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    January 6, 1898
the Nebraska independent.
Fh von Steps to Unitt all Faottons
of the Populist
Would Adopt tho Referendum
Plan and Befer it to tho
National Committee.
Hewilor llutler'. I'onlllou,
Mcnator Marlon Kuller Im written a
letter to Mr, Jumea It. Ferrl of Jollet,
111., who l chuirmuii ( the executive
committee of tho National Jlolorni Pre
AMooiutlou. that look towanN h re
uniting of alt tho faction of the popu
Hat party, In thin letter to Mr. Ferrl
Bona tor lintlt-r any:
"I will gladly ubmlt Urn queMtlon of a
iififloiiHl committee meeting to tho full
committer whenever requested to do mo
by thoxM authorised to repreenut tho
NhmIivIIIo ooiiforotine, or by any other
element or (action of tho party, or whim-
. ii . ...... 1 . t
ever requeeteu ny any hi ran mumuor 01
tlm national committor under th rnfr
endum plan, a provided for In thu plan
of organisation of our parly, ami, be.
ld, 1 will urgeu meeting at the enrliot
poMMible day if there I tho leuet propect
of harmony orclninc to do any good.
Hut up to thi hour 1 have not. been re-
niieefed by t ho committee of the Ninth
vllle conference to cull a meeting of tbe
national committee, nor nave i ever
been officially informed that a roeolutlou
wan pawiil reoutiMtliig audi a meeting,
leee that tlmr i an effort in certain
auartr to try and create the Impre
Dion that I hnvo b"n requeetod by iIiohm
ropreMontlng the Nashville conference to
cull a meeting of the national committee
end that 1 have rofiiMed to do no. I hi
In IuU". and whenever It become ncce.
nary to mate tin fuel publicly, a I
have atuted here. 1 will do o, nun they
will not be denied. .ThU effort to create
euch a faNe impreion U not only un
Jut, but will rebound on tboee who ure
making it.
You nay that II I will work with yon to
got an early meeting of the national
committee that you will try to get the
meeting of the .Nah ville conference com
mlttoe (culled for January 20) pout
pound, o that a time and place may be
ugreeij 011 to euit all. l will giudiy worn
with you to tin end. A matter" now
tand. If thoao reorenenting th Nuh
villi) conference vrocmi to cull a meeting
for April, 1808. to nominate a preeidon-
tlal tlekwt for the campaign of
will clearly bo a factional convention,
and will inevitably moan a eplit in tho
narty to tho extent of He following.
Thin no truH populit, whether no lar
allied with one (action or tne other,
want to two, and euroly no trim popn
lint waul to bo rmponmhlo for bringing
about NUith a public calamity. 1 am
eure that either of u would do anything
honorable to prevent it Therefore,
pardon tne to auggeMt that you at once
. .. i. . m il .. 1 .
get we commum oi 1110 .anviin con
ference or whoever wan authorized and
directed to do ao to communicate with
the national committee, through it
national chuTinun. convevlug the re-
i iicnt for a mooting of Maid national
committee and etiiting for what purpoiw
a meeting in (JeMired, mo that 1 can at
once submit; a copy of Much requent and
reaHon for the hmiiih to each member of
the national committee and ak hi vote
on tho queHtion. To expedita matter, 1
will ank ennh member of tho national
committee, when votinir on thu proponi
tioufora committee meetlnif. to alo
vote for the time uud placo denired for
hucIi a meeting, no that Mliould a ma
jority of the committee votn tor tho
meetinir I can Immum tho call at once.
Thi Mhould lt done right away,aud the
tniMting of the Nanhville contereinui com
1 tnitt, which you inform in. and which
I m from the pre, i culled for January
12. Mhould be poHtponed until I can tuke
the referendum vote of the national
committee, which mut tm done nud tho
reult aniiouud (according to our plan
id organliatlon) within thirty d t.V.
