The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, August 26, 1897, Page 7, Image 7

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August 26, 1897.
LwootN, Neb., Aug. 33, 1897.-(Spec-
ial correspondunoe.) Tuore Is one thing
connected with the republican supreme
court ol Nebraska no exceeding! shame
(ul. such a disgrace to the state, that al
though I have known ol It a long tlme,I
hare tioeitated, doubting whether I
ebould mention It. There are eoroe
thing connected with the old republican
rule In thin etate almost too shameful to
record, and thle In one of them.
The eupriitiie judgimand commissioner
of the etate draw 1 0,000 a year from
the state, under the title of'uMiietaiite,"
Tboee "assistant" are Klla Norval, wife
of Judge Nerval; Pauline Hagun, datigb
tur of Commissioner Ilugan; A. C.
l'varun, son-in-law of Mri, J udge llarrl
on; Clara Irwin, wife of Commlsslonur
Irwin; Nellie Poet, daughter of Judge
I'osi; rred M, ligan, eon 01 umiimssion
r Itvun.
If there I Another case of eucb die
I;ruculul depot Ism In the history of the
udiclarj since the dark ages, 1 do not
now where to look for It. When the
courts of last resort become Ilk this,
what are the people to uo7
lo p Slsls House Usng,
I have had an eye on Uncle Jake
Wolle for several weeks past. He hue
been trave llnir a over the state. As-
terday 1 henrd that be had filed his bill
... II.... ..ui,.. kin l,..,.l
bill, etc. lie began this running around
t ie alter tiart 01 June aim nns Kept it
uu ever since. I wn bound to know
what he was at and what kind of a bill
the stnte would have to puy. Ho as
soon a that voucher wits filed I went
and demanded a look at It.
1 did not know how much of n story
the voucher would tell, tor voucher tire
dor the old ri'Kiine told nothing. The
law lb at requires Items to beattached to
vouchers was iirnoreu tiy itusswi.uiiirwi
hill A Co. When they wanted money
they drew on the appropriation and
simply said, ''traveling expenses," No
items. The vouchers uiu not unarm the
Mibllo whether they went to Karatova,
Ht. I -on Is or Hutton. Tiper'a voucher
No. 7,UW0 for 1200 for traveling expen
ses gives no Hems Itussell's vouchor
No. 7,010 for 1100 is of the same sort.
Ho It Is all the way through so far a 1
have looked.
1 wn determined to look at this
voucher for traveling expense of one of
the pop state house gang. 1 demanded
it, 1 got it and it lies before me. Thle is
the war it beirlns:
Cash expended for leasing and viewing
land to August 7, iwu.
Ureoly t'oiiaty,
June 20, lunch I .20
June 27, hotel 2.20
June VS. livery to Hcotla ' 1.00
June 2M, hotel. .'. 1.00
June 20, lunch ,. 115
The following in the same way I a list
of expenses to 1'olk, Holt, Hoy d, Jeffer
son, Nuckolls, Chase, Hayes, Thomas
and lOtffiii counties. The total lor all
this traveling from June 2q to August
7, covering 2,071) miles Is f 00.80.
Now I wanted to pit a whack at this
"state house gang ' but that voucher
did not help m a bit. Hoi thought 1
would look a little farther and see what
good the expenditure of this f 00,80 bad
I found that Uncle Jake bad been after
the republican In those counties who
have been living on school land for
years and paying nothing, except In
work for the republican party. I And
that he has rented 20.VB0 acres of land
of whlcfi the state ha received nothing
for the last Ave years, but for which it
will now receive for the remaining eigh
teen months of this blunnium f '1,087.00,
less Uncle Jake's excuse of fOO.HO.
Again this f 00.80 Is the total of all
traveling expenses for all the pop state
officers for the seven months that they
have been in office.
After looking the whole thing over two
or three times, I hv concluded not to
register any kick on the "gang' at the
present time.
Ths Mill llv Opened.
