The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, August 26, 1897, Page 3, Image 3

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    August 26, 18Q7
V. '
The neonle's independent party will
moit likelr use tb scales as their em
blem. Thev belie re in equality, or
other words "equal rights to all and
special privilege to none. Arapahoe
Enriaud Is distrusted with the United
State monetary commission and aaye
that India and herself will never oon
sent to free silver coinage. Japan has
only been on a sold basin for a few
tnonthi, yet she il now obliged to lu
bonda to maintain a Inicle standard or
return to tb free use of lilver. O'Neil
No crime has ever spread faster in
America than the crime of issuing in
iuDotione bv the court. Within a year
we aball not be surprised to bear that
aome corporation oourt baa enjoined
passengers entering railroad tralni with
ont flret receiving a railroad doctor'i
certificate showing tbem to be free from
aymptoms of anarchy. rapllllon liuiea
"Dollar Wheat, Republican Prophecy
Fulfilled." li tbe way trie uunaio e-x
nress headi it tbla morning,
Ho tbe renublican party wae In the
confidence of the Almiahty waa it, and
knew that wheat waa going to bring
this price? W were not aware that tbe
republican party bad made a prophecy
of tbla aort. but of course if it did It
tnuat bar obtained it information
from aome supernatural aouroe.
Perhaps we shall be told aoon that the
republican party propnesiea lasi urn
that crop would be good tbla aummer.
There i a (treat advantage, of course,
in having a party in power which has
established confidential relation with
Divine Providence. liuffalo Evening
Unci Jake Wolfe I aucb a good, tried
and true populist that tb daily freak
was scared nearly Into convulsion at
the mere mention of bis coming to North
Matte. In previous year tb commis
sioner 01 public lanus ana ounaings
used to sit in hi office and lettheaohoo!
land lit Idle, but Unole Jake Wolfe i
bustling to lease every foot of it for tbe
benefit of the school children of the
atate. And tbl la what worriea tbe ring
organs. They turu green with envy to
aee tbe nooulist officials dolus tbeir
whole duty by tb peopl who elected
tbem. Tbe good work of Porter, Cor
nell, Wolfe aud Meeerv will go on and
tb "rlnsr'' onran will have more cause
for tear a tb day go prosperously by
lor Nebraska people. Independent Era.
Tbe city government of Berlin baa be
run to consider very seriously tbe muni
cipalication of tbe street railway and
transportation ayateme. The corpora
tion there are sow aublected to wnat
over here would be denounced as term
of confiscation. Berlin grant no fran
chise without a payment in money of at
least i&u.uuu, a guarantee to tne city
treasury of from ten to twenty per cent
of tbe irroM receipt and an agreement
to turn tb entire plant and equipment
over to tbe municipality for uotnlng in
twenty year. Tbe corporation must
also clean and repair tbe etreets they
occupy. Tbe franchise under these terms
have proved profitable to tbe compan
ies, whicn most keep tneir boon open
to oublio Inspection at all time. Never
theleea, the city author) tie are thinking
of taking tbe systems out. of the bands
of tbeir present holders. In this country
an attempt to make tbe corporations
submit to Berlin conditions would be
furiously denounced as Bryauisrn, while
th court would put a atop to it a un
constitutional. lwentietu Lentury.
Congressman Ilolman of Indiana died
aome time ago and bia aucoessor waa
elected lost week. Ilolman ran 1,100
ahead of bis ticket, was supported by
tb populists aud was elected by a very
mall majority. Tb republican spent
ocean of money tbl year, got a pop
candidate in tbe field and made a great
er fight than lost year, but were utterly
overwhelmed, altbough their populist
candidate got out) votes. rancis Mar
ion Griffith, a nameeake and lineal de-
cendent ol tbe great southern hero of
tbe revolutionary war. was tbe demo
cratie candidate and he wae elected by
a very largely increased majority. In
this connection It might be well enough
to say that a man of brain named
Francis Marion could be found nowhere
le exoep on tbe side of the people and
the people's liberties. The same relative
gain all over the country will carry nine
tenths of tbe electoral vote for Ilryan
and give Dim the nest congress by one
hundred and filly majority. Tbe proa'
parity wagon has evidently not reached
Indiana. Central City Democrat.
