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    December 30, 18g7
T Wealth in some part of nature's bounty
plus the toil and skill of a human being.
Kature is the Hource of wealth, man is
the extractor, miuer and artificer. Who
vereujoyes wealth without the applica
tion of bin own iabor to nature's re
sourced in some socially useful exertion,
who obtains moro wealth than the value
of his own labor entitles him to, does so
by the application of the labor of others
and is thus stealing from others a
part of the results of their Industry .
Coming Nation.
II Dor- 11
.L.I W
According to tne report 01 we w,
tive Investigating committee, Dill
Kan unloaded thirteen suns upon the
appraiser at an estimated cost of f 1H7
which were the slate's property. This
would indicate that Morgan wus a big
on-of-a gun, but it also points unmis
takably to the monumental fraud perpe
trated by and with the connivance of
the appraisers. -Omaha I tee.
Home day there will be a Nebraska
legislature in session again und when
that time comes some agricultural tnein
bur should see to it that Nebraska has a
game law that will protect the quails
from the murderous lire 01 the shotgun
during full and winter. Nebraska Far
The World-Herald does not put on as
much style us the Dee, but its sting is
seriously felt by the former, and It gels
there just the same, Hastings Public
Prosperity has struck a lot more cor
orations, manufacturers, etc., etc., dur.
lug the past week and they have posted
notices of from a 10 to 80 per cent cut
In wages in consequence. nhelby Hun.
The latest reports from the Ohio con
test is to the effect that twelve republi
can members of the legislature have re
fused to be bound down to Marcus
1 1 Hii 11 a. Also that after the first ballot
Mr, llautia's chances will grow less upon
each ballot of ever returning to Wush
Ington as a member of the United K tales
senate. folk County Democrat.
The administration Is very much agi
tated at the deficit In the revenue.
Home wuy of taxing the poor will have
to be contrived, for the idea of an in
come tax cannot be tolerated, for taxes
on the rich are not apt to be constitu
tional, although taxes on the poor ure
Invariably ho. -York Democrat.
Republican out of power are In favor
of greenbacks, want bimetallism, de
mand iUban Independence and howl for
civil service. In office they laugh at
the people who put them there. This is
the party of Lincoln and llluine but it
is in the hands of Huchanan and Meve
Innd.-York Teller.
Astonishingly low prices fj
to reduce our "
$2 - $3 Hats. S
Denver Milliner, U
12210 St., Lincoln. i
The Trouble With It.
LAdy customer "I want to look at
some soras.
Pl.-L ..VT ...
v-ibih i oh, muuum; wnut uo vou
Lady customer "It's too comfort
able. Some one might sit down on it."
Tomniv'a View of It,
ni t r . - ......
urn iiev. Mr. vvugus "What are
vou going to bs when you grow up,
Al'lllllJJ' I
T . . i.ll -
luiuuiy do a preacher, 1 sue.
I'll Ilka In hn III. JU
Q 4- I " .w w.a, juu UL I.VIIUIII fcu
oiner peopie s business and get paid for
I It besides."
if r . . 50
You Cannot Afford
To be indifferent to the news of this store. Judging from
the amount of goods sold in the past two weeks, you would
think the goods were all sold, but we still have a large stock
and are offering
Two of a Kind.
He stole her slore,
For deep In love
He wsh, suit Imdly smlttcni
Hut. luter viewed,
Tho crime ho rued,
When he reoelvedthe ml I ton.
How Happened.
Jlnrry-Wera you ever hypnotized?
uiuth iniy OIK'e,
Harry Vlien was that?
Jack When 1 lent you five dollars.
At tlie I'lrst Illiieh.
JfirillllllV "How d van Ilka Dial
muter, Mr. Jiingsterr'
ningster (tlie new boari rl "T can
tell better, minium, after w liuve
Known eacli other longer-"
A lleslralile Location.
. .. . . .. . . , , .
liouso jiuiiui 1 auve iookoii over
that house which you reeonmendod so
highly and I find the walls damp, tho
Which you cannot
Afford to Pass.
