The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, August 12, 1897, Page 4, Image 4

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    I HK IMKKKAShrt lilH MMUHM i
- iMMfMMMtM--.s..-aaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaiaMBTJi
Bf NtbriiDka 3nirpcnbcnl
Cnulidalh if
IndBperjdflijt Publihiryg Go.
At 1120 K Itmt,
$1.00 per Year in Advance,
AddrMi all oionionleslloiu (", and nik all
VaOs, moaajr ortlara. ui (jsjawa 10
,IS'!OI., .
. uUMU..A l..l (to
lly nrdsf of th tUti CaBlrnlCoiBinltt of lb
I'sopls'a liileiiaJnt I'arty of the Mat of N
briuk; w borolr noil HUM ConvatiMon of tba
Ist-loM of said b't eat in th "r or lib
oolnon Wsilnwelsy, thn first liny of Kapteinbiir,
JW7, Bt I O UI'KlK p. in. , , , , .... ,
Tbs narpoM of I1 IndepsBflsslHlafe
i;ohtiiihjn . ""' - " .
data for jn'lee f H MpMio eotirt, an'l two
raaaidatas for muu of tba Ihilvarsity of Jin
l.raaka, ut to tranasct aw-h olbcr biialnssaat
may oroiisrly om bafora I1 eoiivatitlon.
Tbt raprnanntsiloB l lowmt on on ota fr
r lm voia or mJr fraction tlirof cssl for
Oorarnor Hlls A. MoleoiiiO at tbs slwtlon of
Jl, ehib ik the following ajieortlonmsBt
ty sons Mas:
Ailnma ..,
Iisiisaf ,,
Itoona ,,,,
llo.. ,
tllDHTr. 1Kl.fcOATK
Anlvlop ,. 1'
lllHII. ....... ........ 1
llrif lluti.....
Itrown.. ..... ........ X
(nu V4
( hu
Chxrciin ............. t
Col (hi,
Ooilv ......
tui 11 'I y
- J5t
flllwol I
Crontlsr ,, l
Onus ,., tl
Our..,,,.,.. 1
Oraaley, ,,,,,,
Hamilton It
H?a. ,,,,,, ,,,, I
II. .11 14
fowrl 12
Jolinaon. IV
K.llh II
Klol'All I
Uni'tiixr,,,.. til
MIIiiii ,,, 17
MrrK'k ..... ...... II
NninIis., IK
Otiw. 27
l'rkln 1
Vfrm Id
I'otk , 16
Itli'luiMxin ,,,, 11,
knIHf 70
HHiiulr ........... 7
Hnr(. ifli
Mlirmn V
Hianlon.,,., n
Tbomni, 1
TbnnMoa.. 7
W.jrn.,,, II
Wbmlor .... ,1 1
KiniitK ....
liarflnd 1
Mb. I.i II. .,
lloi.ln-r, ..
MfrKou ,
Kfiol 14
Lincoln .............. it
l.imp .........." I
Mcl'hr..n...,i ...... I
Nu.'ki,ll U
I'iiwiim U
l'blp.. U
iin y
ll. Willow i
Kork 1
Mnrpy I
fcotln liluff 1
loul 1
Thyr,... M
WiwblnKion 11
W.L.i.r 14
York 11
It la rM!ominn'1i(J that a. h eonnty alwt Mllr
naliu. rormi.onilliiK In inimt.w to tbolr ilwUxaH
nil It In fnrilivr iwrominMi'lMl I bat ilia iMial
iraut h iiMi.wnl lor.! I In lullfotxol tlilr
ri.uiitl and tbat no proilca ba ailol,
I. II. KHMIMTKN, ('balrmon.
It. It. B. WKUKK, fMHiraUry.
I'aoplr IndrinUiit Tarty l.anraatar
t'ounlf Convention,
Tl.a rolara of tb I'a'iplaa lmlpnilnt parly of
LanraiUr ronnly ara Imrrtiy rallvd to rnt In
ronuly ronyotttlon, hy their dl !. In tbHy
of l.lamiln, at 1 11 o'rlnrk a. ni on Krlilay, tbr
nthday ol Aukuhi, I"ik7, at lb Kiln Mum ball,
fortht parpo of plm.liia In noniiDNllna ran. li
lt u for Ilia fnlloMlDK vonntjr i.tlww: 'I'naa.
arar, ahtrlff, fonnly Haiti eiionly (ndira, rclif
of ilaaila, anparlnlanilant of acl.noia, coiinty or-
raror, ronnly toiiiiniaaionrnl roroio-r; anil to
aalert 17 dalcnalaa to tba alata rotiirantlon of Iba
I'voplaa ImUpanilant parly to l.a lill at l.ln
soln, Haplawlwr I, lK7, init to la.-t a rounty
aantral (Hiiiniilttaa fur tba Ooplra Imlopanilant
party, and. to Iranian aurh otliar l.nalnaM aa
limy prowrly roina l.afora Ilia eonvantlim.
