The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, August 12, 1897, Page 2, Image 2

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Auguit 12 , 1897
I tbl. eolnma w will pobllib eommiinlcsUoiii
efaaoitli anil sullslils ehrtr, rawtiT.u
from suliscrllwrs to Ibis wif. go soinnitisl-
satloa shoald sontals mutt thas words
Manuscript will not rxamxl.
A Itetroapecllve Vlaw,
Much discussion ha been Indulged In
by tb friend of reform In relation to
tb atrength of tb ol'J and new parties
in tbl slat and from which of th two
old tarll th nooulit party derived It
Irenurtb In 1800 and nines then. I urn
awar that many of our democrat!
and republican friend will any, "I toted
tor Van Wyck, 1'ower, Jlolcomt; ana
Ma well, but I will give nothing but the
fflclal figure and thi we will bar to
abhla hv In th absence of no bettor
proof. What deduct ion or coiicuelons I
may arrive at ar my own opinion and
not tb public' or Ihe Independent
parties, K very reader of t bi article cun
draw bi own.
I will go back to the year 18Hael
wish to commence alth some election
wlmn tha old parties polled the full
almifftb of ihi'lr ticket and a year void
of any local dint urbane that would af
fect the vote,
IHKH-Totnl vol 107,000.
Harrison elector received..,,. 108,000
Cleveland elector received.,, 80,000
J'rohlbitlou elector received 9,000
for Governor,
Tbaver, rep.. 10,1,983
Muhbana dein., ..,.,..,..... ....... 85,420
ISIgelow prob ,........,........ O.fill
Jiutlar labor ,91l
W, A. l'oy liter was the democrat nom
liiwu for tat andilor who wo defeated
by T. If. iSciitoii by a vote of 108,190 to
(I, K. Aly of Lincoln wn th labor
candidate for auditor and W, V. Wright
f Immune purly' candidate for bind
com niisslouer.
1 HMO-Total vote 109,000,
'J'bi year a supreme judge and district
judge and regent were eh-eied.
Morvnl rep rw!"lvcd. ................... 91,470
A me dom received..,.,.,.,,,,..,,,,.,,, TJ,H'i
Wlgtou prob received..,,, 6,821
Total 109,7.1.1
Tbo labor parly mimed 0 M, Kcui for
regent, h received il,0."0 vote,
Kiglitoen count!" In tb stale gave tin
tbniiwratic party a majority vote. Till
wa tha year tbat a disinfection nut In
against both 0I1I parties in (hi state,
Tb defeat of Judge lines by .Vorval
for upriiii judK" wlili'li wa broiiuht
about by thu iMirporation at ilawtiiiKi
wa tli "traw that brok tb curni'l'
Tbr wa only 109,000 vol polled
allowing a atay-at-bomu voUi ul !)'i,000,
In 1888 Doulai county i-at 20,000
votim, vl iijf 'lvbiid tbl county
by ovr 000. Tbl yar lb county
cant 12,870 vote tor aiiprmn Judge
(flrinrf Aiim'n a majority ol 12.10,
1890 Total vol on governor.
Iticbard rep 08,878
lioyd dm , 71,331
' lowrlnd 70,187
Tallin prob . 3,070
1'oliliciil biatorian will alwny remem
br tbocuiipal(u of tbl yeiir ty reunon
of two very Important factor tbat en
tered into it, vii;: A couNiitutional
amimdmimt probibitliiK tb aln and
in u 11 u but lire of Intoxicutinir lwveri
in tbi tat and tb upriuKintf Into rx
itiic of a iidw political party that I
deatined to be a "iinmm" to tlie weallb
producer of tbianntion, and by tb way
of dixreaaion I want to ay tbat In my
bum blt opinion there would have been
no nccuaion lor the populut party in the
went if the party In power had honeatly
carried out or evnn mad an effort
their promiaiw to the people n contninod
ill thuir platform. The producer were
uakiiiKfirr their party to protect them
from boltiK robbed by the corfioration
01 una aiuie. 1 ney wore iimkiiik lor nil
AUHtraiian liallot ayatetn und manv
other iieednd reform. l)id they et re
lict turoiiKh the repulillcnn iarty ol thi
tate; lxiok at tli melting away of
mat iiiafiiimnt za.imo republican ma.
