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December 30, 1897
la this Minna w will pcbtlih eommsalcatloaa
el a worthy aad en! table aharaeter, received
feast abeerlbers to tfcia papa. No ommool
aaMoa tbould eootela nor than M word,
Mywapt alWtaiwa. f
Mom tllitorjr Ijnin Coin Kettemptlon,
Editoh Inwei'Biihent.
Bin-Friend Uryant very properly
calta attention to what Inslguiflcant
questions the American peoplo have used
hi an Issue to organize political parties
upon, and some ol tlittin still seem dis
posed to rully 00 nothing. Tlie repub
lican go to the bullott box to the
jingle of the word "proU'ction." The
democrats are equnlly us enthusiastic
over a phrase pier, or ineunmgiean "
far as its economic application is eon
1 oerned "frre coinage." Jiut we nern;
not to expect to flud much difference iu
th Immiikk if the two old tmrtles for
there ha been no real difference for JIO
years. JJoth aimed to sorvs the money
ttower but in slightly different ways
Itut so far aa the tolling musses were
concerned thcro waa not a farthing dif
ference between them. At the present
time the republicans promise the mono y
power that the people shull produce
wealth and exchange It lor one mot Hi
ftrold) to liniiidute the Irulubt (mIim'mh hold
them by tlie same money power, while
the Name power Iimm absolule control of
the whole gold supply, ami can make 11
aa hard for the people to get it aa they
please. Thi power ia aupronio tlie
world around. Only starvation can
break their control of the price of what
the people produce and from that they
are to be Mild, Voter, what do you
think of a people who will vote that
they must pay their debfa in a material
owned and controlnd by the fullowa who
hold the debts. And then expect pros
perlty from audi pay merit I And what
do you think of a lot of fellows (mis.)
called statesman managing a nation ao
that it tnkea every dollar's worth of
wealth produced to pay the Interest on
the debta they owe and the indebtedness
Increasea thirteen millions In IU years
In my opinion no hell whs ever hot
enough for such villlans, lint their rns
ealllly Is no greater than the utter im
becility of the voter who supports them.
Our democratic brethren are a little
more on the compromise order, as is
usual with that party, and they protnisa
the money power that the toiling Kinases
hall make the same pnyimmts In two
metals (gold and sliver) but they too
are promising to make naymont in some
thing which the other fellows absolutely
own and control, both just as much as
they do one of them. The principle Is
the same in both cases. We are com
pelled iu both cases to pay in something
we have not got, and that the sover
eignty of our nation cannot produoe.
Ho fur as the Hhyloiks are concerned it
can make but small difference to them
as in either case all. It makes
no great difference to the tolling wealth
producer, aa either one means homeless
peasantry weighed down by'endlees debt
into the abyss of servitude. The foun
dation of money is the nation's sovereign
power, and both these parties debase
that sovereignity and violate the prin
ciple of money, With a money system
based on its rightful foundation, the
sbylocks are powerless and can exercise
no control over the people's wealth.
Hut with the coinago of gold and silver
with a "coin redemption" promise, the
dominion of the money power is abso
lute and the people are serfs.;
Ho you will notice that the record of
the two old luti lles ii still unbroken
both serving tlie money power, both
bound to accomplish the same result,
both promising that the people shall
make "bricks without straw." And the
people, what of them? Jl'oor fools. In
stead of burying both those untrust
worthy and traiterous organizations in
the same grave, and tnking their own,
they carry on a great pow-wow troedel
durn and treedle-dee. One party says
that the people shall be crucified on a
cross of gold, the other one says No!
The cross must be 10 parts silver to 1 of
gold, and the wooden hooded voters say
yes, we prefer to have the cross made of
two metals Instead of one, la It not
grand? And wise men look more wise
aud write books about bow much bet
ter it ia to have tho cross upon which
oasis to be nailed made of two metals
instead of one. And great campaigns
are fought over it. Verity, "what foola
these mortals be." And the man who
damns them both and refuses to be
crucified ou any kind ol a cross, he Is a
craxy crsnk and can't see how nice it
will be to have the olllces no matter if
the ieople do groan.
