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    May :o, 1897.
If you want to know the Lowest
104-106 N.
'1 1 I
Not long ago Mr. J. H. Edmisten, pop
ulist oil ; inspector turned over, to tiie
state tieasurer $500 which he had col
lected in excess of the expenses incurred
in inspecting oils. State 'Treasurer Me
serve used the $500 to take up and can-
eel state warrants that were drawing 5
per cent interest. The law does not pre
wcribe any particular time at which ma
state oil inspector shall account to the
state treasurer for fees collected. Mr.
Edmisten under the statutes might have
kept the $500 in his posession to the
close of hist rm and had tha use of it
nearly two years and then turned it
in to the treasury. There is no doubt
but that be could have loaned it at a
good rata of interest and cleaerd for him
self nearly $100, , When it came time to
nettle with the state he would only be
require ' account for "fees collected."
Mr. Elwiisten evidently prefers to pay
to the state as he collects, and in that
way avoid the rink of "being short at the
close of bis term. The officers of pre
ceding administrations have usually in
vested the state's money for their own
benefit and as a rule the investment
proved a failure and the state was the
Iosiug party. As an illustration com.
pare the record of Hilton the republican
oil inspector with the rucord madejby
Mr. Edmisten the present populist iu-
k pee tor. Z '
The Nebraska Mercantile Mutual In
surance company has just sustained its
first loss on the property of B. Strainer
in the big fire at Stella. Although the
company was less than one month old,
they were the first on the ground to
adjust the loss and the same has been
adjusted to the satisfaction of all.
Promptness in all thiugs is the funda
mental principle of the company.
Those living at a distance and who do
not wish to incur the expense of a trip
to Omaha are assured that by Dr. Shep
urd's home treatment tbey will receive
the most scientific care and treatment
known to the profession. We recom
mend Dr. Sbepard to our readers. Any
one sending for literature -will receive full
information about the largest practice
in the state of Nebraska or in the west.
In writing, address Dr. Shepard, 311,
312 and 313 New York Life Insurance
Building, Omaha.
Message to Congress.
Continued From First 1'age.
now. I am for liberty, for the indepen
dence of Cuba on a better and broader
irronnd. I nronose better environment
not for trade or commerce, not for the
extension of territory and that is the
difference between theordinary lawmaker
and ourselves.
H we did not have a ship iu the world,
and every gun was melted into a plow
share; if every unyonet was buried; if
every ship we ever had was sunk in the
middle of the sea. there is no nation in
the world that would dare strike our
colors on A mericau soil."
"Mr. President, noonefenrs war.but if
to keep our promises with Cuba mean
war let it come. If to protect inrainst
the butchery o( women and 1 liildren
mean war, let It come. If to defend the
honest daughter ') brave patriots
meant an insult to Spain and war, then
in tlis minis of (Sim) let it coins quickly,
tor 1 left joti whether speak or not
the t irilitalioa of In Naiareim is upon
us wbetlxr you sleep bohud band and
(not br lbs rules ol order, or whether
tail hall si liks tt lire, man, the
- . -. . 1 .... .. ...
lumen 01 ir ,aittrn mmi ; m
trty shall rril ami tbe inland of Cuba
ml lbs (rovidmcv uf Uod shall U
Itrad lb luruiiurw aUvrriiM meots in
this (mm. lbs Hard? Kureitum Co..
tbe Hndjt 4 Murria Co , and Uaranl
A lion Furniture Co,, eaU bar rww
in tats fMjwr, Writ Hunt fr eat
lti(.ttf and ptUv ed lt er tun
ma sat lbs mt nony. lltvk id thr
Hrms ar rejibl cud, uliiji im! lo
nil I'Wints M I ha nat. IViiinntwr I In I
avictr a doUr U iMl to reioittif 1. h
t.usi tltii wttra. )( you ar In M f
tuffctmr jit Nd ! st
dallats by lute jour good tfirtwt
from t Ur. JaWr.