Jority in Nebranka and 80,000 lu "bUrntl
iiiK Kaiiaa, the banner republicnn
tat in the union In 1888. Tell in that
there wa notbinif Kouijr wrong that tbi
cbanKeiatwo hort yearaahoiild be
urouKbt about
.Now let u analyze the vote for tbi
year. I he .12,000 atay-at-home ol
1880 are In evidence and they bring 1.1..
000 new vote with tlmm. In liougla
county Hovd received 18,308 vote
nearly 0i)00 more than the total vote
caateme year bclore, and within 3,000
01 h many ae the total vote cant lu 1888,
I'.ichard received 0,4r.llor U,ll8(lea
man tne aaaociate on the republican
ti?ket. I'owere received U71I Votea:
riilne 187, Ihe nmemlmciit wa de-
leateil by a vote of l,o!i5 for and 2.1,918
guliut. )iiilii county cut a total
0120,124 lor governor a ualu of 1.1,.
2H votee liioiia jear. The liidrein.
eat nlected a majority to both branch
olour legiabiture nud gnv the pimp!
ma Auairnnun iiitiun ami n max u 111
freight bill more commonly kuowna
tne ,wiierry lull, which I at preaetil
hung up by tha corporation u ia au.
prema iHiiirt ol the I'nited 8lil,,
llUl-ToUl vote ir,(),lMHl,
Hupreme Jude I'iMt rep 70,117
Huprem Judu Kdgerttm lud 72,31 1
Hupreme Judtf Hitleiilieud'r
proh. , ,,,, 7,32'J
Tbi year we And .'N.outi atnr at
borne. There Hereto be rl.TleJ out
uptai Indue and t u rrKenu and di
trtct mltja. Theiudewudiilrllyelm.
tt their two mceitla but Were "tHiunlad
out" eomwahera Rlon tha Una on 'AU
lemaud and Mnle (, p, of Oitmh M
rogiited lu, lladlev, populul m !
led regent, I dgerluti retvld 1,7 J I
more vtein lKulacmHlv (Iiwk lUd
lev did. vet he WA4 dlile,i bf4..ll
tlttt ol itlteeu di.tru I Jitdnee the li.d
wlidellt eln Ud I. a
latu TuImI vule on tMtror lrt..
iMMt, '
t'rounM rep .,M Th.imni
Van Wyck led , ... i,mm
Jl or to II Ueu , , 4 1 (1(H)
IWntlrf prull ,,. , h imiU
Tbia im a rtdtiai )r. The
Weaver ehviote wr d.trawd Tb-
rwive. a vote oJkimhi la hT,(hhi fur
Ike Ifarfleoa eWiore and (he t Wv.Uad
eiwtore rMNtlve,! ua.iHUi tui,, Thar
era or 1.1,(nki voUr eho aid mt
prx taeir pretarenre l..f governor, W,.
tv eaimlilh aa and 1 ,000 In ltohu
I, a emucrat
4 giaialr a Utet tad najoiat
Ullal lhUwriidiitad dvauMfaU
nomhinnd and elected Will. V. Allen, U.
H. aenator who aucceeded 1'addock. The
democrat had 10 and the Independent
r.7 vnii,a. It reo ll I red 67 to elect.
Afier coaijiiir their oarty vote for
Tower and Green, bom thy could not
fiiirauade the democrat to eupport, W,
V. Allen wa taken np and after eeveral
ballot he received the entire jnflepen
,li,l and democratic. Vole 71.
Iii the forenoon Wore the election ol
Allen the remiblican and a few Morton
democrat held a Joint caucu In the
room now occupied by the auprem
court and came within tea vole of elect-
bur 3. Hterllrnr Morton. U. . . I re.
olute republican in that Joint caucu
could not be ifitiniiuawai or purcnnwo
in their eupport of a democrat. 'When
the roll wa culled at 12 tn. they wuug
bai k to John M. Thurston and Alonzo
8. l'nddock.
