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    January 6, 1898
A Preventive of ratntly Jar.
With great tuct Floretm Hull Winter
1mm, in the .January Wonittti'i Home
Companion, bundle the subject ol lam
lly qnarreld under tho caption, "A house
livl(ldd ftKlllllHt Udell."
"Mont family quarrels are frlotional
dinturbnnoed that the oil of affection
would smooth out if wo but knew It.
And niont break between married poo
Jilo could bo koalod by tuno, If they
would but Rive time a chance. Hetween
a man ami woman once bound toother
by thid tlu there are momoriM potent
enough to draw mem loifeiuer inruiiKu
Kill's of dincord, if they have only been
churches and eolleurea to relieve hlra of
some of his riches. Oalvcotoa Indejien-
The croldhuiM muf make nil the fun
thy can of Attorney General Smytho
beoaiiHe he part hi hair In the middle
and Rpells Smith with a "jr." but they
can't dispel the fact that he id carrying
out bid campaign promise to me toner
namely, sending goldbug defaulter to
the pen as fan a the supremo court will
permit. rupillion liirum,
When it cost 125,000 to get elected to
congresd, f 100,000 to get elected to the
senate, 1,000,000 to got elected to the
presidency, II tlie poor nut wen inioriiieu
wise enough to be loyal to one another and progreddive workingman cannot dee
In the respect ol silence ad to what bn
longd to themselves. It dhould be in the
marring dervice, if it would do any
good, thid vow of (silence about ouch
other' faultd. The old formula, 'for
better, for worse, mean nothing to
modt who repeat It. Tliey mean In their
henrt not to put up with worse,
"Hut we have to put up with dome
thing wherever wo are iu the world, and
the iiodtloii Id, shall wo not do better
to stand by our choice iu life, like brnve
doldier loyal to color, and earn the
respect ol the world, rather than exhibit
the mldcrlwi our poor judgment has
brought upon ud, and gain only oppro
brium In conaeiitience? ror publicity
denoted trouble.'' Womutis Home Com
panion. The Impediment In the Way.
Whatever may be Mr. Wolcott future
relation to tho McKinley admlnidtra
tlon, hie effort to withdraw blttidell
from ltd support to the attitude of op
position will be attended with dlfilcuL
tie not fully understood by the avorugo
observer. , , ...
Jo cade of the change, Mr. Wolcott will
not be subject to the churge of inconsist
ency upon the financial Iddiie. He had
maintained (roin the Urst that he is a
blmetallidt an advocate ol the free coin
age of dllver at the ratio of 16 to 1
through an International agreement, if
poddible, but by Independent action if
neci-ddary. He Justified hid support of
McKinley by the Ht Lould platform, and
hie beilefln Mr. McKlnley's honest ac
ceptunce of Hi declaration for interna
tlonol bimetallism. Thud, dhould he
abandon McKinley on the ground that
effort for an International agreement
having fulled, he must now go to the
support of Independent bimetallidm, he
can successfully maintain hi own con
sistency throughout It all. The great
trouble with Mr. Wolcott will not be
that he Id chargeable with Inconsistency,
but that he will be open to the charge of
ingrutitudeupon a gigantic scale In hi
dealing with the president. The Uocky
Mountain News.
I'rcnlilxnt Working for Hanker
Prodldent McKinley recommend that
the ffoverument leiral tender note
r amen buck d I be retired and the banker
bo allowed to indue their bank uote in
tholr place. What 1 the purpode of
tbid? id bunk paper botter than gov
ernment money' 1 a bank stronger
and more reliable than the whole gov
eminent? Id thid the way to eetablidh
"confidence" and restore proderity7
Have the people more confidence Jn the
bank then they hove In tho govern-
t? If do. tlieti we dhould stop elect
ing presidents nud other officer and let
the bunk rim the wiiolu government 01
The h-iml tender noted ol the United
State nro the best money tho jtooplo
have. There id no legitimate reason why
they dhould be retired or impounded
and tho credit not' of the bnukd dub-
etitnted therefor. Don't let it bo done,
Tho I'uucudian.
that hi opportunities in thid country
are equal to the rich man, It must be
MWtttide no id "prejnniceu nguiiiss m
nob." Knox County Jlccoruer,
Cotton and Sliver.