MEN'S SDITS. new stylisbjg QQ
Finer Suite, grgy or brown O PK
mixtures U IU
Srwcial tables extra quality A A K
All Wool Suits TC U
Fine Worsted and Cassiinere fc K
Suits worth up to f 10.00. U "Xtl
Extra Choice Suit, worth
up to f 15.00, all colors, y AP
many styles U
Extra All Wool Prince AI- I fl CI fl
bert Dress Suits I U UU
Men's strong and Bervieable K
rants ...
Mens Fine Fur Hate, all
shapes ;nd colors I I v
Boy' Suits trom 50c up.
Prices in Lincoln visit or rite
Tenth St.
The Tskine of Evidence in the Doctor
Fall Case is Completed.
The board has completed the bearing
of testimony and evidence in the Doctor
Fall case. It has not yet rendered a do
cision. It appears from the evidence
that difficulty in the management of tbe
institntion bad existed for some time
between the steward Hon. I. A. Sheridan
aruf Doctor FallT "the"6uperintendent be
fore the board took any action in the
matter. Tbe case was privately inves
tigated and tbe two men were advised
to compromise their difficulties. But it
was to no avail, the trouble continued.
The board decided to dispose of tbe
matter by asking for the resignation of
both men. Sheridau was willing to re
sign but Dr. Fall would not comply with
tbe request claiming that all of the
trouble was due to Sheridan's ill temper
and troublesome disposition. While in
vestigating the trouble between the two
men tbe board discovered tbat Dr. Fall
had not complied with its request in
several particulars and in some instances
had violated its orders.
In the matter of engaging the em
ployes the evideuce showed that alter
the board bad selected Dr. Fall all of the
applications for positions in tbe Beatrice
institute were sent to him and he
was requested to make such
selections as he desired and submit
the list to the board for confirmation.
This he did and the board confirmed all
of the nominations made by Dr. Fall
with one exception, in tbe case of Mrs.
Bellow. Dr. Fall put her to work any.
way regardless of the refusal of the
board. After Fall had made his recom
mendations and the appointments had
been confirmed by the board be put ouly
a few of those selected at work until a
couple months later. He placed those
who were residents of Beatrice on tbe
pay rol earlier than those from other
parts of the state. The. board was in
favor of removing the republicans and
installing the new employes as fast as
It was also brought out thatthe board
had let the contract for coal for the in
stitution to a firm at $2.50 per ton and
that Dr. Fall did not procure coal from
the contractor but purchased from a
Beatrice firm at $2 95 per ton. This in
creae in price amounted to $74.70
for tbe month of April. The same thing
was true in the purchase 0;' meats and
other supplies.
The charge that Dr. Fall was incom
petent as a physician was not well sus
tained. The decision of the board is uncertain
but will probably be adverse to I) ft Fall.
Tbe reports that the case will be carried
to the courts are probably without foun
dation, as the court hat decided in the
Abbott-Hay cafe that tbe action of the
board is not reviewable in tbe courts.
Jnst try a 10c box of Coscarets.the Un
it liver and bowel regulator erer made.
Sen' One Dollar to K, C.
KlTriNOKII, Powell, South
Dukota, and receive by
maii ten Bonnet with
plain printed instruction
in ntukint; CheeHeal hoiin
with such appars'u a
m, farmer now his.
Full crosm factory t hme the kind
n.nde, and T"ur money refunded if you
ad whit follow itig limi ruction. Threw
pound of eli ww can l made in place ol
no pound ol butter,
Chicken Mile M jpp;pr
Lie, Mites and Flea on Poultry
and Stock esmljr and thoroughly
reoed. No iNfttHiir, rentiir
dipping of kandliiiK of Poultry is
UMMiMt. Hnd br rireuUr tbsl
IrtU Mil sbttUt it. Arfeal ted.
M ntla
! llM ... , . .
JiMt! CmilMO, lMm(lt,rr.
! wll'lla) ' .4 ftf
O tt lt1 ! luf fH !,
n &
Congressman Cochran of Missouri
Points out Its Incon
Same old Flan Tbat has Been Used
so Many Times to De
feat Bimetallism.