189,1-Total vole-181,000,
There were to be elected ft KM Weill
Judge and a regent to fill vacancy
ffarriNon, rep.recelved 'i,(J'
llolcomb, lud., received. ...., ..0.1.000
Irvine, dem, rwelvej., , ,..,.')7,w4 1
iiitleiibcndur, Troli,rewivd 0,1.17
Nothing In tbl campaign to aromei
tbeeiithuelaeniof the leiople. All three
nominee for eupreme judge, were cbwn,
abla men. Irvine received nearly one-
foiirthof hi entire vote In Uoiigln
county, 8,27.1. Ilolcomt revived only
3,17r and Haniion ,ui)i.
1891 Total vow on governor, zim,-
For governor: , ,,,,,
Major, rep,...,........................94,ol3
llolcomb. lud
97,8 1 r,
Wlurdevant, deiii,, gold 0,08,1
(ierrard. prob 4,3.19
Tbl campaign wa very Interesting
for t wo reason, r irt a wide on split
of the democratii) party on the money
mutation and second the nomination of
lolcomb bv llrtan lu the Omaha con
vention, and Ihe rcfUNiil of the Omaha
(Sea to support the head of the republi
can ticket. The candidate on the inde
pendent ticket for J .leu ten nut governor,
mi I mi In Undent, attorney general, com
luiesioner public land and building and
lu t auditor were endorsed by the dem
ocrats, leaving only stale treasurer and
neeretnry of state to "puddle their own
canoe," jiolcorno was elected over ia-
or by a plurality of 3,202, yet we find
i received only 417 more vote than
ll, Moore, the republicin nominee for
lieutenant, governor, although Moore
mated O'iffluhy more than 12000. The
return show Ihe Independent vole to
be 09,000 a thi I the voW in round
number that I'ower and McKoddeu re
ceived. Tberelore llolcomb received 28,
000 vote from the democrat and llosc-
water republican.
It would take the entire democratic
vote combined that wa enst for secre
tary of state (29.000) to elect, llolcomb,
but a Hturdevant received 0,98.1 voles
and the balance of the state republican
ticket were elected, ntcclvlng substan
tially the same vote that llolcomb did,
the oijery Is whose vote (28,000) elected
It ha been generally conceded that
Ko4ewnter controlled 10,000 and I think
thi a bur estimate. Tbi would leave
18,000 silver democrat who supported
tli ludeMll'lent ticket,
let if we take major vote, 01.01.1'
aii'l Hlur'ievant (gold dem.) 0,08.1 then
the (gold)deuiocratii! vow enst for I.llick
for ecerelary of stata (19,400) and the
19,0.19 cast for Ituuman (golo demo-
rat for auditor, and 13,000 for llriden-
thall (gold dein) for treiiaurer, 1.1,000 for
llooliltle (gold dem.) for suie'rintendcnt,
14.000 for Ante (gold dem.) for attor
ney general, why we can make a dud no
lion that will lead opto theconc!usiou
Hint the head of the rephblicuii ticket
received 10,000 democratic votes.
1H0.1 -Total vole 182,910
There were to be elected a supreme
Judge and two regents.
l or supreme Judge:
Noi vnl. rep 79,291
Maxwell, Ind, 70,f,l'0
Mnhoiiey (gold dein) 18,0.10
rhelps (silver) 10,070
Wollenbarger.proh 4,314
Thi was a peculiar camnalirn. The
democrat party split wide oui by rea
son of I try an and hi follower support
ing the populists the ynr before. Mux
well, who wa the nominee of the iude
iwudeiit lor supreme Judge, they would
not eudorse or support. Vet they were
certainly aware ol the diet that their
actloa lu nominating I'help would elect
Norval and that thev had no earthly
bow to elect him. They said "we must
find out who I the democrat party lu
Thev found out and the paopla loat
their jiidg and It develoiied that i'lielpa
10,000 vote added to Maxwell' would
have secured hi election.
1HD0-. Total vota 210,705.