Hut 1 will announce the runult ooner, if
TblM. it wteme to me, will nnwt the u
iirovat of all who dtmin harmony, and
ring about united action If anything
will. Tin done, and we will rauedi
comfit urn to tliieiiemi4 of good govern
ment and tht wopli the cltix ol 11 10.
uopotiea who are already gladly pro
claimliig that our party I epltl. To
bring about mucIi a result I tin pat r.
otie duty of u ad, and I
I will da my part, nud more if ueu
"In railing a meeting if tin national
commit ! to conid'r ami pa-u Uon
etTtam ijuitltMi at wntrivery, of
eiur, it will Im understood that all l
a will abtd by oltleialdiefmiiiatloa
mid (lecMton. With the ditteremve of
opinion a to Mtrtv m)M-y whhdi now
eiiat, au.v dwUum that th '.i'imiutf
may ra h aill n-taril mil ! tn mv
nird o with th opiiiiiaa I wuimauf
4. me u but It we love oar parly and
hmI to m 11 act unii I e mn all
abidit by tl te-a of Um NHlUinnl oltt
pimI tuganintlioM ol tha parly, and ap
(Nil li Ihmrtt rvgnlarlv ealll
IiiiikiI eiavnlii, lir I b awm
.lr. 1 ho rniarly Uet 4 U, it, trvk
ll ii t Wf it We Keew
Mew- ' Caeea Neee
ey te letl tet(H,
The m4itn' l MwiiautatMf f"!
aua i ' r ah'tviMti, tt u
rMlly tat l h.U il lkvu
lfrm ! lit vta4illiU4 hratl4.
la tl Ke ' al'lf
ei 4i4Mu fHt. Tie Mi4 wpi'l t
ttftf ,umuUi..t M U ,, mi is
lMt e-t "'
Tldirci Wl M S Ktellb,
tVtlur, tt (.iff, ' I ' "' !
etae tee iwM rM'l of f ll4 ,
..... II. UL..UII l.llll iMLM I
It !Kiw4 .n. IUm tirJ el
tetlvea4 UIM wk M kie
mmn l I1m' ' d ' lk
IUnI t Hrt4ftll4. Il apa4l ea
M faaiilr ai'ia If lloaal.
.... i .1
I nitt Alau. tmm fha rutfirkla ,if VAfV ilill
trict In the nation.
Personally, I think the propoaitlon to
call a national convention in the epriug
of 1B9M for the purpone of nominating a
tireNidoutlal ticket for the campaign of
1UU0 a verj uiiwiae and haiurdou one.
For a faction of the party to take each
actlou in diitlnnce of the national organ
Ization eeein to tne nothing leu than
eulcldul. UtiloHe we can find eorne candi
date whoe private and public life,
wIiomo record and pemouality Uetronger
and lee liable to make error than tho
groat and fundamental principle con
tained In our platform, then unruly It
would bo a grout tnlMtake for oven our
whole party to join unitedly and enthu
Nlaticnlly In nominating a proeidential
ticket more than two year ahead of tho
next campaign, Thco are my convic
tion nud to me eeuin clear from contro
versy, yet if tho national committee, the
official organization of tho party, de
cide otherwlMit, nud cull a national
convention for iheeprlngof
one will abide by if action more loyally
tliau 1 will. I would not presume to Met
up my opinion howevr etrong and
clear, ugaliiMt tho decision and official
action of tho cotnrnittoo, nor would
I encourage or act with a mi
nority that di)lred to do ho.
Nothing can be accompllNliod for
our princlploM, however jut they are or
however popular they may become,
without party organization, and for the
minority toeubmlt to the majority I
tho only way we can bave a united
action and an effective party organlia
tion. If the time liould come when our
con viol Ion on vital qui'Ntlon of prin
ciple are mo at variance with tho pimitlon
of our party organization on the name,
that wo cannot Mubmit to the action ol
tho majority, then wo owe It to our
elvundto our party to publicly an
nounce that fact and to at once with
draw from tho party organization.
Hut to return, 1 am very (find you
have made the timely nuggetion that I
friiHt will be the eolutlon of tho whole
difficulty. I hope that you will move
promptly in the matter and I aMure you
of my hearty co-operation. Lot me hear
from you a oon a you can. Your in
the cuumo,
Chairman I'eoplo'e Party National lix
ecutive Committee.
Commenting on the above, lion Igna-
tlu Donnelly, one of the lender of the
middle of the road movement nuv:
''We have been among thoe who were
very NUMplciou of Heiiator liutlor. We
feared that it wan hie purpoe to "moII
out" tho party for hi own proferment.