What WeMayKspeet,
The iutsntlon of the prenent adniini
tratlon,ba:kd by the national bank aa
wiatlnn U to ratirw all arovwrnniant
laMr money and put In Its place cur
rency iiteuwd by tbe banks. The govern
ment paMr which is to be displaced con-
eiataof i.l.,(UVJ7 in silver rerun
4-ts, .'141.000,000 in greenbacks,
114.,aMU,uii)in treasury non-e, known
as Phermaa notes, given tV silver pur-
chaaea, making a tout uf HlH.o:it,0u7.
To retire all tbla non-latret bearing
mousy it will be naerwaary to Ueue aa
equal amount of latere! bearing bond
to buy it up. Thia would lanreaea th Indebtadeea of 400,000,000,
which at per out, would give li the
bunker out ol the pocket ul tbe itiple
S.I J,imm1,immj. The bond would be r4
lly taken by the batiks oa condition that
they were to reewv the lit Ureal and be
allowed aa equal amount la aurreacy
with whkb traaeaet the bueiawM wl
theeouslry. Tb hi4e gold bug Ira
Watty i sow pushleg everything to
here a bill auk the provWiuee 1
through Ike sett eiiugrre, Uovae
ouuty Outlook.
rWeata TIUe id Colors bi, k ak4
receallf ittherwel wkat aea nut a
eoatradttioa tt Ike argameet id Ike
tr reig ra that aheai and alive
travel il t.v e.e la Value, eai.l "I
aoi irrw-d tkal vkav)iitoakimM
I ak4.
hie avawallv adnuind he
the -4
iltiiertiuairy a-i If Iknex,
are UeiUier with eia.iitiita that , latifvrtHg wtta lh ieiiig 14 111-
tkadvari4 wket tadne ta thekit h4 beU-nftug to tbe Ut tf Noilk
nl In the old. AU tkt ea ( t'.ndiaa, and. whn h M -ig bt t-b-wheat
m t-aral a lavli ,4lu4 mttM i(f Tt, gtriHt Bstl
IHareiitMr. gmnl aatkeHt tkal J k - t li.4 M.
tbe ef. la all the ;aHia e,M.iIM M bias ft e.ti It U be a
hurt a4 that there wul U a greatoe g4 tkieg fi t ll 'i U If w b4
d'tnaadhittkeftttdertttltki tx.eslry fw Ht iu H mf Ub 1 1 fkH
Ikaa bif aay eat.H ItawelL Tat vw feaa.
Counseling Ps to Cry, "'Peace, Peace)'
Where There Is Mo Fmm"-Om Trouble
Is the Doctor Doesn't Tell V Where
to Get Uli Prescription Filled.
Special Correspondence.
Dr. T. Do Witt Tulinage baa made
out a prescription for tbe cure of tbe
business depression. The chief ingrodi
enta are cheerfulness, Christian invest
ment aud Christian geucrosity. As to
tbe first he mys:
Now, I will muke s contract. If the people
Of the United Hiatus fur one week will tslk
ohom-fullr, I will open all the ruanufaatorloa,
I will Kive employniunt to ell the uiKxx'Uplcd
men and women, I will make s 11 voir mm km
for your real iwtulo Hint I uutlne you up with
taxes, I will stop the long proamnion on the
way to the puurhouse ami the pmiltunUary
and I will spri'iul s plentiful tuhle from Maine
to California and from Orituon to Handy Hook,
and the whole land shall carol and thunder
with national Jubiloe.
That sort of tulk tiiukci me gnash my
teeth. "If the people of the United
States for one week will talk cheer
fully." Why, T. Do Wlttl Doyouiiot
feel ashunicd to suy a thing like that
where you know it is to bo reported aud
priutcd? Maybe thero isn't anybody iu
your oougregutiou who knows bow silly
and aballow it is. Perhupa they swnl
low it all down and pay you for saying
it while you are laughing iu your sleeve
and tfalukiug with Puck, "What fool
these mortals be I"
"If everybody iu tho United State
will talk cheerfully for a week," you
will give employ incut to all the uuoo
oupiod men und wotucu I
Of course you would. So would I.