Representative Joy of St. Louis has
presented the president with a piece of
the plank on which Henntor Thurston
stood us chairman of tho national re
publican convention at Ht. Louis when
lie announced the nomination of William
1'V.!'f.iul.lftit 'I.. Mill .....I Mr..,.. i us.
hours lii Washington the other diy, but hfttttteni half off, the drainage out of
ho did not leave his private car and not order, the cellar full of wafer and tba
a single senator or representative called roof leaky, Agent yes, sir; I know
1-4 to
1-2 Off
on him, although everybody knew 01
bis passing through the city.
After months of travel in a vain en
deavor to leave behind him tho memory
of his crime, Kred Morrisse, who em beg-
siiou f iiiu irom the firm of Hears, Iloo
busk &, Co., about a year ago. gave him
self unto the Hi. Louis police Wednes
day. Morrisse was a clerk b' the em
ploy of the Chicago concern. He was
sent out to purchase postage stamps,
and made way with the money. After
leaving Chicago the young man went
first to Jlarrisburg. Pa,, then to Dillo-
delphia, New York, London, 1'urisand
other European places. While In iierlin
he found that his money was giving out.
ins crime still Haunted him and he made
his way back to America.
The other day an old gentleman bv
the name of Heed, who resides at twenty
eight and T streets, fell lace down in the
snow at twenty-seventh and T streets
and lay there until found by two boys,
who picked him uo and conveyed him to
his residence. The old gentleman was
bruised up considerably by tho fall, lie
Is very feeble and uffucted with the palsy,
tho house Is in rather bad condition,
but think of it odVHiitttKs-there Isn't
a piano In that block! New York
"It has only been three- years," snld
tho Mllow lady with the' down-drawn
mouth, "since you ssld I was worth my
weight In gold."
"I must have meant," said (ha gen
tleman with tho stoop In his shoulders
and tho hand-me-down clothes, slightly
oiled at the pockets, s If by carry
ing home mackerel, "gold brlcks."-
Clnclnnatl Enquirer,
Cascareta stimulate liver, kldnevs and
bow!; nsver sicken, weaken or gripe.ioi
The concentration of wealth in tho
hands of a few by corrupt men is has
tening the day 01 retribution. J ho
plutes are determined to grind down
the poor still more, but there is a fire
smouldering that will burst out and con
sume the whole plute tribe some day
The rich robbers will yet cause another
rebellion. uurwell Lye,
Just another sample of the quality of
prosperity that Is now liolng dished up
as a side issue ol the beautiful "gold
tundurd" is an order posted by the
new iriftngememt of the union pacific,
notifying shopmen at Omaha and all
over the line, of a reduction in wuges
and short hours. The working days are
now four a week and seven hours a day.
This will make a difference of f 15,000 a
month in the ouy roll at Umalia. lloro
is McKinley-lJingley prosperity for your
whiskers. urnud lsluud Democrat.
The Journal criticises a Kansas pop
ulist editor because he "did not like the
president's messugeaud knew he would
not like it. If Mckinley wus truo to
the treasonable platform upon which he
was nominated, and carried out the
plutocratic policy of his party it would
be impossible for any other populist or
tree-born American patriot, of any
party, to like the cowurdly document
which recommends riveting the chains ol
nnaiiciul bondage a little tighter on
every wealth producer of this country.'
"I have just returned from a visit
east" said the old man, buttoning up
his long gray coat preparatory to start
lng for his own little vine and fig-tree a
few miles from town, "and I want to
say right here, these visits to the old
home alter an absence of twenty years
are a sore disappointment. They fail to
measure up to x-vttation, and the
stay of three moutlm pluuuod with such
precision and detail before starting can
easily be crowded Into the short spaos ol
two weeks, aud even this drags wearily.
