The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, January 06, 1898, Image 1

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The Wealth Slakcrs and Lincoln Independent Consolidated.
' VOL. IX, . ' 'r- ,..' " . 1 . -r - 1 1 i '") 'I .win 1 111 1,1 1.,
Self Conititutad Commission Bends
Out Its Sonomt for Our
renoy Beform.
Create ft New Division In ths
Treaiury to Redeem All Ob
ligations In Quid.
Itstsll ! th Mnfcl Vtem.
Th self conatltutorl monetary com.
mission ba completed, and made pub
lie Its schema of currency reform. It Is
urv Htfiiiliiv to th dI aa proposed by
art fliitfo. The following in tbe
plan In detail;
I.-Metalllc currency and demand ob
1. The axlstinn void standard hall
be maintained; and to thi end the
atandard unit of value eball continue, as
now. to consist of 25.8 grain of gold
slue-tenth fine, or 23.22 grain of pure
ffi.irf mm now represented by one-tentu
pa.rt of tbe eagle. All obligation for
the payment of money eball be performed
in conformity to tbtf standard afore,
aaid; but tlil provision eball not bo
rimmiad to affect tbe present legal tender
M...u. .( ths silver coinage of tbe
United State, or of tbe paper currency
tiftvlntr the duality of legal tender, . All
obligation of tbe United State for tbe
nf mniiav now existing, or
hm-md ter entered Into, shall, unlesa other
Ua.tnrsssly provided, be deemed, and
beld to be payable In gold coin of tbe
United Htates a defined w tne iauuara
ftfnrasald. - ''
3, (In substance.) Gold coinage a
aT' No silver dollar ball be hereafter
Ci"5 and 0. (In substanc.) Coinage
and redemption of ubldiary and minor
coin a now, AMD UBDKMPTION
7 There eball be created a separate
divlelon in tbe treasury department, to
be known a the divlelon of issue and re
a nn tbe cbartte of an ae-
f the United State
I -ih tha advice and consent of
2 '.Im division hall becommlttei
nf ths treaeury department
pertaining to the leeoe and ademption
. .....kltlnnlay and tfl tllS SX-
JI II0M3S or iwrtiuo" ."""7, 7 , . ,,
Ji . " (n and this d v sloa shall
hv the custody of tbe guaranty and
redemption fund of the national ban,
and shall conduct all tbe operation of
' a. .1.. mn It notes, a nre-
ETtt u.rd to thi. division eball
be tranNlerred all gold coin held against
outstanding gold certificates, a II ver
i.i,i iintnit outetanding silver
cur ificate,all United State, note, held
against outstanding cur roncy cart ncates
..ii ii.ri dollars and silver bullion
hold agalot outstanding treasury note
" moo ...d nil Mubidlary and minor
coin needed lor tbe Issue and exchange
,.V...nh coin, and tbe fund deposited
with the treaeury for tbe liquidation ol
national bank note. All account re
hit g to the bueinee ol tbl. divUion
ebull be kept entirely apart and dietinct
from tho4oI tbe flecal department, ol
the treaeury; and fhe account, relating
to tbe national bank. hall be separate
and apart from all other accoun -.
0 A reeorfe ehatl be aaUblwhed in
thi dlvieion by the t. annfer to it by the
treaeurerotth. United State, from the
imieral fanda of the treaury o a
,.f ff(ild In coin, and bullion,
mol to 25 per rent of the aggregate
nSntof both the United State, notee
and treasury not. L.ued u;dr the act
I i..i. ii 185)0. out.taudlug, and a
, further uiu In gold equal to 5 !orce..t
1,1 the aggregate amouut of the eoinHo
! u? d, r, Thia rre ehal be
r iiMlda.ammn fund, ndeaolHy
1 for the rwlMiuptlon f u h note, and in
.' hunue fr 'M'h o-; and foriler,
i kd .ulmidiary and minor m..