You are liko the priest who promised to
pray for ruiu when all his parishioner
would agree na to wbut day they want
ed the raiu to come. One had his hay
out and wanted to get it iu before the
rain, aud other wauted a delay for
other reasons, und so, Just as ho knew
It would be, thu raiu came before they
would all agree aa to wheu their spirit
ual leader should pray for it. Mice lit
tle promise, wusu't it?
"If everybody iu the United States
will talk cheerfully for a week, " you
will stop the long procession ou it way
to tbe poorbouscl
When I was a very little girl, I saw
a beautiful bird which I tried to cutob.
Some smarty told mo to put salt on
Its tail and I could catnh it. So
chased the bird around with a handful
of salt until convinced that I must catch
it before I could put the salt ou it tail,
and then (be salt would be unnecessary.
Yon Just stop tho long procession to
tbe poorbouse and penitentiary, give
employment to the idle meu aud women,
open the manufactories, etc., aud I'll
take a contract for supplying all ueoes
sury and reasonable cheerfulness. You
have the thing turned around. Instead
of cheerfulness bringing about these
other good things we need these other
good things to bring about cheerfulness.
If you don't believe it, you Just step
down out of your sacred desk and out
of your comfortable homo and ont of
your good clothing into rug and start
on your way to the poorbouse. Then let
aome aleek, well fed, well groomed,
comfortable looking individual meet
you and tell you to talk cheerfully for
week. Why, bless your soul, a person
who ia half starved already would
starve altogether before tho week would
end. Go away, go away, Dr. Taluiuge!
Building on confidence is worse thun
buikling on sand, and you kuow what
became of the man who buihlod his
houso on tbe sand. The rains descended,
the floods, and tho house fulL
Whnn the Hev. T. De Witt gets
through with cheerfulness, altbonKh ho
promised everything good for talking
cheerfully for a week, bo goes on to
show that something more thuu cheer
fulness is after all needed to restore
prosperity. You must tuke out your
checkbook and write a lurgo check for
missionary sodety. Then you will
grow rich. Heur him:
I had a relative who IiiuIiikm buoiikhI to lie
faillns. Here a lone, and tlnre a Iimo, and
everything waa bolhiTlnK, perplexing and an
noying blm. 11 oat down one day ami wild:
Uou mujtl ha vi! a pontrovnmy with mo almut
somnthlng. 1 Imlluve I havi-n't given enough
to the caua of Clirlnt." And thitre and tlnn
he look out lit rhm'khook and wrote a large
check for a nilmlonnry eucloty. lie told :
Thai wae the turning point In mr lmninmei.
Evnr etnue thun I have lwn iiroaperoua. from
that very day-aye, from that vwry hour I
saw the change." Anil, sure enough, he weut
, and he gathered fortune.
There, now, you good for nothing
tramp aud hKKri who are whiuing
about bard times, bustle out your check
books aud write a large -h k for a mis
sionary sotli'ty. That's the way to
gather a fortune. O great ami good Dr.
Talutag, why have you so long with
held three simple run S for bard times
f w bad Duly kuown these things be
fore, instead t f tramiiiug the streets, or
starving, or nuuutitttug suicide, or sell
ing oureelvi soul ami lasly for bread,
or working till old age for jut a living,
while others were enrb bed by our loll,
we should bsv. Ulkod tint if wily and
written, a Urge flunk for a luloalouary
stalely. I l-w nuclei Only, klud sir,
tell US whrie o gr I lie thuiful-
aud the thtx kbook.
t'1144 it, WMITtllBtb.
West fie M, N J,
A SioeereM la 4 teept.
(lovnuor liumll .f Notth t'andia
1 a laaa whttt tbe me sht. Wv.
Jadg MlmuiloM i f the f Ml rMlt
aatwholsa i-ei.titittf TUslwU i
ue4 aa lelaiM-ttoM alut tiuvertHf
Ita - IU al the r.iir.t ,.f J. Vu.i,
Mmgaw, Mjtnlii4 the aviveiu lt w
Borden of Debt That Is Aitonlahlng
and That la Rapidly Increasing.