Tba l.aala of rpraartMtlon for tba aonycnllon
will ba ona dnlaaala at larae frum aarb ward and
prarlnct, and ona dalaaaia for anch llflaan yotaa
or nm)iir lr. tli.n lhr..l raal for tba lloa.
ttllaa It. Holr.inil. at tbalaat aanaral alactlon.
ialKala from l.lnruln will maat In ninrantlon
lliioiiatly aftrr tba alnrnniant of tba ronn
ty rnnrrntlon for Ilia pnrpoaa of placing In bjiiiI
nntloa thraa uatlCMl of tba paara, thrva rnndl
dataa for aonatalilaa, and ona randloata for
aaaaaaor frnm aa-b ward. It la rarom
nirndrd tbat tba ward or praelnrt rominlttaa
man rail thlr ram on or prltnarlaa lor tha rle
tli.a of dalraataa oa Matnrilay tha alt, or on
Monday tha mi day of Auanai, NV7,
I bavailona warda and pra.larta will ba an
il Had to raprraaniatloa la tha contaniloa aa fol
Iowa: rirat H ard
Macond Ward..,
Third Ward ...
Ki.arlh Ward.
Kllih Hard ...
Nlllb Hard...
Hrarath H ard..
1.11 1 lr Ball.,.,.
. ,17
. M
.. I
, 1
Midilia ( rak.,.
MtiMb Hlnff
ha Hranch.. .
Panama. ..... ..
H.Kk t'raak
Mualk I'aaa . .. .
Htotana t:raak, . .
rat (Ink
Waal l.lnrnla...
Vanara II ill
1 1
NKNTlill IH MUtiMt.l bairmaa.
J. . M. aVSI'lUlt. Wartalnry,
rlronlMonr adrartiiMrr.
Attnuil tlia gran I Couvontlctn to I
lirlil u Lincoln WailnnailitT, Hilttlitr
TliarUy nil liii'itun hna Imhiii fiijiiliin.l
IrtUII Vtllurt-lliK Ilia HiWIiaw Iwt UHt III
Uaa u( l.ii') rlr.
A Mtr ttl ihUiii hna Ihh.ii aui(rill
lit r'H-r riiilitriu tU ttl Ut
iHt i Ida i.ila'a irl)f lit kal,
IVaaurar Mem rya litta Uaiix rittl lor
,Mi,imki itirrl lun-l irraata .ir
Augual 11. 1 hit ii t a nil wmtHla Uauwl
tii In Jatnr.T T.t 't.
tl tlaaa I HI Ik. I htatra vtiiHUiiaaii
aralulli lruwta rtpMiituiii, iaamti
fiintu i. Tba iiuM't Kiarmtiul ')
irirljr rlMw ii imcjHita Iuim tf r
t4V lira tritila,
J. I. WUm In iuiMWf "M
giaa ttMvt Ida Bl.trti! Tlmolli t'U
UA'a, trM.sat ul lurtt ril in
tltfiirMMa HtiMar. Ila rlta aakrf al In-
iBHoiNt tter Tim' uliiH'a iWa.M
tillfwl tm")bl litrrw la II."
TBtil tr ailtrf Imllma la aaaWtr
tlullat l4 attlltiHi akatattrf Iti 4 alia
Itta Mtrliaaift4 mat ttl Ikal ml a, akaa
la a aHaaj IM U Htl aatlii.
imllxia, wbatltrf ailrrf tr i'!,t, iWtKa.U
iitlljr v Utul tui iJr aal tirwa4,
"You can't H;Mnt value, Into any
thing" a.ya the goldiu-; "jrou can't
make rrit Boot! bf leirialation." And
lhD tunii 'round and explain bow the
UiiiKloy bill will male everybody, and
flnncclillv tha fannttr and laboring man,
happy by giving him Uttor pricealor hia
product or luftor.
