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January 6, 1898
1 taMlidttloi tf u IHB WEALTH MAEEBI ai
(b 3nbjenbnt pulUt?.n$ 0.
TlLBPMONi, 038.
lAA, nil ummaulcaMiHil to. oJ uakaall
lull, ; ordara, t pa,rbl to
Lincoln, yttn
"I am a believer iu human freedom.
do Dot believe flod vr created one man
to be the bondslave or tho victim of an
other. Tha right of freedom la na unl-
yeraal a th human rot, and wherever
tb ray of tlje nun hln they nhouM full
on free men, regardless of color or con
dltloo."-Bonator Allen Iu tha United
Btatae Hen at", December 8, 11)7.
Blnce the auorem court auatalnod
every contention made by Attorney
General Hmytb In tha Ilartln cao, It
would ba lntrMtfuic to know Jf tha
Btat Journal will admit that Mr, Bmyth
la a competent public official,
Wa predict for Hon. Eugene Moore tha
same pleaaant trip that ban been mapped
out for Mr. Hartley, There are many
irtitliur aminos bf the wayaido, but with
a pilot like Attorney General Hmytb he
will ba landed safely at tne proper nar
bur. There la no doubt about It,
Laud Commiialoner J V. Wolfe la to
be congratulated upon hla remarkable
.buttles aa a collector, lie baa auo-
oeedad fo collecting f 1J0U.80 from Hon.
Jack MacCall. ei-reptiblloan eaudldate
for governor. Tha above amount paya
ona-half of the amount of Mr. Maouail a
debt to the atata for the ue of achool
Mr. Bryan baa returned from hla trip
to MmiIco, Tuesday evening the Travel
Imr Mun'a IJryan club tendered him a
magnificent reception and an elaborate
banquet. Many prominent tpeaker
were preaent and the event wo one of
the sreateat of the kind ever given in
thieclty, It waa a eplendld exfWieelon
of loyalty to Nebraaka'a moat famona
Secretary of tate, Hon. W. F. Porter
baa collested for fee and turned over to
the atata treasurer up to December 81,
- '07, f 4 100, more than twice the amount
the republican secretary of etate Jol A,
Piper collected during a full term of two
yeara. Mr. Weeaner, deputy of aecretary
of at at, eaya that the Indicationa are
that the fee for 1808 will exceed f 5000.
Thla la the fruit that one populist law la
bearing fur the taxpnyere of Nebraska
How do you like it?
The latest deuealon of tho auprome
court would seem to Indicate that At
torney General Bmy th knowa aometbiug
about criminal law. He baa proven him
eolf more than a match for Mr. Hartley
and hla army of attorney. It la quite
immaterial to the people of Nebruaka
whether Mr. Bmyth epelle hla name with
an "I" or a "y", or whether be parte
bla bair In tha middle or on tha aide but
tbey will fully appreciate hla untiring
. energy and faithful eervicein proaecut
lag defaulting public official,
Tha large attendant at the atata
teaeher'a naaoolaliou which met In Lin
cola laat week la to be accounted for
largely by the greatly luoraaaed amount
of tha achool apportionment. Thia
money waa promptly paid out by the
atate treaaurer to tha aavaral couutlee
la the atate, and tha achool trwaaurvre
ware able to pay tha taaoaere aalark
that ware due, TblalurnUhed the teach
er the ready money with which to pay
the el pen of tho trip to Lincoln,
Ilia tachr of the atata appreciate tha
enVWat and rompt work of Treasurer
llerv and Htal Huperlutaudeat
Kvary Nabraakaa baa raoa to f
proud ol the credit ol kl atata. It kaa
Iwaa W(iitdr(ully improved duriag tho
laat Jar, Laat mk rWralary 14 Blal
lloa, W, IM'ttrtat 1J ki floo ar
ran I for a quart? id a yvat'a aalary, la
the rWarity lavwtatoat auaipouy, ot
able Ikat famoaa tpul.l,a Lk.