A mx I, .1,-11 Imi ilm dulf ol theiMtcre.
t- irfltmurr to maintain tbe
' . i i .r in the dirUiion ol Uue and
..mptioa at uh eum a. hlle.ure
Ih, ovrtaia and Imm-l.ate mhmptiii
It .u oU and Uer dollare iireannll,
a4 lb t.rwrvtio 4 imbhe n
.h iiw; and lor puriHbe ehatl from
'."I ., a. a-ded. tran.W froia
.r:..n..r.l ftm l of Ihe twaeuritothe
..v.,:,,,. of Imu. and redmptiua any ruue Hot thrt" apl'"-
,;,Mld, and la a.lditioii th-reio he
r" thai Vm J u
5 Ut.r. intent aot eiee.Hluig 3
Kal.ieia 4M a theoplioa .l
ll iM nut- alWf oa I.Mr, and
!r! . .U ut all eah-e .ball U
imiu u dttWUia id liMtt a.4 r-
"1T.....U..M 1 r the i.urtHM. atonwald.
.T i,rlde iof aet teMiit.rr
a.'UI aete h way at a.f Uaieenet
13 IU laifd Ute (w rttart id he
Vii.M y .h.ll t aihU4, at liiad-
?"4U' ' . b.m mm alt dale. U I ha
i?wU t Uimt at rat
and to eell and dlepone ol tbe ame for
lawful money at the treasury depart
ment, and at tbe ub-treaurle and do.
Ignated depoiitorieiof tbe United Htate.
and at ucb poetotfloe a be may elect.
Aud ucb certmcate nau nave tne use
privilege and exemption provided In
tbe act to authorize tbe refunding of the
national debt, approved July H, 1870,
Whnnev.r monev i to be borrowed on
the credit of tbe United State, tbeeeo-
retary of the treaeury ball be author
lr,ed InHtead of iasulng tbe uaual form of
engraved bond, upon receiving lawful
money ol the united Htate inumoi
not le than f 50 In any single payment,
to cause a rooord of all euch payment
to be made In book to be kept for that
purpoee In Washington, and thereafter
from time to time, to pay to those o
regtHtered 01 such book Interest not
exceeding S per cent per annum In gold
coin, on tbe amount with which they
tdiftll asvera r stand credited on aucn
book In tbe same manner and at tbe
sume date a if theV were the holder
and owner of regwterod bond 01 tun
United States; and he shall also pay to
those so registered tbe principal sum
originally deposited, in gold coin, at tbe
date of maturity of sueli inscribed loan.
Hu ta b e arranuement naii oe maae
ut itch and every money order post-
ofllce In tbe United State for receiving
such payment Into the treasury on like
terms, a wen, a tor tne wanswr, on
propr4dentlflcatlon, of any Inscription
mi th. book In Washington, or of any
rmrfc thureof not lea than 150, No in-
teres t nau accrue or we pm n ini i
tlon which shall have been reduced be
. .. , .
low :.(). No charire of any kind shall
be mad by any department or ouioer 01
tbe government for any service in con
nation with the recelot or transmission
of tbe lawful money, nor In tbe transfer
of Inscription on tbe book at wan
ington. k
wiWKits or saw Division,
18. The division of iue and rederop
tloa eball on demand at Washington,
and at ucb sub-treaeurle of the United
State a th secretary of the treasury
may from time to time designate
(a) . Pay out gold coin for gold cor
tlftnuttM .
(b) 1'ay oat gold coin In redemption
of United State note or treasury note
tc) I'av out silver dollar for llvcir
certificate of any denomination,
id) Issue silver certificate, of donom
nation of 01, and ft5, in exchange
for silver dollar and for silver certitt-
mitaa In dunomfnatlon above 5.
(e) l'ay out gold coin in exchange
fur Milvsr dollar.
(f) l'ay out ellver dollar In exchange
for flro d coin, united taua noww or
trourv note.
