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Id tola MituniB wt will poollab eominunlfattooa
of a worthy Mil aulUbl character, rwwtv.d
front auhaerlhera to this naoar. No eouimunU
iik .t...l.l .nnluln in lira than 800
Manunrlpt wlllnolUretarimil.
I-rttrr lo J. W. Jobnii.
WaalllNOTON, V. &
J, VV. Johneon, Lincoln, Nb. I reckon
you will be sorter eurprieed to hear from
me, and to know I am her at the cap!
tal of our glorloua republic. The reeol
lection of n may have eacajied your
mind, ua your time I nil taken up I
abualn tli "norm mid dmnli" a you
call them, no I will tll you who I be,
am John V, Jayeon. Into of Sarpy
rt,.i Nnmv CfiiintV. N'ebraekM.' 01
couree, you will dierememlier that
come to ee you at your home In Lincoln
laet winter. Then 'yon know I wanted
your advice, iind comfort, and I got
them both. It ie aurpriaing howmuc
ad vie on una if It lor nothing, nlut it?
Aud a for comfort, that come plenty
cheep o a feller if bt aiut toopurtic
ular about the quality.
I had always been greatly atruck by
your mterietln Icttere that have been
printed in all tb elate republican pup.
era of Nebroeka.
No matter if the crope were bad or.
when tbey were good, If th pricea were
. low, whether diacournged by thernvfiK'
of hotf cholera or r.blnU bug, I eould
pick up one of them paper contameri a
letter of yourn, and Kit cheered up lu no
time. You did noke 'aicb fun at the
"pop and demb'' and aocked the rldl
cule Into them ao bard, that your argu
ment were unaimwerable, and I could lit
keep from knowlo t hut you wn right
and thev wa wrong". Well, aa you had
writ durlu the i-uuipnin, that the elee-
tlou of McKlnley would bring proaiwirity
to onct, that be wn the reat a-poatile
of protection an, when the ballot were
counted, and tie waa ueciareij eiccien,
very induetry would etnrt up, and all
our land and produce would Inerenee in
vnlu). ao vou aald If Urynn waa elected,
"thlnga would jlet continue going to the
devil, an at a mora rapid irate," theme
about the worde you wrote. Well, you
know bow I waa died, family broken up.
inortitTtic on farm, an me a Kitten old
an aauffcrin Irani my old wounde and
diaeaeee that I Rot lu the eervlce of my
country, (or "Inkurred" aethe peneion
office fellere put it.) McKlnley waa i lect
ed, but we dldnt aee no proaperity in
November, aha dldnt ebow up In Decem
ber, and In January I could aland it no
longer, and 1 anye, I'll let go up to Lin
coin an aee thia man Johnaoii, and Kit
aome comfortin aeaurancea from him.
You know rnv old farm waa then odver-
tlaedfor eheriffa aale, and If thateuil
cornea off before proeiierity auled in I
waa ruined. I can't help reniemberin
what your hired band eaid when 1 called
to your bouee and naked for you. lie
aald yon "waa down to the l'iret No
tlonnl bank, a .bavin a tulk with the
preaideut about the aubject of your neit
fetter" no be Baked me what my bueineue
with you inlitht be, and when I told hi in
that I bad come way from Hnrpy Center,
Harpy county, to have a talk with you,
aa to the time proapi rity wua to arrive
at Harpy Center, an to Kit a few crumba
of comfort from your learned, intereelln
dienouree, be aorter emlled a earcneiic
anille and aaid,(uo thia la b la remark
that 1 keep think in of), "I reckon
Johneon la about the amarteat man In
thia whole county, he know everything,
or at tenet he think be doe, an that
eeerna to amount to the aame thing to a
Nebraaka republican. Jobiiaonl a great
philosopher when It cornea to other peo
tile'a troublea. lie would comfort a woman
lu child birth by telling her bow much
more ehe would have euffered bad they
been twiu or triplet, and when I have
the nick headache he brace me up by
telling me bow much eeverer the Aeiatic
cholera la. Johuon can furuieu an lu
fallible prescription for any dieeaee or
trouble that aflllcU aome one ele but
when become home alck .with the grip
lie aaid lie rauglit irom eome republican
rueiiibere of the lcgiluture, you would
have thought he wiim goin to die. Hh
kept the w hole lamily and eome of the
neighbor awake the ret ol thetiight,
bud half of the doctore In the city here
and whh goiu to make hi will, when he
got well enough to remember that the
preeident of the J- irt National bunk had
a mortgiige on all our proiierty for
more than we could eell It lorthway
the time U." He eaid thi kinder bitter
like an I didnt know what to make of it,
an i uont now, tint did lie mean;
n ell, I bad my talk with yon and I
tnuat any, that you did brae menu.