taet Oomaor IU K. Mutira k ri
(Wat, for ot TV I'taa l rpaUMaa
oltlfiala rtaaM thatlha etata'e vrtlit
U Hvk twllvr ta ttutUt kaada Uaa
aadwr tka t4,atr4 4 rvpuMh-aaa K
I,WihMt tlottraor It, t ItkKtra buya
warraata aM-mltag l akat try are
wrla, Ladr rapablaaa admlaMialkiae
Im ai4 aUmt 0.1 tat the Jilr M
arraala, at Ike rv,at tlw ka la pay.
lag tiHI. Tt at a tha dullr Km tft
aawta kiad w) warraata, t'aa pa m tk
a(t if t'a tkaaga?
aiNa naara tlaiut oagkt to
aaHrt the HaaaHaa liada
Autk'aaa kave Ikirty atltliua dolUra
IttmWd tkr, Wall, U thai W guoJ UigW
Die laittj (ttataa ougkt to U aaaeaaj
IN) Inland kaaataaa Ike lrltke) Ufa
vt ft l' -t tav:t:J
Standlna uo for Nebraaka" la getting
to be quite expenalve to the publlo
oflloera of tha atate. Treaaurer Meaerve
very properly Inalate that ao long aa be
la In the market for the atate and will
pay par for atate wurrante, that publlo
offlcera ahould preaent their warranie to
him lor oHvnient Inatoad ot aulling warn
to brokera. Aa the brokera are olferlng
of one per cent premium, it will readily
be aeen that tha bualneaa of "etanding
op for Nebraaka" laaomewbatexpenaive.
Aa an Inatauce, laat week Governor Hoi
cumb received a warrant for 025, a
quarterly payment ol bia aalary. He
turned It over to State Treaaurer Mo
aerve for inveatmeut of the permuneut
achool fund, and received from the treaa
urer 025. If the governor bad dealred
to do ao, he could have aold tha warrant
to brokera at of one per cent premium,
In which caae be would have received
t020.00. or 14.00 more than he received
from the atate. In other worda, if the
governor ahould purauo the plan of eoll
Imr bia warranta to the hlgbeat bidder
In a vear'a time Inatcad of receiving
2,C00 for bla aalary, be would receive
fJ.51B.75. Under the preaent popullat
admlnlatrutlon the atate paya Ita 0011
gationaiu warranta that are "better
than gold." No atate can boaat of
credit better than Nebraaka'a.
Under republican adminfatrationa
rtubllo offtalula were com willed to aell
their warranta at 0 w r centdlaoount
Under a republican ad mhilat ration the
governor, iuatead of receiving f 2,600 a
year, really received only f 2,d50.
Quite a change In Nebraaka'a credit
How do you like It,
The American Prea aaaociatlon at
Omaha, Nebraaka, baa been aending out
earn pie abeet price liata of ready prepared
plate matter which it carrlea In atock,
Under the heading "Politico!, Induatrlal
Matter, etc.," the American Preaa aaao
ciatlon glvea the following liat of pagea
which tbey furniab and the chargea for
each page: ' i , V()
Diri.orrallc-ImuiJ od la two wka,la Ore-
faoDla'i l'rt luoad one In two wwk. Y.i
I ltd tif mmniior ol tb nation! ommltUe.
Ilrrlr- Prlaa . , . ,
l.aliof A una lortulifhllv. Edltid br Jo. It,
Iieb.nn, known In labor circli. In Urorlor.,
aunnd Cnrrurv-lMnll onm In tnr we,
In llrlr. &ul MUfl'MKIt KHKK OF
CIIAItOK by tb Mound (JarmnRjr Vommlttv
01 tin HWurin UIUO, M wniimi iri, nuw i ur
(it., t.
The New York goldbuga have thla
aound currency matter prepared and
Bent FRKE OF CHARGE to every paper
in tha United Statee that will uaa it.
Do you think that they are doing it
aolely In the Interlat of the working man?
Have tney no aelflah purpoae In their
mad tfforta to faaten the gold atnndard
upon the American people?
Matter published in the Inukpekdhnt
costs money.' It la not furnished free by
a Wall atreet corporation.