We recognized hie ability, but we doubted
hi iilnoerlty, The foregoing letter goe
far toward removing tho prejudice,
Huepiclou very often make anemic of
thoMe who ehould be friend. Let u
all rejoice together,
Iet lion. Milton Purk adjourn the
conference of Jan. 12 for two or three
month, There I no hurry. We have
two yeor before u, and every effort
nhoijld be made forpeue and harmony."
ThoMe are movomeute in thu right di
rection and will meet the approval of
Nubrueka pofulit.
la anwor to our queHtion, have you
eon Hnator Marion Dutler' letter, ad
dreHd to Mr, Jamee II. Ferrle, dated
Dmu. 22, who U Chairman of tho Execut
ive committee of the National Reform
Pre Aociatioti? Mr, Edrniten eaid:
"Yee, I buve read hi letter with con
Iderable Intercut, and am very much
pleawed with Mr. Uutler' attitude In the
The matter to bo Mettled eoon by the
people party I, Hhnll there be two
national organization of the people'
party or but one, and the plan adopted
by the Chairman of tho National Com
mlttee, Mr. liutlor, I to Miibmitthe
queHtion to the National Committee by
Khali tho two committee meet on the
eame date fixed, in the near future and
make an effort to harmonize all the
force and pruvont further diorganizu
tiou? That I the quotion. Now let
u try and devUe way and mean where.
by the bond of common brother-hood
which have grown up In the lat few
year, between men ol all walk ol lile,
and in all aectioue ol the country, may
continue to grow. Jt i true the opiire.
Mion of the corporation nil over the
country, uffectaall alike, and the toiling
inae of eacn eectlon of the country I
alike anVfteit.
It wa a loiiow: inre people wer
on atle to dUinld their politlmil
prejudice, and join hand in hand a few
year ago, In the t armer Alliance and
oilier organization, and there began
tliMMtudy of their condition. Itwa
then and there the none! mn of all
neotiou of the rountry, eolemuly vowed
with each oilier that all former ditferen
w Mhould Imj uiuile. and thev would
join lhir effort together with butoue
pui imimo In view, I hat lor the lettering
ol their eonOitlou ami protecting them
elvea again! the eneroachmeut of
corpiiralM lutluence. and ll poitile, re
store to thi great C'Hiiinou wealth, the
right of the govruinenl to lheMiple
a wa intemieii ,y the fore-iaitier.
hli h liave Ix-en wn-nihn-l troni them by
law and liilKiohtrucliitt of the ame,
1 w, 11 wa my nappy privilege i go
a N llelegHle, In I IttCIUIiall, in lU,
and attend the fir I meeting, looking to
the nailing ol the Ion inl a
our Bret eiwrilM Wild Ihoea of the
8utli an 1 1. 11, aa l will do I remember
ol the iM-rlMt reUtl by rat h, ol the
fiiinlUlun Ihvy wen ut'r"Uaie aith
1hetaMiale there hunl mitt
brokea, and again it a my pri
l-iailvadaa a it'Wtre al I he greal
Nl (imU nut riim hl I at M. I.tiuie,
where lh, re were rredMedj tlrhgal)' Irti M
lnlt ( lud'iMirial org aulitiH,
rvprwHt ua i't ettle ia the I aloa
111 a m the an ni-ie eme . r
aoa thmugti ail , (,ti ,t H
fhaolat iom bloia, l y rwlle tltef
would oreaai' iiejtaivlM ihIi a hi
tiU triv and tr Ikat hm)im4 i m
-at torta Ihvir pUUofiN ol riHvili
aed a tall Kr lh ti.iiaha luil eaia
tatia oa July , iU. Ueotd
itr, Ike 1 1 I .H4 workr ol ttot tne
id rMewtwf la tevttaai thai ai
tmiM i-vai t in aa ( Irxai Ike kk-
hi lh hh f, tt a e dUrrtliue ol
ovt adii Ih.ta wm rata ' !