ia I'av out United State note or
treasury note, not subject to Immediate
cancellation, la exchange lor goio coin,
(hi L'mt out and redeem subsidiary
and minor coin a provided by existing
(t) l'ay out United State note In ex
chanire for currency certificate. '
14. United Slate note or treasury
note once redeemed shall not be paid
ont again except for gold coin, unless
tour nhflJl be an accn mutation of ucb
nnts In the division of issue and redemp
tion which cannot then be caucelled un-
dnr tha nrovisionH of the ftCt. in which
Rtum ths sucratarv of tbe treasury shall
have authority, if In hi judgment that
course Is uecensary lor tne puniio wei
fiirn. to invent tbe same or any portion
thereof in bonds of the United States for
tha btmdit of the redemption fund; such
bonds to be held in the division of issue
and redemption, and not for any other
15. The secretary of the treasury
ihull ba Authorized to sell from time to
timo, at his discretion, any silver Duinon
In th division of issue and redemption;
and the proceeds in gold of such sales
mIim.1I ba nlaced to the amount of the
itold reserve in the division of issue and
1. The gold certificate and currency
iwrtiflnfltHs. shall, whenever presented
and paid or recuived in tne treasury, oe
ret red and not rwissuea.
IT. No Uuited Btates note or treas.
nrv note 01 invu 01 a uoiioiiuubvuju
I hum than tlO shall hereafter be issued
and silver c-rUtkates shall hereafter be
Issued or paid out only in denomination
ol ft, f 1, ana fa, ngaiusi suvrr uunom
hnld bv or dMiiositod la the treasury.
18, The assistant treosurer In charge
of thedivisiou of issue and redemption 1
shall, on demand, pay In gold com ail
Lulled mate 00 1. presnteii ior imy.
iimut, and a paid cancel the same up to
the amount of 50,000,0(10, After that
amount shall have ln puld and ran
tvilml. he shall theu, trom time to time,
eiiui-el such further amount of note, so
pttld as shall equal, but notioia, tne
iunrea ut national bank notes Issued
ubMunt to the taking sffeetuttb
protiud act.
1U. Hat the eud of Ave year next
alter the taking fft ol the pmpo-ni
aet any I'uiisd Slat, note, or treasury
lulri Mbalt be outstaudlug, a sum aol
tiwiliug uusttilb of smb outstanding shall I relimi aua eaawoi
iMM'h y.r thereafter; aud aim end ui
tea year alter the issag tl the pro
m4 aet of th 1 ailed State. Hut,
aud treasury aotsa tha outetaediua
sksll mhmm lu b h gal Ur all dbU pub.
lie asd private, eteept for dusa u th
t ailed Mats,
yo, Th. Mwrstery td th treasury,
may, ia hu diwretuia, Ira.sWr Iruui ear
plws la Ike gatal treur,f to
the dltWiua id Wax. aad rlMiptu aJ
I and riiatea at or treasury aot
waivkua aii (wa d U Uw
tally be eaaevtM aa.Wt Ike provMio. ul
tha proptHMnl ael M lky had la re
dwaUd aa pNNitatta; e4 aka ei
UaiMderreot the eaate ea.i) be eaaewM.
Ike ewretarf ul th treasury, la hw
rt(ba. ahsaefe thea at ay be I ailed
Kiaka aate t traaeary antra It lh
(tintial m III h.)
. -? m t I
Senator Allan Will b Oovrnd ny in
Wih of Lincoln Citism.
An aaaoclated pre dUpatch from
Waihlngton, D. C. ay that Benator
Allen i tomewbat worked up over a re
cent editorial In tbe Lincoln Journal re
garding the honesty of hi Intention to
glv the Capital city a new government
building, , v
"Tbe editorial in question," aaid Allen,
"wholly misrepresent roe, and 1 desire
to wit myaelf right with the Lincoln peo
ple. At no time, o far m I am con
corned, ba there ever been a doubt a to
the title of tbe property known a post
office square being veeted in tbe govern
ment. J wore tne dim wa imrouuiwu
aonroDrlatlnfit 1.000.000 for the build
ing 1 had an official of the treaury do.