The campaign of '0(1 i a yet to vivid
in the mind of the atopl for in to
Ntud many moment in rehaarlngom
of it feature. Neverthules 1 will miike
a few commeuti,
lu the flrat place Nabrofka ha In
creased her vow form 214,072 cast In
1 8110, when power ami the amendment
had tt be deleiitml at all haiards, to
2.10,795, nud thi in the bun ol Ilia lad
that tli tat had been depopulated of
thousand of it et tiers by reaaon ol
liiilure In crop and inability to pro
cure employ incut In tha cities,
tin mora reiimrkahla timing, fioiitr
la couuty ha up to thi li elM tioii
been unable to coma within looool pol-
ling n innuy vule n It did aixyear
ago. .Now thi may not eiii alraut to
an Omaha aiili-amendment and mill
I'ower man hut it do look alranga to
a mini la the h.iutb I'latta country,
I herltll giV th ralatlV Vtitaof
eh of th ItiMi partiM from mn to
1 au.
., I tlH.IMUl
,, on, mm
,, 71 mill
,. 7tl,oM
, Th.oimi
., 7 J, oho
,, SlMliMt
I em.
ii m
I "ii I ...
I ii j..,
I !;
I "04...
7 J. (Mill
. lOj OlMI
Mllvef mi.lHMl
MKlnley eWtur rvceived , 1i,1,Imm
. 1 1 Vt.tMHI
Nalloual "
I'rtihibitiun "
l.a Ul labor M
I 'ww. (aold) ' "
lUwlma, pop, d. iu
. n
o mi mora, rvp
iUlflM MlMMtHfllt
sie an, mi ....,
Iiibh, gold ilm
"i.i. pi.,, ,VH ,
HawUy Nliisa.,(
Narasr, I'rvk.,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I, fitly
1 .1000 person who did not expres their
preference on governor, Atrang co
incidence, a thi was th number In 1 80 1
who refused to row for any governor,
llolcomb received 4,080 more rote
than Karri: 0.828 more than I'orter;
12,101 more than Cornell; 0,927 more
than Meserve, ,079 more than
Jackson, 0,042 more than Hmyth
and 7,148 trior than Wolf. It
i vldcnt that from 4000 to 9000
men supported the McKlnley elector
bat would not support the republican
state ticket and tbi I in addition to
tb silver republican vote,
KITect of Orest Oeltt lnenrf Vpnn
AmerUw' financial f'wllcy.
A great discovery of gold would not
prejudicially affect tb confention of
the advocate of biinctalJisiri that it in
oJy by tbo rct)rtloii of silver to a
legal equality with gold, n foil stand
rd money, that the agrkuiturl and
business tlcprcssloii now existing u
America, in Knglnud, in (h-rnnuiy, In
Canada and Australia enn be terminated
and the production, trado and business
of t)ie countries restored to normally
j;rperou condition.
If a great discovery iff gold in addi
tion to t)i wi-rld' stock of gold coin,
now estimated to amount to something
over 1,000,000,000, will bav the
effect of stimulating trade mid business
it will te a demonstration that an addi
tion to tbo world' stock of standard
money is advantageous. It will bo a
demonstration of the contention of the
bin. taJJIsts everywhere tbat there Is a
need of addition to tbo world' stock of
standard money to prevent an appreci
ating standard of value and a coutina
ou ileprcstdoti in general prh ex.
Hold standard advocate reJob; at
discoveries which accidentally have the
effect of Increasing tbo world' stock of
gold taml:rd money, Ulrm talllst wej
wniih any addition of the world' stock
of standard money, whether of gold or
sliver, believing that the present stock
of gold avullablo for nso in th world
a money is inadequate to meet tbo de
mands of advancing civilization and the
gigantic! business enterprise of modern
Tim present supply of gold coinage in
the world is about ' or 0 per capita.
J t would take more than $1,000,000,
000 of new gold coinage to increase- the
world' supply per capita, and the
addition of all the silver available for
colniig't to the standard money of the
world would increase the world' sup
ply of money bus than ft per capita.