Cottou manufacturing in Mexico Id
flouriehinir. but iu New England the
wage of 40,000 operative have been
cut 10 nor ceut because 01 poor uudiueds,
In Mexico tho condition of duccoM are
mndo uoddible because of the fre coin
aire of silver and tho premium 011 gold,
which serve h a barrier ugaiust iin
nort from irold couutried.
la discussing this qudtion the Mexican
Financier day: "Mexico' importation
of cotton cloth from ICttgluud during the
iiaet ten month have declined 7,802,000
. . (.
yttrtid, or iv per cent, coniradieu wun
Import lor the sain time lat yeur, and
in.iiort from the Foiled Htate have
decreased 1,531,133 yard, or 25 per
New mill are iiolmr ud In Mexico, and
thoee now in operation are reported to
U making from 40 to 00 per cent profit
on their product.
Another Important factor in the caus
ing ol poor budlnew (or the New Ftw
laud mill I the retaliation ol Cauada
for the I'iiiKley bill. A proof ol thl
utatemeiit, the following monthly record
ol export ol cotton good to Canada
iuca the enactment of th lUtigl-j law,
in eonipariaon with the eaine mouth
lal year, I igninout:
Kiiiatt ut ! tiuih t t'i'1 (jranUi:
. , M.t.?t. i.t
A M9 I'M'
, .tM imlj
tklutM (, ...
Tbk I not alt Fxporttl the r...
act of America rniua gundeta f laa
nmiitrtat Kcuerally kav largly Uim
tilt, the iM nl tee tariff lull,
The 1'itUbur i'tMhii that tor H-
it n.Ur ul ikloUr ut lbi jrear, unJr
the it"T land, lhtptirt amuimiml
to J,U;,n7, tta lor IU au tieth
diet ynnr, d 1 r the ili (arm, tv
ore I l.f.i r uvmt'.j a iiiiIhim d U
Ihu Ikeeult" ta.ltitrt U da'le a.
ti tu iui'Mm wtt-f, '!
iatiVf tariff .ieU ijkiU tula
H'U J l)mi a bile thegoUl etaaJaH
ib)ail J tral au !' -t
kaaii tMptvli,
ttti K'l4 IM fiat i. I J'll,Uli.lMMl,
an 'I lut IW I lraim al
lata i4 I I.Mdl.ldHi M.oath, r IMu
t xi a dajTi vt I i aour nr 1 1 i ;
Mlt.iauU, r 61 real ttrf '' l
Iimhi, Oai h4h. KttadaM a4
0a. a wtiWr the l t toe
Itohina Piles and Other Beotal
Trouble Easily Curod by a
New and Bare Method.
A Itemarkeble Number of Cure Made by
tha Pyramid 1'lle Cur.
About one pereon In every lour Buffer
Iroin ome form of rectal dldoado. The
modt common and annoying Id Itching
piled, Indicated by warmth, dllght moid-
' ' , . it . I I . 1 A-l. ...... I
turo, intend, unconiroiiaom iicumn iu
tho fiurt affoutod.
The udual treatment line boon dome
dliiinlH ointment or salve, which nm
time give temporary relief, but nothing
like a permanent cure can bo expected
Irom such euporuciai ireaiinenc.
Tim onlv tM.rinanont cure tor Itching
pile yet dldcovorod I the l'yramld File
Cure, not only lor iicning puod. out ior
every other form of pile, blind, blooding
or protruding, xue nri appiicanou
a-lve iiiMtant relief, and the continued
una for a dbort time caiido a -fiermanent
removal of the tumor or the dtnall pur
alte which cause the intemie itching
and didcomfort of Itching pile,
Manv tihvdlelan lor a long time up
podod that the remarkable relief afforded
by the l'yramld File Cure wa becaudo it
wa Ruppoeed to contain cocaine, opium
or elm liar drug, but Much id not the coee,
A recent careful auaiyei or mo remeay
bowed It to be abdolutoly Iroe Irom any
cocaine, opium, or In fact any polnonoud,
inliirlou uruur whatever.