"Ooudemned to forever roll the stone
that was forever to be rolled," waa tbe
sentence imposed on one of the charao
tera of Qroek mythology. This aentenoe
ia uow Imposed ou the American toiler.
we hove paid two-third of the war
debt, and the remuiuing third ia bigger
than the wholo of it waa when we bo
gun. Uow do you make that out
Cherryr Well, Just figure up how maoh
it would tuke to puy $2,800,000,000 in
cotton at 20 ccuts a ponud, or wheat at
3 per bushel, and compare that with
what it would tuke to pay oue-third
that amount in cotton at 0 cents per
pound or wheat at 60 cents per bushel,
If the sucker who carried a torch and
"hollered" to help his side beat the
other aide (of Wall street) husu't sense
enough to understand these figures, Just
hand tbem over to his 10-yeur-old
At the close of the war the people
were "comparatively free from debt,'
aid Secretary of the Treasury McCul
loch. The wur debt was all tho people
owed, and nearly all this was iu circu
lation among the people us the nation's
legal tender money, liusiuess waa done
for cash. There was a lesa per cent of
credit business thuu ever before, Labor
found employment on every side at
high wuges and ready cash for pay.
Today, after S'i yeurs of hurd work,
our debts, publio and private, amount
to $40,000, 000, 000 all t hut the prop
erty i worth at present prices. Ours ia
rich oouutry, owned largely in Eu
Our interest, rent and dividend pay
ments to Europe amount to from $800,
000,000 to $60,000,000 a year, aud
the amouut is rapidly increasing.
We annually dig out of our mines
from $35,000,000 to $40,000,000 of
gold and from$00, 000,000 to $70,000,
000 of silver. Aud only lust year I saw
poor, half starved Amerinan working'
men who believed that ont of this $10,.
000,000 of gold we could pay this $380,.
000,000 to Europe iu gold and have
dead loads of gold left to do business
with and oocumuluto enough surplus
after awhile to pay the principal. Such
fellows ought to be knocked in tbe head
to save feed. Hogs could be fatteuod on
What they eut, and that would add
omething to the country's wealth.
"Bimetallism I Bimetallism!" yelled
a wide mouthed orator. "Add silver
too." All right. To $46,000,000, our
highest annual product of gold in a dec
ade, add $73,000,000 of silver, making
$118,000,000 of both with which to
pay to Europe $850,000,000 and have
a balance left to transact our borne busi
Don't you see that the poor working
man who vote for tbe goldbug la a
blooming idiot, while the "bimetalliat"
is a half opened bud on the same bush?
verily, verily, I say unto you, there
if 00 way under heaven or among men
whereby prosperity permanent and en
during can be restored to this people,
and liberty aud tbe republic be main
tained, except by tbe issue and perma
neut maintenance of Unole Sam's abso
lute, everlasting greenback.
But up to date a large percent of our
people, votera who have the power of
government aud the deatiny of tbe re
public in their hands, will not reason
on these matters, but will think it
mart to follow some slick demagogue
who telle them how free and smart they
are and who lead them with aucb
claptrap and catch phrases a "honest
money," "sound money" and "bimetal
lism," phrases as meaningless and
eustdess aa rival college yella.
May Uod in hia infinite wisdom and
mercy give the starving American voter
uch a doso of IIurrison-Cleveland-Mo-
Einley prosperity that he will use his
bend for something else than a peg to
bang his hut ou. John IL Cherry in
Cincago Express.
As It Looks to Joha Ball.
The Spectator, in an article entitled
Aggressions of American Wealth,"
refers to tho retirement of President
Audrews from Brown university and
President Ui-mis from Chicago unlver-
ity, saying:
"We run scarcely esonpo tbt conclu
sion that a conspiracy exista among
tbe heuds of trusts in Amorica to Inter
fere with the freedom of teaohing in
the universities so fur asecouomlo ques
tions are concerned, iu order that noth
ing shall be uttered which has not re
ceived the trademark of mouopoliltio
The patter pictures the Americana aa
reduced almost to the situation of Itu
ia by the censorship of wealthy mag
nate over the uuivursitiea aud saysi
"Capitalists have subsidised th pul
pits, bought up the press, seated well
paid attorney in the wmato and Anally
have stretched their baud out to col
legia, which it is an easy thing to
capture I y such g'urruaity as Mr, Hot ke
feller'a AppMrruilv It U their Inli'U
Hon to convert the United tttatv luto a
powerful oligarchy, aud they will ei
tmitt the swa.v of Hist oligarchy to other
load where they can. "
f MMleg T heir Way,
Tb Iiublit'auer a tot of rbuiur t,
Ifrre On-y are UViMtuiMHIig the la-iut
rial f" luting tnllg4tt d the iwlun'
Hike to Injure )Utk lUiitia a If lit
taiit re lnul. sit mi! iukvtly and
staive Iu ilMth a') t ait tlx iiiii
f 4t Ml ami with th tt'iu
aghl Iu tho White I i "!, tu the U
ului a4iMttte l.i'U Wp eiiil
WhbH 'tvf the Ulk give Will be
i Mal4l U tlx tt. U l t'tltt, the
Uw aud i uUti t, who at a tuW
vt4e the Iltttlteaa Ik kit, ar Mw
aMklng bel if Uiaeee t4 th
Ilea la il ! tea, there fns yield
litrliy t tie 4iep4ia feud. rttd
ly, the tttai kit Hill hv Ue letted.