It would take more than $600,000,
000 of gold to pay the loss to tbi gov
ernment in principal and inurest on
the United Htate bonds issued by th
Cleveland administration to maintain
the reacrve when the reserve could bave
been maintained by paying silver to the
"raldeis" on the treasury gold
It would take billion more to pay
for tbo busincN lo-e and los of em
ployment growing out of the unfortu
nate effort to keep the business of tbi
country on the gold monometallic basis.
All tbo treasure of tbo Klondike will
not sullied to rcstoro to a sound bai
Out business of this country. It will
help, but it will not be sufflcicnt.'
1'bilip A Dobcrty in ISoston Globe.
Inn.K-n.iu llriiirta.lit,
A certain stout man of doubtful an
tecedents, who by a strange caprice of
fortuue wa elevated Is-yond bi des r j
to tho ebbf magiMtracy of llm Uintcil
Htuten, knowing bis own Ini'apa'ity,
strove to conceal his intcmti) ignor.-iiic
by pulling big word from dictlonaru
and pitcliforkiiiK them Into the sjieec he
and im cfngi s which by virtue of his
office lnt v,'im compelled to write,
Tim iiiuii in queiitioii was named
drover ( 'Ii vel.ind, and he on one (K-ca-sinn
substituted tl.e eupbemisiii "innoc
uou it" hiii tud,." for the natural expres
sion "huruili ss disuse,"
When his small brain labored ami
, Ivrouulit forth that eupbemlMiu, be little
thought tbat a scoffing world would ere
long use it to describe his condition in
the sililiciil coniiio. Yet so it ha
chanced The whirligig of time brings
about many etruuuc revenges, and tha
it hits come to pirns that the long suffer
ing people iiMui whom the stuffed
prophet of ltu.ard Hay indicted his
wearisome platitude and sonorous
pbraw si aii now retaliate, by speiiklng
I'ompuKsiniiuti ly of him a "Old Juiiocn
ous l)t suniKbi. " Knight of Labor
Crailitabla la I'npalUm.
tloveruor Hila llolcumb sent flm fol
lowing in answer to a reijuct from tha
Pew ork Herald:
"Nebraska sliile Imlchlednc Imn
never eicccle I $'4,000,000, The reduc
1 1 nt of Mm H ite's imlnbleliiea siel llm
bringing f llm tat warrant from 8
is r ceiil to par In Ilia lnl li inoiith
bs l ii i ii u Mil by th honesty, mmm
my nd btuiuiM ability iliplnyed by
th pniN nt I'npulist adiiiliiittratioii ami
not by a rwtivul of iipi Mty,
"Nebrunkiius aia paring their fan,
itisi liariiiiig thi ir l.llMiitioii ami tup-
plying l heir wu lylhu rinriwi (,f
frun ililr. limit sod untiling Industry
IIumiicm aclivlly bun l im iHcasiomd
I y the triumph of the siuule gold sisml
aril nr lha ptoepHtiva HingUy Imilt
bill, but di pi's llm evil trfacU i f r h
(f I he m lltysii't campaign, Ilka th
tpiril of Julm I trow m In Ihasiilie. gs
Muri lilng iui, "
iiHtlallila lwH.laatlM.
Thr U a turki fallmc off la ih
number uf lnimiiiru arriving la thi
rouutrr. lb r-iurn of , Imuiigr.
Don iur4 hi that lh number r
riving tlurliig lha n!na months atittlng
illh lh )tt of lurch a only J,.
141, h!tt la , ! han lh tuin
Ur arriving during lh roiitsMiiiiin
parhu) of Ik pi. ailing Qa,at lr,
Tk riwwUUmr-ebrl vailaiaiM
lh Ida Jktmii for tha )m year
hick ndt Jul Jmk will h it(
Badilelc Hocial Labor .
AHHv.ntr.n run coi-rrKRrftfTiu,
Peculiar Crimt Which Attsck th Fob
lie Health and PockMbook,
iaa I'latt and Otto Ioerfam are at
present held to bail at (.'hicago. 111., iff
the nnnsnlly high sum of f lO.f00, after
staying for some time In jail tn default
ol sureties, on n charge of counterfeiting
lr, W illiam' Fink I'iil lor J'ai i'eopta.