For thl readon the l'yramld File Cure
1 probably the only pile cur exteiidi voly
recommended by phydicion, becaiid it
id o aafe, do prompt in the reiii.i auora
ed, and o far a known the only poel
tive cure lor pile except a eurglcul oKir
ation. In one year tho l'yramld File Cure ha
become tho bedt known, the enfedt and
modtexteneively eold ol any pile cure
before the public.
Nearly all druggidt now doll it at f0
cent and 1 1 per package,
Addrodthe Fyramid Co., Mardhall,
Mich., (or book on cauo and euro of
piled, and oIho hundredd of todliinoiiial
from all part ol the United Htate,
Jl diifferlnn from any form of pile aek
your druggidt lor a paeknge ol Fyramid
File Cure and try It tonight.
delected I'leanaotrlen.
'Not What Hhe Expected. -Young De
Merrltt Mln Winnie, there id a little
qufldlluu I have long been wanting to
ok you, but ovary time the word have
riwen to iny lip there hu been oiue
interrupllou. l)o you
MU Winulo Do not Lonltatt), Mr.
l)o Merritt George
Young Do iMerntt I wa going to
auk you, do you think a pujf dag ha
braliiH. HarjK'r'a
An Unfortunate Mistake. Hnvng
Ungtfd After all, it pay to bo perlite,
JiKiiwo Jagg Not alwuya. Tho
other day I wu nctiu' deaf and dumb,
ami when a man gave a dollur 1 day,
"Thank ye, lr," and ho hud me ar
rested. N. Y. Ileruld.
And lie Dyed, Too, Mr. Jouee
The newhpiiper tell of a imin who lost
bin wife, unil iu I.-m than two month
hid hair wan a white a duow.
Mr. Jone That' nothing o Tory
11 - a
woniierini. wnyi 1 know ui a grny
lieuded man who lost hi wife, and la
U time thaa that hi hair wan u
blaek a jet Fharmaceutlcal Kra.
Hi Kxpectationa, Old (rcue You
want to marry my daughter, ehT
WVIl, uhat are your pronpectt, young
limn ?
Young Knurve I hope to coiue iuto
a fortune oina tiay.
'Wlioao fortune f
"Your." lllrinlngham Leader,
Not a lUd-"What are you ktoriic
inv about, Juth?" iniuirt Mra.
Nothlnfr rtNtred Nr. (hugwater,
throwing hi hat tin the lounge,
"Nothlug, only I've nude a fool of
iiiyavlf Kifalnl That' hill I got a
thrvfivut pUi'a la change Mime where
IhU morning, and tlud pH vl It on a
ul var tHuiJm tor a littut m hlle ago
for a illiue and rhvatrd inynrlt out
of t -ut f-rno," be iHin-
tliittett, iuiHUrling hi Uae. "I yuva
- hum -If all right, amdittha,"
I IX Hjf.iTrlbua
Hmt Clover in Hie doulh.
Farmer' Hulletln 18; Until recent
ly It hn been thought that red clover
could not bo grown in the Southern
etato, but our experience ha been
that on suitable 1 jIN mid with proper
management it will grow fully tt well
here a In any of the Northern tatc,
and that, while It doc not taut a
long hero, It yield I heavier, and on
account of ltd more rapid growth, the
quality of buy I belter. In North
Carolina it ha Miicccriled well and bun
maintained a full tand lonKr than in
niot other m:tlon: while on the
nndy while doll of tho Florida utatlon
It turn done but little. At the IuU
luna gtuthm It hn made a vlgorou
growth, affording two large cutting
during the firt coon, but it noon mic
cumb to the encroachment of native
grae. At tho MIh1mh1ip1 dtatlon on
rich creek bottom and on black prairie
valid it him given excellent redtilt,
making 2 ton of buy tier acre In May,
another ton In June, and In favorable
Reason another ton in Heptembor,
though the ludt cutting ha been unre
liable on account of summer drouth
Where niioh yield can be made it I
one of the best crop whicn can , oe
grown, but there are many localities in
the South where it has not been rouna
profitable. It requires a soil which is
rich and in fairly aood condition to
secure a "catch" or the scea, ana on
many soil where it make a promis
ing start and yield two or three cut
tings it soon becomes overrun with the
native grasde and i choked out. or
dinarily it will not Day to grow it more
than two years on the same ground,
as by the end of that time it will have
done its best work in fertilizing the
soil, and the land will give better re
turns If the last crop of clover is
plowed under and the Held planted to
some other crop. A the plant pro
duce seed abundantly bore and are
not Infested with the Insects which
have recently done so much damage to
the crop In the Northern state, there
eems to be no reason why the seed
crop should not become of considerable
Ited clover is a universally recog
nized standard In estimating the values
of all other crops, when grown either
for hay or as a green manure, and we
have made special efforts to tet it on
as great a variety of soils as possible,
and do not hesitate to recommend it
for all rich soil which are in good me
chanical condition; but It is useless to
tow It on burren fields, or on rough
and poorly prepared lands of any kind.