I.'ndor 10 to l. "hortly prior to 1878,
our IJvr bullion wnt abroad, bwiauae
itaaa worth from oiw to three prwnt
more for ahipmi-nt to foreign countrifi
than for coinaua hew, ill aome goia
Itetollua juHt what we got out of It, if
nvthlna? Did it taka winga aud fly
away like aoma half-tamed -nglt, or did
we got on equivalent for It7
"IW can be created by lugiMlatlve en
actment. And une creat demand. Free
colimge of eilver and gold create audi a
urwt for all the bullion produced; rontrio
ted coinage mjch a ue for a part only ol
audi bullion. Under free coinage me
market price of bullion can never fall be
low the coinage rate, lea expenne of
tranaportation to the mint. Can you
golditeaanccennftilly deny thi?
If there lit nothing in the quantitative
theory of money that ie, that the
purchaaing (lower of each unit depend
upon the whole number of unit, and not
upon the market priw of the aubntaiica
upon which tlinne unit areexpreMwd in
will noma philanthropic goldite U-ll ti
what harm could come If, under free
coinage of eilver and gold at It to 1, all
our gold went to a premium and went
We do not gt a chance to rend all the
democratic und popullat newapaper in
Nebrakn, but among our exchange we
areplooaed to note that twcnty-aevcii
of the nbleat ailver pap;r Iti the Mate
have loined the Time in proteeting
agaliiat the nomination of Judge Hcott
or any other railroad tool for eupremo
judge. I'apllllon Time.
Add the jMiiKi'KNUKAT to the liat and
make It twenty-eight.
The t.'hicago -cord and many other
republican tiaiM-r are advocating kov-
eminent poatul aviiiK bank. Their
nincerity in the matti-r i about equal to
the aiucority of the republican pajier that
advocate bi-metalliam, The republican
narty will never Krunt eithtr, 1'oHtal
eaviiiK bank and the free coinage of
gold and ailver are both populiat prin
ciple mid will not lie enacted into law
until tlm populiat party ha beeu placed
in power.
lU-publican lat fall conceded that
our wheat inunt well at price indicated
by the Liverpool market; and Milne of
them, who believe in the quantitative
idea of money, feared that under free
coinage all our gold woulJ go to a prem
ium aud be ecDt abroad. A good part
of It would go to Kugland. Wouldn't
that "InflaUj" the currency there and
tliua mine tha Liverpool price of wheat '
Would that hurt even a calamity-how
ling goldite?
The Hoard of Tranaportution ha fix.
ed Aiiguat 20, a the date for hearing
the argument under the complaint for
the reduction of ra tea, The road have
filed a motion to n-quire the complain
ant to make hi complaint more definite
and certain. They u-tk that the com
mod i tie on which over chariti are
alli-g.'d m Hj.'f iflrully atated. Tho com
plaint i inMuHlcient and will have to be
amended. Tbi will delay the caae for a
coimiderablH time.
It ienow well and poaitively known that
Carl Morton' reply to the circular aent
out by the labor bureau a written by
the Hon. J. Hterling Morton. Carl Mor
ton tin explained to hi friend that he
would not have written any audi li-tter.
He aay that if hia father tnuat write let-
ter. he will alao have to ain them him-
If after thia. It'aaK'iod deciaiou Carl,
at i k to it. Kyou attempt to atnml re-
uponaitile for ihaaina nl your lather you
will anon Im over loadi.d. lie Ian rapid
and exerieii(vdaiiinii'.
.... .
The priai iit iartlry tif the treaaiiry,
Lyman (laue, haa had an extumlHil rou
lorettee with lirtiver Cleveland eomvrn
lug moiielary affnlr and to ur ml
vie a In tha rir t-ourao to pureu
during Ilia prrwul aditiliiiatratioa, S'ti
ona will deny thai Mr. Ovdiitid la a
roinMtfiit advtaorlnr w party deiormiu
a. i faalrit Ilia gold atandard upua the
Atii.ri. an IU touldalaii liirtitali
the BtHrrUry of Hi Ireaaury with
intrrvaliiig a to thalMat
tualliod aad prtHHMMi of "ittonay inuk-
AIhiuI a ar mum I ha tloi.i.M ra- id
MarvUud ihliJ la fvr of Ilia guUI
alaa lard and aal a gold M action lo
Chienii, It wa brnutflil mIhiiiI tl,riMigti
Ilia piiaif id I'.Ufal ('.itroiiaailiaimia,,!