Ik U a' d (kf.iwK IS 1 b a lU'ai
taia ol iuiS4 Ual m te a It a I
oir( Hmi it ft ma 4l. Kvrv
Miiitii vi 1 tea m a i, oa wtiiumi
IkaiHie lili tM ol Ihe twti oi l irihw,
r'l In le iih.h tul, of ll ile with
nkr, ll wa edff prolmut aa t it w
Ilk rrlOlMt f I lie, I lrv lte4tk
r-Nt ill lraave w In aea, tml ai a
Kw ily aad e-uua, lh r etall i
ita g daa Imh all raiae tkl mtkr
ol lh Mrea may aava aal apoa
did on other oocanlon when Dritleh rale
wa attempting to force tie to bow to
1U copter.
At the Drat national election of thi
young party, known a the "people
puny, oecHuee n nuu ueon organ neg
by the people, coming ae they did from
all the political partlee, It ehowed to
to the utter eurpriae of all, that the peo
ple 01 ail aectioue of the country had
kept tnelr vow with each other and bad
rolled up the enormona vote of almoat
two million; thla gave conn dunce to a
great many in the old partie and the
action of thoiiniid ehowed the die-
Matifaction in the old parjJe and tbe
diepoMition manifiwted by hundred of
thouMunda to break away and go with
tho new party wa eiuiply applling
una apparent on every hand and n a
rcHult there 1 today the greatoHt of di
NiitiMfuction In tho old partie and it ex
lot everywhere and iu our mind tbe
mlNMlon of the people party today 1 aa
great a It ever wa, and a one of tbe
mom lair of the Nuntional Committee, I
am willing to meet with our dlemi tinned
brethren and we will iIImcuk matter
over thoroughly until we undertand
each other, and complete confidence
ehall be renewed if poiblo, and to me
it would eeein that nothing that I with
In the bound of rcuaon ehould bo neg
lected or with hold on tho part of any,
but all ehould feel firmly bound by ob
ligation that wore formerly entered In
to to atnnd by and eupport the people
party. It lathe duty of every loyal
patriotic member of thi party to lend
all UMHUtimiM he can to preMcrvo a
united body and not only a united body
but we want a :nrty without faction.
When we compiler that there I a meet
ing to be held the 12th of thla month to
take Mtcpa to call a uatloiiHl convention
for the purpOMe of placing In nomination
a candidate for the proMidency and vlee.
presidency by ono part of the people'
party Hi one aectlon ol tho country, and
by thi act forever dividing the organ I
cation, 1 fear thi courao cannot be car
ried out and maintain the prenent con
ditionof the party, two organization
cannot exlut for the name pur pone, it
mean thut In the effort for onpremacy
tne caiiHO ol humanity auffera and a
divided and h uttered army mutexppct
defeat, Can we afford to inuke thla
Jyet the txioplea party make the effort
bouetly aud fairly to prevent the dinar
ganlzutlon of the party by adopting the
plan of Chairman liutlor In deferring ac
tion at the meeting fixed for the 12th at
Ht. Loui, and If a majority of the mem
hereof the national committee vote to
hold a jint conference and, "I believe
they will," then let a gather together,
not only a committeemen, but let the
loading men of the party In the nation
take part in thla meeting, and I believe
when we fully and completely undertand
each other that we will not have the
difference that aome bave imagined or
MUMpicionod. I cannot believe that thee
men who have had all manner of abime
and Mlandor hooped upon them are ready
to part company ennply becaune of a
few alight difference. 1 can't believe
the men who for pntriotiam aud for the
good of humanity and the upbuilding of
a bettor government, will tear thenmelve
nHiinderand trample underfoot there
Riilteoia nana life-time work, men are
not coimtituted that way, at leut It
would eeem that tlm and deliberate
judgment would take the wier couree,
a to what that coume will be I cannot
tell. However with fair and reasonable
proportion eubrnitted upon which we
could vote, it eeein to mo the right can
aud will be reached in thla way, and no
man can expect or demand any unrea
Nouublo thing from any eource upon
theie ground. I am firmly of tho opinion
that the people parly will emerge from
the present condition in better fighting
trim than ever before.