McKlnley has kept bis promise. He
ha opened the mill. They are run
iiing 011 full time, especially In West Vlr
giula, Kbiisiis and Nebraska. Hut the
mills that McKiuley has started are the
Injunction mills. Kansas has been en
joined from prosecuting her criminals.
ebs snys he has been enjoined from off
the face of the earth by a West Virginia
federal judge. This West Virginia in
luuetioii was a little too broad for the
New York gold-bug l'ost. In speaking
of it, that pupereays:
"They are not ouly prohibited from
Inciting the employee of the company to
strike, but are also ordered not to 'ap
proach' ite prert.v. As Debs says, 'he
lias len enjoined off the faoe of the
earth.' If it is Uwlul for tueii to agree
to quit work, it can hardly I criminal
tt ml vise or incite them to do so; and
the circumstance must be very peculiar
to make It an onVnse to 'approach ths
property' ol a coal eomnnny."
I wonder If that injunction machine
would work a rapidly if the miner
should ask an Injuurt ton ni(nlnt Mark
llsnua to prevent him from lowering
wage. It such an attempt were mad
I btttcy thai tb mwrhiu would throw a
bu, mash a wig or burt a collar, and
wouldn't goat all,
lu Nebraska they have Issued r
petual Injunction forever prohibiting
jwopleul tin state from attempting to
lower Ireight rl,
11 m e hralter dare to say that
Mrkiulvy didn't iwp hie promise to
etatt up the Hi ills.
IM' eUtiwat that he ha tv ee
pi)l oft ths hu it (he earth hi very
ktr the truth, The fudge ha enjoined
him Irani ''approaching" tke Mlee.
Nuw wherever IM I, whea he tout
henittstgu toar4 the miIum, That
would be "aprNW Meg' thee. R bs
Hiuat h'r tt,g away truat
th.e. a he got just hall way
erowsl Ik suf II U. atlas Using
4lly detest eilk.r way what U
Uk In du! It wi: have Im rtuaia
slelMaary t gt nil the terlh, Ta pist
that have the lwltoa nulls
rtea4 4f the adtMeiewatH ol
rr4eat MkiWt,
T. II. Tieet is,
I dlK'f wl a .Nebraska ) are.
The rnrnwraA lfkat lasaraae
('is, t4 thievtlt nt 4 tk
(actuation ul Ue stale asd ha
aesaeeed large If Vg
fwMt la the wlOeattat Uxmt lta
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eallej to meet at Jeuilstin oa 8eitember
n auj '.:. J, O. I'lokara ie the Tree
The Ineureue iHiuiniissioner ol klis
siiurl ha )ilae4 the commissioner ol
Kansas to lrak at the lasuraae trust
at kanea till au4 other tinta la the
The lurau tit .aUr la thirty elatve
are eollmtltig lbhriatlua rrduig the
! asl nniiktioa ul r.ktrie .1M aa4
I'uwer 'taulertale aa4 Riuawial
hir the beasflt wl the National .abr
You Iur;
ffo llsH
of as.
tuaeethe aaiaalka ul (aaovas,
tie Ht'aih I'rewsif, aa rvWr ha ha
tu4 by the liurMia tl iesangralioa,
Kr theeivUsiua e hiaUh Aaarehists
trww thi eoustry, as4 all wht sat) rm
l vrH a til be rtuk4 hvm laeJieg.
The tisaeta liall ha eegswte.)