Kvery thing and evfr; body have changed
until them is very little ol the original
reiiiaiiiiim. i'eople lutvs grown cold
aud liidiffxreut. They art weary aud
heavy laden with life's burdens, pr.
lilvled With the lusnilolj duties ol the
hour, and under It all tfts cheerful soul
i.l former duve In deeply buried Irom
bumsu eves. H old neighbor whom
you inr-! 1111 the Mml Uisiiiimm )otl
summarily lu leu uiiuulea aud says,
'welt 1 umt ba driving on, I'm In a deal
ol a hurry,' You eia-Ui perhaps to
visit with this one nlntis at lat mmk,
but h merely fbia some aurprtts. at
Mtiug juu on lbs old staniiiiug around
Ntfsiu, and 1111 kd by i littlsrhsuaa
Milk lmraed aga, ihu imparts Hi
herring it a a as whip up In twain,
"I'll you laUf.' hi It gu ail
inrou. Other etN-rktie ar ry
molar, t-ia'l yiatt the old old hums
uslll Mrt making up yur litihd t i Ika
dootw ol diapHuaiiiMul. I ev-r s.
tullf appmutwi tka , truth
cttiuH lu las words, 'there la an
place bka koma,' us unw, Uy a. kt's Ua
gotH4,"-(irwuwtHit llweord.
Interesting Experiments With the
New Stomach Remedy.
Net a I'tttent Medicine, but a Hafe Curs fur
all Komi of I iidl-ello'i.
The results o' rerwnt Investigation
have established, beyond question, the
great value of the new preparation for
Indigestion and stomach troubles; it is
composed of the digestive acids, pepsin,
bismuth, golden seal and eimiliar stom
achics, prepared in the form of 20 grain
lozenges, pleasant to the taste, conven
ient to carry when traveling, harmless
to the most delicate stomach, and prob
ably the safest, most effectual cure yet
discovered for indigestion, sour stomach,
loss of appetite aud flesh, nausea, sick
headaches, palpitation of heart,
and the many symptoms arising from
imperfect digestion of food. They cure
because they cause the food to be
promptly und thoroughly digested be
fore It has time to sour, ferment and
poison the blood and nervous system.
Over six thousaud beonle in the state
of Michigan alone in lH'Ji were cured ol
stomach troubles by Htuart's Dyspepsia
1 aoiets.
Full uizbiI packages may be found at
all druggists at 50c, or sent by mail on
receipt of price from Stuart Co.. .Mar
shall, Mich. Head for free book on stom
ach diseases.
Not a Tnierii'- miiilrr.
A story was told relating fo Scotch
hospitality, as explaining Scotland'
reputation as a drinking nation. Home
years ago a Hootch man residing In thi
Interior, who had accumulated a for
tune In America, paid a visit to his old
home, lief ore leaving a fellow coun
tryman asked him to take In Ms
pocket a notebook, and to maka a
note of every visit he made with an
observation as to whether or not b
was offered liquor. During a two
months' absence he paid ninety-two
visits In Scotland and was asked to
take liquor at eight-seven of the houses
be visited.
After an !
immense sale of i
Dress Goods '
we have on hand ,
over 1
250 Remnants' . . .
In fancy and plain weaves, In tho most
most desirable shades, in lengths from
two to seven yards. These we Intend
to clean out at once. Yon can uo doubt
get some of the
Greatest Bargains ever offered to
It will lie to your advuntago to call at
once and get tho first pick out of these
choice putteme.
Cloaks WI
Children's Wol
len Mittens.
Sample Line . .
Remnant Sale
Dress Goods
Odds and ends In Ladies'
Children's mid Men's
1-4 Off
Odd Lots of Corsets
1-2 price.
Duck Lined Coats
Ilegiilarprlfje 11,11.40, f 1.70, f 2.36 A 12.75
(QhAA Rarff'iit.c
A job lot of baby shoes, sixes 2, ft
and H, to close out onlv.,
in skin,
Child's kid, but Urn and lace, nolntsd
nu square roe, patent tip, r) to
1 1, reifwar
Misses kid. button, nolnfed and
..,.,,, ,,1
1-4 off
a a"" my
square toe. patent tl. 1 1 to J; f A
regular ttruv 1 1.25, this Week,, U u
isses' kid, button and lai,roin and
, patent tip,, to 2, Art
11.60, this week $1.60
regular A iff
r-reo cnmiat & m.,
921 0 Street, Opposite Postoffice, Lincoln, Nebraska
square toes,
regular urlce 1
' f Adhw' kid. button and loc. pointed
,1 toe, broken sles, regular prloe 1
fi,uv, in cmse out,,.,, A.,
Ladies' kid, button and Ince, patent
t It up, neeoie ioe, 2 to
I Z Vri( this week,,,,,,,
Mlses' A task as, 11 to 13, regular
y toe,to close out, only ,.,,....,
Ladies' Alaekns' 1 to fl, regular toe
, regular prlr f 1, to close out
Ladles' and misses' rubbers.,
I'snle 011 lli Iti'iii'lica,
A Maine Kcliooimuntrr utid with
stern empbasis, thi; other day: "I
saw the person who was whispering'
then. I am looking at that person
Dow. Will that per ""in urine before
the school without obliging me to call
Dames?" Two boys and our girls
stood up blush ingly. Tho master is
cross-eyed and wears glasses.