Hut populiets, Is it not rather disgust
lug to think that the men whoorgauixed
for frmlom dropd down Into the
wallow and took a hand in this Miy lock
prepared Inngleover metal unmet? And
do you fully comprehend the wide differ
ence Wlwa It and 1'opulism? The
"w lid eat" banking syatem was a prom
la ol "coin redemption and stole mil.
lions from the lampl lor the Hankers.
The Infamous ''credit elrwugtlutnlugarl"
was a promt of "wtin redemption" and
under its rover the government stole
;uo,tKH,(HH rt.m the aud gave
il to the money sharks.
Tb "jc rmumptioa act" aa an
other proitil ol 'txita redemption."
la under sut a promt as tan that our
people hate Um alitto! a hutttel
and propertjlwa pMipla. t'onttaunlly
aad forever patting the avail ibry pro
dur lata tb aorwrawd ia ul lb 'Vin
I'm I, m trienda, the ttxino-ratie pint,
(orai at t'hu-agti ritll ibia promt
tdvian retlemptktn," 1 1 end fcy
that prwmiM ami ol the abut aria
p4 ay Ik fvpahlsaa parly aad
.tml- It-ell l fvniiatM I boat. Aad lb
mIuImI par If at U I ha ballot twit
aadM4 lb "vr4tt alratba
l4 a l" proMtwK, lb rtt.iaiw tarv
ptoaoa, lb 'il.l eat" Uak aba, Kf
my lnads i'i4 u aaata
la alt.
kuyoa Ikiak tt illtrUtuaMala
N?r, Nis Nevvtl I t b aUadardul
IrMKiiini U aata tm4 a4 t Uri
Waainaai Jtanaa wbusx b
tba a b).Wa. ia a,t aarry tt, tb
trM4 kit Ural tim4 t a,a at ill Uaf
It alWt.
la Ik kriM t4 sy bii, 14
Ikat Iba i.Hir 1 ? bad a U
hlMlrt4 wl Mif a by kataol
g4 I atU prat 11. UtartMa will r.
MU ibat ia a W attlb
at lk aat, gulo. aad atitat dtMp
itmiad trvwi aV aad , aad p
larr Iba Ikat tb gumaM
tut vaaia4 tattaad ad aU Hl
pay three month's expenses." That
was SO venrs aco. Do you think that
they are less powerful now than then?
The same thing has been demonstrated
a dozen times in the last one hundred
years, but still our Bilver friends tell us
that il we elect them, we will have two
metals to j.ay with. We will, if sbylock
H(s fit to let us have them, but he will
only let us have enough to pay our In
terest, aud we never will have anything
to pay with until the nation does its
dutv and exercises Its sovereignty and
Immiihh a currency for its people.
Homo people may still lie found who
honestly thiuk that !coin redemption"
is a necessary nualiflcation of money.
will prove to you that such is not the
cuee. and bv our own history. Tho
greenback was issued as only a partial
monev. The Government herself dis
honoring it by refusing to roeive it for
custom's dues. 1 Ids was tlie money
power's scheme to give them a chance as
speculate and tliey old so relatively 10
coin depreciated the greenback. 80
when tho war was over, (in 180!)), they
had commies ones a solemn promise that
theee denreclutod iireciilmcks should be
redeemed in coin. -Now if coin redernp'
tlon Is necessary to maintain money,
they would have immediately advanced
to par with coin, but they did not, and
not until ten years alter um uieyreuuu
that point. Aud what was It which
brouurht them ud to imr with coin? On
Jan. 1, 1M7W, we were to resume specie
payment, but wlien tlint dny arrived, ic
was discovered that Hhylock still had
tho coin and we could not resume with
it any more than we could light the war
Willi it. Ho to save the nation iram fi
nancial dishonor, Becrutnry John Hher
man. ordered t he customs officers to re
ceive greenbacks for customs and on the
issue of that order, they stood pur Willi
coin. 1 don't expect that, u hide-bound
block head will see anything iu this, but
the man who Is looking for the truth,
will understand that tho only essential
qualifications of money are full legal-
tender power and fully receiveafolu by
tho Government that issuea it, and that
"coin redumption" cuts no fliruro. and Is
but a vllo scheme to steal beneath.