You tipluiutd to me that the reuaoii, or
one renon, tliut proiHTity had not
route immediate on Mckinley' election,
wn that thedntnphool poo and demic
rontiuiie! to put up their regular old
rnlitmlly howl, an that cnrd off eat
era rapitaliat an InveMtor. an then vou
told me, ronndeiitlall.v, that IIkhw nubia
rlillnntlirophiet and true atatcNim-n,
linvemeyer, lUx-kieiii-r, Morgan, ( nrue
Kie and other, who had eo nobly aided
our party a envior, Stalk lluuiia, in
raialng the twenty nullum dollar
liiiaaiuuary fund with hull we em
Verted Ui trttlcra and I hllinpa; that they
n nd coiii iuiimi io aiiiH track prownl.v
until lUnna'e end ol the bargaiu thai
lie had made lor Mrkiulev had Iwn
iHiintiiied with. If I am not miainkru
you eaid that the full tide ol prtiwritv
would hot eel in UUtil alter a new lunfl
bad Uwiin a law. V VII. I lied to lw
roetrnl with tto, an I etarliHl (I
Harpy t eater ruiiiparatively happy, (lu
lay way bvk hoai ai(,p, utonr
eoumv t to m rould not n-t (da
aale ol mi v luriii imaf (mti. it m t it proa,
vrlly eouUl ai (ir. taly ut ift tl,
en'e weld llavemver and eoiupany
Willing tbt weahttulil have Kvx.d liiuta,
Jual uHld h land bill lt'iti , ,
wkieh I'Uf lrkul, wh.i luruihe U With
Ibe iiuitiry wilk lnh we eouvlitvl
Ike vt'l'i. ahuiiM ittovcr limn
iw luitirter oiik ktikdr4 loot
Ike aiiiouut ti uIic.-iUh to 111
tkiha' It I eoe'd do ihu lri-uM4
muiTlLtug Ik ( ItolidlmtN
wtv w tM nd n id Ihirif law jtare
wl o the Ixtbk and iha tl.ttl
ll wet wo u o k it. II' trvaitlml
ld '"tier ewalvta iNimaptiiideet will
ktiletakdU buigvr, la lli(i.l
lkf km rhwitnllf li,n I ikir iHiirv
lu the 14 r utt id Idle UI
1t veal, but ll p tltiHiv
ai Ui eurH , hnwl leal k rlre
vvltr kaie livm Im(Mt,-., I e
r alrwld Ikal Ik kviiatr will paeeaj
law making 7 per cent legal Internet, and
they uont propone to take chance.
Well, what waa I to do? 1 went back to
mit,.r Hlrnoat broken hearted
The good old farm muet be eold. Hold
i.ff thu uiii.piff I'n n vou iuinifiiie howl
felt? For over ten year t bad worried
diiv and night when I thought ol that
irriU'ln fiinrtimifl an d increasing inter
ut. Thouirht of both them climbin
the mercury In a thermometer
in n. .Inlv ami. I (I id nt take any com
fort at all. eeptin when 1 would get holt
,,i ii,rn fKiimr luiviu your lelU'relu
them. Why, it got eo I couldn't eleep
without dreamiu about it. A eleepin or
nwukln tu nld farm wa on my mind
eoiiMfant. I could hear the voice of onr
-l.riff vuillii "ldlll. ffOIII. gOlie," I
u,.nii iiiiiin iii from mv eleep with a
heavy feelin a preeein at my iieurt, and
Miiold aweata etrcainin from trie. You
cant tell how dear the old farm wu to
me. The happicet an the euddeet daya
of my life had been epent on that aweet,
oldepot. Johneon do you ever ever re
view the dear and tender recol lectiona of
the puel? I chii do nothing elee and the
fler fihl farm la the oot where centera
all mv lov nnd aorrowa. 1 think of the
aweet June daya in JH05 after twoyeara
lu the army, carrying two rebel bulleta
in my body, I brought Mary, my bride,
to that quarter eection, when It wa
not bin but unbroken prairie covered
thick with wavin graae, that came to
the top of the wagon bed. We bad
come all Ibe way from Indiana to make
a home for oureulvea and for our
children. Now the old place muet go,
and with It thirty-two yearn of bon.
et. womanly and maniy ton. ma
old farm where all our loving hope
were breathed and all our nmliltloua
plana were laid. How wa labored irom
earlieet dawn to clone ol day, yet love
o lightened our beuvy work that both
Mary and I were content ami nappy.