It seems best suited for growth on al
luvial and black prairie soils, and hn
never been satisfactory on tmudy or
white llmo land. August sowings have
glvvn the best satisfaction, as the
plants from such sowings are sufficient
ly strong to keep down any growth of
wild grasses and weeds the next spring.
and will give a heavy cutting of hay
In May. If sown In February, tho
more common time, ino nrsi cuuing
will be principally of volunteer grasses,
but the clover will give two good cut-
tines later. Howing with oala iu Feb
ruary Is often successful, but the clov
er Is often injured by cutting the oats,
thus removing thn shade Just at the
beeinnlng of the hot weather. Sow 1
bushel of the seed to each 5 acre.
(a r tiMlat4) titer, tidar 4
uwattvaf Kiaa.aaaUaer grilQ
lt l.ttt tU lwteaee
Y ia oxt M' W 4ing tur U4.i."-I
Mt al Iba itw f 1 1 ( 1 1 (U taliirt
tu4 ly 11 . tiMiuuhi. I ut, iii
60 rMl i'l.U. k r-"W tvl mt WIlU gol4,
thu ly Ihd laiiul il. m.u. itMU ai i4
lUvr the g 1 I llxlf M lU.ulImt lit .
cbauta taiu '1 1 nu l i eiaMih'
wvttl f II I g 1I l ut.U4 11 t-u( l
and A u i a ill li ut U aai )
jrvaratr .l tUu iU U jay
lug tur ii U al the tai if t f
vrry bwiml tu h g.ivnutL
What l liui if i itr iattn ibu u
Itaavlall Mb.tditu if njually I t 4
kUoding, wblla tboM nf ki i vttt
ottlraittng le H ati4 tUir tar-
.i.... ... ... . . .
;.M.(t m ' M Hory fcnimtdk4Un lwki-ft'ilMt,
"ikktiM U al lb tat f aUut 4
Cr it a yt M ih lt II yti,
kl"M J.t. M kt eaJe f f
,.4 im aia w?ert-J-a
.uMiMMl am ,l
A M Intake,
Farmer frequently make the mUtake
of buying land adjoining and loading
thcnidolvc with a debt which burden
them all the best year of their lives,
aya Dratnago Journal. When the pur
chase wa made they had a few hun
dred dollar at command to make the
first payment, and from the day of the
purchase the deferred payment draw
Interest, and, like en eating moth,
night and day it draws upon the life
nd energy of those who burden them
selves In this way. If they had takea
the money with which they made the
first payment and applied ft In the 11 n
derdralnsge of the land which they
jwned, the result would have been far
more gratifying. Hy tile draining the
crop product could have been Incresed
from f0 to 100 per cent, which would
hav added much each year to their In
(, o that In a few year they
might have had th money In hand to
luiy h Und desired, and ft th same
ttm ben fre from the burden of
lebt, and In every way better off,
ttofii'lent Frrlllily,- lo a stat of na
ture fortuity I naturally maintained.
Plant that grow upon th soil die and
Way uiHHi It. Thus, thtM tinmen!
if fertility which bat U'u withdrawn
'rum th toll ty plant In their
ir.iatb ar rturbel Iu K by their
tth. la th pro of rcultur,
'V removing trp, take away a
pnuUIr ff lh element, yeir by
r. If thl l iMiiiimtu.l, ait I n.K'iiu
rr(uiuht ta th sll, la th toure
f tint It l-oiiir liiiti.mrf he l Th
! l-'jf I'tnt fo I tl'li Intel, sal
I iioiiii I choin -l la ra aiUUl
.mi er by ir, 11 pr.Vii a erup,
.. ihi la "ruH ut " In in1 way may
lunula lar t)itaailtW tf cut
Hieei ! f. rtlii'y, belsg delli!nt
Mr la , M 4i.ttrm th Utur
,r may Ht keep uki the fenllliy ( k
ttil f.r tn r tllU.,
ppircc ;-r- i5!