A IlKCOKOTO lie rKouuor,
TbeatateofNebraHkain all ita previ
oua history, baa never had ao able, con,
acientioua and fwarleae a treaaurer aa
the preaent popullat official in that po
altion. Hon, John D. Meaerve hue made
a record for himaulf aa treasurer that
any man would be proud of. He haa
kept every pledge that he made to the
people. Thia la not mere aaaertion. The
flgurea In tha treaeuror'a office and the
auditor'a olflne prove ita truth. Upon
taking the offloe, one of the ttrt tulnn
that Treaa. Meaerve waa com pel'"! to do,
waa to announce to the world the e norm
oua delalcatloua of hla predecMora in
ottioe. Huob anuouocementa and proof
ot iraud and stealing of atata fuuda
would, under ordinary circumatanea,
run tha atate'a credit down, down, al
moat to mro. Hut what waa the rault,
Traaaurar Meaorve took bold of theaitu
atlon with a Arm hand. Ha atated to
theholdore of th atate'a obligationa
that notwilhatanJing tha eoormoua da
(aloationa every dollar of the atata'a In
dlitHlutM would ba paid. Ha bgau
tha work ayatematially and proaacutad
It vigurouaiy, takiug no cuaura, but r
quiring aafa and kouaat dealing la every
Inatauoe, The flrt thing waa to Had
the exact amount of tha loaara which
the elate kad auatalaal and charg It
off from the rworda, la order that tha
(MHtka would enrrwetly ahow theeoa
dtlloa of the atata'a fluanev,
Ha lottnd:
LtMMm by lorntr a Inilaiatratloaa,
.T,04l.,n.V tla.ral fuad warrant
ailMpifopriaM IJtil.Hti o. a total
t. H73,!U!U0, IU vkargwd Itiaauiu,
akkk U Itkat to tk atata, 1 from the
bovka iato a eprle aatmat wka-a ka
deaijaat) a tket"aupa44 ai'etiuat,"
Ilatitti doaa tkia, ka brgaa to put a
brake mi the t4itra, and U !
tka Q avi yr eadiag Navaattwv SO,
I vT, ka ra;Mtr4 kir pay aat oat ol
the atal fuad tmljr H,i,tiM ,n,
kati la 0i,ttl? ttS kwa thaa waa
rakalrot lot pa awat bf tka fpbUa
tiaarr, to tka emHaJiag rwk
la Itul It la pioKf to atjpara aij
auk )UT M tka Nea that a Wi4t
it ak waa kM tkt yaara, In
aiiaraa tka aatoaat ol aiMMidUr aad
warraaU miiawraj kt gpt tka vU
yaara k tka twittar wwwte tkaa
Kit tka tva are a Waa tkara la ao ki
latita aaaloa. Tka eetl atviuat
tkrfkr ataaila aa Mki
IhOa-IUg. hy IWe,....H t,i,t3t M
iur-t.y r,n.w, i.oji.uMat
Halg to Ut pa j wa .,
"'r.l la
calla for outatanding, unpaid general
fund warranta. He kept no money On
band that waa not actually needed In
the tranaactlon of bualneaa. Dy ao do
ing, be baa reduced the Indebtedneae of
the atate uat about three quarteraofa
million dollara. The reductlona are dis
tributed aa followa:
Fund. Reduction.
Bonded debt... .....f 207,000.00
Floating debt (gen. fund) 4Bl,801.
Temporary Unlveralty...... 41,620.78
fVble minded 17,G27.o;j
Total reduction f 74B.015.fl4
Mr, Meaervo alao took charge of the
permanent achool fund of the atate.
Thia bad boon a fruitful vineyard for the
republican. Thla money bad been do
posited by preceding treaaurera lu favor
lie Lanka without charging but little In-
tereat, Tho greater part of tho Interest
that waa charged, waa pocketed by the
treaaurer or bla political frhmda. It
failed to get loto the achool fund to ba
divided among the achool children of the
atato, Mr, Meaerve changed all thla,
He Invented the permanent achool fund
In the beat maimer poaalble, Aa a reault
of hla wImo and careful inveatmonta, the
two achool apportion menta announced
and dlatributed by bim, have been great
er than any in the blatory of the atato.
The average amount of tha aohoolap
portionmoota for each year from 1 BOO
to 1B90 incluaive, waa 50O,2O0.28,
For 1807, It reached the enormous
aum of 1780,501.03. The natural effect
of auch management of the atate'a of
falra, waa to improve the atate'a credit.
