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December 33, 1897
la tkii eolana we UI pibllaa omaaaleatloM
at a worthy aad ealtable thara-tar, raoaired
eta MbMribm to tat papar. H oibbI"
aatfoaiaosld aoalale aor tbM IN words,
Maaaeerlpt will Ml UrrtBriMd.
New'J'arll' Idea Impractical
Editor of the inukpenbent:--
A number of the reform papers of the
state hav lately bad much tosuy about
future party action. Several have ad
vocated the formation of an entirely
new party, by tha union of tbe reform
element. Under mora favorable con
dltlooethe writer would like to acaa
new party formed, but as the polltioal
situation la at tha present time It I not
practicable to take audi a atop.
On the question of bimetallism the
populists, silver democrats and silver
Mpublloane are agreed, on other ques
tions they are wlduly apart. Until title
question of our monetary ytem la act
tlud a the people financially want It
avttled there la no chance for any other
Una of reform, no mutier how great or
Important It may be, to eecure a res
puctahla consideration at the ha nil of
the people, There are men within the
ranka of the democratic party who
would not leave it for a new party,
They love the party for party'e aake.
There are men within the ranka of the
populist party who would not leave It
for a new party, for they take (he party
for what It la the true friend of the peo
ple. The formation of a new purty
would lone theee aud weaken the reform
As to the Oliver republican their po
eition I beat etatej by the grand old
man of Colorado, Henry M. 'JUHer, Ho
says: "The ellver republican party was
Dot organised to fluht the friend of ail
vereiLher In the democratic party or In
the people' party, but to crystalline the
silver sentiment among republican aud
to prepare them to aid In theoonteatof
lOOOfor the reatoratlon of ellver to it
former position a constitutional money,
We would not deatroy the democratic
party If we could, for that I the only
party to which we can look for rellel In
1U00, and there la no hope foraucneMM
for ih at party then without the aupport
of the silver republican and populate
of the country. It will require the active
aupport of all the frlenda of ailver to no
eompliah the defeat of the republican
.party In 1000, for we may i poet that
thefvlcioiis feature of the campaign of
1HD0 will txi more marked In 1UUO than
In 1800, The conflict In 1000 will bo
to determine what ehall foe our nione
tary system, what ehall be the future
condition of that portion of our people
Mr- Jilncoln ud to call 'the plain pco
pie,' It will be a battle for justice, for
tne tHirpeiuity 01 republican institution,
(or freedom on the part of the wealth
producing olasse with the combined
- greed and avarice of the world under
the banner or the republican party
Dacnaa by ins leuorai government.
"Not only are our Institutions at atake
but the fortune of mankiud may be
aald to be concerned in the result of
that campaign.
"A a preparation for audi a contest
weougnt to forget minorulilerencea. ami
party prejudices should be net aaide, with
all our effort directed to the defeat and
, destruction of our opponent. 1 hope
with this Ming we may enter the cam
paign ot inm which la but preparatory
to the more important one of I WOO,"
The populist party I the party of the
writer aud baa been aucn ever since It
organisation and to I fa policies he will
give allegiance ao longaa he consider
them not Inimical to hi Interest, but
until tne great question which now con
fronta the people ie disposed of he la un
willing to lend hi voice or pen in any
action calculated to weaken the force
now opposed to the gold bum.
Wo believe the reform forcee will even
tuully amalgamate into an Inseparable
party, eullloiently atroug to overcome
opposition, but to force thla concession
now would be tolnvore the pleoaure of
tne plutocracy and result In disaster to
Those engaged in the advocation of
auch a atop ahould pause and consider
the consoouence.
Hepnrate party organisation in timea
01 peace, and hearty co-otmration In
time of war, will, a politic I at pre.
ent, result in more good to the oeoo e.
than the untried experiment of uniting
into one party a houio-gennou mo of
widely diversified View of political ecou
omy. A. wm. kmitii.
Omaha' Vera moat CltUeii.