1 lMVjLwJ Get customers, but Js
Get customers, but
It's not so much how little vou vav as
how much you get for wnat you pay.
3e 1 3e eTet e A 2U 3$m$i'$mS$2m$Smt2$A2l!
GREAT 1-4 tO
Remnant Sale n
Dress Goods Oil
After an
immense sale of
Dress Goods
we have on hand
250 Remnants
In fancy and plain weave. In the most
modt dedlrublu shades, in length from ,
two to even yard. Thoo w intend
to clean out at onco, You can no doubt
gut some ol the
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square toe, patent tip, 11 to 'J. (ft 19
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toe, broken size, regular price (f f Art
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tip, needle toe, 'i to d, regular 01 ifj
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regular price f 1, to close out,
Ladle' and riImoh' rubber.,,,, 2 1 C
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;o
Fred Schmidt & Bro.,
w 921 0 Street, Opposite Postoffice, Lincoln, Nebraska
A as old pliyiielan rtirl trim pwtlm, ba4
plamrl In hie hand br en K-t Ik'IIu rnlnnliiii
nrj .lit formula for a elmple f-KlnMa rnmmff
fur lbiB'i aod pertn.inl. cure of ennwii . p
Hoe, eriiurhltle, eatarrd, aiiaiiia.asd all tbroal
aid luua altertatlona, alwo a poeltlte and radk
ral en re for rron. dljlli,r and all aerroai
oeiplalnta. llln twtwil IU wondwrlal (era.
pueera la thoan(U of town, and dMlrlai
to rtncTt hmew nff-rlne, I will eeud free ol
rharye to all alio wlah It, Oil reetpe, In Uernaa,
Kr.nrb or (iiiKliab, wltb lull dlrcetlnaa tor pra
pRrltiK end B.lim. Dent ti mull lit addreewloa
with m am p. namlue; Ihle paier, W. A. Moiia,
uio I'oaera illock, UocbeaUr, M. T,
Wyatt-Bullard Lumber Company,
Ofllce 20th and Iiard 8U. riione 478
Writ lor I'rloe.
OMAHA, tilt NEH.
Dr. Ketchum
Eye, Ear, Nio, Throat
and Catarrh ,
fMMlaelea Caretally rutea. All leea reaaoaabl
Offle 4th floor Itlchard Illoek, Unoolo
To Omaha, Chleavo and polnta In low
and llllboia, iheL'.MtiN I'ACinU in eoe
i.m'IIi.ii with th I'. A S. W. ty. .fl..ra
tie m erriea and th aatet lime
( all i f write to m lor timararda, rate
ts K. It. M iMMM.d
tlw. A .
Dalle ta Naa'MeaMeat,
Jua ldMk lUluwrie altllaae n leal aa
Ik. U'ktUr ul Nuteaab.. tf, W ( A. ,
a ) ul Ih. Hae ! I aallr eilr,Sci
lata- W'lw ul aua.UtMwei fur Ike
f il. m ae ia.l ae . iua a-liw
k i, aMia ailHi.l . Iluaaail la finn
i uh 4.i ll.i-ri. HV.Hlkli lkl
ful.if w ike awaiiaai a ul m
, ..a..wMf ai fu. viea, llai.k I, iMi,
al k iaMl al I w. kralle Mh I ui
., Im Utl nl... la Ik k.K'Uuf
Ik. 1 1. ka ..! kaek ul iau a kcli., !-.