t kuliKt wilt bt Wet!, Mlv
ntity I ttvt?vf 'e't U aboil tun
iatktl and tu IUetliit tukt a
iifyttt wky shuald tea f4ua Ilea
aaito arte? Thie ata tttiatutf their
waj,e-lj4 lluevit.
Th Democratic State Central Committee lor
the state ol Nebraska hereby call a delegate coa
vent! on ol the dnmooraU ot the state ol Nebras
ka to mettlu Llncolu oa Wednetday, September
1, at ) p. m., tor the parpoee ot plaelog Is nomi
nation a candidate lor Jadg nf tbt tnpaene
court sad two candidates lor regents of the state
onlverilty, and lor the transaction ol each other
beilnMM a may properly come betore It.
All oltltene who believe In tbe principles ot tbe
demoiTatlo party as declared In tbe Chloaao
platform, and wbo Intend to affiliate with tlie
demouratlc party are Invited to participate In
tb selection ol delegatee to tbl convention.
The bail ol represent at Ion lion dlaatlor
each UK) vote, or major fraction thereof, ea for
lion. W. J. Ilryan lor United State isaator at
tbe (tnneral election of 1SV4, each county, how
ever, to have at leaet on delegate.
No proile will be allowed, aud the various
oonntle are reqneated to eelect alternate dele
Kate o that each may hart full repreeeatatlos
Id the convention.
The headuuarter of the Remoaratl State
Commlttiie will be at the Llnilell hotel, where del
egate tictei may be naa.
Tb IoIIowIiik I tb number of delegates to
wuicnuacn couuty I entttieai
Aiaui ,...
Jonlieoa 10
Kearney S
Keyel'aba I
Kimball 1
Knox ,,,,, to
I.ancaeter 4S
l.liioolu,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,..,., I
l.oean...... .,. I
l.ouii..,,. , , 1
Madison. 1ft
Merrick T
Nanon.. ..,.,, ,., I
Nemaha,,..,.,,..,, II
Nuckolls II
Otoe to
I'awnee ,., , ,
I'erklns , I
I'hfflps. ..,,,,. 4
I'lerre, T
Matte.,., It
folk I
Heri Willow I
Hlaberdsoa ,.. SO
Hock ((- miii unn m
Saline ,. II
Harpy .,., II)
Maunder , , IS
Mootts UJuff 1
Reward , , .,.,.. II
Sherman ............ ... 4
Mlous i
Stantoa... .,,... I
Thayer , It
Thoraae. ,.,.., I
Thnmion .., I
Valley , 4
Waiblnatoa It
Wayne T
WbtMlMff rlf 'fir (tiMtrf 1
York..... .,., 11
Total ,JU
Astelop ,.,
Moon ,.,
Hoi llutt.
Drown ,,,
liuffalo. ,.1
II u tier...
('has ,
Caster ,
Dawes ,
Deuel, .,
Dlion ,.
Douela .,.,.. M
Dundy...,,,,,,,,,, f
Fillmore II
franklin ,
furno I
Mas ,. 14
Ooiir I
Orant 1
(Ireeley,,,,.,, , I
ll ail u
Hamilton ,. 10
Harlan ,.,., I
Hare 1
Hltabeock I
Holt ,.., to
Hooker I
jeffyron II
1AMKS a DA II I.MAN. Cbalrmas.