Editor or the Independent:
Aa a citlien of Omaha, the great me-
tropoli of our noble state, I write to en
dor tbe able letter of Mr. Jasper Dick
which appeared in tbe November 95th
isuof your valuable paper. It I true
that great credit i due to all those aide
leader of the people mentioned by Mr.
lurk, Hut I not that h baa overlooked
one of the sturdiest leader ot tha old
Hue populists, hie MIowMowuainan, Mr
1. Hem leaver, who waa oue of the first
to lilt tbe populiat banner in Doug-la
rouut and bold it aloft amid the tr
rible ruin of corporate abot and eholt,
opened upon the peop a'a champlou la
thla retwhile corporation rldda city,
While living full rredit to our U-ad.-r in
other part id th tat,ll u hot furttvt
tl t-ll rltlca -t th gallant hib abn
latKj pvrwvttUon, busiavee aud aHi
Hilrai Utu to make the tlglit agarnat h
Rlituej iir lit ur iara into. it a
ho hate st bad the naeard eiarvb ul
l, 4 It iu IWrrf r alnuiat laatirmnutit.
able tittatavlwi; hav atd hi alt-rim-luteairtl
and iuaU'alMiuraj,raniit
but tmt that tu hi, and l utbr lite
alia lu this tit., aa uiuva rdit i due a
to iktw Wadm hu aa mad
II hi audvf ato tattirabl rtiaditioM
aad la xpe!ti etroaaatiia,
I kau Nut what Militi,i aattntloa
Mr, lvir esai baia, but I dki
thai auaajt a tkia pr tit ltt
lata ara ulbui.lKailj alxuaiiua
bta aHuiaat ao'-' t tha ai.
SnMM ttfHt A t-ra.k a
Mkat Jha til
N,a N.k., is. 1, X i t,
a tb Uud riiatva autt lw, V,
Cincinnati . .
Shoe Store
- 1220 0 ST.
Have you ever riven usa trial?
If not, do so. We aim to rive
satisfaction to all our custom
ers In all cases. Men's genu
ine Calf Shoe at $2.50, we
recommend to you. Also re
pairing-. done.
Give us a
Wolfanger, Warthon & Co.
1220 0 Street.
bility for the condition of tbinge in Kan
a. It will ba a long time before the
aame measure of prosjwrlty reacbee that
etute which baa reached other portion
of the country,
Senator Harris of Kansas. Doe the
ecnator menu to any that Nebraska 1
lu a better situation politically, Jinan-
cially or morally than Kansas,
Thurston, -I do not care to raise any
distinction here between the political
and moral conditions of Kansas and
Nebraska (see Congressional record pug
68) and then John went on talking rail
road and neglected to refer to the finan
cial cure of Nebraska under pop rule.
Hud the pop stolen the slate, blind
robbed the school children of hundred
of thousand of dollar and ran war
rant to 01 cent and the republican
hud stopped the leak, Inaugurated a
system of economy, gave the children
their due and raised warrant to a
iremlum Inside of a year as tha pop
liavedoue In Nebraska we will bet our
old hat that the puckering string to
John' windbag would have relaxed and
he would not have neglected or forgotten
tojmentlon the fact in tone loud enough
to snake tne ouiiuing upon lie louuua
tion, but tbe wrong ox wub gored you
know and consequently John' bellow
were not even punctured.
I j, J I, nuTKH.
Mo Coin Kilmiitlun,
A a populiat, and one of the founder
of that party, I have watohed the drift
of political even U for the past two or
throe year with serious misgiving.
liut, when I road the ringing utter
ance of Kenator Stewart, Father Snyder
and other. I take nope. Io, the old
guard I not all dead and buried. There
are other senator ntewurt beeldea your
self, that can not be dumped aoul, body
and broochee principle or no principle
into the democratic party.
I have never believed in compromise or
fusion. We compromised with (Slavery,
only to prolong the etruggle, but when
the "boy In blue" went down Boutb and
shot the accursed institution to death,
the question was settled once and for all
times, Ithaebeen reported that Mr,
liryan, in defining the position of the
three f union partiea on the Money Quoa-
tion, aald that he, with the Hilver re
publicans, believe In coin redemption
While the populist believe In irredeem
able, full legal-tender money. For my
part. I do not believe that Air. liryan
believe anything of th kind. If be be
lieve in coin redemption, then he can
not be a leader ot the populist party.