I, y tir.iyrr t lael,o.. Tba rt-i ul.l.i .
ptraa dV lld "ta I" dn ritt,iin til
tba aoatnlu td lit dittiarary id
Mr)laad, lea aauia awr lta
-rarta-lly ittauttj iWa f.v that at
rk Iba diHiiufat id MarfUud d
rlare-l Irwt allyrf. l U,
Ital il'a a lm I, tbal lUa adtar irata haa
rroaaad lu tba tmalata aide td Ida Al-
lajhtay IMllUHlltlua,
If yot waal lt ? an4ko too
rah, tr(aiM a KloadAa tataipaay. Ia
airrala, a4 (nail Ha yupttal atiwk o
II. tnai.itKi. )u will lha aa aa M
td ; II laala, la M Ilk Willlttaairm
ti, r.r.vernnr d Illinoia haa been
aaked to call out the militia to put down
the coal atrike. It wa Impoeaible to
find a caae where the etrikeing miner
bad wilfully or maliciously deetroyed
profierty, and beaide it would not look
well to call out militia to put down a
atrike during tha proHperon era of the
reign of William McKii.iey. The mine
owner ehould not be diecouraged. All
that I neceaaary to gel the overnorof
Illinoi to call out the militia i to raiae
the bid a little, Yerke aecured bl tig
nature to the bill extending for fifty
year longer the 5 cent fare treet car
franchleein the city of Chicago. Raiae
the bid a, little and the man that defeated
Altgdd will be with you. For term
and price inquire of Yrkc,
Home of the aheriff of .S'ebraaka are
finding out to their aorrow that Auditor
Cornell examine the item In all the bill
preaented to the tate for payment.
Many Item of over charge are rejected.
A an llluatration, a sheriff preaented a
bill for expeime Incurred In conveying
two girl to the Oeueva reform echool.
The UHual charge for railroad fare,
board and Incidental exreneea were
found andialno a charge! of 81.00 for an
aitant.JI Auditor Cornell refuaed to
allow the claim lorf 4.00 for the ait
ant. In hi opinion a big utout aheriff
ought to be able to take a couple of
amall girl to the reform ecbool without
the aid of an f anitant. The aher.ff at
tempted to explain how it was ijeceeaary
butitwa to no purpoae, Mr, Corned
would not allow the claim of the anit
ant or ex penai incurred by the aealat
aut, Other aheriff will pinnae take
notice and not run up unneceanury bill
againet the atate. The record ahow
many cuee where claim of imilar
character have been rejected by the
preeeut Auditor.
We are in receipt of o copy of the lrfl7
Hceaion law. Hon. A. K. Kheldou we
Nelucted to prepare the copy and attend
to the compiling of the law. A careful
examination of the volume how that
he haa performed hi duty in a mot
excellent muiiner. lie followed the game
Htylu of indexing that ha been Ued in
the preceding vol uiiii-hJ tint haa made it
much inore.complete. He ha introduced
a new feature in indexing the appropria
tion billathat I very con venient Marginal
note have been iuaerted giving the name
of the inatitution or departmenfand the
total amount of the appropriatioa for
tbat inatitution or department. The vol
ume ha been net In eolid type and while
it doe not contain any more page it
contain ubout a third more reading
mutter than preceding volume. It wa
printed by the Htate Journal Company
under Mr. Kheldon'auM-rviaiori at 2,0.
per page. The Journal Company re
ceived 13.50 ier page for printing the
oiou law of two yeur ago and tha
quality of work wa in no way auperior
to the work thi year. The aaving made
to the taxpayer by Mr. Sheldon and
the printing board in the publication of
thi work exceed 1200 when corr pared
with the coat of preceding year.
The New York World attempt to
charge the free ailver advocate wit h the
paaaage, and co'iaequontly the reaponel-
bility for the failure of thepingley tariff
bill. The N iwYork World i a low tariff
gold atundnrd advocate. It i frantic iu
ita effort to find something upon which
to condemn tha utiuae of ailver and bi
iiietallimn. It I true a the World aay,
that if the ailver men in the Henate had
organized with a determination to de
feat the tariff bill they could have done
o, but in doing o they would have de
feated the expreaaod will of the American
people. At the luat election the very
"Apoatleof high tariff protection" wa
choaeri preaident of the United State
upon a platform declaring for higher
tariff dutiew, and the atuto of New York
contributed more than any other atate
to hi election. If the World Minve in majoritic it cannot conaiat
ently critidae the populiat and ailver eon
atora. What poalt Ion would they have
been in if they had (Ideated tha IMngley
bill? They had declared to the Ameri
can iNHiple that n I'hniigH in the tariff
woulit not reatore proaiierity. The re
publican party had declared that it
would, and the mhi.Ih had declared (or
at leaat Hi iworila ahowed they had)
that the republican party waa right
ami had .luiid it ao far it a they could In
power lo inakw Ihe change, Tb popu
liat aud ailwr eenatnr a lowed the r
lu (.licit ii party full away in it effort to
reatore proata-ritr,
la roiidmliiig UaartU le alter allowing
Imw the Irra ailyrr aenatora emtld have
iMeatad Ilia bill the World aava.