LlCU IIKHDMAN, Secretary.
t.isooi.s, Neb., July 10, IU7.
By order of tb provisional state central com
mlttee of tbfre silver republican of tb state
of Nebraska, we hereby eall s state convention
of th electors of said party to meet Is the lty
of Lincoln, os Wednesday, September 1, IlkT, at
t clock p, u,
Tk purpose of said convention I to place Is
nomination on candidate for Jadsje of tbe en
prem court, and two resent ol the sslverslty
of tbe state of Nebraeka, and to traneaat sack
olber bunlnee a may properly com before eald
gaub county will be ntltled to two dolal
at lr and on ddesst for every MO votes or
major (racoon thereof cast for Nel O. Albert,
iireeldentlal elector la le. wblcs will make tb
ollowln apportionment by sosstl:
Adam 10 Jeflereon. ....,..,.
Antelope ,,,. I Jobneon..,,
Banner, 1 Kearney......
Blaine.... 1 Keith 1
Boone T Key fabe , I
Boi Hett I Kimball ,., 1
Boyd Ksos... I
Brows... t Lancaster,. ,,,,..., Vt
Buffalo 11 Lincoln.,.. ,, ,, T
Bart I Loaas ,. 1
Butler. II Loup 1
Can ..It Madieos I
Cedar I Mrl'bersoa if 1
Chaee.. 1 Merrick I
Cherry.... I Haaee
Obey can I Nemaha.. 10
Clay I Nuekoll T
Collar. 7 O'oe II
fnmln..., I Pawnee I
Coster II I'erkl
Dakota i Pbelpe....
Dawee I fierce.,,,. ,. I
Daweon , T Platte.... 10
Deuel I folk T
Olsoa I Bed Willow I
Dodxe 10 Klckardeoa II
Dontfla II Rock.... t
Dandy ,. I Saline. 1
Fillmore,.... I Harpy t
Franklin... I Houudera 14
Frontier , I Scott BluS I
Kuraas T Heward..... I
Oaae 14 Hherldan 4
Oarneld 1 Hherman 4
Ooaper.. I Hloui I
Orant 1 Htantoa 4
Oreeley 4 Thayer T
Hall I Thomas 1
Hamilton ,, I Thar ton 4
Harlan I Valley 4
Have I Waehlaejtos 1
Hitchcock I Wayne I
Holt T Weheter T
Hooker 1 Wheeler 1
Howard I York I
It I recoramd4 that each eeaaty select a
ternate for each deUwate, and tkat tbe
eleate nreeeat at eald convention be allowed
to at th fall vote of eald eosnty. It I farther
recommended that no pros lea he allowed.
L, 0. PACK, Cb airman,
WILLIAM B. I'HICK. Heeretarr.
John W. Ttreidenthal, one of the lead
er in rulorm movements in Kansas for
flften years, and Ave year chairman of
the people' party tat eierutive com
mittxe, resigned his position last week
and Taylor Kiddle waa elected to sue-
red blm. Mr. KreidMntbal was an ln-
t'atlgable worker and acknowledged
to Iw one of the beet political organiser
in th couutry.
G. A. R.
Aug. 33 to 38.
For tb Annual Knramouiekt of th
O A. It., at Itttffaut, N. Y. ia Aug.. tbe
VltlS 1' Al l Uf will auaka the orotlv
rduon rate from l.iatla wt IJtiUMuf
the round trip IW eure your tnke
t via the "nrtktal (Iraad Army
Itiiat," I'atoa raeitle. t hieagti aa I
.itthaealeva, N, Y, I'. k Ht. !, .Ntrkl
late) lUileaia,
1 1 time UI.U and full infufwiatiua
klloa J. T. Mtstit. f. T A .
, It. flUMSM.s, tiea. Ai. tltUMt.
ttearn t'aaanl M Carort
OfV'leeltMK as thef - eeaeA Ih
r""e mim iu re l eei ene
r e. e eeafiMe e4 I4 I kf Miiketiwai
'Uea. I Waee h) eeewl kt ea talieW ee
- the lieu. el a htkte
WkeetSekeket Il44 Mke
He4 e .. k-wi.e. eA ekea M le
"' 4. lrei I toe en e4
tk kvieu. m k ! m4 o4 te tU
lie (mmm! ee4tu-e). kwii will k
' , eleeeeeee ! 4 tee w eee)
ekhk le eUiie k the leAeawa
x tee
H , in ti,( lhM Meejml U-lleye h Ml toe
I ! Iteel k miuiIi kket W
4 kf hi tMa t M4h
F J-l'ttttSf W,TeieAe,a.
triw kf MH BK
& Mountains of New Us
New Dress Goods.