lUk. f, k.aier, eUilur tl U tti.r
tsrvSH W, a rtr e la U Us
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gatl the aefstty, hie. kaf I
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diction m baseil upon the Income Irom
the Western Uuion ami other trust
stinks la his HMeesion. It ie quite eale
to sax, howsver, that when Wall etreet
ami such skinflint a Sag roir, the
petiie euner,
The Kentucky rotiulisbs are eotuiielliHi
to r-eort ta a tltmn by two wr rent
ol the voter ol that state to rt the
name 01 tnvir eanuiiiaie lur rierk ul the
Court ol Apiwals nn the lflml ballut:
the Hettretary ol Utate holUimi that the
iartjr ha4 uot iuIUh euttliteul vols
lAsijeur iu eatitie to the uul
W. J. I ryaa, oa hi rweat lrl
through lluataaa a4 Wvatlag. re
etve a trU t ovatuia, aa he Jiws
myhr,aa4 wa gret4 wuh lbs
bmuiititg ul eaaaoa, the rattle ul ie
hlrjf ami rhsvfieK iHiula at ery
sit. Nualhsr 1m the hutury ul
lhe foualry hae Ua able, attr a rl'
utotiel 4k, ta rstata eavh Klre4
raal as 1 uiilhl NiiaUrtlj,
.ta etuwutiva euaiatitUa has Ua
ehiMHia by the aatuiaal eiltse rublia
iwsrty as .ili thatruaa, r4 T.
'Mbs, .laho, Jmlge J. J, llariwr i l
ttashisslwa euurt hita f 1 We tt.
ve.., ,V Y.t . M Hwiiii-
at. . fca . ...
aiw t-vavef, iii natkaa UK l'i
tt I iS AhmIm. t'lkl : JlUM II aul ul
ttva4H aa4 t hstl U llartwaa ul
Im .... a. a
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i.a .
-it j
country last jrar, wa 1'JO,HU'J( with a
total wealth ol f 'i.St 1,'Jtl, an average
ol about 13 aheaj. The Herman are
the most thrift j. The LokIisIi anj
Irish make the beet showing, while the
I tali ana are the jxiorset.
( uasultbg rmiia RMDk) VJT V
Heia4 BMr
1b. La. Attera7
uti a,
t Wes W. .U-ss H hsl
t4--t k-f kallS-4 tt
! 4 ! ti.Hl, t. Mm l4 s
riii moi le t 1
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s im .. Ui f r es kJ ..
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ui "sni.MtipiH.4 rtM', eM M
etialtH. MMirOS V IS. Irtf
MlNHftlM III. M k((M
lev ta Tr Chaiea Ufttirtrau
llarveet ettureioa oa the Greet R.k
Ilaa4 !" ta Ike Ciklahoata ilMtriet,
lea t kaaea aa4 Ivies. Ib.reare
II eieareioa atrag4 kr. Tutsi
I ate, ee tare k rueaJ lr lu l tsi,
atsar Aug, JM?, rWct-a.Ur t Ml,
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iet ol the "lUwt lU4' ;lm, u
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Indianapolia, Ind. and retura 118,
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1'Jth under ewrtaia conditions.
Inillanapotis, lnd. and retorts ttS.
fept'taber (lib and Tth; retura limit
kvatemher lth.
ItuRalu, N. Y. and retura f J 1.70, Aug
ast Hist and 'J Ju4, retura limit Angnst
81st with prlvUfge ul Htemhr KOth
ilr swrlaia eou4ttone.
( hiiago, I'eurta and t. Louis f tO 00
fane wajr), Aegust Had, 0th, Vth aad
Arkenaa, laillan Tmllory, Okla
homa. Ti aad ltublana point una
tar plus f J lor rouu4 trip August 84
and ITlh, rWpl.mbee Tth aad Hist,
(WtiWf bth aa4 lUth; retura Umlt
tety-te 4t Iruni daleuleal.
t all at .tt elrset or at lpot,
Talith aad O etrl lo? turthef la
lor mjsIui.
IM. Ul tu.srusn, C P. A.
tvt4f Ian ta,
faetareta Paadt rathartla. tka
Weadettal a4ies4 Iihukt iJ aaa a.
aieaaaat a4 rerrsahiaa ta U lesisv mi
geallf a4 paitlfelf m ltdaef ajff
aa4 aaweia, eteaaatag tMeaUnutteea,
4iKJ l4sv eata haadaea. bees kia
aal eoaetipatiea aad biUosnaa. iktm
aa aa) trf ai UUU ISNgcjh-tCv
I&. AO ess la ft.44 aai mwu ft
9t I all drwakibt,