and thir
teen hour of wearisome rar riding, At
Fremont eonnectlone ar direct with
throuah tourlet and Pullman elwimre.
rhalreara to (lenver, Ovden, Halt Lake
ritv, Portland and Han Franeiee. Iirv
leg car through to the coast, (let tick,
el and berth reservation ol A. H. Field
lug. elty tleM agent, 117 south 10th
at., Lincoln, Neb,
a4 Wyeieilaf
Jan. 1, Feb, I aad W, Mareh 1 aad
IS, April 5 aad 10, tb Klkhora-North,
weetera Una, will aell tk'keta to Mat oa
It line la Nebraaka, and la Wyoming
we of aad Mmlliig tna Juartioa, at
nee lr plus I i for the round trip. No
fareitit U Ua than I9 0O, (1tyom,
1 1 T v loth si., depot, aor. It and M.
eta, MaiHila,
T B4 a4 Atoeba fatal.
TkeNof(kelera Faloa Paeifta la Ike
dlret t rwat ta Ike !' Huaad aad
Alaeka Htiata, kiitraisc aad aMreiHa
traiaa atak dlrwt eaaeetHa at Fre
atoat wilhtkrottgh toutui aWitaan4
rrw revUalag ekair sate ti Pwrllaad,
tr ewrrevt UbfMiaUoa vail oa A. K., eitytkk.t aat, tlleuath
wthai., iJaewIe, Neb,
ui'S LTrt;-..-j
Aki MtHiuM lOrtlilU
.nm raveaeaeiat
I fc t-.s 1 1 i's e
ee n. Smm .
U 4Cl,!iJ1, t
UaavMia tea NiaaAsa t lfbl ispaar the
Wko are Injured by tke ee ot eoRne, Recently
tkere bu twee placed In ell tbe grocery ilore
sew preparation celled UI(la-0, made ol per
aralse, that takee the place ol eoflae, Tke no,
delicate etumteb receive It without dlatreat, and
bst lew ess tell It from eoflee. It doee sot eoer
ever Uj ae msi b. Children may drink U itk
greet be
Try It.
at benefit. iet. and ot. per passage.
lekfur OhaIN-O,
When billon or eoativc, eat a Coscaret
candy cathartie,curcguaranteed,l0e,35e
318 B Street, Lincoln, Neb.
Receive all kind of Hide and For to
tan for Robe and Leather. 11 idea tan'd
on abarea. Highest price paid for Hldee.
XXexxry XZolxaa, Propr,
Weak and Strained Eyec Success
fully Fitted, ....
No Atropine, bo loct time.
1800 0 St., LINCOLN, NEB.
scaps UO80. 11th St.
Oallery Xitabllibed U7k
. , . OO TO , , .
Kennedy's Photograph Parlors,
182 Bo. 12th Stmt.
ine Cabintl H.OO ptt Veztn.
atistoetloa Oaaraatete,
We stake Orayoa F ortralte aheap and la the
Koet arttetle tUe.
DiaiAaca or the
Eye,Ear,Nose and
Throat .i-i
1118 0 ST.,
Lincoln, Nebr.
Bonn from 9:80 to 13:80 a.m; 3 to 5 p.i
who arc coming weat to
visit yon, just add a poat
crlpt like tbie: "Be cure
and take tbe Burlington
Route. It 'a much the beet."
Yon are quite cafe in do
ing tbia because our service
from Chicago. Peoria. St.
Louis, and Kansas City, In
fact all eastern, southeast
ern, and southern cltiea la
juet aa good aa our aorvlce
to those points. And that
aa everyone who ia ao
qualntod witb it will teatify,
is the best there fa.
Ticket and time table
on application at B. St M.
depot, or city office, corner
10th and 0 street.
(, W. BONNELL, 0, P. & T. A.
W.mi Hi
P. D. StteRWIN
Coaaultlng room
eWeoad flutir
'X ITifl rises aa eei iT . f)
1 1. S t Vri
U)U 4itH lulls .
et.4 VVmeai
'si4 Afu,f
ribt eel be
ir i i m t it i
1 1 ., e
!?.' e wm
fU.a4 mm4 k. t,.k
hii itntaMi . .
e-n M , exie bH Sm
MNH-a Haaaov,
writlag to air a4vrti.
ryT" . m