mrtment examine tne title anu ne iuunu
t perfect o far a tbe government was
enucurmtd. What I have said and did
ay on the occasion in which I am ml-
nuoted bv the journal wa tnai 11 iv
bill Mhmild bmuitne a law then I would en
deavor to secure cession on the part of
tbe nrovernment of the south one-tpira
of tbe public aquare to tbe city of Lin
coin for a city hall or other purpose
which tbe city council might elect. 11
tbe people of Lincoln do not wanfc a new
public building and will o inform me, I
win urup an suurui nui vum,
Whjr the Jlank Felted,
All who know Mr. William M, Slngorly
of the Philadelphia Record, will regret
tb misfortune that bo overtaken him
and will sympathize with him in hi
business troubles. ,
While this I true, and while our own
sympathy goe out to him very trongly,
we cannot fail to remember that tbe ed
itor of tbe Hecord ba been a most vlo-
mit promoter of the gold standard. W
have no doubt that be I slocwre in hi
belief. This is demonstrated by the fact
that he deliberately preached in favor
of the gold standard, and at the same
time tried to carry on a productive In
dustry under It operation. 11 wa
president of a bank, and at the same
' . , J 111
lime owner 01 a papwr ana uuiu huh,
The securities of this mill, which were
gilt edged when he negotiated them, be
came a part of tbe asset of hi bank:
but under tb operation of tbe gold
tandard, money kept on growing
"sounder" than the products 01 hi mm.
At first tbe paper made by the mill could
be aold for io cent a pound, but th
price ba fallen to les than 1 cent.
Money has grown o much sounder than
tbe product of tbe mill that the latter
will not command one-ulth a much of
tbe former as it did when tbe securities
were taken up by the bank.
Naturally the depreciation of tbe pro
duct was followed by a depredation of
the securities, so that tbe bank, by
hitching it fortune to productive In
rinstrv has been drained down. It I a
grievous misfortune, but it Is only one of
tbe myriad object lesson wnicn ine ap
nrBciation of money under the gold
Htandard ha given the public ad oppor
tunity totudy, '
The day before the bank of which Mr.
Sinirerly was president, failed tbe Record
said editorially:
"Currency tn the united state is so
abundant that it cannot be loaned to
advantage. We are actually loaning the
gold balances due us on tbe sales ol ex
ported stuffs to European borrowers,
instead of bringing the gold to tbe Uni ted
State, because money brings a higher
rate of interest in Lotidan, Pari and
JJurlin than In ?ew Xork. Our paper
notes thus serve to keep gold out of tbi
eountrv. Another siirnlflcant proof of
the redundancy of our currency is the
rapid retirement of national bank notes.
Tbe voluntary retirement for the first
twenty day of fcmber have reached
tbe enm of 3.000.000. So largo an
amount has not been retired in any one
month during the last ten years,"
No man who believe in th gold etan
dard and has any knowletre ol the cer
tain result it I. sure to bring about will
permit bimsulf to be financially con
nected with any ordinary productive In
dustrv. That Kditor Sinnrly was both
sinw-re In his belief in the gold standard
and iirnoraut of it. eftvete, Is shown by
ths fact that ho ha. iiermitted hi. pulp
and naor mill to drag down a financial
institution that was otherwise In perfect
It Is a calamity that we are grieved to
record, but einee It ha owurred, the
Uit we can do Is to point anew the old
old moral that falliug priwa take
money out of the pMkt of the pc,pl.
ah 00 financial condition make, and un
make, prosperity la thi. country and In
alt other miuatriea.
We cannot have prosperity nub, pro-
ducrs cna get a lair prom lor titir eoin
tuodttl aud labor a lair return for It.
work. That l the fundamvulal law of
tfoiiumy. rM'iHtbiK'd by all atubat and
all autuorttl-e. VWa It U violated the
rrsult la what ia tbi country Io-
day, Atlanta I ouslitutlo.
MtKlt.te'. riasiwtel .
I difficult ta areoual lor th pr
ul position 01 nr. McMuiy oa in
a.arial question ka review hi
hmjiI ord va th vabKt. ai th
Soathera Witittry.
January VUtk, U, Mr, MrKlaUy
voted tor a raoltloa ofHwd by Saalr
iUnlsy Matheas, of Ohio, dwlsnog
thai all bond ol Ihe t'aiM HtaM ar
pavabte, iisvlpl aad lalvfwl, al lh
opltoa ut Ik goveraawat, la dvt dol
lar ouibieg gala ta d
staa lard edver, aad thai tit reatwre t
Waal tenWf la paymsat al aaid lada,
pt iaH(ml and Utsrsai, i aol la vlulalua
.1 - I . . I
mi, nnt.iiflniti tir. In d.rnimtlon of
ths rhrbts of the public creditor.