The price of warranta in the open market
began to riae, and In the year have rlaen
fromaeven per cent diaoount to throe
quarter of one per cent premium. 1 0
day the atate'a paper la worth more than
Ita fuce In gold, It la better than the
"aoundoat currency." Honor to Treaa
urer John I). Meaerve,
The full text of the decree of autonomy
baa at laat been publiabed In thla ooun
try. '' That which we bad before eurmlaed
to be true of It la now aoen to be an un
questionable faot; it givea eoormoua
puwera to the Governor-General, Inaures
practically a balance of power to tho
aeventeen membora of the Upper Cham
ber who are to bo appointed by the Gov
eruor-Goneral, by muklngthom life mem
bar, while the other eighteen member
aro to be re-elected one-half every Ave
yeara at the leant, and oftener If it
pleaaee the Governor-General to dlaaolve
the Counoil. Without going into the
particular reatrlctlona of the decree,' it
may be aald gooerally that there are ao
many obatocloa to free leglalatiou on
the part of the propoeod Cubaa Parlia
ment that one can well understand 811
gasta'a frauk atatomcnt that the first
concern haa been "to affirm and
strengthen the bond of sovereignty,"
and to aee to It that "the central au
thority la lu no wiao leaaened or weak
ened." Apart from the limitations up
on free government contained In the Jlo
cree Iteult, it is to be noted that the do
creu la still to receive the approval of
the Bpaulah'Cortea, and that it Unot
absolutely certain that thla oppiovul
will be given. i Moreovur, there is no
guarautee whatever that the decree,
evon if ratified, may not be withdrawn
at any time In the future at the will of
the Ministry and the Cortes, All those
thinga conaidered, it la not remarkable
that the Cuban loadore look with sus
picion an 1 Incredulity upon tha whole
plan ol autonomy.
The report of the eelf-conatituted In-
dianapolia monetary commission oon
taina two important admissions first,
that tha United Blatra poesaeaad tha bl
metallio standard '.from 1702 dawn to
1B7S, and eecond, that the value ol e.l
ver did not decline until altar tha art ol
demonatliatloa, the ailvar dollar of 173
being commercially more valuable than
tha gold dollar.
Thia admUaionwhan eouplod with an
other tort that la (he world at large
front lo0 tollNia thera wae uo ap
preciable varlftUoutwiu tha coinage
and eomniareial value of gold and ailvar,
U vary euggrallva ol the ral eauae of the
Wiiae la tha value td ailvar tullniu a
Hiutar with gold, Vka etlwr waa
iiam.ttd at tkaMiiata it waa d-ak) ita
UrgMt aud uit mprtiut Uaa, aklU
th at plAWK aa addttioaal barda
oagold, Tka yliow aiatal waa la grtr
dmaad aad baa ator valuabl. Tha
wkila ntalal waa la is dcaiaad and uV
pmriaWd, Taa two tuatala, wkkk kad
aialaUial aa alwioat awvaryiag ratio
ki arty tfM ), lu draw
a-art. II It waa at IrnuiUtkia tka!
gait ra to tkUabrluaaia ditga,
akat wa II?
The Uaaaal ul Ike adiovat vi m1
aala't lrUaJ tt Ma'!iaai Mlkat
tkia Wfiiaiattaa ahal be iad,a Ty
aafl, wilk ta tMN,ar t i nf
Iim Ukia4 tkvtu, that k kta
amtaU at agaart4 at tka tmat oa
Ik a ti taa ttMltnl pt tot to tt?S,
gul a4 ailvvf wiilaaia ttalkt,
Tly a4 kaikiag aw, alkig WHlrad,
alyarlra t tk eadtllwaa wakk
ar4iag tt Ikva rHit praiatM tmat
t:u4 4 wa tv taTS, Tat U tUia
la at tka alaipate kataava k4naUltta
aa atwaatlallUla,
la tka awpaattMM ike eiM lt rwaiaa,
aakaaboaa aHoaala th Hky kl.
lata !, tkat atvty uttaJg toted
of tka t altd Mtataa la tv tk Matlkwa
silver dollara. Thla la the contract with
the bond holder. Thla la the law a It
stands upon the statute book of the
Unl tod States. The allver men object to
any change in the contract or the law.