They Tinker with the Tariff.
In speaking of tbe resolution requir
ing the speaker to appoint tbe commit
tees of the house and enable it to
transact the business for which it was
elected, Hon. Charles F. Cochran of Mis
souri, pointed out that the issue in the
last campaign was the financial ques
tion and not the tariff, that the people
placed the present congreea in power to
modify the currency laws not merely to
increase taxes. He stated that they had
flatly repudiated all of their ante-elec
tion pledges. He said ; in regard to the
present inaction of conarrowe:
"The country vtu.t..ts a spectacle
just such as was presented by tbe fa
mous extra session of IoSm. then
congress elected on a platform clearly
defining tbe tariff as the paramount
issue was hustled together 10 extra
session for tbo purpose of enacting a
single statute vitally affecting the
finances. Mow we nave an extra ses
sion of a congress distinctively coinmis.
sioned to reform the finances assembled
for the sole purpose of increasing the
taxes. We meet on Monday and ad
journ until Thursday, and on Thursday
weadiourn until . Monday, bitting on
tbe renublicaa side of this chamber are
nearly zou statesmen, eacn ot whom
stands solemnly pledged to do his ut
most to relieve bis countrymen of the
distress which he bas told them is in
part the result of a bad currency system.
You told the people you would termi
nate these evils, and they grave yon con.
trol of the government. 1 am asked to
agree with these gentlemen 111 a policy
of procrastination, which is nothing
more nor Jess tnau a stuuied repudiation
of these solemn pledges.
1 1 agree with tbe gentleman from lexas
in the belief if tbe republicans could
somehow agree op currency legislation,
it would doubtless be a bad law and not
a good one that they would attempt to
place upon the statute books. But, Mr.
Speaker, you know and I know tbat
there is no possibility of an agreement
of the republicans of this body upon
any bill affecting the finances. Hope
less divisions of opinion and conscious
ness of their incapacity to deal with
this subject compel tbe republican ma
jority in this house to idle away time
wnicn otherwise would be devoted to at
least an effort to redeem their party
pledges. No sooner does some repre
sentative come forward witb a scheme
for currency reform than he is the tar
get of assault by two-thirds of the mem
bers of his own party. For two years
the distinguished member from Massa
chusetts has carried about in his inside
pocket a bill to revise the banking laws
and currency system.
Probably it is better than existing
laws assuredly it could be no worse-
but the other ''wise men of the east" will
have none of this. Like other similar
bills which have emenated from what
has come to be known as "business cir
cles," it is indorsed by its author and
condemned by everybody else. Two or
three years ago there assembled in Bal
timore a considerable number of distin
guished "financiers." Day after day
they discussed the mouey question,.' Up
on one point only could they agree.
They were unanimous in the opinion
i.hat the country was going to des
truction for the want of an adequate
currency system, and having reached
this decision they proceeded to construct
a currency bill embodying what bas
come to be known as the "Baltimore
plan." The country was assured by Its
authors tbat the healing formula bad
been discovered, ( And what became of
it? It was brought into this chamber
for consideration. The "lawyers and
politicians," for whom the "financiers"
entertain due aversion, took a shot or
two at it and the bill and its authors
disappeared from public view. I believe
there is now no division of opinion as to
tbe fact that from beginning to end it
was a medley of absurdities.
Later Mr. Carlisle bellwether of the
"boltocrats," the statesman who de
nounced the gold standard as the pro
genitor of more mmery than has resulted
from all of the wars, pestilences, and
famines of recorded time, and then be
came its chief defender the most illus
trious victim of the Cleveland hari-kari
Mr. Carlisle tried his band on a scheme
for monetary reform. Like tbe Balti
more plan, it was indorsed by many of
the "wise men of the east," and recom
mended to the favorable consideration
ot thin body, and in due season, tike the
Baltimore plan, it found deserved burial
in th coriurewsional rubbish beap,
Mr. Speaker, it is the lata of these
schemes, devised not by the sifver cranks
but by the is men who are found only
111 buniiiens circle, uud endorsed not by
HCKtern democrats and populmts, but
by the national bunkers, that basdis
curged tbe currency tinkers ou the
othr side of tbe chamber. It Is con
'iounst f Utter helplessness and
incompetently that renders them con
tent to see IhH houe i reprenentatives
mIumik here week alter week without or
riani(tti"ti, without committee, innk
inn no effort wbutrvw to deal itb this
it rent qutstion.