Tins resolution passed tne senate oy a
mil tt lit in ah und tha hnusu bv a I
ni 1 lit tn 7n MMiitiliv votdd voa.
T ... ... vw . , T I
Fsbrnarv 5. 1887. MoKlnley voted lor
tbe lilaud 10 to 1 free coinage of silvtr
get. -
iiVk.naBu r. 1 nit MntfinU vntiidfnr
Utfinir th bill and minat amend-
mntou the table. April B, 18o, ne
voted against! a bill to suspend the
coinage of silver under tbe lilaud act.
In 1884, at tbe republican national
convention, Mr. McKlnley reported tbe
platform which declared that "the re
publican party I in lavor of the use of
both silver and gold a money, ana con.
damn th policy of th democratic ad
ministration in it effort to demonetise
VII ? ei y
In 1890 Mr. McKlnley, a chairman of
11.1 nnrl manna ItomtTlittoUI. I
and btad.r of th Fifty-first congress,
earnestly advocated the passage of tbe
bullion purchasing act a the next best
thi 11 to free colnaire.
In Mav. 18U0. he said in th house:
"Men are poorest when everything is
lowest and cheapest measured by gold
forevsrvtbino; Is hlKhiwt and dearest
wbeo meusured by labor.
.Tuna 11. 1800. McKlnlev. In a speech
In tha houss of representative, old: "I
am In favor of the biirueet Use of silver
in the currency of tbe country. 1 would
not dishonor It: I would glv It credit
mid Iuhkii- with irnld."
It will be especially noted tnat Major
McKlnley voted for the free and unlimited
- . ... ,
colnnge of silver at tbe ratio of 10 to 1
oreciselv such ft measure a he now
miIn rmuv til VtO.
This record thouid be iiternny -pasieu
lu the bat" for ready reference by every
onf interested in public affair.
Tb Ttu Keynote of tb Orand Dam I
Oantlcn and Simplicity,
Bnth Aabmore, writing on "The Sim-
olicitv of the Grand Dams." in the Jan-
uary UMm noma journiti, asseruiuiaf
"a lady may stand behind th counter,
ba m 1st res in her own home, or busy
' -m tar ... .1
all day at a desk, but no matter what
and unconsciously she always impressH
,hM annnd hr with tha fit
her position In life is, sue never ewerves,
of her gentleues and her lmpllclty.
The lady gain her strength not from
riches, not from her high position, not
from great learning, butfroin good com
mon sense, Any one Of us may learn
this If she will take a sood model and
copy it.rjNo lady i fro and easy in her
manner, nne ooe nor, uowsvrr, no m
the other extreme and become etilted,
but she tend rather to quint nees and to
a slight reserve ,slnce, when abe take a !
friand. she propose to keep her, She
doe not become Intimate with you after
twenty-four hour' acquaintance, put
yon in the place of a confidante in forty-
a an acquftlntane, and then,
nnos you iBWfnwuusj, vr 11
caninanj ' way be ol use to you, ma p
r r : 1, .i..i.. .1,.
mil. you vj cuius Krouusii; iuuu mo,
and between you may grow up a friend
ship that may last through me, even
unto death.'' Ladiee Home Journal.
Commemorative of tb Molding of tb
Trans-Mississippi Exposition,'
For the third time in tbe history of
tbe nation, in recognition of tbe im-
portance of a brilliant enterprise Poet-
master General Gary ha decided to
order a eerie of sjweial postage stamps,
commemorative of tbe holding of tbe
Trans-Mississippi and International ex
position at Omaha in 1808. Tbe stamps
will lie tssuea in aenominauons 01 i-cmu,
2-cent, 5-cent, ll'-cutand fl, making
it possible for the public to use these
stamos on all outKolnii foreign a well
as domestic mail matter and packet of
merchandise. In tbe Lnited Htate.
there are 70,000 post ofllces, so that
tha widespread circulation of these
siial stamps, suggwstive of the Trans-
MissiMMlDUl anu inieriiHiiuiiM r.niiunuiuu
will t readily attained. The issue
hmds the exposition the prestige of gov
eminent recognition and upori.
it I
In issuing these sMH!ittl stamps
not deslgnud by the Postmaster General
to withdraw from sale the I'urrent sfrli
as was the case during tbe World's Pair.