It wilt have been tried a by fir., the
dro will havrf been eepnruted and the
pure metal will run together a one body
with thi Holution oftbx queHtion it i
within the proviuce of the peoples party
to go 011 and accompliNU the pur pone
lor which It wo organized, ye It would
be placed in a poeition where men from
all partie who are diHntiHlied with
brokeu promiMeM, that have boon made
to them from their partie from year to
year, till they are ennply dieuuHted
could join thi party with greater aMur
ancn of mucci-m iu reform in the near
future than any.
Probably one of theetronget reaon
for thi would be the fact that in the
new party are not to be found the great
iiKinieu maguaie a im an 01 ine-.r won'
derful Influence to eliaiie and moult
policiea, platform and legielatlon. No
doubt we would bave to contend with
the unwrupulou itolltlolun who would
try to force hiinell upon the party, but
with the rank and file of the party, con
atltuied a it now U, he would not be
periiilttml to uccomplUh any great dam
age with the UMial achmning, they are
"imaged In,
te, with thi condition retored and
"I believe it will be," the party can with
good and MuUtautlul ivaofigo Into
lh coutiHit for Mupreinacy In thla nation
and mo lung a It adhere to the prima
iU-uow eet forth it will command the
teepecl and colindeiice of all good ritl-u
Ihroaghuut the country. 1 he breaking
ep of e two great Mlitkl Hiriive and
their rriililng aud dn-aymg eoadillon ie
pt-r'iditiie to auyoiiewbol lamiliar
with or bt Imwu fur any length ol Urn.
and it Niuat fiiul out clearly to the
niuilMrhi ol Hi t.l. parly thai lo
liieiu la g-ilug t to alruie tk
eiilnly aud iiiauaeeiN'ttl ol Ihe affur
ol ounuuitlrj al ai lar dialaat day,
providing oar arty buld tuglhr
hretljr aad w iug oni eiHa hr tuAumr
Im ame living rinei4v m Ike found
li.ui (ti.a up u l.n h l.e ha ti l-M.
1 b uiia t, hll ae do tbu ay,
m, aad I ImImv tuna kuadrw) and
kiaoly-ama out of vry huwaad ol Ike
parly aU aar llb aes II oi Ihiak
Um U r-M-kt, U ia thiuk Ite arty
Uinl I i-i furr nu t Ur rami
hui We arid, Wt tt g-l tain tbe txillt
l al M l aad i .e U lUM aad
ob boaoy aad jui o oa out tkW, we
ill aa a omii Ikat a ill tra Iu i
twtorv.aal wka w bt am-l aad
kwie4 vaHk rtt..-at la aaailer
la a i lili a to tkuM aiiatf gaiai la
Hiaay i tl tate. we eaa veart tbe
loo ii.l a Iim4Ik by a lain law aad
aa aid ban I-wmi at.le to vwtiMMi
ad ou aud by Ika aaoa al alt oar
.irv aud rau4fv wit ruiia I '
k eaia ol k ovlkiua vl
Ik ! id idi(tM'iaty aa-l Iba
kml4 i4 Ike rMkl ol I be "'H
abvw tk aiaa I eaporoir tit I be dett
te. wka a I Ma wdl ! eial, Ibeea m
ike obi' la ol tt.a imh4w inti aa l
da at llia tby will ae ta4r dw
wia-l aal.l lbei tbiaa are aitt
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queMtod to correepond with Senator
liutler, WaMhington. D C, and Milton
Park of Dalln, Texa. giving their view
in thla matter. It i the people party
and lot tho peoplo take thi matter in
hand, lut the watch word be united we
etnnd, divided wa fall.
A lung tli Wyll.
'I'hor. ar two kind of p""plo on rth today,
Ju. two klud. nl oilr, no iiior., I ny;
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Wb.reTor jron bo yon will And lh. world'. hi.m
Ar. alw. In Ja.t ttime 100 .Iimmm.
And oililljr .nouirh, jrno will And too, I wmii,
I ni-r. it only on lllivr to twu' v who l.n,
!n wh h rim-, arc yoo? Ar. yon e.niDg Hi. load
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Annual Maatlnga.
The Dwelling Hon Mutual will con
veuu at thu Ideal Hotel iu Lincoln, oa
Jan. 25, at 7 p. in.
The Nebraska Fire and Cyclone Co at
th ame place on tbe 2d, al 7 p. in.