Our children came, adding to our
curee and trial but making more joyoua
everyday, and mora light our uurdene
How carefully we eaveu ami now jiiuio
IoiimIv we planned in the hoiie of a com.
euiniie In our old age none but thoee
who have made a life atruggle will aver
know. How proud wa were when irom
ourflrataod bom-a, wa moved Into our
frame eottaira. la that rottnge where
the mornlnir glorlea climbed the porch,
oureiirht babea were born, and In that
cottage three of them died, then I think
of the graud time wa bad when we moved
Into the large frame bouee that muet
now be eold with the old farm. Our
efittaie had become too email, our chit
dren were growing op. ana we uia ior
them what all other living parent do
for their. Then trouble and aickneea
came, crop failed, doctor bllle iricreueed.
J lie boy a grew up,dlatlaea wnu larm-
ingthey aought the town. 'J he girl
married and left for home oi ineir owo.
Then, aa lo Mary and I were left on
the old farm alone, with children gone
and that Incentive for labor abeent.
Mnrv began to fail, the light faded Jrom
hereyea and I waa left alone iudwd,that
voice that I loved to near waa auenr,
the heart tbat had ever thrilled with
tender In tercet bad ceaed to beat, thoee
tired and weary band that for ao many
year bud rendered cheerful toll for thoee
he loved, were now at reet. Mary wn
dead. Now the old farm muet be aold,
my throat knota and my heart throb a
theee mcmoriee come to me, I thing oi
Marv'a nnd the children' grave In the
family burying ground In one corner of
the old orchard; tbat old orchard tbat I
bad watched bloom for thirty year,
and which baa never bloomed but that
1 am reminded of the June of inUf when
he and I were married. Hut why ehould
repent all thia to you, I told you much
of It when I wn at your bouee In Lin
coln, I would have told ou all then but
thought you did not care to near it,
you acted tired and 1 etopped, my
troublea did not eeem to intereet you
much, you who are red hot after the
iopa nnd denilea cannot tie expected to
mve Intercut In the joy and aorrowa,
the romance and trial, and the love
und the death of other. Hut thee
meuiorle are all there i ol thia life to
me. Hut I will fliiUb. Lnt month the
old farm wa aold, the people had no
money and none turned out to bid. Hut
one bid wa mude and that wa by the
vntern money lonuer, he bid three thou
Maud and oue dollar and it wan Mtruck
off to him for that. You ee they had
appraied my old farm at only only four
thoueaud Ave hundred dollar and the
lawyer had bid one dollar over the two
third of thi. Hheriff Hturlxer, who wa
one ol the appraieer. wanted to ap
praise the farm at 140 tier ncre, but two
of my republican neiKhbor euid the way
the tune were it wa not worth more
thou f '11 wr acre and they had their
wayullhougli theeheriff worked hard to
linage their mind. Here i another
thing that I can't " t through my head:,
When 1 made n,y loan, theae twoeaiue'
republican nclKlioor awont that my
land wa worth f 50 per acre, but they
now iiiHiat that it r iiM not worth more
I han I '11 and Judge Howard aaul that
If it had not been for tha act ptiaaed by
our populiatic legialuture, they would
Iiuvh got a big deficiency judgment
Hgainat tee I did not iiiideratitud thia
what did he mean" Ihirty-two veara
ol hard work and the old farm void fur
leaa than $-'0 cr acre, wheii I had been
offered f 0 lor it year ago.
Well with Ihwiild farm gone what
eould I do, broken In health and lu
pirif I wn about to giv up when one
ol the comrade of the t). A. It. I'oal nf
which I am the eotnimtiider, reminded
me of what Pave. Mercer told me. It
waelnat fall during the campaign ami
he wa at Harpy t'eiitr blinking lunula
with u and a-king u to tote and wmk
fur htm and lu get koine ol the old boy
who had gone over lo the I"1!' and
demit to Vole lor him becauae hi father
had be u a uniou ol.ier, and Hun I tld
In in my trout. If about the iiiorlgntfe
and he ald the lime would be all right
u Ha Bimii a Mckinley wa ulit ii-d
and that hwaur that I would gel
out id my fliirtiicittl trouhlrt all rghl nud
thai he would aw that my iiaiun wo
luvreaaeti piai aa aouM a wa not m reput
I HAD riilltltiltaltilirriif elialtma. Wild then
k aald that if the Hmo nr eame, HinI I
"!. I It, i wtiliUI kI n. a a uttu gov-
rruiii. el iHiaiiioa, w lo. u h vtiuld eallv
bi a ii n Mi kluli- a prvanleitl.
aa II would l an old eiihle r admiMi-
IralioH, aure aimiiita I wa l'iw t tint.