If silver baa depreciated In value, It la
due to th machination of the bond
holders. Let thorn atand the consequence
of their own acta, and reap the reward
of their own conspiracy agulnat the poo
pie of the United Btatea.
Comparatively little attention has
been given to the recent troublea In the
Orient by the press ofjthla country, ex
cept aa 0 matter of news. Tha commer
cial effect of audi a violation of tb laws
of nation as la proposijd by tho great
powers In the case of China, baa scarcely
been mentioned. Hwiutor Teller of Col
orado, a man of wblo expcrlonca and
well versed In International law says in
un Interview Just published that tb op
orations now going on In the Orient
threatens our commercial Interest and
eventually the very txlatcuce of our nn
tiou. liusays!
"If thla dismemberment la penult led
our treaties with China will fall and wa
ahull have to deal nnnw with tlio pow
er who take possession of th ('hliiose
territory. Russia will get th biggest
slice and If she la not particularly a
competitor of oure now, alio will then be
come one.
"After tha dismemberment ba 00
ourrod we cunnot say to the govern
merit that have taken possession of
China that we have certain treaty rights,
They will reply that there is no China
and therefor no treaties, Hut that la
not tho worst of It. If thla dismember
ment occurs, th people of what la now
China will become the producer for the
whole world. A competitor In produc
tion ami tradewill b introduced against
which we or no other people can success
fully contend, The economic conditions
ol the whole world will bo changed,
"The people of China have a greater
power of production than any other like
number ol people in ine worn;, ah mcy
need la to ba aroused to th effort and
to have their effort properly directed,
Inspired by enterprise and energy of
Germany and Russia, tbey would pro
duce ao cheaply tliat uier wouio ue no
competition with them, Tho commerce
and wealth of other nations would
shrivel up, Russia with her dominion
extended over tho greater part of China,
would practically overrun theenrth,
"It Is against the Interest of nations,
perhaps even threatening to our tilvillxn
lion, to have China dlsmembored. It
would be hs destructive to Great Hrltiiln
as It would be to us, When Ids said
that the United Btales cannot Interfere,
it ahould bo understood what a failure
to Interfere will Involve, Tho dismem
berment of Chlm. moans the cutting off
of our commerce In the Orient and the
introduction of a competitor who will
deprive ns of tho commerce of the rest of
tho world and even supply our own peo
"We cannot permit thia without sink
lug to tho position of a third or fourth
rate nation, helnless.deirraded and with
out influence among tha nations of the
earth. We would have to submit to the
domination of an absolutism among the
nations; our own Institutions would
take on a decline and the civilization
represented by this government and the
KimlisU government would cease pro
griss. We would suffer mora than anv
other people. We have more involved
and would be more diroetly injured.
"His folly, then-fore, to Bay that we
ahould have nothing to any. It la our
duty to prevent thla dismemberment ol
t.'hlna, oa It 18 mat Ol tirons nrnum.
We should ioln with Great Rritain
In a notice to Russia and Germany that
the dismemberment of China will not be
permitted. 4)ven without Ureut Hrltain
we should give auch notice. Almost our
very exlatfnee aa a nation Is Involved.
W ahould have nothing more than a
more exlatonoa ahould we permit It."
It la plaluly the object of tha govern
miuta that are taking poaaeaaion of
China to levy tribute from the Chlneae
people. At preaent the Chinese govern
ment baa no bonded debt. Aa aoon as
It become a part of tha Kuropeao na
tioua It will be neovaaary for the Chlneae
to pay thair ahare, and probably mora
than their ahare, of tha lutareat, dabte,
and currant expenaee of the Kuropaan
powere. They will be dratted Into tha
Kuropaan armlee. If they do not tight
for their libartlea now, they will be com-
Mltd to fight uuder aoine other bauuar
lohalp tovnalav aoma Other people,
Thla nation, with Ha "vigoroue foreiiin
policy" look oa without a word
h'urutwaa nation violate our tratue
andenalav th kumau rac withla a
atouaa throw of our seaboard, without
ao uiut'h aa a proteat Iroiu thla enligkt
aatnl aatloa. Wkal eould Im etpevtml
(row auch aa adialaUtratloa In d-Uug
with atatlvr ao dtaiaat a China. A a
aalioa wa kat right that ahould I
rapl4. Our aiarvnaut ahould
IiIm-Ph) ta tkait tradiarf wilk all tka
world, Cuba and Ckiaa alik Urtaaay
ot Itaaata ut a ay vihat hatuta ekuuld aol
ba atlo4 to ilat liaalt, laau't ur
atarvkaat aad alt but trail war Hag la
th dual, a tkr kave doe by vaUriag
t kiua'a b'tl.