40 pieons Vicugna cloth, regu
lar price lOo; tbl week, per
20 piece 0-4 Ilrooadea, all new
, regu lar price l le; tb I week
nir varrl lt
17 piece Damass 84 In. wide,
regular price 18c; tbla week
peryarrl 160
15 piece Arabian Jaoquards
in all tb lending shades, reg
ular price 25c; tbl week, per
Novelty Dress Goods, regular
prlo 80o, 40o, 60o, 00c, 75o,
o5o, and OScj now
23c, 85o, 45o, 03c, 72o and 84o
20 dozen cotton towel 17i8fl,
regular prlo So; this week,
each , 4o
20 doten cotton towel 18x44,
regular prlc 10c; tbl week,
each Ho
10 doten all linen towel, fancy
border, 25i40, regular prlc
15c; tbla week ......12!
lOdoten fin Pamaak towel
22i4(J, regular prlo 26c; tbi
week 22c
Men's working ablrta, regular
price 25o, 85o, 60a, and 75o:
tbl week 10c, 20c, 48o t 60a
8 doteo Gent' acarfsand band
bowa, regular price 26c; to
close, ooh ,. 17o
Children' grain button, 6 to
8, regular pric 76c; tbi aal
per pair...., 08o
Child's (Jralo button, toll,
regular prlo $1.00; tbi aal
per pair 80s
Mlesev grain button, 1 1 to 2,
921 0 Street, Oppoiita P. 0., Linooln, lfab,
Wholesale and Retail Dealeri. '
for building aod cemetery work. Several hundred finished
Monument! of modem design always on hand.
Write for cuts and prices. A personal call preferred. Address,
Cor. Ijth .ad O Sti.,
Silver Kepablleaa Ceaaty Coaveatloa.
The silver repabllcee party ot Unraeler eoaalf
I herebr railed la meet Iu otanlr coa.enUnn la
tbe city uf Llnwln, at I o clock a. ra oa rrldsv
Aairaet 17, 1W7, for the parurwe of placla la
nmul'iatioa ramiliUte fir tb following rouiil
ofltrec-Treuurer, berlfl, clerk, Jmlife, reeleler
uf deed, aprliitendent, lanrevur, coinml.elcHier
and comner. end to eelert 51 delessle to tbe (late
convention to he held at Llnnila,rWtembf I. sad
to tranesrt earb other baelitee a mr properlf
eorae before tne cotivenllna. Tbe beele uf repre
MiiUllon will be lwodleKtr t larv frura eet b
ward and pre ln t, and one deleytU for every I
vnle or nisor frartlna thereof reel fur Nel O.
allierta, preeidentlsl alrrtur laet November.
Iielesiitv from Morula will meet ImmedUletf
after xlioarmueat of the rnavenllua. for Ibe par
poee of plerinn la nommalioa mree reaiuueieie tut
luellee uf tbe pear, three randldste for eoaetabl
tnd on reiulliUte for eeeeeeur from b ward.
We reeomaieiid tbil allernale tie elected, Uiat
ao prollee be allowed and that toe deleicslre and
alternate ureeeul lw allowed to cast tb fall Vote
vf Ih wkril or prerlnrl.
W ard and pretlatt onnmltleemea will l 4a
aotl)' to lima aad pier nf retiree fur Mlecllua
of itvlele.
Werle sod prerlni-t will be ulll'ie4 la la fal
lawlag rprealaUiias
Novtk UlaC
tillve Hrewtk
a..eik fee
eleven I reel .... ,
St. kli ... .......
Meet l.lwela ......
Vke lllll...
wniud Ward I
Third Ward
f-iurth Wore
ttftb W4 .......
Silts WmI
kei.clk Were)
I eurtllle
ttibi .... .......
lekl4 ,,,
lewa-lef , ,,
I Mile tail
Millie I reek .....