J I. 0. HtkwsIit.
Ona Parson In Every Four Suffers From
About one person in every four Buffers
from some form of rectal disoase. The
most common and annoying ia Itching
piles, indicated by warmth, slight moist
ure. and intenso, uncontrollable itching
n the parts affected.
The usual treatment has been some
simple ointment or salve which some
times give temporary relief, but nothing
like a pormnncrit cure can be expected
from such superficial treatment.
1 lie only permanent cure lor Itching
piles yet discovered is the 1'yramid I'ilo
Cure, not ouly for Itching (tiles, but for
every other form of piles, blind, bleeding,
or protruding. The first application
uives instunt relief, and the continued
use for a short time causes a permanent
removal of the tumors or the small par
asites which cause the Intense itching
und discomfort of itching piles.
Alnny Physicians lor a lorm time sun-
posed that the remarkable relief afforded
by the 1'yramid 1'ile Cure was because it
was supposed to contuln cocaine, opium
or similiar drugB, but such is not the
cuse. A recent careful analysis of the
remedy showed it to be absolutely free
from any cocaine, opium, or in fact any
poisonous, injurious drugs whatever.
Hold by druggists at 00 cents per pack
age. Kend to Pyramid Co.. Marshall. Mich..
for free book on cause and cure of piles.
Tlie I'ranltlitnt'a Mamma
lu reading the present's message 1
got so disgusted that I threw it into
the Are because I have never before read
a document which was such an affront
and disgrace to a country. The author
of this trash must really believe that
this is a nation composed of a mass of
idiots who don't know anything nbout
ioulionable rights ol mou, political,
economic and duties ol government.
The great philanthropist, McKlnley,
before the election, in the sweetest
and most flattering words, declared
himself as the best and uoalterable
friend of the farmers, laborers, and of
the destitutes. He said if elected he
would flrat of all use all his power to
Improve the conditions ct the farmers,
laborers and deatitulea by creating a
demand lor nil our products, starting
the Area aad the amoks ol our lactone
thereby creating for every mau aa op
portuuity to work at renumerative
wage, which would produce a neutral
proierity aud happineaa for all. Now
a this pioua gentleman ha had a
chance, aud aa his otllclal duties really
demaad that h redeem his pledge to
hi so wall beloved frteuUs, It muat bay
torgottwa every thing about It. la th
whole nieaeag you rasaot flud a aingl
word about tb moat prvcaing ol all
quaatious no! only ia thi country but
la every milt! slat ia th world
namely, the labor queatioa.
ibibllatttbrolitaL McKinlev. aevar
did rvad anythiag about tnaltabl
righte ol ma lor Ida, hUftr and pur
autt ol kapplu, that paopl ur4 aoio
mh lor lb au ! ol life, aad Ibat
gotrrauwat ara tnalimtd of anuria
Ibva r'ahte, aal thai a la aioaarva-Ultlalt-a
I tie govaraaiaata pru ul lor
lb uVelituta.
Hi autivina kward that aa
iaaatiahl altiiua vlaaant aoot4 a
IhiI t'U autail V4tttra awa, lariwf,
aad UlHtrara uut ol Iba trait ol lbtr
kard UUtra, bby etwatia gxavrad
bkraplfy aad aar abrhi aollioaa
td bosaat, iad4lfHaa aa are Ibroaa
oa Ik slrael, chaavd Iroat hm May a
aaolbrf bf d' aad inlwm aad il b
4m Sol ssov qaak aaoagb Ikat ae ab
4ia hk wiM bwtiau M ail tbtaMr.