I'attiM Hroa-l lra 1 rwt-Vk
la l'iW.w-t'oU'a 'attoar-l'eia
m.f -("kaaa td Ik Ut of Uuvtrw
at Mmim tiut a4 lUrtU
!.ka Tkuraloa lu.uat4 l'watla
abk wlllaaa Uka4.
It w ektM l latit4 lt la'k
WoaM tt Mf oa alt l'allv
rtaa aal kow la rtit lhw..u We
trty W4ig agaiatt arvag,
NV kv Ua akal ta U t W-,
ol aWra larval avW Mat l ta
aal litadoelilaA Ik llm J. ft, IUa
JartMMt, ta a amk taa-W at II Oml a to,
IVUearavU tul tIH,V mH
kiml a- '-"-t
leaa than four or five million armed
aoldiera to resist them. If nothing else
will do them, we wilt defend the consti
tution aa we did In 1801 and 1865, and
there are men who will bring Mr, Uryan
and bia cohorta la aa prlaonera of war a
they did Jeffercon Davi then."-Frow
the Wilmington Morning New, October
2Utu, 1BUU.
' V
We have no sympathy with the people
wbo fight the authorities for letting the
prisoners work In our penitentiaries. If
one person in three thousand, that 1 the
proportion of prisoners, can throw all
the other out of work, tho many can
not no much, Indiana haa taken the
work away from her prlaonera and they
are now begging for work of some kind.
The men who set themselves to work are
not the oneu fighting tho system. Ills
the fellows who want to do the work for
wages for some other fellow who must
furnish the brain und capital. There Is
no possible way that prlsuneracuu affect
the wages of one laboring person in a
hundred, Werk on the farm, iu kitchen
and dairy, on railroad and slope, in tho
mines, in the olllcea and iu the profes
sions, all these classes are relieved more
or less from taxation by making the
prisoner work at something. We would
rather make the prisoner work und earn
their own living, rather than be com
pelled to earn our own living and their
too, Prisoners can and ahould bo made
to pay their own way,
It la reported that all the cotton fac
tories lu New Knglnnd ore about to
follow the Fall River factories In cutting
wages of their operators. Twelve per
cent is thoimht to be necessary or shut
up shoo, i iiat la what the working
people get from tho high protection
IJIiigloy phi.
What will th cotton worker of New
England do? They can't compete with
the nig of th south any easier than
they can with the pauper ot Europe
Like a poor, weak horse, they have
always had the long end of theevener
and the farmer have bad to pull at tbe
short end, New to make them pillion
an eveuer with the colored workmen of
the south la hard hearted neaa. To think
of making a flue-haired New Entrlandor
work on a level with people in the weat
and south I enough to turn tbe moon
to blood,
How pard it I for office bolder and
office seeker to favor economy. No
great difference a to what party tbey
belong, They are not willing that any
body's salary should be cut or the num
ber of nnrler clerks reduced. A reform
party has got to reform or go out of
business. 'J he Pack Pone of reform ia
economy, It la one of the ena',est thinga
In the world to spend another persou'a
money, The aalary I never too large or
tho work too small,
Tho seat of government is about to be
moved to Washington, The New York
Central railroad, the Lake Hliore, Michi
gan Central, Missonri Pacific, North
Western and Union Pacific have consoli
dated and located headquarters at Chi
cago. The Oregon Bhort Line, Central
Poeiflonnd Bouthern pacific are all to be
added. Thla combination will constitute
the government of tbe United Btatea of
America. There fa but one way to
checkmate thia anaconda, that ia to cut
bim in two at the middle by building a
government road from ISismark to Gal
veston. The territory between the Mia
alsslppl and tho Rookies are entitled to a
part of the river and harbor appropria
tiouaand we will take ours in railroads.