Mtaa.lrr wed Imd him4 deal d in II 4-
ti lillKOig Iheolt) Vt'tvraea, mid ntitv
t THia I'UuiiiM'.l iiur limn havoul l
rry out, toil I o.ul l Ihiuk ol wu wav
nMlt'leiV IneiMe tt ao ail. m. I ke I. paid ' !' hi. I lf.d
Itir M aahierilou, hut I, ll.via I
eotkrf H.allir I wael to Mk Vi.tmlMiul.
I a uv ma mm mrut w ai. iitrr id ft lltiH luaMii4 rMHd Iba
tnuit kimad ad wlia lhUrlt kaVte
Ik old Una utl aa4 Ik aitiy bad
atated that that waajuatthe amount
Htraiiiet the larm, a fellow who bad bven
liatening epoke up and eaid, "Talk about
bard time in Nebrueka, jut look at the
mortgagee that are being paid off, here
fa another $.'1,000 debt paid. How could
we pay our debt if the time were bard?
It ie ail nonaiiiee gentlemen, here we are
paying up our mortgage and canceling
our debta, ol couree we are loeing our
hirme, but thank Uod we can pay our
debt and we are doing it." Now what
did he meau7 He epoke aorter bitter
and the lawyer called him a pop,
notice you keep aocking it to the pope
and derniea about drinking and remind
ing them ol "wbieky Itidge" Well
want to tell you confidentially that on
my way here a lot of drunken fellow
got on the train at Cleveland, there wa
bardlyaeobcr man In t he crowd and
being a good republican 1 thought 1 bad
atruckulotof delegate from the Ohio
atate democratic convention. What waa
my eurpriee when ou iuouiring I learned
that they were delegate from the con
vention of republican club that bud
been held in Detroit. 1 couldn't believe
it at firef, but I had to, they were cheer
ing for "Mark llannu, what' the matter
with Mark llannu, be' all right be can
buy nu election or uuy old thing." Thia
wua a ahock to mo for while I knew all
dema and pop were not drunkard, 1
thought all drunken! were pope or
dema. 1 read your letter out loud to a
fellow who aut with me and 1 laughed at
what you eaid about the "Little Giant"
and the trouble liryan ia having with
the pop and dema and it accrued to rile
the other fellow aud he aaid the rupnbll
cuna would have a good deal more
trouble than they are having, if aome ol
the ex-atut officiate and other were not
lu the penitentiary, and that there were
more of the gang who were afraid they
would land in the pen themaelvea, I
wonder what be meant and who be w7
He aeemed to be thoroughly familiar
with Nebraaka and our people.
Well I timet cloae, I will write you aoon
again to tell you my lmprealone on the
trip and of the capitol and bow Have
Mercer get along with my ooeltioa and
my peneion. I know you will keep aock
fug the ridicule Into the pop aud derniea
but I tnuNt con lea that i nave acen aud
beard aome thing alnce leaving Nebraa
ka, that aomebow or other that ridicule
doea not appear to explain uoranawer,
I read your hot ridicule of th pope and
dema to my fellow pnaeengci' ami naked
bim what be thought of it and be re
plied that it reminded bim of the eaylng
of an old plilloaopher who aaid of a cer
tain cluaa of peron, "when they can't
anawer our argument they make fun of
our clothe." Vow what did be meun by
tbat. J. W. Johneon let ma hear from
you. Very reefiectfully,
John W, Javmon.
glOOBewird, 1100.
The rendere of tbla paper will be
pleaed to learn that there la at leaat
one dreaded Ulaeaae tbat aclenca baa
been able to cure In all Ite etageaand
that ia Catarrh. Hall' Catarrh Cure ia
the only poaitive cur known to the
medical fraternity, Catarrh being a con
atltutionai dieae, require a conatitu-
tionnl treatment. Kaii'a Catarrh Cur
la taken internally, nctiug directly upon
the blood aad mucuoue eurfacee of tb
ayatem, thereby deatroylng the founda
tion of Ih dieeaae. and giving the pa
tient atrength by building up the con
atitution and aaiting nature in doing;
it work. The proprietor have ao much
faith in Ita curative power, that tbey
offer One Hundred Dollar for any can
mat it inn to cur, anna ior net ol Tea-
Addre, P. J, CiiNfcy, A Co., Toledo,
u. noia oy aruggiata, ibe
IMatlnnt liiiproramant In Naliraaka,
The New York World boa made Inqniry
among tb large citiee of th country in
order to diecover "how much proejMirlty
there ia." It ia gratifying that In thia
report Omaha make the beat allowing
inthnlmt publiehed by the world on
I lie headline ued by the world tell
the etory of the condition in the vnriou
town ao fur aa heard from. Here they
Fifty thoueand Idle in Philadelphia."