The iiili H'aii (ruin Irian (Mr. Bill
!) Ml u, thai lh rftMn ) W eon
tr nt with tlie republican potter ot pro
trranti nation la that if lor.! to act, thw
republM'ita uiority would (- ImhI !
hm. fli prd wth f r (bat!
-oiii Iihi r ..a ta riw requiring th
tj I'oiiiluitf of roiiinnllw would IhoIm
tut" Ihtt t-not tiiieht o! tklmua republican
i iUtlon. .'Jr. Pix-ak'r, eonla ttat
lh r ar if rounds (or the Msf that,
with th part) tnali nn their bark a, Ike
tf-hl'. iiirn on ti nihrr wnht b
Mpel to eH.r euv mnr brought
foreard, lm I iMtifc It apparvat that no
io.'h d;jntfr tmpii!.
I lie I'ltttt rt"rftatknlin,
ttou. Kv ate lo bare m rvlttiua of tb
shuflling, the evasion, thu jugglery, by
which for tweuty years the American
eongres has evaded a brave and manly
counw in dealing with the money ques
tion. Definite action on this question is
to be postponed until jnst berore a con
gressional election. This body is to set
ilirtlitr an srfra ttuaairvn rkf l.a:n w t I. ..
months without committees. December
win nn a a large accumulation of busi-
netttt nn fhn Bruintop'a taaL- Hnnirpou
will assemble next December, Then the
committees will be appointed and the
holiday adjournment will follow. Tbe
bill refarrflH tn litr Ihn irnnttnmnti (rnm
1 fT 'ta( ttailav MACtillnff Inr a mnn
- m u. unvj j ... jiu vj. c 111 w u
etary commission, wnl be iotroduoed,
lwA :. t a.. J..
uwume a law. ,
1 1, ia tha M nrama ntroF aivain Tit.
fight for a return to bimetallism was
- v j j Luc s Ufjv jvnv
such a subterfuge. If the republican
iwi I. 1 ihh rf v ia7Mn 1 v viuira nirn nv mar
iiivuiuurH 01 Turn Doay oeiieve tnac a
IllOnAtJirv Anmrniaairkfi nan Aavlaa n u'iaa
plan for, tbe reorganization of the
finamR. whv nnatnnna t.ho niutfor1 Hi
p F jwmvuv w uv Jm v ivi aVW
they not kuow tbat delay means the
ruin of thousands? Mr. Speaker, my
opinion is tbat tbe policy of procrastina-
" f ivoui icy UTtaUOO tU? I!f EijUl l VJ
Fl fhlat nnllu- IrnAttf Via nuAnnnnJ
14 rw auuit vitv ui uiuneti if 111
euy m no remeay at ail, out a farce. 1
do not believe that its projectors believe
i. ...HI LI. 1 . .
tutu 11 win neip tosoive cue problem or
terminate the controvesy.