I believe with Mr. Warren, that now
I the time for a discussion of the money
question, upon it'a true merit and not
in the Interest 01 Danker or Miners,
either "Mil ver or Uold. The restonv
tlon of silver to free coinage would, in
my mind, be a step backwards. Why
should there be three or lour kind ol
money? When the (lovcrnmeut Usues a
lull legal-tonder money all of one kind in
sulllcinnt amount to do the business ol
tbe country (and thut can be in pHer
only), will we ceuae to hear 01 "Parity
nnd bnuleaa Lhainsf' .More, tin-govern
meat must not only issue the money,
but it must make it possible that the
people can get It when needed, aud in
MIB M.lft,l.lfl'. ft,U1,t,l 111... It tlld MU ...A
term to nil. I could scarcely couccive
of a greater misfortune to the people
wcllure. than placing the ownership and
control ol our money in the hands of the
bunking claaa. Labor, and labor only,
crentea vtealth. Money crenUa no
wealth, pay a do debt; it ia simply and
only a medium of exchange.
Tbe railroad Mug a meuua by which
tbe product of labor an distributed,
the numtier ol cars ahould correspond
to the amount to le distributed. I be
number ol car cannot affect tha amount
of wheat or corn produced. That d
iMfiid 011 labor and cllmatlo condition.
Hut, if there ia not euougu care lor die
tribution, a surplus In plane would I
the result. And that discourage the
production of more wealth, hhould
there be mora care than U namlm!, it
could not in any way rffert tha produc
tion td wealth, but would be a waste ol
labor and material, (even though it
would biv eouie idle laborer a Job) In
tha uinnulucture of rare that were not
8u aith money, abll the rare area
maiia of dtotnbution, inouey tea nid.
iuiu by ahu ti irtirty or wraith ta n
d).tfd. If Ibei m m proiH'ft.r t i 1I1
tribute, there raa t no U lor the rnre.
II tlwra I proifrty to ei lniu,
lhara a b ao ua lor iti,uy, iUr
M prowrty to exchange, lhare should ba
uttu'iaat tMoat-v e naega an in
uruiwrtf : aud tha ivr,n hating iroiw
rty towi'kBgs abimld know lhal ha
Ma at It abfa imkmi, aai aoi b 10
df pwud oa aoma private baakiag eor
Hrtta. ka ptiafr to Uu iiia?, rla with
tha r4. aaal aalioaiti bahta,
hut U ahttHld twhmg la Ilia ipi,
atat lwbfl hr avMiy th htoay
sd to Ik ini'i at rMt, la aat
aaitiaat a4d, eit. aftli, ll
ttt aoftt a loan tHouv N
haukr, ataelv lkouaad oa tut k-ta
drl bttal aw aritv, wa!d b-aa l
tWiuf r irrkel, M tbaawaa l
,a lka vr fa t !. t awnrilt . II
ae k Uad ! Ibalult amaa n4
ih a.Ui.l tha iw.i l. It aoaMMJa
!, a d'M mi ttkae, VJ-'ttrf ia
immk tal ta oHipi.t vksi,
aad kaaaotbiKg akawiof da aitb
Mtiatf Ike 1 ru tl Ikum, Mly kalnu.
ill ta aaaal.
the people. None would fear to deposit
money with tne government, noaraing
would cease. The money woaiu oe a
trii.nto.l ahemvar needed. There won
be no lack of money in one part of tbe
country aud a pietnora in anoiner.
. t . .
Kuch a thing aa a financial panic, couia
not occur,
Vhn thia la done, the money (mention
will have been eettled and rightly. And
money, that Instrument of trade, will
knva tnaf its nnwAF tn ooorea. That
the money power will fight thla to the
bitter end, may I true, but the battle
must be fought, the people must win, or
all of liberty ia lost.
lour truiy.
Alio. JJK Fobeht.
I'apei Currency.
Kpitoii Kemuhk Independent:
Ilefore tbe close of another century,
gold mining will have practically paaaed
away. Within one hundred year tbe
financial problem will be aolved and tbe
countrie of the world wilt be using an
International currency. The internation
al currency will be paper. (Juld
will undoubtedly be used lor ornamen
tation, but aa a money metal, It ue
will 110 longer be required.
There I no reason why a paper currency.
tamjxid with a proper eta nip and buck,
ed np by the great commercial nation
of the world may not pas current any
where on the globe." ihl aouud
lightly PopuliMtio. Who aald It? Does
ttii positive opinion come irom eorne
wild, hair-brained financial theorist of
the "wild and wooly woet?" Nay, verily,
It I a candid expression of opinion from
T. A. Keunett, a prominent English min
ing expert, aa quoted In the Den ver Dully
And why It not ound? You see lie
doe not propose to make the Inter
national currency redeemable in gold or
silver. He simply propose to have It
"bucked by the great commercial na
tions." Will some Lyman (Jage of fi
nance, or some Nebrieka republican, po
litical economist, pleaae tell us what
better backing any currency could have?