Vlktly Me kr4 aatlbt4, aad It
ka Ut I k u ba d t ear lf il, a k
la wot lb imwf tl kta Mot bar. lata
viajMa il-Hi't ran l tkoaaad l
laMiU aa ara ) a !, tbtta
aada kk-W4 Ibrosfa arahnl aad tb la
aaliatti grl v4 oar aWUa vm tail'
road, laiwattal ah la aaa trap, w
II iaavt atria aajoaildroa. ara aba I
aM tiaMi la SmiiIi ia iiag akpa.
kU ka dw aad kaa ia rare Kk t )ra
lc the mom Ma a ktr4 aa a
aariaat Mart Haaaa aad it
tkat It is kta oaty ilsty la wai w tka
Rothschilds and this duty he performs
to the full satisfaction of his boss. Al
ready he sold to him the I'acinorail
road, thereby selling soul and body of
the people ol the west to tins naDoo as
this road is the bread of life and the key
to the great west and who ever owns
this key is the absolute ruler of this
flrainerv of the world. With this sale
the government lost its last control over
the road.
To further please his boss Mr. McKIn
loy recommends striking from our cur
rency l'JOO.000.000 non-Interest, bear
ing money and replacing it with interest
buuringgotd bonds and usurer's proflt
bearing batik notes, it is not enougn
(hat this people has already to pay
every day of the year f 1,5)00,000 Inter
ests to Unglisli money sharks. We have
to add about f 35,000,000 more interest
to it.
In looking over the natural resources
of this country, Mr. McKlnley has found
out that land, forests, mines, factories,
railroads, telegraphs, telephones In foct
all and everything is sold und owned or
at leaet mortgaged for all they are
really worth to Knglieh capitalists, ex
cept 25,001,501 acres of land in the In
diun territory which is the last reiuge of
tho original Inhabitants of this country,
to which place they were chased from one
place to the other until they could not
move any further, when this territory
was grunted to them by the United
Htutes forever for their support. This
land Is the common property of the In
dians, and can never be divided up, but
Mr. McKlnley is ufruid that an Indian
aristocracy will be established and the
common Indians will not get the full en
joyment of the common property, there
fore It will be necoHsury to make this
land tributary to the Lnglish nobility
It is remarkable that Mr. McKlnley is
so anxious to secure to every Indian
his full share of the common property,
but that ho never thinks to secure to
tho common pooplo of this country their
full share of the luud in this country
the inheritance of all men, but now
owned by a Hcully, Lady Coats, etc., in
England, who never had a foot In this
country and never spent a cent for its
The time has arrived in this country
which the wise und fur-seoing Patrick
Henry described in his protest against
the adoption ol the constitution when
be said:
"If we make a king we may prescribe
the rules by which he shall rule bis peo
ple and interpose such checks as shall
prevent them from Iniringing them.
Every death which is caused from want
of food or fuel, is a murder which cries
to heaven, accusing government, Sen
ate, congress, supreme court and clergy
of criminal neglect of their duty.
The stomach 01 starving people will
not become satiated by your making
long fuces, singing psalms, reading bible
vorses and babbling nonsense in cong
ress. All that must be said for solving
the labor nuimtion can be expressed with
a dozen words, dive them shelter, food,
clothes and fuel.
There Is only one way to do this.
You must take these necessities from
those who have a superfluity of them
and give them to the destitutes. If
those who have a superfluity of the
necessities of lite will not give thorn
voluntarily to the destitutes, then the
state must take it by force.
Necessity knows no law, and the poor
man has a right to his neighbor's bread.
Issuing interest bearing gold bonds and
ncronsing taxes on sugar, coff-m, tea.
beer tobacco and everything that wo
must eat, drink and use will bring no re
lict to tho common people. The main
duty of the government is now to create
sucli conditions that every person in
this luud can acquire everything that is
necessary for tho sustenance of life.
This must be done at once, without re
gard to coHts. Not a single person
should die from want of food or fuel.
The time of talking common sense and
acting accordingly, like intelligent men,
has now arrived.
Fkep SniwEiZEit.
IT IS IlETTEIt to take Hood's Sar-
saparilla thnn to experiment with un-
nown and untried preperations. we
now Hood's Kursuourilla actually and
permanently cures.