The supreme court will probably say
something about Hartley and Moore bo
fore the new judge take his seat. It
bus become a republican necessity, that
those two men go to the pen. If they
wriggle out of it, the republican party
ia flayed and quartered. On th other
hand, If those two men are behind the
bars, there will be a small fighting chance
for then) at next fall' eleutjon. W ex
pect there will be aoma small crawl out.
A banker will select a jury, sevan of
whom will be baukera who have bad
aoma of the muttou, aa waa the caae with
tbe Hill jury, and they will go clear,
No wonder John Thuratou Is disgusted
with hi oflic of aonntor. II could
ha? son luto McKlnlry'a cnbiuet for
four yeara or onto the I'nIM Hute
bench for life, only it would not do to
vacate hiaaeat In theaennte, The reason
for that la a pop would be put iu hla
place. Power In the eenate Is more
needed than oil tha throne or bench,
Fourteen of th nobl thing that
MeKinlay ha douaeinc the 4th of laat
Mart'h, ar th pardoning of lourta-n
bank wrwkar. Ot coura thaaa flu
kaired kuUI bug muat nt b kept abut
up. Tby ar th Peek lion ol th pnrly,
W know bow that i her la ,hrka.
Iluw aiilortuual br Mlir that lie.
kt lU-y wa ot pnxidoat at th lima be
wa ia priaou.
tl Lutkft Li A Ik.kliuh I laBH . ifccii.l.l I.
iMratad. tail Waluday aadaol elwtml
iainHoai, iiamiu aiiwiat low
ihI a thlug ta U Irua, II koa Ut.
It ko ta aa aiokrjr ia politer ka
aay tlftr Uta. Iltn for k ka ad
attrtit. II unl uiu ail) a run
miliittaa altl I ii II ka U i!!vi4
it ai l ua tk Mrktaky .liumir.
Una ka-l'y. A ailvar avaalut boat Oktu
at awl bad thing ta ks
TkUt b,if. i4 rhalar i!
hull llaauaul k 1 1 n ta ilia u,.i
4 oa J4, l, I k, i Ik .la,(i,i
ttMwtieg v4 k iar. It U k4 at
la, ta tka tUldl gotaf Kla4 ka ea'Nl y,
ll ta li.U.1 iKIb.1 IkKl II Bill La 0..1
Utt'X bWy oa eAetaat t! Ik a.
k-M, U ka kw avaiMuliJ
t , .. .
" i" i'v mm awaars mvmt
Ifaitt liliaai a lihHs II vumi t-t-
1Ui tiaral !( .( llhaui ad
Haal tial tlia nlOhUv tiaf
tattf alia luflkae I ha i.tnuiuii,...
i4 ai.'t'iluatiM , ik aalmaal euarvl i
ia iraa Ntit'pl imhmii, U
ta HiaaaMM da eut pm aa aa I ar
tkia liutinaaa It I tatttHtavtl lu laJua.
aatktirttwa nJ ataay aai a 4
1-4 Off...:
Now U the time
to buy Shoes,
We will sell you anything in
our immense atocK oi
Bhoea at
25 Per Cent Discount,
If Mr. Hanna hopea to aee through tho
scheme of those recalcitrant Ohio repub
lieaue bo will have to use something
better than tbe X-raise, He will have to
use D-ralae or M-ralso, Paltry X'
will not go in a case of tbi kind.
World Herald.
Tho national bankers are our moat
favored class of citizens; tbe govern
ment pay them Interest upon the bonds,
a good interest too, one that ia current
tho world over for auch securltlea, and
another interest ho receives from tbe
borrower of bia notes, which the gov
ernment give bim, American X Ray.
Gov. Holcomb is looked upon a one
of the best executive official In the
United Htates, and if the reform force
of Nebraska should persist in making
him the standard bearer for governor
again next fall, the treasury looter
would cringe and snarl, for victory
would be assured tho entire state ticket,
Ordinarily we are opposed to a third
term, but in this instance, we believe it
tbe display of good judgment to renom
inate all of tbe preaent atate official.
Western New.