Tlmwrli-s of siMM'Inl stumiis for the
Trans-MiMsippi and Intnruational Kx
iMMiiina will be supplied to any oftlc lu
the I'nitwl State, and every iKistmustor
III find an active demand for them
from the start, not only by stamp (Hil
(w tiirs, but by hundrsds of thousands
of isxiiil aho will prahr thein during
tbseinositloa is-riod in place ol the
rmrul.r series.
Third Assistant PuetniAater (Ivtieral
Mrritt, luvitce suggfetion. of eas. lor
Use ol tbe tauij, it beiug lh dasire of
ths tiostofflew authoriliu la give th
Tren s-MimmppI aad letsraattoual Pi
iHtaitiua th. aaadsoiuasi sr ul stanisi
ver Uuh la uutniowurale an tpu
PiaJl MtKiaiay rttnted la iiahj
alt4 in lataia uveal V essullam,
Th 'r.idvat abo saraiK th re
(unsibibiy fur the altsraaeM of hi Hoe.
Mary tl tb Treasury, ao Sid hi f
vtowiatk gold ! bfhia a.f ia
dtrwt I'kras, la It great dc for
1 1.. k..,t ul tka iiin.a ka kitl.ld aa .
... . . . r"i; .. , t, 1 1'i,.I.i.i th.m asbii
ails4taeellm r-pWsa.e tu
k wa lot IkteeaiUoaal MaietallMm,
tu pvttaiiten t aavweatea w
irold atandard to believe tnat ne agrisia
with Uim. Hi friend adroitly set a
wap in ui. yanj v, -
voters cou Id be cauifht both coming and
KolnoT. Tbe nartr nledsred itself to pro-
7 . ' .T " I ,..I,I.
mote an international oimeiaiuo earrw-
ment between the leading commercial
nation, and at the am time, agreed
thut until thi could be accomplished
th existing tcold atandard should be
maintained, Again thi aatlafled two
classee tbe gold standard men and
tlinMa ahn nil vruiiitnd tha Ortnt lllllntlon
of tbe present .tandard. The .xltlng
atandard la tbe double atandard of gold
and silver, both being A full legal teuder
Inpayment of all debt, puoiic ana
private. "Th existing gold standard"
I therefor a double-beaded phrase. To
tbe gold men it mean the gold stand
ard; to the silver men it may man the
xltlng atandard, which i not tbe gold
MtM.nda,rd. '
The gold power mad Mr. McKlnley
election possible by It money
it money, With
out this he would faav beeu defeated.
Th silver republican who voted for
him also mod hi election poible.
Without their vote be would have been
defeated, Th word of promise to the
blmetalllst has been kept to tbe ear,
but broken to tb hope, like tbe promise
made to Macbeth by tb wttcbe, Mr.
McKlnley appointed capable interna
tional bimetallic commissioner, and
they did their work well, It wa found
that they were doing It too wen, i ny
were apparently on tne v 01 success.
France enlisted in the cause, and tbe
lirltisb ministry seemed disposed to
keep their promise of tb year befor to
reopen tb Indian mint. At thi Junct
ure President McKlnley Interposed and
defeated International bimetallism.
This be d Id by b Is messaire to (Jongress
commending tbe report of tbe Indian-
sun lis (ion vnt ion. mac messakr was
equivalent to an announcement by the
I'rws dent that be was opposea to an in
ternational agreement, and that tb
commission he had appointed were over
doing their work. It forced tne wriusn
ministry either to abandon their own
good Intention or to appear a th
champion of bimetallism against the
government of th United State, My
th act 1' re dent MeHlnley oeciao
wh sh of two confl ctintr Pledires made
by him he would violate, aud which b
would lu q l ii eonid not erve two
". He decided
.. .,1 int,atinnui t,i
cause of International Pi
to betray tne
metallim and
to serv tb gold power, Silver Knight.