"Tlill tha til i. a I itMitialroiia land In
tha hlatuty td the routitrVi the one Unit
fbvtra b,w wi'l'la l.i Ittttru Ilia trtiata
it .or aliaiiiel illy thna miv pratioualv
lim-lrd, ha l-ll aadilleil iin..t tl.a
Aiueri.'.iH (.' l y tha artioq td tha
trve ail Vc r auatta, 'limatly Iruiti tl.a
rotlaa im k iHirotiah td tl.a far wat."
TaaVSnrld ,' thai h almva
atatatural U lata, The t twf ltjr Unit
bill waa paaaanl br lha rvpuble aa parly,
al tha dirltttioa id the tnahuU. lwrra,
truwtNd tapilaliatle rii,lnul..Ha nl
New Vail aad New I n.Uad, It Uaa
act trwni and paaar.l iu Iba Interval
ol lha partailta aad land piralra id the
aaal, N.t roataal wHa tkia iinn b. td
ila bntalatioa, lite aaitta ttfMuia
lloa are awkUa lit Uataa apoa Iba pi
pi of lb weal a aurmiief yateta tbal
ill diiub'a I be ta'H td lb dollar, aad
Iba enmpal lb pro lunr ol Iba a rat Iu
give twice aa much of their labor and
product to settle their debt to the
east aa would bare been required at the
time of contracting the debt. The Sby
lock of the eat bave butone God, gold!
On the altar before it they would a oc ri
fle, honor, liberty, freedom, everything.
CUtNK OF llif.KNKh.
There i a great deal of sympathy be
ing felt and ex preened for the convict iu
the New York penitentiary since the law
of enforced Idlenea went Into effect No
doubt thi sympathy i deserved, but we
Want to call attention to the "enforced
idlenea" of the muny thousand out
siiiK of prison walls. The convict often
find In the penitentiary a safe place
from the vengeance that would Ntirely over
take him elsewhere. Home have express
ed tbonisolve a glad to be locked up
where they are unable to commit the
crime that crowd tbemselvc upon the
mind of tne mlsereble degenerate and
demand to lie perpetrated. Other, when
interviewed a to the plan of debarring
them from work, expressed pleusure at
the prospect of unlimited rest.
Have any such utterance a these
eminated from that great somber, gaunt
army of the unemployed, whose soldier
are found by thousand in every city
and by score In every town? Far from
It. Willing nud able and eager to work,
they tnuat sit down and see wife and
children hunger.
"Ob, but there I always work to be
had of some sort," one says. It may
seem so to him who ha imver been
tfirowo out of employment at a time
when all business I In a stale of positive
stagnation for lack of sufficient money;
but men whose word can not be doubted
have died in despair seeking work and
finding none, Their i Indeed an Idle
ness to m pitied. Terrible a it may
seem if it were but a natural reiiult, if it
came from the much-talked of but never
proven "over-production." It I even
more terrible when we realize that it la
the result of "man's inhumanity to
The manufacturer of a certain article,
desiring to grow rich faster, ngree
among themsdve that they will, in or
der to reduce the supply and control lis
price at a high figure, cease to triitnubiC'
tore that article. The factory Is closed.
It smokeless chimneys mean to the
owner only a steady enrichment with
leisure for foreign travel, but to lh
skilled laborer it mean "enforced idle
ncss," interest, mortgiig"s,hoinelessness,
poverty, disgrace, tramping, despair,
death. Truly two widely different
stories. Every trust makes a thousand
tramps. It is getting almost beyond trs
to count either In this trust-ridden coun
try. The "enforced Idleness" of the handful
of criminal in the New York penitenti
ary is to be pitied, but their sorrow are
but a drop in the ocean of the unemploy
The faintest his can be hard above
all applause, the actor tell us. But no
his that ever greeted the actors' ears
could be freighted with such meaning n
is found in the hiss of a mob. An audi
ence nt the theater hissing It displeasure
at the performance on the stage is not a
plea mii nt sight, but how infinitely more
disagreeable i hissing from a crowd in
the often street. It is In one case but a
matter of pleasure, the silly favoritism
of uu hour; in the other it is an ominous
eouud, a sound to make intelligent men
think, the student turn back toother
such sounds in history, the busy man
patisH and ask, "What Is the matter?"