.4 4 . a. a aa !! la Ike
ink 4i IJaif ua ., a. m
albaar k, luia liK
I laeli.
hy mit lull tr.ainit.iil ut 1 iirkiot. i'miui.h
fix kf, uu. MkIiI UaM', Iwy Iwwwt, kwra
or Ifmin truiti'le. I'mtmI . fwrfiwi a. y.ti
avwr wre, Wm maka nut own mllt'liu'.
ami you nan rlrn ar.-t txir well. Wa laaue
wrlt..'n ai.ara.i.N. will, full iura di.igle
lli.x t! Wtir ln"'l . .M'a I'Momnr
mum c:i
Kniiitlxnj eured lr Turkinb
Hrfmllla Cure, nf fatla.
rull lrtrnint wild miaimn
Urn, UV.IWi aiiiwle Uuiaa, HUM.
nih anil Krnm,on, dee
Mkntiok tiik Nkmkanka l.NiiKrK.MK.NT when writiiift to our admtiderd.
Kemoral of Mleaonrl T'anlflo City Tlcka
The Middouri 1'aciflo city ticket office
ha boon renioved to 102'J O street
When you are Roinx outb or eaat re
member that there are two laet train
daily Irom Lincoln to Kansas City and
8t. Loui via thl line.
49 Westminister 8t ProTidanoe R-1-
Wanli all klade ol Raw fara, Sklaa, Olaaaaa,
aaaera,ata. r ail prtoae vaaraBtaed, Carnal aa
lertloa. eoarteuae Iraaluiaal. luioiadlata ratnila
lanoe, Sbipplna Taaa, Hopaa, laraiabed Iraa.
Write lur latwel prlea elreaiara
Win, l.aaea, Alturnejr al l-w.
Ileal U ll iigri-Th klik prl.
f wheat la lluaari k Indael the
.iiil.i.r f til aHur a uiei ht
ihltif ( u4 turn ,,,,
'iB a roi'iruuu aa lui vt , at
i iellltt tt Ulelrea if tha bMir
tmateati th n i4 a ttttaitir ut
Kre smarter wheat a4 pa aaria
ta Ruri aian ut half a4 klf TVa
Mil, lh flla, Ufk te hfA.
IrrlialluK I epaUe, N It rt
Ken eroerl rlnra
kaMMturl ra-ll! ail? i-kl olflai
ka r.iiitnl trout lilOl O at rev, t
No. J tlatleat,
On'akit NewjM4nor la Kebrnkv
hi Omaha
ka kaa hi-
$4f:r year In idtance . , , . ,
akaetleitoea aill ka i.i i to. ae
mm, lal is a. ikf naa ka al k
tka kMke.a 4i.
riral Pub. Pee. ft, tr. l aat fab. J.a. ft, '.
KllaT. Noble, II. X. Noble, hie dm eameae.
kaoaa, Kaaar M, dbaa aad II. It. Shaw, kia
Srel name aiikauea, Variola U, I'aaaall aad II.
d. Halloa A Co., dafeailaala, 111 take eolira
Ikal wa ttw llai Oar ot ta.riur, lKI, Job a K,
iaia, pialati kaiaia, nl kla paiul.ia la Ike
d elrlrl eoarl ul l.aa'aalr e,ikMi, N. braala.
aeaia.l I arllua t' Marlajr, adwiauikral.M uf ike
alaUtif Jow k K. Maria, I0eraaaa,a Mar?
K. Uariar, kilaT. NuiHe, II, K, N)ie. kn '
aaaieaatauaa.raaarkl.dkaa, II. II. akaa,
k'e a aaai aakkuea, Vlraiaia M paeeeil.
Mxranr. k Aroa, llaarf l. Out, I'aal II,
klaria,! Uariar aa-t II. d. Halloa A
I w ilalaailaala, laa ui'l aad aaf ul ak. k
l hirw.uaa) a eartaia wuilaae. U4
aad 4.iir-J h Ike .a' I J.hmi k K, Ua.iar aad
Ua'f K Maflar, k a aila in lk It alma di.te
daalixa I uaieakf. aad I f a titieaMe luaaiOae.
aixia il' aaa aaad lu tk. plaiati. apua Ik. K.l
luaiaa Vat(,t nal ealat a lil la laa,
raalar .ai , k.h.aaka, I ul aawha.
kie ii, lakl.Nh ki..r hhi if , la II ' 'a'.
illiHolu to.,ii a.f .i.ola, la e'iaa
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lr Mk. Im. k.rika turn ul IHmiw ul Jx
aad k ',! Ut lait, nk tka t (
Ikarw.e ei f la Ik a laa Mkwaal a..ra
a., a i Ik.ioiuaiia k-J aJ tka laa ,.