A Council Bluff Aldrmn ba Intro
duced an Ordinsnc for Tbst Purpose,
At tb regular meeting of tbe Council
Bluffs city council last week, Alderman
Casper introduced an ordinance amend
ing tb ordinance granting tb fran
ehise of tb Nebraska Tetepbon com-
puny and regulating it business, and
2 per month for each instrument placed
I u uii" """"" v-tr"
fof nftcn instrument used in private reel
Ljencea. The ordlnane was passed tc
I psjsed to
a second reading ana men reierrea w
the committe of ths wbol. Tner wa
nn discussion of it at last ninbt' meet-
imr. but Alderman Casper takes tha
ground that tbe present charge of 14
and 12.50 ar exborbitant.
Tha Stat Tournal Company Ma Been
Liberally Rewarded by Republican.
Tb legislative Investigating commit
tee have been investigating the printing
of the supreme court reports, tbe con
tract for which has been let for several
year to the Stat Journal Company.
Tbe expert who Investigated the matter
save that bi examination covered tbe
printing of supreme court report vol.
No. 20 to 47, Incluslv. Th overpay
ment on vols. 20 to 80 of l,228,0 wa
clearly a gift to tb Htate Journal Uo.,
the contractor, of that amount of
money over and abov the contract
price. Tn contract wa. to print muse
volumes for 110,250, aud that amount
was appropriated for the purpose, but
afur Duvlmr the whole amount of the
appropriation a warrant was drawn, on
another appropriation fori l.S'.'H.HO and
puld. On the contract for printing the
nsxt lof. VOIS, ui W . met wers miu
f 1,2:12.00 eioHM. by feusoa of charging
fur HHO pncr. more titan ths contract
rallKil for, la other words, the book
ahould have been tirintwd mih HUO
iait earh. but the work was SO done
as to Increase the number of pnam MHO.
whtiti ll is evident that the bouke could
have lawn printed o as to contain wnai
thsy d in HOO page. The ovna.
nisnt la vol., &H to 45 1 iscaslon by
usttlua la extra ps over and above
Miutr4 t to the amount of II.2I2-12&
and l.'.HJ ,ir hours time at no
Mats t 'tour lor "enrrtwiion.- a. iney
larniMlll. III. aoatrsA-l lie. ior una
u.. . it a a ,.t
book to MiataiM nut than UM) anr
uiiim lhaa tJ- pan, each, aad la every
saae thy nmasasd It wi a to get in
more lhaa l.(H) tslM charging
tr.HJ liar Vorwelioas." In earn
tain la tru. la vol. No. 4d and 47.
....... - - - - a
Ths Journal roinpauy aa raaoa pi
It ua fur It rpublieaabiii
All ear oikr a4 repair ul Ike
Nurlhsra Pantte ra're. had lo eabmll
lua letaly-lre r eal ! ia wag
lb. first d Jaaaary,
Prwl. II. F, lWie eaiarflatcud. Bt ol
Iks lasiiiatebr lb dual aad dumb at
liaiaha, at.da Ihtaufnesa pteaaal sail
ikia tnk. llrtNrtvnt.iea at in
, ttt eVUataarh and lh.
L.inMla (, th arktMd ar apMrvalty
llaslMale la tldld fttaditbi. The
is'u satiansa,
Sain of Btftt Warrant Held to
bn Embezzlement of '
No Appeal can bo TakenForty
Dayo Allowed for ft '
Attoraay Hmftk' Ualatea testolnad,
Th long drawn oat Hartley trial,
with It eontlnaanc and appeal, lent
an nd. Attorney Oeneral Smyth, rep
resenting tb state, ba been victorious
in every contention, and Ks-Treasnrar
Hartley must serv a sentence of twenty
years in tbe penitentiary for tnbmlme;
state fund. Tb anprem court ba af
firmed tbe judgment and sentenc of tb
lower court and a mandate will b went
in due tlrn to tb berlff of Dougfa
county directing blm 4o carry out tb
. t t a) it. it I ......... .4
t rom mi aecunoi tner i no appew,
Tb accussd ba a right, however, to
mov tb supreme court for a rehearing,
but a rehearing ar granted only for
good reason they ar allowed rarely.
Hartley wa tried and convicted before
Judge Hen S. Haker in Dongfa county,
that being tb county in which h dl
lumm of a tat warrant for wvi,nn.