The euro b which th fielrict Attorney
demanded bail show th importance
which the tribunal attorn io the offic
of counterfeiting the medciasr of th po-
pie, i he eondemnatkm Htnyrneam, X,
Y., rntly, t4 th eonnterWW lr.
Mar'iuieee, to a term in Kt,af i'r'uutti, k
another instance of the sam view,
Theeonrt in the ease burfd that a
medicine having th eonfidet of the
people to an extent which can tempt dis
ponent imitation has attained an impor
tune which render the suUf if ntioa Uif
it of unreliable and vunuthorrf mm
pound an offence of a very wtum na
ture, Against which the frffophv hv a
right to h profited, 1'h Wtmmthttvn
In court snggesfed that lhwjl wonld
not have got tea into th way of relying
on a definite medicia (of th ear of
their ailment without good can.
Therefore, coonterfeif ing snefi a remedy
I not an offenc against th tmnufiu
tarurn of th genu in good a!one, but
against th publw-, it la an offete
against th manubtctarer h (Httm ti
roim them of th frnit of their tmttirpr'm
In making known th merit of their pro
duct and their expenditure in aI vert -ing
them, for which large sums are paid
daily, i'.ut it is an offene hmi
against th fieople a pnhite offence,
lor onb-ss th ronfidene of tli onblh? in
n genuine product ha be justly tMtf
ed, it would b folly advertisiag it.
Hence th subsfifnfion of mmntpf1ii in
an offence against th (Ummohwuaith,
and (a th court have beld), rfghioo
ly punished by impriiiftnt ui heavy
It wa hown that it I th imporfaae
of a medicin that create temptation to
thi crime; no on counterfeit a fumr
medicine; It in a gratifying fact that
fraud, to th extent of straight euntr
felting, ; very rare; th druggist of th
wuntry ar too honorable a efn of
men to Involve fhemsefve in sw;h do
biou methwl, and th peoM ar right
In tirofeetmg thems'lve by obtaining
their medicine ff(,rrt trustworthy deal
ers, and by taking pain to have Ihe gen
iiineness of their jmrchas placed leyond
doubt by seeing th correct, advert owd
nam (a for instance, f h fall, firm blo
viated title lik I;r. William' i'lnk I'id
for I'ttl I'eople) engraved on th p;k
ag they buy, Th pnbl now-a-day
refuse to listen to f h sort of talk occa
slonatfy offered to th mwnrj nbont
"something els jrjt a good," nhk:b
alway mmim "Ink" medicin gotten np
to deciv eople whom n nnserupO'
Ion dealer think foobsb enough to t"
lier such preteiic, Korfnnafely, Itr,
Marquis was arreated SMtttn h bod
sold n single bo of his counterfeit ptIU,
and the Chicago gang wera caught after
they hud been At work for four days,
and all the spurious pills werid and
withdrawn from th market.
Oaa'tTaOaea sail an ak ttmtlAU
A war.
If yon want to quit tobacco inf
easily and forever, be mad well, atrong,
inn? netic, full of new bf and vigor, taka
No-'Io lJiic, th wonderworker, thai
make weak ma strong. Many gala
ten pound in ten day. Over 400,000
cured. l!uy Vo-To-f;o of ftmt droggiaf
under gaarsnte to ear, Uh or $1,
Hook let and sample tnaild fr, Addrea
Kterliag i-umj Co., Chicago or Xw t.
liar Kit nrrm,
Theresa had two distinguished gifu.
On wa sarcasm and th other wa wa-
ter color. Htm and Quatorz had mn
engaged once, and then they tpiarreled
for some reason. Neither of them
seemud to know exactly why, and 1 sup
pose that neither of them cared Just
now, for (Juatorze wa married
otner tiay, and the girl sent a present f ttuitn Hfit ti,w
to tha wedding. The present wa a ''" a"" i'Iim
waJcr color il,n t.v h,r a rf4 t s'f A V Mm
water toior oon ny her own deft fin- . tw im uui4 t w' fcta
ger. The girl cxMild palot well, Tha f d I'wi ii
plctur. wa. a dutiful thing. It rep- ' TX JT&liZl'tfX
resented a great tim k, which looked for " " ,m f'!r y "c " ,u ti n u
all tha world Ilk a tdatform nt, i
leading up to tha lop of It. Overhead
wa a cbrudt? ky, full of unhln.
and with a blue In It that mad you
wish that th world wer all sky, and
that you wer floating among th
fleecy cloud on pinion of air, Thera
wra tree bending over that enchanted
rock, and beyond wer th shimmering
water of a lake.