I llllll-f I-IIK.
The English t,-i! of Cinderella is
found In the Scrviiin luie of I'npniluga,
in the (icrman tale of Asclienpiittcl
and in the able of f,a Fontuinu about
the milkmaid and her pail. The
legend of I'.caiity and the Jii ast Is also
found in the myth of the Hindoo,
Greek and Aurseman. All of these
tales had a common origin in Central
T.ttn the Court Kneir 4bovl It,
One of tb worst breaks beard in the
court-room for many a day was that
mono by a bumptious attorney In Msad
villa, l'u., who declared that a certain
principle of law wa "so well known
that even your honor must be familiar
with It." Homo of the smiles which
greeted this assertion were distinctly
A iooil Dictionary for Two Ceiils,
A dictionary containing the definitions
ol 10,000 of the most useful and im
portant words in the English language,
is published tiy the Dr. Williams Medi
cine Co., Schenectady, N. Y. While it
contains some advertising, it is a com
plete dictionary, concise and correct.
in compiling tins book care has been
taken to omit none of those common
words whose spelling or exact use oc
casions at times a momentary difficulty,
even to well educated people. The main
aim has been to give as much useful
information as possible in a limited
si nice, with this in view, where uouri,
adjective and verb are all obviously
connected in meaning, usually one only
has been inserted. 1 he volume will thus
be found to contain the meaning ol very
many more words than It i'rofesss to
i plain.
To those who already have a diction
ary, this nook will commend itsll be
cause it is foumart, light and conven
ient; to those who linvs no dictionary
whatever, it will be invaluable. One mar
, , ... . '
oe secured ny w ruing tomeanovs con
cern, mentioning this paper, and enclos
ing a two-oeut stamp.
f Uf to-iM la S las
al uallH k Ike ana tw4 4nk lt tat
e , 1 1 )? s' ii !)
at !! il t - 4 eM tut t
I t ill Mtiiko ik w -
Sei a ts lrta f S'
4 is ati a.ia iwwk HMa it ausi
H l lk k mi . Ita,
sm rls 4 S-l
Una Take a l(lla.
k ...... ... I . I. . m. j .
n neii jijiuji.-u uu lue tenuer 01 a
Jrockton & Taunton electric street
ar In Massachusetts, and taking a
omfortahle position rodo to Taunton.
uie creuivii a nensaiiun on ner way
hrougu the city and many thought
he was deud. until the car stopped and
hey saw her get up, shake herself,
ml walk leisurely up the street, where
he was lost sight of almost I m ma
la tely.
ChrUtmaa la England.
I fancy an Lugllsli Christmas Is too
woll known to need much description.
English novels have described it fullv.
ana iuo tiignsn illustrated nais-ra at
Christmas tlino glvo a good idea of the
festivities, hvery 0110 who lias a ooun
try placn goes there for Cbristinaa.
Thi-ro is gi nerally a largo house party,
anil unucillK Slid SKUIIIIg Help 10 pass
the time. The houses and churches are
decorated M' i t It holly and gnx ns, ami
"mlNtlet'w bangs 011 the castluwall"
Tim tree is ulmoet as uulversitl an insti
tutioii in as in (Ji nimny, and
the evening Is given over to amusing
tna ciiiiiinn, who play blind man's
buff, simp ilrngoii and hldo aud k.
The proverbial l.'nglUh Christmas din-
tl.iP uluiilflitlii.l..ii m. .u . .. I - 1
n 1 pu'iuiiig. t.wrj sen r-iMs ting mik1I.Ii.