Doth of these will answer: Hack th
paper witb gold. Yes, but who will
''back" the gold backing, If not tha no
tions? If the paper rust upon gold aa a
redeemer, the getting of the gold will
reat upon the nation. Then why not
let the puer reat directly upon the tia-
Mo, at borne with our greenback and
the gold reserve to back them. Destroy
Uncle Kam'a power to get the gold and
you destroy the greenback if It rest up
on gold. Hie real backer alter all, Is
Uncle Ham. I it to put our Dear Uncle
at the mercy of the money changer who
may monopolize tbe gold7 Faith in our
government to endure, I worth fur more
behind tbe greenback than tbe gold.
When the run on tbe gold reserve was
made, in 1804. there wa no luck of
faith in Uncle Ham' power to take care
of the greenback. The only embarrass
ment the adminltratlon suffered from,
waa in the atrugglo with the money
changer for gold. Uncle Ham found
himself a competitor In the gold market
with Wall street aud ail the gold mo
nopolist. Hut the credit of tbe government was
"untarnished as the star," (apologia
to U. 1'. J. M. T.) The greenback were
Just as good a they ever were, liut the
light for gold bad to be made on tbe
false theory that the gold reserve (Jiioh
was never created by act of congress)
should be maintained at all buzzard.
And still the green-back was perfectly
good. I repeat and emphasiie ttii be
cause I would like to burn the idea into
the mind of every republican who be
lieve that puper money must bava
gold redeemer.
It waa not the greenback that suffered
in 181)4-5, it was the gold reserve that
suffered. If the reserve bad all been
taken away, still the greenback would
haveetood unquestioned, because the
government was behind it.
II who places hi faith primarily In
gold ae a backer of paper currency, i
disloyal to hi country. He will tell you
natious perish but gold I eternal; be
cause nation somutimo perish, my
country may go down in my lifetime,
and so 1 pin my iulth to gold.
To the voter who never permit a
new idea in politic to anterfiiH head, un
Ichh it come stumped with hi party
seal, the proposition that paper money
need not be redeemable in gold or ailver,
ia utterly preposterous; but to tbe
thoughtlul student of the new industrial
and social conditions, the idea contain
a promisa of a ulH.tuiitiul advance in
public financial economics.
W.L. Hand.
The University of Nebraska football
team, ha been awarded the pennant for
the coming year, by the western tollogt
ate Athletic Association.
A Common Cao of riles.
II May l.aait lu Svrluua Hv.ulta.
When sopln generally understand
that all such fatal ilnuasee u tMula,
ulcer ol the rectum. Ilstir, etc., almost
Invariably I 11 In a simple case ol
Pile, they will bairn the wiiuloui of Ink
tug prompt treatment for thetirataiw
iwaratioe of trouldea lu thi quarter. The
ryramid I'll t'ura will certainly rur
every form of pile, itching, hUwdtng,
protruding or bliud p!Ue, and hundred
id lives bav bn saved y using this
rbsnp but effective ritity rluhl at th
tart, twcttUMt at alien a lima a ailigtw
pat-keg Mill nW a cure, while la tha
uld. chroalo, de nil'. I vnmm neVeral
pax'ketfve re wiiaeiimea noeary U'lora
a listing aura IKid.
t'hvae iau ar utti- the I'rrannd I'ila
t'ura ia I'rwU-reere lu nurrfn'sl oiwratltitt
aud ait UHilnrHi iuwm lor aala It
lrui(t(t!.rl.rt al "" oral wad i
r p kag.
8. ud fur liva UHik oh taa aad eura
ot I'll.
Ad Ireaa 'vrai. I'm., J.i1..I1, tb. ,
Kxmvily AlUkia, M'ch,
a 11. Hint. ioi.
t Corr H smI im lit., IIHOIN.
i l-h.ta at . . .
r lt Avwftft.Bt CriJf,
Editors-m II
Printers J
Pjty jjjj
It jroa wsnt to bnjr a aood lit
V Job and N)r Plant
In l.lscolu, tddraM "Kyi, ear
Nlirla lii(lfpadnt."
flant Is lillv, and a ndlctlon
It mnsll nmonnt of rub will
tak It tlM down, 176 la on
fur. Jan At aplndld flld
wlilph l utirly UDnnil(J
In thltcooni, Invostlaat.
tVliera tlieCoiiiraltteeFailad
To tiik EbiToa or tub Inpkpknpknt:
Dkah Hjk; .