None of us cried when the crowds that
bad gathered to see tho Logan monu
ment parade, hissed (lovernor Tanner.
Personally, we believed that Tanner de
served all that be got, but we also Im
lieve that not the man atom wa biased,
iufnmou as he tuny be, All that he rep
resent was hissed. And what I that?
Monopolistic greed, tha devouring of the
(Mior, tin refusal to recognixs the right
of the common s'ople, the stenlageof
the streets of a great city, the making of
the rich richer, the poor poorer, a prem
ium set ou highway robbery of the worst
wort, legislator hIhi fought like y utter
gamine. All these aat on I h horse be
hind Tanner, aud these were hUned.
Furl her, let no trust klug nor tricky
politician laugh at Tanner' diacouitlt
urr The whola lot of tbeiti were hlsiM-d
too. Tat tier waa not only puuiatmd for
bla own ailia but all of the raal were
whipped over Ilia shoulder. If t bean ltd-
low wr mil eo (may with their low
ae'ielnea, if I hey would use their brain
fur Willie other pnrpoaa than giwd and
indulgence, they would remember that
alien Ilia i ruwd ill h atret-t htaae Ilia
t bed eteviilive td a great atat aa ha
parade in all Iba pomp thai our A lueti
cs a simplicity will allow, It I Indeed
lima lor lha qusalion to ba asked,
" till list ara ta drilling ."'
Auditor Cornall ba granted warw
botlaa licraae In i'rwl Alpia of Maa,
Neli-l O, J. priiittr North IWad, b,,
aad IU loud ke. ee id J'rrmout, Ndi.
lb auditor roll. ltd a lava h- id A
la eat b raaa aad turad ll lata lha tra'
ary, Tber I ao rwwrd ol any l lor
li.vnara td thi t baraelrf bay lim ever
tw luraed !" t'" Iraaatir More,
Tl.a I. wr fowled bat what wa
dmia with lb money an tme will trll.
Addtlioaal idriie thai Auditor Cur
all I Iba bat auditor Nahreak vr
The state conveotion will be held in
Lincoln, Wedneadty, iSeptemlxtr 1. It
will be the greatest political gathering
in the history of the atate. There will
be 1170 delegate to the popolit con
vention, 813 delegate to the democratic
convention, and 570 delegate to the
silver republican convention and their
riend and hundred of other who take
advantage of the one fare railroad rate
to come to Lincoln to do their trading.
Populist will come from all thesur
rounding country in wagon, on horse
back or on foot. It la seldom that an
opportunity i given to hoar aa many
great speaker a there will be In Lin
coln on this occasion. Mr. Ilryun, Sen
ator Teller, Fx Congressman Towns,
Congressman Him peon, flenerul J. U.
Weaver and possibly J;ick Island of Mis
souri, together with our own Senator
Allen and Governor Holcomb, The
speaking will begin Tuesday evening,
August 31 and will be continued the
next day and evening. Tho hungry will
lie fed. There w ill lie a burbucue of sev
eral oxen and everybody will be Invited,
County convention in selecting dele
gate ahonld choose those who will at
tend. Men who bave not sufficient inter
est in the party to attend it conven
tion should not be chosen for delegates.
The chosen delegate I better than a
proxy, Tho one who will attend Is
better tha u the one who will only send a
letter of regret.
The delegate to the populist conven
tion should not le delegates to either of
the other conventions. Populists are
neither democrat nor silver republican.
Their party organization must be main
tained eeparute and distinct from other
parties. The principle and platform
of the populist party are broader than
those of any other patty, Wheu the
free coinage of silver ha been secured
the democrat and silver repuhfican
will have no excuse for existence. The
principles of the populist party are
broad and include all necessary and
needed reform iu every department. It
is destined to live until all those reform
are secured and it principle ure enact
ed into In w.
An exchange says a little girl who bud
been taught to pray for other and for
anything she wanted wound up her:
prayer "And now, oh Ood, take good cure
if yourself, for if anything should hupM.ii
to you, we would only have McKlnley to
help us, and he ain't doing near us well
a we exacted." Custer County Chief,
Col. Fred Grant ba shown himself u
worthy son of hi illustrious father in
a small way, by resigning from his posi
tion a police commissioner of the city
of New York, refusing to de identiflied
with the iuuuuierable steals that he
boldly asserts are daily carried on by
the police board and it hirelings,
During the summer vacation of Presi
dent McKfnloy, the work of house clean
ing i in progress at the White House.