I I man gss to church u ChrUtiims morn
1 I lug, Hint lu eouiti e-.nntry mrliua th
J? I "waits" still slug their carols from
Tliesa Hire.
Ulggs I am a victim of faith, bona
. 1 .
ami courtly.
Iliggs Mow so?
U'KKS When I started in business
year at'O I bud bones that 1 should suc
ceed, but no one seemed to have faith
in me, and now I am an obiect of
I charity.
'TIs Then We ftmlle.
Home slrUilniip their hair st nlgbt
In pBier for a curl,
And other let It full hnmiiuI
Their Nhouliler In s whirl,
Htlll others lie It In n bnut-
At tlinin we Ait vnl miolT;
lint we snicker when we see the girl
Who simply tnkeslt off.
Mi . l toa I iJ, Ilk 4
. S, ia I tin h-1 ik, itM,
ttiMa (iwfe tu ,-...
W il fc,4 M NllalilttNt
ia . 4 1 M -an,..ij
M,-se' r U k ill !
una t -
L. II. SUTEJ?. Ncllfth. Neb.
t-i rti rui r r
ItoilMt to Iii.iimi uu ChrUtinas eva
lit other reas Js it Is kepi Very tlllleh
as Urn American ( lirUliuiia. Ilrliuk
Consul in t 'iiUewo TrilmiHtt
Del'lTtsoo)pH d4 lutokt T Lift
If yoa waat to quit tobaeco ali
Maily and fir, U m It wall, sirosg,
rnasusiis, full i, hw Id. asd vigor, tais
Nu-'t'iHa, tha wciadaraorkar,
Wiskawak aiaa strong. kiast aala
ia iHiuaiis ta ta itais. n. 4tHi ismi
furad, Hsy Nu-Ta-tlaiinardrsgiat
sdf uarasl. In tera, 00) or II taj.
Itouk il asd MMilla mailail Iraa.
Mlarlisf ltsma.1 lu, t keMgu or S ,
Value, l.
"Do VOU know tha valna nf an nnlK'
sked the jut'gs of an old darky who
ras 10 lis the next W linens.
"Yes. sah. I does. One ob desit vas.ii
lawyers dona gib me foah dollars foh
to swsar tosuffin. Pat's da valua of an
oath, foah dollars, sub."
Ks plaining Hie I torn.
i.neni ion fisve an Item la vonr
bill: "Adv. Jan. . M." That was
a Day liefore stained you.
lAwyer-I I ow It. Hut don't you
rauiemnar ins em 1 101a vou you a isii
tsr let Hie take the esse fur you7
1 neni 1 es.
lAwyer-Well, t IiuI'm advice.
I he Missouri I'aelfln olt v ticket offlet
has been removed Irom l!i0l O street ts
No. 10,1'JO street.
Ttbaod OHts., Lincoln, Nb.
Call and s us or writ lor low prist
Of. Ketchum "
Kye, Kar, Now, Throat
aiul Catarrh
(aUfM CarNllr ruM.
All t itaatisabMl
Tho Wolls Shoo Store
ton .Wtk Tsata Html,
(( 4ta floor Itakard lilork, Uoeola
r !- - - -.. .
To Osiska, Ckless-issdpolsUla Lias
And lUiMMis, Iks I . Ml IN I' At IHi.'iaH.e
ertu.a with Iks V, A N, W, Hy, t.Prt
Iks ll Srrvk asd Iks fast! ia
1 ail tl writs fci ius (or Urns tarda, rates
Its, K, l, tM ieoa,
AND BHOLHiHf rOftHfttf
ir nr ruU lrnU)ol ul TurklnS ;iul
Inrthim. Sltrlit Luwoa, lm.f rr
rllrain truMi.l. C'ur, u-rfuct tun
" m 1. W mk our own Biwie fux
awl r tmm nfun irHtlnf ll, w imh
rltln iruumiil with full xan. Ulngi
ii'ii timity mull. Umn' tnumikry
sypi:ilis C.1
Krai'teiM Kind hf TorH-li
HrM'll Cur. arr Mi,
rul I ir(inl wits traaren
Um.tUMt mania Hum,,
'ill ni1 mm,Oim,S
MgMTioi Tilt? NiciiUASKA liKi'gK0KT when writing to our advertisers.