If you will grant tne apace In your
valuable puper, I will write at some
length, using its my subject, the Iigls.
latlve Investigating Committee.
You will agree with me when I assert
that the mission of this committee ba
about been fulfilled a it was Intended
by the power thatcreated It. They have
been of great service to the taxpayer ol
the state u the corruption aud fraud
unearthed by them will be the meuns of
causing the taxpayers to woigh well In
the scale of honesty and ability, each
and every muii seeking places of trust in
the future. And this information and
education ba been obtained without
cost, if the attorney general succeeds
In collecting the amount ol shortage
found by this committee against the va
rious bx-ltetiublican officials, und should
be (all to collect oue cent more than bus
been turned Into tha treasurer by those
ex. officials, the work of thi committee
bus been worth its biro, ns the discover
ies will be a warning and a safeguard
aguinnt tbe election of untrust-worthy
men to office, '
Aud aside from this it is not right
that such corruption aud embezzlement
should exist undisturbed at the expense
of the tax payer of the state.
These discoveries to many baa been a
great surprise but not to members of
tbe l'opulist party, us they have been
telling the people of the state from every
school bouse ever since tbe birth of thi
purty that if the voter would vote for
our candidates und elect them to these
offices, that we would unearth and ex
pose the worst hot bed of corruption
and misplaced confidence that ever
existed in any vtate.
Was this not a true prophesy und has
it not been fulfilled?
Now reader it matter not what your
politic are, if you are honest you will
admit that these and all other pledge
made by the member of the present ad
ministration have been carried out and
fulfilled to the letter. And jf you wish
to increase tbe strength raise the stand
ard of the state's credit aud reduce tax
ation next fail when these worthy ofll
clttls that have kept their pledgu with
you, again ask for your suffrnge, if
you are honest witb your self and to
your family, you will march up to the
ballot box and there deposit your ballot
that will be the mean of returning those
official back to these offices of trust,
who have during their administration
raised the credit standard of the state
from the mires of corruption and defal
cation up and up until today every
security of the state is at a premium.
Excuse, me, Mr. Editor, I have got
clear off of my subject and am taking
too much of your valuable space, but
you see that I am not like thoue that
get too full for utterance. Now we re
turn to our subject. No one admires
the sturdy und defined efforts of this
committee uioro than I, but there is a
part of tho work of this committee that
I have never been able to understand.
And that I why, and whatever put it
into the head of this committee to em
ploy this Imported ltepublicau as an ac
countant This is the only weakness
that this committee hu ever shown aud
this to a "Top" is almost unpardon
able a the committee did not go into
thia blindfolded us some of them, re
main tier as members of the recount com
mittee last winter knew the result of
trying to make these Investigation
non-partisan by placing a ltepublicau
on that committee that received the
largest majority of any man on the Re
publican ticket. And tbe result of thi
appointment should have beeu fresh lu
the mind ot the present investigating
committee at th time they were em
ploying thli Imported Hepubllcan, Otto
W. Helblg, and give hi in the pluoaaud
aularr that by the rules of all political
parties belonged to aome deserving, hon
est, upright l'opulist that bad earned
this recognition not only by being hoii
eet enough to leave the Keimblicau party
nnd its corrupt method but by helpiug
to elect every member of thia committee.
And thia pluuea tha committee in a very
eloa position a tu-y will be compelled
la admit one of two thing. 1st that
tbr was none of the reform force ituit
could till thia plum glveu to Mr, llelbig,
or thai they wervchuuipe to kit auotlnr
It. puldiiuii who's party ia not all
IhlvVtw aud delaultera, but all rwviil dis
covered thievea aial tblaiiltvra ar lie
publuau) work himself onto tlisiii for
aa boaeal expert ammnlant J
Aud w Matt lhal ha baa BO hopes
of Mblalaiug one rent ol lb uareaaou
able and uitjuat that ba U trying
lu Mbiaia through tha courts, bul ba
twl ba raa blutf and acara Ihieeom.