Decorator and upholsterer are busy
At work und it will be newly trimmed
aud ditcorateil in every apartment.
The Hoard of Transportation ha or
dered the Missouri Puciflc rail-road Com
pany to re-open the station at K turner,
Nebraska, and. put uu agent iu charge.
The agent med not be a telegraph oper
ator. The complaint against the com
pany was filed by Henry Kramer. The
station ha boea closed siuce 18iH.
A Hie Coiiyaiilli.o ,
Lincoln, Neb,, Aug., II, 1897.
(Special ' corrcapoiideriPM.) Tho three
convention to 1st held in Lincoln, Sep
tember 1st will undoubtedly call to
gether the largest crowd ever assembled
in the state. The Uimetullic union will
give a barbecue feast to the assembled
host. A halt ilom'ii fat steer will lie
roasted, and the baker shop will be
run wide ojien, nnd all the people will b
The exercises will Is'gln August Jtlnt,
with uu "i n nlr tuns meeting. The.
aM' (or that evening and tha fol
lowing day will lm Senator Teller of Col.
orado, lion. C. A, Towns, of Mmtieaota,
Jerry Slmi.aon of Knnaaa. General
Weaver of Iowa, and W, J Hr.inu of the
l ulled State of America, livery on ol
thee gentlemen have written thnttliey
wilt be there, It I poaaible that old
Silver Pick will ba there alao,
Homebody else will be Hi era too, Unit
i the Old Guard about Hires thousand
strong. They are coming by wagon
from all th near by rotintire, and by
rail Irotu greater diatsiiiiHi, Thoaawill
all bring a baakat of proviaion lor I hey
hava bi-a on lha warpath before, They
have carried the (tag id reloim In many
abotbattlu ami now they are going to
lioiat It mi lha Hiaia 1 1 on mi dome and
let Iba alar laiaklein tha purs air td
Nebraska "redefined "
They are alao ruining to the enliven,
tioti to furiiiilUt lha pollrsa nl tha
parlr (or the future, Tby realli that
Ida fig hi b't on'l Juat begun, 'lha
re in '.o of tHt aa only a aklrimah,
feeling tha outpoal uf tha army ol pla
int, Titers wiilaow Ita an adtMtiee
lliado Upon their Intuited 1. 1. leva, Ilia
Hid Guard III the mining Habl alll be
found far In lvin, hurling uaa II
h its alar led. T. II, j lriMI l a,
Way Met Mi. Ch.
Farmer wbv Mot sud one dollar In C,
I. k it I Mgr, Powell, South Pakoia, aad
gwt 'a rn i.e I a aud lha itiairm Una lor
Miatina tbiaMt al bom. Mr, Kiltiier
aarauleM suet aud aay that any
aiiiuaa taa make tlnwaawbll ttiua
bona work, ll oa lad Hit lolliiaiu
laatruetioii h win relund your money,
Tbrea imuad td rhwee ran I mad la
I Uiw nl uu pouad td butwr,
August,! 2 1897
Tarty Knil.lrrna, tlaying ItrlUloo I ol
rer.ltlra, Haetion Molhl for Wrong
Allla Vourln, Cnreaa and Kleh
Man, Man and Cradle Harking.
The republican of Nebraska have
chosen the eagle a the emblem of tbeir
party, which Is very befitting, for that
bird like the republican feed opon the
earning and flesh of other, a a rule, it
take life to live. It flies high and fiesta
high but it best U strewn about with
the skeletons of happy home. He I a
thief and becau of hi power no court
dare molest him or send him to prison.
We propose the honey bee n the emblem
of the JSryan party. Smaller, it i true,,
but the'engle fear blm more than any
other Hying creature. It feed by In
dustry aud not by destruction. It
blesee every flower upon which it llghta
by bringing fructifying pollen,
It turn out that millionaire corpor
ation and trust have been buying up
church colleges, us men buy hog on tha
market, pitying a price according to the
weight. And tbi bus been going ona
long time but onlv once iu a while a case
crop out. Prof, iiemls wa dismissed
from Chicago University because he
stood up for justice und not for the
Standard Oil Co, Pres. Andrew ha
bud to leave l'rown University because
be thought raising the money standard
wa an injuatice lo the debtor das. It
is also the fact t hat tobacco uvm ara
buying up southern colleges and wine
lin n colleges on the Pacific coast.