HOODS TILLS act easily and prompt
ly on the liver and bowels. Cure sick
llryant Anawera Hand.
Iditoii Imiki'Kniikmt:
Haktinoton, Neb., Dec. 23, 1897.
In your iseue of the 23d Inst, appears
a letter from V. L. Hand, of Kearney.
The writer refers to my letter la your
issue oi tneiutn and asks me a ques
tion. Now, 1 am a very busy man. and
have little practically no time to de
bat a political disputation.
UUt til gautloiiiftu S question is so
easily auwred that 1 will take time lor
"Will Mr. Dry ant give usasatiatartory
reaaou why th (HipuliMta, ailver-ilenio-rratsand
silver-republican ahould not
drop luaion, drop their mpurnt organi
latlous and nam and lorm a union
under a new name nut upon a single
platlorm embodying all of tb nitwit
vital lud tint rial nlortua, ui-b a free
coiuag of kilvar, government tu ol
all imia-r money, government saving
bxuka, govvrunteat ownership ol lei
graph aad teWphoue and niaa trat-k
l' id railroad. muni-iial itwnerehip
ol ail rily unlit-, graduated iacom
tat, l.-vttoa ol prvaidt-al and I. M, a
tor by tliret'i vol of Iba people? I da
not uuaertak la meatioa allot tha
aealial reform."
Now, it hi y Irwad Irom K-ray had
really read my letter , th tue la reply
la Mr. Mteldoa a well a tb a la
raply Ui l alber harder, k ruuUi kae
otatyrai, Ibtak. Ilbaap. i
mUi rta htta aa-ia kU will, I
OWlis lb tak. A reaaoa la aa this,
a ealiaWtory reaaoa la aii aaolVef
Iblag, Tfce rvaaoaa glvea ara aaafa
lory au lar a lb preaal artle la rw
raed It tbey . ut attaty aiy ft lead
Irota Kearay 1 a a b'p it.
IUfar, I tt aaae h ihIkis at
Ike rk al ruiMi. ly head waala
la kw why aaa Uttm m mi
A 11. I lit. Iwto
I Crir n ! tin $11, U'com. X
riwM , , ,
lwt tiutb.
ft Editors I
If yon want to buy a nood lit-
t1 Job and NMiit,pr I'lunt
In Lincoln, dclrem "Kyle, car
NohraNka lit(lienleni."
I'luut 1 Idle, and a rldlruloiia.
l.v Hmnll amount of i-anli will
talt It SM down, 1 75 In on
4 fnr. Jimt flia ailndirt IMd
which la entirely nnownpled
In thltcouuty, liivutliitu.
f Plant .
'aS I??? ??
I V" .
party with a new natno and a single
platform, with nine planks iu it (which
lie specifies as "most vital industrial re
forms,") and a lot more too numerous
to mention. Mr, Hand hits a Platform
of his own, and he does not see why
everybody else should not bo willing to
stand upon it. Just like trie. When
I was a child it seemed to mo that my
mother was the most beautiful woman
in the world, and that my father was
the strongest and brighter man; and it
astonished me to learn that other peo
ple did not all see it in tho same light.
Dot, as 1 grew older, 1 found my parents
were very ordinary people. Ilrother
Hand is an excollentgeutleman no doubt
and believes in tho election of the United
Htutes senators by a direct popular
vote, but there are a lot of people just
us good men us ho Is who do not agree
with him on this point, but do ugrce
with him on the coinage question. The
railroad problem is tlie hardest question
of thorn all a veritable Qordian knot.
The present writer has been a believer
in government ownership tor more than
twenty years, but I do not deny there
are strong objections to ft; to make it ef
fective might require an amendment to
the national constitution, extending tho
legislative power or congress and the
jurisdiction of federal courts. Would
not this tend to centralization? The
initiative and referendum is the popular
fad. Woe to the presumptions man
who dares insinuate that it is imprac
tical! Hut there are some people who do
not believe in this, but do believe in free
Free silver is In sight. Why not stick
so that, and not bunt for a dozen l'ari
tian apples of discord.