Twenty-five thoUNund unemployed In
Labor market overcrowded in Indian-
Condition worae than at veur in St.
Labor condition deplorable in Han
r rauciaco.
Woeful report from Connecticut.
Many idle in Lhode Inland.
Hetter time exacted in Kentucky.
Worat Hince the panic ol 1M73 in Ho
Not no bad in Kana,
No improvement in Denver.
Hood outlook at New llrlean.
DiMtiiict improvement in Nebraaka.
It will Imi f.liiMirved that "better time"
are ei-cted in Kentucky," a elate that
declared for Mckinley. It will nlao be
obaerved that Loiiianua, whera there i
a "good outlook," k a nana, where it I
"not o bad," nnd .Neliraaioi, where there
in "diatirt impiovemeiit" all declared for
Nlllluui J. Hryan. World Herald.
When billon or a faacarat
candy catbartic.cur guaranteed,) Oc35a
Judge ianborn ia Knurlnj the Nactiiary
Uaciaaa ia the 8vil Dlvincta.
Judge Wal'er II, Hitut.orii id Hi
t'uiled Htnina ciri uil court ba lormnlly
ulerd diH-ra-a ( ltirioaure ngauial
Ih Cuioii I'u. itli- rail road eompiiiiy al
Omaha, and fr Ih dialricl id Miammri
ami Kaiiaaa, IU will r-uiwr aimiUr iIh
rr at Ikimr lur ih diatrleU of 'im
rad.i, SVjriMiilag and l lah,
I li tbit nl aniw Ima yt hm - t
lied upon, ill ke plnti,! I lintttitt
after utilue h b.N pi.rl pubiLf,,,!
la lk bptti,ra, A ili'.i..n id
mm.iHiii, Mill rr.tuiiH of bul lm n a
iu.traul llmt tkv wilt rnrry nut lb
If una id tboir bid l ih alv la wwartlfd
.i I haul,
It ia autiiaiii t, M.ul.U. atta Ihlk
III "urw bltxl" Irtldt'ia lu Ili a .1.1.
wad I lira MUuc nwr Iba unt,t niUHI
wan Mir tat Wk Iti rail 111. .1 .1. ...
pulbmH roavvalinw. Ml i,
rd waa ll.nw Imim iMtiniirt I'oat ,i
th n ima.t. Ha aii It a ldor. The
Ittt.l ii id "waa via a ,M , w
aa l Iha'naw bloitd' wa har i, the
rrpublHWH prtV (Hliiraa, ,a
win old vataa.-Mta.aioa lNir.
The atate republican committee ee-
lected the eagle ua the ticket emblem.
'J' hie waa apropo. Hither the eagle or
vulture would do. Hotb are bird ol
prey, and truly erablumic of latter day
repuoiicaniem.--Adaina county Uumo
No burm can come from watching an
bonnet official, and the only way to
bo aure that nn official ia honeat ia to
watch him, and watch bim clonely
The worat fraud can poM ua honeat
men il they ure not watched. Auburn
How eay to publili a republican
paper when Mark llanna furniehea the
editorial matter and Joe Johneon. the
blggeat fool on earth, the reel of the
matter. Oue nice thing about it,
when you have read oue patwr,
you have read all in th atate, Ited
Cloud Nation,
To deny the juetue of the Initiative
i to deny the right of petition. To
deny the right of the referendum i to
deny the juetue of allowing the people
the right to vote ou cormtitut lonnl
amendment, the iaauunc of bond or
nay other ( ligation affecting their wel
fare, Hledge Hammer,
Ilepubllcan paiwr any tb reoaon our
elate warrant were below pur under re
publican ring rule, wa becaue of fear
of calamity In cnae the pop ehould win,
Then why are warrant at par after the
pop did win? Theae fellow are rattled.
Like the erring children of Jerael of old,
who worahlpped the flrat golden calf.
"in their humiliation their judgment
Iota bin taken away!" Clay County
Arc ther any job in the Dingley bill?
Certainly ther ar, l'lenty of them
inea jooa ought to component many
of the contributor to the campaign and
conatltubia atandlng offer for further
favore. It muet be remembered that it
ia a republican nieoaur rtuhed through
under tl-efalee prelena that an over
flowing treuaury timid a larger aurplue
but really for the purpoae of adjuating
th account of the republican oartv
and providing fund for future cam
paigue. Hll var Knight,
Doea a corporation have mora rliht
than a private citizen InNebrueka? Yea.