miiM tulti a (HimpfotuU with btiu,
AaJ if b should etk'd or iuaayaaV
tdiN a oa or ha lo lb atK Hit
(iuilll should pay f nt ul Iba
am owl mI Hr mateK Aid
thsy k a thai as truaol lit ! I
adu, waa also trsa la tkte lhal il
via 1 1 doaa bv a dof thai yoi tl lu
vitiaMr up ana 11-. 11 l
Ibia VmiiiiiiiIIm mK4 ti rdvaM lhM
aad repair tftie KtMak, liiV wilt
or4 f lb arrval aad toawla mI Ibl
btt Irt lug Iti ot lam moaef udr
lle prvtrtM, aad aaad boa along wttb
Ike rt.
?IA t
Ik t actile U'kl trr),
ba ! rMov4 trwa tOl O tre I
Nit, O Va O ttf.
Cabbag Heart.
She The potato bugs destroy tha po
tatoes, I know, but what is it destroys
the cabbages?
lie The smokers, I guess. Yon
ken Statesman.
Bar Advantage.
"Yonr daughter has an angelio dl
position. "
"Yes, we always lot her have her
own way about everything. "Chicago
Krar t7oatlflad.
A time sweep on It cruel way,
It brlnK n naught but sorrow.
Tha bast we do today will look
Like thirty oatita tomorrow.
Maw York J carnal
In the year 1 839 the first notable pacing
record was marie at tho Beacon coarse,
New Jersey, by the bay gelding Dro
ver ; time, a mile in 2 : 28. Since then the
record has been lowered by successive
Jumps 24 times till Star Pointer crown'
edltjvyhis marvelous ailo in 1:69.
Tho pacers that have broken reoorda
have ranged in age from 6 to 11 years.
Sleepy Tom wo 1 1 years old when he
made his record of 2:12 July 25, 1879.
Robert J was 6 years old when he low
ered the record to 2:01 Sept 14,
1804. Star Pointer is 8 years old
Kleetrlisal Nafa Ilraaklng.
In recent exticrimoTit an arc of 40 to
CO volts, with a current of BOO to COO
amperes, is said to have penetrated in
three to ten minute sufo walls from
8 to 0 inches thick, A rough steel
ingot, perhaps 6 by 7 by 10 inches, was
penetrated with a diagonal, jugged hole
from to '6 inches in diameter, the
thickness of metal, pierced being about
8 or 9 inches. Who will now warrant a
burglar proof safe?
It Hounded Strange.
Tho Customer 1 think I'll take soma
fcilves' brains today
Tho Waiter Horry, sir, but 1 haven't
my brains today, sir. Voukers States
nan. Wunilrr of the Age.
Farmer I lay rick I see yere whar a
nan's eloped with his typewriter.
Hi Wife Unds suzt What will
oachinory do next? New York Journal.
Tba Man and tha OOSoa.
Who's fitted for a public place,
Howerer much we rue it,
We must oonfM that thla is trna,
I asldoai fitted to 11
-Detroit Kewa
Cause fully half the sickness In the world, ft
retain the (llgcabnd food Um long In the towels
and produces blliousnc, torpid liver, Indl-
gentiou, bad btsie, coaU'd fi sj
tongue, sick headache, In- I QJ II
soiimia, etc. Hood' Pills 1 1 S
cure constipation and all Its '
rcuiu. easily and thoroughly. 23c. AlldruirKlsts.
Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mas.
The only rills to take with Hood' Kartaparllla.
Harness and
Saddle Makers.
Stay-On Blanket
Itepuiring a specialty.
Full Stock of
Harness, Lap
Lincoln, Neb.
Tho Wells Shoo Store
U08 North Tenth 8tret.
-W'V 1: SJ'' 'Ztf
felt Boots and
good warm Overshoes
Xbould b la vry inan'a Thauiai vingf
Tky ka rd I aay and warmth ia-i'l-,
W hate U aty ot tbat at Muaomi")
IUII ltl tot 1 he lUIMai.
The Uiauri "m iJ will a II l. Vis l
tMiiala ankia Whi anki al lira lor
Ik roaad tnp oa lw. it I, V tit aad
Jaa. I,
1 Ihrouak train daily ttm aad tu
I lantla, aejiua i-tattda at 'J to p, m.
aad flip, , m tiMkr litlxraiatioa
apply at tr 1Vkl om., i ,,u" M
I , l, t I'SMM , I), ', A Ti A.