Forty day ar allowed by rule of tb
auprero court In which to til motion
for a rehearing, ana a nianoat ordering
him taken to tb penitentiary will prob
ably not b issued before tb expiration
of that time.
Judg T, L, Norval, writing tb opin
ion of tb supreme court, overruled
every contention of Hartley' attorney.
Tbe opinion noma tnat tne v)ueu u-
tained Ui verdict, Th verdict wa
that Hartley bad embezzled 11(51,000 of
tate fund and aentence of twenty
irear and a fin In double tb amonnt
ouad by the Jury to bav been embezzled
wa Imposed, Tb disposition 01 tn
warrant for 1201,884 and by the draw
ing of a check I beld to be embezzlement
of "money," and in ft prosecution for
embezzlement tb court bold that when
one ba filled out bi term of offle
be cannot org a a defense that when
the embezzlement took place be was not
an officer d Jure, it being immaterial in
in such cose wnetnvr lie wan an omcer
dejnreor defaeto.
The opinion of Judge Norval I con
curred In by tb court.
Mr. Hartley! the first atat ofner
vr convicted of embezzlement in tb
Cotton Milt Operative May Refute to
Accept tb hw Seal.
Nkw HnoroKO, Ma., Jan, 3, Tb
weaver of tb city intend to make
tand no lea decisive than th splnnars,
and tb operator ar non tb lea In
favor of a firm resistance to tha pro
posed reduction of wages, and at th
same time a strike against the fining
system, which it wa proposed to fight
in March. A deputation ba been ap
pointed to go to Fall Itever for a con
ference with the Fall River officials. Thi
committee will endeavor to ecur lh
pledge of the Fall Hiver nnlon to atrlk
a soon as tha New Hedford begin, It
wa voted also to send out communi
cation to all center of tb tax til trad
In tb north soliciting financial support.
VAth KivRit, Mass., Jan. a. The new
wage scale, 11 ltf per cent below that of
tbe past three yeare, rent Into effect to
day In tbe mill of tbi city,
Worckstkh, Mass.. Jan. S. Reduc
tion lu wage took plan in several Wor
cester county factorie today, cotton
mill predominating.
PnoviPBKCR, II. I., Jan. a. Notice of
a reduction of wage, ww sent today to
tb cotton mills of theuoddard, Knigbta,
Llppttt aud those otierated by tbe
smaller corporation in this state, aud
have been posted or will u tomorrow,
The operatives will offer no resistance in
this state.
Msl.fcM, Mas,, Jan, a, 1 he .Naumkeag
steam cotton mills redmwd wage ten
sr ent today. About l.fjOO employe
are affected.
liiKsTKH. N. II., Jan. a. 0terative la
tbe Amiwksng corporation teican work
today on a 10 per cent reduction lu
Itiiiparoau, le., Jan. a. in repier
HI and I.acouia euUon mil today aa.
aouniwd a MuoUoa ia wag 4 ateu
1(1 per cwnt Jaaaary 17. lb two will
sut ploy 8,200 hands,
.kisTit, i., Ja. a. police wer
p.t a all theetittoa mill la Iewie
lua aad Auburn Unlay thai a garal ra-
duetloa la wage will ba made Jan. 17,
To art a els., durable, hot Bra urn
Thuih. Walnut Ittork etiai-lk boa
kveiwr'a lruad. II 5(1 dHverd, t"a
tervill. iium-h lual la, 1 v nwuia lata,
phone HU 7,
lloa. Wm, ftaiiy of Pr eallej at th
a.Wadal otllM Ihl wtk and re.
d hie suhariptiia. Th "atajor" la
oa td Is hum! ardent worker la Ik
party, tbi of his prelal grWvaaiMsi
hi that tNta w( Ik teipal al tittMwt r
siai la kwig repabiwas la gowd te"
ttos drawing large wkiarla lrot Ik
lafv ka tkf HUghtrewav thee nnl
nal fe-f f lag paleta tn tktr
I II. Ultevea thai l th v!etr Ulaag
1 1 iui-w ii-ji" w i ii
..A-m' - -
1 waw
him, tnumii