Mr. Hand criticises my history. The
republican party was crystalized by the
civil war, and not by a lot of fellows
getting together and making a new
party order. Just so now. Jet events
shape themselves.
1 might add, what everybody knows,
that I am an original populist, and
helped to organize the party in this state.
I am a populist still, having no desire to
change my name. We started out ou
three linee: (1) rinunco, (2) transporta
tion, I'd) laud. Ivot us stay by our old
creed, aud not go "chasing alterstrange
Oods," to use the language of scripture.
I am willing to work with the democrats
on one of these three lines, but phmse
excuse me from marrying them 'til they
have courted us long enough to give us
"a satisfactory reason" to believe that
they mean business. In the meantime.
if any democrat or free silver republican
gets impatient let him join the populi-it
party. Uiliii'u F. IIuyant.
V. b. Allow me to call the attention
of your readers to the communication
from the pen of H. Win. Smith in your
iseue of the 2.'Jd iust, which I have just
read. It "hits the nail on the head."
W. F. II.
Polar Foi Change ll Color.
The summer coat of the polar fox 1b
dark, almost black. In winter It la ao
white that the animal can hardly be
seen as It runs over the snow.
(Continued From First Page.)
its most dangerous enomy. The most
crying need of the time is for a man in
the executive chair who shall have the
cournge to proclaim the truth, and re
gardless of personal consequences, to
lead the battle on behall ol his country
and ol prosperity. Thus far only two
men in the whole country have dared to
do this. The name of one candor com
pels th adaptation is Denjitiuiu F. Dut
ler, that of the other is William H. Uns
een. That their surceaaora may speedily
appear, armed with equal courag and
greater insight Irom xperieuce, ahould
b th ardent prayer ol the whole peo
ple ol the l ulled States,
teaa ate (area )t lfce ahr4 tetlW
ai looe ! a iii " f
vm M W l iMVI ' l In H eetMea
I've lOMit f4 I He .t-ia l
i4 eu a-l .!- tlat
tmmm lal I "- - I s4i M etra
rth aw! " na a
.i ! . t ht M tH .
tm Wei a4 l' -' W
t Si f . v..n kloKta 1'
t u-. ai(tai vtti i- i. imii
rvT ls U .
"a ifii 4
Fooled the Man Who Tried to Claim
Money on Horned Cigars.
"Some time ago." said an insurance
man to the Philadelphia Record, "a
man asked me to accompany him
home, as he had some things there to
be Insured. When we arrived at his
house he showed me 100 boxes of
cigars, which he wanted insured,
There were 100 cigars In each box,
making 10,000 In all, and were valued
at 10 cents each, bo I insured the lot
for $1,000. A few days ago the man
came to me and asked for the Insur
ance money. 'You've had no fire at
your house I replied., 'No, but I've
smoked them said he, 'and according
to the paper I am entitled to the
money, as it says distinctly that if the
goods are consumed by fire money Is
paid on application.' As far as tech
nicalities were concerned, he was all
right, but I knocked him cold about a
minute later by saying, In a very stern
manner: 'All right, sir; you'll get the
money; but, according to your own
confession, I will proceed at once to
make a charge against yon for incen
diarism.' 'Well, I'll be hanged!' was
all he said, and the room shook
violently after be banged the doorl"
Iter MInrIou U the (loipel of Nwaetneal
and Light.
Emerson has said "If you wouli
know a thing truly you must see It h
Its setting." The setting of the Jewesi
is her home; she cannot be known else
where, and how many Christians eve
see her there? If necessity, or per
version of taste, or greed, place her be
hind a counter, or bring her to thi
marts where merchants do congregate
she does not appear as her true self.