Itemoval of MIstxiBrl raelfls City Tloka
The Missouri Pacific city ticket offloe
nas ooen removed to 105J'J O street
When you are going south or east re
member that there are two fast trains
auiiy irom Liincoln to Kansas City and
liuuis via mis une.
i L
49 Weitminiiter Bi t ProTldenoe. B I.
Wapta all kind of Raw fsrs, Mils. fllaea,
aDra,tta, fall prtM sorapUt Carafal et
lartlos, -Misrtaoos tratDiat, lianiMllats rmls
tanea, Sblipln Tm. Hoimw, larslsSsd Iras,
wnu lor laiMt prloa alrsslars
Win. Iiaaa, Attorney at Law,
rirat I'ub, IMS), tl, 'ST. I'sli. Jsa. . 'M.
KllaT. Nol.l., II. K. Nol.l. bis Brat samaaa
knuws. Ksssjr M. Hbsw sad II, II. Hhaw, bis
nrat mtiii atiksowa, vrsisa M, l)astt aul II,
S. Halloa A Co,, dfunaaia, will lata aollra
lhal oa III mat day of lit-roml-ar, lST, Johe K,
llavl. plaintiff baiula, flll bla iwUiIks In Hi
dialrlrltoart of l.nni-aalr oniitf, Nhria.
aeainal Carlloa V. Marlay, sdmislalrstor of iMa
lau ol JoMieb a, Marian, Ida-waaxlt. Mary
K. Maria , l.ila T. Moljla, II, K. Nuhi, bl Risi
earn aakaoas, Kaunjr M, Hliaw, II, II. shaa,
kia Sral aarn ankaoaa, Vlraiaia II. Iinaaxt,
riorsara n. arna, iivarjr K. aroa, Caul II
Marlar, Carllna C Warl.r asd U.S. Ilalloa A
Co, dofeadasta, lh oliMkaad iramful a hull
ar lu lorarliiM a varlala Mei'laa, aiarula l
a4 dhrd bf Hi ald Jn.k K. Maria asd
War K. Marlar, a ail, In Ik Haliuu Su
ItaaklH I tiatiian. asd fur a a'in lilr.
aliea dl aMal la ikaplaisiin, iiu Ik lid.
iowiua draol. rl aalai, l(d la l ee-
oaalvrMtsaif, Srliraala, l-aii IjiI an,lf
kin III, C 1,1. hS lr Ml if I, Is llmadam
addillns lii ISa l ol l,iaola, la wii'illii
eafwal ul 11a niaia sruMtianir n, dal-d
July liik. ISvi, l.irili m td II .) aa l Uu
l ill.i lat ll, auk Iha al,,
Ikria a.,v lu Iih laa laloraal ,,
.' Ikiinliiali kJ ! Ik la tuKwia atii.
aia.a n, mwwai ul aatq a
a u Ik 11
i 4, a aniDiaa 'iwinim
.ii 1 .1. atai lrik lu rur.aat Ik Saaaa
"I is ei- la aai.i laal Mta iai. aad
m aauainaji I a , 14 1, a'l, )ika
ii. a (laiaas a.i a iul.u Id la to
lia.l id O n n il I al'k aaid Jtuvek S Maoa
and WUrt I , Mac) i ia Mm, 11 a HWa
aiu ! --. laa-tunl I ,aid al-
a lk,.a a aoatak
Ik-ta Hi. ilaea Sula aal wla
at, lit ai d i J I U. wt ral lauiaal
ikarw.a r .) at a. aa l Ikali'ik-f
a4 aa aad llfl lata. kf
kiaiaoS, lu pua. k 'la- ll-a
ii.i i in n a.i .a katiaa Ik la
laai a i-l i.., !.. .,a Ikaa a !. Ik
pi biS d. af4 I aka ew"al id .iia.i.
ad ! l-l 1 aa da sad aai ak).
I fc iUal ! Ikai d . ,'ix.i- a at k
kift 4, aad s - k axd lta
I Ik aaal do elvanS k.,.,a, a4 iki
kaaan alaial ait b ak.i.ii.4 I k f,im ak-a vt tkat wl 14. s, Sa-i-aA
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