Who art Inland by tb nm of olfa. Raeratlr
tbara baa bca placed la an tn nrotmrf atom a
aw preparation alld OKAIS-O, mad of pan
aralos, tbal tak tba plan ol eoBaa. Th no
dalleau atomacb rwalrM It wltboatdlairsaa, and
bat law raa tall It Irom cuflaa. It doaa aot scat
evar k aa uarb. Cblldran amr driak It with
rat Iwneti. it eta. and A eta. par paakac.
Try It, Aaklor OKAIN O,
When billons or eostive, eat a Caacaret
eandy cathartic,cnregTiaranteed,10c,25e
' 213 U Hjreet, Lincoln, Neb.
Receives all kinds of Hides and Furs to
tan for Kobe and Leather, Hides tan '4
on shares. Highest price paid for Hides,
ZXenry XZolzxx Xxropr
' Weak and Strained Eyes Success
fully Fitted. ....
No Atropine, do lost time,
1800 0 St., LINCOLN, NEU,
scape 129 So. 11th St.
Oallary UblUbad WU
. , , OO TO . , ,
Kennedy's Photograph Parlors,
182 So. 12th Strttt.
ine (Cabinet, $XQ ptt Voztn.
HatlffaetloB Osaraataed.
We make Oraoa Portrait ebeep aad la tk
Dioet erMeU Btiea.
PaiOTit'E Limitkd TolinQ C C Pfinif
IlmcAsca aw THE is.e.-.vii,
Eye.Ear.Nos8 and j "ot
Throat .. ij Lincoln, Nebr
Boors from 0:80 to 12:80; 3 to 5
who ar comlnir west to
visit yon, Just add a post
script like this: "lie snr
and take the -Burlington,
floats. It's much the best."
Ton are qnit safe in do
ing this because our service
from Clilca (ro, Peoria, St
Louis, and Kansas City, la
fact all eastern, southeast
ern, and southern cities i
jnst as good as onr service
to those points. And that
as everyone who Is ac
quainted witb it will testify,
is the best there is.
Tickets and time tablee
on application at B. & M.
depot, or city office, corner
10th and O streets.
S. W. B0NNELL, 0. P. & T. A.
The New.
Union .
in Chicago
It runs on Van Buren St.. Directly
in front of the
Rock Island
and Pacific
ruscnur arriving In Chlcutfo can, by
the rw L'nloit i;ivated l-oo. roach auy
part of the city; or, ( a five n ut far,
ran Im tnknt iiiiiiii'illnti'ly In aur of tha
lsr tnre in th dowa town district.
AH i:ivald 1 ruins will atop at tli
"IttH-k lalund" Hlatii.n. Train ev-ry
in l ii ill. Um fitcllit h-a in it nuly b ul
Ivrd l.y the "Orast R,k k lilaod Keute."
If yutt will aiu hj 'J mil aUmpltir
imaiitKa w mall ymi at ni-a a
bird svya vivw ul I l.i. Mgo, just mu'i iu
t)vHilura, ahii h ahowa tm Just what
yoit want In Iihuw abnut t'ha aa-i aud
tha ii,.w l iiup ami l.lnval.. Httlaiu.
'I hi map tint shuald have, bthr yua
Inn out and iiW l.i minta
lo it, or ahthr )n hum lu m t bi-a-i
aad Von t.r yuur lil..t, muiiiniliila
HiaM4 a Irip, .tiMr J. ma Mat
Tit, a. r. ., thi .,
anala km IihiiImI,
lauk MkMt aai lat si.a ikal mm
'-" ' "I Htw. .f. Haii . !.
' a . f .. la
wt-m r. ...mi a nuaaia la kiaia
iiSa- l l .ia Jub Hiuik ia a k.ln.i ; ik.t
autl mI ta ia x.. m4 mI
)(.h...,i Ru tut l-aaa, d,, M,.4 , l. a
i-a imi i .., f,,km i a I ...
- ..w, w-mrw p'Wt IS ,
Ik 1 aituaai aa kI tla.. a k.k , l.
lt j IJI ., l. at a. i, t,, at
I l'r k. Una ami.
hual4t ta Mtl tbe Nthai'
H ibuaJd al4Mi t at t ha Ju JJj