metaphorically speaking, she doni
'man's garments," something forbldduc
In the Bucred La w of Moses. The Jew
ess was never meant for a society lady
nor for a devotee of the literary and
poetical art; only In time of the deep
est national emotion a Miriam or Deb-
ora would arise. Although she knowi
the use of the tongue as well as am
of her BlsterB In other regions of thi
earth, she Is never applauded for belin
"a brilliant conversationalist." Neith
cr Is she intended for a saintly recluai
or flesh-and-world-subdulng penitent
Her mission Is the gospel of sweetnesi
and light, to smooth the rough placet
of this world: to delight by her eraci
and beauty, If so favored by God. Oth
erwise, she consoles herself with thi
assurance of her classical poet, that,
after all, "Grace may prove deceitful
and beauty a vanity, the woman thnl
feareth God, her praise endurcth for
ever." "Give her of the fruit of hei
hands; and let her own works praiss
her." Dr. Gustav Gotthell in Ladies'
Home Journal.
asy to Take
asy to Operate
Are features peculiar to flood's Pills. Small In
size, tastcles, efficient, thorough. As one man
said: " You never know you
have taken a pill till It Is all lOl " 1 1 w
over." 2nc. C. I. Hood & Co., Y! I I 1
Proprietors, Itwcll, Mass. "
The only pills to take with Hood's Sarsaparllla.
Harness and
Saddle Makers.
Stay-On Blanket
Itepairinga specialty.
Full Stock of
Harness, Lap
Robes Blan
Lincoln, Nob.
t 9:
fH I" H
Jean Da nesztte.
let etM'Stttaat let
JUyti Vt itw to
W4rlwuhlh klmtall
that w tuvt tm
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( ewe ! e4e
K.- lf iit(M4 la enatota
ewt4 atMM,aaa
a iitn,
Oeaerwl Jti, iVfaAkS Hsk
Who ara Injured by th at ot eoffp. Rematljr
thai haa beea placed In all the grocery atone a
aew prtparatlnn called GKAI.N-O. mud of par
trraini, that takoa the place of coffee. Th mo
delicate itumaca receive It without d lit roe, and
bat tew cao tell it from coffee. It doe not eoet
over Vt ai much. Children mar drink tt with
great bant-flt. 16 eta. and 25 eta. per package.
Try It, aekfor GRA1.VO,
When billons or costive, eat a Cascaret
candy cathartic.cure gnaranteed,10c,25e
213 U Street, Lincoln, Neb.
Receives all kinds of Hides and Fori to
tan for Robes and Leather. Hides tan'd
on shares. Highest price paid for Hides.
Ilonry IZolm rjrorr
E. S. KING,.
Weak and Strained Eyes Success
fully Fitted. ....
No Atropine, no lost time.
1800 0 St., LINCOLN, NEB.
scape ms liihst.
Gallery Ettabllabad 1871.
. . . GO TO . . .
Kennedy's Photograph Parlors,
132 So. 12th Street.
lne &aMmts, t.00 per Cozen.
Satisfaction OaaraaUed.
We make Orayos Portrait cheap and ta tb
moat artlitla Style.
Practice Limitkd to
1215 0 ST.,
Lincoln, Nebr.
Diseases of the
Eye,Ear,Nose and
Hours from 0:80 to 12:80 a.m; 2 to 6 p.m.
who arc corning west to
rlsit you, Just add a post
script like this: "lis sure
and take the Burlington
Route. It's much the best."
You are quite safe in do
ing this because our service
from Chicago. Peoria. St.
Louis, and Kansas City, in
fact all eastern, southeast
ern, and southern cities ia
just as good as our service
to those points. And that
as everyone who is ac
quainted with it will testify,
is the best there is.
Tickets and time tables
on application at B. & M.
dopot, or city office, corner
10th and O streets.
3. W, B0NNELL, 0, P. & T. A.
The New-
Union . .
It runs on Van Buren St Directly
. in front of the
Rock Island
and Pacific
rnre arriving in Chicago ran, by
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part i.lli-eeitjit.r. IW a flfvD fare,
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yK "! T,'M will tp at th
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Ml Bill. Tkeae fn.-tl.l k... ... ...I. t I
d by th "Qrt fc,ck I.U.J"
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u it. vt abeiber ), au Ut ta I ku-mgM
aa4fomf yuttr Irw,) MtitiM.Ut
taaiaet a Inn. (JJm.
- - - - r.eee"
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a heei-Meeiaeaft,
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