Look at the record In tb atockyard
cue for the proof. The company ia aup
poaed to be a body corporate, occupying
a level with an individual citizen. The
atate puea a law affecting tb Intereata
of tb corporation. A citizen of Mueaa
cbuaetta aoya b ia a part and parcel of
tb corporation, and a bandy United
HtttU' court enjotna tb atate againat
an enforcement of the law, It would be
difficult for on citizen of th atate to
etiread bfmaelf out from Nebruka to
lioeton. The Time believe the time ia
rip for the atate to promptly annul the
charter of every corporation which
tramplea the atate law under Ite feet.
l'apillion Tlmea.
Dont tax the poor millionaire. Judge
Dykman, loat week handed down hi
deciaionin the Tarrytown aeeement
coeeain which John D. and William
Uockfellcr, John Terry, loul Htern,
John C. Harrow, John D. Archbold, and
other multi-mlllionairea aought to have
their aaementN, a made by the board
ofaeeeore of the town of OreeuburgJ
Judge Dykman wrote the opinion In
inecaae wnicn wnin lavorof the million
aire, aetting oeide the naeeaament in
aome cnea and reducing tb aaaeaaiiient
iu otner.
To tax the neceaanrie of life la alright
J lie poor are tiowerle to help them
aelvea. Hut the wealthy mut lie pro'
im-ieti irom exceeeive luxation Twen
tleth Century.
A vtelt to nny exclualve and coatlv
eummer reeort thi warm weather ehow
how well the politician live. They own
fine carriage, have private bathinir
pavilion, live on the fat of the laud and
play the part of lord of creation. Thev
ure auie to uo tin owing to the larirc
an in of money they net from afreet car
companiea, railroad aud corporation
Keiieruny. 11 ineee politician were con
tent to live upon the liberal aulurie
they K,et from the public treneurv. thev
wouni not, oe put to the iieceaaity of eel!
Ing tlieiiidelve body and eoul to the
tnagnateN. I'.ut they want to ride In
carnage and amoke coatlv cignmand
at the aain.t time accumulate big for
tune. Ho they give nwuy fraiichiae
and iM.lray tin: people. Theae politician
ore ueHiiiieni iiion the vote of the two.
tile In th tenement liouaea and ld
trcet for all the limine theveniov.
luelead ol attempting to ameliorate the
coiiiniiou oi the maaaeathey make term
wnu i mi ciiinm'n, it I lion live v in
uwent in tllen repremmtatlve ol the
iwopli to lend audi luxuriou live,
lliev know the herd no t IibutmhI inn
Joriiy are lurcfil to endure. Hut they
ar iihi veuai ami imiorant to play i
noble pert, They do not know any
thing atiout MiM'iul nucNtion and thv
do not car anything about tbain. They
ure Kitr man unele. llifiit-oii a can.
not be ton vigilant In watchliiir noliti.
cian. Any enulor or renreaentativ
w no o ana nouaea ami carr aire, rouutrv
acuta miiiI city inuiialoii I nut a tit rem
n-arinaiiT in ina llinaae. II III Han
rial ar. railway mngnate ha ia ilnnuer
una, niian ua utHMIltea I'llllliael lor a
trwt railway eombiue be ought to be
liiailH to underataiid that bi uaefulueaa
aa a public nmu Ima roine to ait nnd.
uriHtralloii lui itaa ahuuld ba ahol
abed. Tweiitieili tVnlury,
Haa'l Takaaa apt I .a Bwab last I.Ira
If you want to quit tobaeco ulf
any ana lorvr, b mad wall, atroag,
Ningnat e, lull ol aw Id and vigor, take
,Si i i. lh woaderworkar. that
make wk iua alrnan. Many 11
tea paiuiid In l.a daj. t)vr imi.ikh)
tur4. Uuy NoTo-i ol your lruggia
eitder guaraala lo aura, Ao or l.
IttHiklel aad iainpl in a I lad Irw. Addr
kc bag llauiatly t o., 1 htoagu of New X.
1 a iMaalay Hill lumu al Itatluv lata
tlun aa aiala Arm la al naatlj,
It lncr-Na Uialitm on iienrly ry
articlw. 'I It laiia produeii,g rapai
H r id Ih hew law H largvly a mailer ol
iim work. lUtffta I hhi t'uittw end
uihiu waa-i run 11 in In lw Ida
lb ON aura Ihieg la Ikal II will roaae't
arable iurrvwaa I. a id living I iry
leiMiiy In lha laitd Hlala.
Liveir DdOs
Like blllinine, flynx-pitla, headaclie, constl
pation, Hir HUmmcli. iiidigr-Htlon are j.ron.ptly
cured by Huod'e I'lll. They lo their work
eimlly end tli'irfniKlily. fTi "II
JleHt ntU t filmier pill. I JV I I I O
Wcciln, All (IniKiflat. U II I W
I'rejiareil by C. I, mm1 & (U)., Lowell, Maf.