tl aij ti ua aa .ilea-
alua uf Ik llaia "I vl wl ul aald krlaira. im
. Ik- tta uf IM aak, paiakla i
Hli4itHk( tb.a.fw al Ika
k era ka'd. aad lartk. Iul Ida a.
uf Ik aia la alj ta.l aaaaKuiuif .aea a. I
M eaat,a e tka aaua ud k'aa. iaaa It,
I tlt, urOM,wM li ... tw Ika .a,
I. a. I li.ia p a a el'k aawd dwwfk k V.'taf
l4 Ml , Mal t.i ka aa.a..(ll a lik'Ua
A I'u kttiaa ka.a l 'a la .aid laaaaal
a tka.k a atataka
I ke ta da aw.a aa'4 aad euif
aa, i M.aM wf i k.f a aa I ta piat latara.t
k.a hua 4al H ad tkalKb-.
aawiaf a aa aad laiaal fu. lata ka.4 kt
aiatati. ta .! kia eu.a IWa,
IMajail kta kxa aaa a tail Ika la
ua ai4 tuaa, !.. nuu. Ikaa lk
k'd al, riaea lie aka lai al piatai
1 iktaexl ka aaa a aad pateklu.
Ik. kt ! ei Ikal aad tae aiaf ka
ki..4. aad Ik. ftmrn'm-m a.a ka a4 tl.
l Iti i,,iii J Ma'ati tk.laoa, aad tkal
Ikaaa ul plaial I a ka takatuatad la Ika
eaa. aa- .iuw aukM M Ikal uf It, . Sa tua A
!' aad k. faaarai daital
Va. aid .k al l ae eeaaiMul ka tuiH
aad raMikaa, .a a aKa tke Mt d at Jaea
.laa Pake Ukk t.l 4kf WMatka. mt.
"u a- 1 a.
r alia It, St Alt'!,
Tho Now.
Union .
IS NOW Ol'I.f.
It rans on Van Buren St.. Directly
in front of the
Rock Island
and Pacific
1'aaaeniier errlrlnii la Chlengo caa, by
th new I'nloa Ovated lump, reai bauy
part of theeiiyj or. lor a nvnt far,
ran b taken liniiieiliitti-ly to any of the
large store in the down town dlatriet.
All l.'levte.l Train will atop at th
'lUtfk leiaad" Hiatinn, Traia fary
fiiiinila, Tbuiii'ilili.aran only b ol
iVrwl by th "OraAt took Iiland Boflta."
II yoa will aKud J wit dtantplor
itoaiai; w will mail jua at nut' a
bird' ey view ul i ItU aiiti, Juel laud in
five rtilora, aliii b alma yoa jdetwhat
oa want In kau about t lik'Mrfo and
the new Jjm'P and Llaln hjretem.
1 hie nntt ) tei alnitiM bate, Bethr jfuii
lira out nM hat ny and eia lormita
to It, nr ahelln r ;im Mti Iu I I ttleaga
aadiiaor your liWttile titlem'la
ntaktnn tri, Ad.irka Jua hsk
Tld, H. r. A., t hi aa.
What diwa il vnalttf l IhefaT Wlva
a4 abimMtta "f U kt kiiil4
tiaa take? k.fa ara Ik Hiia? Il.iw
iMUih kk Ikry priitlutanl? la rk
ilf.alilalf What wa" era paid? I
litiiiif iairet kat ar ua
vhaiiiva ul ' mkiii( a inkef"
I itplet aad a,iieta Uirr ribe ti
tk aUiik gtUib all) be IhMm I l lie
liuriiaaltta Uai'e "kJtia.lik K"l'Wr,"
ready lr diatntiHttoa, Hitaea
Hea il prat I U at iaturatalMa and at
ui tibial mp ul Alaaka aad Ik Kta
dke( rua at trlmtoa liuatn twl4
nftVa, I awal t ri'l id Itiar at la
eUotrehy J. I'raatla, ll' Paaaawtaf
it, Itarlialoa Itoal, tiaiaka, Setv
0l year Mflltf H f' 'A