' vUllf" It. U'ill fliniitaih namruiirm fttiimrtn.
for use at the next congressional elec-
uon. it win enable the republican spell
binders to go upon tha hustings and
say: "Look at what we have done!
ave we not appointed a financial com
ission COinnosed of diat.ino'niahH v.
perts? Are not these wise men now en
gaged iu considering means for the refor-
n-tAl.M A t . I. A,,
uiauiuu 01 iim curreucyr
i ao not believe that the people of the
Wt8t and BOUth. or for. that, mntlnr Hi a
people of the airricnltnrfll
eastern states, will view withcnmpla-
ceiity a course indicating indifference
to their wanta or hnrmloaa ininitinniln
- ' ' I iuvMyi.vitj vu
provide for them. They will no longer
LouuiiLfin to accept tno magnificent
fieures nresonted in th N
ing bouse , reports as evidence that
mOnpV 'fl nlilllldnn in tliia unniilnii
You Will never airain hA nnnhtnil Iaaai.'
vincetbein that "confidence" is what
tuey neea. .ine 'confidence'' succeeded
last year but it will not succeed thia
year. '
. Do gentlemen 011 the other side of tbe
Chamber. Who admit tha noxoaaitir nt a
revision of our financial system, regard
'" iner ae oi sucn sugnt importance
that thev can rinat.nnnn if until nart
year or the year after? If not, how will
iur,y cApimn nn postpon men t ; Will
the.V SaV that-, thV Ihmwrhr II. n .ii,.
v - - mvuqu v i niou
policy to avoid the appointment of com
mittees during the extra session, and
thus rendur tha MnbiHurn tin nr iki ...t.
v. ...... (i i l.III vi, lug BWIf
ject impossible? Will they tell their eon-
Bbiiueuut iaai tne passage of a tariff
law Should exensn tha rnnnhlinun nnrfi
for not even attempting to terminate a
mrnwr I " . I. ? I . 1
uuucj luuuutt wuicn prevails every
where except in tbe large cities? , - -
I know of no better source of informa
tion as to what was the real issue in the
late catnnnicm thAn tha immi nunnnni.
itan newspapers wnd magazines, nearly
every one of which supported the repub
lican nominees. Not oneof them treated
tbe tariff as a paramount issue. Every
A. L. '3a.i .
ou oi iiieui conienaea mat a revision
of tbe currency laws was absolutely
necessary and declared over and over
again that republican success would be
followed by faithful performance of tbe
work. So did the oratnran-hn
the country discoursing about "sound
money"' "and ''HtHhln onrranov: "nnft
ringing the changes npon the drears
piutuLuuee wnicn jormed the stock in
trade Of tbe rroldhiirr antil:hinr1
behold the result. Notice is now served
on tho small cities, the villages, hamlets,
and trading places that as Jong as the
republicans remain in power, thefiuan
cial policy of Orover Cleveland is to be
adhered to. "Four more years , of Gro
ver," with higher taxes, a monetary
commission, and another international
conference fiasco, are to bo the net re
sults of the victory of the ' HannaiteH."
tioyernment Ownership.
It is estimated that the public owner
ship of railroads would save the people
oitne united States 6tiU.000,000 o,r
year by abolishing the officers and ex
five hundred and ninetv-niae nresi-
deuts and staffs, $25,000,000; manairers
and staffs, $4,000,000; ' legal expenses,
$12,000,000; solicitors, $12,000,000;
advertising account, $5,000,000; using
short routes, $25,000,000; consol
idation of offices. , $200,000,000:
uniformity of cars.etc, $15,000,000;
avoiding strikes, $10,000,000; corrup
tion funds, $30,000,000; passes, $S0.-
000,000; rebates end commissions, $50,-
UUU.UUO; rent and interest, 1280,000,-
000; dividends, $2,000,000; surplus into
treasury, ? a,uuu,ut)U; total savings,
Are the Telegraph System of the body, extending
from the brain to every part ot the system.
Nervet are fed by the blond, and are. there
fore, like It weak and tired if the
blood ia thin, pale. Impure
Nerves are strong and steady, there I no
neuralKls, liram is unclouded if the
blood is rich, red and pure. ,
Nerves find a true friend In Homl'i Kra-
rllla, becauM it makes rich, red blood,
glvei good spiH'tite Slid dtgetion.
run n
4 the (Hi Tins IiWvod Purifier. AU dnigil. IU
lOOU S rlllS m. tifvibB. euiiu. cReftM-
Swoot Crnnm
SMe Vi i,rir: Q i fl Clraaf
! ItktMt AMi
t., -
All Common, Curable Diseases Treated '"ith Succets Medicines
Are Supplied Free to Every Patient.