The only i'lll Ui Uku with IUhhI'b Huraapartlla.
7 r? SI I i.Lfl
Ceacart Planlat,
"I uMth Kimball
caclutively, lx:caue it
meet my requirement in every YX
repect."7 3
Htnd fur onipliraciilary collarlion U
liejrapli lA lh wofld't (.aUtfralsd
A. xroranf
Conaulting room BTTDa) T3T V
Becond floor DUrf DljJ
Attorney and Solicitor.
Winrrdr'c CfafllWlNO
uatnuta4 aa
almpla. Aaaraaal
WorM't Valr M
ploma arui Ma4al,
Taolu, kasnlatnn and (I Has
an, ai. at. uiiuiiu.
waa TamaawCUaaaa.
ef -a- "t'i
To I'linalia Wh-liloii nin-raalilant (lifi-n'laiit
ru ar lirlir RiitiHrd lliat on lha l'ilh dnr of
July, lH7, Waltar Hhlion a patltloii
itifMlnat yon In Ilia plairln I'ulirt of l.ancaalar
coiiniy, Nnliraaka, th otijai't anl ini,vr ol
ahli li ara to olitaln a illrorra from yon on Ilia
vroiiml that you tinva wilfully nliamlonail lha
filalntlff allhiiiit flood cauaa, for Iba ti-rrn of two
jr.ara la.t aat,
Yon ar. riiilrr.l to anaaar anlil patitlon on or
nafor Sonilay, tha Jlmi ilar or Ananaf, A. V
N!i7. H'AI.TKK Mil ICI. PON,
lly A, E. Ilowian, biaaiioruay.
(.'. If. Mann, K. Ilaldwin, M. K. Iliitilwln hava
awii iiiUl llirmarlvea Uiii-lln-r for tin' liurpo.r of
formlntf a riir,riiiini In the inUt of Mt'lirnnka for
(hp Iniliaa. of liiialiicaa uml r llm iiaimi of Ilia
lluliiwlii llnw. ilitrilwara Co. The lirllicllilir liliua
of liualm-aa will mi III l.lnrolii, rouiily of l.niiia
t-r anil alnl of Ni'lirnaka The naliira of tha lata
Incaa to Im Iraiiaiu li'il ahull ha tft ncral liarilwara
liualnt-aa with all traiiaat tlmia iH-rtoury fur anhl
liualneu. Tha raiiltal atork of aalil roriHimlliiii
ahull lw lha aiiin or ax.iHNi in aliari'a or i!rii h
all Iti Imi fully iull iii at tliwrniniiii'iK un lit of lh
liualnraa. 'I ha rlli'ii or Ilia , orimMIIopi mill
roninirnra on Ihi.fnli ily of Jiiiim A. P., Iti7, ami
,'iiiitiiiui, twenty flva Vrnra. Tha luialnoa aliull
lie loiiiliictaa hy iHiaril of nln-i lora In la- vlpr Unl
lit. the t. khi.Mi ra, m. in pnei"! three In mini
lier, aa ahull lw rll, in Ilia lawa of m il ror
IMirallon. Thaoffh eraihali latjirealdt'iit, Ireaaiirer,
anil ri'lnrr, I tta liulieal aotount oi iii.I, l.l, .1
In . a In ahh h anlil roriHirntlnii ahall al any time
Uhjrl'l Itavlf hull lw I,WI.
I . II. MAN,
K liai.nwia,
A. K luuiai.
Epnolil rxcurilon via tba Burlinjftou
Indinnniiolia mid return, $H, Aiiuat
111 nnd 17. fvptember 7 and M.
MufTalo und return,, ,iiku1 21
and 22.
rialeui rhalaunua, I J.'.H round trip,
Aiik-nat 7 to l.i.
rhieetfo, l enrlii, lllootiilna'loii and
Ht. I.oula, $ti pt) on way, July KJ to
21,2.1, 21, ll, Aii.i 2, 0, It, and
13. ti. n. iiohnm i.,
V, V. and I', ,
B.-BufT.lo-Throutlb Oar f ervioa-
III in MiihmiI Trim
Hur Teaehera' Milwaukee) I.U'liral.iu
ana (ii auci-eaaiui, aiii our pa iron a ao
well plt-aaed with our u i M iti line nnd
through aervlie, Hull W propose lo
Kiva all who iHiiitampleta avallitix
tliaiiiarhaa . Ilia vary low rale lo
liiiffuUi and Mum .uuut 21 and 22,
an oppioluNily In eov throiiHii rwr
arM, l.llieoln in liuftu'o, via th
lin-iil Niatlineait ru lin ami iHimiet'liott,
ll vim Hiii l vou wiinld like to travel
via th In ol I. in la t bliaKO Jul rail
iri tn lur parlit uler.