The Mutual luurauc A ciution will
meet on lh Dili, at 8 a.m. at ama
place. Ww hon avwry mutual In the
tat, will Im represented. Kleclrieity
and KKintaneoiiciiiubulion will be th
Mpetial ubjMta uud-r ration. If
any Mutual man who cmuiul alteiid th
He etui, Im any aiHinal freak of thi
kind, a woul I Im pleitited to have hi in
rilu oa lha Mutij.'tl, an that lh
iiimtiitg may have th eiMranoe ol all,
tor fuiiMlder iitiou,
Th l.aaealer county Co. tu iu
l.lnroln on lb I2tb laat.
W would Ilk to bave the report ol
all cotiii4nj a u amount of luauraniM
arllloa betore laat ywar, amount wriltoa
lat tvar, amouat id loea during lb
Jrar, aiaoual ol a.nun nt.
t f wa Paat m Raaaaaab
lltfdarter, Jaa. CoTwadaeU wlia
4ar4a ra luubt br yeaUrday,
Cwaat Mfa TUa wauud.4 l.udwl
Utar aa4 C4aia4 Uajary aaa4.4
itelaa Itayuftby. la Ulb m the
waJ vera ttea4 TUa a4 Ua
Jary ra elv4 lb weuada
ta lMM waM r
AlAr, N. Y.. Ja. A-.AeeMtly
aa Ura at w Yfk will lalrv
deea t VlU Iata44, aaja, ta aal a
ha U "ffaveraNMial by lahiaatiew,
rvwasUeat At M ! ta4
Veitaiua, Ja tMre, Alaltat
at, faaaatVaa artUt at aalUaal frua.
taeaea. 4ri i4 44 wa tba an!
I Ml Mlt.
Ik Mw N4
Maw Yaaa, Jaa I -J.iblH Mel
Ha iViaUerUli Avar, wUluw at JaaMia
& Aye, 414 uJ4aty at ar aoa
aeae U Hiatal 1 latalUl farta,
m M4a laV f4 i ar
A Few Sample Offerings:
0 piece, 50 Inch, double warp,
Htortn Herge, all wool, our
regular (10u good, Clearance
Kale, a yard ,
10 piece all wool and eilk and
Wool NoveltlcN, regular H5o
and 91 good, Clearance Hale,
a yard..., .,....
11 piece all wool, extra heavy
Htortn Herge, our regular 91
quulllv, Clearance Hale price
a yarn . ,
CO Chrltma Uree Patterna to
cIomo during thla eule a re
duction of 30 Jht cunt,
Black Dress Goods.
A big line of plain and figured
blach good, regular 85a and
95o qualltlea, a yard
8 piece figured black dreee
good, regular 91-25 and
valuta, a yard
95 c.
Remtiints of Black and Colored Dress
Goods at 1-2 Off.
15 piece French Printed Plan
aele were 50c and 55a, Clear- OR A
ance Hale price, a yard............ 0 9U
800yurda fine Kat Itlack Hutine,
compare it with what you
UMually pay 80c for, Clearance f 171 A
Hale price a yard.....,,. ..., i f 2V
Sllkl-875 yd. Fancy Walet
Hiika, were 85o and 91.00,
Clearance Hale price, a yd.,,,
455 yd. Fancy Waiet Hiika,
latent novel tie; theee are
our regular 9 1-18 and 91.25
gooda, Clearance Hale price,
a yd
0.1 yd, of 22 and 24 inch Fig
urod IlackOro(Jraln, reg
ular Or,o quality, Clearance
Hale price, a yd...
Lo, of 25 Inch flue, heavy,
aoft Figured Hilk, In ekirt
length, regular 1 1,50 qual
ity, Clearance Hale price,
yard.... , ,
Sole Lincoln Arents for Butterlck's Patterns and Publications.
Cherry Tree, Plum Tre, Apple Trace, 0 rape Vine, Fruit Plan ta
of all kind, Hhade Tree, itoee, Kvergrecne, etc., that are
'HEA0TT,, NOT...
A CrNraia la l"ollilt .