"How beautiful;" exclaimed tha
Drill. "How kind of Theresa, fib'
urh a dear, good girl. W will hang
It In th parlor, won't w, der7'
"I'm afraid the light won't U nulls
right, said Quatorx aloud.
To himself be mild -
in water color wa a plctur of a
rock at laik (ieorge, where h and
Tnere nan sat two summer ago
when h propaied to her,Nw York
Thar sw II Im nit.
Th Irs iii t w no got away with fIS
worth of eatable th other night In
I'hlladelphU restaurant left in.
lowini n".iiir note: am a
I'rnnsrlvanla railroad iramp, and I
dra t us no other line, Th rak
wa good and lb ilr w fair, ff
th rlU time around, ut
them Ihsl you MW lua Ml,"
G. A. R.
mm, n. r
Am, ai to 3$.
for th Aamial Ijtcampment of lh
tl , II., at Huflslo, ,S, V. In Aug, lha
I MtiS I'At II It: will Hiak tha araallf
rmluil rail trout l.ineoia of $Jf flubtr
th ruiiiid trip, b ut yoar liekei
read via lh "IMftelal llrand Armf
Itoale," I'mion raeln, I tiieago ami
Sorlhaastaia, X, V. '. A HI. K, (.Nnksl
I'latel Hallway.
I or llm lable a l lull Inb.rmatloM
rail o J, T, Mri, V. T, A,,
fc, II, Miomos, flsa, Agt. lOH 0 HI
asy to Take
asy to Operate
Are fatres fflr t 1111$, Kimilto
Kim, tate!e, ttomiA, Uhhm&, Am
ldi Km ttrffklffW I'M r-m, mmm
havtot:a prt btlghil Qlall
VfitvfoHif, isri Mt,
ttm otfiy pftU U Ink wttn HoT t4ynttl.
Emil Liebling
yf "i (U Kimball
CM, ' ' aAXA
F- D- SHetTVlN
CVnaltigroow tAWZ) HIV
LIZ CO Lit . . . . Vy.ZZAlZA
f0, . KtKW At HUH,
Anoroejr and Solicitor,
Winfrflrt CfeofWlNO
SOS, U. m. NllbUL
!, tt Mm, K Kl4ift. , ..
!., iff,.
Hrt.ithti Ori,(f ran I Mr tn)r Si
tm nmittri hi i4 Jfo V, m l 14
fcf lh Hi hhiiUU: $t4 Iff trt4 Oil la .
tmf, tn l,l m ytt').ri la lu ). iA mknif
aMl, b,S Ml HrttmfVm .;( MmiiIIhh
a Vt Itwlf U ft,
r, tt. Mm,
a ni
. g S,I,KI.
Hpeeial ticmUm via th Bttrlluf Vn.
Indiana w,li and retnrn, IIH, Aagust
II ani 17, rVf,imlr 7 and .
Huffalo and return, August 21
ant -ii.
ti t iiatau'iua, $Jf,,,H round trip,
anguai i m in,
I hi go, I'eoria, libximinaton and
Xt, Nufs, $O0't on war, July 10 to
i, i i, w, nil, August 'J, C, ;i, and
la. fi. n, lw,sri (,,
(', I', and T. A,
0-ii Buffalo Tbrctagb Oar Irvlc
Our Teacher' Milwaukee Cicnrsioa
wo iieeeaful, and our patron so
well pleased with our eiirtrb tin and
through service, that we propoau to
give all who ronumpUl availing
themaelva ol th vary low ml la
Huffabi and relurn Angust Vlandlf'J.
an uppof lunlly In eiiior througli car
srvn, l.iimolu to Huffalo, via Ihs
llraat ,ia-lhaeslarn On and eoann-llou.