(lui ui Iiiwh iwitple who woulilllka lu
gtMi ih la-at ninie ia Ihrouab ear
ara r'piealt t lu anla ma eoiieamuifr.
Ihlli, X, H,, T. ,V.
1 1 T i''! atrael, l.liniilil, -!.
THa i'riMf gtvae
all iktatw.
all tiiua, Head II.
r 3k mm
ice cReftM-
Sweet Cream
Telephone 2C2.
Kpcclal rrleea Whole
lavu ItJCtUKAM
1841 0 Stree
la. to lib.
ii v vtinnarn . a..i. i -f
, I rati, u al ikr !. arm.
r.dtef Hawlaltlwial It tkaa hlJ
lM aarklM, Hl-f.l-t, flrtHH, MaitM, I Mrr HL,
lrrUm, iMtf, Hmiiwi NaraM, Unlm, Httf BIHa,
tllw ynnn. ivka-rrva, Trwka, 4ll, ' M, ( llrv
V. Mllla, ttUrt, limit, en4K-Htv
MmmMuwn, '-lllt, fnrtt, llt."l, '.f' "S
l'rm Mfc-ll-rt, UmA I aru, KarliM, V,Mlt, Dnlim,
faaaJx aillt, IfitwHmn, UHi Walrlia, I'lallilwaa,
Hr, . Mmtar,, riatfara awl I lr u tlM.
N-mI fr fp- atalff a- aa4 . l a Mfff,
M I. arta i. CKlOaee 1011.1 CO., eaUactVltk
The limit ana Cbpeiit
Mill on harm, fully
wurrauw;ii. niunol.
cii'fke, write at
one fir pme
mora Ivt
ana Awtut.
toaitiff y
of ItiMiiam lima
any hr mm I,
txjra, aaftfrmwiwi,
Oata, Wliaat,A.,fiai
aturuab tot any furpino.
i,r.a tit Watfrii, I Mliu 1"
Mavbliutly, WInJiiiilli.,
T. A. Carothers,
6 Poorula Dally to Anf I'art
ol the City, $3,00 Vet If onto.
TeWp!ion,478, i i O0.ce 234 EHt
liurr lllock.
Lincoln. 9feb,
124 ortl; J2lb St.,
1216 0 ST.,
Lincoln, Nebr,
Iloure from 9:30 to 12:30 a.ra; 2 to B p.m.
No matter
how hot it is
IIKKK it ia alwaya cool
in Colorado.
Colorado ia nearly a
mile higher than Nubrie
ka nnd Iowa. That ie
why it'e eutniiwr nro eo
fdeueant why thouand
aununlly exi:haiiKD the
awelteriiiK heat of the
plain for the delightful
invigorating, life-giving
tttmoephere of the moun
tain. The fuickeat and moet
comfortable way t.)get to
Colorado ia to take the
JSurluigtou'a "He nver
Mmited," which leave
Lincoln every ufternoon
at 0:10 p. ui., reuching
Henver nt 7:15 a. in, the
next morning.
Sleopcre chair ca r
diner. For ticket and
liine-tableH apply at II. &
M. depot or city olllce,
corner 1 Oth nndOatreeta.
Lincoln, Neb.
O.W. FIOSNKM,, C. p. 4 T. A.
X'lxxar' Li 1 r a r r
wi 1 1 vnvj Vy(
Glvea you the choice of TWO HOUTM,
an via Colorado and tb Hcenla Mua,
and tb other via our Tetoa Llueand
tba Houtbarn I'aclfla.
Our Teiaa I.ln ia much quicker tbaa
any other Hue through to
Tin: i'iii..ui .
ir th Ilioat popubir. and earra ll,.
larnaal buaiaeaa id any ( allloriiia Kouta,
Vhtaaiguiaea thai you He ha at.
WalUiB and feeeW ImmjI aertli. I h
towaal rat lUkvta to Calilortila ar
available ou tba eieuraUm.
lioa't atari on trip In I alitnriil until
ou ae our Touriat Folder, eoiitaliuukr
lap ahow lu- route and all Inforiuatlun,
,'nr rata and reat-rvatioiie apply to auy
nt el th C. II. I. k V. lly.. or .l W.
tioiiN aniruw,u. f t ,
altaa, IlllauU,
Kubavnb for Ik at Paiwr. Kaan i..i..i
uiHodala" r ' "
aaiaf y
. . -m. .-.
1 j'