Pr.. Shepard ia treating dully a variety
of iiatlt nta of both nexe. Many children
are among the number. Visitor who care
to may vltt the doctor's ofllces and note
how an extensive practice is carried on.
The latent appliances for treating all
forms of catarrh, deafnens, nervous end
wanting; diseases chii be seen. His are the
largest medical ofllces In the city. The
parlor, poimulting rooms and drug rooms
present bimy ecenes each day. Two rapid
OenogrRpherH are employed In corre
(tpoiKlisiipe with distant patients who write
weekly reports to Dr. Shepard. The elec
trli ul rooms have the latest Instruments
for uho In this, lino, and tiro In charge of
an expert. Neuralgia, rheumatism, lung
Hint stomach affections, nervous debility,
I'Hlarrh end akin diseases, are success
fully treated. Also rupture and diseases
if women. Free consultation by letter or
n person.
w o HTir w imi s o ro t: .
Dr. Sliepard's pamphlets tell you at your
mi-, wiiui jour reiu irouoie may be,
Vou should si nd for these pamphlets and
riiii them all through. They contain
knowledge which you ought to gain.
Way Fhyklclans Encourage the Use
or Electricity.
Scores of the most eminent of th
loal profession in this and other countries
well understand, and nmko uso of this
wonderful acency in their uracil-. Him.
dreils of general practitioners all over this
country have the utmoNt confidence In I lb
efficiency, and are too honest amV gen
erous to withhold that which is for the
best interest of their patrons, and are
wise end good enough after exhausting
their skill and all the means at their
command, to direct them to some special
ist mho Is better equipped and qualllled to
Kuccessfully treat In chronio diseases. Dr.
Khtpard' ierewlth tenders his thanks to
Ihoso physicians who have In the pant sent
hlro patients, and when he does so he be
lU)fnrence, thU paper.
Traps. Spring Wagono,
Road Wagono and . . .
Just Received from Manufac
turers five car loads of vehicles
on which we will make Prices
that will ASTONISH YOU!
Largest and most complete
Stock in tho State - - - - - -
lieves he alHf voices the thanks of the
patients thus sent.
lr. Margaret Tlernan, Dunhtp, la.,
I sixty years old. She rnoi.r ts
Omaha and was treated by lir shep
ard for lironchlal ( utarrli, Asthma
and Ueakiieits. Mhe bad tried the old.
rnsliloneU writs of ttoctorlnu'. w:tlmei
benefit, and . virauteil someth'ug new.
As soon as she did this she got all
rlsrht agntn. Slirsnys;
'"I am 0 yesrs old and when I went to
Dr. Hheparri last September I thought I
could not live two weeks. 1 was prostrated
by a terrible cough and sore lungs, and
with wheezing from asthma night and day.
I was sick, sore and weak, with no appe
tite, and my veins seemed bursting with
sluggish blood. Dr. Sliepard's treatment
helped me right off, ami I am practically
over the whole trouble."
Air. It, W. Iloseberry. on-ln- t of
.Mrs. Tlernau. with Kir Kendall's
wholesale house. Omaha, wilt verify
at any time the above. Q
Elder J. It. Speck, 00'.' Hnzl St..
Counell muffs, the noted evangelist
of the Christian church, says: "I was
rapidly developing a en no of ctttarrrhal
consumption as a result of the Insidious
poisoning of cutiirrh. Wanting of flesh,
an Incessant cough, with luck of appetite
and strength marked my decline. Dr.
Shepard cured me sound and well and I
deem it my plain duty to my fellow men
to tell theiu where they can get help from
tbe ravages of lung disease."
beprd Medical tetiiite,
C, s RltmvUtl), M. II .irniisulling
end AsHOi'intes, i Pliyilctant.
ROOSia 311. 812 AND 813 NEW YORK
Of lice Hours 9 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 5 p. m.
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1 1