II you think rou would bks to trvl
via the ghort Una to I hhag'i jnsl rail
on ma (or particular,
Out id loaa wnpl who would lik In
go via th bent rout In through mi
nra r'iiesi to aula rue onrraltig
Ihlattlp, A. f, ItrlMsn, C, . A,
1 17 Ho, 0lh ( real, l.liiMln, .Vsli,
rilT TIMfj,
Tn Omaha. Chieagu and fmlnt la loaa
and Iiiinoi. th I .HltiH l'4( II li;iroa
areltoa wilk lh C, A H, W, It, ntfi
lha best a I vie and In loataat lims,
f all or am to m lor iim rards, rai,
la, H. r iii,
. Ag H
Th IsuirisMif iIvm all tkMi.
all . llm, llr1lt.
VI ri I -'t I
m-Mr.. .stmt vr
Si i i I
jjt -
ice CReftM
Sweat On am
1WI frfea Vle.
ml 0 Stree
i ta.
II. S. Standard
tmf Hm mA M (
.wh tttnm, Wfm, fHV, rf '1 m itt,
ftUf , S,v
biwrmw ttAtttMn, 1 t -;.
m,H4v .4 . .1 '-, aS., mlrt-mit
nm.tM, t-tf, if -ru,
ltm .mi.,
.,. n-f, m, H-tn,;
Dm, WA- tt0H0w, Mm4, Mi ' 1
m t , i.uV KiM t , , M,
4 n o he 1.1 a ulkxo
MOMS,. WffUskt
f ha At tii
tthf H,,l, i
; 1
Ifil tttV HI I
1. As Carothcrs,
tt rmU hHf it, Attf l-at
ul iUm 4 Uf, 4M ff Mtnitt,
Ul rtk 121k i.
j'tifgiMrT;iTof na c r rrn
Throat ; LkccMel;,.
foar from Ut 1 2?)m.m, 2iof p.m.
No matter
how hot tt is
ItV.HKit a always
in f,lof )o,
1 oforado i innrijr m
ool logUr than ebra
ka and loan, 'that I
why il'a m in lift ar so
pb-ftjMtntafcy fhoneond
aanoafly fbaig th
wHtro,g Ut-Hl of lb
plan, for th Hightful
mvigoraiibg, bgiving
lmopl,r ol th moun
teii,, Th tnkfi and mot
eombriabl y toget to
foiorailo ia u tk tfc
, Unrlli.gtoni'a "Ivr
Iwotad," mUu-U lrii
Lincoln very nUttumm
at ft. 10 p. $n, ntuliuic
Urr at 7;I5 a. in, th
nit rnorning,
iaejr chair car
dinar. For ticket and
t lire t abba at IS, k
M, d-pot or eily of lira,
corner 10ih andtrl,
Lincoln, !,,
a. w. i;o.v,m:i,ic,',tj,
aifyothrhoicaf, mil JlOITfcH,
a via Colorado and lh Hm
I tb other via our Tsiaa I,lnaa4
UKoutlisrii I'acifla,
OurTsia Mnlmuek nuh ksr tkta
guy nthaf be through to
NoiHlii i n OA , I f MtiNIA
Tin: riiif i iim
itotK ii,aji i:x(riiMioxg
la lt.a Uioai ,.....l
l'gl busiaxa id asy f alilornla Howls,
lliMiiniiillialUi , y tu t at.
WalliiaaNdreeaivathaliaafviea, Ik
rnaeat Ml IWkl In f ...
available tin lb rurslo,
mm i aiart trip to ( aiib.rsl aslll
loa gat nr Torit I old-. ix.kUising
lap bi,mg roaiM and all Inforaialioa,
nr rat and rrviu,a apiii m aar
mtatnllh.C, II. I. A MlF.ilg44faaa
aunaj N4fM, M. f A ,
I Ma, lillaaU.
Iaa oa i.aia I. j.u..
ra jO S
- -
IllllfllflUI! I