Why is It that the east is almost solid
for the gold standard, just us the south
was almost solid for slavery before the
wo? Iu the north a sma'l minority
sympathized with the south, so now a
lew iu the west sympathize with the
east but iu both case it was, mid is,
the loaves and office that draw them.
There wore cases where ISudumau could
not find a prosluvcry democrat to till
the postofflct. There are eases in the
west today where u gold standard re
publican cun not be found.
The Journal thinks that It is all iu the
eye that clothing can be bough t cheaper
In Europe than here. Then why do the
clothing men want a tariff if it dona not
help them to get a higher price for their
goods? In a week more the Journal will
tell it that the price ol mniiufactured
good and raise the price of farm pro
duce. It now claims (hat the tariff is
the advance guard of nroserity, ll so
it must be au awful lung way ahead ol
the procession.
a a
"Wheat 1 going ui. and silver is going
down," soy the go.'d bugs, "nnd that
prove that liryun was wrong, when be
stated that- they Jiad kept very near to
gether," They are both still below the
lowest pi ice between IH.'IO and 1870.
At one time it took three and a halt
Mexican silver dollars to buy a bushel
and it took an equal number of gold
dollar to make the same purchase.
Wheu wheat bring time or even two
gold dollar we will give up that gold
ha stood still and silver gone down.
With three year of falling off of visible
supply and now n famine in most pert,
wheat should advance in price double
what it has, and never ought to have down to where it is.
a a
This Congress has made no law by
whieli rich men can be made to pay
more taxes for the support of tint gen
eral government than poor men. The
income tux law which Jiryun helped to
make, would have done that very thing
but all the court owned aud controlled
by rich men decided against it. We have
had t wo Infamous court decissions since
iiideN-ndene was declared, and they are
the lired Scott decision and the income
tax decision.
a a
We see there is another war on bet
ween lbs women ol the Home for the
Friendless society nnd the state house
ring. We hops (or the sake of justice
toward tba tax payer that tlm women
will beat iu the court as they did the
republican once More. When the state
authorities run one, of tho many state
institutions bettor and more economical
than the women havsrun tho Home, then
It will be time to talk about a change.
It is queer that men, republjcuns, demo-
rata aud populists should hanker ao to
rock I Intel t-radlca.
a a
Weolten bear the assertion that there
I nion.iy enough, Unit mora than half
of I he business I ilona by check nud
draft and no money handled, j.t
see, A, living iu Lincoln, Hunts to pay
It iu rhicngo it hundred dollars i.n.i I,...
got tha money la his pocket, l,. llnda a
nntiKer wen nit a iiuuureii ilollnra lying
Idle In ('Indigo aud bur a dratt. ol him,
and Bend that, ao it tnkoe twirs ,t
much money to (y tiaat deht aa
though A bud aent bla money through,
lt ua siippiMHi iiiinlle r ease. A, owe
It, leu dollars, l, owe I , , i ( ,,,.. ,
A itlvea II a rhm k, ll lum la it over to t'
nn, I (' gives It back to Thus thirty
dollar Here paid and imt a dollar of
mousy Used. Mill lint a. i Uft. , l,i,
lo bave ten dollars In lm ,.r i.i
-hn k would have lawn worthless,
could have paid C ill luney just aa well
mi miru uu mora muni In pny h
i hil ly than it did. Ho . i (,
by i lnt k and drafla r ir j,.i Ma
iiiurh mom y some lu re,
Mr. J, J. And. rami. it,. .,i l ........
Behind tea her ol VHi-rlv
spoken in a a i h,i,mi mi tha .n,uh.t
and dettioi rattc Inkala in thia e,.niily
for enmity aus riet,i,,,(,i, . baa a
ft leat her III I hla i fur tea )rr
and baa alwaja bad apleudid iiiivhi,
1. 1 prrantial rharaeh r UaUta qur.
Una and ba ba tba ability to make aa
ant aad Hfii-ieai rami mBH, n
aoid adtiiiiiiatraliva an I sin uiiia abil
ity aad anuld leak aa emea-ul eniiniy
kMiutsftdnt. Tba Hayrly dsbga
Una will area bla aituiiualuia. I,, n,.
I Vat J h rani nieaj la h eil v at lb
Aaari-X Soatb a treat. Try
lb a and U roat tared.