Hwaalor duller ia rnniilail with poal
live Infurnialioa that lh HlaadardOd
Trut and lh Joint Traltlo aaaorialiou
bave togthr MiatriUuUd J50,t to
ward lb campaign tina ol th ra
publu-aa eiiigrtNMiioaai tNiiaitiiU aud
lh uiiitif IUni.immm.i lb dvnimraiw
eiiigrwaioaal eoutuitltwi, How Iru Ibl
latutaialHia ia, a bave no lovana ol
kaualag, but w wry aim b auaiwrl that
It ba aoni (ouadatioa ia U i. It hi a
wy tbe erHtralioa have, 1 b-v ra
lr!y a apart a large -roariaia ol pfoRI lar lb Iwbvfll ol lb xdllk
rmat m lad wbat, npUm wlr o
it any ol lha waoao ol tba oW ara
rvgaiarly rwWlvl In lha bmMtdrp
raiaiivk A Marliw lliitiiibwa
. la bla nrat aorh oa 4rvi Kula
lia, ll m t ietif id lb to,J aba l
a'l f a bM varwe ia a lpr(la
llv U4y.laaliibtValary, C3
4 HaataA bt HI
latwuvtta, Wei, Ja I -Th ,
4HUa at AtMao MaiUa lUfhta,
W) M laara4 la aa aaeaaatae wltb
AU C4wr4 K MUahU at Itwlwtl
I lUlamMii' aiNMiii, U aat etrntUI
r4 4aaf raa VlllaWH aayi bt
waa nut araaaat wha tba Ireubla
4 'a
f aatt " '
Notion Department.
TOllet SoapSKngllli Violet, IAAA
cuke in u box, per box , UUv.
Coemo . fSuttermllk aoap, f-r Q'Jq
Med lcines-i J io'a' 'Tjoi'iy ' o 4 JO
Almond Cream.,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,, VVe
nr. I'lerce'a Favorite Preecrlp
Palne'a Celery Compound
Hood 'a Haraoparilla ..,
Mromo Heltzer..,...,.;.. OOC.
Lydla K, Pink ham' Com- 09 f
pound,, '...,.,.......,(,,..,., www
Hcott'i KmulNion , ..,. Q&V,
te'r ox.,,,..
Rubber Hot Water Hottloe, four
Fountain Hyringea,,,,
1 ttt$$0$ttttmtit
mree quorla
Ladlo.' A II-Wool lloae, doable
beel and toe, a pair......
I idle' Fine Imported Caahmere
Howe, bigb Mpiiced beel, double
Hole and toe, 65c quality, a Qf
pair....... , ,. 0 V
Men'a Fine Merino Bocka, aeam
lee, double beel and toe, i Q
fair ICl,
Men' Natural Wool Hock,
Mpiiced beel, double toe. 45o
good, a pair
Children' Fine Ribbed, fleeced
hoHo, a pair.,.. , .,.,.
Mie' Fine Imported Cahmer
Hone, ixl rib, double heel and
toe, 35c value, a pair...............
Children'a 2x1 Rib Caahmere
Homk, double knee, aplined beel
and toe, 50c value, a pair,.
If you do, write for our Deacrlpt
Ive Catalogue and Price Llat
which we mail FKICH. Addreee,
YOUNGERS &l CO.. Geneva, Neb.
at teaae
a 60
1206 O SREET
Marala A Hwraa, Allaraav at iaw,
It.H.manj lii 3d, llrowuell tiiak, 137
H.,uth 11 lb trt. l.lumiiB. Nl. rWt.
Ilwiuvat ol MlatMi and all kind id Wgal
btiaiavaa altad4 Iu iroinplly aad earw
tally, t rail rva ta Trad.
Valuable youeg orvbar4 of At acroa la
praaea, oiivva aad otb.r Iruile. la bt
hall id .lata, t h-ar, aud lillw U f ki t,
Nt liriaatuta U aW4. I baage ia taut
Hr rvat aitiviug, aad bui will el
vbangal.Mr Nfbfuaha land. A4Jra
(I. lmi'Mi, l.iaetda, ,Nb,
akabt eiaiai tat at
l'opeau4 N.bra.ka elalaWa f
aia at ft lai pr etipy. Addreaa
JaH.h SurU A U, Llaeola, Nb,
no wniT ran i"cs
V W,
taa Vaii4
la I 4
- I !