Iowa for a long erle of year baa
been under republican control and
management. The official announce
ment, just out, abowa that Iowa will
have a deficit in thia year'a revenue, of
over f oOO.UOO. Nebraska i managed
by atate "lunatics." Its atato treasurer
has paid off during the last year, f 500,
000 of old republican debts, and at the
close of tbe preaent year It will have a
aurplu revenue of about $2,000,000.
It ia auch facta aa these that are de
pleting the rank a of the republican
party. ('lay County Patriot.
The devil once bargained for the soul
of a young man. The devil agreed to
furnish uli the money the young man
could spend, and if he did not speud It
aa fast aa it oame bia soul waa to be
tbe forfeit. For aeveral yeara tbe young
man manigod to keep ahead of the
game by the aid of wine, women and
fast horses, but finally the fiend sent
him a tremendous aum, which seemed
utterly impossible to get rid of, when
the young muu, aa a lust resort, started
a newspaper. At tbe eud of tbreo
months the devil began to growl, at
tho end of nine month be waa sad, and
at tho end of a year he owuod up dead
broke. Tbe paper went up, but a soul
waa saved. Custer County Chief,
Tllft .flllluMU nt ttlu iliutpint. nnnrf In
f .KIlPHjltiir nminr v. hin nr.laniil ir,n,l
jury to meet Feb. 7.
Prof. W. A
tha ae lino I Imp tha hliml VJ,.u.b
City, was in Lincoln attending the 8 late-
A mlUnr fYirn.ill It a tutnf .! fm k
eaat. He viaitad Washington, New Tork
eu . aa t a
sua ounnio. ne went to inquire Into
ma amuuiug oi insurance companlea.
call for general fund warranta from Noa.
8o,B6J iot,051, amouutiug to $27,
000. The call takea effect January 12.
TWO OUr loud of fflWldal lllt In nn,lk
5n,too iMiuuht for ll.ftoo, but th
Paiue A War M Clothing Bloru la the
plae to get vary gttod gooda at ouly
reaaouable priera.
Laat wtk, land eouimlaaloner J. V,
Wolla. aueiiMulu.1 l,... ai nn.i u
-----... H nw
from Hou. Jat k kiaelall, which iaone
ballot tha amouut tha ei-rvpublirao
caudKlatafor govaruor owe th atata
lot deliuqueal duaa lut achool laud Iwut.
a. Ha bad bera delioquiut aiui IUO.
Oil amiuut of tha ri that kit .l,..,l.
staadard vie hav arouawl t,a ra-
uui.t'a camp, Ktnrj (laga no-utly
latulvrvd kl rvaluuali,,u i.. 1'..,,!....
klt'kltlloV. II u uui.,1 II.. I ll..
prwldvut tloairvd bltit lu rtai hi tmai.
! k aatlrvlv avrwl abn,. -..1.1
alau.Urd vWw t.raa4 ia rWralary
- uwaaim,
Tkar k t kwtft tetralaaal tiliabJI
aittftig IkatUik M k atata audlut
omtBikaaw yr, W, t. rw
ru wmirii tain ieauftf dfpalv,
k4 lw ktaiU t.,u.i l.k ...I 1 vv
- - - , w " w , ,
.tMHiu, hit HM-rljr ttva l rank, ka Wa
MoavM.iM.r t. caaii irHaurvr,
la ptat4 J. J. ktetiaakaiM. wkuuka
lk4uilvkMk ta Ik laauiaav 4o
It, U. Tkoat4. ba a.U i,r,,iH
Hauu..m,ii,v l.laila city ttWla
' wt aad mp Ida aur (,,r
T J.ait. k fll.taaj t,f
la.Mil. iw.mij. ffv, jkl0
tl..Jtt,iaaitllm h-M WM t.
M alia i.i.iHMUIiua urn I ..I
an. i,t Mi. kim g.t ki ka.l ua th
l 'atla aa y, a. Ik Uat wop.t.
tlba k oaitHiMMt, U ,r
wi atataw La,, ( ,4
fal4 ky tk wty k t,,,
I di .l. Tkar ta oat r un
ral,nlk. IP,. , t IMk, fu ur.'t.luw auj
TiX M" d.'ltaf4. lW i.'tk