W W MiHXIlt,rael.ejMa,
A. U ULkSKUS, keciekaff.
Our $2.92 . . .
, . . Special Watch
t el tkte eel eed II !
fumt eeate ae4 4
euie4 t I11 tlHtM
WkttM kt eeee ke
aaiwa, ea el
teei ae eete ee
itet tt -a t am.e
le tt a4 I
hM tt a ke V' to
etirfoee omI tke tw.
lief, e4 It at lee's Ike
ee-t iuwl
1ae4 kilai rtaw, k
fmwm fce '. !
p Me 4 ' ktl
Kflitl t W4, a
h i kt tee le 4 i
II at.eel, . 4 k . I U
Wkea aittea et iUva,at rase ret
eaaoy talk arista re garatsl,ll I3te
regular pric f 1.25; tola aal
per pair $1.00
Mia' grain button, 11 to 2,
regular pric $1.50; tbi aal
per pair...... 1,86
Misses grain seamless, 18 to 2, ,
regular price $1,75; tbi vale
' per pair 1.68
MIsoW grain asamles, 11 to
12, regular prlo $1.60; tbl
ale per pair ,.1,85
Child' grain asamles, H to
1 0, regular pric $1.40, tbla
ale per pair ..................... ..1,22
Child call. 8X to 11. regular
pric $1.10; tbla sal pr pair 99o
Child' calf, batter grade. b to
11, regular prlo $1.85; tbla
aal per pair ...........1.22
22 pair Ml Kid button,
patent tip, aquar toe, regu
lar price $1.76; to clo.,....1.20
26 pair Ladle' Kid button,
patent tip, opera andaqnar
toe, 2 to 8, and , were
$2.60 and $3.00; to cloat.,.1.60
18 pair ldie' Kid Button,
patent tin, U to B, regular
pric $1.75; to doe ,....,.,..1.25
20 piece Our Favorita LL,
regular pric 4c; tbla week,
rr yard. , , 4
15 pleoe 1'epp. K. 4-4 Mulln.
regular pric 7c; tbla week
per yard. 6o
80 piece Moucaster prints,
regular price 6c; tbla week
per yard. ,...,................. ,4o
Good I'rluta, to clos, per yd..8o
Ueet grade live goes feather
put up In 1, 2, 8, 5 aod 10
pound ack,
That through "Rock Island" Traia
from the West to Hnffalo for th Grand
Army Dor and tbeir friend "will be a
bummer. Leave Omaha, Aug. 22.
Youean takathia train if you will
promptly interview any "Rock Island"
Agent. Itetter make your arraogetnenU
very aoon, and get the beat service. It
will rua through without change.
Cool Niagara Falls near liuffalo is ia
vlilog in August, and tb ticket rat
will be low. (Jet detail from any Rock
Ieland Agent or addreea
John Hkbastuh, 0. 1', A., Chicago.
C. A. KuTHkiiroMD, U. I. A. 0.,
Oroaba, eb.
We'll "Put You Off at Buffalo"
When you arrive there oa your trip
over tbi
va avvaea vm
Grand Army
AUGUST 23, tetr.
llememUr tb lUwb lelaaj raa a
Ikraugk traia Waving Omaha, Aug, 11,
There will lie au ehaage of ear a or
Iraaeler Iwtaeea tleHiia la (tiaa,a. Ik
Iraia gw lhrutik oa fast tint aad lot
a. II have a
tjnirCTitirTo ulti aia
Taa Hkta ta l aad yu should
Niet yimrveil, Tk t! atatuatker
arouad Sitaisi r'ms will Isvmoraie
vtia, iHia't ail the te-iis Hut detail
IntM aay tH lelaad Aat, t address
aaMaw, t'. A. lUvekaroen,
tl. I . Ii .uuiaka, ,Sb,
r I'au H rr, T. I A tlhaga,
J. es a4rits,(l I. it'kWagi,
Ettnttr it
. jnta,b(aeka
HfliK At UK fkltM MI1LK
railna4 taea.
a, with crHle4 tHtl
fbttHkeaaal all Ik wwveieae) of
wall lw a, I all tm wr ad lreaa
U. I. ItrveoUea,
larea, h'tbraaka.